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Zimbabwe government to seize all 804 'earmarked' farms

Monday, July 31 10:56 PM SGT - HARARE, July 31 (AFP)

The Zimbabwe government is to complete the seizure of all 804 farms already "earmarked" for resettlement under its controversial land reform program, a farming official said Monday.

The white farm owners are to be served "Section Eight" notices by which the "property becomes the state's" and ownership cannot be contested, said Malcolm Vowles, regional Commercial Farmers Union (CFU) executive officer for Mashonaland Central.
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Zimbabwe May Seize White Farms

The Associated Press - Jul 30 2000 11:33PM ET

HARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) - The government plans to redistribute 3,000 farms by the end of the year, government-run radio reported Sunday, raising fears of a dramatically stepped-up move against Zimbabwe's white farmers.

The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation said Ignatius Chombo, minister of local government, made the announcement after a meeting of ministers and officials responsible for land reform.

``The army will provide necessary transport and infrastructure,'' Chombo was quoted as saying. But the ZBC did not say from whom the farms would be acquired or what area they covered. The report could not immediately be confirmed.

The government of President Robert Mugabe has already said it will confiscate 804 of the country's some 4,000 white-owned farms and give the land to poor blacks, and Mugabe has said he wants to redistribute many times more.

A group representing white farmers was quick to condemn the new plan.

``I cannot think such an outrageous statement would be official government policy,'' said David Hasluck, executive director of the Commercial Farmers Union, who hopes to meet Mugabe on Monday to discuss the land crisis.

The farmers' union has said it will join labor unions in a three-day strike beginning Wednesday to protest political violence and the occupation of more than 1,600 white farms by government-backed squatters.

A government spokesman speaking on state radio Sunday called the land seizures ``irreversible'' and warned of unspecified action by the government if the strike takes place.

``The government has reached the stage where it will not sit idly by and watch as the country is pushed to the edge by people with the hidden agenda,'' information minister Jonathan Moyo said.

Meanwhile, an election agent for the main opposition party was stabbed to death in what is believed to be the latest attack inspired by political violence plaguing Zimbabwe, an official for the Movement for Democratic Change said on Sunday.

The badly mutilated body of Itayi Mugawu, who was agent for the party's candidate in Harare's Dzivaresekwa suburb during parliamentary elections last month, was dumped Thursday near his home.

At least 38 opposition supporters and five white farmers died in violence revolving around the land occupations in the five months leading to the elections.

Mugabe calls the farm occupations a legitimate protest against unfair control of land by a tiny white minority, mostly descendants of British and South African settlers from Zimbabwe's days as a British colony. White farmers control about a third of Zimbabwe's productive land.
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Monday July 31 6:23 AM ET
Zimbabwe Farmers Meet Govt After Land Report

By Cris Chinaka

HARARE (Reuters) - Zimbabwe's white farmers will meet President Robert Mugabe's government on Monday after state television announced a dramatic expansion of the plan to seize farms for resettling landless blacks.

The Commercial Farmers Union (CFU), which at the weekend said it would join this week's opposition-backed general strike, had scheduled the meeting before ZTV announced on Sunday that 3,000 farms would be acquired to settle thousands of people.

In May, the government had said it had earmarked 804 farms for seizure with a final plan to acquire five million hectares of the 12 million hectares owned by white farmers in the southern African country.

Local Government Minister Ignatius Chombo on Monday declined to comment on the increased number of targeted farms, but said details would be released later in the week.

``The numbers are not important. What is important is that we are accelerating the resettlement program and that we are involving all stakeholders in the process,'' he told Reuters.

The state-owned Herald newspaper on Monday quoted presidential spokesman George Charamba as saying that the government's National Land Acquisition and Redistribution Committee had agreed on Sunday ``to expedite the process of identifying more farms'' for resettlement.

A spokesman for the CFU, which represents 4,500 primarily white farmers, said the union had no details of the government's latest plans and might get them at the Monday meeting.

Anarchy On The Farms

``The principal objective of the meeting is the restoration of law and order on the farms and the removal of all invaders,'' CFU director David Hasluck told Reuters.

``Farmers need help and direction because anarchy exists in many farming areas and there is disorder and uncertainty created by differences between what the government says and does and what (war veterans leader Chenjerai) Hunzvi says and does,'' Hasluck added.

ZTV reported at the weekend that the government would use the army to provide transport and logistical support for the resettlement program.

The television report came a day after the CFU said it would back a three-day general strike called by the country's main labor movement to press Mugabe to end violence against opposition supporters and the occupation of about 1,000 white-owned farms.

Business leaders are due to meet on Monday to discuss the proposed strike, which the government has denounced as ''ill-advised'' and meant to undermine its authority.

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, which enjoys the support of most of the country's 1.2 million laborers, said the nationwide strike would begin on Wednesday.

The strike is also being supported by the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), which says war veterans occupying farms since February are busy ``raping, beating and killing farm workers.''

White farmers employ about 300,000 people and the government has not explained what will happen to them and their families when the farms are redistributed.

The proposed strike is the first major challenge to Mugabe since his ruling ZANU-PF party narrowly won fiercely-contested parliamentary elections last month.
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Zimbabwe Braces for Strike; Government Plans Mass Farm Seizure

Bloomberg News - Jul 31 2000 9:32AM

Harare, Zimbabwe, July 31 (Bloomberg) -- Some Zimbabweans have already stopped working in anticipation of a three-day nationwide strike due to start Wednesday, said the leading opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change.

The strike was called by the 700,000-member Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions to protest at what they regard as state-sponsored violence, much of it surrounding the invasion of 1,600 white-owned farms. Tensions were fanned yesterday by a state television report that thousands more farms will be seized by year-end.

The strike could attract the support of as many as 1.3 million workers, said the ZCTU, and has been backed by the Commercial Farmers Union, which represents commercial farmers.

``We've had the army and police deployed in the townships to contain what has been dubbed as post-election violence, which isn't there,'' said Nomore Sibanda, information officer for the ZCTU. ``Thousands of farm workers have lost their jobs, thousands are being beaten day in day out.''

President Robert Mugabe has made the redistribution of farm land to blacks a central plant of his policy to reduce rural poverty. While popular among the landless, it has angered black farm workers, many of whom have been attacked, and some killed, during the occupations.

The strike will likely see the closure of most of the country's 4,800 large-scale commercial farms, which generate 40 percent of the country's export earnings.

