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Sent: Friday, 7 April 2000 12:07



Tropical cyclone Hudah has hit the northern areas of Mozambique and is expected to continue moving westwards. The chances of Hudah hitting Zimbabwe directly are very slim. However it is expected to influence the weather
over the north and eastern areas between the 6th and 8th. The intensity of the cyclone is weaker than that of Tropical Cyclone Eline. Meanwhile high pressure over the south-east coast will continue to maintain a moist south-easterly airflow over the country throughout the forecast period. The high is expected to weaken around the weekend then reintensify.


Mazowe, Makonde, Harare, Midlands, Gweru, Marondera/Wedza and  North of Eastern Highlands:
Partly cloudy to cloudy with scattered thundershowers up to the 8th. Thereafter it is expected to become partly cloudy with isolated thundershowers.

Gwayi, Bulawayo, Gwanda, Masvingo, Lowveld and South of Eastern Highlands:
Generally cloudy with drizzle in the morning becoming fine to partly cloudy around the weekend.


Weather Summary for the week ending 05 April 2000
Scattered thunderstorms occurred mainly over the central parts of the country with moderate to heavy falls in a few places. This was due to temporary weakening of the middle level high and a short-lived increase in convergence at the surface caused by pressure rises over South  Africa. Shurugwi recorded the highest weekly rainfall total of 178 millimeters followed by Arcturus with 100 millimeters.
The cumulative rainfall received since the beginning of October to the present, which is  the tail end of the season, is significantly above average in most parts of the country. Beitbridge has the highest percentage of average with 297% followed by Rupike with 236%. The largest rainfall deficit is at Mayo which has received 62% of average.

*Please note that this is the last Weekly Rainfall issue for the season


The supply of fuel continues to improve but there are delays getting it
from the main Noczim storage facilities to the oil companies' rural
and to service stations.

Noczim Depots

Feruka           1.2 million litres diesel
                        2.2 million litres petrol
                        0.4 million litres paraffin
                        2.2 million litres jet

Msasa           2.2 million litres diesel
                        2.3 million litres petrol
                        0.3 million litres paraffin
                        1.4 million litres jet

Beit Bridge  0.3 million litres petrol

Beira           30 million litres diesel
                     17 million litres petrol
                       9 million litres jet

The pipelines are pumping full bore at a rate of about 3.6 million
per day.

The Engen Rainbow arrived at Beira on Sunday 2nd and was still unloading atthe time of the meeting on 4/04/2000.

Five smaller vessels (+ 20 million litres each) have been lined up and are due to berth at Beira during April.

The quantities coming in via Sasol were not disclosed to the meeting, but we were advised that 38 wagons went to Bulawayo and Hwange on the weekend and that 17 wagons of petrol came into the country on 4th.  The Botswana Plumtree line is overwhelmed with traffic because both the Beit Bridge and Maputo rail links are down.
The Independent Petroleum Group of Kuwait has undertaken to supply about 100 million litres of fuel per month to Zimbabwe via Beira.  This is about the capacity that the pipeline can cope with.  The deal is based on a 90 day credit facility brokered by a consortium of banks.  This means we can get 100 million litres fuel per month from April to the end of June, when payment for the first ship in April becomes due.
The country's normal requirement is about 144 million litres per month and the difference will either come in via RSA or else we will need to operate on reduced stocks.  We were given no reassurance on the expected flow from RSA or about any financial deal which might be in place for the import of fuel from Sasol.
The meeting was advised to be wary about accepting fuel reports in the daily press as fact.  The main daily paper tended to state that the fuel situation is much better than it is in reality.


Fuel Facts

                       :::::information for the nation
The Latest Fuel Update as at 4th April, 2000

The supply of fuel into the country continues to improve.

.  Diesel supplies are expected to start to improve this week and there has been a marked improvement in petrol supplies in most parts of the country over the past seven days.

