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Harare in talks with soldiers over salaries

Zim Online

Thu 27 April 2006

      HARARE - Zimbabwe State Security Minister Didymus Mutasa has confirmed
security forces have asked for more pay from the government but dismissed
claims of low morale among soldiers and police, like everyone else
struggling to survive under Zimbabwe's punishing economic conditions.

      Mutasa said the security forces were highly disciplined, followed
correct channels to raise grievances and would never listen to
"opportunistic opposition leaders" - a clear reference to opposition leader
Moran Tsvangirai who has urged security forces not to oppose anti-government
protests because they were underpaid.

      The Security Minister, who spoke to ZimOnline on a number of
security-related issues this week, said: "A lot has been said about low
morale within the force. Some, like Morgan Tsvangirai were even saying
because of that (low morale) the security organs would not stop their

      "But we have highly disciplined security personnel that do not play to
the tune of opportunistic opposition leaders. That is why, as I speak, they
are in salary negotiations with the Ministry of Labour. They know the right
channels to follow when they want issues addressed."

      ZimOline three weeks ago revealed that Zimbabwe Defence Forces
commander, General Constantine Chiwenga, told Mugabe to raise soldiers'
salaries to secure their support in the event of a Tsvangirai-led mass

      According to our sources, Mugabe has already given the go-ahead for a
salary hike for police and soldiers and on-going negotiations between the
Labour Ministry and the Defence Services Commission that Mutasa referred to
were just to iron out the finer details.

      Tsvangirai has vowed to call mass protests this winter to force Mugabe
to step down and pave way for a government of national unity that will be
tasked to lead the writing of a new constitution and to organise fresh
elections under international supervision.

      Defence spokesman of Tsvangirai's main faction of the splintered MDC,
Giles Mutsekwa, yesterday accused the government of wanting to raise
salaries of security forces to bribe them to thwart mass protests.

      Mutsekwa said: "We are not opposed to improving the welfare of
soldiers. We are just concerned about the timing and the discrimination in
the whole process. If the government is sincere about improving the welfare
of workers, then why are they not involving the rest of the civil service in
the negotiations for new salaries?"

      Tsvangirai has refused to back down from the mass protest threats,
even after warnings by Mugabe that an attempt to instigate Ukraine-style
revolt in Zimbabwe would be a "dice with death".

      Political analysts say Mugabe, who has in the past deployed armed
soldiers and police to smother dissent, will again be looking to his loyal
security chiefs to marshal the country's security forces into crushing
Tsvangirai and his supporters. But they caution that this could fail if a
mass swell of public anger spills into the streets. - ZimOnline

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Struggling police officers chase free rides as crisis bites

Zim Online

Thu 27 April 2006

      BULAWAYO - Two police officers dressed in faded, sun burnt uniforms
lean on a Kukura Kurerwa bus at the bustling Renkini bus terminus in
Zimbabwe's second biggest city of Bulawayo.

      The officers look distraught, with their caps tipped right below their
eyes as if to cover up their sullen faces.

      As the bus driver revs the engine, the two police officers jump on
board ready to begin the grueling 460km trip to Harare.

      Inside the bus, are three other officers, also in full police gear.
The three had already reluctantly given up their seats to members of the

      The police officers represent a growing band of police officers and
soldiers who put on their uniforms to cut on transport costs. Police
officers and soldiers in Zimbabwe do not pay bus fare when travelling on
official duty.

      But due to the high fares, even police officers who are off-duty have
resorted to putting on their official garb to exploit this "facility."

      "We have got used to that now and we don't bother asking them if they
are travelling on duty," says bus conductor Ephraim Mabhuwe, squeezing
himself between standing passengers to issue tickets.   "It is an unwritten
rule for public transporters to assist the police. But I think they are
taking advantage of the arrangement to go on private errands for free," he

      Fares between Bulawayo and the capital Harare have more than doubled
from Z$300 000 to $750 000 over the past three months in line with
Zimbabwe's run-away inflation which currently stands at a staggering 913.6

      Due to soaring operating costs, transport operators who source fuel on
the parallel market, say they have no choice but to hike their fares.

      But the fare increases have hit hard the travelling public reeling
under a severe six-year old economic crisis which has spawned shortages of
fuel, essential medicines, food and virtually every basic survival

      The main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party and
major Western governments blame the crisis on repression and wrong policies
by President Robert Mugabe.

      Mugabe denies the charge insisting the crisis is as a result of
sabotage by Britain and her allies whom he says are punishing his government
for seizing farms from whites for redistribution to landless blacks six
years ago.

      Police officers and soldiers, accused by the MDC and human rights
groups of propping up Mugabe, have not been spared from the economic crisis
with rumblings of discontent said to be rife among the uniformed services.

      Mabhuwe said in the past police officers travelling on official duty
were issued with travel requisitions which they would hand over to bus
crews. The operators would then submit these requisitions to the state's
Central Payments Office in Harare.

      But bus operators have since abandoned that practice because of the
bureaucracy they would encounter in cashing the travel vouchers.

      "It took more than six months to get reimbursed by the government.
Although companies would eventually get paid, it was not worth the hassle,"
Mabhuwe said.

      A bus driver with another transport company, Clarion Mbewe described
the law enforcement officers as having become an "irritant" for taking
advantage of public transporter's courtesy to go on free rides.

      "Non-paying police officers on board have become an irritant," says
Mbewe shaking his head.

      Mbewe says although the issue of fares is between the conductor and
the passenger, his concern stems from fears that it has become a habit
eating into the transport operator's profits.

      "You cannot tell who is a genuine police officer and who is not. The
guys just want some free rides," he asks.

      Last month, Zimbabwe army commander Chiwenga told Mugabe to increase
soldiers' salaries in a bid to buy their support ahead of opposition-led
protests against the government this winter.

      With a take-home salary of about Z$10 million a month, lower ranking
soldiers and police officers are struggling to make ends meet in Zimbabwe's
hyper-inflationary environment.

      And until Mugabe heeds Chiwenga's pleas for more pay for police and
soldiers, the service men and women have little option but to keep on
abusing the public transporters' courtesy. - ZimOnline

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Police probe into fuel scandal hit brickwall

Zim Online

Thu 27 April 2006

      HARARE - Investigations by the police into the massive looting of fuel
by senior Zimbabwe government officials have hit a brick wall after the
officials threw spanners into the probe, ZimOnline has learnt.

      Several government officials have been accused of diverting fuel
allocated to them at subisidised rates for use at their farms to the
lucrative black market. Two senior ruling ZANU PF party officials have
already been arraigned before the courts over the scandal.

      A senior police officer in Mutare, who is closely linked with the
investigations into the scandal told ZimOnline yesterday that the probe had
virtually hit a brick wall after some government ministers refused to
co-operate with the investigations.

      "Police officers have virtually gone nowhere with the investigations.
They are failing to visit even the farms of the accused persons. They have
only arrested the small fish," he said.

      The police officer who refused to be named because he is not
authorized to speak to the press said some investigating officers had been
physically threatened and were reluctant to pursue the matter.

       "There is so much interference and threats from senior politicians,"
said the officer.

      Among those being accused of diverting fuel to the black market in
Manicaland Province are Energy Minister Mike Nyambuya, Women's Affairs
Minister Oppah Muchinguri and Manicaland governor Tinaye Chigudu.

      ZANU PF legislator for Chipinge South constituency, Enock Porusingazi
and the party's central committee member Esau Mupfumi and Mutare businessman
Fred Kanzama have already appeared in court facing fraud charges involving
the looting of fuel.

      Contacted for comment yesterday, police spokesperson in Mutare
Inspector Jessie Banda said: "I will have to find out from the investigating
officers in Mutare. At the moment, I cannot confirm or deny the
 allegations," said Banda.

      Fuel, like most other basic commodities, is in short supply in
Zimbabwe because of a serious shortage of foreign currency to buy the
commodity. The fuel crisis has resulted in a lucrative parallel market for
the comodity where prices are almost six times the official pump price. -

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Trade union finally receives donated sanitary towels

Zim Online

Thu 27 April 2006

      HARARE - The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has finally
taken delivery of a consignment of badly needed sanitary towels donated by
well-wishers after paying more than one billion dollars import duty.

      ZCTU secretary-general Wellington Chibhebhe said the labour body
received the 19 tonnes of sanitary towels, which had been stuck in South
Africa for over a month last Saturday and will soon distribute the sanitary
pads to the working women of Zimbabwe through its structures. "We were made
to pay Z$1.7 billion," said Chibhebhe.

      The pads were donated by well wishers from South Africa after an
appeal by the ZCTU Women's Advisory Council (WAC) which said many Zimbabwean
women were resorting to using newspapers as sanitary towels because they
were either in short supply or too expensive in the country.

      But the government had blocked entry of the pads by refusing to exempt
the ZCTU from paying duty on the consignment arguing that the labour union
could not be exempted from paying duty because it was not a registered
welfare organisation. - ZimOnline

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SADC Seeks an End to Zimbabwe's Economic Problems

The Post (Lusaka)

April 26, 2006
Posted to the web April 26, 2006

Joe Kaunda
Washington, DC

SOUTHERN African states will be asking the international co-operating
partners to support Zimbabwe in its efforts to get out of its economic woes,
Botswana's Minister of Finance and Development Planning Baledzi Gaolathe has

At a joint press briefing of African ministers at the close of the
International Monetary Fund and World Bank Spring Meetings here, Gaolathe
said members of the Southern African Development (SADC) were concerned and
also felt affected by the current problems in Zimbabwe. "If any member
within SADC has economic or whatever other problem, all of us are affected,
and therefore we have to work co-operatively to try to solve those,"
Gaolothe said.

