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Zanu PF Printing MDC T-Shirts In Desperate Bid To Spark Trouble During Mass Protests

Zim Daily

            Wednesday, April 05 2006 @ 12:45 AM BST
            Contributed by: correspondent

             The ruling Zanu PF party is printing thousands of 'MDC
T-Shirts' to be worn by Zanu PF thugs in order to spark trouble during the
nationwide mass confrontation that have been planned by the opposition at
the onset of the cold season, Zimdaily can reveal. Zimdaily unveils the
covert plan as the Zimbabwean army units begin deploying across the country
in preparation for the planned opposition protest aimed at expressing
disgust over President Robert Mugabe maladministration and marauding

            Government officials said soldiers in barracks around Harare
were moving weapons and deploying in other cities and towns. Zimdaily heard
that the ruling party was intent on using its green bombers, spotting MDC
t-shirts, to stir mayhem during the protests and give the army room to use
live ammunition against unarmed civilians.

            Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has insisted the protest
should be a "peaceful democratic mass confrontation." The deployments
followed a public threat by President Mugabe during the funeral of his
aide-de-camp that he would ruthlessly crush the protests called by the MDC.

            Officials said the entire Zimbabwean army had been mobilised and
officers' leave cancelled. The MDC raised the stakes weekend during a first
leg of nationwide rallies by insisting that it would press ahead with its
plans. MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai said he was ready to go to jail or die
for the liberation of Zimbabwe against Mugabe's marauding tyranny. Justice
Minister Patrick Chinamasa warned yesterday that the planned demonstrations,
illegal under the country's strict security laws, would be met with "the
full wrath of the law."

            Chinamasa said this means the opposition has threatened to
remove Mugabe from office by unconstitutional means. "The state cannot take
such threats lightly," he told Zimdaily yesterday. The justice minister said
the opposition's call for Zimbabweans to take to the streets meant they were
bent on a campaign of violence and anarchy against the government intended
to result in the overthrow of Mugabe's office. The opposition has promised
only peaceful protests. "Resort to a coup d'etat is unconstitutional and
unlawful and thus constitutes the serious crime of high treason," Chinamasa
said, repeating an earlier mantra by Home Affairs chief kembo Mohadi last

            The army said it would not tolerate the protests because they
were likely to turn violent. Mugabe warned the MDC that it had no chance of
pushing him out of power. He said the opposition would rule Zimbabwe only
"over our dead bodies" and said "it will never happen." The Zimbabwe Defence
Forces warned the MDC that it was "standing ready" to resist against
violence. But the MDC has called upon the army to disobey "illegal orders"
to suppress the will of the people.

            The MDC blames Mugabe's government for the crippling economic
problems in the country and says it has popular support for the marches.
            Inflation is running at close to 800 percent and shortages of
food and fuel are causing intense hardships for Zimbabweans. Tsvangirai told
a rally weekend that protests would go ahead in defiance of angry reactions
from the ruling elite. He warned his supporters not to be intimidated by
shows of force by the army or police. Starting yesterday, members of the
police force and the army have started jogging across the city centre, clad
in white jogger shorts and white vests with some of them brandishing
firearms. Residents feel intimidated by the gun toting soldiers.

            People have been panic buying this week amid fears of a mass
shutdown. Zimdaily understands soldiers and police were deployed in populous
suburbs on Saturday in what a spokesperson said was a bid to "reassure
peace-loving Zimbabweans that the uniformed forces have the capacity to deal
with anarchy, sabotage and banditry." But Tsvangirai said: "If the people of
Zimbabwe are going to be intimidated by army or police presence then they
must accept the status quo for ever." Zimdaily heard that to counter Zanu
PF's insidious plan to give green bombers MDC T-Shirts, the opposition was
looking at ways to counter the plan, which could include a call on all
protesters not to wear any MDC regalia.

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Air Zim Has 3 Days Fuel Supply Left

Zim Daily

            Wednesday, April 05 2006 @ 12:43 AM BST
            Contributed by: correspondent
             The embattled airline Air Zimbabwe, one of whose planes had to
make an emergency landing to refuel in Lusaka, Zambia, yesterday morning,
has only three days' supply of Jet A1 fuel left. The national airline might
have to ground some of its planes if it does not receive deliveries by
Friday. While it was not possible to obtain comment from Air Zimbabwe
spokesman David Mwenga, sources at the airline confirmed that the airline's
fuel stocks were running low.

            The source, however, denied that the plane that made an
emergency stop-over in Lusaka yesterday, delaying passengers, had run out of
fuel. The sources said the Harare-bound flight, UM767 from London, had been
diverted to Lusaka to refuel to enable it to fly to Johannesburg. He said
Air Zimbabwe had opted to refuel in Lusaka to conserve the low stocks in
Harare. "You have to understand that we are facing severe fuel shortages in
this country. But it is absolutely not true that the plane had run out of
fuel," he said. "We wanted to use the same plane to go to Johannesburg.

            "But since we did not have enough Jet A1 here, it had to divert
its route to Lusaka for refuelling." Zimbabwe is facing a severe shortage of
liquid fuel, stemming from a serious foreign currency squeeze that has
adversely affected the country's industry and commerce. The crisis has also
crippled the public transport system. The government, in a desperate move,
has asked banks to source foreign currency from the parallel market at
whatever rate to ease the worsening crisis.

            The source said the national airliner, which is already
operating below capacity because of a decline in international and domestic
travellers, had enough stocks of Jet A1 fuel to last between two and three
days. The parastatal had no indication as of yesterday when it might next
receive supplies. "We have enough stocks for two to three days. Fuel
companies would be in a position to say when the next deliveries of Jet A1
will come," he said. He said there was little the airline could do once
stocks ran out but to wait for deliveries. Meanwhile Zimbabwe should brace
for a fresh round of fuel price increases, in line with the rising wholesale
fuel price in South Africa, the country's biggest source for fuel. South
Africa's department of minerals and energy announced last Friday that the
wholesale price of diesel will go up by as much as 25.6 cents (about Z$10
000) a litre, while the retail price of petrol will go up between 21c and
24c a litre on Wednesday.

            Meanwhile paraffin will become 5.6c more expensive per litre and
its single maximum national retail price will jump by 8c a litre.
International crude oil prices rose to the highest point in almost two
months to levels around US$65 per barrel on Thursday 30 March in response to
the biggest drop in US oil inventories since August 2003, geopolitical
tensions and fears of disruption in supply from Iran and Nigeria.
International oil prices have risen by more than 17% this year. As a
consequence, petrol, which is currently retailing in Zimbabwe at an average
$200 000 per litre, is set to go up by at least $20 000 as fuel importers
factor in transport and handling costs.

            The Zimbabwe dollar is currently trading at about $35 000 to the
rand on the thriving parallel market where fuel importers source funds for
imports, although the official rate remains stuck at $15 996.90 to the rand.
Government, which has in the past insisted on pegging the fuel price at
unrealistic levels spawning shortages and corruption as well as losses at
the state fuel firm, has watched as fuel importers retail the commodity at
levels higher than the stipulated price. Government last year set the price
at $22 800 per litre, but both diesel and petrol currently retail at about
$200 000. Fuel queues, which had become a common feature in Zimbabwe, have
disappeared, with service stations enjoying brisk business at the
'unsanctioned' price levels.

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Forex, Fuel Scarcity Compound Shortage Of Blood And Test Kits - NBTS

Zim Daily

            Wednesday, April 05 2006 @ 12:42 AM BST
            Contributed by: correspondent
             A shortage of blood, its by-products, test kits and blood bags
has hit Zimbabwe, the country's blood bank said on Wednesday. The lack of
the vital health product has been precipitated by scarce fuel and foreign
exchange, the National Blood Transfusion Services (NBTS) said. Blood,
essential in surgical operations, for haemophiliacs and for transfusions
after major accidents, is the latest product to join the list of shortages
in crisis torn Zimbabwe.

            Among the basics in short supply so far has been petroleum-based
fuels, electricity, drugs and food. Zimbabwe's opposition blames the
shortages on economic mismanagement, while President Robert Mugabe says they
are a result of a Western plot to topple him. The NBTS said persistent fuel
shortages had adversely affected its blood collection activities, as have
the scarcity of forex used in importing blood bags. NBTS mobile units
normally move to schools, factories and commercial offices collecting blood
from donors, but the lack of fuel have impacted negatively on the

            The combination of shortages "has led to shortages and
intermittent supply of blood and blood components to hospitals nationwide",
the NBTS said in a statement on Wednesday. "The foreign currency shortage
has put severe and enormous pressure on NBTS, as the import of essential
plasma derivatives is no longer possible," it said. Plasma is essential for
transfusion to haemophiliacs and is imported because the country does not
have the technology to extract it from donated blood.

