The Pensioner’s Fund Newsletter (Issue 1 January 2003 – August 2003)







In the past abandoned elderly people and children were a rarity.  Due to the current political and economic uncertainty prevailing throughout Zimbabwe this is no longer the case.  The number of individuals affected is soaring daily.  Many motivated and well subscribed charity organisations focus on the burgeoning street kid population.  International Aid organisations have a longstanding focus on the plight of our rural people.  Many well-respected groups assist the ever-increasing needs required by various orphanages.  More recently elderly people in our community on limited pensions are unable to sustain themselves effectively and a number of horrific situations have come to light.  Some examples of distress cases in this regard are highlighted in this issue.  A group of local businessmen formed an alliance with a view to channelling assistance to these elderly people.  The Pensioner’s Fund was thus formed.




The following is the team responsible for the inception and control of The Pension Fund


Tony Barfoot:                Formerly Chief Executive of the Stock Exchange  (Trustee)


John McPhun                 Formerly Chief Executive of Marsh Ins Brokers    (Trustee)


Clive Midlane                 Managing Director Arrow Insurance Brokers         (Fund Raiser)


Garth Thompson            Managing Director Natureways                            (Fund Raiser)


John Legat:                   Chief Executive Imara Asset Management           (Fund Raiser)


Stewart Cranswick         Managing Director Landela Safaris Group            (Fund Raiser)


Marion Futter                Chairperson Fairways Homes                              (Trustee)



The Immediate committee is responsible for the adequate distribution of funds to local organisations with established infrastructures in place, for example, Meals On Wheels, Senior Citizens Club, Rotary Club and others.  These organisations have expansive communication networks and access to reliable information on priority cases.  The abovementioned would liase with The Pensioner’s Fund in terms of support for fundraisers and specific project donations as well as immediate assistance to cases earmarked “desperate”.  Facilities for receiving donations have been set up locally, regionally and internationally.




As at September 2003


Subscriptions               ZWD     150,000,000.00



Capital Gain                 ZWD     180,000,000.00



Payments To Date         ZWD         500,000.00    (Meals On Wheels)

                                    ZWD     1,200,000.00    (Senior Citizens Club)

                                    ZWD         500,000.00    (Lions Club)

                                    ZWD         500,000.00    (Bezer Ministries)

                                    ZWD     2,000,000.00    (R B Driver)

                                    ZWD     1,000,000.00    (BS Leon Trust)

                                    ZWD     2,000,000.00    (SOAP) (Bulawayo based “Save Our Old Age Pensioners”)

                                    ZWD     1,000,000.00    (Fairways Homes)

                                    ZWD         500,000.00    (Brocklehurst Trust - Chivhu)

                                    ZWD     3,000,000.00    (Eastern Highlands Trust)

                                    ZWD     2,000,000.00    (Atholl Evans)

                                    ZWD     2,000,000.00    (Queen Mary’s)

                                    ZWD     2,000,000.00    (Dorothy Duncan)

                                    ZWD     2,000,000.00    (Malvern Chinhoyi)

                                    ZWD     2,000,000.00    (Edith Dooley)

                                    ZWD     2,000,000.00    (Barbara Burrell)

                                    ZWD     2,000,000.00    (MOTH)

                                    ZWD     2,000,000.00    (Bogey)

                                    ZWD     2,000,000.00    (Pioneer Masvingo)

                                    ZWD     2,000,000.00    (Malvern Mvurwi)




                                    ZWD     32,200,000.00              TOTAL DONATED TO DATE



Imara Asset Management (formerly Fleming’s Asset Management) manages The Pensioner’s Fund and accounts will be audited by Tony Barfoot.   The Pensioner’s Fund’s initial aim was to raise ZWD 100 million or more prior to making an impact in terms of meaningful, practical donations. In addition this lump sum, invested, would provide income in terms of interest received to allow The Pensioner’s Fund continuity and long-term sustainability. The response to the concept has been very gratifying and The Fund has been able to assist numerous organisations earlier than expected. Marion Futter is putting together a list gleaned from the many distress cases currently being received.  These will be categorised A to D, with D being the more desperate cases.  These cases will be thoroughly investigated and the individuals affected would be found placement in existing homes.  Reports from other charities will be relied upon, in addition to requests from established homes as it is felt that donations from The Pensioners Fund should ideally be channelled through them.




Approximately 30 families and pensioners are currently borderline destitute and living within high density suburbs like Mbare and Chitungwiza


Recently in Strathhaven an elderly couple were faced with medical bills they could not afford and committed suicide.


 An elderly lady resident in Avondale West who relies on a meagre pension is due for eviction as she has no ability to pay rent


An elderly lady residing in J. Tongogara Avenue has discontinued her medication as she can no longer sustain this expense as well as feed herself.


An elderly lady residing in Bath Road has had no electricity for years and lives in what can only be described as squalor


Elderly People are selling their possessions at the senior Citizens Club in order to survive


An elderly couple in Fife Avenue recently had their rent doubled and are existing in dire circumstances


An elderly person residing in the Salvation Army Cottages cooks on a fire of collected twigs and relies on handouts to survive.


These are a few of the multitudes of reports coming in.  The above are facts not rumour and there are many similar heartbreaking stories.  These individual cases are among a number being investigated currently by various organisations assisted by The Pensioners Fund.  The organisation is also looking into assistance required by all the old age homes in Zimbabwe and in turn this alliance allows the fund to secure the placements for those in need within the homes.





A number of ideas have been put forward at the regular meetings held by the committee including the arrangement of Golf Days as well as Polo events.  The approach of franchises such as Spar for food vouchers has been put forward and discussions in this regard are underway.  The Fund Trustees are also looking into the subsidy of medical prescriptions for the elderly.  Any and all ideas will be made use of and suggestions and feedback will be welcomed.  All details of events will be broadcast through the press and via the newsletter.




A number of contacts are available immediately and these are as follows:


Louisa Colquhoun                  (04 706368)

Clive Midlane                          (04 747777)

Stewart Cranswick              (04 734043)

Chris and Debbie Bradshaw                    (Botswana contact)       




Zimbabwe Dollars                       Cheques made out to “Fed nominees”.  Please write on the back “Pensioners Fund”

                                                The cheques can be posted to


                                                            Beaullah Hove

                                                            Imara Asset Management

                                                            First Floor, Block 4

                                                            Tendeseka Office Park

                                                            Samora Machel Avenue East



Pounds Sterling                          “Obelisk International Trust Company  Pensioners Fund”



                                                Post to: Roger Mathews

                                                            Obelisk International

                                                            8 – 10 Devonshire Place

                                                            St Helier


                                                            JE2 3RD



United States Dollars                  “Obelisk International Trust Company  Pensioners Fund”



                                                Post to: Roger Mathews

                                                            Obelisk International

                                                            8 – 10 Devonshire Place

                                                            St Helier


                                                            JE2 3RD



Botswana                                  Chris and Debbie Bradshaw   (




ACCOUNT NUMBER:  62055647344



                                                E Mails for further information to:





In conclusion.  On behalf of those who are benefiting, our sincere gratitude is extended to those who have subscribed to this cause to date.  This is an ongoing and vital lifeline for our elderly and we know we can make a difference with your continued support.