Germany envoy fears violent 2018 polls

via Germany envoy fears violent 2018 polls – New Zimbabwe 29/11/2015

GERMANY ambassador to Zimbabwe Ulrich Klockner says the resurgence of political violence and the on-going infighting within Zanu PF derail hopes of a free and fair 2018 election.

Political violence erupted last month in Harare South after scores of Zanu PF supporters invaded an MDC-T rally.

Zanu PF supporters who were armed with bows and arrows attacked their political opponents accusing them of occupying “our” venue resulting in the injury of over 20 MDC-T supporters.

Early this month in Chitungwiza, a Zanu PF man murdered two fellow party members in an internal political fight over leadership positions.

In an interview with in Harare last week after his visit at the Youth Forum offices, ambassador Klockner said the political violence if it goes untamed it will affect the 2018 elections.

“We see now political violence slowly coming back and these are bad signs,” he said.

“Fair and open elections in 2018 would be an enormous perspective and everybody must feel that if they participate the polls will produce the results they want and this is what must happen.

“By so doing, there will be peace and which means that there will be no human rights violations.”

Ambassador Klockner said political parties should denounce violence and teach their supporters the importance of tolerance in the communities they live in.

“There should be consensus within the society on the direction the country should take,” he said.


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    “Zanu PF supporters who were armed with bows and arrows” hahahahaha you could not make it up !!!!!!!!!

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    Chidumbu 7 years ago

    Dear Village idiots( zanu pf supporters) what has your baffon president done for you since 2000, he eats and lives lavishly whilst you starve and because you are so stupid you deserve what you get so don’t forget to vote Zanu for Zesa, water to your house and a successful economy oh and don’t forget to blame the white man for your troubles.

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    The Mind Boggles 7 years ago

    “Bows and arrows” Truly the mind boggles

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    Ambassodor that is your wishful thinking….always you dream Zimbabwe under Arab Spring… WITCH….