            A spokesperson for the NBTS said everything that is imported,
including test kits and anti-D, administered to Rhesus-negative mothers
shortly after giving birth, were in short supply. The blood bank said donors
were also feeling compromised because the traditional "donor comforts" or
refreshments given to them after donating blood were not readily available.

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Let Mugabe bury his dead

New Zimbabwe


      By Daniel Fortune Molokele
      Last updated: 04/05/2006 12:17:32
      ONCE again the Zimbabwean nation has been plunged into another
unnecessary controversial debate on who really deserves the country's
national hero status.

      This time the furore and the hype have centered around one of the
founding fathers of the nation's liberation movement. James Chikerema the
veteran nationalist, passed away last week in the United States after a long

      Under normal circumstances, any objective test and criteria for the
national hero status will not have any difficulty in according Chikerema the
status. Everyone knows that as a pioneer of the nationalist struggle for the
nation's independence his personal contribution was not only immense but
also immeasurable. During the 1940s and right through to the end of the
struggle in 1980, Chikerema was a prominent public voice of our people. He
rightfully deserves some place among the nation's list of its founding
fathers like Joshua Nkomo, Josiah Tongogara, Jason Moyo and Herbert Chitepo,
among others.

      But sadly for most of us, life in Zimbabwe is not as simple and
straightforward as it ought to be. Later this month on 18th April, we will
as a nation celebrate our 26th Independence anniversary. For almost three
decades now we have claimed to be a free and independent country. In some
instances we have even claimed to be a democratic country. Yet we all know
that this is just a perceived assumption. The reality on the ground is that
strictly speaking, we all know that things are not what we would like them
to be.

      The truth is that we are not a proud and sovereign people as we
pretend to be. Instead we all know that as a nation, we are all simpletons
and morons in the eyes of one of us. We all know that the nation is not
really ours but really is a big private estate of one of us. Indeed we all
know that for 26 years we have all been subjected to the will and whim of
the nation's most eminent person. That person for the record is none other
than Robert Gabriel Mugabe. He and his personal private company known as
Zanu-PF really own the country with him as the nation's majority

      Thus when it comes to making collective decisions as a nation, the
truth is that the individual voices of the 12 million or so of us do not
really matter at all. What matters always is the opinion of one individual,
one Mugabe. The rest of us have to face up to the reality that after all has
been said and done, we are seen by him as the povo. In other words, his
people of valueless opinions.

      It thus does not come as a surprise that when we as a nation have now
been forced to mourn the death of two of our sons, he then decided for us
who really deserves to be mourned collectively by all of us. He in his
wisdom or lack of it made a decision on our behalf as to who was indeed a
national hero or not. He then proceeded to declare his personal bodyguard a
national hero for us to celebrate his nationalist contribution to our

      So as a result, Winston Changara is buried in a State funded funeral
with all pomp and ceremony. On the other hand, Mugabe then decided on our
behalf that his late cousin, he who decided to defy his absolute leadership
and even questioned his leadership credentials, must now pay dearly for his
sins. He then wants all of us in our millions, to accept his view that James
Chikerema is not a national hero. Just like he did with the likes of
Ndabaningi Sithole and Lookout Masuku, he now expects all of us to respect
his opinion about who really deserves to be seen by all of us as a national

      The point I am trying to say is that there is really no national hero
as long as Mugabe feels or says so. He alone has the final say. Period.

      So what then do I say to that? I say that there is really no national
heroes' acre. What are there are Mugabe's private graveyards for all his
people and cronies. It is in reality an acre for him to bury his own
favourite people and not a national shrine as he would like us to believe.
So the next time he calls us to his acre, let us not really bother to go
there. Let us just allow him to bury his dead in his privacy. Let Mugabe
just bury his own dead!

      Daniel Molokele is a Zimbabwean Human Rights Lawyer and is based in
Johannesburg. He can be contacted at

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Gono leads delegation on mission to Russia

      By a Correspondent

      RESERVE Bank of Zimbabwe Governor Gideon Gono, whose efforts to have
Zimbabwe back in good books with the International Monetary Fund (IMF)
failed last month, is in Russia leading a delegation of government
officials, business leaders and bankers in search of new opportunities for a
country whose economy continues to go down the drain as international
investors shy away from the crisis-ridden country. can reveal that Gono headed for the cold
temperatures of Moscow to lead the delegation comprising Transport Minister,
Chris Mushohwe, permanent secretaries, mining officials, representatives
from the Attorney General's office, the telecommunications sector and others
after attending an Afri-Exim Bank extraordinary general meeting in Accra,
Ghana. The central bank chief attended the Accra meeting with his boss,
finance minister, Herbert Murerwa, who is reported to have clashed with him
over the economic direction of the country.
      Murerwa, who has overall responsibility over economic policy, is said
to have accused Gono of acting without consulting him and of overstepping
his role as monetary policy chief to undertake quasi-fiscal activities with
Gono on the other hand accusing Murerwa of hypocrisy. Following their
acrimonious exchanges recently, Murerwa is now expected to go before
Parliament seeking a Zd 50 trillion supplementary budget as Gono has closed
the tape on government departments access to RBZ funding without the
requisite funding from the finance ministry.

      While Murerwa headed back home, Gono, who apparently has President
Mugabe's support after appointing him to help heal the ailing economy, went
on to Russia. Precise details of the itinerary and business being pursued by
this delegation remain sketchy but it is the first such high-level
investment promotion ever taken by Zimbabwe to the former Soviet Union.
Sources in Harare, however, said Gono is expected to hold talks with the
Central Bank Governor of the Russian Federation in Moscow as well as meet
several high-ranking business and government officials. It is not
inconceivable that the delegation may be after Russia's oil, investment,
fertiliser, farming equipment and assistance to deal with their political
and economic crisis. Russia and China are the two major countries on the
international arena that have supported Zimbabwe at the IMF, the United
Nations and other forums.
      This is not the first time Gono has tried to attract investment and
assistance from foreign countries. Last July he led Zimbabwe's efforts to
borrow US$800 billion from China after meeting the country's Central Bank
chief but the efforts came to naught. He also tried, together with Murerwa,
to borrow money from South Africa after extensive meetings with South Africa's
central bank Governor, Tito Mboweni and finance minister Trevor Manuel and
his officials.
      Gono, who remains tight-lipped following the IMF's refusal to admit
Zimbabwe back into the fold despite paying off a huge part of the country's
outstanding debt to the Bretton Woods institution, could not be reached for

      As opposed to Zimbabwe, vast Russia, which is 45 times the size of the
southern African country, with a population of over 145 million, ended 2005
with its seventh straight year of growth, averaging 6.4% annually since its
financial crisis of 1998. Although high oil prices and a relatively cheap
Ruble, which stands at 28 against one US dollar, are important drivers of
this economic rebound, since 2000 investment and consumer-driven demand have
played a noticeably increasing role in the revival of its economy. As
opposed to Zimbabwe's sorry state, real fixed capital investments have
averaged gains greater than 10% over the last five years, and real personal
incomes have realized average increases over 12%. Russia has also improved
its international financial position since the 1998 financial crisis, with
its foreign debt declining from 90% of GDP to around 36%. Russia is now a
member of the G8 countries but is still to join the OECD or World Trade
Organisation (WTO) countries. Strong oil export earnings have allowed Russia
to increase its foreign reserves from only $12 billion to some $180 billion
at yearend 2005. These achievements, along with a renewed government effort
to advance structural reforms, have raised business and investor confidence
in Russia's economic prospects.
      Oil, natural gas, metals, and timber account for more than 80% of
exports and Gono could be scouting for fuel from the former Soviet country
as he had done before with Libya and Kuwait. Russia's inflation rate stands
of 12.8 percent and sources in Harare say in jest the Governor of the RBZ
maybe trying to learn how he could manage inflation, among many other
issues. Zimbabwe's inflation rate is expected to top 1 000 percent anytime
      "Zimbabwe presents major opportunities for a country like Russia that
is trying to rebuild its dilapidated manufacturing base," a source in Harare
said. "Particularly in the geo-political order where Gono is feeling snubbed
by the IMF and the West. He could be turning his sights to Russia - when
combined with Chinese interests - would present a serious challenge to the
West if they maintain a hard stance on the country. Russia of yesterday is
not the Russia of today so it cannot be brushed aside."