Yesterday Ignatius Chombo, Zimbabwe's Minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing, told the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corp. that 3,000 farms will be seized by the end of the year in addition to 804 that the government announced it would take in May, Agence France-Presse reported.

Government spokesmen weren't immediately available to confirm the report and it wasn't carried in either of the country's two- biggest newspapers, one of which is state-owned


``If they go through with this the country will collapse,'' said Brian Latham, editor of The Farmer, the CFU's official publication. ``It's a ludicrous statement.''

The farm seizure program, which the government has said it may pay for with five year bonds, will dispossess more people of jobs and homes than it will resettle, said Eddie Cross, the MDC's secretary for economic affairs.

``The government has no money to compensate farmers, the bonds aren't worth the paper they are printed on,'' he said. ``The people living on farms earn three times the per capita income of rural Zimbabweans and they will be reduced to penury.''

While the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industry, which represents over 700 Zimbabwean companies, has said it can't back the strike because of the likely impact on the economy it said the government must act to resolve the crisis.

Zimbabwe has been short of fuel since December, it's inflation is near a record and about 200,000 people have lost their jobs so far this year, according to South Africa's The Star newspaper.

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Mugabe on the Ropes as Foes Flex Labour Muscle

HARARE, July 30 (Reuters) - Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe could emerge the loser this week if he responds to a three-day national strike against his government with his traditional iron fist, political analysts said on Sunday.

The opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has flexed its labour muscle by joining forces calling for a work boycott from Wednesday to pressure Mugabe to end violence against its supporters and the occupation of white-owned farms.

Political analysts said if Mugabe -- who normally deploys troops and riot police to suppress strikes -- uses force this time it will further alienate key Western donors withholding aid from his government.

Six people were killed in January 1998 when Mugabe deployed troops after riots over food prices and taxes. He banned strikes for six months in August of that year.

A forceful response now would increase growing divisions over strategy in his ruling ZANU-PF movement, which barely survived its toughest electoral challenge against the MDC last month after 20 years of power.

"Whatever way he responds in this case, he is on the losing side," said Professor Masipula Sithole, a leading political commentator.

"Morally, he can only give in and promise the rule of law, and, in political terms, he will be on the losing side because that's a position he should have taken without being forced to," he told Reuters.

"But he will obviously lose much more politically, both at home and abroad, if he uses force to try to suppress the strike," said Sithole, a lecturer in political science at Harare's University of Zimbabwe.

The government has condemned the proposed strike as "ill-advised" but has not indicated how it will respond.


Sithole and another political analyst, Brian Raftopoulos, said Mugabe had made a mistake by failing to preach national reconciliation after the June 24-25 general election and allowing bitter militants, led by self-styled war veterans, to continue attacking the opposition and occupying farms. "He has unwittingly created an opportunity for the MDC to demonstrate its urban power with the proposed strike, and in areas in which ZANU-PF lost heavily in the elections," said Raftopoulos.

The strike was called by the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) on Friday, with the MDC, the association of the country's main commercial farmers and others joining later.

The ZCTU, once an organ of the ruling party, now effectively supports the MDC, formed 10 months ago and led by former ZCTU secretary-general Morgan Tsvangirai and former ZCTU president Gibson Sibanda.

The ZCTU's acting president Isaac Matongo is also national chairman of the MDC and its powerful deputy secretary-general Nicholas Mudzengerere is an MDC executive member.

"The truth is that at the moment the MDC is the real force behind the ZCTU because most of its leaders have just come from there, and some are still key office-holders in the labour movement," said Raftopoulos, a researcher at the Zimbabwe Institute of Development Studies.

"ZANU-PF used to control the ZCTU in a similar manner in the past, until the unions cut an independent path," he said.

Sithole said using force to suppress the proposed strike would worsen Mugabe's political problems at home and abroad.

"There is a big risk of becoming a real pariah, and if he keeps on using force he risks alienating even some of his own supporters who must be embarrassed by what is going on," he said.

RULING PARTY DIVIDED There are growing divisions in the ruling ZANU-PF over the role of war veterans who have occupied white-owned farms since February in support of Mugabe's plans to seize some of their farms for blacks.

ZANU-PF chief spokesman and former industry and commerce minister Nathan Shamuyarira said on Friday war veterans still on the farms were defying party orders to vacate them to allow the government to pursue an orderly resettlement programme.

Privately, however, other ZANU-PF officials say only Mugabe has the power to order the war veterans off the farms, where MDC vice president Gibson Sibanda said on Saturday that "they are busy raping, beating and killing farm workers."

Mugabe, who does not face presidential elections until 2002, has plunged Zimbabwe into an unpopular and potentially endless war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Zimbabwe is battling severe fuel and foreign currency shortages, 60 percent inflation, 50 percent unemployment and a debt burden that sucks 30 percent of gross domestic product into service payments.

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Zimbabwe land showdown
BBC: Monday, 31 July, 2000, 16:01 GMT 17:01 UK

Many farms have already been grabbed

Crisis talks have taken place between the leaders of white farmers and Home Affairs Minister John Nkomo to discuss lawlessness on farms occupied by war veterans seeking land redistribution.
The director of the Commercial Farmers Union, David Hasluck, said farmers wanted the restoration of law and order on farms and the removal of "all invaders".

The CFU has come out in support of a three-day general strike due to start on Wednesday.

The main labour movement, the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, which has called the strike, hopes it will force President Robert Mugabe to end the occupation of about 1,000 white-owned farms and end the violence against opposition supporters.

The strike backed by the main opposition party, is the first major challenge to President Mugabe since his ruling party narrowly won parliamentary elections last month.

'Fast pace'

The government is reported to have decided to accelerate the land reform programme at an unannounced emergency meeting on Saturday.

Minister of Housing and Public Works Ignatius Chombo said that by the end of the week it would release more details of the plans to resettle thousands of people.

The government has already published a list of 804 farms for seizure.

The army is to be deployed to provide transport and other logistical support for the resettlement programme, the television reported.

"The resettlement process technically has started at a very fast pace. This coming week we are going to see quite a lot of persons being settled in all the provinces," he said.

Last week, the CFU made an urgent appeal to President Mugabe to intervene in the land crisis. It also went to the High Court for a third time to again get the invasions declared illegal.

War Veterans' leader Chenjerai Hunzvi has declared that they will not move.

The actual process of transferring ownership of land from farmers to landless people is a lengthy, complex one and is unlikely to proceed quickly.

The government's stated intention is to acquire 5m ha of the 12m ha owned by white farmers.

But the government has not explained what will happen to the hundreds of thousands of employees and their families when farms are redistributed.