. However, due to supply chain limitations, it will take time to re-stock service stations, industry and oil company depots around the country.
. While the restocking process goes forward, there will be intermittent stock outs and consumers should continue to conserve fuel.
Please continue to conserve fuel

Fuel Facts will continue to carry regular, factual updates

For more information, write to The Editor c/o P O Box 791, Harare or Fax
  Email: procomm @

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Sent: Friday, 7 April 2000
Subject: cfu update - Support
Date:   Thu, 06 Apr 2000 12:02:56 +0200
From:  aisd1 <
Further to my recent message in which I advised that Meikles Hotel had kindly offered free accommodation for two nights (on a bed and breakfast basis) for farmers, I stressed in the message that this MUST be co-ordinated by the CFU through Nicky Petersen or myself.  I have been advised  that people are phoning Meikles direct.  Please DO NOT contact Meikles direct. The arrangements can ONLY be put in hand through the Commercial Farmers' Union following pre-arranged procedures. Please advise all farmers of this. Contact Nicky 309800 and she will be more than happy to assist - or myself on the same number.  Many thanks for your co-operation.
Kind regards.
Jan Wentworth
Commercial Farmers' Union
P O Box WGT 390 Westgate
Tel: 309800

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Sent: Friday, 7 April 2000 11:51
Commercial Farmers' Union
Information Room
Land Invasions Update - 6 April 2000

At the time of writing, 969 properties have been affected by farm invasions, 563 of which are currently occupied.  Since the Court Hearing on the 17th March 2000, just over 200 properties have been invaded. The application for an urgent hearing of the case of the Commissioner of Police versus CFU was granted in the High Court this morning and the set down is for Monday 10 April in the open court.  Advocate de Bourbon will present CFU's case, and either the Attorney General or his deputy will argue for the Commissioner.

Central Mash
Some of the farms that have been "vacated" in Shamva and Mutepatepa have been re-established, but with minimal hostility.

The situation on JJ Hammond's farm indicates that he was instructed to pack up and move off today.  We have no further information on this.
The State President is holding a rally at Munhenga (near Bindura) on Friday.
Mash East
On Marwe Farm, Tim Swanson was assaulted by invaders on his farm whilst trying to assist his tractor driver.  Mr. Swanson has been taken to Borrowdale Hospital for treatment and we gather the invaders have dispersed.

Wilfred Mirimo who was arrested for the assault of Iain Kay and his involvement in the shooting of Constable Chakwena was released yesterday afternoon.
An escalation in activity, including ploughing, is expected over the weekend, particularly politically-motivated.

Mash West (North)
No report.

Mash West (South)
No change since the last report.

Invaders on Ngwane Ranch, Chiredzi have indicated that they are going to peg out the whole ranch. They have said that if the Police come to arrest someone, they will all be arrested.
There is extensive cattle movement, as well as tree-cutting going on in the Region. The environment is severely damaged.

A few new invasions since the last report.

A few new invasions since the last report. We will have more tomorrow when we confirm some reports.

A few new invasions since the last report.


Roz Wilson, family and friends would be happy to offer accommodation to
farmers and their families.
Tel: 744153

Ms Joan Nash is offering accommodation for the following dates:10th
April - 28th April
Tel: 331338
Cell: 023 780 944


We have been contacted by the Irish Consulate Division in Pretoria and they would like all Irish Nationals living in Zimbabwe to register with them. Please can you circulate this message to all farmers.  Any Irish nationals should contact Sabina, Secretary to the Irish Consulate on 012 342 5062. The address is 1234 Church Street, Pretoria. They do not have an e mail contact.

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Sent: Friday, April 07, 2000 1:34 PM
Subject: No to mob rule & Letters to the editor of the Financial Gazette (THE VOICES of SANITY?)
No to mob rule - Financial Gazettte editorial 6 April 2000
Letters to the FinGaz Editor:
- April Lunatics' Day?
- Mugabe surely doesn't know
- People are merely reacting to misrule
- Mugabe surely doesn't know
- Good leaders respect the law
- You will get lost in the dead wood

No to mob rule

THOSE the gods want to destroy they first make mad, so goes the old adage. Could Zimbabweans be witnessing this tragic spectacle, a crumbling ZANU PF party which appears determined to consume everything good in its headlong plunge to self-destruction?

How else could any sane person explain the unprecedented mob rule tactics that have been adopted by the ruling party to win support, whatever the cost to itself and Zimbabwe, ahead of crucial general elections later this year?

So desperate to win the plebiscite has ZANU PF become that its government has jettisoned all civilised norms of behaviour because the means justify the end results.

