AfDB, donors give #Zimbabwe $35M grant

via AfDB, donors give Zim govt $35mln grant | The Source  March 19, 2014

The Zimbabwe government on Wednesday received grants worth $35 million from western donors under the Zimbabwe Multi-donor Trust Fund (Zim-Fund) to help its economic recovery efforts.

The grant will cover water supply and sewer reticulation ($19,8 million), under the Urgent Water and Supply and Sanitation Rehabilitation Project, and energy ($15,1 million) under the Emergency Power Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project.

Projects in Harare, Ruwa, Chitungwiza, Redcliff, Masvingo, Hwange, Gweru and Mutare will benefit from the funding.

In January this year Zimbabwe also received $53.4 million in grants from ZimFund, which focuses on supporting infrastructure projects, mostly water, sanitation and energy.

“The programme supports the country’s economic recovery efforts and quest to promote sustainable growth,” said AfDB resident representative Mateus Magala.

Zim-Fund, which is managed by the AfDB, was set up by a group of western donors in 2010 during the tenure of the unity government to support Zimbabwe’s economic recovery efforts.



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    John Thomas 9 years ago

    Hope there are a few dollars left to help the people after all the pigs have fed

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    Yesterday we had one of our fellow commentators boasting about the french being in town. I had to wonder if some people really know what is happening here at all. Zimbabwe in it’s current situation can receive what ever amount in loans and aid and nothing much will change. What Zimbabwe needs is investment by foreign companies that will bring in skills training in modern methods and employment. As long as the majority of people are employed in the public service and the vast majority remains unemployed we are going nowhere fast. All the aid will be swallowed up in trying to keep the frail infrastructure that still exists working. Zimbabwe towns are blessed with an industrial infrastructure that although crumbling is still standing and ready to be exploited for manufacture. The aid that Zimbabwe should be seeking is for stability in the supply of water and power for the main hubs of industry. As long as the Government does not collate it’s strategies in order of priority we are going nowhere.