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Mugabe refuses compromise until western sanctions lifted


   Fri Aug 20, 1:13 pm ET

HARARE (AFP) - Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe on Friday vowed not make
any further concessions with his partners in a unity government until
western sanctions are removed, the state news agency said.

Mugabe told his ZANU-PF party's central committee in the capital Harare that
Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai must call for the removal of a western
travel ban and asset freeze on the 86-year-old leader and his inner circle.

"They have to get those sanctions off if they want any concessions from us,"
Mugabe said, according to the New Ziana agency.

"There are no more concessions. We will never ever move," he said.

Both the European Union and the United States maintain a travel ban and
asset freeze on Mugabe, his wife and inner circle in protest at a series of
disputed elections since 2002 and alleged human rights abuses by his

The unity deal was signed nearly two years ago, but the feuding parties are
still battling over a series of top political posts.

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Mugabe reneges on GPA implementation

By Tichaona Sibanda
20 August 2010

The countdown for the inclusive government to implement the GPA, as resolved
at the SADC summit, began on the day the Troika tabled the report on
Zimbabwe in Namibia.

MDC spokesman Nelson Chamisa told SW Radio Africa on Friday the countdown
begun when 'pen was put to paper' during the Troika meeting last Sunday in

The SADC Troika on Defence, Security and Politics resolved that agreed
issues in the Global Political Agreement should be fully implemented within
a month. South African President Jacob Zuma, who is the SADC facilitator on
Zimbabwe, later presented his report to the summit on Monday and his
recommendations were endorsed and accepted by the full summit.

But President Robert Mugabe on Friday cast serious doubt on any hope of this
happening when said he won't meet any further demands of the MDC until
targeted sanctions are repealed. This is a complete u-turn to what Mugabe
and his partners agreed to at the Troika in Windhoek.

Speaking at his party's central committee meeting Mugabe said that Prime
Minister Morgan Tsvangirai had failed to meet conditions of the 18-month-old
coalition deal to have sanctions against him and his ruling elite removed.

The MDC remain adamant that they have no power to force the West to remove
the targeted sanctions.

'The countdown started when the Troika met and adopted a report tabled by
President Zuma. But what is disheartening for us is the fact that our
colleagues in ZANU PF have once again begun to misrepresent issues,' Chamisa

He explained that ZANU PF, with the help of some identified culprits in the
SADC Troika, had also manipulated the final wording of the communiqué issued
after the summit.

It is believed the issue of governors somehow found its way into the final
communiqué when it had been addressed and dealt with at the Troika meeting.
The SADC communiqué said the appointment of governors will be done
'concurrently' with the removal of targeted sanctions.

The MDC feel short-changed that ZANU PF backtracked on their promise to
appoint governors from their party, once the current term of the incumbents

Chamisa said as far as they were concerned, there is no way the appointment
of governors could be linked to the removal of targeted sanctions or
restrictive measures.

He added it was impossible for the MDC to talk about issues they don't have
control over because they didn't impose sanctions in the first place, adding
the issue of governors and the issue of restrictive measures were as
separate as day and night

'This is just pussy footing, dilly dallying and foot dragging by ZANU PF.
What they're actually doing is laying an ambush along the roadmap for a free
and fair election in Zimbabwe,' he said.

Jameson Timba, thr Minister in Tsvangirai's office, queried how the
appointment of governors in one sovereign country can be linked to the
lifting of sanctions by other sovereign countries.

He said; 'Nyatsoterera unzwe udofo. muhofisi maita benzi,' which means
'listen carefully and you will hear stupidity. There is a madman in the

Analysts point out that ZANU PF has a habit of shifting goal-posts. When the
issue of governors was pursued last year, Mugabe argued that it could not be
resolved in the middle of their (governors)'s terms.

The current governors' terms expired on 31st July and once again ZANU PF are
shifting the goal-posts and linking the issue of governors to the separate
issue of targeted sanctions.

On Wednesday the United States Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Charles Ray said
sanctions on Zimbabwe will remain, until conditions that led to their
imposition are removed.
Speaking to journalists in Harare Ambassador Ray said although the targeted
sanctions were under constant review, the decision to remove them would be
influenced by progress in the implementation of the GPA and respect for
human rights.