      With its cold climate, Russia does not produce much of its food and
Gono could be trying to entice the Russians with the country's agricultural,
tourism and manufacturing potential, the huge platinum reserves, uranium and
precious minerals like gold. Russia imports virtually all its food
requirements due to bad weather. "These are factors that should not go
unnoticed by any fair-minded international investor and if you put Russia,
China and India, which has of late been smelling the Zimbabwean coffee and
if they rally in favour of Zimbabwe, the landscape could be interesting,"
another source in Harare said. But Zimbabwe's lack of respect for property
rights has proved its major undoing in the past six years. The
government-sponsored land invasions and the general absence of the rule of
law are some of the reasons for Zimbabwe's continued slump as foreign
investors prefer to go elsewhere. Mugabe and his government recently
capitulated over attempts to take over mining enterprises in the country.
Gono clashed with mines minister, Amos Midzi, on the proposed mining laws
and led attempts to stop the government from taking this route and he
continues to make enemies both in Zanu PF and the government while on
another level he continues to head the country's efforts to revive a
battered economy. Observers wonder how he is managing to walk the tight rope
of working with people who regard him as usurping their powers and behaving
like a "prime minister". Gono, who is on America's list of targeted
Zimbabweans, courted controversy recently by attending, as guest of honour,
a reception held in his honour in the U.S. Capitol Hill in part to "hear new
opportunities for African-American investors" in Zimbabwe's mining, tourism
and agricultural-processing sectors.

      At the same time daggers were being drawn for him in Harare by
ministers and government officials who feel his wings need to be clipped
      Energy Minister Mike Nyambuya became the latest among a growing list
of senior government officials to criticise the reformist and affable RBZ
chief and to call for his wide-ranging powers to be clipped.
      Nyambuya was peeved at Gono after the he blocked his proposals for
increases in power tariffs going up to 770 percent. He attacked Gono during
a meeting Cabinet meeting while State Security Minister is at loggerheads
with the central bank governor for calling new farm invaders "criminals that
ought to be locked away". Some of those who have fallen out with the
outspoken Gono include Agricultural Minister, Joseph Made, Mushohwe, City of
Harare officials and the generality of the big wigs in Zanu PF for
championing bilateral investment protection agreements and calling on former
commercial farmers, now outside the country, to bring back their skills and
assist the new farmers and re-build the agricultural sector. His detractors
within the government accuse him of trying to reverse the gains of the
country's chaotic land reform programme. In his monetary statement early
this year, Gono blasted top government officials for corruption charging the
country was on the "edge of a cliff" and fast losing its integrity and sense
of economic justice due to deeply entrenched graft. among top ruling
officials. He said his efforts to placate the country from its deep economic
crisis were being hampered by greed among ruling officials.
      The battles between Gono and Murerwa and the other ministers are,
however, seen as part of Zanu PF's power struggles now playing out in the
government bureaucracy.

      "We all are waiting to hear what will come out of the Russia
expedition. The man must know that as long as Zimbabwe's political and
governance issues are not addressed, his efforts to revive the economy will
not work," said Muchaneta Jamu, a former employee with a top financial
institution in the capital who is now based in the US. "He seems to be
courting controversy and working with people who want to work for his

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Bleak Future for Children With a Double Burden


Vusa Nyathi

HARARE, Apr 4 (IPS) - The child squirms drowsily as it struggles to roll
over on the bunk bed, eventually succumbing to sleep. The skin on its face
is too taught. Wisps of hair look as if they could fall out at any minute.

"He is just from his daily ARVs (anti-retroviral drugs)," says the woman who
takes care of him at Fairfield Children's Home, an orphanage in the eastern
Zimbabwean city of Mutare, which houses 74 children up to the age of 14.
Several of Fairfield's charges are HIV-positive.

"We try to accommodate everyone and never discriminate against babies
infected with the virus. We take them on board and give them special care,"
says Peter Mufute, administrative officer of the home.

However, the extra needs of children infected with the AIDS virus have
placed a heavy financial burden on Fairfield -- and raised questions about
whether government is doing enough to care for children who face the double
burden of parental loss and HIV.

According to the National Aids Council (NAC), a government body, Zimbabwe's
orphan population has grown from 345,000 just under a decade ago to some 1.3
million today. About 165,000 of these children are infected with HIV - and
the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) estimates that just over 20,000
need ARVs. However, only 2,000 are receiving the life-prolonging medication.

"Both national HIV/AIDS plans and poverty reduction strategies (in Zimbabwe
and various other nations in sub-Saharan Africa) are stronger on proposed
policy actions than on budget allocations and clear statements of targets to
be achieved for children, young people and HIV/AIDS," said a December 2004
report by the World Bank and UNICEF, titled 'Poverty Reduction Strategy
Papers: Do they matter for young people made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS?'.

"The situation of children who have been orphaned or made vulnerable by AIDS
receives little attention," added the document.

These words are echoed by Festo Kavishe, UNICEF's representative in

"There remains an urgent need to boost prevention, care and treatment
programmes in Zimbabwe, ensuring the rights of orphans, while preventing HIV
infection in infants and young children," he said.

The plight of HIV-positive orphans reflects the situation in society at

According to UNICEF, about 1.6 million of the approximately 13 million
Zimbabweans have contracted HIV. Just over 340,000 require anti-retroviral
treatment, but only a fraction of these persons are on ARVs.

"There is still a huge gap between those who need and those under
anti-retroviral therapy (ART)," Health and Child Welfare Minister David
Parirenyatwa said recently.

"By December 2005 only 26,000 were on ARVs. Of these, 20,000 were on
government ART programmes, while the remainder were being taken care of by
the private sector."

Latest figures from the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS)
put adult prevalence in Zimbabwe at 24.6 percent. However, the 'AIDS
Epidemic Update' for 2005, published by UNAIDS and the World Health
Organisation, also notes a drop in HIV prevalence among pregnant women from
26 percent in 2002 to 21 percent in 2004.

John Robertsen, an economist based in the capital of Harare, says worsening
economic conditions are undermining efforts to address the ARV crisis.

"Crushing poverty, high unemployment and low wages.have reduced the ability
of households to take care of their sick, and this has increased the burden
the government has to bear in welfare interventions," he noted.

"But the government is currently trying to reduce its welfare expenditures
because already it is in a fix with its economy which has the highest
inflation rate, the highest unemployment rate and among the highest economic
shrinkage (rates) in the world."

For several years, Zimbabwe has suffered from acute shortages of foreign
exchange, fuel and food -- this in the wake of a controversial programme of
farm seizures ostensibly aimed at rectifying racial imbalances in land
ownership that dated back to the colonial era. Zimbabwe's involvement in the
Democratic Republic of Congo's five-year civil conflict, which ended in
2002, also proved a drain on state coffers.

Although Zimbabwe launched a 'National Plan of Action for Orphans and
Vulnerable Children' in 2004 in a bid to provide comprehensive care for
these children, Parirenyatwa admits that much more needs to be done.

"Because a majority of our people are poor we have a big financing problem.
The money allocated to us from the budget is too little to do anything much
about the orphan crisis," he said.

IPS was not able to obtain figures for how much of the national budget is
spent on orphans at present.

According to Parirenyatwa, however, "The most visible HIV/AIDS support
programme run by government is BEAM (Basic Education Assistance Module)
which is implemented by the Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social
Welfare in conjunction with the Ministry of Education. It provides school
fees, uniforms and supplementary feeding for AIDS orphans."

NAC Executive Director Tapiwa Magure says government would like to phase out
orphanages in favour of placing orphans in community care.

"Our thrust is to discourage institutional care. We are therefore exploring
possibilities of facilitating an exit plan for institutionalised children,"
he noted earlier this year.

However, another NAC official who did not wished to be named told IPS that
such initiatives seemed ill-advised when incidents of baby dumping, and the
proliferation of child-headed households and street children suggested
communities were already unable to cope with orphans.

"Community-based care may be the best rehabilitative model, but more
resources will be needed in terms of mobilising community-led initiatives,
paying community outreach workers and government care coordinators," said
the official.

"In Zimbabwe this is wishful thinking considering that the government is
perennially broke. If the government had that money, would we be having
orphanages in the first place?"

NAC statistics indicate that there are about 60 registered children's homes
in Zimbabwe providing care for about 800 children. (END/2006)

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MP nabbed over tobacco smuggling

New Zimbabwe

By Staff Reporter
Last updated: 04/05/2006 12:17:11
ZIMBABWEAN police on Tuesday arrested MDC Zengeza MP Goodrich Chimbaira
while another opposition legislator Job Sikhala was issued with a warrant of
arrest after failing to appear for a hearing.

The two opposition MPs' neighbouring constituencies of Zengeza and St Mary's
are situated in the satellite town of Chitungwiza.

Charges being faced by Chimbaira were not clear Tuesday night, but his
lawyer Alec Muchadehama, said police were alleging that he had smuggled
tobacco out of the country.

"I'm on my way to the police station, but the police accused him on a news
bulletin of smuggling tobacco," said Muchadehama.

On the other hand, the arrest warrant for Sikhala was issued after he failed
to appear in court on allegations that the MP, together with a group of
supporters, assaulted some residents of Chitungwiza.

Sikhala's lawyer, Charles Chikowore said: "The MP was issued with a warrant
of arrest. I phoned him and he said he had forgotten that he was supposed to
appear in court".

