ZRP Masvingo projects collapse

ZRP Masvingo projects collapse

Source: ZRP Masvingo projects collapse | Newsday (News)

THE Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) in Masvingo has reportedly ordered its officers to stop making monthly financial contributions towards various projects initiated during the era of retired Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri.


This came after junior police officers had cried foul, claiming most of the projects had collapsed and left them poorer.

A junior officer only identified as a Constable Ncube said at one time they were ordered to contribute $5 each towards a chicken project which suffered a still birth and no explanations was given. Soon after that he said they were forced to contribute $ 10 each towards the purchase of a commuter omnibus.

“Before the dust could even settle we were forced to make another contribution of between $30 each towards a cattle rearing project. Masvingo province has over 4 000 police officers who contributed $30 towards the project, which means more than $120 000 was raised in the process.

“The last time we visited our farm in Victoria Ranch there were only 25 cattle. If each beast was bought at an average price of $700 each, it means the purchase price of all the cattle was $17 500. Where did the rest of the money go? This was daylight robbery by our superiors.

“We might want to put all the blame on Chihuri but I feel our seniors were also running these projects for their personal gain. I don’t think there is still any activity at the farm right now. If you have time, just visit it and see for yourself

“There was a radio in 2012 stopping the practice but the Office Commanding-Senior Assistant Commissioner, Martha Mofolo, just turned a blind eye on it. This was contributing immensely to rampant corruption by junior officers, as they were trying to supplement their miserable salaries,” Ncube said.

Part of the radio signal read; “From PROPOL Masvingo, To all DISPOL and OICs. Immediate RDO MSM 1298/12 Dated 25/10/12. Subject Contribution By Members Towards Police Events.

“PGHQ has directed that the practice of making members contribute towards police events such as Commissioner General’s Cheer Fund should stop with immediate effect. Addressees to acknowledge receipts of this signal. 21733 IS”

Masvingo provincial police spokesperson Inspector Charity Mazula referred all questions to national police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba.

Charamba, however, said she was unaware of the development.

“We are going to make some investigations and I will be able to give comments after I have got full information,” she said.