Multiple farm owners ordered to surrender excess land | The Herald

via Multiple farm owners ordered to surrender excess land | The Herald by Lloyd Gumbo October 21, 2013

GOVERNMENT has ordered land reform beneficiaries who are into the safari business and have A2 farms at the same time to choose one of the two and surrender the other to the State with immediate effect for allocation to people on the waiting list, it has been  learnt.District Administrators were also stripped of their powers of allocating land to beneficiaries under the A1 farming scheme due to numerous problems that were arising with that role.

Midlands Province’s Chief Lands Officer Mr Joseph Shoko, told The Herald that Lands and Rural Resettlement Minister Douglas Mombeshora, made the position clear when he met the provincial lands committee in Gweru on Friday.



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    simon 9 years ago

    start buy asking grace and Bob and top henchmen to surrender their multiple farms…they can lead by example you think?

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    zondi 9 years ago

    Even if the land is surrendered, it will not go to back to the Rhodies. It remains ours.

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    Jenandebvu 9 years ago

    War vets, warning shots, Gen 31:2 the president’ countenances to you are no longer the same as before. U are used up and useless, the farms you took need to go to top ZPF cadres (who died for the country). More is coming. Commit any crime at your own risk

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    marasha 9 years ago

    yes it remains yours but what are you doing with it .building houses like a fowl run. so why are you importing maize from Zambia if you have farms.

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    Chitova weGona 9 years ago

    Some have 13 farms! Tangai naMugabe naGrace musati maenda kunamaiMahofa!

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    Stadoh 9 years ago

    it appears some animals are more equal than others in this Zimbofarm! Only small fish will get affected as the nets will break if u try to catch bigger ones

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    moyokumusha 9 years ago

    one man one farm, wasn’t that the slogan once upon a time. The new constitution allows for all Zimbabweans irrespective of race, colour or religion to own property in Zimbabwe. Let us start by respecting our constitution and build from there. Prosperity can return very quickly with the right people on the land. Farming is not a life style but a science and business that requires investment and dedication. Maize grows but only a good farmer gets 10 tonnes per hectare not 3 like we see now. You need more than 5 just to maintain viability. The Rhodies ran away between 1978 and 1980 so respect the whites who stayed as Zimbabweans. We need to stop all this nonsense of apportioning blame and ostracising sections of our community for the betterment of a few. ALL ZIMBABWEANS SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO ENJOY THEIR COUNTRY IRRESPECTIVE.

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    Dharma Appavoo 9 years ago

    All bona fide Zimbabwean Citizens should be equal in the eyes of the Law.
    But why were all Rhodesians never equal before the eyes of the Law ?
    And where were you at that time?
    Why were you compliant of the Rhodesian regime?

    Tit-for-tat is a “bitter pill” to swallow but it is the penalty that must forever be paid for: Racism, Avarice, the Superiority Complex, Religious Bias, Personal Envy, and the Social echelon.

    Nemesis endures and Revenge is Sweet …. and the Spirit of Tribalism never dies. The Sins of the Father will be visited upon his Children.

    We simply have to ” Sit it Out ”

    Meanwhile 375 African try to escape poverty and end up drowning in the Mediterranean. They each paid 3500 USD for a Watery Grave.

    The Westerners failed to chide the African politicians who failed to deal with the underlying abject poverty.

    They elected to criticise Robert Mogabe who is the ONLY politician (of any Race, Colour, or Creed ) that is worthy of his Salt.

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    simon 9 years ago

    zondi you are a primitive thinker Rhodies are long gone but many white and black Zimbabweans want to stive together for the better of Zimbabwe. you just want to live in the past and may I remind you that due to those commercial farmers and their workers Rhodesia now Zimbabwe was built and developed as the jewel of Africa…now look at the state its in and the Chinese are enjoying colonising us and eating our rare type tortoises!!!Try to think outside the box it will make you a better person.

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    Dharma Appavoo 9 years ago

    Zimbabweans are now Independant and are therefore fully entitled to make Deals with the Chinese or any other group.

    However unsatisfactory the other Nations may turn out to be, they can never eclipse the wickedness of the erstwhile “White Rhodesians”.
    The White Farmers of Rhodesia have had adequate opportunity to manifest their convictions about the Equality of their Black Neighbours.
    But they chose to remain as avaricious and selfish Racists.

    They deserve every bit of their fate because they exploited the natives and ruthlessly reduced them to bare-footed Troglodytes.

    These tattered lackeys were left without HOPE of manumission. They became innured to poor quality food, schooling, and housing without indoor plumbing and without sewage.

    The White Rhodesians have always referred to the British Isles as “Home”.

    The differences between the OPULENT White Farmers and the DEPRIVED natives were so stark and pervasive that after One Century of living within close proximity and facing each other on a daily basis there were no intimate Friendships and no inter-racial Marriages.

    The Creator gifted Zimbabwe to its Natives…..but it ended up as a PRISON for them….. with White-skinned foreigners who began life as Home Invaders and ended up as Law Makers,Slave-Drivers, and Prison Guards.
    It should NEVER be allowed to happen again.

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    Fallenz 9 years ago

    You speak of the whites as racists… look in the mirror and observe a racist and a tribalist.

    Are you hungry… Do you scratch the ground daily trying to provide food for your family? That’s what 99% of Zimbabweans are doing… or is your energy all used up with insane hate.

    Use your energy to find all those missing diamond funds… and all the missing food aid funds. Maybe you could use that energy to expose the hidden polling data… or find out why the distribution of farm inputs is politicized. Or, would those ventures be too civilized a use of your energies.

    You hold out your hand begging, while you spit in the eye of those who would supply benevolence. You justify killing your own countrymen, while claiming to have been wronged by others.

    You are blind, and your mind a void. May God have mercy on such a withered soul as yours… but, you can not escape His judgment. Lord, come quickly.