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Zanu (PF) Appoints Own Diamonds Focal Point Person

20/08/2010 13:15:00

Harare, August 20, 2010 - Civic groups aligned to President Robert Mugabe's
Zanu (PF) party have appointed their own focal point person to work with the
Kimberley Process (KP), rejecting Farai Maguwu appointed Tuesday by the
umbrella organisation for Non-governmental organisations, Nango.

Goodson Mguni, a known Zanu (PF) supporter, was appointed as the parallel
focal point person in a direct challenge to the appointment of Maguwu by the
National Association of Nongovernmental Organisations (Nango).

 Mguni is president of the Federation of Civil Society Organisation.  He
will lead a 13-member team that also includes Paddington Japajapa, Tafadzwa
Musarara, Affirmative Action Group secretary general and Chris Mutangadura a
Law Officer in the Attorney General's office.

The Zanu PF aligned groups said they were not happy with Maguwu because he
was facing criminal charges. Maguwu is facing charges of spreading
falsehoods prejudicial to the state after he attempted to expose human
rights violations in Chiadzwa.

He is out on bail. The groups said Maguwu's movements were restricted.  But
Nango has refused to recognised the appointment of Mguni and his team.

The chief executive officer, Cephas Zinhumwe said: "Government has nothing
to do with choosing who the focal point person should be. It is other people
in the KP that are going to debate that and decide whether the name seconded
is credible or not."

"Where were there when operation Murambatsvina was killing micro business?
We do not want to waste time engaging bogus organisations because once you
engage them, you are authenticating them," Zinhumwe said.

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Gaddafi's Son Detained At Harare International Airport

20/08/2010 13:18:00

Harare, August 20, 2010 - Libyan president Muammar Gaddafi's son
Lieutenant-Colonel Engineer Saadi Muammar al-Gaddafi, and his delegation
were on Thursday detained at Harare International Airport for two hours by
immigration officials after jetting into the country without passports.

Tourism and Hospitality Minister Walter  Mzembi  who was  present at the
airport waiting to welcome  the  18 member delegation quickly phoned  Home
Affairs Ministry who  then ordered the  release of the delegation after
almost two  hours of  detaintion,"said  sources from the state media who
had  gone to cover the arrival of the Gaddafi delegation.

The Gaddafi's son led delegation, which jetted through South Africa claimed
that they left their passports in South Africa.

The delegation, which is  in the country for a five-day visit said it wanted
to explore business opportunities, but sources within  Tourism Ministry said
Minister Mzembi was behind the invitation whose purpose was not clear.

Speaking to journalists after his release by immigration officials at Harare
International Airport, Lt-Col Al Ghaddafi said "We would like to look at
business opportunities in Zimbabwe for Libyan investment especially in
agriculture and tourism,"

He is expected to tour Victoria Falls and the Great Zimbabwe in Masvingo.

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Farm workers targeted in constitution outreach intimidation

By Alex Bell
20 August 2010

The General Agricultural and Plantation Workers Union of Zimbabwe (GAPWUZ)
has this week raised concerns about "rampant" intimidation and harassment of
farm workers in constitutional outreach meetings, in Mashonaland farming
areas in particular.

GAPWUZ is carrying out a nationwide constitution education campaign, as part
of the public exercise to draft a new constitution. They said that
intimidation and harassment of its members is worst in Mashonaland
provinces. The union said farm workers, especially those from Mashonaland
Central and West, are being specifically targeted by war vets who are
forcing them to toe the ZANU PF line.

GAPWUZ said that farm workers are particularly vulnerable because of the
many war vets in rural areas, as a result of their violent involvement in
the land grab campaign. More than a million people were affected by the land
grab campaign which saw hundreds of thousands of farm workers and their
families left homeless and jobless.

"There is rampant intimidation at farms from ZANU PF loyalists who want to
foist their views on the people," said GAPWUZ spokesperson Tapiwa Zivira.

