The ZIMBABWE Situation Our thoughts and prayers are with Zimbabwe
- may peace, truth and justice prevail.

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Like all evil, Zanu PF’s brutality will come to an end

4/10/02 8:37:52 AM (GMT +2)

By Frank Matandirotya

ZIMBABWE is an example of a state that has failed its people, a place
choking on food shortages, international opprobrium and a massive breakdown
of the rule of law.

The tragedy of Zimbabwe is that the people of this country were robbed of a
historic opportunity for change by a brutal and corrupt kleptocracy, that in
its 22 years of ruthless rule has abused and mutilated the Constitution for
its own selfish benefit.

In short, one can safely say that today Zanu PF’s heroic accomplishment is a
legacy of failure and the subjugation of innocent people to an Armageddon of
food shortages, lawlessness, more than 100 percent inflation and a host of
other Zanu PF-inflicted ills. Their political tactics make no sense by any
standards when nearly every nation has brought into the same boat liberal
economic systems and real multi-party democracy.

Zanu PF, instead, is using compulsory farm acquisitions to rally rural
supporters and sow chaos in its desperation to retain power. It was the last
political manoeuvre President Mugabe pulled out of his hat to “win” the
presidential election.

Zanu PF has shown its criminal propensity.
Those who still believe that they can talk to Mugabe and his supporters to
desist from inhuman actions against the opposition Movement for Democratic
Change (MDC) are naive.

They forget the nature of the country we live in. The persecution of
opposition supporters may not be a holocaust yet, but still is evil enough.
Summary and collective punishment, forced expulsion of thousands of rural
families, frightened children separated from their parents and endless lines
of desperate refugees at MDC offices throughout the country have added
Zimbabwe to the long and bloody list of tragedies that bring dishonour to
the 21st century.

But in the end the “win” by Mugabe did feel “historic” only if you keep in
mind just how real events can be soiled and cart-wheeled. “History is indeed
little more than a chronicle of the crimes, fouls and misfortunes of
mankind,” wrote Edward Gibbon in The History of the Decline and Fall of The
Roman Empire.

Massive violations of human rights and the murder of political opponents are
elements of genocide in the making and are evil enough to inspire anger and
the will to stop them.

Where human lives are involved indifference is not an answer. Not to choose
is also a choice, said the French philosopher Albert Camus. Mugabe has
followed an intolerable path of violence and destruction that must provoke
revulsion in every civilised person.

His policies are evil. His extremist political philosophy has reposed in
facile patriotism. A fanatic like most dictators whose argument is terror,
believes that the end always justifies the means. He is determined to
constantly defy the international community’s quest for a peaceful solution
to the country’s problems.
He is interested not in peace, but in absolute domination, hence his
willingness to sacrifice innocent civilians.

With utter contempt for humanity, he has embarked on a State-sponsored
programme aimed at the humiliation, persecution and uprooting of the entire
MDC support base in the country.

Like all nightmares, this too will come to an end. The stolen vote by Zanu
PF was the climax of an incomparably tumultuous and unnerving campaign year
that saw the Constitution being heavily mutilated left, right and centre.
But the “win” was nothing to celebrate about even in the Zanu PF camp. At a
time when other Southern African Development Community countries such as
Mozambique are leaving brutal dictatorships behind and becoming beacons of
hope to the continent, long-suffering Zimbabweans are still under a brutal
rule like the Harmattan of the arid Sahara that periodically comes blasting
from the north.

For every Zimbabwean who has peeped into the future to see what lies ahead
of this country, all that can be discerned is a bleak outlook. Even if
Mugabe wanted to build a new image, he has instead swaddled the continent
and the globe with the same harsh controversy that has marked his rule.
Zanu PF’s so-called win has profound implications for the future of this

The “win” also flies in the face of the notion that the country needs a
government of national unity, while seeking a cover to forgive Zanu PF
leaders for their human rights crimes.

History shows that the elimination of a threat through a conflict without
subsequent resolution ensures future misery.

Any man, power or principality cannot destroy the ideals of justice and

And if history is any guide, the experience may ultimately enrich us by
granting us a common purpose and restoring a long-neglected sense of
community in Zimbabwe.
Shared threats foster intense social engagement because when people come
together to defend a way of life, the experience can bring lasting change.
Like all evil, Zanu PF’s nightmare will come to an end. And then Mugabe and
Zanu PF’s actions in Zimbabwe will be remembered, and together with his
surrogates, he will appear before an international tribunal charged with the
ultimate offence of crimes against humanity.

And that will be part of the victory of the people of Zimbabwe.

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From News24 (SA), 9 April

Pupils driven from food queues

Johannesburg - Allegations of food aid being politicised have resurfaced in
Zimbabwe with a report that opposition supporters' children are being driven
away from school supplementary feeding schemes in rural areas. Shari Eppel
of rights group Amani Trust said that in the course of helping torture
victims, she had been told that children of Movement for Democratic Change
(MDC) supporters were being denied access to school food queues in Mberengwa
East, in the far south of the country. In her office on Friday was Sam
Mlilo, district chairperson of Mburengwa East, who told IRIN he had seen
children driven out of the queue for the supplementary meal at the Chamakudo
Primary School, near Mataga, because of their parents' political beliefs.
"Children with parents sympathetic to the MDC are denied access to food. In
each village there are some MDC supporters and the villagers know MDC
supporters by name and drive their children away," Mlilo claimed. He said
people had tried in vain to complain. He added that Zanu-PF structures were
being used to distribute food and that traditional leaders were also
distributing food along party lines.

Aid groups contacted by IRIN, however, said they were not aware of children
being denied access to the school feeding schemes. Dennis O'Brien, country
director of Care International, said field staff at school feeding points
regularly checked the schemes registers, which was an opportunity for people
to raise concerns. "We would immediately raise it with authorities and work
to resolve it," he said. Bhekimpilo Khanye, World Vision operations manager
for the southern region, said his organisation hadn't started supplementary
feeding yet, but was preparing to do so. "People on the ground will have to
get an understanding of the political nature of food distribution," he said,
adding that so far there had been "nothing to scare us off". Edward Watkiss
of Christian Aid said many complaints stemmed from agencies not being able
to "blanket feed" all schools in an area. "If a school three kilometres away
is not fed, there are grumbles of political favours either towards
government or the opposition. We find that when we get down to district
level, people are down to earth, they are not political like at provincial
level," he said.

Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) Director Munyaradzi Bidi said
he had not heard of children being victimised in this way, but said that
during the March elections many schools closed down, denying children access
to the nutritional supplements they would have received there. Further
afield in Gokwe, Bidi said, Zanu PF youths were trying to control oil and
maize prices in shops and the prices the items were sold at could vary
according to political affiliation. Eppel said a report on the victimisation
of the children would be compiled with information from various regions, and
would be presented to the donor agencies. The latest allegations come after
last week's release by the International Crisis Group (ICG) of a report
saying maize imports were directed to areas of greatest support for the
ruling party, Zanu PF. At the time Edward Mamutse, a government spokesperson
in Zimbabwe's Department of Information and Publicity said: "There's nothing
of the sort." Meanwhile, Zimbabwe's ailing economy received a boost on
Monday with the announcement of an agreement to export beef to Libya, with
whom the country has close links and a fuel supply agreement. Also on
Monday, post-election talks facilitated by South Africa and Nigeria between
the MDC and Zanu PF finally started. The MDC, which narrowly lost the
presidential elections, is demanding a fresh poll, calling Mugabe's
government a junta.

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Farm Invasions And Security Report

Wednesday 10 April 2002


This report does not purport to cover all the incidents that are taking
place in the commercial farming areas.  Communication problems and the fear
of reprisals prevent owners from reporting all that happens.  Owners names,
and in some cases farm names, are omitted to minimise the risk of reprisals.

Owing to problems with email delivery via servers, some reports have been
delayed.  We try to keep as up to date as possible.  Matabeleland reports
incorporate a two week period in this sitrep.


·        West Nicholson - Lockard Ranch had all workers chased off. No
police reaction. Cattle have no water and this farm is in a shut down

·        Horseshoe - Only seven farms are relatively unaffected

·        Harare South - three poachers arrived at Auks Nest on 06.02.02 with
20 dogs to poach. The owner does not know what was killed.

·        Wedza - At Dean Farm, the settlers who moved off the farm some
months ago, have returned and are building new houses.  Dean Farm is not

·        Marondera South - For the second year running, no crops have been
grown on Uitkyk, Eirene, Mushangwe, Safari, Munemo or K'Sera due to
interference.  Cattle are fast losing condition as grazing is very limited.
Water is siphoned from the canal at will.

·        Karoi - Maize theft is rife and despite repeated reports by the
many farmers involved, the Police are very reluctant to react.

·        Gutu / Chatsworth - Cattle continue to be slaughtered / stolen /
snared / axed or stolen.

·        Esigodini – the Ntabenende Farm owner is virtually off his farm.



Rusape - On Arbeid Farm, four workers taken to a cottage were beaten up.
The incident was reported.

Nyanga - The court cases for the seven white people arrested during
elections was dismissed.

All other areas for Manicaland appear to be quiet.