Gaolothe, who is also current chairperson of the Council of Ministers Of
SADC, said in the coming week member states would be having consultative
meetings with co-operating partners in Namibia at which support for various
initiatives and programmes will be tabled. "In this respect, we will be
asking our international co-operating partner to support Zimbabwe in its
efforts to get out of the problems it is confronting now. Specifically,
because we are in the IMF, you are aware that dialogue is always in the
process of opening," Gaolothe said. "I think Zimbabwe was having a problem
of arrears which they have now sorted out. It is our hope that in the coming
months, the two sides will make some progress because one of the hindrances
to recovery for Zimbabwe is a shortage of foreign exchange, balance of
payments problems, where IMF can play a major role."

He said it was the hope of African leaders that now that Zimbabwe was
up-to-date with its payments, there would be progress in that regard.
Gaolothe, giving an update on the SADC region's move towards Establishing a
free trade zone, said the target for reaching free trade status was 2008. He
said by 2011, SADC should have reached Customs Union status where all
countries should have a common tariff.

"Beyond that, we should be working toward a common market. When we reach
that stage, there should be a freer movement of labour across the region. At
the moment, although this has been removed, there is generally free movement
of people, but we see they have their work permits and the like," Gaolothe

Senegal's Minister of Economy, Finance, and Planning, Abdoulaye Diop, hailed
Africa's economic performance which he said had registered significant
growth rates never seen before.

The performance had made it possible to achieve rates of five per cent, and
the prospects for 2006 are five per cent or above, according to IMF

Diop further noted that the Spring Meetings had taken place at a time when
African countries had a chance to review their positions within the Bretton
Woods Institutions with regard to representation.

"At a time when we are benefiting from debt forgiveness, there is also a
question of debt relief for some other countries," he said. He also revealed
that in West Africa there had been efforts towards making operational, the
West African Economic and Monetary Union which is an economic union of eight
countries that have a common currency, economic and monetary . Also in
attendance at the joint briefing was Jean-Claude Masangu Mulongo, Governor
of the Central Bank of Congo and Antoinette Sayeh, Minister of Finance of

Sayeh, who has just been in the job for two months after leaving the World
Bank, said Liberia had drawn up an interim 150-day programme to re-establish
all structures to ensure sound operations of its economy.

This, she said, includes putting in place accountability institutions,
reviewing the revenue collection measures and dealing with corruption. "As
many of you know, Liberia is just emerging from 17 years of very brutal
conflict, and the new government is entering its third month this month,"
she said. "Liberia is a devastated place, is a broken economy in many, many
ways. We are in the process of discussing with the Fund in particular a
programme that will help us to re-establish basic financial management
institutions and to get control over our expenditures and revenues in a way
that there has not been for many, many years."

On corruption, Sayeh said the vice had been a major issue in Liberia on the
part of government officials as well as in the private sector when it comes
to revenues.

"So we are also putting in place actions to bring to account people clearly
involved in corruption. We have had to dismiss some staff in the Ministry of
Finance that have been found, through various audits that we are carrying
on, to be guilty of malfeasance, so we have tried to address that as well,"
said Sayeh. "And clearly, in the cases where there is clear evidence of
business, private sector, involvement in corrupt practices, we are also
addressing those."

Central bank governor of Congo, Jean-Claude Masangu Mulongo during the
briefing welcomed the review within the IMF regarding the quotas and

"In general, the African countries are pleased with the initiative to
increase the quotas and also to have different representation. Our
continent, particularly sub-Saharan Africa, has 45 countries, and all the
countries are members of the IMF, and most of these countries have a
programme with the IMF," he said. "So the question of the quota represents a
very important one. We have at the moment five per cent, and we would like
to have our share, once only, but only if those that are at a disadvantage
can catch up." Mulongo explained that as for representation at the IMF,
there were only two seats for sub-Saharan Africa with 45 countries.

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Seventh 'Recovery' Programme Fails to Excite But Mines Takeover Speech Does

SouthScan (London)

April 21, 2006
Posted to the web April 26, 2006

The government has launched its seventh economic recovery programme in a
decade, but analysts have already dismissed it as mere talk, with
unrealistic targets.

Much more widely disseminated and more damaging was President Robert
Mugabe's declaration at Independence Day celebrations earlier in the week
that he was determined to put control of foreign-owned mines into the hands
of locals, despite earlier postponements (SouthScan v21/07).

At the same time the government has reversed itself and it putting up for
sale seven parastatal organizations in the hopes of attracting inward

"The non-renewable resources are ours in the first place. The investor will
get a reward but that reward should be balanced with what we keep for
ourselves. Time had now come for Zimbabweans to take control of their
natural resources", said Mugabe in his Independence Day speech. Zimbabwe has
over the years lost wealth as only foreign companies benefited from the
exploitation of its minerals, some of them nonrenewable.

"It should be clearly stated, however, that foreign investment should take
cognisance of our Indigenisation and Empowerment policy and programmes under
which the equity balances between foreigners and Zimbabweans are regulated",
he said.

Neighbouring South Africa has also developed a minerals policy that will
'indigenise' more of the wealth, but it has not mooted the idea of forced
takeovers of 51 percent of foreign companies.

Instead Mugabe's statements recalled the violent land grab of 2000, which
chased thousands of white farmers off their land and is widely blamed for
the fall of the once prosperous economy. His ministers immediately sought to
play down his declaration.

On Friday his minister of justice said the government did not want to take a
controlling stake in the mines. "We need investment in the sector and it's
obvious that the investment has to be external. All the government wants is
indigenous participation in the sector", he told the state radio.

The permanent secretary in the ministry of mines, Thabani Ndlovu said there
was need to balance indigenisation and investment. "We want to give local
people a stake in the industry and at the same time attract investment, so
it has to be balanced. I think what we are looking at is to come up with
percentages that are achievable and at the same time come up with a
mechanism of how the [local] people would raise the funds", he said.

But mining officials said the finance required for indigenisation was too
much for locals to mobilise or even for government to afford. "It means that
both the government and locals will have to fork out at least ZD3 trillion
(US$3 billion) to take any significant equity in the current mining
operations alone", noted the president of the Chamber of Mines, Jack

Growth anticipated Mugabe also said the Zimbabwe economy would grow by
between one and two percent this year, underpinned by agriculture with a
forecast growth rate of nine percent.

The new economic programme, called the 'National Economic Development
Priority Programme' (NEDPP) seeks to raise US$2.5 billion in cash and
investments within the next three months and has a life span of up to nine

Earlier programmes such as the Economic Structural Adjustment Programme
(ESAP), its successor, the Zimbabwe Programme for Economic and Social
Transformation (ZIMPREST), Vision 2020, the Millennium Economic Recovery
Plan, and the National Economic Recovery Programme all failed, but Mugabe's
officials said that this one would succeed.

"This is different from previous initiatives. We have a clear vision of what
needs to be achieved and we have deadlines by which certain deliverables
must be achieved", Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono noted. But Oscar
Chiwira, an economics lecturer at the National University of Science and
Technology remains doubtful. "In a lot of these economic programmes you
basically find that they come up with attractive policies and well-defined
policy targets and instruments. However, the problem is that they are not
implemented. The NEDPP is high sounding but the time frame that has been
proposed here is rather short because what they are saying cannot be done in
the six to nine months that have been proposed," he said.

Parastatals for sale The mines takeover plans have been joined by the
planned sales of underperforming parastatals as a means to fill the empty
forex coffers.

Since the start of the IMF-driven Economic Structural Adjustment Programme
in 1990 Mugabe has resisted shedding state-owned companies despite their
continued parasitism on the fiscus. But now, 16 years later and with no
foreign currency inflows or donor support, with failing services and
crumbling infrastructure, he has no choice but to invite in foreigners who
are willing to ignore the capricious nature of the regime.

Economic Development Minister Rugare Gumbo accepts that it will be a tough
task to attract investment in its parastatals and some of the companies are
failing to attract interest despite controlling a virtual monopoly in their
sectors. But he insisted there have been inquiries from both local and
foreign companies who are interested in buying "significant stakes" in the

The reserve bank has been implementing non-monetary interventions to
reorientate some parastatals for privatization without burdening the fiscus.

Other parastatals have more or less survived on funding from the central
bank, whose quasi-fiscal activities have been a subject of disagreements
with both the IMF and Finance Minister Herbert Murerwa.

Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono says parastatals are plagued by
operational inefficiencies and weak balance sheet positions, with huge debt
overhangs. A "radical de-clogging of these institutions would unlock
invaluable economic inertia that can anchor a buoyant economic turnaround",
he says, adding that they have become "drunk on free money", with poor
financial accountability and financial management systems, weak corporate
governance, a negative attitude towards turnaround, entrenched lethargic
business culture, poor liquidity management, poor pricing structures,
inadequate capital investment over the years, poor corporate governance,
incompetent management, skills drain, and severe capacity under-utilisation.

The companies for sale are the Zimbabwe Iron and Steel Company (Ziscosteel),
Cold Storage Company, TelOne, NetOne, Zimbabwe Power Company and Air

Ziscosteel, a major steel producer in Southern Africa whose stock has fallen
due to decades of mismanagement, has been taken over Indian firm, Global
Steel Holdings Limited (GSHL), which will run the company for the next 20
years in a deal worth US$400 million. As part of the deal, GSHL agreed to
make Zimbabwe its regional headquarters for Southern Africa, to help raise
the country's investment profile.

"This transaction will send a message to the world that Zimbabwe is a
country that serious investors can do business with", said Gono.