He added: "We have travelled to various provinces in the country,
sensitising the farm labourers, but we have realised that people are not
able to speak for themselves because of intimidation and threats of

Zivira said that farm workers are also being silenced on issues related to

"From our campaigns, we have discovered that our members want small pieces
of land and we are therefore demanding that land be set aside for the farm
labourers. We also want a Bill of Rights that encompasses labour rights,"
said Zivira.

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MDC devise local ways of dealing with constitutional violence

By Tererai Karimakwenda
20 August, 2010

MDC officials and supporters in different parts of the country have started
devising their own strategies to deal with ZANU PF sponsored violence and
intimidation during the constitutional outreach exercise. There appears to
be no national strategy on how to respond to the attempts to silence the
MDC, which has been dubbed "Operation Chimumumu" (do not speak).

In areas such as Masvingo, where war vet Jabulani Sibanda brutalized those
who made contributions at the outreach meetings, MDC supporters are reported
to have fought back and Sibanda and his thuggish war vets eventually left
the area.

In Manicaland MDC officials adopted a different strategy. First they
suspended the outreach program altogether then this week Senator Patrick
Chitaka, who is part of the constitutional outreach team, said they resolved
not to hold meetings in the areas where violence and intimidation have been
Many observers feel that the MDC leadership has not been vocal enough and
that they are failing to use their powers within the coalition government to
stop ZANU PF's attacks.

Our correspondent Simon Muchemwa, who has spent the week travelling through
rural parts of Masvingo province, said provincial leaders are not adequately
representing the situation on the ground. He reports that many villagers are
fleeing from their homes after receiving threats from ZANU PF sponsored
Muchemwa described incidents of arson, assault, intimidation and threats,
all related to the constitutional outreach exercise. He also accused the
three main parties of focusing on elections that are to come, rather than
educating the rural populace about the country's constitution. Muchemwa said
that he believes violence will escalate when elections finally do come.

Theresa Makone, the MDC-T co-minister of Home Affairs, told SW radio Africa
last week that she had not received any 'official' reports of violence,
including the well-reported violent tour by Jabulani Sibanda.

Many reports have been distributed by civil groups that are shadowing the
outreach exercise and by the Minister's own party, the MDC. But we were
unable to reach her again to follow-up on whether she had received any
reports since then.

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Outreach meetings cancelled in Chipinge due to lack of fuel

By Tererai Karimakwenda
August 20, 2010

Outreach meetings that were scheduled for Thursday in Chipinge were
cancelled without notice, after constitutional outreach teams ran out of
fuel. Officials rescheduled some of the meetings for Friday, but the
information did not reach villagers on time and no-one attended. Only three
villagers turned out at Mt Selinda Primary School in Chipinge on Friday, and
they told the team that hundreds of villagers had gathered there on Thursday
afternoon, then dispersed with no idea what was happening.

MDC-T Senator Patrick Chitaka, a member of the Copac team in Manicaland,
explained that officials at the Central Equipment and Mechanical Department
(CMED) told him that 5,900 litres of petrol had been used and not paid for.
They said the fuel needed to be paid for before any more fuel could be
distributed. Chitaka said that a breakdown of the mileage and usage logs was
currently being analysed to determine who had used the fuel.

Meanwhile, John Jiyamwa and Matibiri Nyando, the two MDC activists who were
arrested on Monday along with five others, are still in custody at Cashel
Valley in Manicaland. They were charged with "disturbing peace" after
speaking at a Copac meeting in the area.

The group of seven were abducted at gunpoint on Monday by intelligence
agents and dumped at Cashel Valley police station. Five were released on
Thursday after paying a $10 fine each. The MDC said that they were denied
access to food, legal services and medication. A source in the police
department said they had also been assaulted.

In Masvingo, the Ward 4 councilor Daniel Muchuchutu and the director of
elections Muranganwa Chanyahwa, remain in custody at Masvingo Central police
station. They were arrested on Wednesday and accused of disrupting a ZANU PF
meeting, related to the constitutional outreach program. A magistrate said
he was not ready to hear the case when the two appeared in court Thursday
morning. They were remanded in custody until Friday, but then the judge said
he did not have enough time to deliver a verdict. The two will now have to
spend the weekend in jail.