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War vets' leader jailed
Daily News: 08 AM (GMT +2) - Masvingo

A leader of the war veterans, Shepherd Khomani Maranda, and a Zanu PF supporter, Lovemore Gumbo, who unleashed a reign of terror in Mwenezi during the run-up to the June parliamentary election, were last week jailed for three years each.

They were accused of beating up people found without Zanu PF membership cards and T-shirts. Maranda and Gumbo pleaded not guilty to three counts of public violence but were convicted by Masvingo provincial magistrate William Bhila.
Both had six months of their sentences conditionally suspended for five years. Egnasio Mafoko, the prosecutor told the court that on 6 April, Maranda and Gumbo, in the company of other Zanu PF supporters still at large, visited Maranda Business Centre.
They located two people identified only as Madayi and Rumi, and accused them of supporting the Movement for Democratic Change. They assaulted the two with sticks and knobkerries resulting in Madayi losing two teeth.
On 6 May, the two led a group of Zanu PF supporters to Vongwe Business Centre, where they held host
age some bus passengers and demanded that they produce their Zanu PF cards. After the passengers and the crew failed to produce the cards, the two started assaulting them with sticks and knobkerries.
The victims took to their heels and the accused then snatched $2 500 from the bus conductor.

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Of major concern to the MDC and to the people of Zimbabwe, is the ongoing violence and intimidation throughout the country, in both urban and rural constituencies. Whereas the country had expected a return to normality and a serious attempt by the new government to reverse the damage that had been wrought by the Zanu PF election campaign, there has instead been a widening and an intensification of the systematic and state sponsored abrogation of civil rights in Zimbabwe.

Of gravest concern has been the deployment of the police force, backed by units of the army, within the high density suburbs of Harare and Kwekwe. 30 June. Unnamed MDC members wearing MDC t-shirts were assaulted by ZNA and received head injuries from batons and rifle butts in Harare, Mabvuku and Makwavarara SC. ZNA continued harrassing Mabvuku residents throughout the night.

29-30 June. In Kwekwe, Redcliff and Torwood, MDC supporters were assaulted in night clubs by ZNA and ZRP Support Unit.

29-30 June. Unnamed MDC memebers assaulted in night clubs in Chitungwiza. 1 July. Unnamed MDC members assaulted with rifle butts, sustaining head injuries in Harare, Mabvuku, Kamunhu SC, Moonlight Night Club.

1 July. Edwin Mushoriwa, the newly elected MP for Dzivaresekwa, and other MDC members were stopped by ZNA and assaulted with rifle butts causing head and facial injuries.

The incidences of violence, intimidation and retribution have been widespread throughout the country and hereafter follows a list of incidents reported by members of the MDC. This list should in no way be considered to be exhaustive but merely indicative of the harassment being experienced by the people of Zimbabwe.

Also included with this list is a chronicle of the events reported on commercial farms throughout the country. Where, once again, the harassment of Zimbabwean citizens attempting to conduct their lives and their businesses has intensified in the weeks after the election. This chronicles the more pertinent events in a widespread invasion of farms, that has seen a massive upsurge in the pegging of farms with the attendant threats and demands that owners close down, vacate, supply food, transport and accommodation. There is large-scale cutting of trees, snaring and theft of fencing and of livestock.
An analysis of pre-election violence on commercial farms details 7220 human rights violations against farm workers and farm owners. The direct cost of these invasions is estimated to be Z$ 430 000 000. These figures do not include events post election.

The country has begun to witness the closure of farming areas en bloc as a non-confrontational attempt to highlight the gravity of the situation in these areas. The ZRP continues to react to the best of their ability, but it is obvious that their mandate to police this crisis is compromised by directives emanating from the office of the President of Zimbabwe.

The continued destabilization of the agro-economy, and a selective and partisan application of the rule of law can only bring more stoppages and eventual failure of Zimbabwe society.


26 JUNE 2000

Mwenezi - The District Administrator has been threatened for "not being on sides". He is not adhering to the war vets' demands, and they now want to hold a tribunal hearing to get the District Administrator fired.

Two farmers received death threats over the weekend.
Norton - Shots have been fired most nights for the last week or ten days on Parklands. On another property there was a death threat to a farmer and on a further property a couple of pensioners were assaulted due to them not having voted.
Selous - Saturday night a lorry petrol bombed.
Bulawayo - There has been a buildup of numbers on Boomerang. 30 war vets are demanding to move onto Springs Farm. There are already some 300 from a different group occupying the property. The company's warehouse in Bulawayo was burnt down on Friday, destroying timber and machinery to the value of $4 million.

27 JUNE 2000
Glendale - Some houses in the Glendale Township stoned.
Norton - two weaners were stabbed on Tilford Farm and War Vets from Norton town have employed youths/War Vets to make bricks for them on Tilford Farm to sell in a business venture. The Police at this stage are not very interested.

28 JUNE 2000
Enterprise and Bromley/Ruwa - 6 war vets went on to RSB Farm and highjacked the taskforce vehicle with the driver.
Inyathi - Approximately 300 cattle were moved onto Goodwood Block over the weekend. On Friday the farm foreman was abducted by war vets and severely assaulted. His right leg was broken in two places and he may lose his eye. The Police response saved his life.

29 JUNE 2000
Victory Block - A farm mechanic was assaulted at a pungwe held at Mutendamambo yesterday.
Norton - Shots at night have been continuing on Parklands Farm.

30 JUNE 2000
Marondera North - On Dormavale a security guard was assaulted by the local war vets.

2 JULY 2000
Shamva - Tipperary had 200 invaders from the neighbouring village confronted the farmer, demanding he sign documents to cede the farm to them. Harare West/Nyabira - The owner of Reinham Farm received a threat from the officer-in-charge at Dzvaresekwa Police Station for being an MDC supporter. This was shortly after the newly elected MDC MP for Dzvaresekwa had been assaulted.

4 JULY 2000
Victory Block - One farm worker was assaulted on Sunday. The farm Manager's wife at Disi was harassed on her way home by four war vets. A group of 30 war vets at Disi threaten the farm owner. The war vets are to move their base from Mutenda Mambo to Kelston Park.
Shamva - The Manager at Glencairn was harrassed and assaulted while moving into the homestead on Sunday.

