MPs demand vehicles

via MPs demand vehicles March 5, 2014 by Veneranda Langa NewsDay

MEMBERS of Parliament (MPs) from across the political divide yesterday ordered government to allocate them official vehicles without further delay, saying the current six-month delay had demeaned them.

The MPs made the demands while debating the motion of corruption, saying other arms of government like the Executive and Judiciary were allocated top-of-the-range official vehicles less than 48 hours after being sworn into office ,while legislators were struggling to get fuel coupons and were always kicked out of hotels over non-payment of bills.

They also demanded that Cabinet ministers and all top government officials and heads of parastatals be compelled to declare their assets before assuming office to curb corruption and illegal amassing of wealth.

Musikavanhu MP Prosper Mutseyami (MDC-T) and his Mabvuku Tafara counterpart James Maridadi, Zanu PF Hurungwe West MP Temba Mliswa and MDC-T Bulawayo East MP Thabita Khumalo said ministers and heads of parastatals found guilty of corruption should be imprisoned, have all their assets auctioned and the money given back to the public.

“Our committees should be empowered to play their oversight role over the Executive and chairpersons of committees should not be threatened by their political parties when they investigate corruption, and those found guilty of corruption should be arrested, their properties auctioned and the money recovered and given back to the people,” Mutseyami said.

Maridadi added: “We have had problems at ZBC, but the minister who was responsible for ZBC for five years has not made a single comment about it and it raises eyebrows — and we also say charity must begin at home. But while MPs are failing to get their vehicles, we have the head of Parliament driving a 150 000 Euro S350 Mercedes Benz, while the person who is his immediate deputy drives a $48 000 double cab vehicle —that disparity talks corruption.”

Mliswa demanded an explanation over the Green Fuel deal, saying the person who authorised its licensing before it adhered to the 51% indigenisation compliance should be named.

“Let me pay homage to former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai who fired his own minister Elias Mudzuri when he was allegedly involved in corruption and had gone on a Brazilian trip funded by Billy Rautenberg. The Parliamentary Committee headed by the late (Edward) Chindori-Chininga observed that Green Fuel had not fulfilled its 51% indigenisation compliance, but no action was taken,” Mliswa said.


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    John Thomas 9 years ago

    I doubt anyone could demean these MP’s more than they demean themselves. The subject of this article is a case in point. There are many more desperate and deserving people than these alleged representatives.

    I’ll be generous and suggest a $50 Chinese bicycle each.

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    Members of parliament earn more than civil servants, who actually do the work whilst they while away time talking in Parliament. These politicians earn enough to buy themselves cars. The public should be invited to decide on expenditures by their ‘representatives’ in parliament. Ordinary people buy themselves cars, why not politicians. How extraordinary are these politicians, who are now seeking more than they deserve.

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    Kubota Binga 9 years ago

    We have a very longway to go. Current politicians are not the answer, but we definitely need a new crop of leaders who have seen and experienced democracy in their lives and understand it. Only then can we have true change and that change does not necessarily need to be drastic.

    We need politicians with my mindset or who can tolerate my mindset, politicians who can work for the common good of the nation. Current ones pretend to be funtional only when X is in Office or when Y dies it is pathetic. The same also goes for the Supporters.

    I yearn for a day when one’s campaign agenda is about cleaning the streets and taken seriously by the populace.

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    Roving Ambassador 9 years ago

    Thanks Binga. This is our zanufied state of affairs. Monkey see monkey do . All of them are in it for themselves.
    A new brand of politics is needed, that’s why we all need to inform our friends ,relatives that there is far much better systems that work in other countries, that the people come first.
    Zim citizens have died in SA, AND not one MP has raised the issue. The most important issue to them is cars.
    A total paradigm shift is required. I am not a Zunde, but frankly ,this can only come from the diaspora. I will put names in the hat again. Nkosana Moyo, Masiyiwa ,hear my clarion call.