Chihuri, Chombo deny cops bashed granny

Source: Chihuri, Chombo deny cops bashed granny – DailyNews Live

Bridget Mananavire      5 June 2017

HARARE – Home Affairs minister Ignatius Chombo and police
commissioner-general Augustine Chihuri have denied deploying riot police
to the Harare Magistrates’ Court, where they allegedly brutally assaulted
a 63-year-old Chitungwiza woman during a protest last year.

In their response to a High Court application in which they are being sued
by Lillian Chinyerere for $13 500 for pain and trauma, the duo argued that
the pictures which are being used as evidence of the assault might have
been doctored.

High Court judge David Mangota on Wednesday presided over a pre-trial
conference (PTC) to determine the issues for trial.

Chinyerere’s lawyer, David Hofisi, told the Daily News after the PTC that
they will ask for a set down date for trial of the matter later.

“The matter will be referred to trial; the police have to file the summary
of evidence by Friday and we will file the amended PTC minutes,” he said.

In response, the police are denying the allegations.

“… of all the police officers who were deployed at Rotten Row
magistrates’ court, no one was further deployed to man the entrance. In
short, no armed police officers were deployed at court on the day in
question. Furthermore, there was no official report of any assault having
occurred at Rotten Row magistrates’ court entrance till to date,” the
affidavit reads.

“There are high chances that the photograph was doctored to suit the
complainant’s requirements. The complainant failed to make a formal report
at any police station in Harare province which clearly shows that the
allegations are an afterthought by the complainant with the aim at
tarnishing the image of the of the Zimbabwe Republic Police. Had it been
true the complainant was assaulted on the day in question at Harare
Magistrates’ Court, there must be some other people captured in the
photograph since there were a lot of people at the court. It is
unbelievable that there are no other people…”

Chinyerere claims she was brutally assaulted by riot police officers while
sitting near the court entrance at the Harare Magistrates’ Court on August
26, 2016.

Riot officers allegedly kicked her repeatedly with booted feet and struck
her several times with truncheons.

According to summons filed at the High Court, Chinyerere, who has high
blood pressure and is diabetic, suffered the ignominy of a brutal assault
on her aging body in full view of the public and also suffered physical
harm as well as harm to her dignity as she was humiliated in full view of
the public.

Hofisi said Chinyerere suffered injuries on her back and shoulder and has
been unable to proceed with her job as a tailor due to the injuries
sustained and has been relying on well-wishers for her sustenance.

As a result of the assault, she suffered damages amounting to $13 500
broken down as $5 000 for pain and suffering, $5 000 for contumelia, $2
000 as special damages for loss of income and $1 000 as special damages
for past and future medical expenses.


  • comment-avatar
    Mukanya 5 years ago

    So the ZRP was bashing what on the photo?

  • comment-avatar
    judza 5 years ago

    the police can not deny what they have done.everyone knows that the zrp is very brutal and dangerous.they always deny the truth.even if you ask the war vets ,they will tell you that these police officers are killers.