First, the party unleashed destitute war veterans onto productive and private farms to try to divert the nation's focus from a rapidly gathering political and economic storm.

When Zimbabwe's courts ordered the invaders off the farms, President Robert Mugabe led his government in openly rejecting the judgment by condoning the seizures.

The countrywide incidents of political violence pitting supporters of ZANU PF against those of its chief rival, the Movement for Democratic Change, need no further amplification.

Then at the weekend ZANU PF lifted the crescendo of its reign of terror by ordering the veterans to bludgeon innocent Zimbabweans marching in Harare to back the nation's anguished cries for peace, justice and fairness in the polls.

The police, civil servants paid by hard-pressed taxpayers, watched stoically as the veterans rampaged through the streets of the capital beating up unarmed citizens, some of them elderly.

The police, when they finally acted, teargassed the marchers and arrested their leaders who had been given court approval for the peaceful protest.

On the other side of the city, police erected roadblocks on the main roads which prevented virtually all traffic from entering Harare, this ostensibly to check against crime and unathourised weapons - weapons which the police allowed the veterans to carry openly and use on innocent marchers!

In fact, many of the armed veterans could be seen running side by side with the police as they confronted the marchers. No single ex-fighter was arrested.

These double standards and the use of police as a partisan instrument lift Zimbabwe into new heights of mob rule and anarchy.

ZANU PF and the government seem to be repeatedly taunting the people to take the law into their own hands in self-defence in the face of either deliberate inaction or paralysis by those charged with the enforcement of basic law and order.

We have asked this question before, but we repeat it: has the government decided to create and promote generalised anarchy in Zimbabwe so it can impose martial law to prolong its tenure and save itself from a crushing defeat in the polls?

Far from winning itself sympathy and support, these desperate actions openly show even die-hard supporters of ZANU PF that the party's time to go has come.

Never before in the recent history of any civilised nation has a government done so much to accelerate its demise by undermining the very basic tenets upon which governance is anchored.

It is as if the government wants to bequeath a shattered land when it leaves power, just as dictator Mohamed Siad Barre did hours before fleeing Somalia in 1991, plunging the country into gun rule by disparate and competing warlords.

The images of state-sponsored violence being beamed across the globe - it matters little that the state media has decided to black out the tragic events - can only reinforce the belief of most Zimbabweans and the international community that no free and fair elections can be held under chaos.

Even if ZANU PF steals the ballot through such measures, most democratic countries will refuse to deal with the government, thus subjecting a nation already on the brink to further economic and political turmoil.

When is enough enough in Zimbabwe?

April Lunatics' Day?

Chikuza Edson, Harare.

EDITOR - April 1 2000 was fools' day. In schools, homes and institutions, people light-heartedly made fools of their friends and everyone enjoyed the banter.

Sadly the war veterans also decided to join the fun, but foolishly by indiscriminately attacking anyone who unknowingly crossed their path.

A pregnant woman walking besides me was one of the unlucky ones - they beat her on the face, back and head with their batons. She only managed to escape by jumping into someone's car.

I also had to take to my heels to save limb and soul.

As if that was not enough madness for one morning, the national police also joined the melee - teargassing everyone, including babies.

We, of course, did not doubt their patriotism. We, however, question their rationality, ethics, professionalism and sense of humanity.

In my opinion, fools' day is not for people to behave stupidly and harm innocent citizens - moreso people who receive $2 000 monthly gratuities from state coffers.

People are merely reacting to misrule

Stanley Tapera, Harare.

EDITOR - In a letter titled ''Marriage of convenience'' (Financial Gazette, March 30- April 5 2000), Chivimbiso Ndewere asked for an explanation why whites were flocking in ''droves to the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC)''.

The writer suspected that whites were rallying behind the MDC because they saw an opportunity to regain their privileges lost with the death of white minority rule in 1980.

This is not so. The truth is that political interest in this country is higher than in the past years not only among the white community of this country but among all other races in Zimbabwe.

The reason for such heightened political interest is that the level of misgovernance has reached intolerable depths.

Opposition politics has arisen out of misrule by the sitting government and not at all out of a desire or need to return the country to its political or economic condition of 20 years ago.

