MDC faces split?

via MDC faces split? – DailyNews Live by Thelma Chikwanha   23 SEPTEMBER 2013

HARARE – Political analysts fear that the MDC faces another split as it emerges that there is a group in the party which is clamouring for the removal of their leader Morgan Tsvangirai following the party’s loss in the July 31 disputed poll.

Speculation of a possible splinter has increased and two weeks ago, influential MDC member Roy Bennett demanded that Tsvangirai resigns, a view reportedly shared by some top officials in the party.

However, the majority in the MDC are reportedly backing Tsvangirai saying he should lead the party in the next elections.

The MDC leadership has maintained that it would be folly to blame Tsvangirai for the loss saying Zanu PF rigged the elections while respected political analysts like Eldred Masunungure have in the past attributed the party’s loss to complacency.

Munyaradzi Gwisai, head of International Socialist Organisation in Zimbabwe said the MDC lost the election because they lost touch with their constituency, mainly the poor working class.

The party’s poor performance during the election has given rise to dissenting voices within the party which enjoyed popular support over the past decade.

MDC spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora disputed claims that the party was in trouble.

“There is nothing like that. There is just one MDC united behind president Tsvangirai,” Mwonzora said.

Maxwell Saungweme, a political analyst says a split in the MDC is inevitable because there has been a series of tactical mistakes and lack of coherent leadership before and after the July 31 elections.

He said splinter groups within the party were already in existence and were comprised of losing members of Parliament who agreed with Bennett.

“Even what happened in the past week regarding mayoral elections, shows a party whose centre is no longer holding. There are also many adventurous and power hungry officials within the MDC-T at present who think Tsvangirai is the weak link in the party’s chain at present. Given all these factors, it is not unfounded that people can talk of a possible split with the MDC-T. A split is a possibility and might be coming soon,” Saungweme said.

He added: “In any case, after failing to wrestle power from Mugabe three times in a row and even after amending the party’s Constitution to allow Tsvangirai a third term at the party’s helm, common sense should be telling Tsvangirai to step down. His tendency to want to cling to power under these circumstances will inevitably cause another split.”

University of Zimbabwe political science lecturer, Shakespear Hamauswa  echoed the same sentiments but added that a split might prove positive for the MDC leader.

“If anything, he (Tsvangirai) might benefit from the split if it becomes inevitable, but at the same time he should also use the other faction to his benefit. They all have interests, he can manipulate their interests and focus on leadership change, then he can set up a committee to steer the discussion structured in a way that will leave his buddies in control,” he said.

He said by doing so, the committee would then take its time and divert their focus from attack.

The former trade union boss has also come under fire from some of his followers who accuse him of having double standards.

After the election results were announced, Tsvangirai said his party would not take part in government activities saying Zanu PF should go it alone.

In an interview with First TV recently, Tsvangirai who recently appointed a shadow cabinet said he was working hard to ensure the party did not disintegrate.



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    Prophets of doom! Go on in your dreams. You think you will succeed in influencing people your poor perceptions, forget! forget! and forget!Who is Saungweme? Go and analyse Zanu, not MDC!

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    Clifford Chitupa Mashiri 10 years ago

    While MT may have room for improvement in his leadership and decision making like Mugabe and Welshman Ncube, it should be noted that after buying a landslide made in Israel, Zanu-pf is now focusing its campaign against Morgan Tsvangirai in time for the 2018 elections, as Mugabe is unlikely to stand and the former ruling party will be very vulnerable, if Nikuv will have been kicked out of Zimbabwe by then. I therefore argue for the retention of Morgan Tsvangirai as leader of the MDC-T, albeit I am not a member of any party.While, I may not have evidence, I would like to believe that Zanu-pf is financing some media people with diamonds cash to target Tsvangirai with negative stories and waging the so-called “MT must go” campaign from behind the scenes. However, that campaign will fail and probably one day we will get some confessions like Dabengwa did before elections about how he derailed MT’s ascension to power in 2008. MT should watch his back constantly. There are Mugabe’s agents in the MDC–T. He should flush them out.Some of them have accepted Zanu-pf money. You will say who? The answer is those councillors who said they were given US$500 to vote for a Zanu-pf Mayor/deputy mayor. Some MDC-T officials are not genuine MDC-T people. Neither am I trying to frustrate MT’s leadership debate, but why should those calling for MT’s to go for losing elections, ignore what Mugabe did since 2002 – the reports are there in South Africa. Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma have refused to release the violence reports. For 2008, the same happened South Africa knows what happened after sending its probe team and compiled a report. Its embargoed to this day. In 2013, whoever pretends he does not understand electoral fraud needs to have their head examined.