Yet beyond the Indian deal it remains uncertain who is willing to take the
plunge. In South Africa business investment analysts are watching the
situation keenly, to anticipate when will be the right moment to advise
investment in what was once the second strongest industrial economy in
Southern Africa. That moment may not come until Mugabe leaves the stage and
the dust settles on the successor regime. Then may follow what many
anticipate is an unavoidable takeover of the economy by SA interests.

Property rights were key Economists say near fatal damage to Zimbabwe's
investment hopes was inflicted by the takeover of the commercial farms. But
Mugabe, in his speech on Tuesday, blamed the economic collapse on a "spate
of devastating droughts and an evil program of unjustified sanctions" by
Western nations.

Craig Richardson, a US economist, in a paper published last week, dismissed
these and other oft-cited reasons. Instead he locates the collapse in the
expropriation of the commercial farms and the destruction of property
rights. GDP and rainfall track each other closely until the farm takeovers,
when GDP starts its rapid and continuing plummet.

For the present there is little realistic hope for an upturn. The IMF
estimates that the government deficit, driven mainly by quasi-fiscal
activities of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, reached nearly 60 percent of GDP
in 2005, up from 27 percent of GDP in 2004. Local analysts say this could
reach 80 percent in 2006.

Without cash injections from another source the ministry of finance is
likely to table a supplementary budget by June since line ministries have
exhausted budgets in the first quarter because of hyper-inflation.

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Zim wants foreign currency


26/04/2006 12:23  - (SA)

Harare - All foreigners seeking treatment in Zimbabwe's troubled state-run
hospitals must now pay their fees in foreign currency, a government minister
was quoted as saying on Wednesday.

Deputy health minister Edwin Muguti said: "From now on, tourists and
foreigners, even those foreigners resident in Zimbabwe, will be expected for
pay for treatment in foreign currency."

He said the new requirement - which came hot on the heels of a massive rise
in fees for local patients in public hospitals - was meant to generate
desperately needed foreign currency.

He said: "There are now in place stricter systems to ensure that people who
are capable of paying for treatment are made to pay."

The measure would cause consternation to thousands of foreigners - many of
them from the southern African region - who had been resident in Zimbabwe
for a long time, but did not have Zimbabwean identity papers.

Zimbabwe was critically short of foreign currency needed to pay for imports,
but it was illegal in many other sectors of society to demand fees in hard

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MISA-Zimbabwe analysis the constitutionality of the Interception of Communications Bill 2006

The proposed law seeks to empower the chief of defence intelligence, the
director-general of the Central Intelligence Organisation, the Commissioner
of Police and the Commissioner General of the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority to
intercept telephonic, e-mail and cellphone messages.

The Bill also empowers state agencies to open mail passing through the post
and through licensed courier service providers.

This comes despite a Supreme Court ruling in 2004 which declared
unconstitutional Sections 98 and 103 of the Posts and Telecommunications
(PTC) Act because they violated Section 20 of the Constitution.

Section 20 guarantees freedom of expression, freedom to receive and impart
ideas without interference with one's correspondence.

The Bill stipulates that operators of telecommunications services will be
compelled to install software and hardware to enable them to intercept and
store information as directed by the state.

********* ********* ********* *********


This is an inquiry into the constitutionality of the interception of
citizens' private mail and telecommunication-related activities, by the
government, as provided in the Draft Bill.

Interception connotes interference, obstruction, and stoppage of flow,
seizure, and grabbing, among other negative processes. Communication
involves the imparting or exchange of information, ideas, or feelings. This
can be done via verbal, physical, electronic, written, telephonic, virtual
or other various available channels. The Draft Bill targets
"telecommunication, postal or any other related service system", which means
practically all forms of communication.


This discussion proceeds from the premise that Zimbabwe is a free and
democratic society. After all, as they say, the impetus behind the war of
liberation was the quest for freedom and democracy for all Zimbabweans. In
the first place, the reigning government came to power in 1980, via a
democratic process.

The government is in power on claims that it was democratically elected into
office, by free citizens. After all, isn't freedom and democracy the essence
of the annual Independence celebrations that both the 'equal' and the 'more
equal' citizens celebrate.

Indeed, it has been proven in many countries that the governance of people
in almost all societies is best optimized under a democratic configuration.
It is also true for many that the potential of an individual or a society,
best matures into reality, where freedom prevails.

Constitutionality and Reasonableness

The above introductory statements set out the framework within which
governance is discharged, or should be discharged in a country, more so how
citizens' rights are bestowed and ought to be respected.

The subject of this analysis . constitutionality . is one of those ambient
factors that are fundamental to the sustenance of a democratic society. In a
democratic society, decisions, actions, plans, operations and laws, all have
to be constitutional.

The reference to constitutionality then makes it absolutely necessary to
also deal with the concept of 'reasonableness'. That is to say relevant
things must be "reasonable" in a "democratic society". It is only these two
variables - 'constitutionality' and 'reasonableness in a democratic society'
that informs the analysis of the Interception of Communications Bill.

Constitutionality - refers to the extent or degree to which a particular
statutory or administrative provision is consistent with a constitution.
This concept should be differentiated from constitutionalism, which means
that statutory, administrative and other forms of provisions must be crafted
in compliance with the basic principles, spirit, or system of governance in
accord with widely accepted characteristics of a good constitution. Hence,
one law might be constitutional but at the same time be inimical to the
concept of constitutionalism.

In the context of Zimbabwe, an instrument, provision or decree is
constitutional only if it is consistent with the Constitution of Zimbabwe
[1] ("the Constitution"). Section 3 of this Constitution establishes the
supremacy of the Code, and it also establishes the test for
Constitutionality upon all Zimbabwean laws.

Any law, that does not comply with any section of the Constitution, is
unconstitutional and therefore null and void.

The Draft Bill and the Constitution

The twenty-one (21) sections of the Interception of Communications Draft
Bill deal essentially and precisely with the activity described in the
document's title - that is, the interception of Communications. The question
therefore is - the interception, or interference with, obstruction of,
stoppage of the flow, seizure or grabbing - of communications by government

The sections of the Constitution that deal with communication include:

1. s11 (b) protection of the freedoms of conscience, expression, ... and

2. s11 (c) protection of the right to privacy

3. s13 protection of the right to personal liberty

4. s15 Protection from . inhuman or degrading punishment or treatment.

5. s16 Protection from deprivation of property

6. s18 Protection by the law

7. s19 Protection of Freedom of Conscience

8. s20 Protection of Freedom of Expression

9. s21 Protection of Freedom of .. Association


At law, as in most other fields of study or anthropology, to every general
rule there is an exception. It is therefore widely accepted that in
enshrining fundamental rights and freedoms in the Constitution and in other
legal instruments, drafters may formulate exceptions to the enshrined rights
and freedoms.

In the famous case of Ratigan [2], the court held that:

". where rights and freedoms are conferred on persons, derogations
therefrom, as far as the language permits, should be narrowly or strictly

Wide and vague formulations are, therefore especially, unacceptable in
rights-related, or constitutionally enshrined entitlements and freedoms.
Such formulations are therefore unconstitutional.

Further, in any democratic society, these exceptions ought to be subjected
to the reasonableness test. If an exception has to be made, then it must be
absolutely necessary, justifiable or "reasonable in a democratic society".
If it fails that test, then what remains is for it to be struck down for its
want of reason. It becomes unconstitutional. The onus is on the person who
seeks to impose the exception, to illustrate the reasonableness or sound
necessity of the imposition.

The Constitution itself already carries exceptions to the rights and
freedoms clauses. This Draft Bill seeks to supplement the enshrined
exceptions, relating to communications.

However, the gods of the Draft Bill, that is under review could not provide,
or at least conjure up any reason or justification for these "bonus"
exceptions. In most statutes or statutory instruments, the motives or
explication of the given provisions, are furnished in the preamble to the

In the Draft Bill, according to the Preamble section, the 'purpose' is
simply to establish . (interception) that is, to intercept for the sake of
interception. Can that be reasonable? In most democratic societies,
additional exceptions would arise only from additional or fresh
circumstances. In this case, what fresh mischief has necessitated this
proposed Zimbabwean law?

In Zimbabwe no new circumstances or threats to national security have arisen
and besides the Zimbabwe government could simply be out to replace those
sections of the Postal and Telecommunications Act [3] ("the Act") which were
struck down by the Supreme Court of Zimbabwe on 15 May 2003.

Postal and Telecomms Act

Despite objections from concerned citizens, and from the telecommunications
industry, the Zimbabwe government all the same introduced the Act on 16 June
2000, and the statute came into operation on 1 January 2001. Two, among many
sections of the Act, were particularly repulsive. Section 98 (2) and s103
had exactly the same effect as the menace that is proposed for enactment in
the Draft Bill.

Irked by the asinine nature of the Act, the Law Society of Zimbabwe then
challenged the Minister of Transport and Communication, and the Attorney
General [4] at the Supreme Court. The Society successfully argued that the
two sections were repugnant to s20 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, i.e. the
right to freedom of expression.

The Supreme Court made the following key points in the Law Society case:
i) the definition of "postal services" as given in the Act, and in light of
s98 (2), was very broad. Yet the Act did not impose any restrictions on the
manner in which the adventure of interception would be carried out
ii) freedom of expression as enshrined in s 20 (1) of the Constitution,
includes freedom from interference with correspondence
iii) The statutory provisions in the Act conferred wide and unfettered
powers to the President, to intercept correspondence and communications. The
only limitation to the exercise of that power was that the president had to
hold some "opinion". Yet it was not a legal requirement that the holding of
the opinion be based on reason or good cause
iv) The issue was not about whether the powers had been abused, or were
likely to be abused, but rather that the Act did not offer any mechanisms to
prevent such abuse.
v) The impugned sections gave no guidance as to what a citizen should not do
to avoid the interception of his/ her mail, if he/ she does not wish to have
mail intercepted
vi) The provisions were too vague, and they bestowed extremely broad and
unfettered powers to an individual without the necessary checks and
balances - to degrees that were not reasonable in a democratic society.
vii) It was quite clear from a reading of the two sets of provisions (i.e
those of the Constitution, and those of the Act), that the sections in the
Act amounted to a derogation of the relevant constitutional provisions

The subject sections were, therefore, declared unconstitutional and were
struck down. This Draft Bill, therefore, cannot escape the damnation of
unconstitutionality, for three specific reasons:

First, it yields the same effects as those that arose from the debunked s98
(2) and s103 of the Act. It follows that this Draft Bill is unconstitutional
in as far as it violates s20 of the Constitution.

