Tsvangirai embraces Mujuru

via Tsvangirai embraces Mujuru – DailyNews Live 13 September 2015

HARARE – Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has welcomed former Vice President Joice Mujuru’s entrance into opposition politics, describing her bold move as a clear sign that the ruling party is about to disintegrate.

“Firstly, (MDC) president Tsvangirai’s position regarding the whole issue is that the bold step taken by Amai Mujuru to finally and completely break ranks with Zanu PF confirms the inevitable demise of Zanu PF,” Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka said.

“We are heartened by her realisation that the opposition has been right all along that the crisis in the country has been about leadership, corruption and a bad governance culture by those in the stewardship of the State.

“We feel vindicated by her acknowledgement of the imperative for a new direction for the country.

“For us, the fact that liberation struggle icons have joined the opposition in articulating what Zimbabweans have been hoping for all these years is indeed a breath of fresh air.

“With the majority of Zimbabweans gearing for a new beginning, this week’s developments confirm that there is hope indeed for the future.”

As she announced her political outfit’s Blueprint to Unlock Investment and Leverage for Development (Build), Mujuru proposed revising President Robert Mugabe’s domestic and foreign policies, which many say have repelled donors.

Mujuru’s statement was attacked by petrified Zanu PF apologists, who claimed that the policy document was a mirror image of MDC’s previous policy documents.

But Mujuru is seemingly undeterred by the resentment from her former comrades in the warring Zanu PF.

Her allies are already in talks “with anyone in order to end Mugabe’s rule”.

The stoic Mujuru in June this year apologised to Zimbabweans for the mistakes she had made when she was a member of the ruling party.

Tsvangirai said it is heart-warming that a person of such stature could take such a “bold” move and take her “mentor” by the horns.

Analysts say Mujuru’s policy document is a clear refection that she is now ready to take on Zanu PF and correct the wrongs that have seen the country became a basket case and an epitome of a failed state.

Didymus Mutasa, the former Presidential Affairs minister and close confidant of Mujuru told the Daily News that the mooted party will enter into electoral pacts with any party in order to dismantle the post-congress Zanu PF.

“We are ready for talks with everyone whether it is Tsvangirai or Tendai Biti because we want a coalition that can end the suffering that our people are going through,” Mutasa said.

Asked if they have been talks between People First and the MDC formations, Mutasa replied “several”.

“We have met emissaries from that side on several occasions not once and we will continue to engage with them,” Mutasa said.


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    CAN’T any body see this is Mugabes succession plan going into action and everybody is falling for it hook line and sinker If (spill blood )or what ever her name is gets to be PRESIDENT we can all forget about the accountability of the previous government (THE LAND THE ATROCITIES THE MURDERS THE CORRUPTION EVERYTHING WILL BE FORGIVEN AND FORGOTTEN)and continue that is exactly what our present leader WANTS.Don’t be fooled SHE is a carbon copy and is trying to say the right things now( WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES YOU GULLIBLE FOOLS )

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    …”Tsvangirai said it is heart-warming that a person of such stature….”
    Stature, king stature.. Mujuru is nothing but a lying, thieving, conniving thug.
    The one who wins any election will be those who are able to fill the media with the most populous BS and dish out cokes and T shirts. There will never be a Zim election which is the result of voting by a informed electorate!
    Mjuru is about as much a war hero as Mugabe is a good president. She did nothing in the war except cook sadza and service her fellow cowards.