Vice-President Mujuru attacks ‘looters’

via Vice-President Mujuru attacks ‘looters’ February 10, 2014 By James Muonwa NewsDay

Vice-President Joice Mujuru has taken a dig at parastatal and private sector executives who are awarding themselves obscene salaries at a time the economy was bleeding.

Speaking during a one-day Zanu PF women’s league provincial conference in Chinhoyi over the weekend, Mujuru singled out former Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) chief executive officer Cuthbert Dube and suspended Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) boss Happison Muchechetere, whom she described as “counter-productive people who were weighing down the country’s economic agenda”.

Dube was reportedly pocketing a monthly $230 000 stipend when the medical aid society was swimming in debt.

Muchechetere was reportedly drawing an average of $44 000 in salary and perks at a time the majority of ZBC staffers had gone for over six months without pay.
The disclosures at PSMAS and ZBC opened the Pandora’s box and revelations of top executives at various firms taking home outrageous salaries and perks have reportedly riled the Presidium.
“PSMAS could not even pay for the medical expenses of its members yet its leader was taking home lots of money.
“It is risky these days to go around saying I work for PSMAS or ZBC, you will surely be killed,” said Mujuru.

Mujuru, who is also Zanu PF’s second secretary, in a veiled attack on Cabinet ministers and boards of directors, said those tasked with superintending over the affairs at parastatals and quasi-governmental organisations sat on their laurels and allowed the looting to go unabated.

VP Mujuru conceded there was lack of transparency in the exploration and sale of diamonds, alleging there were “plunderers” who were benefiting from illegally mining of the gems at the expense of the generality of the people.

She said the party’s blueprint economic policy, ZimAsset, would remain a pipe dream if corruption was allowed to continue in all facets of the economy.



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    Observer 9 years ago

    This is different from what we are reading elsewhere.How much were you paid James?

    • comment-avatar
      chessplayer 9 years ago

      Murimi Wanhasi we are waiting for your learned contribution to this debate. Looks to me like our leadership now have a new profession of grave digging…..their own graves….this to me is the beginning of the end for Zanu PF.

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    Tjingababili 9 years ago

    Zanupf looters pvt ltd!

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      Maybe he is one of the first beneficiaries to get the $90 000.00. What a contrast. She is one of the looters pliz. People in Harare started drinking sewerage water because of her. She killed her husband because of money. Bastet.

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    Chivindikiti, Dennis 9 years ago

    Surprise!!What has suddenly changed Teurairopa? Glad that you seem to have seen the light but guess what I would be a foolto trust you. You must be hiding something or acting “politically correct”

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    Todiyi Senseni 9 years ago

    James were you given a diamond na Amai Mujuru because you are contradicting what was reported earlier . Idyayi kekupedzisira. Everything comes to an end.

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    You cannot suddenly change your story. We know what she said!!

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    This press is not even worth following. God have mercy on us. Which report is true now. What is the correct position of the Vice President on corruption and general looting? The press is just reporting lies to the public left right centre but which one is at least nearer to the truth? It is now up to an individual to believe what ever he/she wants. If one believes that Mujuru is against corruption it is up to them. If they believe that she supports certain people who are corrupt it is also correct.

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    Bruno 9 years ago

    What is happening at Newsday, The Independent and the The Standard these days??? Everything has just changed. Maybe that’s what they should have been doing all along. I think they have suddenly realised that that’s the way to go if you are to survive in this industry.

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    Mutorwa 9 years ago

    KO ZVACHINJA FUTI? SO, it is the fault of the press that these things are being reported? So what should the press do now? I thought she was attacking the press for killing ZANU PF? We know that the two factions are trying to expose each other. They must do so anyway because we know both are corrupt and none of them are fit to run this country anyway.

    BUT, why Morgan Tsvangirayi and his team are quiet raises eyebrows. Is it because he is afraid his team will also soon be exposed for corruption at the time they were in the GNU? Pause for thought.!!

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    Torai hupfumi 9 years ago

    This the time for MDC to come and sayenough is enough, they should hold several rallies in town and expose them as much as thy can. even a non-politican can talk about mahachi, muchechetere and others. Talk of non payment of workers, industry and several issues. MDC hapana zviripo vakatambisira vanhu nguva yavo

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    Readers do yourself a favour; go onto Wikipedia and read up about Joice Mujuru – God help Zimbabwe and ALL Zimbabweans if this woman is the next President of our country.

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    papa zulu 9 years ago

    Torai Hupfumi, please chimbosiyana neMDC.Its unwise for them to just blurt into the matter without much consideration and thought.Im sure vachataura about it after further observations.Too much talk now from that level dzinovhara zvakawanda.Their early talk may create defensiveness from culprits.Siya marara nehuori zviitwe unearth ivo vozouya mushure.After all they have talked abt it at length.