Greatermans to close

via Greatermans to close down | SW Radio Africa. 13   June  2014  by Mthulisi Mathuthu

Greatermans is just another of those names that Zimbabweans know so well, that will soon no longer exist.

Part of the Meikles Group of companies, Greatermans has been in existence for four decades and has over the years become part of the capital’s image, selling everything from clothing to electrical gadgets.

Now the department store is shutting down. SW Radio Africa correspondent Simon Muchemwa said a huge banner announcing a ‘Closing Down Sale’ is emblazoned on the outside wall of the store while some shelves are already empty, confirming that indeed the great brand will soon no longer be with us.

Public response to the shutdown has indicated that the store will be missed.
Lynette, a mother of one, said she was introduced to the store by her parents as a young girl and she has been a regular customer since. She said the closure of the store means that there won’t be a good source of quality clothes in the capital.
Another customer also mourned the development saying it indicates the sad state of the economy.

Greatermans is just one of the many local companies that have been affected by the economic meltdown and analysts have said much worse lies ahead for the country.



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    Flea market to open there. Include vendors with veggies like derere and some tsunga. That’s the Zanu story….

    • comment-avatar
      tawanda 8 years ago

      It will become a church for some Wayco-style prosperity gospel outfit that will never pay the rent.

  • comment-avatar
    Cee Best 8 years ago

    Some people have gone too far in blaming Zanu PF. Even women who are divorced blame Zanu PF.

    • comment-avatar
      ZimJim 8 years ago

      They’re probably right, “Cee Best”.

      Zanu PF is only good at ruining EVERYTHING it touches…

      Can you name a SINGLE thing they’ve done right?….

      Go on… I challenge you.

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    Ndaneta ndaneta 8 years ago

    Why not blame it? they are they ruling party and responsible for policy direction and everything. So whom do you want people to blame, the rain, the sun and the cold?

  • comment-avatar
    Gomogranny 8 years ago

    Sorry CEE BEST but it is simply IMPOSSIBLE to go to far in blaming ZANU PF…..they MUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY IN FULL. That is what democracy is – you take charge, YOU TAKE THE BLAME FOR FAILURE.

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    Angela Wigmore 8 years ago

    I don’t know when Greatermans was established but it was much more than four decades ago.

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    Parangeta 8 years ago

    Greatermans is more than 4 decades old,
    I am almost 7 decades old and it was
    always there in my day, loved it!

    Typical of Zimbabwe’s ruin under ZPF,
    closures, bankruptcies, shut-downs, jus
    more proof that ZPF has ruined Our
    Beloved Country, Cry!

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    Larry King 8 years ago

    When large stores and wholesalers like Greatermans and Bhadellas(Mutare Branch) close shop after many decades in business this tells us a lot. That Zanu PF has destroyed the economy within a very short period. Even the Trade Fair in Bulawayo has become one massive flea market. We no longer manufacture anything that is worthwhile. We are now just consumers of imported goods a lot of these are cheap Chinese made dumped into Zimbabwe by foreigners who come in and open these flea markets. Zimbabwe is rotting everyday and the longer Zanu PF maintains its power grip there is just no hope left for any future for Zimbabweans.

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    Dzenyika 8 years ago

    Sadly, I’m not surprised. I too have good childhood memories of the store, and went into it in 2012 when I was visiting from the UK. I was shocked by how much the standards of the place had fallen. There were also very few customers.

    A very sad day that reflects the state of play in the country.

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    Car door tea care moon 8 years ago

    Imagine giant department stores like Greatermans shutting down, this is a bad sign for Zimbabwe.

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    george 8 years ago

    its high time zanu pf has killed our economy and there is no future for our children. l think we need to change this government which is corrupt and careless