Ex-PM, not Mujuru to lead coalition, Mliswa

via Ex-PM, not Mujuru to lead coalition, Mliswa – New Zimbabwe 16/09/2015

FORMER Zanu PF chair for Mashonaland West, Temba Mliswa, has berated ousted Vice President Joice Mujuru for alleged betrayal and believing she could match with MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s popularity.

A tough speaking Mliswa insisted Wednesday Mujuru had no proven credentials in opposition politics and should stand aside for the former premier to lead the proposed coalition of opposition forces ahead of the 2018 elections.

“If you are looking for a coalition outside Zanu PF, you have no choice because Morgan is the leader, because he has more seats in parliament than you guys who are coming on stage. So don’t hate me for saying that,” he said.

“You, equally, have to respect him for that … the issue is, what are you bringing to the table? It’s about institutions, it’s not about names.

Which institution do you belong to, what are you bringing to the table. Morgan is bringing 22 seats, what are you bringing? Your name is not good enough because it has not been tried and tested.”

The former Hurungwe West MP was speaking at a press briefing to announce the formation of his Youth Advocacy for Electoral Democracy, an election based pressure group he says shall push for electoral reforms and try to counter Zanu PF’s rigging tactics.

He denied he was part of the shadowy People First political party comprising former Zanu PF politicians and being branded around the embattled former VP.

Mliswa continued: “Yes, I looked into the People First policy document where they say all political parties must be under her. Well! As who! And for what reason! And what are you (Mujuru) bringing to the table?

“That statement on its own is totally reckless. You cannot say all political parties must be under her. It then belittles the political parties that have been in the struggle for a long time.”

Mliswa said Mujuru must not play victim within the messy Zanu PF power fights as she also ascended to her lofty position 2004 under equally controversial circumstances.

He also accused Mujuru of failing to clear her name during her tenure when talk swirled she was leading a Zanu PF faction angling to succeed President Robert Mugabe.

“They were supposed to stand for the truth when they were part of the system,” Mliswa said.

“The Vice President was the advisor to the President and at no point was she supposed to allow her name to be used and to be mentioned that she was leading people who wanted to oust the President.

“If there is any time that Zanu PF was supposed to split, it was at that time. My whole question which I will always say is that if you truly knew you were correct, why did you not make that decision and split the people who were supporting you who were equally victimised?”

Mliswa distanced himself from the envisaged People First project.

“It becomes very difficult as Temba Mliswa to then associate myself with a party of leaders who are not prepared to stand up for the right thing at the right time; the right thing at the right time!

“Great, what you are doing now you were supposed to do it inside. Crack the party and set it out but to do it six months later becomes pretty difficult.”

He said Mujuru was misled by social media into believing she was popular.


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    OH YOU silvery tongued devil!!! WAIT and see what happens to sweet old gullible MORGAN When SPILL BLOOD gets a hold of HIM!!! NO EXCUSES THIS TIME MORGAN!!! YOU WILL BE THE FOOL!!!

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    Woundedbaffallo 8 years ago

    @j you are a fully bewitched person

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      I think J has a point here, MDC has always failed because they lack strategic foresight in these battles. These old fellas musavaderere, they know as Mliswa says that MDC has more followers and as an opposition party they have more pull. MDC should be careful on how it wants to be perceived because perception is everything in the world of politics. So I say before they go into any alliance or partnership with Peoples First, they should know what they are giving away and what they are loosing. Is their reputation better for endorsing Peoples First as a Democratic Movement or worse.

      The problem with Zanu PF strategies and Peoples First is that you do not know kuti ndiani arikuitirwa bora musango.So prudence and forward thinking is needed here. unfortunately forward thinking has never been MDC strong suite.

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    well spoken Mliswa.if anything goes wrong and Mujuru be the president who happens to lead,then that country will remain the same.let Morgan lead,he has goals,vision and can transform the economy by changing ruthless laws that scare investors.

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    muromo chinyarara 8 years ago

    Mr Mliswa wants to know what other people bring to the table. WHAT DOES HE BRING TO THE TABLE? Arrogance violence dishonesty. His kind should never be allowed near any public office. He is a menace and anyone who embraces him is asking for trouble. He doesn’t have to tell us who he is. It’s all well documented.

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    machakachaka 8 years ago

    The little fellow who used to batter MDC supporters is now praising Tsvangirai. Advice to Morgan, Themba is tainted, don’t let him touch you.

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    Bernard chatora 8 years ago

    I think mliswa is saying the truth

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    emmanuel 7 years ago

    thats the truth mujuru is a troubled politician who formed her party under frustration and emotions ,she is part of the problems facing zimbos,she is a bad option