CASE invests $10m towards Gwayi dam construction

via CASE invests $10m towards Gwayi dam construction | The Herald 3 September 2014 by Tinashe Makishi

China Africa Sunlight Energy Limited has been granted special mining rights to start coal mining as the company pledged an initial $10 million towards the construction of a dam in Gwayi.The company is a joint venture between Old Stone Investments, a local vehicle and Shandong Taishan Sunlight, a Chinese conglomerate, which focuses on coal mining, methane coal bed gas extraction and thermal power generation.

China Africa Sunlight Energy Limited intends to start building a coal mine early next year.

In an interview with The Herald Business yesterday, general manager Retired Colonel Charles Mugari said the company has enough financial muscle to do the project.

“We intend to invest $2,1 billion in developing an underground coal mine and building a 2 100-megawatt plant by 2016 and already $10 million has been pledged that will go towards the construction of dam.

“I can confirm that Government granted us special mining rights for our coal mining project and the development is already due for gazetting,” said Rtd Col Mugari.

He said the environmental impact assessment for the project had been completed with everything in place for preliminary preparations to take off.

“We have moved firmly on the ground and we hope civil works will begin next month. Construction of storage facilities is also scheduled for next month, so I can confirm that its work in progress and the company has already  fulfilled what EMA required  during our exploration exercise,” he  said.

The company is expected to sink its first mining shaft in November this year and Rtd Col Mugari said there is adequate funding available for the project to be a success.

He said the drilling will take up to 15 months and the actual mining will start by June 2015.China Africa Sunlight Energy plans to invest US$2,1 billion in the projects in the next four years, creating 4 500 jobs and transforming Gwayi into a town.

The company is targeting to produce three million tonnes of thermal coal, one million tonnes of washed coal and 500 000 metric tonnes of cocking coal per year.

On power generation, the joint venture is expected to connect 400MW onto the national grid by 2015.

The company is also looking at developing a fertiliser plant, brick moulding factory and a coke oven battery, which produces coke used in steel smelting.

In addition, China Africa Sunlight Energy is also conducting studies to measure the amount of gas reserves available in the Gwayi area. Depending on the outcome of the gas study, the company wants to start a programme piloting methane gas for domestic use in Hwange, Matabeleland North Province, and extend this to Bulawayo if successful.


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    They think M$10 is enough to compensate for a dam they NEED to use for their mining activities and will no doubt contaminate for humanlife with their mining wastes, and a nearby Hwange national park that they will destroy since who (tourist or local), afterall, will want to visit a place with heavy equipment and smog and smell like Hwange-town, since mining is planned to go right up to there. And our elephants poached to hell by the grubby Chinese, their ivory-gold…………… Completely brainless. How does the Environment Ministry, who also acts as the Wildlife Ministry, sit back and let this happen especially with no regard to Hwange national park main camp at all?

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    Kasukuwere obviously heads the most brainless of all. Again, where is Mzembi of the tourism ministry?

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    avenger/revenger 8 years ago

    ” retired colonel ” whore vet says it all. Our minerals mortgaged for 10 million to the chinks and zpf mafia. Pamberi y.o.z.a. and mob justice

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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    Lets see if any of this actually happens before we get excited. To do all this by 2016 seems very ambitious. May all be more of a wish than an actual project.

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    and this is what CASE said in September 2013 –
    ” China Africa Sunlight Energy Ltd. said it plans to invest as much as $2.1 billion developing coal mines and building a 2,100-megawatt plant powered by the fuel in Zimbabwe to help ease electricity shortages.”
    Soon there will be plenty of coal for all and lots of cheap electricity in zimbabwe

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    Tafadzwa 8 years ago

    They are making too many promises. It comes across as typical political empty promises. Producing 400 MW of electricity by 2015 seems to be over promising . They make it sound so easy. If it was so easy, Zimbabwe should not be experiencing power outages.

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    Mlimo 8 years ago

    Just plain rubbish to boost some retired war vet oxygen waster