Second, although powers and capacities have been shifted from the president,
to the Chief of Defence Intelligence and others, many of the provisions in
the Draft Bill remain broad, vague, embarrassing and erosional in nature.
For instance, the definition of "postal services" is retained in the Draft
Bill [5].

Third, its unconstitutionality is compounded by its incompatibility with the
other above listed fundamental rights.

Fourth, its vagueness, lack of any sound justification, and wanton invasion
into the private lives of citizens, makes the Draft unreasonable in a
democratic society, and therefore unconstitutional.

The Answers: What is about to be grabbed now are the fundamental rights and
freedoms, or civil liberties of ordinary citizens, including the right to
free communication. There clearly is no fresh mischief to be combated in
Zimbabwe. Interference with the communications of its citizens is,
therefore, patently unnecessary and therefore unreasonable.

The move comes now because it is inspired by no reason or by Anglo-American
ambitions within certain 'more equal comrades. Or it could possibly and
probably be an attempt to overturn the 2003 Supreme Court determination, in
typical patriotic fashion (PF).

The provisions of the Draft Bill are unconstitutional!.

This analysis may be reproduced and used in any research, advocacy,
educational and lobby work, except for profit, with the acknowledgment of

84 McChlery Drive Eastlea
Harare, Zimbabwe
Phone 00 263 4 77 61 65, 746 838,

For more information contact Rashweat Mukundu at

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Straw wants China to push good governance in Zimbabwe


      Wed Apr 26, 2006 12:12 AM BST

LONDON (Reuters) - The government will urge China on Wednesday to work more
closely with the international community to help resolve global challenges
as its diplomatic influence grows, rather than pursuing short-term bilateral

Foreign Secretary Jack Straw will say in a speech in London that Britain
wants China to define its role broadly and help sustain the integrity of the
whole international system.

London hopes China will become a partner who will work closely with others
to support good governance in other countries, he will say, according to
extracts from the speech given to Reuters by a Foreign Office spokesman.

"I greatly look forward to working together with China ... on the challenges
of the developing world including serious problem cases like Zimbabwe, Sudan
and Burma," he will say.

"These are countries where China has the clout to make a real difference."

Straw will also say that it is vital that economic reform in China is
accompanied by political reform and that it is wrong to think this will lead
to instability.

"The opposite is true ... Freedom of expression and the rule of law are
fundamental to long-term economic success".

Journalists must be allowed to report and courts must be allowed to uphold
the law, he will say.

"Wider political participation, freedom of expression and rule of law are a
force for stability rather than fragmentation."

Britain, the United States and France are trying to win the support of
fellow U.N. Security Council permanent members China and Russia for possible
sanctions against Iran to rein in its nuclear activities. China and Russia
are resisting the pressure.

Tehran says its nuclear activities are peaceful and has said it will freeze
ties with the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog and speed up its atomic programme if
it is hit by sanctions.

Straw, speaking to a private audience, will say China has been a positive
partner in fighting bird flu, in addressing the Asian financial market
crisis in the 1990s, and on Iran.

Chinese President Hu Jintao visited the United States last week, a trip that
was marred by demonstrations and during which the two sides failed to
resolve differences over the strength of China's currency or Iran.

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The dragon in Africa

The Telegraph

(Filed: 26/04/2006)

Bob Geldof yesterday threw down a striking challenge to the advanced
democracies: make good on your pledges to Africa or risk being usurped by
the unscrupulous Chinese. In Gleneagles last summer, the G8 countries agreed
to double aid to the continent by 2010, which would mean at least $25
billion more per year; they also promised to promote democracy and improve
terms of trade. That virtuous circle of increased assistance and better
governance has been the hallmark of the approach taken, with varying degrees
of success, by the West and Japan since the end of the Cold War.

China now threatens to blow apart that consensus. Having grown by an annual
average of more than nine per cent since 1978, its economy is ravenous for
raw materials. The Chinese view Africa as a vast source of supply - whether
oil from Angola, Gabon, Nigeria and Sudan or copper from Congo and Zambia -
and are not concerned about the nature of their trading partners'
governments, provided they seem reasonably stable. Thus, Beijing has blunted
UN efforts to bring to account the Islamist regime in Khartoum for its
depredations in Darfur, is happy to deal with Robert Mugabe's vile tyranny
in Zimbabwe and has extended a $3 billion loan to Angola despite that
country's being criticised by the International Monetary Fund for lack of
financial transparency.

Bob Geldof, who organised the Live 8 concerts last summer, told Reuters in
Johannesburg that unless the G8 moved fast, "China would be all over
Africa . and it will embrace any government". His challenge is twofold.
First, members must deliver on their promises. Second, they need to persuade
President Hu Jintao, who is currently touring Morocco, Nigeria and Kenya,
that it is not in his interest to prop up misrule.

Robert Zoellick, the American deputy secretary of state, has spoken of
urging China to become a "responsible stakeholder" in an international
system that has enabled its astonishing economic transformation.

There is good sense in the suggestion: China's rise has made it more
vulnerable to global instability, to which the likes of Mr Mugabe and
President Omar al-Bashir of Sudan are notable contributors. It would be
tragic if the slow and patchy improvement in African governance were to be
undermined by crude Chinese mercantilism.

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Zimbabwe tobacco auction smallest since 1972

Business Report

April 25, 2006

Johannesburg - Zimbabwe, the world's fifth-biggest top-grade tobacco
exporter, today began selling its smallest crop in 34 years as
government-backed farm seizures reduce production and prolong a seven-year

The southern African country is expected to produce between 50 million and
60 million kilograms of tobacco this year, the smallest crop since 1972,
Rodney Ambrose, chief executive of the Zimbabwe Tobacco Association, said in
a phone interview from the capital Harare yesterday.

"Spiralling inflation of 914 percent and shortages of diesel, fertilisers
and chemicals have played havoc with the crop," John Worsley-Worswick,
Chairman of Justice for Agriculture, a group lobbying for compensation for
evicted farmers, said in a phone interview from Harare.

Tobacco processing fell after the government of President Robert Mugabe
began seizing white-owned commercial farms in 2000 for redistribution to
black subsistence farmers. Last year Zimbabwe, once the world's
second-largest tobacco exporter after Brazil, sold 74 million kilograms of
the crop compared with a record 234 million kilograms in 2000.

Tobacco was selling for $1.85 a kilogram in early trade, an auction house
official said in a phone interview from Harare. The crop sold for an average
of $1.63 a kilogram in 2005, compared with $2 a kilogram a year before.

The fall in tobacco production, compounded by the government's introduction
of a system whereby farmers can bypass the auctions by growing the crop
under contract, has threatened the viability of auction floors.

"Over the past couple of years we have had to tailor our employee numbers
due to the fall-off in the volumes," said David Mashingaidze, managing
director of Harare's Tobacco Sales Floors, which runs what was six years ago
the world's biggest tobacco auction floor.

TSF plans to sell half of Zimbabwe's tobacco this year, Mashingaidze said.

"We've come to agreement with the merchants to sell some of that contracted
crop across our floors," he said. "There are two other floors, they will
have viability problems." - Bloomberg

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Zimbabwe announces 3,000% rise in hospital charges

The Scotsman

ZIMBABWEANS, already reeling from the effects of rampant inflation, received
another shock yesterday when health authorities announced up to 30-fold
increases in state hospital fees.

Edwin Maguti, the deputy health minister, said consultation fees in accident
and emergency departments in the main government hospitals would increase
3,000 per cent to nearly one million Zimbabwe dollars with immediate effect,
state radio reported.

Surgery will cost the equivalent of about 55p a minute, more than the
average Zimbabwean earns in a day. District hospitals and clinics will
charge about 15 times more.

Special fees for the elderly, impoverished and other vulnerable groups
remain unchanged, along with immunisation programmes, Mr Maguti said, adding
that patients trying to cheat the system by claiming this status would be

Mr Maguti said the increases were necessary to shore up crumbling public
health services and ease overcrowding.

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Million-dollar doctors in Zim

Pretoria News

April 26, 2006 Edition 1

Basildon Peta

Zimbabwe's public health care is no longer affordable for many after a
government decision to more than treble charges for basic services at all
state hospitals and clinics.

The decision means that the poor, who are already shut out from the hugely
expensive private medical service, no longer have any alternative but to
resort to traditional methods of healing as suggested by the Zimbabwe
Traditional Healers Association.

With immediate effect, ordinary Zimbabweans will now be asked to fork out
$Z1-million (about R60) for basic consultation at public health
institutions, up from the Z$300 000 (R18) they have been paying.

 Deputy health minister Edwin Muguti told journalists in Harare that the
increases were aimed at improving the standards of service in state
hospitals and clinics which, according to the opposition Movement for
Democratic Change (MDC), has virtually collapsed.

Muguti said the government hoped to generate enough income via the latest
increases to improve the salaries of medical staff and pay for equipment.

