Dr Grace dances

via Dr Grace dances 8 October 2014 by Jera

Grace is also receiving plenty of coverage on ZTV. It is hard to say ‘Dr Grace’ while keeping a straight face. State media, wearing their collective poker face, have the temerity to refer to Grace as ‘Dr Mugabe,’ a title which is as ill-fitting on her as her adulterous feet inside the shoes of Sally.

Grace who, for the best part of her marriage to Mugabe, has always been filmed sitting stiffly or waving in that strange manner of hers, as if her wrist hurts, this week did what any African politician does to get votes. She danced. This is after all the land where votes are won by kongonya. Robert Mugabe, with his British gent mimicry is the exception. But he has people to dance for him. Presidential effigies dance vigorously on the gyrating posteriors of Women’s League members. Robert Mugabe, the wannabe Brit, dances by proxy.


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    Zimbali 8 years ago

    Dr Disgrace sounds better!!

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    revenger avenger 8 years ago

    Is zimdesia now Graceland or Mugabeland ???? Who owns it scumrade gumbo the mad ?????

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    voiceofreason 8 years ago

    …While all but the elite starve in the streets and fields.

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    bruce Koffee 8 years ago

    Dancing is fine for her muscles, any person when happy may dance. However to dance so as to deceive and appear to be together when you are vote buying is evil. Everyone now know s that she is not a legitimate Dr. so I guess let look at other issues in particular to the 2018 elections see, how we should not have a repeat of the 2013, where elections where held without voter’s roll, Nikvu rigging for ZANU PF, Rita Makarau not saying anything, economic melt down, unemployment rising each day. Police and CIO britality increasing, these are the issues in my opinion. I guess if we try to stop ZANU PF distructing us in our path of total freedom, will be better. They stop us through bring nonenses issue that will take our attention, such as the PhD for Grace, the ZANU PF fights, unsustainable economic policies and issues of discovering oil etc. They do so and know that people will be busy and focus on these matters and time is ticking. While others are pursuing these issues the real game is on the winning the elections. My humble plea is that people of my country, let focus on the elections now, stop following these cluter by ZANU PF, Biti and partners coalitions. True opposition focus on the elections.