5 JULY 2000
Harare West - Calgary Farm: 14 army and CIO officers claim they are taking over the entire farm. The owner has been asked to sign over the farm. Wedza - War vet Gibson and 20 others in a blue 7 tonne Leyland truck arrived on Dean Farm and it is believed that they wanted to kill the farmer. The farmer escaped, Police refused to react unless there was a confrontation. Macheke/Virginia - In Macheke township, people are being pulled out of their homes at night allegedly by ZANU PF supporters who after pushing them around, drop them on farms and leave them to walk home.

7 JULY 2000
Marondera South - On Gresham Farm a war vet who had put all his money into paying for a property, was told by base commander Wilfred Marimo that he could not have the property, after which the war vet hung himself. 21 Youths from the war vet base beat up the labour on Chipesa Farm.
Selous - On Mount Carmel Farm shots were heard last night in the vicinity of the sable herd. War vets have started building huts. A break-in was reported at Pamuzinda Game Park where approximately $200 000.00 worth of goods stolen.
Chegutu - Labour has been threatened on Concession Hill Farm and the labour stoppage on Masterpiece Farm continues.

8 JULY 2000
Kapena Thursday 30 invaders arrived and instructed all workers to be off farm by 1000 hrs Friday. Friday they returned and drove off all workers, and 140 000 kg of tobacco remain ungraded in the sheds. Tractor and trailer hijacked from Jaybury/Jambo and made to collect wood for Parondale. One weaner on Wilgin slaughtered but left. Centre pivot on Parondale damaged slightly by invaders and owner not allowed to do land prep.
Norton:War vet Ruzidzo is asking for the head of one of the farmers in the area. A group is camped on the verandah of Glentworth House.

9 JULY 2000
Wedza - on Fels Farm, a crop guard was beaten up trying to arrest maize thieves, hospitalised.
Enterprise - on Friday, the owner and manager of Devonia Farm were told by war vet, Stix Chimuti, to leave the farm within two hours or be killed. On Ivordale Farm, the owner and manager were told by warvets Bureau and Giant, to leave the farm by Tuesday. On Remari Farm, warvets instructed the owner and manager they required a beast and will select one at the dip on Monday. Mazowe/Concession - there were attempted assaults of MDC supporters at Jumbo Mine yesterday.
Shamva - two main homesteads on Ceres Farm are still occupied by invaders. On Friday, invaders put up a roadblock at Robin Hood Farm.

10 JULY 2000
Mvurwi - War vets have invaded Whaddon Chase.
Harare South/Beatrice - Stirling and Kerry have been pegged; the pegging on Kerry included 2 off-duty policemen from Harare.
Marondera North - After the meeting at Marondera North Club a message has been sent out that the war vets are looking at new invasions on alleged MDC-supporting farms.
Norton - A new occupation took place on Somerby on Saturday, on which roughly 50 people pegged "residential stands".. On Glentworth, war vet Ruzvidzo moved inside the security fence of the homestead with 5 dogs and set up a camp. Weapons have been seen.
Chegutu - Tophin has been pegged completely and Mendick almost completely. The erection of cattle kraals on Torphin has begun.
Chakari - 30 people moved on to Kabanga over the weekend.
Kwekwe - The two guns, stolen from Pittscottie Farm conservancy guards, have not been recovered.

11 JULY 2000
Mvurwi - Umsengesi Farm was visited yesterday morning by about 10 war vets from Mvurwi and Centenary (led by Magute). They were armed with sjamboks, sticks and pangas and stopped the farmer as he was driving out of the farm. Harare South/Beatrice - Peggers arrived again on Stirling and Kerry. There are about 30 people on Kerry. A military police mazda pickup was seen ferrying farm peggers from Harare to the farms. The driver was wearing military uniform.
Bromley/Ruwa/Enterprise - Police responded to a clash between war vets and farm labour on Ivordale.

12 JULY 2000
Shamva - War vets at Hippo Valley Farm broke into the farm store and stole $500, broke the lock at the main homestead gate, beat the dogs and entered the house. The cook has disappeared. Three farm labourers were assaulted and a tractor was commandeered to remove the cook's property from the farm. Mazowe/Concession - A group of approximately 20-30 have reinvaded Rydal Farm and had an all-night pungwe last night
Harare South - Occupiers on Old Blackfordby Farm told the labourers to vacate their houses as they were taking over the farm.
Wedza - About 1.5 km of ZESA cable has been stolen, and 15 ZESA cables cut down. There are reports of snaring on Lushington. The Wedza Farm Security saw a vehicle driving around the Donaldstown and Saltash Farm area with a spot light. The vehicle took off at high speed and they chased and managed to corner the vehicle, finding 4 people and 3 weapons, all licenced, one having "hunting" handwritten on it. One of the 4 men is CIO at the President's Office.
Macheke/Virginia - War vet Garwe has returned to Notgrove and the occupiers have changed the locks on the gates and the back door of the homestead Norton - One farmer has been forced to leave his property, the security guard was assaulted and his weapon stolen.
Chiredzi - About 70 people arrived on Fairange Estates yesterday demanding to peg the entire property.
There was a massive occupation and clearing of land taking place on Stelmarco and BJB Ranches. Occupiers have informed the owner the local MP Mr. Baloyi will be visiting this property tomorrow to allocate plots and to advise the new occupants to start doing land prep and to get their crops in. Mr. Baloyi is said to have commented that occupiers should have begun land prep a long ago.

13 JULY 2000
Mavhuradonha - the owner was given until the 17th to leave and the labour were told to collect their pay and that they would be given plots. The owners of Chibali, Sherwood, Bretton and Kingstone Devril have been given 4, 2, 3 and 4 days respectively to vacate their properties. The owners of Ria Dora, Dolphin Park and Everton have been told to finish grading tobacco and be off their farms by September. The owner of Nieuveld has been told he can have half the farm and the rest is to be resettled, and the owner of Nteto Park has been told that war vets are to take over half the farm. The owner and the labour of Madear have until the 17th to be off the farm. The foreman on Viewfield was given an unofficial eviction notice. The owner of Ashford Farm received three threatening phone calls yesterday Bromley/Ruwa - On Rudale there have been enquiries from Johannes Bopoto about designated farms. He has a list with Agritex notes for the families to be resettled. A Nissan twin cab visited Belmont, led by Wise Gadame with locals from Chinika communal. They were hostile towards the farmer and then went to Liwode. The position on Elberley, Xanadu and Dunstan is deteriorating, with a number of substantial huts being built. Occupiers are preventing from coming to work workers who commute from the Seke Communal land.