Zimbabwean traditional healers are seeing an opportunity to promote their
medicines and are pushing hard for recognition from the government. It has
been reported that many Zimbabweans are already using the traditional
healers anyway because of unaffordability of medical services.

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JAG Classifieds dated 25 April 2006

As a JAG member or JAG Associate member, please send any classified adverts
for publication in this newsletter to:

JAG Classifieds:;


1.  For Sale Items
2.  Wanted Items
3.  Accommodation
4.  Recreation
5.  Specialist Services
6.  Pets Corner




1.1 For Sale (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

Sokkia Automatic Dumpy - Level / Theodolite

In immaculate condition with Tripod contact 851380 or 091272572 to view or
with realistic offers.


1.2 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

Various second hand items for sale - All must go!!!
Prices are negotiable.

Filing cabinet, 2 draw, wooden (good condition) - $25m

Wooden and black leather bar 140 x 50cm with 3 leather stools - $20m

5 man Tent (dome shape - water resistant) - $18m

Camp bed x 2 (army edition) - $5m each

Square folding table, wooden 92 x 92cm - $2m

Roller Blades size 5/6 - $2m

The Mad Max Magazine Game (good condition) - $3m

Cluedo (good condition) - $3m

Please contact Monique 309274(w) 091 315 411 (cell)


1.3 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

Leather Coat - full length - size 107cm - only worn once
Leather Coat - 3/4 length - size 112cm - in very good condition.
Health Walker
A set of 18 Volumes of Claxton Encyclopaedias
A set of 4 volumes of Claxton Children Encyclopaedias

Serious offers only

Contact R. Jordaan on 011 603 110


1.4 For Sale (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

One Humidifier.
Phone 04 - 701940 or 011 - 616342.


1.5 For Sale (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

Brand new (unused) Delco Remy 24 volt starter suitable for Mercedes, MAN or
ADE engine trucks, complete with all mounting brackets and solenoid.
$100 million ONCO.

Contact 091 321006 or 335573 (after hours) to view or for further


1.6 FOR SALE (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

30,000 litre steel tank on skids, complete with lockable filler and outlet
fixtures. In excellent condition and suitable for fuels. $1 billion. New
tank costs in excess of $2 billion. Contact 091 321006 or 335573 (after
hours) to view or for further information.


1.6 For Sale (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

NISSAN  SE   3.2 Diesel , D/Cab ,  4 X 4,  White , 2001 .
14,000 Kms ( only )
Rubberised back, Canopy, Bull bar, Roll bar, as new
usd 27,000:

cell   011 208848.


1.7 For Sale (Ad inserted 21/03/06)


PLEASE PHONE:- 071 8 474
CELL 091 238 462/ 091 303 097


1.8 Toyota Starlet 1997 (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

Wonderful runner round town.  Extremely fuel-efficient.
Air conditioning, alarmed, cut out switch, anti hijack, central locking
Kenwood front loader CD with speakers.

Please phone 851558/851375


1.9 For Sale (Ad inserted 21/03/06)



1.10 For Sale (Ad inserted 28/03/06)

Hewlett Packard printer 610C (brand new)

French lessons course (Oxford) never used

Supersonic radio and record player (superb condition)

.270 rifle with Lynx scope (4x40) licensed.

2 Black and Decker bench grinders

1 Hoover bench grinder

Small ladder

Various motors 1 to 3 hp in working order

2 BC jackets (excellent condition) for diving

1 old English saddle and a polocrosse helmet.

To view in Bulawayo

Contact no: 011 416937 or 09 234757


1.11 For Sale (Ad inserted 28/03/06)

Cottage at Sunshine Motor Club, Lake Chivero for Sale.  Ideal for weekends &
holidays - for more details please phone 741671.


1.12 For Sale (Ad inserted 28/03/06)

1991 Toyota Hilux 2.8D 4 x 4 for sale in good running order - offers Phone


1.13 For Sales (Ad inserted 28/03/06)

S.E.E.D. DESIGNS (Based in Chiredzi)

Beautiful hand embroidered exclusive ethnic items for sale :-

Duvet covers Q/size                        $13,500 000
Muslin Throwovers/tablecloth            $ 3,150 000
Wall hangings and throws                $11,850 000
Wallets (accommodate chqe book)     $  1,300 000
Webbing handbags                         $  2,900 000
Medium size cushion covers            $  2,600 000
Small size cushion covers               $  1,700 000
Set of 6 table mats & serviettes       $   6,600 000
Shoulder bags                                $   2,500 000
Oven gloves                                   $   1,340 000
Pillow cases matching duvets          $   1,100 000

And much more!! Prices subject to change.  For further details, please
contact Michelle Ross (Harare rep) on 091 202 138 or alternatively 883606.


1.14 For Sale (Ad inserted 28/03/06)

Baby fold up camp cot (new) (fits into bag) red, yellow and green for sale
$25 000 000.

Small carry cot for sale $500 000
Please contact Michelle Ross on 091 202 138 or alternatively 883606.


1.15 For Sale (Ad inserted 28/03/06)

MAZDA 323 YEAR 1986

One careful owner
Excellent condition

Please phone:  011603070, 486326, 486293, or 011605219


1.16 Whiskey Collection For Sale (Ad inserted 28/03/06)

Large whiskey collection.  Must all go together?  Serious buyers only.

Please phone 884076 or 011204060


1.16 For Sale (Ad inserted 4/04/06)

Excellent Canon EOS still Camera (2004) with automatic focus and other
beautiful features (three films to go with the camera

A brand new pair of men's waterproof leather boots
(size Ten)

A beautiful Black leather jacket (large)

All these were bought in the UK.
Phone Grasian on 091 430 799


1.17 For Sale (Ad inserted 4/04/06)


PHONE STEVE 067 23112 OR 011 808 262 OR KATE 091 356 981


1.18 For Sale (Ad inserted 4/04/06)

Panasonic Hifi, 5 CD Changer, 6 month old, remote, manual, silver in colour
$35m - Phone 04 335820


1.19 For Sale (Ad inserted 4/04/06)


Imported harrow discs 24" and 26"
New Montana boom sprayers 10m boom, 600l tank.
New 16KVA generators
Radium Zimbabwe 04 870264 / 011 600 389


1.20   For Sale (Ad inserted 4/04//06)

HONDA XR 250 R, trail bike with lights and indicators, 18000km only.  In
near original mint condition.
 Phone:  091 326 965 for details.


1.21 Chemicals For Sale (Ad inserted 4/04/06)

Dithian (M45)
Copper Oxy
Dual Magnum
Punch Extra

Phone: John 334764, Cell 011208893


1.22  FOR SALE (Ad inserted 11/04/06)

1x Kipor 6.5 kva, Petrol, Single Phase, Portable, Electric Start Generator
Set brand new. Change over switches available. Call Harry 091-244245


1.23 FOR SALE (Ad inserted 11/04/06)

As new, golf caddy cart for sale. Suitable too, to transport someone
suffering ill health.

For futher details, contact Dr. Brana 091 324 283


1.24 CARS FOR SALE (Ad inserted 11/04/06)

Toyota Starlet Year 1997
116 000 km
Incredibly economical
Air conditioning
Kenwood Front Loader CD
New tyres
Alarmed, cut out switch, anti hijack
Central Locking

Available immediately

BMW 323i 1997
133 000 km
Central locking
Excellent condition
Available immediately

Please phone 884076
Or 011204060


1.25 ITEMS FOR SALE (Ad inserted 4/04/06)

Household goods for sale
4 upholstered swivel bar chairs
Kitchen table and 6 stools
Old pine table
Tennis court/ driveway/garden roller
Pine bedroom suite, single headboard, bedside table, desk and chest of
1 painted white chest of drawers
5 large pot plants
Garden spray back pack for roses, fruit trees etc
Metal birds
Singer hand sewing machine
Small table
Childrens games and Books
Kitchen utensils

Please phone 884076 or 011204060


1.26 Car for Sale (Ad inserted 11/04/06)

1989 really neat, tidy and very economical
VW Fox 1600 with mags, tow bar, radio & tape.

$540 million negotiable
Contact Kirsty Noble on 304426


1.27 Motor Bike for Sale (Ad inserted 11/04/06)

Honda CBX 1200.  Good Condition.

Contact Daniel on 091380837


1.28 Vehicle for Sale (Ad inserted 11/04/06)

1983 Toyota Landcruiser Station Wagon with 4.2 Nissan Diesel Motor. Neat
Condition, with new Interior, roof rack with side tent, good tires, etc.

$ 3 Billion

For further details please contact Venetia Bratley on 309914 or 011777668


1.29 For Sale (Ad inserted 11/04/06)

G.E.C Fridge/Freezer, recently overhauled $25 Million

PR Roller Blades in good condition $ 2 Million

9 Children's Illustrated Encyclopaedias by Arthur Mee $ 3 Million

4 Blazers. 3 Watershed, 1 Peterhouse all in good condition $1 Million each.

Tel:  073-3399 or 011423614


1.30  For Sale (Ad inserted 25/04/06)

1999 Nissan Double Cab, 2.7 diesel, full house, canopy.  One owner, good
condition 190 000km.
Tel. 086 22582 or email


1.31  For Sale (Ad inserted 25/04/06)

Phone your orders to--Anne--011212424 or 332851.


 Prices.(subject to change).

Small woven bags--$440,000 each.
Large crocheted bags.--$1,200,000 each.
Large woven bags.--$880,000 each.

Table Runners.--$640,000.

Set of 4 Fringed Table mats + serviettes--$2,000,000.
Fringed mats only(4)---$1,200,000.
Set of 6 Fringed mats+ serviettes--$2,900,000.