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Zimbabwe headmaster jailed for bizarre exam fraud

News - Africa news
Harare, Zimbabwe - A magistrate in central Zimbabwe Thursday jailed a school
headmaster for four years for a bizarre examination fraud in which he wrote
the final exams for students in exchange for cattle.

The headmaster, Fabious Maripise, wrote 11 subjects on behalf of students at
his school in the central district of Gokwe, and was given an unspecified
number of cattle in return.

He pleaded guilty to the offence, which was unearthed after officials at the
local examinations board noticed the similarity in the hand writing of the
students from his school.

The fraud involved 'O' Level examinations, the school leaving stage which
opens opportunities to colleges and job market.

Harare - Pana 20/08/2010

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Mugabe allies in empowerment committees

by Caroline Mvundura Friday 20 August 2010

HARARE - Zimbabwe on Thursday named committees dominated by top allies of
President Robert Mugabe that will help the government set percentages of
shareholding foreign-owned companies in different sectors of the economy
must transfer to locals.

The decision to set varying empowerment thresholds for each sector was
adopted about two months ago, in a major shift from an earlier requirement
that foreign firms cede 51 percent shareholding to local blacks.

Announcing the committees yesterday, Indigenisation Minister Saviour
Kasukuwere said they should move with speed to come up with recommendations
to end uncertainty among investors over how much stake they are required to
sell to locals.

"You need to rush because by the end of September we want investors to be
clear from day one," Kasukuwere said.

"We want to bring about certainty in the market so we should work fast, we
have a tight deadline. I am pleased that the business community is well
represented to give the views of industry on the recommendations which will
be part of our policy once it goes through cabinet," he said.

The committees named by Kasukuwere will cover the financial services,
mining, agriculture, energy, transport and motor industry,
telecommunications and information communication technology, trading,
engineering and construction.

Other committees were appointed for the tourism and hospitality, arts,
entertainment and culture, education and sport, services, and manufacturing

Among prominent Mugabe allies and supporters heading some of the committees
is Adam Molai, who is married to one of Mugabe's nieces and is a well-known
tobacco merchant. He will chair the manufacturing committee.

The committee also includes Bulawayo businessman and an ally of Mugabe's
ZANU (PF) party, Delma Lupepe.

Businessman Farai Mutamangira will head the financial services committee
where top Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe official Munyaradzi Kereke was appointed
a member.

Chartered Accountant Tinashe Rwodzi, who has strong links with elements in
Zanu (PF) chairs the mining committee, which also includes known ZANU PF
supporters, Chris Mutsvangwa and broadcaster, Supa Mandiwanzira.

Former senior army officers Gibson Mashingaidze, and Mike Karakadzai are
among those that will sit on some of the committees that will determine how
much foreign shareholders will be required to transfer to locals.

War veteran and Zimbabwe Tourism Authority CEO Karikoga Kaseke, was included
in the tourism committee, together with another well-known ZANU PF
supporter, Emmanuel Fundira.

Fundira is president of the Zimbabwe Council for Tourism.

Top musician Oliver Mutukudzi was included in the arts and entertainment
committee while Mugabe's spokesman George Charamba was appointed as a member
to the telecoms committee, which also includes Douglas Mboweni, the chief
executive of officer of Zimbabwe's biggest mobile phone company.

Kasukuwere has previously said that he was in consultations with Finance
Minister Tendai Biti over how to raise money for an empowerment fund that
shall warehouse shares for future transfer to blacks.

But analysts say neither the cash-strapped government nor impoverished
blacks will be able to raise money to buy shares in large foreign-owned
mines or factories.

Among the large multinational corporations targeted by Zimbabwe's
empowerment laws are cigarette manufacturer BAT Zimbabwe, which is 80
percent British-owned; UK-controlled financial institutions Barclays Bank
and Standard Chartered Bank, food group Nestlé Zimbabwe, mining giants Rio
Tinto and Zimplats, and AON Insurance. - ZimOnline.