14 JULY 2000
Marondera West - Chasweno: the farm store was broken into last night. The thieves attempted to rape a girl in one of the houses near the store. She screamed and people came to her aid. The thieves then ran away: tracks lead to a war vet base.
Gutu/Chatsworth - The owner of Eastdale East has been instructed to move his cattle off the property.
Chiredzi A meeting was held yesterday at Makambe, BJB and Stelmarco Ranches and MP Baloyi instructed as many as possible to occupy properties.

15 JULY 2000
Shamva - The owner and manager of Beaconhill were assaulted by war veterans yesterday. The war vets stole two shotguns and the farm keys

17 JULY 2000
Horseshoe - War vets went to Amajuba and told the Manager to produce an inventory of all farm equipment, as the property belonged to them. The owner of Warner Farm has not been allowed to leave his house and war vets have cut down trees and blocked off the road to the home. War vets at Rungudzi Farm demanded keys to the cottage and demanded that the people staying in the cottage move out.
Mvurwi - The owner of Vukwe has received a death threat The owner of Pembi Falls has received a threatening call asking him why he has not packed up and moved off his farm. The owner of Ruia was called and told to be off his farm in a week.
Glendale - A large number of war vets have moved onto Heyshott and stopped wheat irrigation.
Mutepatepa - The owners of Condwelani and Chiveri have had work stoppage. War vets sent a notice to the owner of Butleigh Farm asking why work had not stopped and demanding that he leave the farm. The owner of Banwell received an eviction order and was told he must pay off all his workers and leave the farm by Wednesday. War vet Elijah Muzengwa went to peg at Avoca Farm and was very aggressive. The owner of Avoca has received a 24 hour death threat and has not been allowed to irrigate his wheat. Duiker Flats was visited by war vets last night who questioned the farm workers as to why they had not stopped working.
Shamva - War vets delivered an eviction order to the owner of Sunray. Woodlands B has been invaded by approximately 200 war vets. The owner of Douglyn has been issued an eviction notice to move off in 2 to 3 days time. Harare South/Beatrice - There was a repeated threat to kill if the owner of Plumstead does not vacate his house.
Macheke/Virginia - About 60 war vets occupied the lawn on Lowlands on Saturday.

There is movement onto Chenene Farm in Doma and the farmer is being told to pack his bags as the Maraswa war vets are taking over the farm.
The owner of Braeside was told to prepare to move. The Deputy Mayor of Chinhoyi dropped off two people on Slaughter Farm to occupy the house. The owner of Msengi Farm has been told to vacate his property within 7 days. The owner of Dalkeith Farm received an unofficial written eviction notice to vacate within 7 days. The owner of St Lucia Farm has been told to vacate in 7 days.
Chegutu - On Kutawa donkeys have been moved on and tree cutting continues On Kalembo War Vets have told the owner to get out within two days "or else". They demanded $1500.00 from the owner as an administration fee for cutting up his land and are selling plots at $100.00 for 30 hectares. On Eureka Farm War Vets are demanding that the owner moves his cattle off. Chiredzi - Farmer did a follow up with case reported to the Police. It was reported by Sergeant Dube at the Chiredzi Police Station that Chiredzi Police Station received a letter from Dr. Hundzvi that they would go ahead with the resettlement scheme and this is to take place on the following properties: Fairange Estates, Impala Ranch, Mkwasine Ranch, Portion of Malilangwe Wildlife Trust. War vets intend to move off Ruware Ranch tomorrow. Large numbers moved onto Buffalo Range from Chiredzi township over the weekend. Many people also moved onto Samba Ranch.
The owner on Edenvale reports that MP Baloyi has visited, and has said they are going to take over the farm and start ploughing and planting. There was a mass invasion onto the property yesterday. 3 head of cattle are missing, and one has been found slaughtered.

18 JULY 2000
A complete shutdown of farm work within the district has been implemented until the situation at Mukoko has been resolved.
Harare West - MayPark Farm, 50 supposed war veterans forced their way into the house yesterday evening and took possession of five firearms and have set up camp outside the main gate. Police have reacted but unable to retrieve the weapons. At least three shots were heard on the farm.
Tsatsi: Msasa Farm was invaded by an agressive group of 150 led by Thomas Majuru, who breached the security fence to the homestead. The farm owner was assaulted by a war vet in the group and escaped to lock himself in the house with his family.
Norton - Saffron Walden, Mrs Rusike has arrived with 8 others, gave the owner a letter demanding compensation be paid to the farm witch doctor for belongings that were destroyed.
Gutu / Chatsworth - Eastdale Farm, owner met with war veterans, councillors, chiefs and local ZANU PF Chairman yesterday. Councillors and chiefs oppose the fast track method of resettlement, war vets claimed that a "new war" had started on 2 July 2000 whereby all properties will be resettled - designated or not. Lupane - Zikunga Farm, presence of 30 war veterans, have assaulted 10 of the labour, confiscated a .30 S and .22 rifle from the security guard

19 JULY 2000

7 day eviction notices were served on the owners of Niani Tal and Penrose by war vets today.
Rupaka: Work stoppage. The war vets enforced the switching off of irrigation pumps.
Chakadenga : Game fence was cut and 12 head of cattle went missing.
Sable Flats: There are about 100 permanent residents that increase to about 400 during the day.
Pegging and invasions and/or building of structures have taken place over the last few days on the following farms - Lanlory, Templecomb, Ansdell, Gainlands, Inyati (very aggressive), Wajetsi, Furzen (report of selling of plots). Lanlory has large numbers of communal people awaiting resettlement by govt, and some fencing stolen. Work stoppages and/or threats to take over the farm have taken place on Welkom, Moara, Toekoms, Morewag, Wingate. On Nyamapipi 1 heifer slaughtered and fencing stolen. On Pendennis war vets accused farmer of chasing women from stova and threatened to move communal cattle into maize stova; new settlement being built. Police responded. On Jenya, trees are being felled and permanent structures being built - reported to police. On Kupeta war vets are reported to be armed and shots have been heard - this was reported to police. On Protea war vet Madzura arrived and on finding owner absent, forced cattle gang to accompany him to local base camp where they were maltreated and humiliated. Reported to police. On Moy war vets have taken possession of a tractor and are cutting gum trees. On Hewlyn, a fire was started by war vets who were clearing ground for brick-making, and tree cutting continues. On Boland 18 war vets demanded wood and transport and threatened foreman. On Vuka, following an altercation between a labourer and war vet, war vets arrived demanding half of the farm - this was refused, and there was a subsequent stoppage of all work, threats and abuse. This was reported to police who stated "if labour do not like the war vets, then the labourers should return to communal lands".


