‘Jonathan Moyo docket ready’

ZIMBABWE Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) member in charge of investigations, Goodson Nguni, yesterday dug in, claiming there was enough evidence to nail Higher and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo on corruption and abuse of funds charges, as the case took a new twist.

Source: ‘Jonathan Moyo docket ready’ – NewsDay Zimbabwe October 14, 2016


“The public has been bombarded with lies, half-truths and complete fabrication by persons, who may face charges of fraud, abuse of office and money-laundering arising out of violating the National Manpower Development Act,” he said at a Press conference yesterday.

“We have all the statements, from Zimdef [Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund] and Fuzzy Technologies, a company owned by [Higher Education] deputy minister Godfrey Gandawa. No monies from Zimdef benefited any political party. It is a lie. All the money paid out has been traced to the personal benefit of Jonathan Moyo, Gandawa, Hozheri, his (Moyo’s) personal assistant, and Mapute (Zimdef principal director finance).

“The money from Zimdef was used to buy personal furniture, bicycles and tricycles, but the documentation was forged to show that the money had been used for a computerisation programme.”

Nguni said Zacc had collectively sanctioned the investigation into Moyo and Zimdef and this was not due to a personal vendetta.

“No commissioner, including myself, has authority to order an investigation. The full commission authorises the investigation and in the case of Zimdef, Zacc, as a full commission, made the decision to investigate,” he said.

NewsDay reported early this week that communication between Moyo and Gandawa showed that Zimdef money used to fund Zanu PF’s million-man march had been receipted as if it had gone towards the government’s science, technology, engineering and mathematics (Stem) initiative.

Nguni initially said he was speaking in his personal capacity, but on being quizzed by journalists, he retorted: “I am the chairperson of Zacc’s investigations committee, whether that means I am speaking here in my official capacity or not is up to you. The documents I have are the property of Zacc and can be found in the dockets.”

Nguni said Zimdef finances, in terms of the Act, “must only be used for manpower development” at the direction of the minister, but in consultation with the National Manpower Advisory Council (Namaco).

“In this case, Namaco has not been aware of any financial expenditure by Zimdef. The deputy minister has no authority whatsoever in terms of the Act to approve any payments by Zimdef and yet we have instances where he was ordering Zimdef to buy a car for the minister and his assistant,” he continued.

“The chief executive officer of Zimdef, Frederick Mandizvidza, is on bail charged with fraud and in statements he has given us, all the fraudulent payments he made were at Moyo and Gandawa’s orders.”

Nguni said the “investigations have obtained legally all source documents relating to the release of Zimdef funds”.
“That means we know what Zimdef money was paid and for what purpose, we know who asked for it and we have followed all the payments made using that money,” he said.

“There was money from Zimdef used to offset a loan of $70 000 using Gandawa’s account at Barclays Bank.

“No money went to any political party. Thousands of dollars were used to finance personal businesses owned by Gandawa and his business associates.

“The only business accounts in Fuzzy Technologies are related with funds deposited by Zimdef and Great Zimbabwe University.

“There have been reports that Zimdef funds were used to finance the million-man march, but I want to confirm that no money was used for that purpose and some of this money was taken in 2015, while the march took place in May this year. Some of the payments were made well before the [Zanu PF] women’s league meetings.”

Nguni also indicated that documents in Zacc’s possession also showed payments made to journalists.

“There are various ladies who had rent paid for them by the company (Fuzzy Technologies). It also says here $50 000 was paid to an organisation for journalists in Bulawayo. Some journalists in Harare were also paid $9 000,” he said.

The Zacc commissioner also refuted reports Zacc wanted to arrest Moyo during a Zanu PF politburo meeting last week.


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    That is why courts are there. Have your day I court and defend yourself. Why chicken. Suing the news media is so shameful. It operates as a manifestation of your own creation. Does it hurt? That is how we all felt when you were creating such a monster including POSA. Got it?