"I then informed the Honourable MP to come to court. I don't know if the
warrant has been cancelled or not, but I told him that if he has any
problems he should call me."

Efforts to reach Sikhala later were fruitless as he was attending a
parliamentary session.

In January 2004 he was issued with a warrant of arrest after he left the
court room without paying a $25 000 fine for allegedly assaulting a police

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MIC an unnecessary drain

New Zimbabwe

By Jonathan Maphenduka
Last updated: 04/05/2006 12:17:37
SCREAMING headlines in two public media editions last week announced the
so-called Media and Information Commission (MIC) proposals for the amendment
of the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (AIPPA).

But it turned out to be an anti-climax, with Tafataona Mahoso pursuing his
old hobby horse to claw The Zimbabwean newspaper and those journalists who
write for "organisations hostile to Zimbabwe".

The MIC chairman was also reported as saying he would "welcome"
self-regulation among journalists. What he omitted to say is what steps he
has taken to remove regulation by law.

But of course we all know that such a move would leave him without a job.
His job hinges on using AIPPA, not to promote self-regulation among media
practitioners, but to ensure that they walk the streets without jobs after
closure of their newspapers.

So no one will be fooled by this seemingly sudden change of heart. A leopard
cannot change its spots.
But no one knows more than Mahoso just what makes AIPPA unacceptable to most
people in this country.

Who can expect him to propose the removal of sections of the Act that have
been used as an iron rod to batter private media businesses to death and, as
a measure to ensure their permanent demise, remove vital equipment imported
at high cost?

Why is it that AIPPA has no other penalties for offenders but the ultimate
sentence of death?

We all know what the man lives for, and why. He knows where his bread is
buttered. He tries hardest to outdo authors of AIPPA as though he is anxious
to cover up an unknown past.

I have a few suggestions for him to propose their repeal, not just
amendment: Why not start with Section 71(1)(a) which ensures victimisation
of citizens in the media industry, like it did with publishers of the Weekly
Times newspaper after only one edition?

How about scrapping all the clauses that provide only for closure of a
newspaper for minor breaches of the Act like twice happened to the
publishers of The Daily News and The Daily News on Sunday? All this in
shameful disregard of the fact that the courts had acquitted the publishing
company of a trumped-up criminal offence.

All the inexplicable vindictiveness has been witnessed even after the
Supreme Court absolved the Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe (ANZ),
publisher of The Daily News and The Daily News on Sunday and ordered its
application remitted afresh.

The MIC has no shortage of public funds to hire legal advisers to interpret
the law accurately, although, by practice, some of them have failed in their
hour of duty to the nation.

On March l4 2005, Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku, in the Supreme Court
judgment 1115, ruled against the MIC board decision of September 15 2003
which denied ANZ a hearing on its first application for registration.

In an earlier judgment, the chief justice had already declared the applicant
to be operating with "dirty hands", urging the ANZ to submit to the
requirements of the law.

The sum of the judgment was simply that there was nothing to prevent it from
pursuing its constitutional challenge later, but that it had to first
cleanse itself of charges of defying the law, no matter how abhorrent it was
to the company.

In response to the Supreme Court advice, ANZ submitted its first application
for registration, an admission that defiance of the law did not pay, and an
abandonment of its earlier stance of confrontation.

But, instead of recognising this as a welcome change of heart, the MIC board
saw the submission of an application for registration as a victory for the
board and an admission of weakness by the applicant.

The board, in pursuance of its agenda to frustrate the applicant,
disregarded the Supreme Court order to consider the application on its
merits or demerits, denying ANZ registration for the second time.

Perhaps saying the board disregarded the court order is not accurate. It
would be better to say it was a combination of a disregard of the order and
poor legal advice.

This decision of the board was declared an irregularity and the
determination was not only set aside by the chief justice as a breach of
some rules in law, but the board was ordered to consider the application.

A key point to remember was that contravention of the Act could only emerge
"after commencement of consideration of an application by the commission."

The MIC board had on September 15 2003 refused the applicant a hearing on
the grounds that the ANZ had a record of operating without a licence.
But there is no provision in the Act which stipulates that "records" of past
infringement of the Act should be used to determine the fate of an
application before the board.

If there was such provision, Trends magazine could have had its registration
certificate cancelled for failing to protect the privacy of a television
celebrity who complained to the commission and the magazine was compelled to
retract a report.

There are two important points to remember.

The one is that the "record" of the breach of the Act was not recognised by
the Supreme Court in its judgment of March 14 2005. The other is that the
MIC had denied the applicant a hearing in September 2003, and how could the
applicant had breached the Act when the board had refused it a hearing?

Because the commission failed to observe Section 69(1), which requires that
a breach of the Act "can only emerge after commencement of consideration of
an application by the commission", the Supreme Court set aside the MIC's
ruling of September 15 2003.

The commission missed the whole point of the ruling, which was that the
application had to be considered on its merits or demerits "after" its
submission for consideration.

The advice later given to the MIC board on July 18 2005 was that it had to
focus attention on the "record" of contravening the Act, which, as already
explained, the Supreme Court judgment did not uphold.

Even if the Supreme Court judgment on the constitutional case No 3233 of
March 3 2004 had declared the ANZ to be operating "with dirty hands", this
record could not be proffered as an excuse to deny the applicant
registration in the case where the applicant, armed with a superior court
order, was now seeking the right to operate a media service and not to
challenge the constitutionality of the Act.

The MIC board on June 16 2005 took the position that there was no legal
excuse to continue denying the applicant registration.

This understanding was, however, on July 18 2005, overturned by fresh legal
advice that the board was required only to focus on a "record" which is not
provided for in the Act, but was also not recognised by the Supreme Court.
This led to the debacle of July 18 2005.

The commission has no authority of a criminal court. But has it got
authority, like it was led to attempt to do, to confirm or review decisions
of a superior court? The zealous manner in which it ignored the decision of
the Supreme Court would suggest that it has that ambition.

Questions have been asked why I voted with the rest of the board on July 18
and then proceeded to resign in protest. I have never attempted to conceal
the manner in which I voted because there was a compelling, though
disappointing, reason why I did so.

The compelling reason was that the board, on that fateful day, was advised
by legal experts that determination of the board had to focus purely on the
"record" of publishing without a licence after December 31 2002. This could
be denied.

The guiding principle in my resignation, however, was that I could no longer
be associated with a body whose sole function is the closure of newspapers,
and I have explained this in a detailed letter to the Minister of
Information and Publicity dated August 18 2005. I do not consider I would be
serving my country's best interest by such association.

I have further explained to him and all those who feel impelled to ask me
why I believed the MIC board had erred in its judgment, which appears to
have been caused by an obsession to keep the ANZ out forever at whatever

This obsession appears to have clouded the interpretation of Chief Justice
Chidyausiku's judgment, whose message becomes clearer and clearer with the
benefit of hindsight that I have found with the patient study of the history
of the case.

The letter to the minister was a confidential document intended to highlight
how the MIC board had erred in its judgment, and was not an attempt to
absolve myself.

After Justice Rita Makarau's judgment last month, I have decided that it
created a completely new dispensation which overtook the confidentiality of
the contents of the letter.

I am now, therefore, able to refer to its existence without compromising
confidentiality of the subject. Readers who may want an unedited copy are at
liberty to ask for it.

An attempt has been made to play up the bit about who was involved in the
July 18 decision. This argument, however, is beside the point. The point to
remember is that the decision was in error and it has been explained why the
board erred.

The effect of that decision is that it has prolonged the agony and
frustration the applicant has had to endure, let alone the cost to all
parties to the case.
The commission, instead of trying to vindicate the decision, should swallow
its pride in shame, recognising its responsibility to the nation.

It is clear to all that the calibre of the current members of the board
leaves a great deal to be desired. Commissioners should be men and women who
command respect and not scorn. Otherwise it would be better to have no
commission at all.
Maphenduka is a former commissioner on the MIC panel. This article was
originally published in the Fusion Voice newspaper.

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'Much ado about nothing'

Mail and Guardian

      Percy Zvomuya

      04 April 2006 11:59

            One would have assumed that the tumultuous chorus that this week
accompanied the proposed formation of a human rights commission in Zimbabwe
was a response to a presidential decree that any person found without a
Zanu-PF membership card would be flogged at two-hourly intervals in a public

            All that Minister of Justice Patrick Chinamasa was announcing
was the setting up of a body that would receive, investigate and redress any
complaints that are human-rights related.

            Instead of the universal applause Chinamasa was yearning for, he
had to plug his ears as the divided opposition, Movement for Democratic
Change, and civic group the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA)
threatened to engage in all-terrain warfare. Morgan Tsvangirai's new
secretary general, Tendai Biti, called the commission "much ado about
nothing" and railed against "piecemeal amendments to the Constitution".

