Economy first, succession later: Chinamasa

via Economy first, succession later: Chinamasa | The Herald June 23, 2014 by Farirai Machivenyika

ZIMBABWEANS should not focus on succession-related issues and personalities and direct their energy towards economic revival, Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa has said.
Officially launching The Source, an online business news website on Friday last week, Minister Chinamasa said debate around succession was detrimental to economic development.

“There are activities which are happening which never get reported, including events which I officiate, no one is interested in that. Everyone is interested in succession issues and so forth — who is doing what to whom and so on. Now that does not build a country,” he said.

“It is very important for all of us, irrespective of political affiliation, irrespective of where you are coming from, to understand that the economy is all ours. It is our economy and it is for us to contribute constructively to its resuscitation, to its growth. “If it is not resuscitated it means economic gloom for all of us.”

Minister Chinamasa said Zimbabwe had huge potential if people concentrated on the right things.
“The potential for this country is enormous. We do not have to be poor in the country if we do the right things, if we assist each other to come up with correct policies that will be conducive to foreign direct investment. The less we talk politics and more economics, the better. I would want to see, as we go into the future, more discussion not on personalities but ideas,” he said.

Minister Chinamasa urged Zimbabweans to portray their country in a positive light saying the media have an important role to play in reviving the economy.

“Visitors who come to Zimbabwe have a better perception about our country and ourselves than we ourselves. We speak so negatively about ourselves to the point where it is very dispiriting to say the least,” he said

“As Government we welcome any positive contribution in our efforts to revive our economy and the media have an important role to play in that regard. The contribution of the media to Zimbabwe’s story both on the political and economic front has not always been constructive.
“What you write negatively about our country is amplified outside and where-ever I am going instead of talking and discussing business I am made to explain stupid reports made elsewhere about my country which have no basis.

“Infact, that is what bleeds my heart.” He said the Zim-Asset economic blueprint adopted by Government required contribution from everyone for it to succeed.

“The Government has anchored its economic programmes for the next five years on the Zim-Asset. The Zim-Asset was crafted to achieve sustainable development and social equity anchored on indigenisation, empowerment and employment creation.

“We should be driven by the judicious exploitation of the country’s human and natural resources
“For Zim-Asset to succeed Government ministries and agencies, the private sector and the nation at large have to work in tandem not at cross purposes, we should work together.

“We should all realise that we are all Zimbabweans,” he said.
Minister Chinamasa defended Government’s indigenisation policy, saying the programme was not unique to Zimbabwe and had been adopted in many countries. “Indigenisation is not unique to Zimbabwe, only the word is unique. In other countries they call it localisation and so forth.

“What we are merely saying is that until local population has greater local participation in the economy in terms of ownership, in terms of management, we have no economy.

“How we do it we may argue but there is need for escalating local participation in management and ownership,” said Minister Chinamasa.
He reiterated that the Zimbabwean dollar will not reintroduced in the foreseeable future saying the local currency will only return if a number of macroeconomic fundamentals are corrected.

This, he explained, included building reserves for foreign currency and minerals such as gold or diamonds.


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    zanupf fear me 9 years ago

    Chinamasa. Why does the economy need reviving ? What happened ? Were you clowns asleep for 34 years ?

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    Wilbert Mukori 9 years ago

    “It’s the economy, stupid”, a frustrated finance minister Patrick Chinamasa effectively said Friday while chiding the media for its fixation with succession politics instead of helping build the country’s faltering economy.

    When I was in high school, we had a young Jesuit Priest teacher. Very likeable and it was no surprise that student started imitating his mannerism. Mark’s imitation took the biscuit; he starting tossing his head or draw his finger across his forehead just the young Priest would to brush off the cow-lick of hair from his left eye. Mark with his African hair had no such problem, of course!

    Poor Patrick Chinamasa thinks he is being smart borrowing the “It’s the economy, stupid!” phase made famous by former US President Bill Clinton. Mark was funny with his cow-lick imitation, Minister Chinamasa is plain stupid. Zimbabwe is in this economic mess precisely because of the country warped political system that allows brainless individuals like him to remain in power for donkey years regardless of how incompetent they are and the countless times they have proven just how incompetent they are!

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    Kabunga 9 years ago

    No good telling the people of Zimbabwe to direct their energy to the revival of the economy. It’s not us who make the impractical, unworkable policies.