Glendale - Forty people arrived on Wooler Farm to deliver a Section 8 Order
for Glengrey Farm. The owner was told they wanted all his irrigation pumps
and pipes, which they loaded on to trucks and transported to Glengrey Farm.
The owner of Sleamish Farm has been ordered to vacate the farm by 10.04.02.
The owner has a health problem and has moved off the farm. The invaders on
Hermiston Farm have told the owner they will be growing wheat on his farm.
He has told them there will be no wheat grown there unless he grows it
himself. On Harmony Farm 40 to 50 people arrived and told the owner to get
out. The Police in Mazowe were contacted.  They responded and managed to
defuse the situation. Varona Farm reported a similar situation on 06.04.02
and as yet there has been no reaction.

Tsatsi - The area is relatively quiet although pressure from the A2 settlers
is increasing. Two new Section 8 Orders have been issued.

Horseshoe – reported on 07.04.02.  Labour problems instigated by local "war
vets" on Siyalima, Nyavuti, Kamsasa, Marira Made and Mango were resolved by
provincial "war vet" leadership. Worthington labour was  allowed to work
again, after being forced to live in the farm buildings. There is no work on
Makombi or Nyamsewe, where the owner has evacuated and prevented from taking
any belongings. No personal property is allowed off Nyamfuta or cattle from
Rungudzi. Work resumed after a week at Red Lichen, including the piggery and
a long list of demands from the workers was presented. Harvesting passion
fruit at Amajuba is proving difficult.  Settlers are still “claiming” the
bananas on Manovi.  Only seven farms are relatively unaffected.

Mazowe/Concession – the Danbury Park owner and residents are still under
siege after three weeks, with visitors allowed access for 20-30 minutes and
subjected to body and car searches.  On 02.04.02, chief Supt Tanyiwa
arranged for Support Unit to arrest those responsible for beating up a
labourer who subsequently died from his injuries.    However, only two
people were arrested who were not the main ringleaders.  The threat of
arrest has not deterred the latter as they beat up another worker for
walking in what they deem a "no go area", outside the security fence.  The
cruelty inflicted on  the cattle is of increasing concern to the owner.  One
of the resident "war vets" hacked the back leg of a cow with a machete,
several times, when it took an interest in the owner’s seed maize, which the
"war vet" was looting. The previous day at 0630 hrs the owner heard a group
of people shouting and dogs barking, obviously attacking a cow, which was
bellowing in fear and pain. It is now three weeks since he was able to dip
cattle, some of whom are losing their ears to ear ticks.  The ticks cause an
irritation, the cattle scratch their ears with their hooves, and the ear
ends up in shreds.  Once there is an open wound, which is not treated,
maggots get into the wound, which results in huge sores. The small amount of
seed maize he managed to plant is looted in broad daylight.  Large amounts
are carried away in vehicles, some is stashed in the houses of the workers
who are in hiding or have been evicted and some diverted to the yard to feed
the mob.  The police have been informed on numerous occasions by the owner
and Seed Co, but no action has been taken as yet. On the morning of
02.04.02, a 30 tonne lorry arrived and, with the assistance of the "war
vets", helped themselves to a lorry load of maize from the silo. Only by
following the lorry was the owner able to ascertain it was destined for the
GMB.  The driver and his colleagues had no documentation.  The owner’s
mother is a world authority on ferns and has an extensive collection of rare
ferns, orchids and other exotic plants.  Last week a woman on an Agritex
motorbike was seen driving away with a number of plants in the box on the
back of her bike.


Beatrice -  on 04.04.02, during the owner’s absence, Agritex moved on to
Nengwe Farm  and took an inventory of sprinklers and irrigation piping.  The
"war vets" moved into one of the manager’s cottages and told the occupants
of the other cottage (lessees) they have 48 hours to vacate the property.
In addition they were told that as of that day they had to pay rent to "war
vet" leader Magena.  20 stolen cattle, believed to be from Alamein Farm and
Gwalia Farm, brought on to Nengwe farm a few months ago by the settlers, are
now being slaughtered daily.  On 08.04.02, the tenant was told by "war vet"
Magena he had 8 hours to vacate.  He was told  not to  load anything until
Magena had been summoned from a nearby hotel to inspect the property.
Police Beatrice have been informed but would not respond as they said the
situation was not life threatening.  The owner of Welcome Home Farm was
visited on 05.04.02 by two "war vets", Maddox and Carter, from The Joyce
Mine who demanded the owner sign over the rights of Joyce Mine to them.  The
owner refused and said he would only sell the mining rights.  The New
Retreat/Central Farm owner has been off the property for the last nine
months.  The owner's son has been living there and was stopped from moving
all his household effects off the farm.

Bromley/Ruwa/Enterprise - Nothing to report.

Harare South - three poachers arrived at Auks Nest on 06.02.02 with 20 dogs
to poach. The owner does not know what was killed.   On 05.04.02, settler
Elliot Ben arrived on Kinfauns in a 7 tonne truck loaded with his
possessions.  He moved into the cottage currently occupied by five farm
workers, who were told to vacate the cottage. He unloaded his belongings and
went away, leaving his wife in the cottage.  ZRP Beatrice were informed, but
the duty sergeant could not be found and there has been no reaction from the
Police.  Sergeant Moyo from Beatrice promised to sort out the problem but
there is no reaction to date.    Settler Tonderai who has a plot around the
farm village has threatened to burn down one of the workers houses as the
house is on his plot. At Carolina Estate on 06.04.02, five men arrived with
a message for the owner.  These men are known by the workers from Carolina.
They spoke to the farm mechanic and foreman, demanding the owner give them
five animals for Independence Celebrations.  They told the foreman that if
they did not get the animals, the owner would suffer the same fate as
another farmer recently beaten up The owner took statements from the foreman
and mechanic and took the statements to the Beatrice Police Station and
awaits their reaction.

Featherstone – the Calais owner is under increased pressure to pay off his
workers and is having cattle taken in lieu of pay.  He has received no help
from Featherstone Police but NEC has said that they will come out to the
farm.  On 05.04.02 the Versailles owner said settlers demand the workers be
paid off with gratuities etc.  The DA said the owner must remain on the farm
but the settlers are chasing off the labour.  The Forestdale Farm owner
requested a police escort to go on to the farm with a lorry to collect the
remaining furniture.  Police refused and said the truck must not go on to
the farm again.  The Kuruman A owner, evicted a couple of weeks ago,
returned on 04.04.02 to pay workers gratuities.  He also managed to move off
his assets and livestock.  The dairy cattle remain on the farm as they have
been sold to Arda.  The local "war vet" requested he return next week to
sign some ‘papers’. The two remaining managers at Gelukwerwacht were evicted
at short notice on 28.03.02 from the owner’s mother’s house. Personal
belongings were removed, but not all the furniture. The youth claim the
owner has not paid Council Rates.  The Sable Flats owner’s cattle, which are
kraaled at night, are chased into settlers’ maize by youth. One weaner has
been speared and nine have been stolen. 25 were recovered after following
spoor towards Mhondoro. Featherstone Police reacted but did not resolve
anything. At Dunkirk  the owner has conceded a section of the dairy farm,
and dairy cattle are kraaled at night.  Settlers are now planting in dairy
kraals and say the owner must vacate. They state it is of no use to complain
to the DA, as the DA no longer has a say in this farm. Previously the DA
assured the owner he could remain on his section of the farm. At present the
owner is away for a few days. The Beach Farms workers remaining have vacated
to the surrounding bush where they are now living and are still subjected to
all night pungwes and beatings.  The Schoongezicht owner has been allowed to
graze cattle in one paddock provided he ploughs for the settlers. 24 cattle
from this farm have been kraaled on Wallasey (next door) until the owner of
the cattle pays compensation. Police have been informed but it is not known
what action has been taken.

Marondera North - Ongoing maize theft from various farms.  Otherwise quiet.

Marondera South – at Igava Farm as a result of continuous intimidation,
threats and labour evictions, the owner withdrew his operation from the main
yard, compromising four homesteads.  All farm managers were evicted from
their homes and have since left.  Some labour has demanded to be paid off.
The owners are now harassed by an army colonel who claims he is now the
owner of the plot and they must vacate their house in 30 days. The colonel
has started stumping trees out of the horse paddock right in front of the
homestead. For the second year running, no crops have been grown on Uitkyk
Eirene Mushangwe Safari Munemo or K'Sera due to interference.  Cattle are
fast losing condition as grazing is very limited.  Water is siphoned from
the canal at will. On Monte Cristo poaching occurs daily and tobacco is
stolen from the lands in broad daylight.  Constant reminders are given to
the owner that no more farming will take place for the coming season.  The
Game Park keys were commandeered by the army who “now own the land". At
Chipesa approximately 200 cattle are missing, and wholesale theft of paprika
and tobacco has occurred.  The owner is not allowed on to his farm. Crops
are being reaped but no land prep is allowed for the coming season on
Dindingwe Mutemwa Chingamere Hungwe and Tranquility The Gresham labour was
harassed resulting in the paprika abandoned in the land.  Grading of paprika
is ongoing but no land prep has been done.  Mari farm is overrun by A1
settlers, the owner is away, and poaching is rampant. The Tilita manager is
on leave and there is wholesale theft on the farm.