The evidence is there for all to see - the fuel crisis, the farm invasions by the so-called ex-combatants, the government and the police's inaction on the matter, disregard of High Court orders and the country's constitution by the government, high levels of unemployment and inflation, shortages of foreign currency . . . the list is endless.

Mugabe surely doesn't know

Concerned Zimbabwean, Harare.

EDITOR - The President was quoted in your paper as having said that he does not know of anyone who could have run the economy better than him.

You do not have to run into a dictionary to find out the meaning of what he said. He admitted that he does not know. He really meant it!

I would have thought the Eric Blochs, the John Robertsons or even the Herbert Murerwas and the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (Leonard Tsumba) would have advised him of what is happening to our economy. Unfortunately, none of these economists did bother to tell our President that the economy is nose-diving.

Nothwithstanding that I am not an economist, I still believe that there are many intellectuals who can run our economy better than the President.

I only hope that by the time this letter appears in your paper, somebody will have told him the truth about the state of our economy. I am sure that he (the President) will be grateful for such advice so that at least he will know that there are many people in this country - be they black or white - who can run the economy better than him.

You have to sympathise with the President for his lack of knowledge.

As for Masipula Sithole, please keep up the good work you are doing in the Financial Gazette. Your articles are super!

Good leaders respect the law

Reverend N M Pashapa, Concerned Christian Network Zimbabwe.

EDITOR - I write to commend High Court judge Justice Paddington Garwe for upholding the integrity of the justice system and the rule of law and order by ruling that farm invasions by war veterans are illegal and a threat to civility.

The executive has misinterpreted the judge's caution against its interference in contradiction to the abandonment and cessation of the invasions for political expediency and mileage.

It is true that some civic organisations and political activists have suddenly found it fashionable to condemn the violation of human and property rights and challenge the actions of the war vets in the courts when there has been loud silence from their quarters over the monopoly of under-used productive farming land by a white minority in Zimbabwe at the expense of millions of black people languishing on overpopulated, over-used and barren land.

It is true that the 30 to 40 million British pounds earmarked for land redistribution earlier on in our independence was mismanaged through corrupt practices and poor planning by government leaders, officials and their friends, resulting in this politically volatile issue being delayed for this long.

It is high time somebody somewhere was leader enough to accept responsibility for such past errors or else people should not be condemned for thinking that the requisite levels of responsibility for this God-given resource is still wanting where it would make the required difference.

It is true that the land issue is one among many national agendas, including good governance, restoring our economy to a sound footing, democratising institutions of governance, levelling the political playing field through democratising the electoral laws and regulations, democratising parliament through removal of de facto one-party statism, curtailment of endemic corruption and recovery of national wealth siphoned off by a greedy few, adoption and the practise of servant leadership and professionalism by business and political leaders, etc.

Addressing these challenges and many more necessitates that we uphold institutions that already exist that will empower us to progress towards logically advantageous win-win corrective measures and solutions.

One such institution that is not without its natural fair share of shortcomings is the justice system. But in the 20 years of independence in Zimbabwe when the legislature, the executive, the civil service, including the police and the army, increasingly got co-opted into de facto one-partism, the justice system, especially the high courts, has remained largely non-partisan and committed to justice.

It is my view that such a system, perhaps not all functionaries within it, should be respected and protected by all and sundry. It is in the interest of Zimbabwe that we do so.

Respecting and honouring our courts, founded as they are on the law of the land and supportive as they are towards orderly progress and not anarchy or ungovernability, is, in my view, a critical indicator of who is a good leader worthy of my vote at the polls come May 2000.

You will get lost in the dead wood

The Elected Few (MM), Harare.

EDITOR - Jonathan, we all know that you are troubled, having sleepless nights and continuously pretending things are okay.

Jonathan, this time round we want you to know that Zimbabweans are made of pure courage, intelligence, power and do persevere during hard times.

Your alliance with dead wood surely will prove costly very soon. The choice is at stake for you to abandon the gravy train and use your education wisely and for the betterment of your family, rural origins and country.

Remember kadutu ke"No" vote nezidutu re"Yes" vote pa referendum?

Honestly, the once mighty Goliath is touching the ground face down. No one can now stop the mighty David from taking the reins from Saul. Who on earth can stop the hand of God - you?


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