VP Mujuru torches storm

via VP Mujuru torches storm – NewsDay Zimbabwe February 11, 2014 by Moses Matenga

ACTING President Joice Mujuru yesterday torched a storm after she claimed that the ongoing graft exposé in parastatals was politically motivated, exposing serious infighting within Zanu PF as top officials angled to succeed President Robert Mugabe at the party’s December elective congress.

As a result of the discord within the ruling Zanu PF party, its politburo will convene in Harare soon to deliberate on the matter.

Zanu PF is divided on factional lines with one camp aligned to Mujuru and another believed to be aligned to Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa engaged in a fierce battle to succeed Mugabe who turns 90 next week.

Mujuru told the Zanu PF Mashonaland West Provincial Women Conference in Chinhoyi over the weekend that there could be an inside hand meant to destroy the party from within.

“Beware that this issue of parastatals is another way to destroy this country,” she was quoted as saying.

“They know what is holding this country and what is done by parastatals. They will go to talk to some of our people and do what is happening. They say from ZBC, we go to Zesa, then Zinwa. Don’t then say these people are not Zanu PF, no, they say if you can’t beat them join them and fight from within, so beware.”

Political parties and analysts yesterday, however, reacted angrily to Mujuru’s utterances and attempts to muzzle the media over corruption issues.

MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora said the statements attributed to Mujuru were an insult to the people who had suffered from Zanu PF’s corruption for a long time and also exhibited intense fighting within the ruling party.

“It is a fact that these economic saboteurs who have been bleeding the country dry by awarding themselves obscene salaries and benefits are all well-known members of Zanu PF,” Mwonzora said.

“We suspect that most of them are from the Mujuru faction of Zanu
PF. In the past, the same corrupt officials have attended Zanu PF fundraising functions making generous donations to the party.

“Therefore, indirectly she has been a recipient of this corrupt money, hence her attempt to gag the Press.”

Harare Residents’ Trust (HRT) director Precious Shumba said Mujuru had lost the plot on corruption and scandalous salaries and allowances.

“Instead of uprooting the evil that threatens to destroy our Zimbabwe, Mujuru is seeing shadows and ghosts everywhere. Look inside, the problem is there,” Shumba said.

“I always thought she was reasonable, but now I realise that she is also lost, despite sitting in a position of high authority, influence and power.

“The VP must not get excited because soon she will be exposed for being heavily involved in the corruption that has swept across our public service institutions.

“Or maybe some of her people have been fingered and risk being sent to jail? We have a war on our hands comrades.”

MDC99 leader Job Sikhala said: “She doesn’t realise that the population is angry with those extraordinary salaries that these people are getting.”

Political analyst Alexander Rusero said Mujuru’s remarks reflected factional wars in Zanu PF where only ministers aligned to her were being targeted to weaken her grip on the party’s highest position.

“There is a manifestation of factionalism and they see it as one faction fighting another faction,” Rusero claimed.

“If you look at the people exposed so far, it’s only one faction that is covered and obviously it’s a manifestation of factional wars within Zanu PF.

“She is trying to wear a brave face on the matter, but what is clear is people used Zanu PF as a passport to loot.

“It’s a public admission at a public forum that factionalism is there in Zanu PF and people will have to gear up for more fights.”

Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo said he agreed with Mujuru that there was a “factional hand” in the manner the exposés were being done.

“The party has not taken a position on what we are hearing on ministries, but we are yet to sit down. We can’t say we are for or against such exposé , but no one will accept these scandals and what is happening,” Gumbo said.

“We have to be honest and transparent, but the key is how to handle an issue like this.

“A matter like this will have to be managed and the politburo will have to meet and get a report.”

Asked on his take on Mujuru’s statement hinting that there was a hand in the factional fights in Zanu PF, Gumbo said: “It’s possible, I can’t deny that. She is absolutely right and there are people like that.

“That’s not the issue, but the bottom line is what the facts are and how to handle the issue. You can’t solve this in a piecemeal fashion, we need a systematic strategy to handle this.”


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    Zimbabweans this is a turning point in our Politics. We have to be very cautious in what we do. Of late you have noticed that some of our brothers who were against what we have been trying to say are no longer vocal. We have known long time ago that this website would be infiltrated. We have embraced that and have answered these lost souls or as Avenger said CIO people, as best as we could. My brother pilgrim is asking where Murimi is? He is most probably fighting the floods that no one is talking about, or he is thinking about damage control,or his land is being invaded. This is when we needed his input and he is so silent…

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      Probably out there sniffing another juicy patch of land to invade..
      I joke truthfully I dont know.but it was funny .