Macheke/Virginia – on 04.04.02, Two Stream Farm reported a heated debate
with an ex employee demanding outrageous payment.  As the owner turned away
the man pulled out a 12" knife.   A farm guard saw this and managed to
apprehend the man, who was taken to Macheke Police and fined $60.00. The
following day, the owner reported the arrival of A2 settlers with Agritex to
view their land. Chigori Farm reported illegal ploughing to CST Tenderere.
On 05.04.02, the Koodoo Range house was broken into during the day while the
owner was out.  The computer, a printer and a VCR were stolen.  Police
reacted but no arrests made.
Wedza  - at Masasa Estate a DDF tractor is ploughing.  Markwe Farm reports
the police recovered two stolen typewriters.  Two suspects were arrested
while two are still at large.  The owner was approached by the settlers who
wanted to grow wheat. They had forms to be completed and returned to Agritex
with information on water available, ZESA points and inputs required. They
also want to use the owner's pumps and pipes etc. At Dean Farm the settlers
who moved off the farm some months ago, have returned and are building new
houses.  Dean Farm is not listed.   On 04.04.02, in the owner’s absence,
settlers Matakiti and Madavo arrived at Masasa and told the foreman the
owner must irrigate the seedbed site before they returned and to return his
pumps from Marondera where they have gone for servicing. They want to hire
his irrigation pipes and say he must send labour to cut out stalks, which
the settlers will pay for. He is to pre-irrigate and do land prep for wheat.
The following day, "war vet" Choto arrived and said Madavo's plot belongs to
him. He also said that this farm had been taken because the farmer had been
seen in the rural area over the elections and has not apologised for being
there! He was told he must start moving off the property and stop irrigating
the paprika.  However, if he wanted to continue with the paprika he must do
land prep for Choto.  At Exeter Farm two vehicles with Zanu (PF) Mash East
printed on the side, arrived on 07.04.02.  The occupants drove up to the
owner’s house and hooted.  As the owner did not respond, they drove around
the farm and returned to hoot again.  The owner still refused to respond.
"War vet" Sithole broke the chain and padlock on the boom gate, for the
second time.


Harare West - Rainham Farm was invaded by an unruly mob on 27.3.02.  They
claim they are "demonstrating". The invaders were bussed in by two mini
busses. The owners and farm manager are living off farm and death threats
were issued to the farm manager.  Although Police Mabelreign have responded
there is no resolution.  The demonstrators demands are unclear.  The farm
received a Section 5 in August 2001.

Karoi - Maize theft is rife and despite repeated reports by the many farmers
involved, the Police are very reluctant to react. The situation at Yawanda
Farm remains tense. The owner's wife was barricaded into her house for
several hours before Police reacted and defused the situation. The agreement
made with the DA was disregarded as soon as the DA left.  At Mukuyu Farm,
where settlers have moved into one of the sheds in the Barn complex, a
compressor, welder, diesel and various other items were stolen.  Settlers
are making claims on several farms that their "maize" was eaten by the
owners' cattle. Unrealistically high claims are submitted for maize that was
planted too late.  The situation remains tense and unsettled throughout the


Norton - five brand new vehicles arrived on Idaho whose occupants were eight
A2 settlers come to inspect their plots.

Chegutu - On Faun Farm A2 settlers arrived without prior notification to the
owner.  On Concession Hill Farm gold panners from the Pickstone are
destroying the owner’s pipeline to access water as their water supply from
the river has run dry. They have issued death threats to the worker manning
the pump if he turns off the pump.

Kadoma - On Impalavale A2 settlers with expired letters of authorisation
arrived on the property.


Correction to last sitrep: Under Mwenezi – Battlefields Ranch –
“approximately 100 cattle” should read “1000”.

Masvingo East and Central – at Fomax Dairy a settler was seen riding a
bicycle with a weapon across his shoulders.  On Lamotte Farm a group of
people was out on the farm this weekend holding meetings and inspecting the
property.  The Chidza Farm owner reports meetings took place over the

Chiredzi River Conservancy Area – on 31.03.02, at approximately 1500 hrs,
about thirty settlers visited all three farm villages at Essanby.  They
instructed the twenty three workers to vacate within 24 hours. Two of the
three herds of cattle were released from the kraals where they are kept
nightly on a herding basis. ZRP Mkwasine were contacted and, as transport
was not available to them, the owner collected Cst. Mahune and one other
detail to assist in defusing the situation. Visits were made to three plot
holders houses, including Mr E. Mucheve (previously convicted twice for
assault) and Mr Chipere At 2230 hrs it was agreed farm operations could
continue. All released cattle have been accounted for and as of 1000 hrs on
04.04.02 no further problems were reported, with the exception of
unprecedented poaching activities and several fires. Five of the 23 workers
have also resigned as a result of these threats.   On 02.04.02, a Mr.
Chifuba visited the owner’s Chipetani Game Guard base on Buffalo Range  at
1715 hrs and instructed the four game guards resident to vacate their
housing within twenty four (24) hours. A radio message was conveyed to Mr.
Chifuba through the game guards advising him of the Section 7 Court Order
for this property, the case number and the pending case, the date of which
is to still be advised. He agreed to meet with the owner at the FA Chairman’
s office to view these documents on 03.04.02, but never arrived and there
have been no further incidents at this base. All three cattle herds at Crown
Ranch  were held in their kraals and prevented from grazing by a group of
settlers led by Mr. Mabika (Mkwasine settler) and Mr. Magwane (son of
Nuanetsi Ranch foreman). They instructed all cattle to be removed off the
property by nightfall of 02.04.02 or else ownership of the cattle would be
transferred to them. Cst. Phiri and Cst. Chitseko were dispatched by Asst.
Insp. Munhungeyi to assist and a visit with them to the D.A.’s office
revealed no senior officers at that locality. The ZRP details then visited
the District President’s office and were advised to defuse the situation.
After a two hour meeting with four of the settlers it was agreed the cattle
could be released and herding could continue provided repairs were effected
to a damaged pipeline, which had restricted water supply to the settlers. A
group of about twenty five squatters gathered at the Cattle Managers
homestead at Buffalo Range claiming they were awaiting the D.A. and the M.P.
who were coming to look at the house. This group was led by George Bowa (ex
NTS) who instructed all employees and their families to vacate the compound
by 1800 hrs on 02.04.02. The same two ZRP Constables from Triangle attended
the scene, instructing the workers and their kin to return to their houses
for the night. To date, no further problems have arisen.  There is a huge
increase in poaching activity on all three properties. At Mungwezi Ranch
(Tore Balance) on the night of 02.04.02, three Kudu were shot by a poacher
and the case is under investigation.

Save Conservancy - Poaching and snaring continue.

Gutu / Chatsworth - Cattle continue to be slaughtered / stolen / snared /
axed or stolen.

Mwenezi - Edenvale Ranch  and Quagga Pan  "B" / Kyalami Ranch / Alko Ranch
and others: Stocktheft is reaching alarming proportions. On a daily basis
cattle are disappearing or found slaughtered - up to 20 head at a time.
There is a distinct lack of enthusiasm on the part of the local police to
investigate or even to solve cases where there are leads. For example: a
woman apprehended by farm guards with a bag full of dried beef was merely
asked to pay a deposit fine. She claimed to have bought the meat from
someone else, but no follow up was made on the source of the meat, neither
was she charged with stock theft herself. The Stocktheft Act clearly puts
the onus on the accused to prove the source of the meat or face the
consequences herself. A further development is the appointment of settlers
to the so-called Neighbourhood Watch. Information received states some of
the meat recovered by these "Neighbourhood Watch" individuals is taken by
the police and exchanged on their behalf for mealie meal. The Sonop Ranch
owner was told to not remove his cattle from the kraal and the workers must
vacate.  He was told to be off the property that day. Police came and
defused the situation, but when they arrived the instigators “faded into the
background” and the issue changed to a demand for water.  The Alternburg
Ranch and Umjanjele Ranch owners have also been told to vacate.  At
Bothasrus Ranch the Beitbridge DA told the owner he would not be allowed to
conduct hunts on his property. He reported this to the Zimbabwe Tourism
Authority, who pursued the problem.  He has now been told he can continue,
but whether this will be allowed on the ground remains to be seen. This
property has been threatened with invasion.

There are still more communal cattle moving on to Kleinbegin Ranch These
cattle come from areas where there is active FMD. Pipelines are vandalised,
including gate valves. The vee belts driving a pump were destroyed and at
another point water was poured into the engine's diesel tank. At another
point the full reservoir was drained of water. A 7-tonne lorry full of
mealie meal and some building materials entered the property and obviously
left the full load behind for the resident settlers.  The acquisition court
case has been postponed yet again for Kayansee Ranch - originally set down
for 27 Feb, then 4 April and now 21 May.  Alko Ranch reports the MP for
Beitbridge and Deputy Minister of Local Government, K.D. Mohadi, paid the
elderly widow owner two visits. On the first occasion at 1900 hrs, the
owner's staff declined to open the security fence gate. The second was on
29.03.02 at 1100 hrs, where one of them demanded entry, which was granted
after he identified himself, but the tone was threatening. This is an
individual who apparently was identified with happenings during the
Gukurahundi period and there have been three recent murders of alleged MDC
supporters in Beitbridge, his constituency.


Somabhula - A cow was slaughtered on Grasslands. Police reacted but
investigations were not pursued and they later let the suspect go.

