Finally! The 2 million jobs

via Finally! The 2 million jobs – The Zimbabwean 24 June 2015 by Jera

With only two and a half years left before Mugabe faces an angry electorate, Zanu (PF) is growing desperate. And now, the clueless government has announced plans to create jobs. Except these jobs will not be in Zimbabwe.

Government is inviting college graduates to register for jobs in African countries, such as Angola, Botswana, Namibia and South Sudan. Deputy Minister of Higher & Tertiary Education, Science & Technology, Godfrey Gandawa said “We are coming up with a policy as a ministry to help our skilled manpower get jobs because there are countries with vacancies in various fields, but our people do not have access to those vacancies out there. We have taken the initiative to look for jobs in those countries.”

Mugabe ought to be embarrassed. Rather than advertise this move as ‘taking the initiative’ Zanu (PF) should take it on the chin; they have failed dismally in delivering employment. Zimbabwe has over three million refugees living outside her borders, all of them fleeing Mugabe’s ineptitude.

Technically, the exported graduates would be more economic refugees – except we will call them ‘expats,’ because it sounds better. It is like referring to prisoners as ‘people living in isolation.’

It is hilarious, if not tragic, to think that in his African Union Summit address two weeks ago, Mugabe urged other African leaders not to cause their citizens to become refugees through poor governance.

In counting the costs of Mugabe’s misrule, it should never be forgotten that families have been torn apart and marriages shattered by the exodus of Zimbabweans seeking a better life elsewhere. There are many children who only know their parents through photographs and text messages. Some might say that those are the lucky ones.

From neighbouring South Africa, as many as 400 Zimbabweans return in coffins every month – killed for being in a land where they are not wanted.


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    tonyme 7 years ago

    It is obvious that Zimbabwe is in a hard jam. Why should the government play national HR and plan to ship citizens outside the country for employment. Why send citizens outside their own country for employment when Zimbabwe was one of the greatest employers during white rule? In a way this is an acceptance that government has failed to meet national needs. It takes only a change in policy from the government to bring jobs and trust from investors. As it looks, our government is seeking help from others where there is no permanent solution to the national employment dilemma. It is so sad that universities are educating young people for dead-end livelihoods where life has to continue outside their land of birth. This plan breaks families and there is a possibility of Zimbabweans being abused in those countries because their own nationals are going to be jealous and envious of Zimbabweans coming to take their jobs. Look at what happened in South Africa with Xenophobia. What guarantee is there for the safety of young graduates being sent to other countries. Our government can and should follow up with their own promises to create jobs as they did last year in December.

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