Set of 4 Bordered table mats+ serviettes---$2,300,000.
Bordered mats only(4)--$1,800,000.
Set of 6 Bordered mats + serviettes--$3,500,000.
Set of 8 Bordered mats + serviettes---$4,700,000.

2m Throws--$2,800,000.each.

Tea cosy(L)--$360,000.
Tea cosy(m)--$350,000
Tea cosy(s)--$340,000.
Crocheted oven gloves(pair)--$860,000.
Cotton(lined)oven gloves(pair)--$500,000.

Decorated cushion covers--$800,000.
Plain cushion covers---$600,000.

Scarves(knitted)--$850,000. each.
Hand Woven Scarves--$1,000,000 each
Hats(Beanies)--$480,000 each.

Large plain cotton rug--$2,000,000.
Med. plain cotton rug---$1,300,000.
Small plain cotton rug.---$800,000.
Cotton Rag Rug--$800,000.
Med. plain mohair rug--$1,500,000.
Med.patterned mohair rug.--$2,000,000.
X Large plain mohair rug.--$5,800,000.

Bedspreads-- QS/DB/3/4 and

  Wholesale prices available for orders(over 6 of an article) or large


1.32 For Sale (Ad inserted 25/04/06)

JALAPENO pepper pickle in plastic bags, 250 g net weight. $ 80 000

contact on 091 338573 or e mail


1.33 For Sale (Ad inserted 25/04/06)

Playground equipment and nursery school tables, chairs etc. surplus to
requirements as we have moved to another fully equipped school. Tel 884294
or 011602903 or


1.34 For Sale (Ad inserted 25/04/06)



1.35 For Sale (Ad inserted 25/04/06)



1.36 For Sale (Ad inserted 25/04/06)

Enquiries and offers welcome; please speak to Alec at 086 22302, or 091 257

1.    Landcruiser PZ 75, disassembled. +/- 70% complete.
2.    Hunting seat and frame.  Complete.  Tromps 4J
3.    Two Poster car hoist. Complete
4.    10 x 16" used tyres (mostly 750 x 16)
5.    Various Buffalo tractor spares


1.37 For Sale (Ad inserted 25/04/06)

VICTORIAN BATH, with original feet and taps - $20million



Please phone 334355 evenings or 091 305 313 anytime.


1.38 For Sale (Ad inserted 25/04/06)

Office safe, two door, electronic keypad.  $40000000.00   (forty Million)

Phone Teresa Hook 305381, 331970, 331976, 011201744




2.1 Wanted (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

Mazda B1600, 1995 - 1998, petrol  or
Ford Bantam/Mazda Rustler 1995 - 1998

Electric, used but in good condition.

Call 091 256 326 or mail


2.2 Wanted (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

City Bowling Club

Desperately required: Lawnmowers (drum type) for bowling greens. If you know
of any clubs that are closing their bowls or golf sections please let me

Contact Malcom Evans 011 604929 or or Joe 04 756363-9 or
091-338414 or


2.3 Wanted (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

Petra Junior School in Bulawayo needs to buy a good quality lawn mower for
its premises. A second hand will be an option if the condition is good.


2.4 Wanted (Ad inserted 28/3/06)

Planning to leave? We will buy your T.V. or Video and you can use it up
until the last moment - Phone Hire Electric - 741913.


2.5 WANTED ITEMS (Ad inserted 28/03/06)

TEDDY BEARS - any condition, old etc.
BOOKS. -  MAMMALS OF SOUTH AFRICA. - by Austin Roberts.

JOCK OF THE BUSHVELD - early illustrated.
phone  882713.


2.6 Wanted (Ad inserted 28/03/06)

I am looking for a small tape recorder, for recording purposes. If you have
one to sell please ring me at 332798 or 011 231 541or email me on


2.7 Wanted (Ad inserted 28/03/06)

WANTED urgently is a Working / Non- Working TV, VCR and Hifi. Cash paid
instantly. Please contact Joel on or leave a message
with Mercy on 011 611 637.


2.8 Items Wanted (Ad inserted 4/04/06)

1.    Swimming Pool Fence, for a young couple with baby.

2.    A Playpen.

Please contact Venetia Bratley on 309914/304426 or 011777668


2.9 Wanted (Ad inserted 4/04/06)



2.10 Wanted (Ad inserted 4/04/06)

I am looking for unwanted Rhodesian history books and general non fiction
covering the turn of the century 1890/1930's including the Matabele War and

Rebellions or any other similar books with British South Africa Police
content up to 1980 - perhaps someone has some old Outposts or Police

Reviews stacked away somewhere?
Contact me on


2.11 Wanted (Ad inserted 4/04/06)

Looking for a truck preferably a Toyota land cruiser second hand but in good
working condition.

Am happy to do the transaction in Either US$ or pound sterling.

"Most people pursue pleasure with such breathless haste they often hurry
past it"
Phone Grasian on 091 430 799


2.12 Wanted (Ad inserted 4/04/06)

Motorcycle BMW GS 80 or GS 100. Any condition!

Phone: 04 442681
Cell: 011 621 572


2.13 Wanted (Ad inserted 4/04/06)

1.    Swimming Pool Fence, for a young couple with baby.

2.    A Play pen and Baby high chair

Please contact Venetia Bratley on 309914/304426 or 011777668


2.14 Wanted (Ad inserted 11/04/06)

WANTED: Cash paid for old Wisdens Cricketers Almanacs.   Contact


2.15 Wanted (Ad inserted 11/04/06)



2.16 Wanted (Ad inserted 11/04/06)

Second Hand Trailer for vehicle and tow bar application! Good condition
incl. lighting! Should be able to take 2 motorcycles!

Phone: 04 442681
Cell: 011 621 572


2.17 Wanted (Ad inserted 25/04/06)

"Harare Dawn Rotary Club are looking for playground equipment to install at
the Safety Sam Training Centre in Mt. Pleasant, which they were responsible

If anyone has any equipment they would like to donate or to sell at a
reasonable price please can you let me know by e-mail on

The only type of equipment we do not need is a swing. The reason is that
there is too much danger of children being hit by over-exuberant swingers.

Replies can go to Greg Pozzo at Interprint, 770908.


3 Accommodation Wanted and Offered
3.1 Looking for House Sitter (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

House sitter required from May to end of July in Bulawayo.  Large house with
3 dogs and 3 cats plus staff.  Traceable references please

Contact: 011 416937


3.2 House Wanted for Rent (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

A reliable married couple (no children) are looking for a 3 or 4 b/roomed
house to rent as from Ist June 2006. (Long term lease) preferably with lock
up garage and domestic quarters. A granny cottage/bachelor flat would be a
bonus. We are able to maintain home and garden very well.

Dudley or Colleen Potgieter
04 335455 - evenings
091 202303 (Dudley)
011 613268 (Colleen)


3.3 Wanted (Ad inserted 28/03/06)


2 - 4 Bedroomed House
Long lease preferred
Marlborough / Highlands / Chisi / Borrowdale
Eastlea or near to these

$ in the region of 30 per month

Please contact - Elizabeth Lundt
             or         Jo Lundt
             or         Karen Lundt


3.4 House for Sale (Ad inserted 28/03/06)

Arcturus upmarket residential suburb Cromlet Township. Stunning executive
hilltop residence with unbeatable 270degree northfacing panoramic views over
the Enterprise Valley, 10 acres, electric fenced, electric gate, fully
serviced with water, zesa, roads. Recently built needing a few finishing
touches, double storey ''safari style'' home, under chromadek, comprises of
double carport, view deck, 3 lounges, openplan dining/kitchen area, laundry,
workshop, 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms (MES). Property has many indigenous trees,
and a haven for birds.Ideal for retired/displaced farmer wanting to do small
scale agric projects. Adjoining this property are 2 x 10acre, 1 x 14 acre
undeveloped plots with stunning views, serviced, with great agricultural
potential. Just 30kms from city centre, 15kms to Chisi, quick and easy
access via Enterprise Rd, Cromlet Rd (Pig Industry Board). Share transfers,
all with individual Title Deeds. Preferable Sale or possible Rental - Tel
011 610 222, email


3.5 APARTMENTS TO LET (Ad inserted 11/04/06)

Choice of two apartments to let in a small, quiet secure block in Avondale.
Fully furnished two bed roomed apartments with private garden. One, whose
owner would prefer letting on a short-term basis, is available immediately,
whilst the other becomes vacant on the 1st May 2006.

For further enquiries, please call 011 602 144




4.1 (Ad inserted 11/04/06)


Looking to meet new single friends?  Join the singles dinner club held at a
variety of restaurants!  Ages 25 to 45 preferred.

For further information please contact Lesley on 091 832129 or 300963
between 6 pm and 8 pm during the week.


5.1 G - TECH (Ad inserted 14/03/06)

G - TECH: Diesel and plant maintenance, site contracting, generator and
stationary engine installation and maintenance, tractors and hydraulics.
Contact Graham at or call 011 406023, 091 286657, 04 741001,
075 2264


5.2 For Hire (Ad inserted 14/03/06)

21 & 14" Televisions & videos for hire - Please phone Hire Electric on


5.3 (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

Servicing and re-gassing of aircon done on all vehicles and fridges/deep
freezes.  Reasonable rates - same day car return.
Call Russell or Teresa Hook on  305381  331970  331976  091201744

Plastic Repairs
For all plastic repairs, on car bumpers ,grilles, door handles, trims,
mouldings, cowlings, right down to cooler box handles.  Anything plastic
bring to us.
Call Russell or Teresa Hook on  305381  331970  331976   091201744

All Fibre Glass repairs to boats,  Repairs and Servicing done on all motors.
Call Russell Hook at Dragon Marine on 305381  331970  331976   091201744

Motor Vehicles
Servicing and minor repairs to all motor vehicles. Affordable rates. Come in
and see us at 6 Childwall Road Bluff Hill or phone Russell Hook  305381
331970  331976  091201744   011201744

For all your stationery requirements call AF Stationers.  Our prices include
Phone Teresa Hook  305381  331970  331976   011201744

Holiday in Amanzimtoti
2 Bedroom flat at Toti Cabanas.  Sleeps 6.  Available from 15-22 or/and
22-29 May.
USD150 for the week.
Call Noeleen on 011 205 183 or 305381 or 065-204.