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    I could not resist Ki..Ki..Ki..ki

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    Chivindikiti, Dennis 9 years ago

    Rugare Gumbo is not serious. What is there to discuss at politburo level-how to hide these series of scandals like they have fraudrently and systematically done in the past 33 years? Where is the police in all this? Are you setting up other ineffective committees to make yet more reports that gather dust so you can buy time? Perhaps you will wave a magical wand to wish it all away and it will be business as usual? Zimbabweans are sick and tired of this lack of urgency and action on national priorities. Who is going to investigate the looters when the whole police, judicial, civil service, anti-corruption etc systems stink? Can’t you get it through your thick, tired, re-cycled minds that this time we demand that things be done properly and that justice be served swiftly. To hell with Zanu PF structures that are as corrupt and led by incompetent individuals. Would you be reacting the same way if it was MDC T linked officials that were involved? You would have made it public and they would be all behind bars. The die is cast, there is no going back. We want action and our money returned. We are willing to mobilize Zimbabweans both within and without the country and our friends around the world to take you head-on. So before you open your mouth, think.

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    CHINDUNDUMA 9 years ago

    Whether or not there is factionalism in Zanu Pf is neither here nor there what is at issue here is blatant corruption at stake. Mujuru should have shut her big mouth and waited for guidance and direction from the President. But instead she opened her mouth before engaging brains and the result was a Vice President at war with her own people. Now the people have lost respect for her and are convinced that she is corrupt aswell. This is the greatest own goal by someone aspiring to be State President. This could be a blessing in disguise for the Zimbabwean people. Pasi na Joyce

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    CHINDUNDUMA Guidance from who? My friend wake up and smell the coffee(or should I say tea since we are Zimbabwean)The President is incapable of guiding anybody. For too long he ran a one man show.Now because of his age he is in a permanent slumber as is apparent at important world meetings. Zanu has been run as a dictatorship now the dictator sleeps..

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    mutongi gava 9 years ago

    As flies to wanton boys are we to the gods; they kill us for their sport”

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    Havanyani 9 years ago

    So now we must help her defend our dear party (whoever that may be) against a faction that is collaborating with the media to uncover untruths about which faction among the feasting hyenas is eating the lion’s share of stolen meat. Turning her face to us from the carcass momentarily, don’t we all see the fat smear around her snout? The guilty are afraid. To think I used to like her somewhat. She is simply not cut out for high office,
    like her boss.

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    Patriotic 9 years ago

    How i wish someone up there would remember that zimbabwe has a future beyond their own. What shall we be?

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    Neither her nor Munangagwa deserve to lead Zimbabwe. They are as bad as ach other. There are better candidates within ZPF who have never been given the platform to showcase what they can do. Everyone is overshadowed by these monsters who have used unsavoury means to stay in the limelight and intimidate and although unproven maim and kill off any opposition from within the Party. That Bob by not giving others a chance since independence has failed to groom and nature potential leaders from ZPF with the nation’s prosperity at heart. Instead he is gonna leave us in the hands of this ilk. Munangagwa is evil and more ruthless than Bob

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    Di crocodile is silently fighting back it’s lost ground. Watch watch mujuru Is burning now

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    Tendai 9 years ago

    She is not fit to be the president of this country. I used to respect her but with what she said I no longer adore her. She was my inspiration and I looked at her as our next leader of our revolutionary party, now she has blown it out. Goodbye Joyce.

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    Nyoni 9 years ago

    Is ZANU IN THE THROES OF BREAKING UP ? Please Lord tell me its true. HALLELUAH

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      Brian Edwards 9 years ago

      Endure Zimbabwe! Consider these matters to augur the impending doom for ZANU. In the international community ZANU is considered synonymous with corruption. That much has been achieved. Mugabe is universally loathed with calls for him to be brought before the Hague. This is good. The AU remains a collection of despots feeding off their people and impotent, so no hope with them. Mujuru is now revealed as weak-minded, paranoid and fascistic. This is good that it now known. The ZANU gotterdammerung has begun. It is inevitable that ZANU will collapse. All dictatorships do – in time. And that is the hard part. Waiting and acting. Please stay true to what a free Zim can be. Hope for your children.

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    Rhuli 9 years ago

    Zimbabweans! the whole world (including your own “Government”)has heard has heard you crying, complaining, criticizing, exposing corruption and correctly analyzing Zanu PF! There is nothing anyone can do to give you your freedom. it is already in your hands and all you have to do is to stand up and walk together, get organized, speak with one voice and claim your freedom. Guns will blaze! Military style executions will be rampant and death will be the order of the day, so what? if it is the price you must pay for your freedom so be it! the majority of you are already half dead through poverty, hunger, oppression etc. anyway. there are 4-5 million of your brothers, sisters, parents, children and a whole lot of your loved ones in South Africa and other neighbouring countries going through untold misery and you are still cowering under this corrupt, ruthless regime, for how much longer? The most powerful dictatorships in the world have been brought down by unarmed but organized civilians and there is never a valid reason why you must endure this curse for any length of time. So stand up and smell the coffee! It is becoming very boring to listen to you give the same excuses after every elections! no one is saying you must get angry and go out there and be reckless! Get organized and do something in a disciplined and organized manner and you will be surprised how close the rest of the world is to you. But you must take the first step…

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    pasi naye joyce imbavha