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  • Posted 6 August 2013
    • Robert Mugabe's Made-in-Israel Landslide
    • Does Africa care?
    • How Zanu-PF stole the election
    • Zimbabwe elections: Why is nobody dancing after Mugabe's latest win?
    • “We did not say Zim elections were fair” - Zuma’s Minister
    • Condemnation of Mugabe victory grows
    • Botswana calls for Zim vote audit
    • MDC-T prepares to submit dossier on ZANU PF ballot theft
    • Scale of Zimbabwe vote theft surprised us all
    • Western Backlash Rises Over Zimbabwe Vote
    • Zimbabwe Banks Said to Stop New Loans on Policy Concern
    • Mourning the loss of hope and security in the wake of a shamelessly stolen election: what can we do?
    • Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Plunges 11% After Mugabe Victory
    • Why Robert Mugabe scored a landslide victory in Zimbabwean elections
  • Posted 5 August 2013
    • Shameful stain on Britain's conscience
    • Zuma Has Failed Zimbabweans By Congratulating Mugabe – DA Party
    • It’s a nightmare...
    • Incredible elections – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 3
    • BILL WATCH 36/2013 >> Election Irregularities – What Can be Done about Them?
    • Zimbabwe 2013 elections - lessons and the future
    • Mugabe's hollow victory will do more damage
    • Zimbabwe's Presidential Election |Press Statement | John Kerry | US Secretary of State
    • Simba Makoni 'to unmask the rigging techniques used by Zanu PF'
    • Mugabe faces growing fallout after disputed election win
    • U.S. Says Zimbabwe Election Not Credible
    • Africa and West at odds over disputed Zimbabwe election
    • SA opposition rejects SADC endorsement of Zim poll
    • Zuma urges ‘acceptance’ of poll results as West expresses doubt
    • Zimbabwe: Is the electronic voters’ roll the smoking gun?
  • Posted 4 August 2013
    • Robert Mugabe's election victory is defeat for democracy
    • Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe reelected; opponents cry foul
    • Tsvangirai: outfoxed by Mugabe yet again
    • Mixed expectations on Zimbabwe's future as Mugabe re-elected
    • Zimbabwe opposition furious over Robert Mugabe's fraudulent election victory
    • Zimbabwe President Mugabe re-elected amid fraud claims
    • Zimbabwe's perplexing election
    • Time to Talk Our Country Up
    • Level of rigging in Zimbabwe's 2013 election stuns MDC parliamentary candidates
    • More details on how the rigging was done
    • Chinamasa says no to SADC mediation in Zimbabwe
    • Anti-riot police increase patrols ahead of poll result
    • Mudede refuses to answer questions on voters roll
    • President Tsvangirai’s statement to the press after the MDC national council meeting, Harare, 3 August 2013
    • When a nation’s hope turns into a nightmare
    • We dared to hope by Cathy Buckle
    • Electoral commissioner resigns over unfair elections
  • Posted 3 August 2013
    •  International Community must reject fraudulent election in Zimbabwe
    • Shocking Vote Rigging Video Haunts Zanu PF Before SADC
    • Mugabe: African liberator, former honorary knight, aging ruler
    • Mugabe party wins huge majority in parliament
    • Zimbabwe elections free, credible: AU
    • Outgoing minister says breaches of electoral law render result illegal
    • Preliminary Statement by African Union Election
    • ZEC Results mapped by Sokwanele
    • Why a Robert Mugabe victory would be good for Zimbabwe
    • Bloated Zimbabwe parliament set to further strain fiscus
    • Mbanga in debate at Frontline Club
  • Posted 2 August 2013
    • MDC braced for a coup if it wins
    • Morgan Tsvangirai declares elections illegitimate
    • Vote counting completed in Zimbabwe polls
    • Vote chaos plunges Zimbabwe back into crisis
    • Row Erupts After Mugabe Party Claims Election Win
    • Major Flaws in Zimbabwe’s Elections
    • Claims of vote-rigging mark Zimbabwe elections
    • Zanu PF Heading for Landslide Victory in Disputed Election
    • Tension mounts as Mugabe claims poll win amid opposition protests
    • EU says Zimbabwe poll peaceful, withholds judgement on fairness
    • Bring Zim to a standstill - MDC's Bennett
    • Letter from Harare: Harare sips a cocktail of hope and dread
    • Morgan Tsvangirai declares elections illegitimate
    • Zimbabwean Vote Seriously Compromised: Observer Group
    • Shock and despair as Zanu-PF headed for victory
    • Youth Agenda Statement on elections
    • One million barred from vote: monitors
    • Statement by David Coltart re election result in Bulawayo East
    • Africa in Transition Zimbabwe Elections: A Sham
  • Posted 1/8/13
    • Zimbabwean voters find their names have 'vanished' from electoral roll as election gets underway
    • Zimbabweans shrug off cold weather with massive voter turnout
    • Traditional leaders and police “assist” voters in rural areas
    • ZEC reports high voter turnout
    • Zimbabwe election: queuing voters given more time
    • Zanu PF, War Veterans Force Zimbabweans to Vote for Mugabe
    • Zim voters' roll 'in shambles', thousands fail to cast ballots
    • ‘Tension palpable in Maramba Pfungwe’
    • No ink in Nkayi South
    • Email from a voter
    • What’s going on in Mwenezi?
    • Bogus polling station: are there more out there?
    • Intimidation in Gokwe-Gumunya
    • Two 'aliens' suddenly reappear on the voters' roll
    • ZEC regs violated in Mvurwi
    • Youths, farmers forced to vote with help from Zanu (PF)
    • Forces of evil lurking in the dark
    • SA based Zimbabweans left stranded at border
    • ZEC given last minute order to hand over voters roll to MDC-T
    • AU, SADC urged to intervene in predicted post election ‘chaos’
    • Man jailed over Baba Jukwa
    • MDC raises concern over excessive ballot papers
    • War vets confiscate Tsvangirai posters
    • 'Zanu PF causing Internet traffic jam'
    • Zanu-PF, MDC near end of 'painful' Zimbabwe unity government
    • Tsvangirai party alleges 'disturbing' vote anomalies
    • Blair to blame for Zimbabwe woes: Mugabe
    • We are confident of a win: Tsvangirai
    • Scores on the doors
  • More Articles Posted 1/8/13
    • Zimbabwean exiles call for new elections
    • Zimbabwean elections: A view from polling stations
    • Obasanjo to alert ZEC to any irregularities
    • Exiled Zimbabweans protest against unfair elections
    • Zimbabwe Votes 31st July 2013
    • Exiled Zimbabweans stage dramatic pre-election protest
    • Zimbabwe elections free and fair, says Robert Mugabe after casting vote
    • US expresses concern over Zim polls
    • Economy needs a clear winner: Gono
    • Zimbabwe elections: no matter the result, the future’s bleak (and Comrade Bob’s not going anywhere)
    • 89 reasons why Mugabe must go
    • Zimbabwe's crucial elections: what to expect and when
    • Q&A: Why Zimbabwe elections matter
    • Exclusive interview with Tsvangirai
    • Our vote is being stolen – MDC should withdraw now
    • Don’t be fooled: Zimbabwe’s land reform is no success
    • More Important Articles
  • Posted 31/7/13
    • Important Voting Notes
    • Hate speech and forgiveness, Mugabe and Tsvangirai’s last speeches
    • ZANU PF intimidation continues to rise ahead of poll
    • Chance of free and fair poll is remote says civil society
    • Mugabe to 'surrender' if he loses
    • Mugabe says generals won't interfere if he loses Zim election
    • Military junta says Mugabe will not go if defeated
    • Tsvangirai’s chief polling agent to remain in custody until August 14th
    • Battle lines drawn ahead of Wednesday polls
    • MDC-T urges massive voter turn-out despite uneven electoral field
    • Three regional observers deported
    • Three community radio journalists arrested, granted bail
    • Zec owns up to electoral irregularities
    • We'll report electoral irregularities to Zec — Obasanjo
    • Fresh vote rigging fears
    • Zanu PF buying votes with Chinese trinkets
    • Rigging Fears As ZEC Sends Triple Number of Ballots To Byo
    • Sadc, AU must intervene after polls — ICG
    • MDC-T: Zimbabwe Security Agents Take Over Election Process
    • Zec denies Jomic polls accreditation
    • ‘Zanu PF planning go-slow in urban areas’
    • Polls: Zesn deploys 7 000 observers
    • Zim polls: Heavily armed police deploy
    • Tsvangirai calls on ZEC to resign
    • Zimbabwe vote puts AU, SADC in the dock
    • Letter from David Coltart
    • Former US official says don’t let Mugabe win
  • More News Posted 31/7/13
    • Voting to Save Zimbabwe’s Economy
    • Villagers Abandon Homes as Zanu PF Evicts MDC-T Activists
    • Calls For Zimbabwe To Reveal Full Extent Of Foreign Debt
    • Zimbabwe: New government will face major debt challenge
    • Robert Mugabe's banker, the Zimbabwe oil deal and payments to children called Pride, Praise and Passion
    • Zimbabwe to intensify indigenisation of banks: Zanu-PF minister
    • Chombo order ignites demo
    • Econet and Telecel mobiles still not connecting
    • Zim Election - One day to go Regional reports from HZ
    • Zimbabwe election: Will the loser accept the result?
