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Police from Harare's law and order section are at the Harare home of MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai searching for weapons of war. They say the MDC leader is keeping an arsenal of weapons, including grenades and tear-smoke/gas canisters in his house. They are being led by Garnett Sikovha, whose rank I have yet to establish.

The allegation, they say, stems from the attack on Tsvangirai's meeting with the MDC provincial council in Mvurwi, Mashonaland Central -- 100 km north east of Harare, last month. Tsvangirai and the MDC, victims of the attack, are now accused of having caused the trouble and of firing teargas in the mellee that resulted from the disruption of the meeting.

The attack, carried out by Zanu PF functionaries in six vehicles, took place at the end of a police approved meeting in the farming town of Mvurwi.
More details later.

In the meantime, you can reach me at 091 250 102.

T W Bango
Presidential spokesman,
Movement for Democratic Change, Harare, Zimbabwe.


The Police search for arms of war, teargas stocks and grenades at the home of Morgan Tsvangirai ended two minutes ago. Nothing was found.
It took the officers slightly over 45 minutes to go through the entire four-bedroomed home of Mr Tsvangirai in the Harare suburb of Strathaven. Also searched was Mr Tsvangirai's two-roomed office, his staff quarters and other outbuildings.
The officers did not produce a search warrant, if ever they had one. Two weeks ago, four other officers, led by one Dhowa who once served as part of the UN peacekeeping force in Kosovo ad had to be withdrawn after rights groups protested, visited Mr Tsvangirai at his home saying they were investigating the Mvurwi incident. They questioned him and later, his security guards, on the origins of the teargas cannisters which were thrown at MDC supporters at the Mvurwi meeting. One of the guards was taken to Harare Police Station on that day. His home in Rugare, Harare was later searched and nothing was found.
Mr Tsvangirai's staff do not carry any firearms, grenades or teargas cannisters. On the day in question, Mr Tsvangirai's convoy was thoroughly searched at a police checkpoint outside Mvurwi before he entered the town.
Mr Tsvangirai is surprised that he is being targeted for investigation when he was a victim of political violence. All his meetings are attended, as per legal requirements under POSA, by police and secret service officers. There were five of them at the Mvurwi meeting.
Mr Tsvangirai says police seem to be targetting him in order to frustrate his political work. Today (saturday) police cancelled a meeting he was supposed to have in Bikita, south of Harare. On Tuesday, police cancelled a meeting he was supposed to address in Hwedza, also south of Harare.
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Sent: Saturday, July 31, 2004 5:40 PM
Subject: Reap where they did not sow

Dear Family and Friends,
One day this week winter came to an end and Zimbabwe was suddenly blessed
with glorious warm sunshine, lengthening days and an absolute explosion of
bird life. In just a week it has become warm enough to take jerseys and
jackets off, work outside in the garden and sit out in the early evenings.
It is incredibly comforting to know that the routine of nature and the
seasons is one of the very few things that cannot be destroyed in
Zimbabwe's years of crisis. This summer, as it has for the past four
seasons, a kind of desperate urgency has re-appeared within our government
to do something about the complete chaos that continues to be the order of
the day on Zimbabwe's farms.

The issue under the spotlight at the moment is the government Ministers
and high ranking officials who have got, taken or been given more than one
farm. For four years President Mugabe has been using the slogan "one
farmer one farm" and kept promising to sort out the mess that had arisen
from the blatant lawlessness of land invasions. Recently appointed to the
position of Minister of Land Reform and Resettlement, John Nkomo has begun
trying to sort out the chaos. Ministers who have claimed or been allocated
more than one farm since 2000 have started receiving "withdrawal letters"
advising them that the land was being taken back by Nkomo's Ministry.
According to the Zimbabwe Independent newspaper some of the Ministers with
"extra land holdings" are: Information Minister Jonathan Moyo; Local
Government Minister Chombo; Agriculture Minister Made; Justice Minister
Chinamasa and Transport Minister Mushowe. One of the Ministers concerned
said the withdrawal letters were "preposterous and annoying."  He said of
the multiple farms credited to him, one had been reallocated to his cousin
and another to his mother.

