Zimparks to quench animals’ thirst in dry spell

Source: Zimparks to quench animals’ thirst in dry spell | Sunday Mail (Local News)

Belindah Mutayiwa

WILDLIFE authorities say they are always ready to provide drinking water for wild animals in the country’s national parks and game reserves.

It is expected that since the country received low rainfall during the last rainy season, waterholes might dry up early this year.  There are fears that the situation will put some animals at risk of a shortage of drinking water.

But Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority spokesperson Mr Tinashe Farawo said game areas have boreholes to provide drinking water for the animals.

“Most animal parks are found in regions four and five, which are dry areas and traditionally receive low rainfall,” he said.

“There are boreholes there, which are used to pump water for the wildlife.

“In Hwange National Park, one of the biggest parks in Zimbabwe, there is no river and it relies on 100 percent borehole water, which is trapped about 200 metres down.”

However, Mr Farawo said the rains from last season were too low, hence the need for other stakeholders to intervene.

Meanwhile, Mr Farawo also dismissed reports suggesting that the Bridal Veil in Chimanimani had been destroyed by the Cyclone Idai violent floods.

“The Bridal Veil is intact and expanding, the only established changes are on the pool, which is way bigger.

“Only the road was swept away, not the veil,” he said.