    • A Fudge Recipe: Determining and Declaring the Results of Zimbabwe's 2013 Presidential Election
    • The battle between the simple truth and the aggressive lie
    • Zimbabwe should ignore David Smith and Miles Tendi
    • Bill Watch 33/2013 of 29th July [Possible Implications ofConstitutional Court Giving Special Voters a SecondOpportunity to Vote]
    • Bill Watch 34/2013 of 30th July [Problems with the Electoral Act]
    • Bill Watch 35/2013 of 30th July [Response to Requests for MoreInformation - Elections Tomorrow]
    • More interesting articles....
  • Posted 30/7/13
    • Cartoon by Gado
    • Zimbabwe Elections 2013: Useful information resources
    • Thousands throng MDC-T “Red Power Monday” rally
    • Zimbabwe’s Elections: Mugabe’s Last Stand
    • Electoral Commission fails to release voters’ roll to parties
    • Zuma still blocking decade old Zim election report
    • Tsvangirai Urges Supporters to Vote For Change in Wednesday's Poll
    • Mugabe Rallies Supporters in Last Campaign Meeting Ahead of Polls
    • Zimbabwe elections: Voters' roll concerns Sadc observer
    • 'Only Zanu PF with voters’ roll’
    • Zanu PF disrupts MDC-T rallies in Bulilima
    • Tsvangirai to win 61% - Survey
    • Robert Mugabe says he will rule Zimbabwe for 'another five years' ahead of vote
    • ITV News uncovers evidence of potential voting fraud in Zimbabwe's elections
    • Counting to be done at polling stations — Zec
    • I'll suffer heart failure if I lose - Mugabe
    • Tsvangirai gets his third crack at dethroning Mugabe
    • Mugabe not his own man: Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe PM: No Trust in Free and Fair Poll
    • Succession questions loom amid Mugabe re-election bid
    • Komichi to be charged over stray ballot paper
    • Q&A: Can Zimbabwe's economy survive?
    • Is Zimbabwe heading towards another disputed election?
    • Nyoka & Kunyepa - Out With a Bang
    • London Protest at Zimbabwe Election Rigging
    • Hot Seat: Debate ZANU PF’s Cairo Mhandu and MDC-T’s Luke Tamborinyoka
    • Factbox - How Zimbabwe election voting system works
    • Timeline - Zimbabwe's tempestuous democracy
    • Zimbabwe must stop its dirty dealings
    • Odds stacked against Morgan Tsvangirai as Robert Mugabe scents victory in Zimbabwe
    • More interesting articles
  • Batch 2 Posted 29/7/13
    • Zimbabwe arrests Tsvangirai aide for reporting dumped ballots
    • Zec printing duplicate ballot papers: Biti
    • Tsvangirai to address “Red Monday” rally
    • Police impose stringent conditions for final MDC-T rally
    • Mugabe fails to fill National Sports Stadium
    • Zanu (PF) busses in villagers for Mugabe Byo rally
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe warns rival against early poll win claim
    • Tsvangirai warns Mugabe not to 'steal' Zimbabwe vote
    • Mugabe a Puppet of The Military, Says Tsvangirai, as Political Temperatures Rise
    • Zimbabwe Campaigns Enter Final Frenetic Stages
    • Violence flares up in Mberengwa
    • Obasanjo jets in, no Zim officials at airport
    • Zimbabwe election: Ageing Mugabe still hungry for power
    • Zimbabwe election: Tsvangirai has paid dearly for compromising, but has never shirked his duty
    • Mugabe hell-bent on reviving Zim dollar
    • ZANU hijacks government programme
    • ‘Credible’ elections? – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 27th July 2013
    • Statement Regarding The Failure By The Zec To Comply With Section 21 Of The Electoral Act
    • An analysis of Zanu PF's rally in Bulawayo on Saturday 27th July 2013
    • Zimbabwe's Elections: Has Robert Mugabe Changed?
    • Nelson Mandela, Robert Mugabe And The Countries They Shaped
    • After Zimbabwe election, Mugabe needs a way out
    • Coming soon, ‘Robert Mugabe: A Tyrant’s Quest for Legitimacy’
  • Posted 29/7/13
    • MDC-T, MDC candidates arrested
    • Electoral processes not transparent: Aspiring senator
    • It’s game over for Zanu PF—Bennett
    • Mugabe will fall – Report
    • MDC-T threatens Tsunga with expulsion
    • AU observer mission wants credible elections
    • Mutambara out in the cold
    • Mugabe is gone, vows Tsvangirai
    • ‘Zim needs God-fearing leadership’
    • Farmers cry foul over GMO potatoes
    • Kalangas do away with marriage practice
    • Zim to tap into US$38bn aid for development
    • Stability, enabling environment key in any business — Chirume
    • Automated trading system to double ZSE turnover
    • Hurdles await new government
    • We have an obligation to cast our vote
    • Enemies of change have something to hide
    • SundayView:Zimbabweans must shun violence all round
    • Simple message that’ll set us free
    • More to election than meets the eye
  • Posted 28/7/13
    • Police Ban Tsvangirai's Last Election Rally
    • Tsvangirai ballots found in litter bin
    • Zec special vote statement
    • Youth, rural voters may hold key to Zimbabwe election
    • CSOs doubt integrity of SADC, AU observers
    • Where are the SADC observers?