So far Minister Nkomo is standing firm and has said he won't be
"intimidated, perturbed or frustrated by those causing all this
hullabaloo." Responding to a tirade against him in the state owned Herald
newspaper, Minister Nkomo said the angry outpourings by those "defending
the indefensible would not scare him or frustrate his efforts to retrieve
the farms."

Also now attempting to add legitimacy to the chaos surrounding Zimbabwe's
farms is the Governor of the Reserve Bank Gideon Gono. Referring to the
recent seizures of highly productive horticultural and export processing
zone farms, Gono said: "We now have a new set of farmers who want to reap
where they did not sow." Gono called them "fly by harvest time farmers"
who pitch up on a property just when a crop is ready to harvest and
declare the harvest, land, house and farm equipment as their own.

As a dispossessed farmer who has been speaking out for 54 months, I would
like to say to Minister Nkomo and Governor Gono: "Hello, where have you
been the last four and a half years!"  The weather is not the only thing
hotting up in Zimbabwe. Until next week, with love, cathy Copyright cathy
buckle 31st July 2004
My books on the Zimbabwean crisis, "African Tears" and "Beyond Tears" are
available outside Africa  from: ; ; ;  in Australia and New Zealand: ;  Africa:
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TAKE NOTICE that an application for the confirmation of the acquisition
order issued in respect of the following farms has been filed in the
Administraive Court at Harare and that the Respondent and any holder of
real rights over the said farm are required to lodge their objections
within 5 days after the publication of this notice failure to which the
matter shall be set down unopposed without any further notice.

A copy of the application is available for collection at Applicant's
undersigned legal practitioner of record's address between Monday to Friday
from 8am to 4pm.

Minister of Special Afdfairs in the Office
of the President and Cabinet in Charge of Lands,
Land Reform and Resettlement.

Applicant's Legal Practitioners
2nd Floor, Block "A"
New Govt. Complex
Cnr Samora Machel AVe/Fourth St.

1.  6846/87.  Lydell Farm (Private) Limited: Chipinga: Subdivision
A of Busi: 202,3392 ha
 2.  8366/91.  Dandon (Private) Limited: Chipinga: Remaining Extent
of Laughing Waters of Newcastle: 320,6658 ha
 3.  1589/85.  Joubert Brothers (Private) Limited: Chipinga:
Subdivision A of Woodstock: 256,9554 ha
 4.  2954/92.  Dandon (Private) Limited: Chipinga: Lot 3 of New
Castle: 122,1433 ha
 5.  5523/80.  Red Sands (Private) Limited: Chipinga: RemainingExtend
of Clearwater: 428,2403 ha
 6.  1083/74.  Shanti Estate P/L: Chipinga: Lot 2 of Lelisvlei of De
Rust of Avontuur Extension: 125,60 ha

 7.  0003787/98.  The Trustees for The Time Being of The Late Merlach
Trust: Goromonzi: S/D of Binder: 122,0751 ha

 8.  3645/87.  Burgan Estates (Private) Limited: Hartley: The
Remainder of Chingford: 1 082,8516 ha

 9.  415/89.  Cecil Robin Balfour Green: Inyanga: Leaping Waters of
Rupurara: 148,7655 ha
 10.  5634/69.  Brachen Hills A Development Company (Private) Limited:
Inyanga: Remainder of Brtacken Hills A: 544,0390 acres