Kwekwe - Cows have been slaughtered on Rolling River and Sebakwe Farms while
a warthog was slaughtered on Mananzwa where the culprit was caught. Six
cattle were stolen from Loozane and were tracked to Dunlop Extension where
the accused was caught with them. He is denying the theft so the matter will
go to court. On Riverside/Sunnyside, an electric pump was stolen from the
water pump station and on Igogo, three pumps, barley, MOP and thin corn were
taken. Soya beans and paprika have been stolen from the store room and
lands. Thieves appear to be reaping the crops. It is believed that the
stolen items were carted away on a truck hired from a local transport

Nyamandlovu - on 26.03.02, 12 people visited Moonto Farm and informed the
domestic worker the owner and a hunting lessee who runs a Safari Business
from the property, but does not live there, that they had to vacate the
property in four days and all labour had to cease their duties by 30.04.02.
It would appear that the same 12 (not 30) people then went to Porter Farm
and gave the owner’s son the same message.  From there they went to Glen
Curragh Ranch and told the owner and his son the same thing. To note: Mr
Mkwananzi/Mquamanzi is not a self appointed "War Veteran" Leader, but the ex
MP and Council Chairman from Tsholotsho. All the above were reported to ZRP
Nyamandlovu with no reaction.  On 27.03.02, Hilda's Kraal Farm made a report
to ZRP Nyamandlovu at 1345 hrs that Pindaumbone and others were assaulting
workers.  The exact number of workers assaulted is not clear and there is no
reaction from the police as yet.  On 28.03.02 at Tandanani Farm, at 0600 hrs
a group of 15 men lead by Gilbert Sibanda stopped the owner’s son from
leaving with a lorry-load of vegetables to go to market in Bulawayo.  The
owner went to the Nyamandlovu Police to make a report.  After getting no joy
at the Charge Office they were sent through to the OIC Insp. Ncube who
refused to do anything and brought up a personal incident between himself
and the owner from approximately a month ago.  The group told the owner’s
son to vacate the property immediately as they would be occupying the farm
from that day and all labour was to leave. On the owner’s return they spoke
to the leader of the group who said they would start pegging and building
immediately. By this time the group had risen in number and attempted to
enter the Homestead gate.  They were discouraged when some Ridgebacks were
released from their kennels into the yard.   At 0900 hrs the lorry was
allowed to leave for town and a large number of employees told to collect
their money and leave immediately. Ten employees were seriously assaulted.
The owners of Hilda's Kraal Farm had a meeting with the Chief Admin. Officer
at the PA's Office, Mr Magura, who told them a Task Force would go to both
Hilda'sKraal and Tandanani Farm to resolve the issue that day.  The owner of
Hilda’s Kraal was asked not to return to the farm until the Task Force had
been.  They are yet to be seen. Mr Magura was not amused that Amani Trust
was also going to interview people at both farms. On Tandanani Farm  there
has been a total work stoppage as from 28.03.01 and some of their employees
have been chased out of the farm village. Advantage was taken of the work
stoppage and approximately 8 tonnes of yellow maize on the cobs was stolen.
Approximately 60 workers came back to work on 04.04.02. They arrested 25
maize thieves from settlers from Redwood Park Farm they had stolen about 30
tons of maize. Wednesday late afternoon a gang of settlers and "war vets"
from Redwood Park arrived at the farm and had a confrontation with the
workers. Gunshots were fired from the "war vets" and the labour ran away,
Police were called but just stood and observed. The "war vets" and settlers
then trashed, stole and burnt 25 of the workers houses. On Hilda's Kraal
Farm a skeleton staff has managed to carry out essential duties.  The owner
was off the farm for the weekend and trying to get back today. The farm
workers are not working so  his vegetable crop has not been irrigated.  On
30.03.02 settlers on Ulundi Farm denied the owner use of a corridor used to
move cattle to the dip.  Three shots were heard in the morning and some meat
was found near one of his pumps.  It is unclear if these two incidents are
linked. The settlers on Bantu Farm told the workers they had three days to
leave the property along with livestock (The owner is not resident). On
31.03.02, settlers on Bantu Farm destroyed four workers huts and threatened
to destroy another three on 02.04.02. Glencurragh Farm was harassed by about
80 people: half the crowd was extremely militant and the other half were
reasonable. Two individuals tried to climb the security fence. The two
factions decided to have a discussion for a couple of hours. They ran into
the bush and disappeared when they heard a vehicle approach. Porter Farm
workers were told by five people to stop working which they refused to do.

Esigodini – the Ntabenende Farm owner is virtually off his farm.  Ponderosa
Farm Glenalla Farm  Mulungwane Farm and Cholnilanga Farm (N. Buchan) were
harassed on the Easter weekend to get off their farms but they are trying to
stay.  The harassers are 20 Zanu (PF) people in a truck.

B.L.F.A. - All quiet

West Nicholson  - at Chipsia Farm two factions of "war vets" came to the
manager with one group wanting him to teach them how to farm and the other
to teach them how to game ranch. The 20 kms road from his homestead to the
main road is full of settlers and he is harassed all the way to the main
road.  Jonsyl Ranch is over run with settlers and large numbers of cattle
are pushed on to the ranch especially down the Umzingwane River.

Inyathi - Gourlays Ranch reported all quiet but very tense. National Parks
officials came to the farm on the Easter weekend. "War vets" returned the
guns to the Police after they had taken them. Please note: the incidents of
the past weekend 6/7 April were covered by a press release.  Greenlands Farm
had the farm store on the main Harare Road (Chalet Store) closed down by the
Youth, who then demanded he feed them. They chased all his farm workers off
the farm and hit one on the head. No Police reaction.  The Mambo Ranch
manager. went away for Easter and was advised by his staff that Sam Khiwa
was looking for him and the Senior Game Scout, as they were “bad people”. He
has not returned to the farm. No Police Reaction.  Lockard Ranch had all
workers chased off. No Police reaction. Cattle have no water - in a shut
down situation

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Daily News - Leader Page

Nothing to cheer for during independence celebrations

4/10/02 8:36:42 AM (GMT +2)

THE critical food shortage facing the nation this year and the potential for
starvation, demand that this year’s independence celebrations be low-key.
Instead, any resources set aside for the festivities should go towards
ensuring Zimbabweans are not left to starve.

It would be a macabre irony if people were to feast to their hearts’ delight
for a few hours one day but only to return to homes that will barely assure
them of the next meal.
In some rural areas it could be the only meal people would have had for

Zimbabwe has never faced such a crisis in decades and the full impact will
be horrifying, when it finally dawns on the majority. Slowly, poultry is
being slaughtered because there is not enough grain to feed it, next will be
massive destocking and with shops fast running out of food, people will
realise that not only is there a serious shortage, but that in some areas
even money will not guarantee food. It is little comfort when people are
being laid off because their companies cannot purchase raw materials or they
have lost markets because customers are concerned about the extent to which
they can guarantee their clients regularity of supply of products from
Zimbabwe because of the political instability and the general state of
lawlessness. This is one reason why funding set aside for the independence
festivities should contribute to efforts to secure more food. Zimbabwe will
have a poor harvest and demand for food will be unusually high for the next
12 months.

Zimbabwe’s crisis is compounded by its own precarious foreign currency
shortage position.

Farmers are being chased off farms, meaning their operations, whether
ostrich rearing, beef or tobacco production, will not be able to generate
sufficient foreign exchange, with which to purchase such requirements as
fuel, raw materials for industry, the health sector or grain for a nation
facing starvation. Another significant foreign currency generator, the
mining sector, is also at a standstill.

The extent to which Zimbabwe will be dependent on the goodwill of the
international community to save its people from starvation is astronomic. It
is not exactly comforting when such organisations as the World Food
Programme are unable to raise the amount needed to buy the food required for
hungry Zimbabweans because of donor fatigue. Part of the fatigue stems from
the fact that this crisis is self-inflicted. It is a contradiction to argue
that Zimbabwe needs food when it is on a determined campaign to drive the
farmers off the land.

Now more than ever, is the time Zimbabwe should be talking to all its
farmers to ensure that their efforts are focused on alleviating the impact
of food shortages. The government must demonstrate its willingness to
contribute to finding solutions. So far it has been the architect of the

Some 350 000 farm workers with families numbering 1,5 million, have been
displaced. An estimated 50 000 villagers have fled their homes in fear of
revenge attacks, worsening the displacements and compounding the food
shortage crisis. With this grim picture and statistics, there seems little
to cheer about during this year’s independence celebrations. In the urban
areas, those who attend and feast during these activities are normally
people who can do without the lavish feasts. Let the resources set aside for
the celebrations go towards averting hunger and starvation. At some point
the government must demonstrate its concern for the people it so loves to
govern. The celebrations can go ahead, but without the expensive dinners,
functions and parties.

But what is there to celebrate when there is a disputed election, and when
the people are prevented from demanding a new constitution? It is possible
that the celebrations could, in fact, provide a platform for people to vent
their frustrations against the government’s handling of recent developments
in the country. Anything can happen, because when people are denied lawful
channels of demonstrating their views and grievances, like combatants in
guerrilla warfare, they will seize any opportunity that presents itself to
make their point.

The plight of those facing starvation is a matter of urgency and demands the
focus and utmost attention of the government.

