Voter apathy in Dangamvura – Chikanga constituency

via Voter apathy in Dangamvura – Chikanga constituency – TheZimbabwean 10 June 2015 by Kenneth Matimaire

There was a high voter apathy in Dangamvura – Chikanga constituency as few people were seen walking in and out of various polling stations.

Polling stations were opened T seven sharp with ZEC officials saying everything is running smoothly.

Several independent candidates have been seen surveying polling stations.

Some voters said independent candidate Kuziwa Maundike is likely to win the seat against other eight others and including ZANU PF’s Isau Mupfumi.

A few voters who confided in The Zimbabwean said Mupfumi was going to loose despite his exuberant campaign.

“Isau Mupfumi might have had the biggest campaign here but he is unlikely to win. I’m speaking as one of the voters who has been at his meetings and rallies but didn’t vote for him. He is ignorant and insults the same people he want votes from,” said one voter.

Another voter said he voted for Maundike because they reside in the same area.

“I thought its better to vote for someone l know and live in the same area with,” said another voter.

However, The Zimbabwean news crews noted a high number of well known Zanu PF supporters who went to vote.

Other Zanu PF ward heads were moving around asking residents whether they had voted and urging them to vote.


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    Tjingababilin 7 years ago

    Boycotting elections doesnt work in Africa! The dictators love it that way!