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      Danisa Tshawe 10 years ago

      You sound more Zanu pf. Am sure you are benefitting from his (mt) weaknesses.

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        Davy Mufirakureva 10 years ago

        Its interesting ZANUPF now wants to run the affairs of MDCT. We continue to be behind the much talked about Morgan.

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      Johnny k 10 years ago

      When are we going to stop playing the blame game?? The elections were stolen there is no doubt. However Tsvangirayi and company allowed them to be stolen whilst they were watching. Over the last 5 years they allowed Mugabe to get away with not implementing the agreed reforms agreed to at the onset of the GPA. MT and crew were so arrogant that they assumed the electorate would blindly vote for them despite their own in fighting and corrupt practices. I still maintain that MT will be unable to win the hearts of the people again. He is going to be perceived as a loser forever. We need new blood and he and the top leaders should look for someone who is not tainted by the loss.

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      @Clifford Mashiri, I couldn’t disagree with you more.

      Who made the decision defying all common sense and logic knowing full well that the voters roll was already tarnished by those Israelis? Tsvangirai has blamed the people for forcing him to go into this election.

      We are getting a consistent thread here and it is called failure to deliver 5 times!

      There are plenty of up and coming leaders in the MDC who are being held back.

      It’s time for REAL CHANGE to take place inside the MDC leadership matrix.

      Of course ZANU-PF will be on the bandwagon. That’s obvious.

      However in the search for excellence, a new young vibrant and smart leadership could well become ZANU-PF’s worst nightmare.

      As for Chamisa, he is a complete disappointment. I recommend he takes his mirror and cell phone and becomes becomes a prophet or a preacher as he is completely useless as a politician.

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    mujibha 10 years ago

    Chitupa, you r right, MT, must stay put and as u said he should check his back all the time. Its clear that this election was stolen but people want to know what is plan b from our leader besides bemocratic means what is Save, has been saying since after election. Save, plan a has failed they want a leader who will lead them to demostrations or even arming them bcoc they now know that with a vote u r not going to remove zanu pf. This is why people r saying u need to step down bcoz u r not thinking of arming them.

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    Africanson 10 years ago

    Mwonzora there are three mdcs who soon will be four.

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    ZANU YAORA 10 years ago

    I witnessed the seventies bush war, right with my own eyes, and I wouldn’t say war is a courageous thing to do, why is it that in a war its the unarmed who die more than the armed ones, I witnessed wars that took up to 8hrs guns blazing and you would think dozens of the combatants would die, but no, its the unarmed that died. I tend to think the cowards will be looking at each other and scared then eventually turn to softer targets, civilians. Those of you who were Mjibhas would know that the Guerrillas would send you, unarmed, to see how many soldiers were there and how many NATO machine guns they were carrying. After dutifully giving the feedback our fighters would melt into the night never to be heard off for days to come. Oh- yes there were some heroic contacts by some individuals who put up serious fights, but the fact still stands that its the unarmed who suffer most. ZANU will thrive on that, see what they did to the Ndebele people when some few misguided elements decided the war route. It was thousands of people who died not the 20 or so dissidents who gave themselves up at armnest. So should MT arm the people for war, or should we look for a warlike leader, my answer is a big no. Besides the death of many innocent people war takes us back centuries, and we will create another war hardened leadership who believe they died for this country hence should never be challenged, and how long will that war take, look at Angola, Mozambique, DRC and Somalia to mention a few around us what have they gained by waging their civil wars apart from years of human suffering. There is no way ZANU will rule us for ever without looking at internal leadership renewal and embracing true democracy which recognizes people’s aspirations. People tend to think that if they want to retain their leadership its not democracy, I disagree with that line of thought, its more of waning pragmatism of the leader than democracy. Every organization needs periodic rejuvenation through leadership changes, and for us to try and impose on the MDC as party to change their leader according to our whims, that becomes undemocratic. Lets give the MDC space and chance to deal with their internal issues in how they see it best suits what they stand for as a party. If the MDC wants MT to be their next Presidential candidate, fare enough, if we don’t like him as a Country President that’s when we come in and vote him down, this has to be in a fare, credible and free plebiscite, not the Mafia organized elections we have been witnessing so far.

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    Charles Chamunorwa 10 years ago

    I agree 100% with Clifford.C.Mashiri. I will go further and say, why are all these analysits not analysing where the electronic voters roll is? Why has it been made an endangered specise? Why is Makarau and team quiet about it?