5.4 (Ad inserted 28/03/06)


Small Mining Supplies manufacture process machiney for many ore types

contact Small Mining Supplis p/l


5.5 Savuli Safari (Ad inserted 28/03/06)

Savuli Safari, self-catering chalets in the heart of the Save Valley
Conservancy. Game watching, fishing, horse riding, canoeing, walking trails
and 4x4 hire.  Camp fully kitted including cook and fridges. Just
bring your food, drinks and relax.  $1 500 000 pppn, 1/2 U/12.

Booking direct to John Tayler at 091 631 556 or


5.6 For Hire (Ad inserted 28/03/06)

Primgate Contracting Services has a Case 2344 combine and tractors available
for land prep.
Contact: 011-633190


5.7 (Ad inserted 28/03/06)

Z$12,000,000per person per night
Includes : All meals, all drinks (Zimbabwean), all activities (canoeing,
walking, game drives)
services of professional walking & canoe guides, fully backed-up Luxury Camp
Excludes : National Parks Fees and transfers to Mana
Contact Julie on or phone 333414, 339001
28 Bath Road, Avondale


5.8 (Ad inserted 11/04/06)

Transport for Hire --- Harare area. Mazda T35 - Box body - with Driver.


5.9 (Ad inserted 25/04/06)


      .... 13yrs on and still providing much needed Advisory Services...
       .... As follows:

BIRTHS - Full (Long) Birth Certificates
              - New Registration of Births

ADOPTED CHILDREN - Full Birth Certificates (Tracing of biological parents)

DEATHS - Death Certificates (original & duplicate)

MARRIAGES - Licence to marry
                     - Marriage Certificates (duplicates)

ID CARDS - New & replacement

PASSPORTS - See Note below

IMMIGRATION - Residence & Work Permits for Zimbabwe
                        - Re-entry Visas

CITIZENSHIP - Restoration
                      - New applications
                      - Surrendering (renouncing)

COMMISSIONER OF OATHS - Certification of documents
                                              - Affidavits
                                              - Power of Attorney

PARA-LEGAL SERVICES - Enquire as to your specific requirements

                                         - Arbitration

NOTE: Passports - currently these are only being issued in special

Financial Arrangements - We will always assist 'bona fide' financially
distressed persons.

Phone us for further information and/or to arrange a no obligation

Thomas Vallance ACIArb
Paradigm Trust (Pvt) Ltd
Trust Executives & Administrators
Tels: (B) 744 648  (M) 011 617 161


5.10 (Ad inserted 25/04/06)


Need some help? Private lessons offered.
Phone 442610 or 091609077, or email

6.1 Wanted (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

Staffordshire Pup

We are looking for a Staffordshire Bitch Pup.  Preferably between 6 and 8
weeks old.  Please contact Colleen on 091275624, or email us at


6.2 Looking for a Home (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

English Bull Terrier Lovers.

Magnificent white English Bull Terrier Male, 4 years, looking for kind and
loving home. Came from a farm but owners have left. Please help as will be
put to sleep if home not found soon. Tel Michelle on 884294 or e-mail


6.3 Wanted (Ad inserted 28/03/06)

Toy Pom (male or female)
preferably puppy

Please contact:
Riana Inger 011-220955 or email


6.4 Dog Meal for Sale  (Ad inserted 28/03/06)

"Dog Meal $ 900 k per 20 kg bag, please order on Harare 495897"


6.5 WANTED (Ad inserted 28/03/06)

Looking for a Miniature Toy Pom Puppy (male or female).  Anyone who breeds
them please let me know.

E-mail -
Tel -       481419
Cell -      011-611-360


6.6 Wanted (Ad inserted 28/03/06)

I am desperately looking for a Toy Pom puppy.  Preferably a female puppy.

Please contact Willem on 068 - 24577 or 091326882 or email


6.7 Home Wanted (Ad inserted 28/03/06)

We are urgently seeking a home for our beautiful 12 year old Lab / Border
Collie... We are leaving the country on Monday 27th. Will put her into
Friendly Foundation on Sunday.


Beryl Park-Pearson
861714 / 091 240 823


6.8 Home Wanted (Ad inserted 28/03/06)

Staffy Lovers! 3 beautiful black/brindle staffies looking for good home,
owners left. 1 male Rusty, 2 spayed bitches Lady and Sandy, can go together
or separately. Tel Michelle on 884294 or e-mail


6.9 Found (Ad inserted 28/03/06)

Elderly female, black and white Jack Russel, very sweet and well behaved.
Found Sunday night on Ridgeway North Road.
Contact 011 408044


6.10 Home Wanted (Ad inserted 4/04/06)

TYSON, absolutely magnificent red/brindle pedigreed and registered staffy
dog needing special home as soon as possible as owner leaving. Please help.
Tel Michelle on 884294 or e-mail


6.11 Home Wanted (Ad inserted 4/04/06)

Looking for a good home for a 1 1/2 year old female staffy cross jack

Good guard dog.  Cheeky with strangers and strange dogs.  Not sure about
children, does not seem to like them.  She also seems to have a slight skin

Please contact Venetia Bratley on 309914 or 011777668.


6.12 BORDER COLLIES (Ad inserted 4/04/06)

Pure bred but unregistered. Pictures of both parents available. Pups due to
be born this week, ready in 6 weeks. Please contact Maria (BYO) 286155 or
091266 476. or email


6.13 Wanted (Ad inserted 4/04/06)

PHONE 067 23112 OR 091 356 981 KATE


6.14 Homes Wanted (Ad inserted 4/04/06)

PHONE 067 23112 OR 091 356 981 KATE


6.15 Wanted (Ad inserted 25/03/06)

I am desperately looking for a Toy Pom puppy (5-6 weeks old).
If anyone breeds them please let me know.

E-mail -
Cell - 011 421 289


6.16 Home Wanted (Ad inserted 25/04/06)

Please another appeal for white male bull terrier, approx. 4 years desperate
for a kind and loving home Tel Michelle on 884294 or 011602903 or e-mail


6.17 Good Home/s Wanted (Ad Inserted 25/04/06)

Julio - 7 year old Tan coloured male Dashchund (pedigree) & Duke - 6 year
old Tan coloured male Dashchund (slight mixed breed with jack russell
somewhere!).  Both are very good natured, love people and loads of
attention.  They both have been nutured and are up-to-date with all
injections etc.  Would prefer if they are taken together as they are big
buddies.  Pictures are available to send via email.

Please contact Marlene on or telephone 020 - 64007.


JAG Hotlines:
+263 (011) 205 374 If you are in trouble or need advice,
 please don't hesitate to contact us - we're here to help!
+263 (04) 799 410 Office Lines
To advertise (JAG Members): Please email classifieds to: with
subject "Classifieds".

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Zimbabwe's disappearing technocrats

New Zimbabwe


      Last updated: 04/26/2006 21:01:07
      ONCE in a long and rare while, it is forgivable for Robert Mugabe's
critics to find themselves sincerely praising him for any dint of informed
decision or utterance.

      I personally had vowed never to mention anything good he does, lest
the struggle for emancipation from Mugabe's perfidy is misconstrued as
softening its hard-line resolve. I was one in favour of not taking any
prisoners in the form, shape, likeness or resemblance both in flesh and
spirit of Mugabe's person.

      It is said that in every dark cloud above the skies in Zvimba village,
there is a dint of silver lining. The cloud may be laden with lightning and
thunder and pregnant with the prospects of a deluge of unprecedented
proportions, yet the thin silver lining may not be ignored.

      Perhaps in all his wickedness, only this time has he managed to
surprise his never capitulating critics and opponents by submitting to the
harsh realities of the truth.

      I have to swallow my un-waning pride and offer some praise to the
dictatorial Mugabe for his recent admission that Zimbabwe has lost immense
expertise through skilled people leaving Zimbabwe to ply their trade in
countries far and near. This realisation by Mugabe deserves mention even by
his most fervent critics.

      To the skilled countrymen, semi-skilled citizens and all unskilled
denizens of Zimbabwe, finally Mugabe has decided to come out clean. He has
conceded that many sons and daughters of Zimbabwe with an endowment of a
variety of skills have left Zimbabwe for the so-called greener pastures in
foreign lands.

      It is the naked truth. So many men and women with skills that would
make a first-world economy drool with envy were made in Zimbabwe; yet again
their prospects of a rewarding future were destroyed in Zimbabwe. For
realising this unclothed fact, Mugabe deserves measured eulogy. The world
had been wondering when he was going to indisputably acknowledge this

      Finally, the small chickens with big egos have come home to roost!

      The crux of the matter is that over the years, Zimbabwe developed an
impressive manpower base. Well trained experts were churned from training
institutions. Well-educated graduates were delivered to the door-steps of
employers from the colleges. A well-groomed blend of apprentices was
delivered to industry by industry for industry. The base for an economic
boom had been established.

      My praise for Mugabe will end here! I will not waste my time praising
him for his entreaty on all foreign-based specialists to return home to
revive the very economy he relegated to the doldrums. The old geek sits at
State House with Grace and their progeny; they mutilate the economy inside
out and then he has the impertinence and audacity to ask the very people
whose livelihoods he destroyed to return so they can mend the gashing and
fatal wounds in the economy.