 11.  5741/86.  R S C Farming (Private) Limited: Lomagundi:
Petruswill: 948,0821 ha
 12.  9221/87.  E D Dodgen (1987) (Private) Limited: Lomagundi:
Nyrugwe: 594,4325 ha
 13.  4576/93.  Consolidated Agric P/L: Lomagundi: Gretton Extension
A: 390,8900 ha
 14.  8396/97.  Chitatu Farm (Private) Limited: Lomagundi: Virginia:
1 315,1606 ha
 15.  4473/57.  Allan Wallace Williamson: Lomagundi: Remaining Extent
of Manengas: 820 morgen
 16.  2443/86.  Martinna Susanna Hundermark, Frederick Albertus Van Der
Merwe & Johanna Eliza Van Der Merwe: Lomagundi: Mryland: 1 302,9868
 17.  470/76.  R J Van Rensburg and Sons (Private) Limited: Lomagundi:
Farm Upper Romsey of Romsey: 753,5218 ha
 18.  2220/77.  Huesca (Private) Limited: Lomagundi: The Remainder of
Dundrennan of Manengas: 578,5439 ha

 19.  1271/96.  Gerald Ian Ballance: Makoni: Ripple Mead: 725,7751
 20.  513/88.  Alveston Estate (1985) P/L: Makoni: Lot 4
Lawrencedale: 838,3100 ha
 21.  4049/92.  Hunyani Agri-Forestry Limited: Makoni: The Remainder
of Subdivision A of Eagles Nest: 1266,2709 ha
 22.  4596/81.  Masori Investments (Private) Limited: Makoni:
Remaining of Extent of Maidstone: 1 113,3764 ha
 23.  7451/80.  Excelsior Farm (Pvt) Ltd: Makoni: Excelsior:
567,3100 ha
 24.  5128/74.  Daagbreek Estates (Private) Limited: Makoni:
Dagbreek: 486,5422 ha
 25.  4094/92.  Hunyani Agri-Forestry Limited: Makoni: Remaining
Extent of Eagles Nest: 1170,3941 ha

 26.  6141/85.  Devaar Farm (Private) Limited: Mazoe: Remaining
Extent of Farm 32A of Glendale: 518,3512 ha
 27.  8148/87.  Margarey May Ward: Mazoe: Thurlow's Plot of
Normondale: 30,8489 ha
 28.  5182/84.  Kathleen Joy Harris: Mazoe: Brucia: 171,30 ha
 29.  282/66.  Feleicity Claire Von Der Heyde: Mazoe: "Vigila" of
Umvukwe Estate: 2 814,9577 acres
 30.  2516/78.  Villa Franca (Private) Limited: Mazoe: Remainder of
Farm 36 of Glendale: 509,0983 ha
 31.  2516/78.  Villa Franca (Private) Limited: Mazoe: Lot 2 of Farm
35 Glendale: 440,0688 ha
 32.  6090/97.  Rockwood Retirement Villaage (Private) Limited: Mazoe:
Lot 2 of Amandas: 230,4624 ha
 33.  4705/83.  Chirobi (Private) Limited: Mazoe: Remainder of Farm
45 of Glendale: 328,2168 ha
 34.  3529/89.  Luwali (Private) Limited: Mazoe: Lot 1 of Pembi
Junction: 1 109,9142 ha
 35.  784/91.  Layandra (Private) Limited: Mazoe: Farm 44A Glendale:
414,0874 ha
 36.  321/93.  Prosperity Dairies P/L: Mazoe: Hidden Valley of
Maryvale of Mgutu of Great B: 433,3160 ha

 37.  1021/87.  Chipudzana (Private) Limited: Melsetter: Weltevrede
of Avontuur Extension: 981,3334 ha
 38.  1021/87.  Chipudzana (Private) Limited: Melsetter: Weltevrede
of Avontuur Extension: 981,3334 ha

 39.  7303/83.  Mazuri Farms (Private) Limited: Mrewa: Murrayfield:
843,6417 ha

 40.  441/70.  Michael Edwin Guyse Thorburn: Salisbury: Remainder of
Subdivision A portion of Ellandale: 1 189,5976 morgen
 41.  3858/95.  Cregg Conell (Private) Limited: Salisbury: Lot 1 of
Somerby: 101,6557 ha

