Zivhu adopts physically-challenged Nyanga family

Zivhu adopts physically-challenged Nyanga family

Source: Zivhu adopts physically-challenged Nyanga family | Newsday (News)

HARARE-BASED philanthropist and property developer, Killer Zivhu, has formally adopted a physically-challenged family based in Nyanga and offered to build them a decent house in addition to funding their medical bills.


The Kembo family suffers from a rare skin disorder, called Keratoderma, which has left them with cracked palms and heels. Ronica Kembo, who is in her late 40s, and her two daughters Chisina and Nhamo, both in their mid 20s, said they last walked upright when they were toddlers as the rare condition had rendered them bedridden most of the time.

Zivhu visited the family in Kugoza village under Chief Katerere near Gairezi Border Post in Nyanga North constituency on Saturday. He bought building material and pledged to build them a three-bedroomed house before Christmas.

Recently, Zivhu donated $1 000 to help the family buy foodstuffs.

“We are building you a house worth $30 000 through the Zivhu Foundation. We brought all the building materials today (Saturday) and we are going to pay for the builders, the house is going to be furnished and it’s a Christmas present for you,” he said.

“We are now adopting the family. We are going to pay fees for all the children and help you with food,” he said. The family lives in two small pole-and-dagga structures with poorly-thatched roofs.

“We want to take one child from the family as we want to seek medical treatment in India because we want to have a medical solution to all these children and the family. If we find a solution, we are going to treat all of you. I am also going to contact my other friends so that we can look at how they can also help,” he said. Zivhu added that he was optimistic that the new government led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa would look into the welfare of vulnerable communities.