      That to me was the ultimate insult. My natural reaction to insult is
neither to insult back nor to apologise on behalf of the perpetrator. I
shall therefore not proceed with my praise for Mugabe; not especially when
he found pleasure and amusement in slaughtering the goose that laid the
golden eggs!

      In a spiteful gesture towards the skilled workers, Zanu PF,
destructively led by Mugabe, decided to collectivise the economy with Zanu
PF ill-qualified and ill-tempered political commissars taking charge of
ruining the economy. Strategic positions in industry and commerce were
offered to ill-prepared Zanu PF members. Proficient workers with no strings
linking them to Zanu PF were actively sidelined, leaving them passively
culpable in the death of the economy.

      The age of merit was assigned to the archives whilst nepotism based on
political affiliation to Zanu PF stepped a few gears up. Regardless of
qualifications, experience and suitability, the Zanu PF membership card
became the licence to the top. Zanu PF slogans began to slowly erode the
confidence of those who wanted to work and advance within their chosen
trade. With merit thrown out through broken windows, disquiet, despondence
and dejection started setting in within ambitious workers.

      Advancement within the work-place and up the corporate ladder was
firmly dependent on one's membership to Zanu PF. A bumpkin with a Zanu PF
membership card stood a better stead to be the chief executive of, say, ZESA
yet someone with professed apolitical tendencies would face a life-time
career insult.

      Agreeably, not all Zanu PF appointed managers were daft. Conversely,
not all non-Zanu PF workers make good managers. Merit that is determined by
acceptable standard tools instead of political party membership would have
saved the day.

      Political interference in the day-to-day running of industry and
commerce began to send shivers to the economy. It never dawned to those in
positions of influence that the economy was reacting to the Zanu PF
sponsored mismanagement spree. Instead of prescribing an early remedy to the
economic decline, more damage was caused by the arrogant increase of Zanu PF's
stake in economic mismanagement.

      Those with the power to foresee economic tendencies saw the economy
spiralling downwards and doom-wards. It was unfortunate that they did not
have the power to turn things around. They were highly skilled individuals
who were merely subordinate to bureaucracy. They could only watch in
disbelief as everything that mattered to them crumbled.

      The money they earned could only buy misery for their families. Pay
day was a curse that opened putrid wounds. The disposable income available
to skilled personnel was eroded. Someone likened the skilled experts to
monkeys; for as long as they remained accepting the offered pittance of
peanuts! Their future was blocked by Zanu PF arrogance and skilled workers
who were worth their salt easily anticipated the dead-end.

      Those with no intention to work under Maoist/Stalinist conditions
left! The hungry ones, dying with a desire for better salaries and better
working conditions also left. Some with clear and clean consciences left
their jobs in Zimbabwe to search for the ideal! It is the ideal as
prescribed by nature they seek, not the ideal prescribed by Mugabe's learned

      (Next we will see what some of the skilled workers do in foreign

      Masola wa Dabudabu is a columnist for New and was
previously a regular columnist with the banned Daily News. He writes from

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FDC bashes NGOs on Mugabe

The Nation, Malawi

      by Olivia Kumwenda, 26 April 2006 - 05:12:43
       The Forum for the Defence of the Constitution (FDC) has said it is
against the visit of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe scheduled for next
week despite civil society's change of tune on the matter.
      FDC member Kamlepo Kalua disclosed this on Tuesday, saying the
decision was reached during a meeting the body held after getting the news
that non-governmental organisations (NGOs), who earlier were protesting the
visit, now support it.
      The NGOs backtracked on their earlier decision after meeting President
Bingu wa Mutharika. According to Programme Manager of Church and Society of
the Blantyre CCAP Synod Billy Mayaya, who spoke on behalf of others, the
civil society's statement was made in haste when they had inadequate
information surrounding Mugabe's visit.
      However, Kamlepo said the decision made by the NGO's is a very sad
development and all concerned Malawians should come out and voice their
      "Soon after having a State lunch they change their minds. This is very
sad, the lunches or dinners at the State House should not affect the way we
make our decision, without this State lunch these people could not have
still gone on protests, as FDC we are against the visit and even the naming
of the Midima Road after Mugabe," said Kalua who is chairperson of the FDC's
Action Committee.
      He said the FDC is not against the people of Zimbabwe or Mugabe as a
person but his leadership style which Kamlepo claims has lead to the
violation of human rights and suppressed the multiparty democracy in
      "The problem is his leadership style. That is why even the
international community are against him. They just want to stop his
autocratic rule and put some sense into him. Supporting Mugabe's visit will
be in defiance of the international community and we will destroy the stand
we have with the international community. If we are not careful Malawi will
not be the same again after this visit," said Kamlepo.
      He said FDC will work on what action to take, saying: "We will think
of something now that the NGO's have withdrawn. We will probably come up
with political banners against the visit and we can't rule out
demonstrations but a final decision on the action will be made when we meet
      Kamlepo said FDC will not accept if Mutharika decides to summon them
to a meeting as he did with the NGOs.
      FDC chairperson Reverend Daniel Gunya could not comment on the matter,
saying he did not attend the meeting as he was away to a funeral but the
body's Information Officer Maganizo Mazeze confirmed that the meeting took
place and that the members made a decision to protest against the visit.
      "Mr. Kamlepo as the chairperson of the Action Committee has been given
the mandate to look into what action can be taken," said Mazeze.
      But Mayaya insisted Tuesday that the decision by the NGO's to support
Mugabe's visit is the right one based on what they discussed with the
      Meanwhile, Minister of Information Patricia Kaliati said what FDC
intends to do is wrong and that the issue on the protest against Mugabe's
visit is over.
      "If they don't know, by not wanting Mugabe to visit Malawi they are
also violating somebody's rights, and the problems in Zimbabwe have been
there for long. Where were they all this time? Come rain, come sunshine
Mugabe is coming," said Kaliati.
      She said there is nothing wrong with the President inviting the NGOs
to State House and that he is ready to meet anyone.
      "It is the same people who say the President should be able to discuss
issues with his people and now they are saying it is wrong, that's crazy,"
said Kaliati.

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Zim case sets dangerous precedent


      Basildon Peta
          April 26 2006 at 10:36AM

      Harare - Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe's government is being sued
in a South African court in a case that reveals what South African mining
companies can expect when they are forced to go into business partnerships
with the Zimbabwean government.

      Instead of profits going for the development of the economy, it could
end up in the pockets of Mugabe's cronies.

      Mugabe last week said all major foreign mining companies would have to
cede at least 50 percent equity to the government, effectively imposing
partnerships with it.

      But having the Zimbabwean government as your business partner might
become your worst nightmare, as revealed in documents presented in the
Johannesburg High Court by Southern African Asbestos Sales (SAS). Owned by
Nathan Mariemuthu, SAS is asking the court to set aside a liquidation order
which was brought by the Mugabe government in its takeover of the business
empire of South African citizen Mutumwa Mawere.

      It has since emerged that Alfres Gwaradzimba, now running one of
Mawere's companies, used debt repayments from SAS to a Mawere company to buy
a large shareholding in a Zimbabwean company.

      It was on the basis of this "failed" debt repayment that the judge
granted the liquidation order.

      Gwaradzimba was paid a huge sum for his shareholding. Legal observers
said this was a bad omen for South African mining companies expected to
surrender equity to the Zimbabwe government. - Mercury Foreign Service

      This article was originally published on page 5 of The Mercury on
April 26, 2006

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Gono fumes at farmers

Daily Mirror, Zimbabwe

The Daily Mirror Reporter
issue date :2006-Apr-26

THE governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ), Gideon Gono, has told
tobacco farmers who cannot produce the crop to acceptable quality standards
to pull out of the business.

  He said farmers should only undertake the production of crops they are
best at producing.
Officially opening the 2006 tobacco selling season held at the Tobacco Sales
Floor (TSL) Limited in Harare yesterday, Gono challenged tobacco farmers to
make use of funds government provided to grow tobacco according to desired
quantity and quality standards.
"If you come to my farm, you will see that I venture into crops that I am
best able to grow," Gono said.
"I do not grow tobacco. But those crops I am able to grow, I grow them
 well," he added.
The governor expressed grave concern at farmers whom he said waited for
government to fund agricultural programmes, while they (farmers) never
bothered to take any initiatives in becoming self-reliant.
"Our farmers have often demanded support from government and we have
provided that. But at the end of the day they say the support is not enough.
"We increase the support but they continue to say the support is still not
adequate," Gono said.
Gono told farmers to use funds earned after selling their produce to ensure
that they met family needs including paying school fees.
"After receiving money from selling tobacco, farmers should use the
remaining funds to source farming inputs as they prepare for the next
Gono urged tobacco merchants to be honest when buying the crop as a way to
create confidence among farmers who
in turn would increase production.
He challenged tobacco merchants to show their business acumen when they buy
tobacco to prove that they are reliable business people.
Such a development would create trust among farmers who sell the crop to
them, he said.
Said Gono: "It must be borne in mind that corruption should be stopped at
all costs to ensure good business."
He urged farmers to deliver their crop early since government was paying
incentives to farmers who delivered their crop within a set time frame.
Minister of Agriculture, Joseph Made, had earlier on said that the 2005/6
farming season had been a difficult one.
"While I appreciate that farmers have done well during this season, I wish
to say that the 2005/6 season was a very difficult one, especially during
the early stages," Made said.
"Although the country received heavy rains during the middle of the season,
farmers still experienced problems."
Farmers faced impediments in securing various farming inputs like
fertilisers, chemicals and fuel for tillage, as they were in short supply.

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