    • Mugabe: We Are Not Using State Machinery for Election Rallies
    • Zombie voters will back Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe faces July 31 elections with little violence this time; choice between old and new
    • Baba Jukwa tells of TB Joshua prophecy that Tsvangirai will win 2013 elections
    • A long trek to make a mark in Zim
    • It's Time for Mugabe to Go - By Roy Bennett
    • Mugabe should apologise too
    • Zimbabwe Election: The Costs of Coerced Coalition
    • Zimbabwe Election: Voting for Progress
    • Zimbabwe cannot remain a blight on Africa
    • All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others
    • Mugabe's British henchman
  • Batch 2 Posted 27/7/13
    • Robert Mugabe, 89, may win Zimbabwe vote, fairly or not
    • Tsvangirai accuses ZEC of key changes to vote counting
    • Tsvangirai warns of Zimbabwe election fraud
    • Tsvangirai worried service chiefs have not sworn to abide by the will of the people
    • ConCourt gives security forces another chance to vote
    • POTRAZ bans bulk text messaging service
    • Cat-and-mouse in Zimbabwe's election cyberwar
    • Funding secured for next week’s elections
    • ZBC blocks MDC election adverts
    • ZESN calls on ZEC to provide list of polling stations
    • Zim slashes growth forecast ahead of poll
    • Morgan Tsvangirai attacks African Union leader in Zimbabwe election row
    • Tsvangirai speaks out on intimidation and police inaction
    • MDC-T urged to solve Manicaland troubles ahead of elections
    • Pulling down of posters mars peaceful campaigns in Mashonaland West
    • Headmen Bar MDC Campaigns In Hurungwe
    • Mugabe bemoans loss of 14 Masvingo seats
    • Jomic officers refuise to surrender vehicles
    • Absent printing press throws ballots into chaos
    • Militias Scuttle MDC-T Campaigns In Bubi
    • Parties court Matabeleland region with 'manna'
    • Kenyan journalist detained in Harare
    • Robert Mugabe starts to send chilling signals ahead of Zimbabwe vote
    • Zim poll 'heads for run-off'
    • Meet Zimbabwe's election contenders
    • 21 Talented Students Get Sholarships to Study in USA
    • Zimbabwe's chaos theory
    • 2013 Zimbabwe Election Campaign Posters
    • Zimbabwe Elections - a Recipe for Disaster?
    • Bill Watch 31/2013 of 25th July [Special Voting Debacle]
    • Bill Watch 32/2013 of 26th July [Special Voting Debacle Prompts ZECConstitutional Court Application]
    • MyZimVote - Zimbabwe 2013 Election Testimonials
  • Posted 27/7/13
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai neck and neck
    • Election credibility at risk: Tsvangirai
    • AU speaks on Zim elections
    • Sadc fails to keep up reforms momentum
    • Mugabe hurls insults, no new ideas
    • Diasporans anxiously await July 31 elections results
    • Politicians in vote-buying spree
    • Magaisa: MDC-T forced into elections
    • GNU saved Zanu PF from the brink
    • ‘Mugabe eyeing life presidency’
    • President will win — Muchena
    • Deliberately disenfranchised
    • President attacks journalists
    • Simba Makoni still confident
    • Ncube vows to shock Zanu PF, MDC-T
    • Mugabe lashes out at Kereke
    • I will beat Mugabe: Tsvangirai
    • Mugabe’s last stand
    • Manicaland: Where discontent simmers
    • Treasury has enough money for polls — Biti
    • Zanu PF supporters threaten repeat of 2008 violence
    • Bishop angers flock over Zanu PF campaign
    • Death knell for economy if Mugabe wins
    • July 31 poll: The odds in favour of Morgan Tsvangirai
    • Face the beast without fear!
    • Zimra recognises economic realities
    • Zulu bashed for stating the obvious
    • Social media: An elections game changer
    • Rough ride after polls
    • Polls and monkey-master story
    • Free & Fair Zimbabwe Election update
  • Posted 26/7/13
    • Election resources from Kubatana - 25 July 2013
    • Election Day declared a national holiday
    • Chegutu on lockdown as ZANU PF force people to Mujuru’s rally
    • We attend ZANU (PF) rallies for T-shirts and protection
    • ZEC, Security Sector Ties Big Threat to Free Zimbabwe Polls
    • Political intimidation rife in Mvurwi
    • Zimbabwe Rights Groups Fear for Media Freedom Before Election
    • Zanu PF supporters threaten repeat of 2008 violence
    • ZBC refusing to screen MDC adverts because they are too powerful
    • TV Viewers Dump ZBC
    • Mugabe threatens to behead homosexuals
    • AU ‘happy’ with Zim election prep
    • Calm ahead of Zimbabwe vote
    • Zimbabwe Secures Funds to Conduct General Election
    • Presidential Race Tight, Heading for Run-off
    • Mugabe can't win: Analysts
    • ‘Miracle’ doctors set to arrive next week ahead of free surgeries
    • Zimbabwe mbira queen Chiwoniso Maraire dies
    • Mourning The Passing On, and Celebrating The Life of a Library and Peace Advocate, Chiwoniso Maraire
    • Why the MDCs should form an electoral pact
    • Protest at Rigged Elections - 31/07/2013
    • The Breadbasket Is Still a Basket Case
    • Poll dancing
    • Don’t let the crocodile cheat again
    • Why South Africa won't try tough love approach with Zimbabwe's Mugabe
    • Zuma, Zanu and the simple truth
    • Analysis: Maybe we expect too much from SADC on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe elections: Q&A
  • Posted 25/7/13
    • Horsetrading: A proposal for an electoral pact between the two MDC parties
    • Political parties still don’t have the voters roll
    • Increased intimidation ahead of next week’s elections
    • Chinamasa says ZANU PF has money to fund election
    • ZEC urged to tackle hate speech
    • ConCourt to rule Friday on ZEC ‘second chance’ vote application
    • Special Vote Court Challenge Faces Serious Legal Hurdles
    • Rights group intensifies protests against electoral fraud
    • Zanu PF forces people to rally
    • Tsvangirai warns chiefs
    • MDC officials up for tearing Zanu PF posters
    • Zimbabweans see red over Mugabe
    • Zanu PF tears down rivals’ campaign posters
    • High-Powered AU Delegation Arrives in Zimbabwe for Polls
    • Over 20,000 Observers To Monitor Zimbabwe Polls
    • ZEC limits EU, US embassy observers
    • Chombo debt write-off illegal - Masunda
    • HRT Position on the Debt Cancellation Directive from Minister Chombo
    • Expat Zimbabweans doubtful over fair polls
    • International relations laughs off Mugabe's comments about SA
    • New website launched to display election results in real time
    • Robert Mugabe criticises Barack Obama's gay rights stance
    • Prominent Zanu PF farmer evicts 5 families for supporting MDC-T
    • S.Africa wants Zimbabwe vote to reflect people's will -Motlanthe
    • ZEC should prove it is not rigging
    • Living standards in rural Zimbabwe has declined
    • Van Heerden rebuttal on illegal hunting activities
    • The crude dishonesty of party regalia
    • The fight is far from fair
    • The last mile
    • Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe
    • Mugabe Should Not Make Jokes Of His Failure To Rule Zimbabwe
    • More Interesting articles...
