The ZIMBABWE Situation Our thoughts and prayers are with Zimbabwe
- may peace, truth and justice prevail.

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News update
(On behalf of Justice for Agriculture)

Over 42 farmers have today been arrested for 'overstaying' in their homes
and on their farms. This follows the appearance in Court by seven farmers
summonsed to the Magistrates Court to face charges on Thursday. The seven
were remanded out of custody. A further eight have signed warn and caution
statements but are being held out of custody.

The following is urgent advise to those farmers targeted by this exercise
that is in itself a violation of our constitutional rights.

Advise to Farmers:
1. Farmers targeted by the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) for arrest MUST
attend court with or without a lawyer. We are aware of the setting up of
emergency courts and some of you will have lawyers present but if not, you
must still attend.

2.  In the absence of a lawyer in these courts, make no plea and no
admission under any circumstances but request the remand of the case to
enable you to avail yourself of legal representation.  (This is a
constitutional right under section 18 of the constitution of Zimbabwe.) If
the court refuses to respect your request, you can refuse to take part and
remain silent.

3.  You must however still proceed and draw the Court's attention to the
George Quinnell case and the provisional ruling thereof and cite one of the
major constitutional issues in the Quinnell case that applies to your

These are:
(a) That you are a single farm owner, only home, only source of income to
support own family and employees.
(b) Section 16,1 (d) of the Constitution, which refers the deprivation of
the right to property ownership without an Administrative court hearing.
(c) Site Section 31 of the Constitution. We do not recognise Minister Made
as a lawfully appointed Minister of the Zimbabwean Government as he has not
taken the oath of office as required under Section 31 of the constitution.
(d) Section 24,3 of the Constitution - only to be used if no other of these
above criteria apply.  This section refers to white farmers being targeted,
which constitutes racism.  BEWARE of how you portray this, as it could be
inflammatory in court.

No court can proceed in the face of one let alone two, constitutional issues
raised and must remand the case to a future date to accommodate for legal
representation or refer the matter to the Supreme Court for hearing.
are advised to attend court with cash in hand in case bail is demanded. We
suggest approximately ZD $10 000.

To these loyal committed Zimbabwean farmers, who are cold and hungry tonight
along with six million starving Zimbabweans, we pay tribute!

Police are as at 11 pm this Friday night, 16th August 2002, still roaming
Mashonaland West.

The farmers issued with summons on Thursday 15 August 2002 appeared in
court, they were remanded out of custody with no conditions except Zim $
5000 bail.
1. Mac Crawford - CFU (Commercial Farmers Union) Regional Chairman
2. Gavin Connolly
3. Mat Gloss
4. P. J. Cloete
5. L. C. Van Vuuren
6. Dudley Rogers
7. Colin Martin - Umzingwane (was remanded - free bail)

Arrested and still in custody at present:
1. Chris Jarred - FA Chairman. Suffers from severe BP. If he doesn't't get
his pills today his life will be in danger. Has not been allowed food,
neighbours pressing to allow him to have medication.
2. Mike Wood
3. Craig Wood (son to Mike)
4. Wally Herbst (Wildlife Producers Association) Chairman
5. John Herbst (Son to Wally)
6. Robin Greaves 64 yrs old. He is 95% blind and an invalid. Dissidents shot
him three times in the early 80's. Was badly burnt last year in a fire.
7. Gary Godfrey  - son in law to Robin
8. David Olds Brother to Martin Olds and son to Gloria Olds, both murdered
within a year of each other. No arrests for both murders to date.
9. Craig Anderson
10. Mike Querl
11. Brian Querl

12. Fred Gerber
13. Cedrick Wilde
14. Bill McKinley
15. PJ Huckle
16. M Huckle

17. Andrew White

18. Mike Bramfield
19. Aubrey Chatham Lugo Ranching

Matopos South
20. Ben Van Vuuren

Bulawayo Central
21. Alex Goosen
22. George Parkin

23. Tony Olivie
24. John Bibby (farm invaded post Abuja)
25. Peter Bibby (Son the John)
26. Hank Viljoen (being held out of custody due to ill health)

Harare South
27. Giles Dorward

Beatrice / Featherstone
28. Boet Smith - went instead of his father
29. Sarel Meyer

30. Peter Dilmatis

Doma/ Mhangura
31. Wessels Viljoen
32. Peter Viljoen
33. Frank Stedyl
34. Peter Du Toit
35. Clive Night
36. Mr Horsley
37. Johan Du Toit
38. Jerry Van der Merwe

39. Jan and Piet Zietsman
40. Mrs Jean Baldwin
41. Bill Pace

42. Derek Skutt


1. Peter van der Berg  (70) - (being held out of custody due to ill health
but will appear in Court with the rest)

2. Hank Viljoen (being held out of custody due to ill health)

Macheke (They were finger printed and signed statements and are to being
held out of custody until Court Saturday am.)
3. Dave Bradley
4. S. Arnold
5. G. Botha
6. J. Melrose

MIDDLE SABI  (Due For Court Monday)
7. Phil Baker
8. Chris Menage

Some other snippets from Court today.
Questioned and released today: Douglas Follwell - Mimosa Nyamandlovu, Max
and John Rosenfels  (Figtree).  In Mashonaland West, Brendan Fox was
arrested in error, Colin Shand, in Conscession was also in and out as his
Section 8 was declared null and void on the mortgage bond technicality on

Colin Martin (Umzingwane) reported the following: Yesterday around midday, a
brand new white Isuzu pick-up Reg no 750 046R with three men, all members of
the land committee, drove into his property. One of the men was the PRO for
Mzingwane Rural District Council, a Mr. M Mpofu who said he had come to
introduce the 3 new owners of the farm to him.  They were T. Magatshwa, M.
Khumalo, and refused to give the name of the third.

Martin asked which of them would be getting the house and Magatshwa replied
that he would. Martin questioned where the original people who were to get
his farm where (these included a former Barclays Bank Manager and two
government officials).  Martin insisted that he wanted this new change in

Magatshwa went on to demand to inspect the house - Martin refused.  They
then gave him until Saturday 17th August 1pm to pack and leave the property.

Martin also appeared in court this morning. Yesterday afternoon, just after
the lands people had left, the police arrived and asked him why he had not
left the farm and he explained that his was a single owned farm. He was then
told to make a statement, was charged and ordered to appear in court this
morning. He was ordered to appear in court again on 3rd September.

Martin reports the sad death of an elderly employee called Amos who used to
tend farm sheep. Old man Amos died on Tuesday evening after he suffered a
stroke earlier that day. He had became distressed about his future after
Martin had a disposal sale of the sheep herd. He was in his late 60's.

For more information, please contact Jenni Williams
Mobile (263) 91 300 456 or 11 213 885
Or email

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