Zanu PF MPs in Tyson ouster U-turn

Source: Zanu PF MPs in Tyson ouster U-turn – DailyNews Live

Mugove Tafirenyika      29 April 2017

HARARE – Mashonaland (Mash) Central Zanu PF MPs who have been clamouring
for national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere’s ouster made a
surprise U-turn, leaping to his defence before a President Robert
Mugabe-commissioned probe team last week.

Mugabe set up the Jacob Mudenda-led team to investigate allegations that
Kasukuwere – also Local Government minister – was abusing  his authority
in both government and the party, and tinkering with Zanu PF structures
ostensibly in a bid to out manoeuvre the 93-year-old leader at an
anticipated special elective congress to be called anytime soon.

This came on the back of anti-Kasukuwere demonstrations and petitions by
the 10 Zanu PF provincial executives, including his Mash Central home

However, some of the MPs who were said to have mobilised the Mash Central
demonstration in Bindura exonerated both Kasukuwere and his brother
Dickson Mafios ahead of the visit by Mudenda’s committee.

Mazoe South Zanu PF MP Fortune Chasi told the Daily News that he was
invited by Mudenda to respond to an allegation that he was asked by the
brothers to chair a committee whose objective was to wrestle Kitsiyatota
Mine from its owners.

“My answer was that this was not true. I pointed out that it was agreed at
the PCC (provincial coordinating committee) that we should form a trust
whose objective was to establish the true and legal ownership of the
mining claims at Kitsiyatota,” he said.

“I went further to explain that at no point in time did I ever have a
private discussion with Kasukuwere or Mafios over the trust or activities
at Kitsiyatota. To that extent, my evidence was clearly exculpatory of the
duo in the point that had been raised”.

Kasukuwere was accused of trying to grab the mine owned by members of Zanu
PF women’s league for personal benefit.

Chasi said he has never had issues with Kasukuwere to warrant a call for
his ouster.

“I fight issues not people,” he said.

“So far, we have never crossed paths per se but we are different people.

Sometimes I hear things I don’t like though they may not apply to me
directly, but there is a lot of rumour-mongering propelled by social
media, but they are all lies.”

Sources who attended the highly charged Mudenda-chaired meeting also said
MPs such as Joseph Mapiki (Shamva South) argued Kasukuwere had done
nothing wrong, blaming Provincial Affairs minister Martin Dinha instead.

Mapiki told the Daily News yesterday: “The Provincial Executive Council
and the PCC never called for the ouster of Kasukuwere. The people who
turned up for the alleged anti-Kasukuwere demonstration had been called
for a march in solidarity with President Mugabe. We never sent any

Both Mafios and his deputy Kazembe Kazembe declined to comment, saying
their views could be misconstrued as an attempt to influence the outcome
of Mudenda’s probe.

“You were there (at the PCC) and you heard what people said, so I am not
at liberty to say anything.  Let us wait for the politburo to decide,”
Kazembe said.

Other regional sources, however, said the reason why Kasukuwere received
backing from his former foes was as a result of their realisation that
contrary to the “propaganda” that was being peddled by his adversaries,
Mugabe and his wife Grace had not sanctioned his persecution.

On the other hand, Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Associations
provincial chairperson Sam Parirenyatwa said he was not happy with the way
Mudenda handled the hearing, accusing the National Assembly Speaker of

“This was a G40 arrangement, which was stage-managed and we are surprised
to realise there is now a constitution to be followed, yet all along
people were being fired left right and centre without the constitution,”
he said after the Bindura meeting.

“Now it is Kasukuwere and everyone else wants to bring in the constitution
to protect him. In any event, the people have spoken countrywide and
things will never be the same again for him. We know most of the people
there were hired to stage-manage the said position of Mash Central.

“The chairman (Mudenda) didn’t want anyone opposed to Kasukuwere to speak.

War veterans were chased out and it appears he brought his people to
defend his position,” Parirenyatwa claimed.


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    Haiwavo, maOvet (vana Sam) mazipenzi. Maimbogwauta muchiti one-centre-of-power, one-centre-of-power, one-centre-of-power, bhula -bhula-bhula, maiti zvinoreveyi? Zvinoreva kuti chimusangano chenyu chizanu pf chava chemhunhu one nemhuri yake. Saka anoita zvaanoda nacho; nemivacho muri zvimatoyi zvake endi anesimba rekuita zvanoda nematoyi ake futi. Yes, one-centre-of-power is the zanu pf constitution. Finish & klaaa! To expect anything else is simply being stupid.