  • Posted 24/7/13
    • Election poem for Zimbabwe
    • A very funny video explains Zimbabwe’s election ‘chaos’ in under two minutes
    • Failed Special Voters to vote in general elections
    • Over 26 000 cops disenfranchised ZEC
    • ZEC prints more ballot papers than registered voters
    • Mudede must give voters' roll to Zec: MDC
    • Tsunga arrest casts doubt on election credibility
    • Diplomats cast their ballots ahead of July 31st
    • Group Rejects Former Nigerian Leader as AU Observer Head in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe mocks Zimbabwe exiles
    • Mugabe official arrested for erasing president's face from party regalia
    • No cameras or mobile phones inside polling stations
    • Zimbabwe Elections: Website to show results in realtime using interactive maps
    • Police Block NGO Meetings Ahead Of Polls
    • Tech tries to outmaneuver a tyrant in Zimbabwe
    • Ratepayers cautious as Minister Chombo orders debt write-off
    • Chombo’s directive on councils irrational
    • Shock after Zuma chastises Zim adviser
    • SA unmoved by 'contrived' diplomatic row
    • Robert Mugabe's 'age a liability ahead of Zimbabwe election'
    • Zim business sector in limbo ahead of elections
    • ROHR demo outside election offices in Harare - 22nd July 2013
    • NoViolet Bulawayo makes Man Booker Prize longlist
    • Smallholders Feed a Nation as Land Reform Fails
    • Robert Mugabe's Israeli Connection
    • Free & Fair Zimbabwe Election update
    • Is SA scared of Bob Mugabe?
    • What if Tsvangirai wins?
    • Zimbabwe elections: Is the voters' roll rigged?
    • Zimbabwe – Rushing and cheating
  • Posted 23/7/13
    • Robert Mugabe pins his hopes on poll chaos
    • SA’s Zulu silenced as SADC yields to Mugabe
    • Pfebve arrested for putting up Tsvangirai posters
    • Chief Justice refuses to hear insult law challenge
    • Expensive vehicles for ZANU PF candidates
    • Electoral Body Concerned by 'Inflammatory' Language use Ahead of Polls
    • ZBC attack adds target Tsvangirai’s sex scandals
    • Mugabe's selective memory - Mawere
    • Be a man - Tsvangirai challenges Mugabe to TV debate
    • Tsvangirai Says he Remains Open to an Election Pact With Ncube
    • Aliens protest at ZEC offices
    • Summit warns on Zimbabwe election
    • Thousands at Tsvangirai weekend rallies
    • ‘Top-secret dossier’ shows how ZANU PF will steal the election
    • Police bar youth sports tournament in Zvimba
    • State House race hots up with 9 days to poll
    • Zim elections: SALC condemns arrest of top lawyer
    • Free Mugabe from fear — Makoni
    • African Consolidated Resources Plans To Build Zimbabwe’s Largest Ever Open Pit Gold Mine
    • Retraction of statement on Happyton Bonyongwe
    • An MDC victory will end years of people’s misery
    • Pre-election Brief Newsletter
    • Serious irregularities in Zimbabwe elections - Ian Davidson
    • SADC communique on Zimbabwe
  • Batch 2 Posted 22/7/13
    • Proof Mugabe buys elections
    • Organising Zimbabwe vote will be 'tough': SADC warns
    • SADC 'Notes' Special Vote Problems; to Support Harare run Credible Poll
    • South Africa Regrets 'Unfortunate' and 'Unauthorized' Zimbabwe Comments
    • Mugabe tells Zuma to silence spiky aide
    • Tsvangirai warns Zimbabwe's election body
    • Zec not fit to run elections: CCDZ
    • As Zimbabwe’s presidential poll looms, a critic of corruption at the top has died in a mysterious crash
    • Mugabe begs Sadc
    • Bulawayo roots for Tsvangirai
    • Judges' appointments illegal: MDC
    • Tsvangirai takes dig at Obert Mpofu
    • Baba Jukwa Latest: Ballot Printer Contract Siege
    • EFF denies funding by Mugabe men
    • Mudede faces fresh hurdle
    • Chickens coming home for Zanu PF
    • As Zimbabwe vote nears, state media drown out others
    • Baba Jukwa unmasked – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 20th July 2013
    • Tsvangirai's address to Gweru supporters
    • James Duddridge MP: Could the Zimbabwe election result be decided before polling day?
  • Posted 22/7/13
    • Sadc in crisis meeting over Zim election
    • More promises as poll fever grips Zim
    • Zim election dogged by controversy
    • Tsunga arrested for taking part in ‘illegal’ procession
    • Likely scenarios of the post election era
    • Special votes verification process begins
    • Mugabe represents darkness: Tsvangirai
    • Mzembi mocks Zanu PF primary election losers
    • Tourists buying Zim dollar in Vic Falls
    • Lack of food supplements affects ART programme
    • Mat North yearns for development
    • Dollarisation wipes out domestic savings
    • Government turns Vic Falls into conference hub
    • SundayView: Zimbabweans must shun violence all round
    • 2013 poll: Fair game or manipulation of figures?
    • Elections about renewal, stupid
    • ZEC should walk the talk
  • Posted 21/7/13
    • SA calls mini SADC summit on Zim
    • Zim elections: Top lawyer running for Parliament arrested
    • MDC-T defiant as cop vote case dismissed
    • Makarau fends off bias allegations
    • MDC could win Zim election
    • First independent TV station goes on air
    • Where to find Zimbabwe 1st TV on the internet: Streaming, YouTube, Facebook
    • New Independent Television Station Upsets Mugabe
    • Tsvangirai Promises to Revive Troubled Bulawayo Industries
    • Pictures: MDC-T youth hospitalised after another attack by Zanu PF thugs
    • Prof. Ncube: Devolution Set to Empower Local People
    • Zim: Rigged poll claims 'just politicking'
    • Mugabe urges Zuma to silence advisor
    • Elliot Pfebve released without charge
    • Gono’s Farm Goes Up in Mysterious Flames After Baba Jukwa Warning
    • Still hope for Zimbabwe elections, US ambassador
    • Unpopular Zimbabwe dollar set to return?
    • Hot Seat transcript: Irene Petras the director of the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights
    • Time has almost run out
  • Batch 2 Posted 20/7/13
    • MDC-T special vote case dismissed by Justice Chiweshe
    • ‘Unhappy’ Zuma to host Zim pre-election summit
    • Biti claims Mudede created four different voters rolls
    • MDC raises concerns over Nikuv voters' roll 'manipulation'
    • Vote rigging worries escalate
    • 13 days to election and intimidation on increase
    • Villagers barred from MDC rally
    • Over 50 pct of Zimbabwean security forces miss early vote: official
    • Special Voting a Sham: Election Resource Centre
    • New messaging service to help monitor presidential poll results
    • 5 Parties Endorse Tsvangirai in Zimbabwe Presidential Race
    • Blistering Zanu PF Election Adverts Stun MDC-T
    • Mugabe vows to 'cripple' new satellite TV station
    • As Zimbabwe vote nears, state media drown out others
    • Zimbabwe state media's scribes make a show for Zanu-PF
    • Fair Zimbabwe elections possible: AU
    • 'Challenges' in Zimbabwe vote: SA chief envoy
    • US will revisit Zimbabwe sanctions if elections are credible
    • Tsvangirai will win: Moyo
    • 'Govt has ignored Matabeleland'
    • Beatrice Mtetwa trial resumes in Harare court
    • Cheeky satire hits the streets of Harare ahead of Zimbabwe poll
    • The first Baba Jukwa interview
    • Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe As Machiavelli: Running On Dollarization...And Gold
    • Time for SADC to admit defeat in Madagascar as it has, effectively, in Zimbabwe
    • Zanu has lost social base: academics
    • Drivel from Dictators
    • Violence and Transition in Post Settler-Colonial states
    • An audit of Zimbabwe's 2013 voters' roll
    • Mugabe and Zanu PF have absolutely no intention of surrendering power
  • Posted 20/7/13
    • Israeli elections rigging machine exposed
    • Zanu PF implicated in corruption
    • CIO splurges US$3m on cars for elections
    • Controversy over special voting rages on
    • Zanu PF, MDC-T sweat over ‘rebels’
    • Mugabe elections rush in disarray
    • July 31: Events leave Zim on edge
    • Is Zim headed for another dead end?