            The combative chairperson of the NCA, Lovemore Madhuku, said it
would take the government "head on over the matter, in the streets and in
the courts", if it is not consulted about setting up the commission.

            "You can have a perfect human rights commission but as long as
you have a watered-down Bill of Rights then it is of no use," pointed out
Biti, who is a practising lawyer.

            "If you have a regime that does not have respect for human
rights, that has a culture of impunity, you may have a million human rights
commissions but that won't ensure and guarantee human rights."

            South Africa-based human rights lawyer Daniel Molokele described
the project as a "welcome idea", but stressed that "it should not come as a
government process". He is nonetheless keen that it "should be done under
the broader framework of constitutional reform".

            The commission has not only attracted a feisty comeback, but
also a stodgy response from the bureaucrats at the United Nations. Its
Harare resident coordinator, Agostinho Zacarias, weighed in: "The [United
Nations Country Team] remains committed and has pledged that it would
provide the need [sic] support it can, technical or otherwise, for the
establishment of such an independent human rights body."

            But displeasure managed to filter through all the sieves of
diplomatic speak. "We are also confident that the government of Zimbabwe's
commitment to the establishment of a National Human Rights Commission will
be carried out through a process of consultation with all relevant
stakeholders," Zacarias said in a statement.

            The commission would be the custodian of human rights and would
position Zimbabwe as a paragon of protecting rights and distinguish it from
its hitherto soul mates such as Swaziland, North Korea, Belarus and

            But then again, the announcement of the body came hard on the
heels of the introduction of legislation intended to legalise the
interception of e-mails and bugging of telephones and in the same week that
information filtered through of the Suppression of Foreign and International
Terrorism Bill. If passed into law, the terrorism Bill would make one of
Robert Mugabe's arch-opponents, United States President George W Bush,
chuckle in spite of himself. He would identify in the Southern African
leader, ideological quarrels aside, a kindred spirit.

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Hwange Power Station needs $29,7 trillion

Daily Mirror, Zimbabwe

Patson Ndhlovu
issue date :2006-Apr-05

POWER utility, Zesa Holdings, needs a staggering US$30 million (about Z$29,
7 trillion) to rehabilitate the Hwange Power Station in order to generate
750MW to complement power supply for the winter peak period, the Business
Mirror has established.
However, the figure is in direct contradiction to information presented to
Cabinet by the Minister of Energy and Power Development, Mike Nyambuya, on
March 28, 2006 which shows that he had recommended for a total of $944, 8
billion and US$5,9 million between now and August.
Nyambuya also said small thermals - Harare, Bulawayo and Munyati power
stations - need a total of $1, 2 trillion to achieve 220MW for the same
"The purpose of small thermals is to come up in case of generation
disruptions at Hwange and/ or Kariba Power Stations as well as cover for
winter peak period of May to August", Nyambuya wrote to Cabinet.
He acknowledged that the power sector in the country is operating under
severe constraints whereby internal generation capacity is considerably
lower than expected achievable output.
"The constraints include inadequate financial resources to provide the
needed raw materials in terms of coal, diesel and water as well as foreign
currency to import critical spares for generating plant," he said.
Information revealed to this paper by sources in the industry shows that the
performance of Hwange can be addressed by a comprehensive rehabilitation
project that would gobble over US$30 million.
"The under performance of Hwange Power station can only be addressed through
a comprehensive rehabilitation project which requires a capital injection of
US$30 million," said the expert on condition of anonymity.
He added that the time frame needed for the rehabilitation of Hwange is 18
months as the required spares have a leadtime of eight months and a minimum
of 10 months for executing the project.
"Further capital injection into Hwange Colliery's coal mine is required for
adequate coal and coke oven gas supply.
"An adequate and consistent diesel supply is also a fundamental
 requirement," he said.
If the above information is anything to go by, then the winter wheat crop is
poised for a major flop this year as the power crisis cannot be addressed in
the short term.
The winter wheat crop is heavily dependent on irrigation for germination.
In his report to Cabinet, Nyambuya said his Ministry is working in
conjunction with the Ministry of Agriculture in identifying major areas of
winter wheat cropping and see how Zesa can minimise load shedding to these
The expert said it is virtually impossible to isolate circuits connecting
farmers when implementing load shedding.
"It is not practical to selectively prioritise supply to wheat farmers
during load shedding, as circuits on which farmers are connected are not
exclusively serving farmers", he said.
Power imports, which are used to supplement domestic generation, are not
likely considering that the region is currently short of additional power
making it difficult to guarantee additional supplies during the winter
Zesa has been struggling to carry out maintenance work on its transmission
and distribution system making it difficult for the power utility to deliver
The winter power supply is further compounded by the shut down of unit 3 at
the Hwange Power station on March 30 this year after showing signs of
This unit can only return to service after a major overhaul.
Zimbabwe imports 890MW from HCB of Mozambique, South Africa's Eskom, Snel of
DRC and Zesco of Zambia.
These supplies are however, erratic during peak periods like winter hence
Zesa's resorting to load shedding.

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1,5 million benefit from World Vision scheme

Daily Mirror, Zimbabwe

Our Correspondent in Bulawayo
issue date :2006-Apr-05

OVER 1,5 million villagers in 13 districts in the country have benefited
from World Vision's Vulnerable Groups Feeding Programme and USAID's
Consortium for Southern Africa Food Emergencies (C-SAFE) in the
drought-prone areas of Matabeleland, Masvingo and Mashonaland provinces.
Speaking to journalists during a field visit to a vulnerable group feeding
point in Gwanda recently, World Vision Zimbabwe national director, Leslie
Scott, said apart from the food distribution programme, the organisation was
also implementing recovery schemes in areas of agriculture, water,
sanitation, HIV and Aids.
"The programme employs a developmental relief approach that addresses acute
food needs, but simultaneously seeks to address the chronic nature
insecurity of food by protecting productive assets and building community
resilience to future food security shocks," said Scott.
Scott explained that C-SAFE began a large-scale food distribution programme
with some supplementary feeding for children who less than five years and
hospital patients.
The programme later expanded to include food for work and distribution of
supplementary rations for chronically ill individuals.  The Gwanda
Vulnerable Group Feeding Programme is being implemented in 19 communal wards
out of a population of 144 595.
Gwanda district falls in Agro-ecological religions IV and V in the North and
South respectively. The district is a semi-arid area that receives less than
500mm to 650mm of rainfall per annum.  The rainy season normally runs from
November to April while the rest of the year is dry.  Targeting and
selection of beneficiaries includes no fixed or temporary income, no
ownership or custody of assets with a market value.

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Rooster crows inside man after hooker's spell

New Zimbabwe

By Staff Reporter
Last updated: 04/05/2006 12:16:54
A ZIMBABWEAN man on trial for theft stunned a magistrate by asking for
temporary release in order to pay a hooker for her services after hearing a
rooster crowing inside him, local media reported.

The man, Gift Moyo, from the remote district of Insuza in Matabeleland North
believes a hooker from the southern border town of Beitbridge cast a spell
on him after he failed to pay for her services for two days spent at her

Moyo, appearing before Tsholotsho magistrate Abednico Ndebele, said he was
failing to sleep -- and the chicken noises were keeping other remand
prisoners awake.

He told the court that on regular nights at around 2am, he could hear fairly
loud 'chicken noises' inside him.

A magistrate could now set legal precedent after saying he would visit his
cell to hear the 'chicken noises' before deciding on bail.

"Moyo told the magistrate that he wanted to to go to Beitbridge and pay the
hooker," reports the vernacular Umthunywa (see website) newspaper.

Moyo, who faces an unrelated charge of stealing $8,5 million from a farm
where he is employed as a labourer, told the court how he had been looked
after by the hooker for two days on a diet of chicken and eggs.

"He told the court that he had visited Beitbridge where he looked for a
prostitute for the night," the paper reported.

The paper said after pulling an unnamed woman, he was led to her house in
the town where he spent two days. He was fed a regular diet of the local
staple sadza and chicken with eggs in the morning.

"After two days being well looked after by this woman," Umthunywa reported,
"Moyo bade her farewell and flatly refused to pay for her services. The
hooker simply told him to go well, but warned she would get even with him."

Magistrate Ndebele could now set legal history in Zimbabwe after telling the
court that he would be visiting the prisoner's cell together with the
prosecutor, Fritz Madida, to hear for himself the 'chicken noises'.

Although Zimbabwe's justice system did not recognise the existence of
witchcraft until recently, the majority of Zimbabweans have individual
stories to tell about incidents of witchcraft.

In response to widespread belief in and fear of witchcraft, the government
has initiated the Witchcraft Suppression Act (WSA), which prohibits the
practice of witchcraft, but also calls for prosecution of those falsely
accusing others of the practice or engaging in witch hunts.