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Daily News

Three Zanu PF supporters on murder charge

4/10/02 7:52:27 AM (GMT +2)

From Our Correspondent in Masvingo

Three Zanu PF supporters, including Chief Fortune Charumbira’s aide, were
yesterday charged with the murder of Petros Jeka, an MDC polling agent and
treasurer for Masvingo North constituency.

Wintertone Chirove, 43, Wintertone Chirove Junior, 25, and Blessing Sonono,
18, were not asked to plead during their initial remand before Masvingo
magistrate Shotgame Musaiona. They were all remanded in custody after
Musaiona advised them to apply for bail to the High Court.

Chirove Senior is Chief Charumbira’s aide. The court heard that on Easter
Monday the three were at Chirasha bottle store at Bondolfi Mission.

Jeka was also at the bottle store. An argument then ensued between him and
Chirove Senior. Jeka accused Chirove of barring him from buying maize
because he was an MDC supporter. The two then engaged in a fight and the
other accused persons joined in.

Jeka was then stabbed with a knife in the back and later died.
Meanwhile, relatives of the late Jeka are demanding $2 million and 40 head
of cattle from the Chirove family before burying the body. Jeka’s body was
dumped at the Chirove homestead by his aggrieved relatives.

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Daily News

Mudede tape proves Mugabe lost election

4/10/02 8:25:55 AM (GMT +2)

Staff Reporters

THE total number of votes announced by the Registrar-General, Tobaiwa
Mudede, in a live broadcast as having been polled by all five contesting
presidential candidates is 700 000 votes less than the figure subsequently
published in other media.

In his announcement, which was broadcast live on radio and television,
Mudede stated that a total of 2 298 758 votes had been received by all

Mudede stated at the end of a live broadcast that had taken all night and
most of the morning of Wednesday, 13 March:
“The results at national level are as follows: Kumbula, Tarugarira Wilson,
Zanu - 31 368; Maya, Shake, NAGG - 11 906; Mugabe, Robert Gabriel, Zanu
PF -1 685 212; Siwela, Independent - 11 871; Tsvangirai, Morgan, MDC - 1 258
401 votes. “Total votes cast 200 - oh, sorry -
2 298 758. This is minus the spoilt papers. Plus spoilt papers they go up to
the figure I mentioned which is around 3 million.

“I, Tobaiwa Mudede, Registrar-General of the Elections, having ascertained
the results of the 2002 presidential poll in the 120 constituencies, do
hereby declare Robert Gabriel Mugabe of Zanu PF party, who has received the
majority of the total number of valid votes cast, the winner of the
presidential election for the office of President of the Republic of

So ended the announcement by Mudede of the presidential election held on
Saturday and Sunday, 9 and 10 March, and extended to Monday, 11 March 2002
in Harare and Chitungwiza.

But the actual total of Mudede’s breakdown is 2 998 758 valid ballots, 700
000 votes in excess of the total figure which he announced to a stunned

The Daily News obtained a copy of a video recording of the tape which was
broadcast live by the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC), which no one
seems to have had sufficient presence of mind to cross-check until this
newspaper was alerted by a member of the public on Monday.

Perusal of the contents of the tape reveals that the statement made by the
Registrar-General that the total number of votes cast, including spoilt
papers, was “around 3 million” is totally false.

If we add the 115 277 spoilt votes as published in The Herald of 14 March
2002 to the total number of valid votes cast as announced by Mudede, the
total number of votes cast in the presidential election would be 2 414 035,
a figure very far away from Mudede’s “around 3 million” total.

Mudede was not available yesterday to explain why he, as Registrar-General,
would speak casually of “around 3 million” votes when all the relevant
figures were right in front of him.

Mudede would have been asked to explain why he did not speak in very
specific terms in announcing the figures that were part of the result of
such an important and controversial presidential election.

But by announcing that “if the total number of spoilt papers was added to
the 2 298 758 valid votes cast the total number of votes casts would be
around 3 million” the Registrar-General suggested that more than 700 000
ballot papers had been spoilt.

“ZBC should re-broadcast the tape in which Mudede announced the results, so
that the public can see for themselves how gullible they were in accepting
at face value the false statement by Mudede,” the resident of Chitungwiza
who alerted The Daily News to the discrepancy suggested on Monday.

“Assuming Tsvangirai would not benefit from Mudede’s charitable
miscalculations, if one were to subtract his total of 1 258 401 votes, as
attributed to him by the Registrar-General from the total vote cast of 2 298
758, as announced by Mudede, that would leave Mugabe and the three lesser
candidates with a total of 1 040 357 votes.

“Subtracting the total votes cast for Maya, Kumbula and Siwela from this
figure would leave Mugabe with 985 212.

“If the 700 000 excess votes referred to earlier were added to 985 212, the
total would be 1 685 212, the total figure said to have been won by the
President in the election. That would leave Mudede with no spoilt ballots.
This would explain why the Registrar-General cannot announce that figure.”

The Zimbabwe Electoral Support Network yesterday said according to its own
calculations, a total of 95 670 ballot papers had been spoilt in the

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New Zealand Herald

NZ to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe next week

09.04.2002 5.12 pm

LONDON - New Zealand will impose sanctions on Zimbabwe next week in response
to last month's controversial election, Prime Minister Helen Clark says.

Miss Clark, in London to attend the funeral of the Queen Mother tonight
(NZT), held a meeting with Commonwealth Secretary-General Don McKinnon when
she arrived in London on Monday.

Zimbabwe was suspended for one year from the 54-nation Commonwealth late
last month after Commonwealth election observers roundly criticised the
presidential election, won by incumbent Robert Mugabe.

A Commonwealth troika of Australian Prime Minister John Howard, South
African President Thabo Mbeki and Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo had
agreed with the observers' report that included details of violence and
intimidation by the supporters of Mugabe's ZANU-PF party and restrictions on

Miss Clark had advised Mr McKinnon that "you can expect New Zealand to act
broadly in line with the European Union and the US".

Sanctions include banning Mr Mugabe and his close associates from travelling
or visiting New Zealand, and using the Customs and Excise Act to prohibit
any arms shipments between Zimbabwe and New Zealand.

"If there is the slightest evidence that there are financial assets in New
Zealand, then we will act to freeze them," Miss Clark added.

She said she had discussed in length the sanctions with Foreign Minister
Phil Goff and "the paperwork has been done".

She expected the sanctions to be in place by next week.


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Black Brothers True Sporting Heroes

The Herald (Harare)

April 9, 2002
Posted to the web April 9, 2002

Collin Matiza

THE world sometimes abuses the term heroic when it describes ordinary
performances in sport but, in the case of Byron and Wayne Black, the
description could not have been more appropriate.

The two Black brothers once again emerged as the true patriotic heroes of
our sport when they helped Zimbabwe crush Belarus 4-1 in an epic Davis Cup
Euro-African Zone Group One second round tennis tie at the City Sports
Centre at the weekend.

Zimbabwe went into this tie as the underdogs after having lost to the
Belarussians 2-3 at the same stage of the competition in Minsk in April last

But the hosts tore the form book to shreds as they denied the East Europeans
the chance to score a double over us and qualify for the World Qualifying

And that is largely because of two brothers with a commitment to their
country unrivalled in domestic sport in recent years.

The mainstay of the Zimbabwe Davis Cup team for over 10 years, Byron and
Wayne once again came out as the darling of the local tennis fans with a
breathtaking show in three memorable days.

First it was Wayne who made sure that we stayed in contention of this crunch
tie when he upset Belarus' number one player, the tall big-serving Max
Mirnyi, in the second of the first singles matches on Friday.

Belarus had taken a 1-0 lead after their number two player Vladimir
Voltchkov stunned Byron, who was back playing as Zimbabwe's number one, in
straight sets 7-6 (7-4), 6-3, 6-4 in the opening singles match.

And with the visitors expecting to take a comfortable 2-0 lead in the second
singles match, Wayne fought like a gladiator and brewed up a shocker on his
way to a workman-like 7-6 (7-4), 6-3, 4-6, 6-4 victory.

The tie was now delicately poised at 1-1 going into Saturday's crucial
doubles match.

Zimbabwe threw in their tried and trusted doubles team of Wayne Black and
Kevin Ullyett who came up against Mirnyi and Voltchkov.

Wayne and Kevin showed why they were currently ranked among the top six
doubles teams in the world when they pulled off a stunning 6-3, 7-6 (7-4),
4-6, 7-6 (14-12) victory which gave us a 2-1 lead as we went into the
decisive reverse singles matches on Sunday.

Wayne and Kevin kept a crowd of more than 3 000 people spellbound as they
fought like bull terriers for three hours and 35 minutes.

It was one of the best doubles matches seen at the City Sports Centre since
Zimbabwe returned to Davis Cup action after independence in the 1980s.

Although Kevin was not at his best on Saturday, the way Wayne carried him on
his shoulders throughout the match, made me feel very proud of him.

Wayne fought for every point and his return of serve, especially against
Mirnyi's booming serves, was marvelous.

After Zimbabwe - with the help of Wayne - had the doubles match in the bag,
everyone was waiting for the outcome of the decisive reverse singles matches
in which the first game was to feature Byron and Mirnyi.

After his defeat to Voltchkov on Friday, everybody thought Byron was now
over the hill and no longer had the legs to carry him in the tough world of
the Davis Cup competition.

How wrong they were.