    • Battle for the apostolic vote
    • Churches fear being hijacked
    • ‘Mugabe relative wreaking havoc’
    • Inside Zanu PF’s Mash Central stronghold
    • Retired bishop endorses Tsvangirai
    • Why are prices not decreasing?
    • Zim’s UNWTO preparations gather momentum
    • Zimbabwe’s inflation declines further
    • On campaign trail: Queen Elizabeth vs Amazing Grace
    • Mugabe judges appointments stink
    • Elections accelerating economic decline
    • Zim’s touch-and-go relations with West
    • Votes are usually won, not ‘bagged’
    • Mugabe still holds all the poll cards
    • Zanu PF bequeaths Zimbabweans grinding poverty
    • Re-electing Mugabe simply disastrous
    • What does Zec have to hide?
  • Posted 19/7/13
    • SADC Troika expected to hold Zim summit Saturday?
    • ZEC urged to fight for election postponement
    • Zim election not looking good: Zuma envoy
    • Monitors foresee Zim poll chaos
    • EU threatens to withhold Zec support
    • Special vote ruling expected Friday
    • Attorney General Submits Police Figures to Zimbabwe Judge
    • ZEC apology over special vote fiasco
    • Will Zim security forces get second chance to vote?
    • ZANU PF youths terrorise Chitungwiza
    • Youth sports meeting threatened by ZANU PF militia
    • Police open fire at Harare Demo
    • Women, Youth Attack Parties for Dumping Quota System in Polls
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe lashes out at 'insane' Washington
    • Tsvangirai offers Mugabe safe exit
    • Zim polls in spotlight at SA-EU summit
    • Dabengwa Won't Pull Out of Presidential Race to Boost Coalition Partner Ncube
    • Judges' appointments: Mugabe did not consult Tsvangirai
    • I won’t move into State House: Tsvangirai
    • Audit: More Than a Million Extra Names on Zimbabwe Voter Rolls
    • President Tsvangirai’s rallies attract massive of rural communities
    • Lawyers petition Mudede to withdraw “voters’ roll” application
    • REVIEW: The Hard Road To Reform: The Politics Of Zimbabwe's Global Political Agreement
    • Hammond’s photo essay of Zimbabwe’s tragedy
    • The names of SA Parliamentarians on the SADC Observer Mission
    • The iron laws of Zimbabwean politics
    • ZANU-PF is not serious
    • Foreign & Commonwealth Office Report on Human Rights in Zimbabwe
    • Simukai : Protect Your Vote
    • Court Watch 10/2013 of 17th July 2013 [State v Solomon Madzore:Charge - Insulting the President]
    • Bill Watch 30/2013 of 18th July [Countdown to Elections]
  • Posted 18/7/13
    • Special vote court case postponed as ZEC u-turns on voters’ roll
    • Registrar-General Blocks NGO's Attempt to Scrutinize Voters Roll
    • Judge Orders Attorney General to Probe Zimbabwe Police Figures
    • Zimbabwe security forces to get second chance to vote
    • High Court bars advocacy group from launching voters roll audit
    • ZANU PF ‘quits’ govt watchdog group, blames MDCs
    • Zanu PF’s pull out of JOMIC thoughtless
    • EU observer mission barred — Mumbengegwi
    • Cops furnish MDC with voters' roll
    • Zim voting delay could cause polling chaos
    • Two million youths fail to register to vote
    • Doubts over AU summit on Zim elections
    • 2 000 Zimbabwe war vets demand compensation
    • Presidential campaign hots up as poll nears
    • Independent Zimbabwe poll monitors foresee more poll chaos, call for election postponement
    • Defiant prosecutors deny bail to two Beitbridge residents
    • Chitungwiza rally tragedy
    • Zec not ready for polls: MDC
    • Baba Jukwa: ‘Zanu PF To Push For Election Date Shift’
    • 1st TV to the rescue after Zim loses SABC signal
    • Zimbabwe media landscape to open up?
    • Land reform made poverty worse: study
    • Voters grill political parties
    • MDC-T Manifesto: Election Manifesto 2013
    • ZANU PF Manifesto: Team Zanu PF 2013
    • 18,000 voices call for violence free elections in Zimbabwe
    • Expectations are low as Zimbabwe goes to the polls
    • Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe cannot survive an era of internet openness
    • My Vote Zimbabwe
    • Open Letter To The African Union July2013
    • Bill Watch 29/2013 of 17th July [Legislation Update]
  • Posted 17/7/13
    • Deadly stampede at ZANU PF rally in Chitungwiza
    • AU calls Zim summit after pleas from MDCs
    • Mugabe SADC Summit Remarks Amaze Political Opponents
    • EU criticised for early pledge to lift ZANU PF sanctions
    • Biti accuses junta of running parallel structures in ZEC
    • ZEC Extends Special Voting Time Amid Bungling Concerns
    • U.S. worried by lack of transparency in lead-up to Zimbabwe vote
    • Zec taken over by military junta — Biti
    • Zanu PF chaos faction continues to manipulate special voting
    • Panicky ZANU PF resorts to intimidation as election approaches
    • Massive busing in of police officers to polling stations
    • Mugabe showing his age on campaign trail
    • President leaves for Lesotho
    • SARS seizes R17m worth of cocaine on Zimbabwe border
    • Credible polls crucial for education sector: Coltart
    • Hot Seat transcript: ICG’s Trevor Maisiri on election campaign
    • Sapes Trust Policy Dialogue Forum
    • Who will take us to Canaan?
    • Zimbabwe's winter of discontent?
    • Will the West stand up for a free election in Zimbabwe?
  • Posted 16/7/13
    • Chaos mars special voting countrywide
    • Chaotic Special Vote exposes ZEC’s lack of readiness for polls
    • Cops smash windows in special voting chaos
    • Judge Chiweshe deferred MDC-T special ballot hearing to Wednesday
    • ZANU PF intimidation leaves Gokwe residents ‘living in fear’
    • 'This is the last mile'
    • Mujuru promises church leaders houses, farms
    • Hate speech and misinformation on the rise ahead of poll
    • Police Constabulary establishment by Isaac Dziya
    • Zanu PF thugs attack Tsunga volunteers
    • MDC candidates threaten pullout
    • The world is watching you, says SADC
    • Mandaza claims Mugabe rigged 2002 election
    • Human rights activist killed in suspected car crash plot
    • Baba Jukwa Triggers ‘Massive’ Police Officer Protest
    • Zim's political future shrouded in uncertainty
    • Time to give Zimbabwe back to the people
    • First day of special voting marred by serious logistical nightmares
    • Chaotic special voting worrying ahead of harmonised elections
    • Q+A: Will Zimbabwe’s "watershed" elections be free, fair and peaceful?