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JAG Classifieds dated 4 April 2006

As a JAG member or JAG Associate member, please send any classified adverts
for publication in this newsletter to:

JAG Classifieds:;


1.  For Sale Items
2.  Wanted Items
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HONDA XR 250 R, trail bike with lights and indicators, 18000km only.  In
near original mint condition.
 Phone:  091 326 965 for details.


1.2 Chemicals For Sale (Ad inserted 4/04/06)
Dithian (M45)
Copper Oxy
Dual Magnum
Punch Extra

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"Shawasha hills, phase one, 4,4 acres, extensive Msasa/acacia trees, river
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Datsun Pulsar 140 A, very economical, in use every day. Looking for $200
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Stamps for Sale: Mint condition, many in albums.
First Day Covers of the following Countries:-
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Bophuthatswana                     11/81-03/94                          60
Venda                                    11/81-04/94
Transkei                                 01/82-03/94
Ciskei                                    12/81-04/94
Rhodesia                                02/62-07/76
Zimbabwe                               04/80-04/00

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1.6 Bakery for Sale (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

Bakery and coffee shop in Sam Leavy`s village Borrowdale for sale.

Bakery is operating full speed and doing catering for
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Mazda B2500 Diesel, single cab, pickup. 1997. Driven by owner only.

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2003 Model
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Steam Iron      $3    million
Porcelain Doll     $2    million
Heater             $2     million
Electric Blanket    $3    million
Ladies Racer        $10     million
Girls 28in Bycle    $6    million
4 pine folding tables    $5    million
Sewing Cabinet    $5    million
Baby Tender    $5    million
Carpet - Dusty Pink 12 x 15 ft    $15    million
Carpet - Maroon 12 x 9 ft    $12 million
Lace Curtain - 18 1/2m on roll (long)    $5    million
Lace Curtain - 40m on roll (short)    $8    million
Lounge & Dining Room full length curtains - Pale Green 5 drops x 2 widths
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Lounge & Dining Room full length curtains - Blue Cream 6 drops x 1 width
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Lounge & Dining Room full lenth curtains - Wine Brocade 2 drops x 2 widths,
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Curtains - Pink with bedcover 2 drops x 2 widths    $4 million
Curtains - Rose Green & Cream (large set)    $6 million
Curtains - Bathroom & Shower - green and blue sets, sun filter $2    million
Curtains - Kitchen, fancy lace yellow & white    $2    million

Vinyl Records - offers
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Seven Singles, box3s of 7, speed 45
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Lots of ornaments
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1998 4WD Ex Jap Pulsar, in good condition. +\- 89 000 kms  $400 million.

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Honda CB 650 B Motorbike.  Seat needs attention and needs new Electric start
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Brand New Double bed sheets    $5 million
Brand new 12 piece tea set (6 cups & 6 saucers) $4 million
Brand new Pyrex oval dish with metal frame $4 million
Brand new Pudding bowls     $4 million
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Deep Fryer    $8 million
Ice Cream Machine    $10 million

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Baby carrier    $3 million
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Sokkia Automatic Dumpy - Level / Theodolite

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Various second hand items for sale - All must go!!!
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Filing cabinet, 2 draw, wooden (good condition) - $25m

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Leather Coat - full length - size 107cm - only worn once
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Health Walker
A set of 18 Volumes of Claxton Encyclopaedias
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One Humidifier.
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Brand new (unused) Delco Remy 24 volt starter suitable for Mercedes, MAN or
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30,000 litre steel tank on skids, complete with lockable filler and outlet
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NISSAN  SE   3.2 Diesel , D/Cab ,  4 X 4,  White , 2001 .
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Rubberised back, Canopy, Bull bar, Roll bar, as new
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MAZDA 323 YEAR 1986
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1.22 Toyota Starlet 116 000 km 1997

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Hewlett Packard printer 610C (brand new)

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Supersonic radio and record player (superb condition)

.270 rifle with Lynx scope (4x40) licensed.

2 Black and Decker bench grinders

1 Hoover bench grinder

Small ladder

Various motors 1 to 3 hp in working order

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1 old English saddle and a polocrosse helmet.

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Cottage at Sunshine Motor Club, Lake Chivero for Sale.  Ideal for weekends &
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S.E.E.D. DESIGNS (Based in Chiredzi)

Beautiful hand embroidered exclusive ethnic items for sale :-

Duvet covers Q/size                        $13,500 000
Muslin Throwovers/tablecloth            $ 3,150 000
Wall hangings and throws                $11,850 000
Wallets (accommodate chqe book)     $  1,300 000
Webbing handbags                         $  2,900 000
Medium size cushion covers            $  2,600 000
Small size cushion covers               $  1,700 000
Set of 6 table mats & serviettes       $   6,600 000
Shoulder bags                                $   2,500 000
Oven gloves                                   $   1,340 000
Pillow cases matching duvets          $   1,100 000

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Baby fold up camp cot (new) (fits into bag) red, yellow and green for sale
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Small carry cot for sale $500 000
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1.29 ITEMS FOR SALE (Ad inserted 4/04/06)

Singer hand sewing machine English and still in excellent working order

26" Panasonic TV older but able to take DVD, videos
Defy Automatic washing machine and tumble drier
4 upholstered swivel bar chairs
Kitchen table and 6 stools
Small Hoover single tub washing machine (not automatic)
Beige Carpet
Old pine table
Tennis court/ driveway/garden roller
Pine bedroom suite, single headboard, bedside table, desk and chest of
1 painted white chest of drawers
1 GEC old fridge 8 cubic foot
5 large pot plants
Garden spray backpack for roses, fruit trees etc
1 fertilizer spreader
Children's games
2 jet master braais

Please phone 884076 or 011204060


1.30 For Sale (Ad inserted 4/04/06)

BMW 323i beautiful condition 1998 133 000 km on the clock.
Alarm, central locking, CD player etc

Please phone 884076 or 011204060


1.31 For Sale (Ad inserted 4/04/06)

Toyota Starlet 116 000 km 1997
Wonderful run a round town.  Extremely fuel-efficient.
Air conditioning, alarmed, cut out switch, anti hijack, central locking.
Kenwood front loader CD with speakers.  A car that needs to be seen.

Please phone 884076 or 011204060


1.32 For Sale (Ad inserted 28/03/06)

MAZDA 323 YEAR 1986
One careful owner
Excellent condition

Please phone:  011603070, 486326, 486293, or 011605219


1.33 Whiskey Collection For Sale (Ad inserted 28/03/06)

Large whiskey collection.  Must all go together?  Serious buyers only.

Please phone 884076 or 011204060

1.34 For Sale (Ad inserted 4/04/06)

Phone your orders to--Anne--011212424 or 332851.


Small woven bags--$440,000 each.
Large crocheted bags.--$1,200,000 each.
Large woven bags.--$880,000 each.

Table Runners.--$640,000.

Set of 4 Fringed Table mats + serviettes--$2,000,000.
Fringed mats only(4)---$1,200,000.
Set of 6 Fringed mats+ serviettes--$2,900,000.

Set of 4 Bordered table mats+ serviettes---$2,300,000.
Bordered mats only(4)--$1,800,000.
Set of 6 Bordered mats + serviettes--$3,500,000.
Set of 8 Bordered mats + serviettes---$4,700,000.

2m Throws--$2,800,000.each.

Tea cosy(L)--$360,000.
Tea cosy(m)--$350,000
Tea cosy(s)--$340,000.
Crocheted oven gloves(pair)--$860,000.
Cotton(lined)oven gloves(pair)--$500,000.

Decorated cushion covers--$800,000.
Plain cushion covers---$600,000.

Scarves(knitted)--$850,000. each.
Hand Woven Scarves--$1,000,000 each
Hats(Beanies)--$480,000 each.

Large plain cotton rug--$2,000,000.
Med. plain cotton rug---$1,300,000.
Small plain cotton rug.---$800,000.
Cotton Rag Rug--$800,000.
Med. plain mohair rug--$1,500,000.
Med.patterned mohair rug.--$2,000,000.
X Large plain mohair rug.--$5,800,000.

Bedspreads-- QS/DB/3/4 and

  Wholesale prices available for orders(over 6 of an article) or large


1.35 For Sale (Ad inserted 4/04/06)

Excellent Canon EOS still Camera(2004) with automatic focus and other
beautiful features (three films to go with the camera

A brand new pair of men's waterproof leather boots
(size Ten)

A beautiful Black leather jacket (large)

All these were bought in the UK.
Phone Grasian on 091 430 799


1.36 For Sale (Ad inserted 4/04/06)


PHONE STEVE 067 23112 OR 011 808 262 OR KATE 091 356 981


1.37 For Sale (Ad inserted 4/04/06)

Panasonic Hifi, 5 CD Changer, 6 month old, remote, manual, silver in colour
$35m - Phone 04 335820


1.38 For Sale (Ad inserted 4/04/06)


Imported harrow discs 24" and 26"
New Montana boom sprayers 10m boom, 600l tank.
New 16KVA generators
Radium Zimbabwe 04 870264 / 011 600 389




2.1 WANTED (Ad inserted 7/03/06)


Does anyone have a measuring wheel to, donate, lend or sell to Pony Club?
Ours 'went missing' last weekend and we urgently require another one
for our shows and eventing.  Many thanks.