    Seriously, who allows import permits for soyas and maize to come into the country at the exact time farmers are trying to sell their soya beans and maize? Who allows the import of basic goods either duty free or almost duty free when we are capable of producing our own basic goods. All these imports do is stop manufacturing and creates unemployment. There will never be foreign investments while you fully intend to take 51% of their businesses. Make it possible for Zimbabweans to access money to create their own wealth through their own hard work instead of handing them 51% of someone else’s hard work, sweat and determination to succeed.

    Stop with the indiginisation attacks on companies, stop Zimra attacking companies until they bleed them dry with their ridiculous fines and demands. Stop with the land invasions and allow agriculture to move forward. These are all Government policies that ZanuPF have put in place – not the Zimbabweans!

    Stop blaming others, man up and as a government stand together and implement workable, sustainable policies that benefit the country and all Zimbabweans. Then you will see everyone work together and re-create the bread basket of Southern Africa.

    Succession is very important to our future. This is our leader you speak about. Stop with all the secrets and make it clear to us so that there is no confusion and speculation.

    Maybe, then we can forward positively!!

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    Panda moyo 9 years ago

    You are quite right kabunga.they even encouraged chinese shops knowing fully well these dont bank locally.this minister is very argumentative but has never been smart.

  • comment-avatar
    Tsuro 9 years ago

    Hear me, instead continuing to fume, forget about Zim for the time being until Abacha’s death, his fellow comrades and their generation. Nigeria, Mozambique, Ivory Coast etc only started moving on after the death of the power hungary generation who “died” for them.

  • comment-avatar
    John Thomas 9 years ago

    Chinamasa makes a lot of noise but his only belief is his own avarice and ambition. This man has no useful contribution to make. He is an abuse in the form of a person. He has demonstrated throughout his career that he cannot tell right from wrong. The country will improve when men like this are off the stage.

  • comment-avatar
    Mandevu 9 years ago

    ZPF out first, and then we can attend to the economy

  • comment-avatar
    Zvighubhu Ngondo Ngondo 9 years ago

    Chinamasa must know he is wasting time. There is no right minded person who wants to waste time reporting on what they see as hogwash. Who is interested in the succession issue Chinamasa? Is it the common person. Tell the truth Chinamasa you want to appear on television saying things that we already know bears no fruit to us. You remind me of the late Minister Chikoore who loved to appear on the television.There is noone who wants to waste time talking to you people who say you know all. Many people have advised you of the wrong policies you and your cabinet have adopted but have you listened. Why do you think you are going to listen now. You cant seperate the economy from the politics because they are directly linked. It was your politics that ruined our economy and our lives and how can people seperate the two. You want people to write positively about Zimbabwe where and when. Who is given a chance at ZTV or ZBC exept those who support your faulty thinking. When people ask you when you go out of the country they are actually telling you that what you are saying does not work with the current faulty policies in place. Your policies are made with the impression that the world wants Zimbabwe. Chinamasa it is Zimbabwe that wants the west and not vise versa. You cheated people that they want us very much and look at it the west is going on while we continue to burn. What the country needs is a policy change and the removal of your faces from there so that the world can start giving us money and assistance. In other words because of the damage you and your friends have made we the only thing people talk about is when are you and your president going so that we can have a change in our lives. Where in this world have you seen policies like the Zimasset succeeding. If you were an outsider were you going to invest in a country with leaders like you and your friends in Zanu Pf.Zimbabweans must wake up.

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    You should put your money where your mouth is chinamasa. tell hat to your bunch of also-rans. You all need to resign in shame.

  • comment-avatar
    munzwa 9 years ago

    I just dont believe this idiot, the economy has been so tainted by the leader its the succession of zanu and a free and fair election that will stimulate everyone to work to improve the economy, ask your own comrades mr Chinamasa why they are still stealing white commercial farms and properties..and you think the worlds long term investors are going to trust you..

  • comment-avatar
    Saddened 9 years ago

    Shame you lot got yourself into this mess by yourselves so get out by yourself. Bet you never thought it was going to be so tough when you stole the election hey! As the saying goes “be careful what you ask for, you might just get it” You lot have always been arrogant and thought you knew it all so go for it & leave us out of it otherwise we will be blamed a months down the line. After all you always need someone or something to blame!! Enjoy!!

  • comment-avatar
    Fixzimbabwe 9 years ago

    First “his own” economy and then the succession.