    • Zimbabwe Election Candidates - 2013
    • A ballot and a prayer
  • Batch 2 Posted 15/7/13
    • High Court to hear special vote challenge Monday
    • Zimbabwe early vote marred by delays
    • Harare Central special voting marked by ill-preparedness
    • Voter envelops delay in Chitungwiza
    • Shortage of ballots affects special vote in Highfield
    • Special Vote in Chaotic Start
    • Police clarify special voting numbers
    • African Union to send 60 observers
    • Mugabe pleads for Masowe vote
    • Mugabe hunts for internet mole 'Baba Jukwa' revealing his secrets
    • Baba Jukwa Latest Tip Index Tortures Mugabe & ZANU PF
    • Zimbabwe dollar coming back
    • ROHR Zimbabwe demonstrates in Harare for the right to vote
    • Zimbabwean activist killed
    • SADC: stand up to Mugabe – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 13th July 2013
    • I'm ready to govern: Tsvangirai
    • Sakubva Stadium explodes to change message
    • Tsvangirai checkmates Mugabe at Mucheke
    • Vince Musewe new book: None but Ourselves-imprisoned by our liberators
  • Posted 15/7/13
    • ‘Zimbabwe special ballot fraught with disparities’
    • ZEC treading on thin line as polls beckon
    • Zanu PF leads in human rights violations
    • Selfishness blots out Zimbabwe poll grand coalition
    • Welshman Ncube vows to stop Mugabe
    • Mugabe pleads for Apostolic vote
    • Mugabe’s secret strategy revealed
    • Candidates promise voters heaven on earth
    • Tarusenga promises positive change to St Mary’s residents
    • The pain that witch-hunters bring to villagers
    • Outcry over women’s arrests
    • Access to health facilities remains a mirage
    • Unpacking MDC-T’s Housing policy
    • Elections: Your choice is your right
    • Onslaught on independent candidates unreasonable
    • Keep Zimbabwe dollar in the archives
  • Posted 14/7/13
    • Vote rigging
    • Zim pledges quick results after election
    • Tsvangirai: I Will Beat Mugabe in Free, Fair Election
    • Mugabe takes a swipe at white people, gay rights in Africa
    • Zuma assasination plot claim hogwash: Zanu PF
    • Rivals target Mugabe’s advanced age
    • Mugabe can't be trusted to lead Zim - Mawere
    • Grace tells Mugabe’s rival no vacancy at State House
    • Tsvangirai makes job poll pitch
    • A Troublemaker Emerges In Zimbabwe Elections
    • Zimbabwe’s Assange Baba Jukwa Exposes Harare Murder
    • Baba Jukwa exposes special vote fraud
    • Zimbabwe Bishops: may our country rise to new life
    • President Tsvangirai addresses thousands at Sakubva Stadium
    • How many diplomats to change a light bulb?
    • "Walk the Talk": Zimbabwe must respect and protect fundamental freedoms during the 2013 harmonized elections
  • Batch 2 Posted 13/7/13
    • State ‘hostility’ towards civil society threatens credible Zim poll
    • Police block Tsvangirai meetings
    • Two million people unregistered
    • ZESN claims 750,000 voters missing from voters roll
    • Names of all PTUZ members as polling officers’ deleted
    • Irate Aliens Stage Protests, Demand Voters' Roll Inclusion
    • EU to lift Zimbabwe sanctions if vote fair: ambassador
    • Zimbabwean leaders trade insults as election campaign hots up
    • Mugabe spies feeding me: Tsvangirai
    • MDC’s Ncube launches election bid with call for principled leadership
    • Zim elections: Welshman Ncube is sitting pretty
    • Obasanjo to lead AU observer team
    • Diaspora urged to participate in electoral process
    • Zim house to go under hammer for farmers
    • Robert Mugabe plotted Jacob Zuma assassination, document claims
    • Zimbabwe hospital charges women $5 for each scream during childbirth
    • Aspiring Legislator Remains Incarcerated
    • MyZimVote Continues to Help Voters Verify Registration
    • MDC assured of victory – President Tsvangirai
    • Zanu PF in defeat imminent: presses panic button
    • Old rooster Mugabe rallies one more time
    • 'Do or die' for glum Mugabe
    • Dear SA, Save us - we need SABC channels
    • MDC-T: We're on the road to yet another disputed poll
    • Prime Minister Tsvangirai, why do you even bother?
    • Standing Idle As A Bully Disintegrates SADC
    • Speech by Senator David Coltart at 3rd Ministers Youth World Forum 11th July 2013
    • Court Watch 9/2013 of 10th July [Glen View 29 Murder Trial - Part II - Update and Review of Struggle for Bail]
  • Posted 13/7/13
    • July 31 polls: Army versus people
    • Poll preps: Zec in tight corner
    • Mugabe’s frailty exposed at Nzvimbo rally
    • Tsvangirai responds to Grace Mugabe attack
    • MDC launches manifesto in Mash East
    • Zanu PF bigwigs clash over Kereke
    • Litmus test for Zec as special vote starts
    • Zanu PF begs rebels to withdraw
    • No immediate return to Zim dollar: Gono
    • Aspiring MPs go on door-to-door campaign
    • Gukurahundi sore point in Matabeleland — Tshinga Dube
    • Fear of violence linger on in Mash Central: PM Tsvangirai
    • Prison inmates won’t vote: Makarau
    • Grace Mugabe an embarrassing simpleton — MDC-T
    • ‘Zec logistical hurdles denied registrants’
    • Zec should extend mobile voter registration — Zesn
    • ‘Political uncertainty currently halting business decisions’
    • Economy slows as polls draw closer
    • Mugabe’s Sadc pullout threat ‘cheap rhetoric’
    • Issues and trivia in manifestos..as parties fight for voters’ hearts
    • Zimdollar: Zanu PF’s Sword of Damocles
    • Independence is not necessarily freedom
    • Mugabe threats expose policy bankruptcy
    • Value-addition a must for Zimbabwe’s recovery
    • Reflecting on positive Zimbabwe GNU moments
    • July 31 polls: History repeats itself
    • Editor’s Memo: A million ripples of change
    • Polls’ credibility already damaged
  • Posted 12/7/13
    • ZEC adds 672 polling stations for elections
    • SADC under pressure to intervene in ‘illegal’ poll
    • Battle of Provinces 2013, Mugabe versus Tsvangirai
    • Vote rigging fears rise amid calls for extension of registration exercise
    • Mugabe says 'whole country' will vote for his Zanu-PF party
    • Mugabe Attacks Tsvangirai, Labels Unity Govt 3-Legged Snake
    • Biti says 300 000 failed to register in Harare alone
    • ZEC unable to verify authenticity of ZRP special ballot application numbers-Makarau
    • MDC-T deputy minister’s campaign team attacked
    • Campaigning hots up as elections approach
    • Mugabe cuts down rallies
    • Zim blogger dishes out dirt
    • Zanu PF expels Kereke
    • Police Chief: We Are Not Forcing Officers to Vote for Mugabe
    • No immediate return of Zim dollar - Gono
    • Scores of sex workers languish in remand prison
    • Zim launches fresh onlsaught against NGO’s
    • A Promise in Peril: Widespread Human Rights Violations Threaten Elections in Zimbabwe
    • MDC-T comment on special vote
    • It’s the same sad story in Zimbabwe, despite progress in governance elsewhere in Africa
    • Does past sacrifice bestow an entitlement to power?
    • Why has the West's Stance on Zimbabwe Softened?
  • Posted 11/7/13
    • 209 polling stations designated for special voting
    • 60 000 Zimbabwe police apply to vote?
    • ZEC Probes Huge Armed Forces Special Vote Applications
    • Carter Center denied accreditation to observe Zimbabwe polls
    • Voter registration: Zesn calls for more time
    • BE EMPOWERED - Please tell all you know to report incidents as they happen to this website
    • MDC-T urges ZEC to extend voter registration
    • Zimbabwe’s increasingly popular ‘mole’ blogger dishes out dirt on president’s party
    • Corrected link - Nyoka and Kunyepa Don't Say that Word!
