Local movie remake in the offing

Local movie remake in the offing

Source: Local movie remake in the offing | Newsday (Entertainment)

THE remake of a local movie, Sores of Emmanuel, is underway following a decision by the producers to rework it with a new cast and package it for the international market seven years after it first hit the big screen.


The pre-production of the movie, which portrays the trials and tribulations of a widower, is scheduled for August, with shooting set for October this year.

The movie’s writer and director, Eddie Ndlovu, yesterday said the knowledge acquired over the last seven years will come in handy when they upgrade the movie.

“The movie did well locally, but it lacked distribution, which was the major setback for the film,” he said.

“Looking at the experience that my colleagues and I have acquired over the past seven years, I believe doing a remake of the film will do justice to it, as we have now created worthy relationships and links that can take the film out there.”

The cast for the upgraded version will include Wenera players, Zolile Makeleni, Arnold Gara, Tinashe Pundo and Conrad Mwanawashe as most of the original cast have grown out of their characters’ age range.

Ndlovu said the film is expected to premiere at an international film festival before coming home, so it can lure film distributors and buyers.

“We are in talks with international filmmakers to hire them for the roles of director and editor and we want to engage them to add an International direction to the project,” he said.

Sores of Emmanuel was the first local film to be commercially released on prime time slot at the box office in May 2010.