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    We civilians are dying in millions but there is no war. So better to die in war anticipating better results out of it (freedom).

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    3poop 10 years ago

    guys did the observers ever say the elections were free and fair.honestly i never heard that.pse someone correct me i am lost were the 2013 elections said to be free and fair?

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    Rocks tone 10 years ago

    People of Zimbabwe once tsvangirai rejoins ZANU pf I’m telling you,whether we like it or not ther is going to be a insurgency and rebellion in Zimbabwe

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    Sibangilizwe Lethube 10 years ago

    Any person or member of MDC-T who wants MT to be replaced is not genuine Zimbabwean. They are just elements of zanu pf who were planted to destroy MDC-T.
    Phambili lo Morgan Tvsangirai, Pamberi na Morgan Tvsangirai, forward with Tsvangirai until we get our country back.

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    Shumba Liverpool 10 years ago

    Why concentrate on leadership change withinn the oppostion? with such a landslide victory one would think Tsvangirayi is now a nonentity but alas all the post election analysis is about him and his mdc. why is he so inportant to warrant all this attention two months after the election. tell us about mugabe and the UN trip..poisoned elephants the rejuvination of the economy etc. let sleeping dogs lie unless of course we have a troubled we?

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    Sorry guys I was on route to a meeting .Clifford Mashiri, you hit it well.MT can not go because there must be leadership renewal only.On what criteria are you measuring his Key result area?He did won elections and all of you know how many weeks it took to release the results.Saungweme, the way I know you from University of Zim ,hasn’t changed.Totally blind of the obvious truth.Ask Job Sikhala.He thought he was very popular and went against party lines.Now he is trying to get a job.Jobless Job.You don’t just compare yourself with Save and see your degrees and think everyone will listen to you beacause you are educated.If you are educated , why cant you question the high number of voters in Mt Darwin,Uzumba?
    You can not get 20000 in a 12 hr poll where one person votes for councillor,MP,Senator ,President one time.
    You must put your energy in demanding voters roll and call for non military candidates in the next elections.Vana Brigadier Tongofa won in Chivi,Police Inspector Mandipaka won in Buhera imi makasvinura .Pedze moti Morgan must go.Really you must have your heads examined.MDC will never go down nomatter what.Whoever go against Save goes against the spirit of the revolution.Save akadzidzisa vanhu during ZCTU kuti people must speak out .Nanhasi we will never leave him for opportunists who rose to prominence on his back.Remember first elections MDC fielded youngest ever MP candidates in Jongwe, Sikhala and Musekiwa.Vanhu vakashamisika vachiudzwa kuti well done you put faith in the youth.They didn’t know whom they voted for, they just knew they voted MDC.
    Save has a mandate to lead us to the promised land.Anenge ada try your luck but that’s your end.
    If you reall love democracy, ask Mudede where is the voters roll.Ask Makarau why she did what she did.Ask ZANU PF why they had to hire Nikuv , an ISraeli company, which hails from Israel where ZANU PF friends the Palestines are oppressed.
    Nayo mudariro varume, ngaivhiyiwe tione.No kutukana

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    Tjingababili 10 years ago


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    mujibha 10 years ago

    Tino, you r 100% right to loose a stolen election I don’t think its Save’s problem/ weskness, even if Save, step down today whoever is going to replace him with the current system in terms of election is not going to make any difference. So i say forward with Save until we r free from zanus

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    Thembani 10 years ago

    Failure is Tsvangirai.Anyone who loves failure,then Tsvangirai is there to lead you to more failure

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    Mike Nyathi 10 years ago

    Mashiri’s analysis it totally flawed. He is following the pathetic defence put out by Tsvangirai himself. Tsvangirai argues that he would have been president if not for election rigging. But that is not the point.

    The point is this: MT knew full well that the elections would be rigged and he ran helter skelter into them anyway and got dusted. He had no Plan B. This is the last in a long series of stupid and totally disastrous decisions and he must play the price. He cannot argue “Ah, if it was a democracy, I would be president, so why are people calling for me to go?” The argument is as foolish as he is. We are dealing with a military dictatorship. This is not a nice little democracy. And now – 5 times in a row – Tsvangirai has failed to formulate a strategy that will remove Zanu from power. He must go, but if he doesn’t, who cares really. He will just make his party irrelevant and another, more radical generation of Zimbabweans will take forward the struggle and eventually beat Zanu. So Tsvangirai can go back to begging for his nice house that Bob gave him and begging for the crumbs of his pension from Bob’s table while the rest of Zimbabwe starves. He is useless. I look to new leaders and new vehicles that will drive Zanu out once and for all.