    • Defaced election posters stoking tensions in Kwekwe & Bulawayo
    • Finance Minister Biti pleads with Mugabe on diamond revenue
    • Tsvangirai hits campaign trail as Mugabe dithers
    • Tsvangirai: SADC Prevented Mugabe Disgraceful Exit
    • Mugabe’s tragic beef with SADC
    • MDC-T Goes Back to SADC, Claims Voters' Roll Fraud
    • Nine Tsvangirai party members attacked in Zimbabwe
    • Didymus Mutasa sues Biti for $5m
    • Madhuku's NCA fails to pay ex-workers
    • Zim freezes spending
    • Sapes Trust Policy Dialogue Forum
    • IFJ Condemns Arrest of Student Journalist In Zim
    • ZESN statement on end of voter registration
    • Global Corruption: Where bribery flourishes (and where it doesn't)
    • Curren$y: Taking A Stand For Change
    • Changing lives in Zimbabwe from far away
    • my Voice, my Zim
    • Robert Mugabe holds all the cards in Zimbabwe elections
  • Posted 10/7/13
    • Zimbabwe campaign starts amid concern over electoral reforms
    • ZEC wraps up voter registration
    • Zimbabweans Cry Foul as Mobile Voter Registration Ends
    • Zimbabwe minister: $85M short of funds, preparations for vote 3 weeks away a ‘nightmare’
    • MDC youth leader challenges Mugabe insult law in Constitutional Court
    • ZANU PF ‘friends’ among foreign observers invited ahead of elections
    • Independent candidates allowed to use MDC-T logo
    • Mawere backs Tsvangirai for President
    • Soldiers, cops to vote on Sunday
    • Special voting system rig proof — Zec
    • Analysts hail political alliances
    • Kereke threatens fragile Zanu PF unity
    • Poor Facilities, Lack of Books Crippling Zimbabwe Education
    • Furious Mutasa vows to sue Biti over fire death claims
    • 12 die in Zimbabwe traffic accidents
    • Bredenkamp in $4m fraud
    • Mabika acquitted in Mugabe beasts charge
    • EU pledges over $200m for Zim health, agriculture
    • Next episode - Nyoka and Kunyepa - Don't Say that Word
    • Statement from Twala Trust re Bally Vaughan
    • ZANU PF’s self-indulgent deceit
    • Ten Point Guide to Reading Zimbabwean Political Party Manifestos in 2013
  • Posted 9/7/13
    • MKD and ZANU Ndonga announce pact with MDC-T
    • Tsvangirai forges coalition to unseat Mugabe
    • Biti freezes government payments to part-pay elections
    • Queue-busting MyZimVote praised as registration nears end
    • Mudede Warns Zimbabweans Against Relying on 'Distorted' Online Voters' Roll
    • Two days left, people still trying to register
    • MDC-T to overhaul security services if party wins elections
    • Teachers union expresses concern ahead of elections
    • Zimbabwe To Recruit South Korean Maths And Science Teachers
    • ZBC demands $165,000 from MDC-T for coverage
    • ZBC TV ignores MDC manifesto rally
    • Charamba blasts US envoy over ZBC
    • Zim must be strong, just — US envoy
    • Chinese company to contract 80,000 Zimbabwean tobacco growers
    • UNWTO: Mzembi begs private sector aid
    • Mzembi's 'dodgy' degrees
    • Ncube's MDC set for Chikomba campaign launch
    • Zimbabwe's circumcision drive fails to take off
    • Zimbabwe pays back IMF debts
    • Zimbabwe vulnerable to external shocks—WB
    • Mugabe Can’t Withdraw Zimbabwe From SADC, Tsvangirai Says
    • SADC exit threat: Mugabe clearly overreacting
    • Mugabe’s language is abusive
    • New Report: Widespread Human Rights Violations Threaten Elections in Zimbabwe
  • Batch 2 Posted 8/7/13
    • Tsvangirai Launches Election Bid With "Heavy Heart", Says Vote Won't be Fair
    • Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai says no chance of fair vote
    • Zimbabwe’s premier bows to pressure for July polls, says nation eager to end Mugabe’s rule
    • ZBC demanded $165 000 for live MDC-T manifesto launch
    • Ghost voters haunt country ahead of July 31 poll
    • Mugabe lashes out at SA mediator, threatens to quit SADC
    • Lindiwe Zulu a "streetwalker" and "stupid idiotic woman" - Robert Mugabe
    • Angry region confers on Mugabe insults
    • President Zuma must stand up to Mugabe
    • 'No early Zim dollar return,' says Mugabe
    • Zim dollar backed by gold is 'undiluted rubbish'
    • ZCTF's Johnny Rodrigues In Hospital
    • No good GNUs - Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 6th July 2013
    • President Morgan Tsvangirai’s speech at the launch of the 2013 Harmonised Election Campaign Marondera
  • Posted 8/7/13
    • Fight for positions scuppers coalition
    • Independent candidates’ chances slim
    • Zim goes for elections without reforms
    • Zanu PF manifesto a rehash of old themes
    • Fissures widen in Zanu PF ahead of polls
    • ZBC demands US$165 000 from MDC-T
    • Zapu, Dabengwa hold maiden rally
    • SundayView:Marginalising the diaspora is retrogressive
    • SundayOpinion:Ruling paves way for rigging of elections
    • Something up Zanu PF’s sleeve
    • Hate speech resurfaces
  • Posted 7/7/13
    • Complicated Registration ‘Designed’ to Prevent Zimbabwean’s From Voting
    • Registration 'delaying tactics' rile voters
    • Zimbabwe's President Mugabe predicts '90% poll victory'
    • Zanu PF supporters fight for bread
    • Special vote poses no threat to the disciplined services and elections officers
    • South Africans hit back at Mugabe insults
    • Ncube, Dabengwa forge pact
    • Mugabe working with Gono on Zimdollar
    • Funding for Hasty Zimbabwe Elections Still Elusive
    • Zimbabwe’s Bally Vaughan Animal Sanctuary Controversy Clarified
    • More voters than real people
  • Batch 2 Posted 6/7/13
    • Mugabe ‘threatens’ to withdraw from SADC
    • Widespread discrepancies between voters’ roll & population census
    • Grand coalition against Mugabe almost a done deal?
    • ZANU PF ‘manifesto’ launch silent on policies, loud on rhetoric
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe launches 'fight for life' poll campaign
    • Mugabe warns Zanu PF against ‘Bhora Musango’
    • Zanu PF admits primaries 'irregularities'
    • Disgruntled Zanu-PF rebels stand their ground
    • Zimbabwe roll excludes millions of young voters
    • Coltart: School calendar changed due to elections
    • Poll date ruling proves court bias: MDC-T
    • Cornered MDC-T Candidate Vows to Take Part in Elections
    • Zimbabwe shuts door on asset seizure
    • Don't ignore Baba Jukwa: Analysts
    • Zim army gets down to business
    • No more SABC for Zimbabwe
    • All power in Mugabe's court
    • MyZimVote goes mobile
    • On Spending Your Day Waiting To Register
    • HOT SEAT: Interview Beatrice Mtetwa
    • "Democracy"
    • Bill Watch 28/2013 of 4th July [Constitutional Court Confirms 31st July Election Date]
    • Constitution Watch 31/2013 of 4th July 2013 [Local Authorities: Is their Early Demise and the Ignoring of New Council Boundaries Constitutional?]