Silver Lining Farm which was previously occupied was re-visited this morning and the farmer told to vacate the property immediately.
Zilawa Farm - 100+ war vets pegging farm. Doondo Farm foreman told to tell owner to remove all property by 22 July. Owners of Msengi, Braeside, Sholliver, Dunphaile, Wannock Glen and Newlands Farms have been told to vacate their farms by 21 or 23 July. The owner and foreman of Baguta Farm have received death threats and told to vacate by 24 July.

On Saffron Waldon yesterday Mrs Rusike and Mr Mutasa were seen with an AK47 and a shotgun. On Wilbred Farm Mrs Rusike broke the locks to the gate on Friday and again yesterday. Mrs Rusike also visited Aberdeen today.

It would appear that a new trend is starting in Matabeleland where pegging and laying claim to land is being stepped up with war vets claiming instruction to do so has come from their leader, and CFU and govt are of no consequence

20 JULY 2000
Harare West/Nyabira:
A police landrover was seen dropping off building tools for war vets on Bitton Farm.

The owner of Pearson Farm has returned home under police and support unit escort. War vets threatened the owner and tractor drivers with death if any land prep was carried out, with the police as witnesses. The owner of Golden Hill was threatened with death by war vets if he did not leave. War vets demanded that the owner of Raffeen closed down his furniture factory. They have threated violence if he does not comply. War vets have given the owner of Iron Mask an immediate eviction notice. A black farmer in the area was threatened with eviction and war vets attempted to trash his home in retribution for being an opposition supporter,
Farms with work stoppages: Warren; Richmond, Mug, Chizanza; Spes Bona; Fairview; Blue Gums; Howgate; Glen Somerset; Murray Field.

Kapena Farm - owner told once he has finished grading tobacco he must move off.
Solera Farm - Owner told to move off by Friday.
Quo Vadis Farm - owner told to move off his farm immediately.
Gwiwa, Inanda, Manna and Driftwood Farms - told to vacate immediately.
Dendenyani Farm - Cattle driven off by invaders to Jambo Farm. Told to vacate immediately.
Parendale Farm - No land prep and labour have been moved out. War vets do not want to continue dialogue or negotiations and are not interested in instructions from ZANU PF, VP Msika , Police or farmers. They have taken the land and legal papers do not interest them. Very militant and want farmers off the land.

Chiredzi Area.

Dawlish Ranch

Mass invasion of up to approx 300, causing havoc and cutting down of trees. Threats of 1000 people to move on. Swedish investors and 6 British tourists had to be flown out of the farm yesterday

Ngwane Ranch
Invaders have been building more huts and are using these huts as base camps operating into Ruware Ranch. Poaching with dogs. Chickens have been stolen. Has been reported to the Police and are still awaiting reaction.
BJB and Stelmarco Ranches
Loads of people are being transported in from the adjacent communal land (Matebe). Amongst them are elderly people that can hardly walk and some small children. These people are also being issued plots. The adjacent Matebe communal land is not a very high densely populated area and there is plenty of land available in this communal area. Reports are now that the communal area is now vacant.
Fairange Estates. The owner, his manager, a senior game scout and a Sergeant have been threatened by the war vets in the presence of the Police. No action taken. War Vet "Mutemachani" instructed that all game scouts be disarmed; subsequent to this, two game scouts were seriously assaulted yesterday afternoon. One was beaten twice over the head with an axe and is recovering in Chiredzi Hospital and the other was also seriously beaten over the head with an axe and is subsequently temporarily paralysed.
Arrangements are being made for medical treatment in Harare. The perpetrators are known and have been reported to the Police.

Bon Accord 'A' farm in Hunters road area invaded by +/- 60 people including at least 5 military personnel in uniform. One is a sergeant and one a corporal. The vehicle has an HC number plate. Invaders pegging vigorously and loading firewood onto army vehicle.

21 JULY 2000
Wedza - The Wedza police Member In Charge escorted war vet Chigwadere to Rupaka. Chigwadere went on to threaten the farmers that if the invaders pegs or houses were touched the farmers would be committing suicide. Macheke/Virginia - There are now 19 work stoppages in the area.

22 JULY 2000
Mvurwi - One farm guard was assaulted yesterday on Four Streams Farm.

24 JULY 2000
Harare South/Beatrice - Wilhelm Botha, beaten to death with a crow bar. Mr Botha was an elderly man and was a mechanic for the garage.
Chakari - On Blackmorvale war vets have been camped on the lawn for the last few days and holding all night pungwes
Chegutu/Suri Suri - The owner on Concession Hill farm was threatened by 6 war vets because he dismissed a crop guard Approximately 100 people occupied Hippovale Farm today and work has stopped. The owner was warned about this last Thursday and was asked for a bribe to prevent it.
Mt Hampden - 3 labour on Hayden Farm were assaulted on Saturday.
Chiredzi - On Stelmarco and BJB Ranches there has been continued cutting of trees and grass
Insiza - Dr Hunzvi met with war vets in Zvishavane yesterday and has incited them to take land, resulting in Debshan being given an ultimatum this morning to vacate the ranch in 24 hours.
Bubi - On Saturday evening drunk war vets intimidated the labour on Allendale. They were made to march up and down the homestead security fence and were forced to sing chimurenga songs. The owner had a death threat. Mberengwa - On Manjiri Ranches since March 2000, 58 head of cattle have been stolen or snared or slaughtered, and meat removed to the value of $784 000. 2 346 snares have been removed.
Kwekwe Bemthree Ranch was invaded by 70 people lead by David Mutengwende.

25 July 2000

Chinhoyi - The owner of Kuti Farm was told to remove his cattle and vacate the farm by Wednesday this week.

Karoi - Karoi farmers closed their operations down at 0600 today. Karoi town have partially closed their operations in sympathy with the farmers, with whom they do business. Late this morning David Brand of Gremlin Farm was beaten unconscious and was extricated by the reaction unit. His wife and children have been evacuated.

Monday 24 - The owner of Collingwood was told to vacate within 24 hours. On Vuka Farm, 4 labourers were assaulted, yesterday morning the family was barricaded in the farm but managed to escape using a back exit. On Lanlory 11 dogs have been moved into a structure at the gate and a labourer has been bitten. On Deerwood a cattle employee was assaulted and threatened. Tengwe - None of the Tengwe farms that have been illegally occupied are designated.