What the local tennis fans and the Belarussian camp did not know was that
Voltchkov's defeat of Byron on Friday had stirred a hornet's nest.

Byron knew that the nation's eyes were on him as he faced the tall Mirnyi
and the 32-year-old Zimbabwean journeyman also knew what was at stake in
this match.

A win for him would secure Zimbabwe a place in the World Qualifying Round
and a step away from the World Group.

A defeat was going to put more pressure on his young brother Wayne who was
expected to play Voltchkov in the second reverse singles match.

But the battle-hardened Byron showed that he had the nerves of steel as he
came out firing on all cylinders against Mirnyi.

Byron first raced to a two-set-to-love lead after winning the first two sets
6-3, 7-5 but he went on a mental walk-about in the third set which he lost
6-7 (3-7) after a tie-break as Mirnyi threatened to spoil his day.

After losing the third set, Byron knew there was no place for the
faint-hearted and recharged his batteries going into the fourth set.

There was no stopping Byron as he ripped Mirnyi apart with some fine
serve-and-volley game, which the Belarussian had no answer to.

And when he reaped up the set 6-3 and with it the match, I found myself on
my feet as I joined thousands of tennis fans, who were watching the match
both at the City Sports Centre and on television at home.

We were saluting a true national sporting hero in his finest hour of his
long professional tennis career.

For the first time as a sportswriter and a tennis fundi, I also found myself
shedding a tear in appreciation of some fine work by this gallant son of
Zimbabwean sport.

It was heartening to see how Byron reacted to his victory.

He threw his racket into the air and jumped into the hands of non-playing
captain Greig Roger.

It was no surprise when he said in his post-match interview that he felt
young again - and he had every reason to.

It was also heartening to see scores of tennis fans, black and white,
invading the court, dancing and singing as they joined in the celebration.

Byron had once again lifted the spirits of a sport-loving nation which is
always united by such an occasion.

Byron certainly had done the nation proud and he and his young brother Wayne
are the true sports ambassadors of this country.

Unlike other local sportsmen and women, who seem to have turned their backs
on Zimbabwe, Byron and Wayne are always prepared to come down to play for
the cause of their beloved country.

To Byron and Wayne, we are proud of you and you deserve all the praise
that's been given to you.

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Daily News

Catholics blast elections

4/10/02 7:46:06 AM (GMT +2)

Staff Reporter

THE Franciscan Fathers, an order of the Catholic Church in Zimbabwe, has
said last month’s elections were not free and fair because they were
characterised by intimidation, beatings, arson and disenfranchisement.

The Catholics join various respected civic bodies and the international
community in rejecting the election results saying the polling was seriously
flawed and did not reflect the will of the people.

A number of observer missions, including the Commonwealth observer mission,
noted that although thousands of people wanted to exercise their civic duty
of freely voting for a leader of their choice, they were denied the right to
do so through massive disenfranchisement and intimidation.

In an apparent reference to the youths from the Border Gezi institute, the
Catholics said in a statement: “The use of youth groups and the unemployed
as pawns in a political power struggle was shameful. It caused nothing but
violence and destroyed traditional values of respect for elders, and
concerns for the weak and innocent.”

During the run-up to the elections, Zanu PF set up torture bases in all the
country’s political districts from where they launched their terror
campaign, which left thousands homeless, while several homes were torched.

Scores of women were also raped.

Zanu PF ignored calls by the opposition to disband the militia bases.

The Catholics also lashed out at the so-called fast-track land
redistribution exercise saying while it was a noble exercise, it had
contributed to the present paralysis of the agricultural sector and to the
countrywide search for food.

“Party membership as a requirement for assistance on the brink of starvation
is a sin before God and man. Who are the people making such evil demands?”
reads part of the statement by the Catholics.

The church urged all Christians and people of goodwill not to lose hope at
this stage.

The statement said: “No regime goes on forever. In our immediate
surroundings, family, social groups and church communities, we should take
even small steps to a better future. We hold basic values, tolerance,
generosity, mutual respect and truth, these transcend political affiliation.

The resilience, pride and conviction exhibited on the voting days need to be
kept alive. Peace and prosperity will only come through justice.”

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Daily News

Zanu PF mob attacks two MDC polling agents

4/10/02 7:46:39 AM (GMT +2)

From Our Correspondent in Masvingo

Two MDC polling agents were left for dead by a mob of suspected Zanu PF
supporters that raided Gumunyu business centre and the surrounding villages
in Mwenezi and beat everyone on sight on Saturday night.

Frank Bhizi and Kennedy Kwinika, both MDC polling agents in the recent
presidential poll, were by Monday still detained at Neshuro Hospital where
they were admitted following the beatings.

Police in Mwenezi fired two shots into the air to disperse the marauding
suspected Zanu PF supporters.

As political violence continues to haunt Masvingo province, a group of Zanu
PF supporters resettled in commercial farms in Mwenezi on Saturday night
raided Chimbudzi village and Gumunyu business centre and assaulted several
people, accusing them of supporting the opposition MDC. They later kidnapped
Bhizi and beat him up.

Bhizi sustained serious injuries. Authorities at Neshuro Hospital on Monday
described his condition as stable.

Another MDC polling agent, Kwinika, was taken from his home and ordered to
renounce his party membership.

He was then beaten up and left for dead after he stood firm that he would
not join Zanu PF.

However, police sent marauding suspected Zanu PF supporters running in
different directions when they fired two warning shots into the air. MDC
deputy organising secretary Charles Muzenda said he was happy with the
police response since the attack could have resulted in the death of his
party’s supporters.

“The two polling agents are in serious state because they sustained serious
injuries”, he said.

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Daily News

EU parliament says Daily News report on election rerun correct

4/10/02 7:51:47 AM (GMT +2)

Staff Reporter

THE European Union (EU) on Monday said The Daily News reporting of the joint
deliberations of the African, Caribbean and Pacific and European Union Joint
Parliamentary Assembly (ACP-EU JPA) last month in South Africa, was accurate
and true and that the government was confused in its interpretation of the

At the start of Parliamentary business, British Conservative Euro-MP John
Corrie (UK - West Midlands) raised an Urgent Point of Order to highlight the
latest attempts by the Zimbabwean government to suppress the freedom of the
media and free speech by threatening The Daily News with punitive legal
action for publishing “accurately and truthfully” the Zimbabwe Resolution
from the ACP-EU JPA.

Addressing the 626-member European Parliament, Corrie said: “All MEPs
(Members of the European Parliament) will be stunned to learn of the
Zimbabwe government’s latest attempt to suppress Zimbabwe’s free Press and
in particular The Daily News.

“The accurate reporting of the Cape Town meeting of the 92-nation ACP-EU
Joint Parliamentary Assembly’s 4th Session by The Daily News must be

The government’s threat to prosecute, Geoffrey Nyarota, the Editor-in-Chief
of The Daily News, is the first case under the new draconian Access to
Information and Protection of Privacy Act passed barely four days after the
disputed outcome of the 9-11 March 2002 presidential election.

Corrie, on behalf of other MEPs asked Pat Cox, the President of the European
Parliament, to raise this issue “strongly and to lodge an official protest
with Zimbabwean Justice and Information Ministers”.

Corrie, who was an Honorary Co-President of the ACP-EU JPA, three weeks ago
in Cape Town, said the European Commission and European Council must
likewise not ignore the increasing erosion of human rights, the rule of law
and democracy in Zimbabwe.

The ACP-EU JPA brings together politicians from 92 nations across Europe,
Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific.

Professor Jonathan Moyo, the Minister of State for Information and
Publicity, threatened Nyarota on 25 March with prosecution under the new
Press and privacy law if he did not print a correction to the 22 March
article that reported the EU and the ACP countries had drawn up a resolution
calling for a new election in Zimbabwe.

Nyarota said he would rather go to jail, if it pleased the minister, than be
forced to publicly correct a story that was 100 percent correct.

The resolution calling for a new election in Zimbabwe within the year under
the auspices of the Commonwealth and the international community was passed
in a secret ballot by the ACP-EU JPA by 68 votes in favour, two against with
three abstentions.

It was adopted formally as a joint ACP-EU text.

The crucial amendment calling for a new election was tabled at the
initiative of the 233-strong EPP-ED Group by the British Conservative MEPs
Corrie and Mrs Jacqueline Foster, and Germany’s Christian Democratic Union
MEPs Konrad Schwaiger and Michael Gahler.
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Manchester Online

Straw rejects Zimbabwe Games ban

FOREIGN Secretary Jack Straw believes Zimbabwe should be allowed to compete
in Manchester's Commonwealth Games this summer.
Mr Straw has rejected calls for the African state to be thrown out of the
sporting event.

He said it was not a matter for the government, but for the Commonwealth
Games Federation to decide.

But he added that the situation would change if he received information that
the Zimbabwean athletes would be stooges of Robert Mugabe's government.

Mr Straw said: "It's not a matter for the government, it's a matter for the
Commonwealth Games Federation.

"What I've been very anxious to do in everything I've been doing, being
strict on Zimbabwe, is to distinguish between the people who are running
Zanu PF around Mugabe, and the ordinary Zimbabweans.

"I've had no representations to me on behalf of ordinary Zimbabweans or the
opposition saying the sports people who want to take part in the
Commonwealth Games are Mugabe stooges."

