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ZimRights council to deal with internal threat

ZimRights council to deal with internal threat

Source: ZimRights council to deal with internal threat | Daily News

HARARE – Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) National Council (NC) met in Harare on Saturday and resolved to deal with the threats arising from former members — some of whom it claims are now members of political parties.

This comes as some interest groups sought to take advantage of the recent withdrawal of funding to ZimRights by the USAid.

ZimRights’ management team chairperson Thembe Chivheya said: “This agenda is being pursued by those taking advantage of the recent problems they are facing with one of their founding partners, USAid who accused the organisation of abusing extended funding.

“We are dealing with threats from so-called former members whose political colours and affiliations are known.

“They are being exploited in a bid to destabilise the organisation.

“We note with concern the nefarious and politicised agenda of the so-called former members and some active members, who have connived to mobilise themselves to carry out destabilising activities with the ultimate view of besieging and hijacking the organisation.

“Most of these people have ceased to be members in terms of the ZimRights constitution by virtue of having not paid subscriptions.

“In light of this, the ZimRights NC elected in April 2018 has met to consider the threats and the way forward.”