Govt concerned with power blackouts

via Govt concerned with power blackouts | The Herald. September 24, 2015 by Abigail Mawonde

GOVERNMENT is aware of the current excessive power cuts and is making frantic efforts to address the situation, Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa told Parliament yesterday.

Responding to a question by MDC-T Mkoba legislator Mr Amos Chibaya, VP Mnangagwa said it was Government’s wish that every household is supplied with electricity enough to meet its daily requirements.

He said two companies were awarded contracts to build two thermal power stations expected to produce a combined 600 megawatts while work on Kariba South Expansion was underway.

On completion, Kariba South will generate another 300MW.

“Load shedding has affected many souls. It is Government’s wish that everyone must have electricity in their homes but it is not happening currently as power generated is not enough to meet demand,” said VP Mnangagwa.

He said Government was committed to address the situation and that was why work on building additional power stations was underway.

“It is our wish that we produce enough electricity. That is why we allowed two companies to build thermal electricity plants that will each generate 300MW to give us 600MW. You are also aware that expansion of Kariba South is underway. This will bring joy in our homes,” said VP Mnangagwa.

He said the power cuts were not a sign Government was not addressing the situation.

VP Mnangagwa said low water levels at Lake Kariba were impacting on electricity generation as well.

He said hospitals and other sensitive institutions are, as usual, exempted from load shedding considering the nation of their work.

The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority released a statement this week on the status of power generation at all its plants.

According to the status report, electricity generation has plummeted to 984 megawatts against a daily demand of 2000 MW resulting in increased load shedding as demand exceeds supply.

The generation status report indicated that Hwange was generating 414MW, Kariba 500MW, Harare Power Station 30MW, Munyati 22MW and Bulawayo 18MW translating to 984MW.

Hwange Power Station has capacity to generate 920MW, Kariba 750MW, Munyati 100MW, Bulawayo 90MW and Harare 50MW.

Repairs and breakdowns at power stations have been blamed for the current blackouts.


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    R Judd 7 years ago

    “He said the power cuts were not a sign Government was not addressing the situation”

    What a stinking liar. This power crisis is 35 years in the making and ZANU has done nothing

  • comment-avatar
    grabmore 7 years ago

    Bulawayo power station was commissioned in 1947. It was funded by Bulawayo Municipality and completed way back in 1947. Imagine? Why must we have hypocrital echoes in parliament in 2015 staying “load shedding has affected many souls.” What caused the load shedding, gents?

  • comment-avatar
    tonyme 7 years ago

    It all boils down to resources management and maintenance of what is already there. Reduce the stealing and put the money where its needed and not to those who want to sustain looted wealth. We had water and electricity during the chimurenga war. All these speeches are meant to lure people and there are efforts coming too late to win people’s confidence.

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    the collapse in services: electricity, water supply, roads, education, health etc etc. is because zanu pf has focussed its entire 35 years in power on looking after itself at the expense of the nation.
    in this context, developing our resources such as electricity is not a priority.
    their present concern is only because they perceive the lack of electricity as a political threat.

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    Farai 7 years ago

    haha so judging by this statement there might be some ZESA in four years when work at the new plants is complete!! You idiots this is tantamount to sabotage and heads should role.

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    If I remember Some years ago there was much HUU HAA and millions of dollars spent over the electrification of the rural areas.WHY??? This is a clear cut case of too much cash not enough brains(AS USUAL) and what about the computers????BOO BOO!!The list goes on and on!!