MDC-T to attend Mugabe question time

via MDC-T to attend Mugabe question time | The Zimbabwean by Nelson Sibanda 04.10.13

MDC-T, which boycotted President Robert Mugabe’s official opening of Parliament last month accusing him of presiding over what it dismissed as a rigged general election on July 31, will however attend presidential question and answer sessions, party spokesperson, Douglas Mwonzora, told The Zimbabwean.

The Morgan Tsvangirai led party vowed not to be party to any government activity or function led by Mugabe as Head of State.

According to Mwonzora, MDC-T legislators will attend and grill Mugabe at the question and answer sessions though they do not recognise his legitimacy.

“Even illegitimate leaders are subject to grilling in Parliament and this is one of the reasons why our MPs will be part of the presidential question and answer sessions,” Mwonzora told The Zimbabwean.

The sessions are provided for under Section 140 (2) of the new Constitution whereby the president is expected to provide answers from the floor on issues provided for in the standing orders.

Section 119 (3) of the new Constitution provides that all members of the Executive must attend Parliament.



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    MDCT blows hot and cold. At one time they take ZEC to court but withdraw the case; they don’t attend the official opening of parl but attend the president’s question time and at one stage the MPs were to stay away from parl. So what is the current MDCT MP position?

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    Africanson 10 years ago

    These guys must stop being childish and work for the country’s progress. Honestly what change and progress do they expect to effect by these boycots? If zim had 5 people of Masiiwa type the the country could be rich. He excells in the same enviroment where mdc cry foul. I remember high fighting for 4 years for an operating licence. Today his econet has is the best share counter on ZSE. He is the best employer and he has gone international. He is the best employer. Camon MDC make a difference in diffult times and preach progress for the country while organising your party. Remember you are Zimbabweans. Stop sleeping on the job and reading novels in the house. What do you think you can acchieve by doing that? Give pride to your followers by preaching a gospel of hope even though its tough. Be progressive and stop the blame game.

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      Kevin Watson 10 years ago

      Democracy is about holding the Government to account. It is the constitutionaly mandated role of the opposition, so if they do not do this they have failed democracy and the voters. This is a concept that people in Africa seem not to want to understand, which is why they get such bad government and corruption.

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    imvi dzechembere 10 years ago

    ndakuuchira AFRICANSON,madzeketembwe evakomana veMDC-T haise nyika mberi. Mvura yeguchu yakadeuka asi hatife nenyotaka vedu. Chakudiwa kubata guchu zvakanaka,patinenge tichitsvagazve imwe mvura. Aya ava marihwa emurutsva,rwendo rwemumhamhatsi varume.

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    Don’t be foolish all of you goons. So you expected the MDC to just do nothing when it had been rigged. To just smile and say okay let’s work together. If they had been cooperative and danced to what you are saying how would that have helped anything. Even if they sit and do nothing the government is Zanu and there is nomeaningful contribution that they can do. They want to ask the president because that’s the only way that they can ask where really the president is taking us because he had been failing for the past 33 years. I see no sence in you arguing that they should have been singing Mugabe praises, how would that help the country. Someone please tell me, and tell me if its a better thing to be able to ask the president face to face all the burning question that we know the MDC have in their hearts because they are the same questions that I have. For you supporters of Zanu I don’t know what you are but I know that you don’t even care about your own future because there is no way that you expect for a different outcome by doing the same thing over and over again. Zanu has failed and it has been good at that, and I don’t see anything different from now, we have almost the same names in the cabinet, the same president and you exepct anything to change in Zimbabwe. Change we will surely have and it will be the further decline in our standards of living. I thought we were better than this!!!

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    Tjingababili 10 years ago


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    Joseph 10 years ago

    SADC! if Zanu failed so is MDC at List Zanu won the elections.

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    Please Zimbabweans lets take this opportunity just to say a word of thanks to Tsvangirai ndokuedza kwaakayita. Ndezvipi zvinitwa namugabe zvirikunakira nyika basa rokuno tuka america ne britain ku UN meeting. If kana muchiida kuona kuti dzasekuru hadzisevenze mambooonawo here China ne Russion dzi tuka america ne britain pa UN meeting only zimbabwe why? our country will continue to fall if we will always say Mugabe is the solution to our problem right now. Zimbabweans lets be matured in our judgement there is nothing new which will come from this Old Mugabe he has failed the nation long ago. Hapana munhu asinga kanganise pasi pano asi why zanu pf isinga bude pachena ichiti yakanganisa. Vanhu vapera nokuenda kunedzimwe nyika ndaiti pamwewo this time no ku rigger ma election zvinhu zvonaka zvirikutoita worse hapeno kuti future yedu icha gadziriswa na mugabe here munhu ava ne 90 years even many of his supporters are very poor today because of his bad government. mugabe is still putting his old forks in the government what more do you expect from him.

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    To Joseph. How can you say that they will fail when they have never been the government. Don’t tell me about that they were in the GNU because they were really just spectators. Be objective hama yangu…Zanu has failed period!!! MDC has neither failed nor succeded. Its just like saying your son has failed to rule Zimbabwe. That’s a fact!!!