  • Posted 6/7/13
    • Mugabe promises cash, cars for Zanu PF
    • Mugabe hypocrisy exposed
    • Zanu PF rigging machinery in overdrive
    • Grand coalition talks on
    • Mugabe to launch campaign today
    • Zanu PF militarises its structures
    • Concourt upholds elections date
    • Politburo tackles elections rigging
    • EU insists on free, credible elections
    • Mugabe, perm secretaries in charge
    • Why grand coalition failed
    • Parties hit by funding problems
    • Zanu PF, MDC-T fail democracy test
    • MDC-T national council to decide on Dangamvura-Chikanga candidate
    • Mudede deliberately disenfranchises voters
    • How Zanu PF keeps Harare South
    • Time running out for villagers facing eviction
    • Airzim fares raise viability questions
    • Biti set to demonetise Zim dollar
    • The new myth of a rising Africa
    • Elections should retire Mugabe
    • Mzembi deserves some kudos for a change
    • Thirty-three years on Zim still yearns for freedom
    • Settling the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe ’s debts
    • Nkomo’s legacy: Who is he to you, me?
  • Posted 5/7/13
    • Constitutional Court upholds Mugabe’s July 31st poll date
    • Concerns over special voting mount in Zimbabwe
    • Voter registration material runs out in Bulawayo
    • Election funding constraints threaten best practices
    • State media ‘sincerity’ questioned after it stops political advertising
    • Rights breaches alleged as PM’s aides seek ConCourt hearing
    • Zanu PF to bus supporters for manifesto launch
    • MDC launches elections manifesto on Sunday
    • New community newspaper launches in Harare
    • Mugabe Stormed & Humiliated By Protesters in Harare
    • Mugabe admits scholarship scheme not paying fees
    • Mugabe begs for votes
    • CIO torture base to re-open?
    • Masvingo defies Zanu PF politburo over Kereke
    • Chaos grips Zanu PF in Maramba Pfungwe
    • PM pledges to transform rural communities
    • Party leader berates ‘cowardly comrades’
    • Survey: Zimbabwe Youth Itching to Vote in 2013 Elections
    • The mystery that is Zimbabwe
    • Media Workers and Human Rights Activists Battle Against Zimbabwean Threats to Freedom of Expression
    • Drawing lessons from Egypt to shape EU policy on Zimbabwe
    • The legal activist facing a Mugabe prison
    • Inside Mugabe’s atrocities with documentary “Beatrice Mtetwa and The Rule of Law”
    • Bill Watch 27/2013 of 3rd July [A Lame End to the Seventh Parliament]
  • Posted 4/7/13
    • Fears Zimbabwe's election is being stolen by Mugabe allies through purge of electoral roll
    • Prove poll fix claim, Mudede tells MDC-T
    • Madhuku says court will uphold July 31st poll date
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai Lawyers Fight Over Election Date
    • Voter registration nightmare continues for ‘aliens’
    • SABC switch-off a blow to millions of Zimbabweans
    • Baba Jukwa hits harder
    • PM's aide steps up fight for Supreme Court referral
    • 200 Zanu PF Protesters Besiege Party Headquarters
    • Zanu primaries chaotic: Mutasa
    • Mliswa clashes with provincial chairman
    • 11 journalists enter parly race
    • ZANU PF slams SA’s ‘terrier’ Lindiwe Zulu
    • Obama fundraiser pushing for ZANU PF re-engagement
    • Villagers in court for invading State farm
    • China still Zim’s biggest foreign investor
    • MDC Mudzi west candidate receives live bullets
    • Mugabe and the Junta will not succeed this time if Zimbabweans keep their eye on the ball
  • Posted 3/7/13
    • Tsvangirai accuses Israeli specialists of rigging voters roll
    • Soldiers and police officers to cast ballots in secret
    • ZEC trains polling agents as civic groups await accreditation
    • Zanu PF rebels bow to party pressure
    • South Africa Asks US to Ease Zimbabwe Sanctions
    • Election date case takes new twist
    • ZANU PF ‘criminal’ candidate manages to file nomination papers
    • 'Tether your terrier': Zim government pounces on Zuma adviser
    • Zanu PF Meets With African Union Election Observer Team
    • Zim paper calls Obama out on 'international barbarism'
    • Zimbabwean Cabinet Still Legally Functional
    • Ncube defends Prisicilla’s Mat South bid
    • Zimbabwean Women Urged to Withhold Sex Unless Men Vote
    • Companies Retrench 800 Workers in 2013 First Quarter
    • UK steps up deportations of Zimbabweans
    • Free life-changing surgeries to take place in Harare in August
    • New fibre optic cable plans for Zambia, SA and Zimbabwe
    • Wiztech, SABC and the Grim Television Reality of Zimbabwe
    • Deve: 'Mugabe is fairly confident'
    • A clean and up to date voter’s roll key to credible elections
    • Opinion piece By Abednico Bhebhe – MDC-T deputy organizing secretary
    • MDC primaries – time for inclusivity and healing
  • Posted 2/7/13
    • ZANU PF lashes out after Obama calls for reforms
    • Mugabe's Media Accuses Obama Of 'Sinister Plan' To Affect Zimbabwe Elections
    • Power corruption killed Zimbabwe hope: Obama
    • SADC hoping for one month Zim poll delay
    • New electronic voters’ roll makes inspection easier for Zimbabweans
    • Release Poll Funds Urgently, Cash-Strapped Electoral Body Tells Harare
    • Chaos reigns as Zim prepares for elections
    • RG ignores Mawere court ruling: Coltart
    • Hope For Murambatsvina Victims as Harare Ratifies Displaced People's Convention
    • MDC-T moves to address multiple candidates fiasco
    • Ncube ready to re-admit Mutambara
    • Mugabe back from Singapore
    • Government takes over RBZ debt
    • IMF's Unsung Staff Monitored Program for Zimbabwe
    • Water woes at Chikurubi
    • Tsvangirai meets ZEC officials
    • ZESN observes Nomination Court proceedings
    • Politics should serve business
    • Zim’s electoral drama enters home stretch
    • Taking on the Zanu-PF Goliath
  • Batch 2 Posted 1/7/13
    • Obama says Zimbabwe has opportunity, needs free and fair poll
    • Mugabe ruling by decree
    • SA wants month-long poll delay: Zulu
    • Voter registration ‘favours Zanu PF’, parties
    • Grace Kwinjeh bounces back
    • MDC- T fields more than one candidate per ward for elections
    • Zanu PF rigs own election
    • Mtetwa's case postponed to July 19
    • Zanup PF line: Their prospects
    • The next episode Nyoka and Kunyepa - A Simple Matter
    • A closed door – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 29th June 2013
    • Of elections, border chaos
    • ‘Time for a fresh start’
  • Posted 1/7/13
    • ‘Zanu PF high voter turnout not credible’
    • Police continue to disregard Police Act
    • Soldiers move in to save Mugabe
    • No rest for Constitutional Court judges
    • Baba Jukwa stresses my family — Kasukuwere
    • ‘MDC-T manifesto will address people’s rights, unemployment’
    • Failed grand coalition: Did the MDCs hand over victory to Zanu PF?
    • Coltart warns politicians against abusing pupils
    • ‘Mupfumi betrayed our constituency’
    • Veld fires claim five lives in Manicaland province
    • Less painful circumcision method on the cards
    • World Bank readies for re-engagement
    • SundayView:Something to write home about
    • SundayOpinion:GNU created a stable economic environment
    • Democratic movement seems to lose direction
    • Zanu PF trickery must be exposed

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