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White farmer brutally murdered in Zimbabwe

via White farmer brutally murdered – DailyNews Live by Fungi Kwaramba  22 MAY 2014

A white commercial farmer died on Tuesday from injuries sustained after a brutal attack  that also claimed his daughter’s life.

Malcom Francis died nearly a week after the death of his daughter Catherine.

They were attacked by a mob reportedly terrorising Guruve in Mashonaland Central.

In a statement, Commercial Farmers Union (CFU) president Charles Taffs said: “It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing away of Malcolm Francis who was so brutally assaulted together with his daughter Catherine on their Guruve farm last week”.

“The CFU together with its members offer our most sincere condolences to the family and remain available for any assistance that may be required by the family at this most difficult time.

“May his dear soul rest in peace and may our dear Lord be with them all.”

Informed sources said police officers who responded to the crime picked up knob-kerries with metal heads at the murder scene, where condoms were also recovered. Catherine was reportedly gang raped by the marauding thugs.

Police spokesperson Charity Charamba referred questions to her deputy Paul Nyathi, who was not picking up his phone.

Martin Dinha, minister of State for Mashonaland Central, urged the remaining white farms to increase their security.

“As a province, we are concerned by this spate of violent crimes targeted at these farmers,” Dinha said.

“I am aware that the police are investigating the matter and I am sure we are going to arrest the culprits. I am sure there is fear and anxiety among the farmers but we are going to deal with the matter.”

Dinha said authorities were keen to get to the bottom of the matter.

“Whatever the motive of this heinous crime, the province will not rest until the culprits have been arrested,” Dinha said.

“We have received offers to reward anyone who helps find these people because we value the contribution that these farmers are bringing.

“Francis had an offer letter and co-existed well with new farmers.”

The mob attacked father and daughter who were strolling along the small Gurungwe gap road connecting Mvurwi-Guruve Road and Centenary-Mazowe Road at dusk.

The two were left for dead and found  unconscious on Wednesday by farm labourers, who subsequently ferried them to a hospital in Harare.



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    ShabbaRanks 4 years

    No investment in Zimbabwe without rule of law. Everyday the United States boycotts and sanctions Zimbabwe’s so-called leadership it another great day for the history of humanity. When will Mugabe hang?

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    Heighho 4 years

    Martin Dhina.
    “we value the contribution these farmers are bringing”. If you are sincere your expressions are courageous and admirable – long overdue recognition instead of mindless castigation.

    May the victims of all the violent crime and the tragic irresponsible driving which goes unheeded by the Police rest in peace.

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    Onyonyoo 4 years

    You see, these are not land grabbers who did this but just common criminals…It’s a pity because this is another step towards the demise of our economy.
    I hope vaChihuri will personally see to it that these thugs are apprehended and arraigned now now..

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    Nzou 4 years

    The ZRP know who did it but evil prospers because this bludgeoning has been justified as “political”.

    For clues on who ordered this killing spree, investigative journalists should focus directly on the governor of this province and find out how much he was paid every year to allow these people to farm. An independent audit of bank accounts will reveal why this hit was ordered.

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    John Steele 4 years

    These tragic murders are mainly due to the break down of law and order in Zimbabwe, starting from Zanu PF it self, it was so well run when it was Rhodesia!

  • comment-avatar
    munzwa 4 years

    I don’t believe you Dinha, crocodile tears..

  • comment-avatar
    Cde Chooks 4 years

    Motive? Seems rather obvious. Why does a dog lick its private parts? BECAUSE IT CAN.

  • comment-avatar
    Straight Shooter 4 years

    Can you gukurahundis please leave whites alone. You have your Nehanda and Kaguvi, so what exactly is your problem!!

  • comment-avatar
    sanji 4 years

    Zanu PF at it again sorry maningi

  • comment-avatar
    Andrew K 4 years

    When will they ever learn, the remaining white community that is. Africa is no longer safe for anyone who is not in the pockets of the politicians. Mugabe’s silence to all these atrocities is deafening. The farmers, the elderly and the infirm are a soft target taking the focus away from the real cause of a lawless and bankrupt economy.

    I would suggest that the world declare a complete boycott, international sanctions, other than humanitarian aid. We don’t need their minerals, tobacco or any other exported crops. Then freeze all the international bank accounts starting with Mugabe and his Zanu PF partners in crime.

    They maintain power through the barrel of a gun, but this is nothing compared to the need for barrels of oil. Which of our international leaders has the fortitude to take a stand against this regime?

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    Payback is a b…..ch