Govt to act on corrupt officials

via Govt to act on corrupt officials | The Herald September 4, 2015

Government must deal decisively with corrupt officials if Zimbabwe is to attract investment that will lead to sustainable development, Economic Planning and Investment Promotion Minister Simon Khaya Moyo has said.

He made the remarks in an interview on Wednesday where he revealed that his ministry was in the process of identifying personnel to sit on the board for the proposed One-Stop Investment Centre.

“Any form of corruption must be dealt with speedily,” he said. “It is often said that you either eradicate corruption or you perish. Zimbabwe is not ready to perish. So, let us deal with corruption head-on. We want a clean business, we want a clean country.

“I hope that this message will go far and wide so that nobody takes Zimbabwe for granted. It doesn’t belong to anybody, to any person. It belongs to all Zimbabweans.”

Minister Khaya Moyo said there was need for ministries to work collectively if Government was to achieve the Zim-Asset targets.

He said this was bound to attract investment into the country.

“We must play the game fairly and show discipline in whatever we do so that people envy us and not look at us as a nation which is inhabited by people whom you cannot trust,” said minister Khaya Moyo.

“We must be trusted. Whatever word we say to any investor must be fulfilled and the investor also must play ball.”

Last week, President Mugabe reiterated in his State of the Nation Address that Government wanted to scrap laws that inhibited investment.

The President said Government wanted to urgently create a One-Stop Investment Centre where investors would be assisted instead of them being taken from one office to another.

Minister Khaya Moyo said his ministry was seized with the matter to ensure that investment laws were smoothened.

“We are working out a new board in terms of the investment centre itself,” he said. “A new board of people who know exactly where we are going to, what our vision is like and also naturally, management which is alert, which is sensitive to people’s needs and which can deliver.”


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    “Mugabe acting on corrupt officials”.

    Interesting indeed. So all of a sudden the Commander-in-Chief of Thieves has suddenly turned into some no nonsense cop; hee?

    If this could happen then, then why wouldn’t anyone expect donkeys and horses to grow horns too.

    The statement is just too unfortunate as it insinuates that the Commander-Chief of Thieves is a not a thief himself; which is very far from the truth.

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    grabmore 7 years ago

    Can Khaya Moyo just tell us how many properties he owns, how many farms, how many gold mines and also how he became a multi multi millionaire when everyone else is starving.

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    When I saw the headline, I took a bet with myself, “Da Herald” I said. Of course, I was absolutely right.

    There will be snow in Chiredzi before Zanooo “acts on corruption”. The whole Zanooo edifice is run on corruption, guided by the world expert, Mugabe. Without corruption, Zanooo cannot survive a day. All Zimbos know that!

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    tonyme 7 years ago

    Are these the same guys who borrowed money from RBZ, failed to pay back the $200 million and were forgiven. Starting from the forgiver, this is first hand corruption.