 42.  1241/73.  Gelenburn Investments (Private) Limited: Umtali:
Glenburn of Dunmon of Laurance Ville: 102,6362 ha
 43.  6180/94.  Chalgrove (Private) Limited: Umtali: Chalgrove of
Burma of Clyesdale: 521,4907 ha
 44.  2897/48.  The Wattle Company Limited: Umtali: Balgregie: 1595
morgen 593 square roods
 45.  3350A/84.  Constance Campbell-Morrison: Umtali: Subdivision E
of Burma of Clydesdale: 101,1696 ha
 46.  3765/68.  Sleightholme Farms (Private) Limited: Umtali:
Subdivision D of Burma of Clydesdale: 249,9966 acres
 47.  4940/71.  Nyameni (Private) Limited: Umtali: Remaining Extent
of Cloudsland Estate: 407,2163 ha
 48.  2558/56.  Johannes Stephanus Vorster: Umtali: Elrado of
Gwindingwi: 472,4622 morgen
 49.  6717/71.  Aradroy Estate (Private) Limited: Umtali: Lot 2 of
Essex: 244,9615 ha
 50.  4711/85.  Border Timbers Limited: Umtali: Imbeza Valley Lot 8:
92,5039 ha
 51.  2572/80.  Border Timbers Limited: Umtali: Penhalonga Tree Plot:
86,3255 ha
 52.  4412/78.  Michael Boswell: Umtali: Lot 12 of Bomponi: 707,52
 53.  3663/86.  Robert John Rickard and Jill Penelope Rickard: Umtali:
Globe Rock of Monkfield of Morseland: 74,5303 ha
 54.  3766/68.  Sleightholme Farms (Private) Limited: Umtali:
Subdivision C of Burma of Clydesdale: 249,9964 acres
 55.  7342/95.  Francis George Radford and Rosemaarie Elsie Scarborough:
Umtali: Subdivision D of Orkney of Howth: 101,1728 ha
 56.  2572/80.  Border Timbers Limited: Umtali: Tyrconnel East of
Tyrconnel: 301,5158 ha
 57.  2904/68.  Guy Goodwin Coke-Norris: Umtali: Lot 1E
Laverstock: 528,2422 acres
 58.  2650/94.  High Point Estae (Private)Limited: Umtali: Lot 1 of
Greencroft: 173,0877 ha
 59.  1865/46.  The Wattle Company Limited: Umtali: "Mapoff": 842
morgen 25 square roods
 60.  3207/88.  Ardingly Farm (Private) Limited: Umtali: Lot 1 of Lot
1 of Brown Hill Estate A: 240,9409 ha
 61.  2572/80.  Border Timbers Limited: Umtali: Tunnes Rus:
241,1384 ha
 62.  288/81.  Eaastlands (Private) Limited: Umtali: Remaining Extent
of Eastlands: 153,6801 ha
 63.  2435/77.  David Charles Walker: Umtali: Imbeza Valley Lot 2:
73,66 ha

 64.  5313/68.  Stan Sheppard (Private) Limited: Urungwe: Lot 1 of
the Ridges: 1 499,9783 acres
 65.  3534/78.  Cosmo Farms P/L: Urungwe: Remainder of Chimburukwe:
1 022,8593 ha
 66.  4560/85.  Kapena Farm (Private) Limited: Urungwe: Tengwe 69:
505,4835 ha
 67.  2119/96.  Dentrow Farm (Private) Limited: Urungwe: Dentrow
Estate: 962,3647 ha
 68.  8595/99.  Acredell Services (Private) Limited: Urungwe: Lot 1
of Deerwood Park: 1406,2605 ha
 69.  5389/81.  Dendera Estate (Private) Limited: Urungwe: Katengwe
338,2053 ha

 70.  7092/81.  Peter Noel Buchan: Victoria: Chikore: 478,76 ha


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