Please call Jo on 091 247001 or 494720 or Kathy on 023 317537


2.2 Wanted (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

I am looking for a second hand cellphone to buy. If there is anyone out
there selling his/her cellphone   please contact me on 023756589 or e-mail


2.3 Items Wanted (Ad inserted 14/03/06)

Wanted Items

Is there anyone out there with a second hand jungle gym for sale? Please
phone Michelle Ross on 091 202 138 or alternatively 883606.

2.4 Wanted (Ad inserted 14/03/06)

 Pensioner looking for second hand walking frame to buy.

Any further details please contact Mrs L Noble on 304426 or 091340334


2.5 Wanted (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

Mazda B1600, 1995 - 1998, petrol  or
Ford Bantam/Mazda Rustler 1995 - 1998

Electric, used but in good condition.

Call 091 256 326 or mail


2.6 Wanted (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

City Bowling Club

Desperately required: Lawnmowers (drum type) for bowling greens. If you know
of any clubs that are closing their bowls or golf sections please let me

Contact Malcom Evans 011 604929 or or Joe 04 756363-9 or
091-338414 or


2.7 Wanted (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

Petra Junior School in Bulawayo needs to buy a good quality lawn mower for
its premises. A second hand will be an option if the condition is good.


2.8 Wanted (Ad inserted 28/3/06)

Planning to leave? We will buy your T.V. or Video and you can use it up
until the last moment - Phone Hire Electric - 741913.


2.9 WANTED ITEMS (Ad inserted 28/03/06)

TEDDY  BEARS - any condition, old etc.
BOOKS. -  MAMMALS OF SOUTH AFRICA. - by Austin Roberts.

JOCK OF THE BUSHVELD - early illustrated.
phone  882713.


2.10 Wanted (Ad inserted 28/03/06)

I am looking for a small tape recorder, for recording purposes. If you have
one to sell please ring me at 332798 or 011 231 541or email me on


2.11 Wanted (Ad inserted 28/03/06)

WANTED urgently is a Working / Non- Working TV, VCR and Hifi. Cash paid
instantly. Please contact Joel on or leave a message
with Mercy on 011 611 637.


2.12 Items Wanted (Ad inserted 4/04/06)

1.    Swimming Pool Fence, for a young couple with baby.

2.    A Playpen.

Please contact Venetia Bratley on 309914/304426 or 011777668


2.13 Wanted (Ad inserted 4/04/06)



2.14 Wanted (Ad inserted 4/04/06)

I am looking for unwanted Rhodesian history books and general non fiction
covering the turn of the century 1890/1930's including the Matabele War and

Rebellions or any other similar books with British South Africa Police
content up to 1980 - perhaps someone has some old Outposts or Police

Reviews stacked away somewhere?
Contact me on


2.15 Wanted (Ad inserted 4/04/06)

Looking for a truck preferably a Toyota land cruiser second hand but in good
working condition.

Am happy to do the transaction in Either US$ or pound sterling.

"Most people pursue pleasure with such breathless haste they often hurry
past it"
Phone Grasian on 091 430 799


2.16 Wanted (Ad inserted 4/04/06)

Ripper for 85hp Landini Tractor, 1 or 2 or 3 teeth, good condition. Local
product and replaceable shoes should be locally available.

Phone: 04 442681
Cell: 011 621 572


2.17 Wanted (Ad inserted 4/04/06)

Motorcycle BMW RG 80 or RG 100. Any condition!

Phone: 04 442681
Cell: 011 621 572


2.18 Wanted (Ad inserted 4/04/06)

1.    Swimming Pool Fence, for a young couple with baby.

2.    A Play pen and Baby high chair

Please contact Venetia Bratley on 309914/304426 or 011777668


3 Accommodation Wanted and Offered
3.1  House for Sale (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

Helensvale Area, on just over 2 acres (8138 sq.mtrs)
Mediterranean style, very neat, well maintained.
Spacious lounge with jet master fireplace
Separate dining room
Kitchen with walk in pantry
Two large bedrooms
Two lock up garages
Well-developed garden of indigenous trees
Good borehole
Offers phone: 861089


3.2 Wanted (Ad inserted 14/03/06)

Accommodation Wanted

Elderly couple looking for 3 bedroomed house for long term lease with lock
up garage(s).  Able to maintain home and property very well. Able to pay
rental up to $25 million per month.  Please contact Reg Gravett on 302983
after 1800 hrs.


3.3 Looking for House Sitter (Ad inserted 14/03/06)

House Sitter Wanted

Marondera - Smallholding - Mature couple required to house sit from 1st
April to 1st July. Must be animal lovers. Beautiful environment, on tar
road, Town Centre only 4kms away.

Please phone Rene' on 091 395-576 or 04 747 411


3.4 Looking for House Sitter (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

House sitter required from May to end of July in Bulawayo.  Large house with
3 dogs and 3 cats plus staff.  Traceable references please

Contact: 011 416937


3.5 House Wanted for Rent (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

A reliable married couple (no children) are looking for a 3 or 4 b/roomed
house to rent as from Ist June 2006. (Long term lease) preferably with lock
up garage and domestic quarters. A granny cottage/bachelor flat would be a
bonus. We are able to maintain home and garden very well.

Dudley or Colleen Potgieter
04 335455 - evenings
091 202303 (Dudley)
011 613268 (Colleen)


3.6 Wanted (Ad inserted 28/03/06)


2 - 4 Bedroomed House
Long lease preferred
Marlborough / Highlands / Chisi / Borrowdale
Eastlea or near to these

$ in the region of 30 per month

Please contact - Elizabeth Lundt
             or         Jo Lundt
             or         Karen Lundt


3.7 House for Sale (Ad inserted 28/03/06)

Arcturus upmarket residential suburb Cromlet Township. Stunning executive
hilltop residence with unbeatable 270degree northfacing panoramic views over
the Enterprise Valley, 10 acres, electric fenced, electric gate, fully
serviced with water, zesa, roads. Recently built needing a few finishing
touches, double storey ''safari style'' home, under chromadek, comprises of
double carport, view deck, 3 lounges, openplan dining/kitchen area, laundry,
workshop, 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms (MES). Property has many indigenous trees,
and a haven for birds.Ideal for retired/displaced farmer wanting to do small
scale agric projects. Adjoining this property are 2 x 10acre, 1 x 14 acre
undeveloped plots with stunning views, serviced, with great agricultural
potential. Just 30kms from city centre, 15kms to Chisi, quick and easy
access via Enterprise Rd, Cromlet Rd (Pig Industry Board). Share transfers,
all with individual Title Deeds. Preferable Sale or possible Rental - Tel
011 610 222, email




4.1 Harare International Festival of the Arts (Ad               inserted

The Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA) is one of Zimbabwe's
premier artistic events.  It gives Zimbabweans the change to meet and
interface with top local artists, as well as regional and international
artists and performers. The Festival's appeal is for all ages and interests
and during HIFA, Zimbabweans come together in a truly carnival atmosphere to
experience the sheer joy that is art in whatever form - art as healer, art
as educator, art as up lifter of the spirit.

HIFA 2006 is scheduled for 25th to 30th April 2006. All the major
international festivals offer a "Friends of Festival" scheme and ours is
known as HifAmigos.   HifAmigos are a highly valued and regarded
component of the Festival.   HIFA offers a series of comprehensive benefits
in several categories of HifAmigos to cater for all interests and needs and
subscriptions are reasonable.  HIFA has been described as "second to
Edinburgh" and "among the top ten festivals of the world!"   HIFA 2006 now
invites you to become a HifAmigo or to renew your HifAmigo membership.   If
you do so by 24th February 2006, you will be listed in the Official HIFA
2006 Programme and invited to what is becoming the hottest even on the
Zimbabwean social calendar - the HIFA Opening Party. Our launch events are
legendary.   Join early & be there!

2006 HifAmigos will enjoy 20% discounts on all shows and workshops.
Procedure for becoming a hifAmigo
Contact the hifAmigo Manager for an application form -
Angie Thomas - contactable via HIFA as below.

 Harare International Festival of the Arts
 Box A42, Avondale, Harare, Zimbabwe
 Phone & Fax:  +263 (4) 300 119

4.2 KARIBA (Ad inserted 21/02/06)


Book now for Easter!
Contact us: or phone Andrea on
091 208 836.
Rates on request!