Only grading is allowed on Kapena Farm. No land prep is permitted on Parendale and Alpha. Land prep and pre-irrigation has been stopped, grading and seedbeds continue and cattle have been driven off Dendanyani, Jaybury/Jambo, Silver Lining. Mpata has continued land prep but war vets now claim this land is theirs and therefore no tobacco can be planted. All of the above farms are controlled by a group led by Peter Ncube At about 10:30 on Saturday 22 July approximately 75 people gathered at the security fence of Glen Craig. They had been into the workers village and chased everyone out. The neighbouring farmers reacted and evacuated the family.The labour force, including the women and children spent the night in the bush, were told not to go to work any more and were told to pack their belongings and leave the farm. They were told if any of them went to work they would be killed. On Sunday, the owner and police returned to the farm to take reports from the employees. This is the fourth time that this has happened to the labour.

Norton - Lovejoy arrived on Fort Martin Farm with approximately 80 people from the communal area whom he apparently paid. They pegged and told the owner that he was not allowed to ridge or plant tobacco. On Serui Source war vets from Harare were paying peggers $70.00 per day.

Suri Suri - On Cambustrennie a group led by Masiwa say that they are taking all the farm and that they do not care what President Mugabe says.

MDC Support Centre 8th Floor, Gold Bridge Eastgate Harare


Guqula Izenzo/Maitiro Chinja

"We call upon the government to restore law and order in the country and immediately stop the violence being inflicted on MDC supporters and innocent people" (Gibson Sibanda)

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Numerous Section 8 Orders have and are being served on farmers.

The Agricultural Labour Bureau (ALB), which is the organisation representing the interests of commercial farmers and large Estates in labour matters in Zimbabwe, held a meeting on Monday 31st July 2000 with the General Agriculture and Plantation Workers Union of Zimbabwe (GAPWUZ), which is the organisation representing the interests of farm workers in labour matters in Zimbabwe, to discuss the three day stayaway called by the ZCTU. GAPWUZ is an affiliate member of the ZCTU and was represented at the meeting on Friday 28th July 2000 where the decision was made to call a stayaway. The ALB was informed that the reason for the stayaway was to protest against the lack of law and order in Zimbabwe and to call for its restoration.
The ALB has decided to support the three day stayaway because farmers, farm workers and their families have been the main victims of the failure on the part of the State to uphold the rule of law and an economy that is not supported by the law of the country and its agencies is on the road to collapse.
It is however appreciated by both the ALB and GAPWUZ that there are certain activities on farms that can not be neglected for three days without irreparable damage being done, such as the milking of cows, and workers engaged in such activities are urged to report to work in order to complete them.

Piet de Klerk
31 July 2000


Centenary - The owner of Ria Dora has been stopped ploughing and fertilising his coffee. Police and senior war vets have been informed. War vets on Mutwa Estate have prevented ploughing. The owner has decided to stop work all week due to a shortage of diesel.
Horseshoe - There has been a land preparation stoppage on Rushpeak. Pegging has started on Nainital farm, Makachwe Farm and Flame Lily Farm. War vets have told the owner of Nyamsewe Farm to move out of his house as they want to move in, and have enforced a work stoppage.
Victory Block - Resident invaders and cattle numbers unchanged. Poaching continues on several farms. The manager of Rusumbi Farm has attempted to return to work after being away for approximately three months. Resident invaders have threatened the owner with seizing the farm if manager returns. No reason has been given. ZRP Mvurwi have intervened. The manager will be returning to work on Monday. A seed bed worker on Wye Farm, was seen wearing a MDC T shirt by a invader from the adjacent farm, who said he would collect his friends and return to beat him up. On return the war vets tried to extract the T Shirt, but labour resisted. The war vets demanded that the owner retrieve the T Shirt with threats of work stoppage if this was not done. So far there has been no work stoppage retorted.
Approximately 10 invaders were dropped of at Undercragg Farm. It was understood by the owner that they would be staying over night, and sending out two people to other farms and seek out which farms were going on the stay away and start pegging.
War vets attempted to give owner of Mount Fatigue, who is away at this time, a verbal eviction notice. The ZRP Mvurwi was informed.
Vivelkia Farm reported the theft of 5 irrigation flanges and bolts. No out come as yet.
Mvurwi - Approximately 35 war vets on Eastwolds Farm are moving off at night and returning in the morning. Approximately 50 invaders have started pegging on Rogers Ranch. There is ongoing pegging on Bradjulie.
Tsatsi - Pegging continues on Cranham.
Mutepatepa - Numbers have increased to 75 on Tarlington and there is a large increase of numbers at Rossetta Rust Farm.

Marondera North - There were a few visits to Rapids Farm. An MDC shirt was taken from one of the workers with no violence.
The war vets from Dormavale, Argosy and Chapunga have moved on to Rukata and Oxford and are peaceful at the moment. On Saturday they demanded a house with electricity and wanted money for a rally but they were not threatening and have gone quiet.
Marondera South - A fire was started on Tarara on Saturday but one of the new people living in the homestead stated that it was a cooking fire that got out of hand. On Sunday a second fire was started - causes are not yet known.
Beatrice - The army was active in the area on Saturday and visited a number of farms along the Acton Reynolds Road.
On Marirangwe on Saturday war vets were fetching grass for thatching their houses. Some veld was burnt on Argyle and a number of trees were cut down. The tractor driver on Eden was threatened by war vets telling him to stop ploughing. The owner told his labour to carry on as normal. There is an increase in pegging on Eyam. There is an increase in pegging on Bharabhara. Occupiers continue to peg as much of Shrewsbury as they can.
Harare South - On Stoneridge war vet Manhunu is causing problems. He held the owner's tractor for 4 days and the owner had to pay $3000 for the tractor to be returned. The payment was for damage to the war vets houses and shelters. War vet Mugoniwa threatened to burn all the tractors on Donota if ploughing was not stopped immediately. Land preparation has now been stopped.
There was an increase in army movement with a questionnaire for farmers in connection with the land resettlement program. There is a general increase in general pegging.
At the old Tobacco Training Institute 2 government teachers were abducted at about 1:00 a.m. on Sunday morning. They were taken to the war vet base camp, assaulted and tortured. 3 unarmed police officers were allowed into the base camp, and the men were released at approximately 4:00 a.m. The men were subjected to "inhuman behaviour".
Ardmore was pegged yesterday, and the war vets said they would return to take over the house. They arrived yesterday in a police van.
Wedza - Cattle on Fels were moved from one of the paddocks, and a human body was found hanging in a tree. The police are responding.
Macheke/Virginia - Nyagadzi and Riverlea are experiencing continued harassment (death threats and eviction notices). The workers have been told to collect their pay and move off by today (Monday).
Enterprise - War vets told the workers that if they join in the stayaway, they will be assaulted. Tree cutting is going on extensively on Munengo and one of the small holders was threatened.
Strathlorne : 2 huts have been built in the pre - irrigated tobacco land and another one in the seed bed site.
Bromley/Ruwa - Xanadu: On Saturday afternoon about 20 war vets under Mugwagwa, who had boosted their numbers to 100+ with farm labour, created a highly threatening situation at the owners homestead. South African press were present and appeared to have had prior knowledge of this visit, but failed to warn the owner. The war vets threatened to set fire to the thatched roof and made a fire on the veranda, which the owner put out with a fire extinguisher. Windows were smashed and the owner and his family were subjected to a harrowing experience for 4-5 hours. Neighbours were standing by to react if lives were directly at risk or the house was burned. 2 constables were sent from Goromonzi but were not able to control the situation and called for further assistance. Support Unit were sent out from Marondera via Dema and the situation was defused. Alberly: The centre pivot wheel was deflated. Warren Dale: War vet visited the farm requesting what the land area was and said they would return today for the allocation of their plots.

