Journalist rushed to hospital after assault

Detained freelance photojournalist Crispen Ndlovu who was reportedly severely assaulted by the police in Bulawayo was on the morning of 1 September 2016 rushed to hospital after complaining of severe headaches and impaired vision.

Source: Journalist rushed to hospital after assault – The Zimbabwean 01.09.2016

His lawyer, Tineyi  Mukweva of the Abameli Human Rights Lawyers,  told MISA-Zimbabwe that Ndlovu who has a swollen head following the alleged assault, was also complaining of dizziness and could hardly walk on his own.

“We had to carry him from Bulawayo Central Police Station into the car for treatment at a private hospital,” said Mukweva.

Ndlovu who was arrested on 31 August 2016 while covering demonstrations in Zimbabwe’s second city of Bulawayo has since been charged with criminal nuisance.

According to media reports, Ndlovu was arrested  for taking pictures of the police as they allegedly assaulted Alfred Dzirutwe, spokesperson  of the Bulawayo Youths Arise  during protests against President Robert Mugabe’s leadership and rising unemployment.


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    It is time to start collecting evidence. An open letter to the police should be issued. It would read to the effect that if they engage in illegal oppression they will be identified and brought to justice after the Mugabe Regime is passed. If they behave reasonably they will be regarded as being under orders. If they join the demonstrators, they will he regarded as men of honour in the new Zimbabwe.

    What are needed are headshots, names, numbers, locations…Properly recorded and dated.

    This brave and Honourable journalist is a Zimbabwean Hero. I hope he will recover. The policemen responsible must be held to account.

    Godspeed his recovery.

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      Fallenz 6 years ago


      (date-stamped video and associated audio recordings will be helpful as well)