4.3 (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

The National Institute of Alied Arts

Presents their Annual Festival from 8th - 23rd March

Choirs at Harry Margolis Hall
Music across the board
21st, 22nd and 23rd March

Final Concert at Prince Edward School

Public welcome we need your support

5.1 Ad inserted (7/03/06)
Blackfordby College of Agriculture


Enrolment applications for the intake
Commencing in

August 2006 are now open
The minimum entrance qualifications for the diploma

Is:  Five O-Levels; English, Maths,
Science and two others.

The course covers two years and is written in five
Disciplines, Animal Husbandry, Crop Husbandry,
Horticulture, Farm Mechanization and
Farm Management.

Applicants must send a non-refundable deposit of
$1 000 000.00 (one million dollars) to the address below
or deposit the money
into our account:

Standard Chartered Bank, Avondale Branch
Account Number:  0101723103701.

A copy of the deposit slip with the applicant's name and
Address must be faxed to 075-2539.
The application forms will then be sent to you, and will
Include details of fee structure.

Blackfordby College of Agriculture
P.O. Box EH 197
Emerald Hill
Harare, Zimbabwe
Phone:  075-2532/2533
Fax:  075-2579
Applications close on 31st May 2006.


5.2 (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

T.M.  LAMBERT (Agent for Mono Pumps Zimbabwe)

Capacity Test, Installations, Repair Maintenance On All Borehole Pumps

PO Box GT 629
Graniteside, Harare
Tel:  04-494796
Cell:  091 288 448 or 011 726 062


5.3 G - TECH (Ad inserted 14/03/06)

G - TECH: Diesel and plant maintenance, site contracting, generator and
stationary engine installation and maintenance, tractors and hydraulics.
Contact Graham at or call 011 406023, 091 286657, 04 741001,
075 2264


5.4 For Hire (Ad inserted 14/03/06)

21 & 14" Televisions & videos for hire - Please phone Hire Electric on


5.5 (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

Servicing and re-gassing of aircon done on all vehicles and fridges/deep
freezes.  Reasonable rates - same day car return.
Call Russell or Teresa Hook on  305381  331970  331976  091201744

Plastic Repairs
For all plastic repairs, on car bumpers ,grilles, door handles, trims,
mouldings, cowlings, right down to cooler box handles.  Anything plastic
bring to us.
Call Russell or Teresa Hook on  305381  331970  331976   091201744

All Fibre Glass repairs to boats,  Repairs and Servicing done on all motors.
Call Russell Hook at Dragon Marine on 305381  331970  331976   091201744

Motor Vehicles
Servicing and minor repairs to all motor vehicles. Affordable rates. Come in
and see us at 6 Childwall Road Bluff Hill or phone Russell Hook  305381
331970  331976  091201744   011201744

For all your stationery requirements call AF Stationers.  Our prices include
Phone Teresa Hook  305381  331970  331976   011201744

Holiday in Amanzimtoti
2 Bedroom flat at Toti Cabanas.  Sleeps 6.  Available from 15-22 or/and
22-29 May.
USD150 for the week.
Call Noeleen on 011 205 183 or 305381 or 065-204.


5.6 (Ad inserted 28/03/06)


Small Mining Supplies manufacture process machiney for many ore types

contact Small Mining Supplis p/l


5.7 Savuli Safari (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

Savuli Safari, self-catering chalets in the heart of the Save Valley
Conservancy. Game watching, fishing, horse riding, canoeing, walking trails
and 4x4 hire.  Camp fully kitted including cook and fridges. Just
bring your food, drinks and relax.  $1 500 000 pppn, 1/2 U/12.

Booking direct to John Tayler at 091 631 556 or


5.8 For Hire (Ad inserted 28/03/06)

Primgate Contracting Services has a Case 2344 combine and tractors available
for land prep.
Contact: 011-633190


5.9 (Ad inserted 28/03/06)

Z$12,000,000per person per night
Includes : All meals, all drinks (Zimbabwean), all activities (canoeing,
walking, game drives)
services of professional walking & canoe guides, fully backed-up Luxury Camp
Excludes : National Parks Fees and transfers to Mana
Contact Julie on or phone 333414, 339001
28 Bath Road, Avondale

Please confirm Annual Subs as am sure are now more than $500,000


Julie MacKenzie, Sales & Marketing, Natureways Safaris
P O Box 1714, Borrowdale, Harare
Phone : + 263 (4) 333414, 339001
Fax : + 263 (4) 339008
Cell : (263) 91 249382

6.1 Homes Wanted (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

2 ex farming male cats both neutered,
2 ex farming female cats both spayed,
Very relaxed and well house trained. Looking for a new home. Used to
travelling and good at settling into different life styles. Please contact
04 490758 after 6pm weekdays or weekends.


6.2 HOME WANTED (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

I have two very beautiful tabby cats that we took onto farm from someone
leaving the country. However now refusing to come into house because of
dogs. I would very much like to find them good home where there are no dogs.
Very friendly, young, females, spade. Independent but love people.

Please phone Carrie 091 206 558.


6.3 Wanted (Ad inserted 7/03/06)




6.4 HOME WANTED (Ad inserted 7/03/06)

Looking for a good home for a 6 year old female Pure Bred Boerbul.
Excellent guard dog but very dominant and probably needs to be an only dog.
Prefer a Farm or big property

Colin Paterson 011-206626
Gill Paterson 091-294185 or 04-882013


6.5 Wanted (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

Staffordshire Pup

We are looking for a Staffordshire Bitch Pup.  Preferably between 6 and 8
weeks old.  Please contact Colleen on 091275624, or email us at


6.5 Looking for a Home (Ad inserted 21/03/06)

English Bull Terrier Lovers.

Magnificent white English Bull Terrier Male, 4 years, looking for kind and
loving home. Came from a farm but owners have left. Please help as will be
put to sleep if home not found soon. Tel Michelle on 884294 or e-mail


6.7 Wanted (Ad inserted 28/03/06)

Toy Pom (male or female)
preferably puppy

Please contact:
Riana Inger 011-220955 or email


6.8 Dog Meal for Sale  (Ad inserted 28/03/06)

"Dog Meal $ 900 k per 20 kg bag, please order on Harare 495897"


6.9 WANTED (Ad inserted 28/03/06)

Looking for a Miniature Toy Pom Puppy (male or female).  Anyone who breeds
them please let me know.

E-mail -
Tel -       481419
Cell -      011-611-360


6.10 Wanted (Ad inserted 28/03/06)

I am desperately looking for a Toy Pom puppy.  Preferably a female puppy.

Please contact Willem on 068 - 24577 or 091326882 or email


6.11 Home Wanted (Ad inserted 28/03/06)

We are urgently seeking a home for our beautiful 12 year old Lab / Border
Collie... We are leaving the country on Monday 27th. Will put her into
Friendly Foundation on Sunday.


Beryl Park-Pearson
861714 / 091 240 823


6.12 Home Wanted (Ad inserted 28/03/06)

Staffy Lovers! 3 beautiful black/brindle staffies looking for good home,
owners left. 1 male Rusty, 2 spayed bitches Lady and Sandy, can go together
or separately. Tel Michelle on 884294 or e-mail

6.13 Found (Ad inserted 28/03/06)

Elderly female, black and white Jack Russel, very sweet and well behaved.
Found Sunday night on Ridgeway North Road.
Contact 011 408044


6.14 Home Wanted (Ad inserted 4/04/06)

TYSON, absolutely magnificent red/brindle pedigreed and registered staffy
dog needing special home as soon as possible as owner leaving. Please help.
Tel Michelle on 884294 or e-mail


6.15 Home Wanted (Ad inserted 4/04/06)

Looking for a good home for a 1 1/2 year old female staffy cross jack

Good guard dog.  Cheeky with strangers and strange dogs.  Not sure about
children, does not seem to like them.  She also seems to have a slight skin

Please contact Venetia Bratley on 309914 or 011777668.


6.16 Home Wanted (Ad inserted 4/04/06)

3-year-old male boerbul called shumba and a 2-year-old spayed rottie called
sheeba. Please is there any one out there who can give them a good home, as
we have to leave. They are excellent watchdogs and would love to stay
Please phone Tony at 091 404 449

6.17 BORDER COLLIES (Ad inserted 4/04/06)

Pure bred but unregistered. Pictures of both parents available. Pups due to
be born this week, ready in 6 weeks. Please contact Maria (BYO) 286155 or
091266 476. or email


6.18 Wanted (Ad inserted 4/04/06)

PHONE 067 23112 OR 091 356 981 KATE


6.19 Homes Wanted (Ad inserted 4/04/06)

PHONE 067 23112 OR 091 356 981 KATE


JAG Hotlines:
+263 (011) 205 374 If you are in trouble or need advice,
 please don't hesitate to contact us - we're here to help!
+263 (04) 799 410 Office Lines
To advertise (JAG Members): Please email classifieds to: with
subject "Classifieds".

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