Banket - Please note a correction to the CFU Update of Thursday 27 July: In the report on Wichens Farm, the war vets said THEY will move off when the government supplies them with alternate land, not that the farmer has to move off. Tengwe - There are still work stoppages in the area. Only grading is allowed on Kapena Farm. There is still no land prep permitted on Parendale Farm, Alpha, Dendanyani and Silver Lining. Grading and seedbeds are still continuing on Medbury. There is no change on Welgin. Brickmaking has begun on Dendanyani. A new structure has been built and invaders from the communal area brought in their own cattle and driven them into the stova. A visit by the local ZRP brought no result.

There is no change on Jambo: Land prep and pre-irrigation have stopped, grading and seedbeds continue. On Friday a group of 19 invaders led by Peter visited Jambo with demands about the "useage of their land". They left threatening to return over the weekend and peg the whole of Jambo. Mpata has completed land prep but the war vets now claim that all this is theirs and no tobacco can be planted. On Inanda Farm 50ha of land prep has been stopped. A threatened eviction was temporarily resolved. Illegal brickmaking continues on Gwiwa, Inanda, Driftwood, Kukura, Glendene, Ian Penny,Pollux and Dendayani.
Chinhoyi - There were about 15 war vets at the Sheepridge Farm gate, but the situation is calm.

Kadoma - The owners of Montana have been given two weeks to vacate their property. There was a pungwe there last night. On Symington there was a very militant crowd of war vets yesterday hurling verbal abuse at the owner and threatening him with sticks. The neighbour's manager went past on a motorbike and had stones thrown at him. The police reacted and the situation is under control. Molina Ranch has roughly 1500 war vets present and numbers are escalating daily.
Chegutu - Headley Estates had a new occupation of 20 people, led by Comrade Nyati with people from Sanyati. Ranwick Farm had 3 cattle snared and the owner has been told by Gilbert Moyo that if he is prepared to share his farm with Chief Ngezi he will be allowed to stay on the property. The owner of Ranwick attended an armed poaching movement on his property. He shot at the poachers' dogs and saw the armed poachers. On Farnham Farm a beast was slaughtered and is suspected to be related to war vet activity. A pig was slaughtered on this property last week. The pump house roofing was stolen on Concession Hill; the neighbour's labour is suspected.
Suri Suri - Within the past three days there have been sightings on separate occassions of a total of seven individuals openly walking around with firearms ranging from 303's to automatic shotguns.
Chakari - On Deweras Farm an armed poacher threatened the cattle herdsman yesterday afternoon.

Masvingo East and Central - On Wondedza Farm the farm house has been barricaded by war veterans. The owner is not residing there at present. War vets have blocked the entrance to the front of the house and are armed with knob-kerries.
Chiredzi - The situation is still very much the same in this area. Buffalo Range: Over the weekend reports are that thousands of people invaded this property. One of the war veterans called "Mutemachani" wanted to hire a bulldozer from a farmer to help clear some of the land. They were supported by Government people.
Motorbikes were also seen keeping the people together. Fences have been cut. A pickup truck has been seen loaded with timber. More shelters have been erected on Wasara Ranch over the weekend.
Mwenezi - Continued cutting of trees, continued poaching. On Moria and Jabula Ranches pegging of plots is taking place.
Gutu/Chatsworth - There is continued cutting of trees in this area. On Edgarsridge Farm there is tree cutting and scotch cart reported to be carting wood away. Police have been notified.

Headlands - War vet meetings were held in the district. Fence cutting and poaching has occurred on Ruanda and Precincts Farm. Work stoppages occurred on Sanga Ranch on Saturday , and there were threats to burn the tractors. The police reacted but the work stoppage is ongoing today.

Nyamandhlovu - On Mt Pleasant Farm permanant structures are being build. A fire was started and 600 ha burnt as a result. The farm owner, labour and a police detail with them put out the fire together. War vets are saying that the owner tried to burn them out.

Shurugwi - The owner of Corrangamite Farm was away for the weekend and on his return found that war vets had moved herds of cattle out of certain paddocks. War vets say these paddocks are to be kept empty as this land belongs to them. Kwekwe - Benholm Farm has been occupied by 25. Mvurachena still has a presence of 7 war vets. Pitscottie is quiet.

There is an escalation in numbers on Mopani Park. There are 35 war vets on Rockvale. Owner of Bonwell was taken back to his farm with a police escort but is not spending nights at the homestead.

Somabhula - There were about 35 aggressive war vets at the security fence on Boulder Beacon. The farmers is negotiating and police have been notified. Mvuma - 4 poachers with 8 dogs were arrested on Wyldegrove Farm. 7 of the dogs were shot and one escaped. The poachers were delivered to the police.


Important cattle sale date changes for this week:

Paul Goodwin (Tuli & Afrikander) Stan Schur (Hereford and Simmental) & Guy Hilton-Barber (Charbray) Bull Sale
Originally scheduled for Friday 4 August. Will now be held on the following day, Saturday 5 August at 10:30 a.m.

Silangani Cattle Sale (500 head)
Originally scheduled for Wednesday 2 August. Will now be held on Monday 7 August at 10:30 a.m.

Circle Y Cattle Sale
Originally schedulted for Thursday 3 August. Will now be held on Wednesday 9 August at 10:30 a.m.
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