He added: "If I get representations or I'm sure if the Commonwealth Games
Federation gets representations to say, don't let these people take part in
these games, because they are only Mugabe stooges, then the situation
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Daily News

NCA activists denied access to lawyer

4/10/02 7:42:37 AM (GMT +2)

From Our Correspondent in Gweru

Four National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) activists, arrested in Gweru
over a foiled mass protest organised by the civic body last Saturday, are
still languishing in police holding cells after they were denied access to a

The four are Sylvester Kutesera Mutasa, regional chairman of the Midlands
chapter of the NCA, Jacob Felix Mafa, Oliver Nyathi and Charles Forder. They
were detained at the Gweru Central Police Station on Saturday morning.

Their lawyer, Hillary Garikai of Danziger and Partners, yesterday made an
urgent application to the High Court in Bulawayo to secure their release.

“I have not been able to interview my clients since Saturday when they were
arrested. Each time I get there police make all sorts of excuses to ensure
that I do not get anywhere near them.

“I hope the matter will be heard before end of business today,” said Garikai

The four were part of the six NCA activists arrested in the city on Saturday
as the police and the army cracked down on demonstrators who had gathered in
the city centre for a nationwide mass protest organised by the civic body.

They are likely to be charged for contravening a section of the notorious
and internationally condemned Public Order and Security Act.

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Daily News

MDC activists charged with violating Posa

4/10/02 7:38:06 AM (GMT +2)

By Pedzisai Ruhanya Chief Reporter

GIFT Konjana the MDC administrator for Mashonaland West province and two
other party activists were last week charged with violating the notorious
Public Order and Security Act (Posa) and remanded out of custody on $3 000
bail each.

The Chinhoyi Magistrates’ Court remanded Konjana, Christine Zengeni and
Peter Liwande to 12 April.

The State alleged that on 28 March 2002 a group of MDC youths marched in the
streets of Chinhoyi distributing cards with “Mugabe Must Go” written on

Konjana, Zengeni and Liwande were picked by the police from their offices in
the town after security agents failed to arrest the youths.

Konjana said: “The police said the youths had disturbed the peace in the
city. When they failed to arrest our youths they then arrested us. They said
as leaders we were supposed to restrain the youths from distributing the

Konjana is facing two other public violence cases at the same court.

In March Konjana, Silas Matamisa, the MDC chairman for Mashonaland West
province, and six party youths on charges of public violence had their trial
postponed to 18 May.

Konjana and his colleagues were arrested in October last year on charges of
assaulting Zanu PF supporters and the police in Banket.

They were arrested and denied bail by the court and were released after the
High Court ruled that they were entitled to their freedom, and the court
proceedings should continue while they were out of custody.

In another case, the police arrested Konjana in March and accused him of
abducting Zanu PF supporters in the run-up to the presidential election.

He appeared before the court, was granted $3 000 bail, and is expected to
appear in court on 27 May.

Konjana denied all the charges against him and alleged that the police were
harassing him because of his affiliation to the MDC.
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This is a resend. In addition to being part of a National Policy on Black Rhino Conservation, it should be noted that there is in existance a current Zimbabwe Investment Centre Agreement. International doners have been helping develop the area. Benifits to the local community include schools, churches, commercial enterprises, (at incredibly low rentals) the construction of a large dam which would benifit downstream irrigation and more. Ministers of Finance and Tourism appear helpless to act in any meaningful way. 
Mr. Richard Pascal is prepared to be interviewed by any media including television to fully explain the considerable implications which are further detrimental to the success of our national development, resulting from this latest invasion.
He may be contacted on cell 263 11 212 899, land line 263 85 354. or e-mail

The madness continues.  Can anyone explain why?  Why is this country being desimated? Words can not be found to describe the anquish of so many caused by so few with such impunity.  Victims are arrested whilst perpertrators continue their criminal actions unabated with the apparent blessings of the Government  and law enforcement agencies.  And let us not forget the suffering of ordinary Zimbabweans who are continuously displaced, murdered, tortured, raped, disposessed of their life's endeavours.  All for wanting to practice their basic human rights. This retribution must stop. Does anyone out there in the world care? If you do please pass this on to as many people as possible and lobby your MP, Senator or whoever your Government representative is in whatever country you may be, to help return the rule of law to our beautiful country.
Mike Lander
Ten black Rhino arrived on Gourlays Ranch in 1987, in a Zimbabwe Government attempt to halt the extinction of the species.  The animals quickly adapted to their new home on 42 000 acres of natural habitat.  They bred at the highest rate of any rhino project on private game farms in the nation.  From 1987 to 2001, only one rhino died - this was of old age.  The herd is rated by some as the best in the country.   Zoologists from the Center of Endangered Species at the San Diego Zoo repeatedly visit the ranch to study the animals and to donate funds for their protection.
In February 2000 supposed war veterans invaded the Gourlays Ranch and many other farm properties across the country.  They built their huts where they pleased and the territorial rhino were forced to live in smaller areas.  The reduced habitat casuses fighting between the territoral bulls.  A few days ago one bull rhino died due to the stressed conditions.
Last week the war veterans invaded and barricaded the farm and demanded the eviction of the family who have owned the land for 15 years.  They threatened to kill the family and all the employees and burn the buildings unless the owners vacate the property within a week - Over the weekend they intensified their demands and the family were forced to move off on saturday.  Mr Pascal was arrested and released on Monday.
The tragedy extends far beyond the family and the hundreds of people who rely on the income generated by the ranch.  The black rhino face death by poaching.  The loss of the rhino on one property will push the world numbers closer to EXTINCTION.  The gene pool will be extinguised and as much as 10% of the black rhino in Zimbabwe will die -   Its taken 15 years to get the numbers up and we are finally seeing progress - LETS KEEP IT THAT WAY.
Pascal wrote "What started all of the nonsense is that we are a black rhino conservancy.  We have approximately 40 black rhino on the property.  Last year we had the vets come down from Harare due to the squatters snaring the animals.  A big bull died last week due to fighting as the animals are now compressed into a small area and the bulls areas are overlapping.  We did what we were supposed to do according to the law and contacted a government vet and National Parks.  The vet came out to ascertain the cause of death and National Parks collected the horn.  The was on Sunday.. On Monday, all hell broke loose as the squatters now decided that they own the rhino and they want the trophy fee for these animals and we should have consulted with them prior to calling the vet and National Parks."
The War Vets have also stopped the pumping of water for the animals.  They haven't had water since 25 March 2002.
We dare not sit by and let this happen!!  Write to every group and individual you know who have the welfare of the black rhino close to heart.  Contact your government representatives and ask for an interventiion of this pending disaster.  Together we can arouse the conscious of the world to see the depth of the horror that will happen if the events in Zimbabwe continue.
There is room for everyone in Zimbabwe, black, white and WILDLIFE.  It simply needs some committed people to take control of the situation and and re-arrange the structure to everyone's benefit and satisfaction.  Its worth a try before its too late.
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From The Star (SA), 8 April

Canada excludes Zimbabwe from trade talks

After deliberately excluding Zimbabwe from a meeting of Southern African leaders, Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien has held up the possibility of greater access for African goods and services to developed countries. Chretien said in Pretoria on Sunday that industrialised countries would have to open their markets even more for African goods and services. "We are busy preparing an action plan that we would introduce at the G8 summit." President Thabo Mbeki warned that African countries that did not willingly join the New Partnership for Africa's Development (Nepad) would be forced to abide by its decisions. Chretien, whose country currently heads the G8 group of industrialised countries and will host a G8 summit in Kananaskis, Canada, in June, said he was impressed with Mbeki's undertaking that all countries would have to be involved in the plan. He said it was in the continent's interests if it wanted investment. "If you don't want to play the game, it's a carrot-and-stick situation. We hope there would be a lot more carrots," Chretien said. He added that conflict resolution was one of the key conditions that Africa would have to address for investment to take place. "It is investment that will solve problems in Africa, and if there is more growth, everyone will benefit because we will sell more to Africa and they will sell more to us." Mbeki said the introduction of Nepad was on track. "When we get to Canada we will indeed be in position to take some concrete and specific decisions."

Nepad will be one of the main agenda points at the G8 summit, and Chretien promised that other issues would not overshadow it, as was the case at previous meetings. "We would not put aside the Africa file because there is a problem in the Middle East," he said. After his meeting with Mbeki, Chretien was quizzed about his position on Aids, as this was seen as a major stumbling block to trade between South Africa and Canada. "We cannot put in a condition that while you have a high level of Aids, we cannot help you. Part of the solution is in creating the economic climate to deal with this problem," he said. Diplomatic sources said the exclusion of Zimbabwe was evidence that Chretien was applying the good-governance commitments that African countries would have to make to participate in Nepad. Mbeki said rules regarding the peer review committee, an apolitical watchdog to ensure good governance on the continent, would be defined at a Nepad implementation committee meeting in June. In theory, failure to adhere to principles of democratic, economic and politically sound governance would see countries suffer economic exclusion from the fruits of Nepad. Chretien is visiting South Africa as part of a tour to hear the views of Africans before the draft Nepad action plan is submitted at Kananaskis.

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Daily News

36 Zanu PF supporters arrested over looting rampage

4/9/02 7:53:14 AM (GMT +2)

By Pedzisai Ruhanya

THIRTY-SIX war veterans and Zanu PF supporters were arrested over the
weekend after they looted property worth more than $17 million at three
farms in Karoi where they have chased away more than 300 workers since last

The 36 culprits have been detained at Karoi police station since their
arrest on Sunday.

An officer at Karoi police station yesterday confirmed the arrests but
refused to give further details. He said: “These people are in custody and
will appear in court on Tuesday. For further details I refer you to our
Press officer in Chinhoyi.”

Peter Donaldson of Mukuyu Farm yesterday said the war veterans looted
property worth more than $3,5 million and chased away 270 workers before
they occupied their houses. Donaldson said: “The war veterans took away
fertiliser, compressors, maize and assaulted my workers before the police
intervened to stop the theft on Sunday.”

Donaldson, who has been on the farm since 1978, was given until Saturday to
leave his property and by yesterday he had hired several vehicles to ferry
his property to a safe place. “I hope to be out of this farm by Thursday
because my life is now in danger,” he said.

Last Friday Donaldson was forced to sign a letter by a war veteran leader
identified only as Dongrio agreeing to leave the farm by Saturday.

The letter read: “The war veteran agrees that Donaldson be allowed to pack
and remove all his property during the period of the date of this document
and up until nightfall on Saturday 13 April 2002. The war veteran further
agrees that this removal shall take place with no further interference from
any veteran and settlers and the property will be guarded by security

“This agreement is signed by the parties involved in the presence of Karoi

The war veterans also took away welding machines and destroyed the water
system on the farm and closed his 16 lodges worth about $10 million.

Cathirina Pretorius of Toekons Farm was also given a similar order. She said
all her 40 workers were chased away from their households before the
settlers occupied them last week.

Pretorius, 64, said property worth more than $7,5 million was looted over
the weekend. She said: “They stole furniture, clothes, tractor wheels and
everything in the workshop, and I am now packing what has been left.”

Heather Flight of Lanlory Farm in the same area yesterday hired 102 trucks
to remove her property, including tobacco bales, before the Saturday
deadline set by the war veterans.

Flight said four new beds and seven sheep were looted while 55 of her 60
workers were evicted by seven war veterans who descended on the farm over
the weekend.

Her husband Andrew said: “On all these three farms property worth over $17,4
million was looted. I am yet to calculate the loss at my farm which runs
into millions of dollars.”
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Daily News

Police investigate former ZBC boss

4/9/02 8:01:54 AM (GMT +2)

Staff Reporter

THE police in Harare have launched investigations into allegations of
homosexuality levelled against Alum Mpofu, the former chief executive
officer of the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC), who resigned in
disgrace last week following revelations that he was caught while being
intimate with another man at a popular Harare club.

As the investigations began last week, five employees of Tipperary’s
nightclub where the incident took place, were summoned to the offices of the
Criminal Investigations Department (CID) in Harare on separate occasions for

Pearson Mbalekwa, the owner of the nightclub, confirmed that some of his
employees had indeed been questioned by the police.

Mbalekwa, the MP for Zvishavane, said: “I am aware that some of my employees
were summoned to the CID to give statements but I have not had the
opportunity to talk to them. I have not shown any interest in the
investigations because the police case has nothing to do with me.”

Meanwhile, police sources said the investigations would spread to the ZBC
where some employees are alleged to have been employed by Mpofu under
unclear circumstances.

A police source said: “We have information that some of the employees at ZBC
were hired irregularly and the police have reason to believe that some of
them could have been linked to Mpofu. We will get to the bottom of the issue
and all those involved will be investigated.”

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Daily News

Mpofu gay and foreign?

4/9/02 7:51:00 AM (GMT +2)

By Lloyd Mudiwa

DISGRACED former Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) boss, Alum Mpofu,
continues to be dogged by self-inflicted misfortune.

It now turns out that while he was head of that self-proclaimed icon of
patriotism, ZBC, he may have been the holder of dual citizenship.

Unless Mpofu renounced his South African citizenship by 6 January this year,
he may have been a citizen of that country at the time he resigned from the
ZBC last week, having forfeited his Zimbabwean citizenship by not renouncing
his dual citizenship.

Under the Citizenship Amendment Act, a person loses his Zimbabwean
citizenship if he fails to renounce the right and claim to any foreign

Mpofu resigned from his job as the public broadcaster’s chief executive
officer in disgrace on Wednesday last week after he was caught red-handed
while allegedly in the middle of a homosexual act in a Harare nightclub.

The Gays and Lesbians’ Association of Zimbabwe immediately attacked Mpofu
for having failed to use his position to champion the interests of Zimbabwe’
s gay community.

Mpofu applied for a job with an organisation in Namibia just before he
landed the top job at ZBC in July last year.

In the curriculum vitae (CV) that he submitted to the Windhoek-based
organisation he gave a South African national identity card number, 580225
5240 18 0.

A second CV that he submitted with his application for the ZBC’s top job,
however, contained different registration particulars.

When he applied for the ZBC job Mpofu submitted on 13 June 2001 a slightly
modified CV to Dr Gideon Gono, the ZBC’s board chairman. In his application
to ZBC the national identity card number had been altered to 67-040905 Y03,
which is Zimbabwean.

The Daily News sent a fax to Mpofu hours before he announced his resignation
from ZBC to request him to shed light on what appeared to be a case of dual
or South African citizenship, both of which are illegal for a Zimbabwean. To
date there has been no response from Mpofu.

Meanwhile, the secretary for Jonathan Moyo, the Minister of Information and
Publicity, said Moyo was engaged in talks between Zanu PF and MDC and was
not available to comment.

Efforts to seek clarification from the South African High Commission on
Mpofu’s citizenship of that country also failed yesterday.

When he applied for the Windhoek and Harare jobs, Mpofu lived in
Johannesburg. In the CV submitted to ZBC his address is given as Number 4
R/Teak Avenue, Heuweloord Extension 3 in Centurion Park.

Curiously, in the CV submitted to Windhoek, Mpofu’s address is furnished in
greater detail as Number 4 Rhodesian Teak Avenue.

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Daily News

Zanu PF orders all suspected MDC supporters to leave Guruve, Rusape

4/9/02 7:59:56 AM (GMT +2)

Staff Reporter

ZANU PF has compiled a list of suspected MDC supporters in Rusape and Guruve
and has ordered them to leave the two towns.

In Rusape, Agritex officer Regis Mugore was last Friday ordered to stop
reading The Daily News. War veterans and Zanu PF supporters in the town say
the paper is allegedly biased against the government. The paper has,
therefore, been banned in Rusape.

The senior distribution electrician at the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply
Authority (ZESA), Zivanayi Ziwengwa was given until the end of this month to
leave Rusape because of his alleged anti-Zanu PF comments.

In a show of resolve against Mugore, the war veterans leadership and their
counterparts in the district land committee repossessed the 15-hectare plot
allocated to him during the fast-track land redistribution programme.

Mugore said: “I am not in a position to discuss this issue. It is a
sensitive matter.”

Ziwengwa was off duty yesterday.

Sources at ZESA said Ziwengwa was not involved in any party politics.

“Zivanayi is a respectable person,” said a source at ZESA. “He does not talk
party politics here. The threats by Zanu PF supporters have really
frightened him. He is worried.”

The compilation of the list of targeted people in the civil service and
companies in the town was reportedly being instigated by Didymus Mutasa, the
Member of Parliament for Makoni North and Zanu PF secretary for external
affairs in the politburo.

This was done at a meeting allegedly held at Mutasa’s residence attended by
Obert Muzawazi, the secretary for Rusape Town Council, Nathaniel Mhiripiri,
the Zanu PF district co-ordinating committee chairman, and executive members
of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA),
including Retired Major James Kaunye, the chairman.

Mutasa denied the allegations against him.

He said no such meeting between him, and any of those mentioned ever took
place anywhere.

“This is news to me,” he said.

“I cannot say it is not happening. I do not encourage, it neither do I
discourage it. If anyone has been ordered to go away, we will say goodbye
but l do not know of anybody. At each home, neighbours know each other’s
activities. These are the people who can order another to go. I know it is
happening in some areas. The only problem is that we only hear about it
after it has happened.”

He said Noah Gwidzima, a war veteran from Mayo was allegedly stabbed to
death by a suspected MDC supporter and was buried on Saturday.

According to Mutasa, Gwidzima could have been involved in ordering suspected
MDC supporters out of the villages soon after the presidential election.

Mutasa is on record as declaring Rusape and Makoni district Zanu PF
strongholds and suspected MDC supporters unwelcome under his “Operation
Chinyavada”, an exercise to clear the area of MDC activists.

Meanwhile, at Mwando village, Kachuta District in Guruve two houses
belonging to Tenmore N’andu, a headman and Isaiah Chimusasa were burnt down
by suspected war veterans late on Friday.

Wicklord Manyimwa, 24, of Guruve, who was a polling agent during the
presidential election said most MDC supporters in the area had fled their
homes due to harassment by Zanu PF supporters.

“Zanu PF youths from the Border Gezi Training Centre camped at Kachuta Rural
District Council offices are visiting homes of listed MDC supporters under
cover of darkness. Since the election, it has been difficult for us to move
freely. Even going to the shops has become dangerous.” Manyimwa said.

He said all known and suspected MDC supporters had been ordered to leave or
face elimination.

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