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Zimbabwe Bakers Moot 20% Bread Price Increase, Citing Russian Wheat Embargo

Zimbabwe's wheat harvests are expected to hit an all-time low this year of
11,000 metric tonnes in a nation that needs at least 250,000 tonnes annually

Gibbs Dube | Washington 19 August 2010

Zimbabwean consumers could see the price of a loaf of bread rise by as much
as 20 percent soon due to a surge in world wheat prices resulting from a
one-year Russian ban on cereal exports after devastating crop fires there.

Wellington Peyama, a member of the National Bakers Association of Zimbabwe,
said the proposed price increase will push the price of bread from US$1 to
US$1.20 a loaf.

Russia, the world's third largest producer of wheat, stopped cereal exports
last Sunday following widespread fires in its wheat-growing regions,
sparking a global increase in wheat prices.

Zimbabwe's wheat harvests are expected to hit an all-time low this year of
11,000 metric tonnes in a nation that needs at least 250,000 tonnes annually
for to meet domestic requirements.

Peyama told VOA Studio 7 reporter Gibbs Dube the price increases are
unavoidable, as Zimbabwean millers have warned of a 25 percent increase in
wheat and flour-related commodities and the cost must be passed on.

Roderick Fayayo, spokesman for the Bulawayo Progressive Residents
Association, said many Zimbabweans won't be able to afford bread following
such an increase in the price of the basic commodity.

Many Zimbabweans make no more than US$200 a month.

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MDC dismisses Zanu PF’s wishful claims

Friday 20 August 2010

The MDC’s governors-designate are now ready to be sworn in following the vacant positions that have arisen due to the expiry of the terms of office of the illegally-appointed Zanu PF governors. The MDC dismisses the misleading and mischievous report in today’s issue of The Herald that the three principals to the Global Political Agreement (GPA) agreed that the appointment of provincial governors be done concurrently with the lifting of restrictive measures.

The MDC’s position is that restrictive measures are a bilateral issue between Zanu PF and those who imposed them on grounds of a deficit of good governance on the part of Zanu PF. It has always been our contention that the authorship of restrictive measures is located on the doorstep of Zanu PF.

In the spirit of the GPA, the MDC had pledged to assist Zanu PF in rescuing it from this quagmire. As a gesture of sincerity and in compliance with the GPA, we had chosen to chlorinate Zanu PF. We refuse to be made accountable for Zanu PF’s past sins of commission and omission. Zanu PF’s primitive tactics of dilly-dallying and pussy footing in implementing the GPA are only assisting in complicating matters.There is no need therefore for the opposition party to grandstand about a fictitious position of the Principals on the two clearly separate and unrelated matters of restrictive measures and provincial governors.

The issue of restrictive measures is a process issue while the issue of governors is a simple event of swearing-in the new governors according to the agreed formula. At a meeting of the principals on 8 June, Mr Mugabe insisted on linking the issue of restrictive measures to provincial governors, a position the MDC President did not agree with as evidenced by his subsequent letter to Mr Mac Maharaj, a member of President Jacob Zuma’s facilitation team. It is fortuitous to link the issue of governors, which is a domestic and internal issue which we are in control of; to the issue of restrictive measures which is an exogenous matter which none of the three parties to the GPA has direct control.

For the record, Zanu PF had earlier argued that the issue of governors could not be resolved in the middle of their illegal terms.  Now that the terms have expired, they are shifting goal-posts and linking the issue of governors to a separate issue of restrictive measures. The MDC President also wrote to Mr Mugabe alerting him to how he had reneged on an earlier agreement to swear in Hon Roy Bennett once he was acquitted by the courts. Mr Mugabe even publicly announced on CNN that Bennett would be sworn in once he was found innocent by the courts. Hon Bennett remains innocent because the noting of an appeal does not suspend his acquittal. In the same letter, President Tsvangirai reiterated his position that the issue of governors and the issue of restrictive measures were as separate as day and night.

The MDC’s provincial governors are ready to be sworn in now that the terms of office of the illegally-appointed governors have come to an end. We expect full compliance with the provisions of the GPA. We urge all parties to the inclusive government to respect their own agreement. Zanu PF cannot be allowed to frontload the issue of restrictive measures at the expense of implementing the GPA in its entirety.

As a party of excellence, we expect compliance by all parties to the recommendations of the SADC troika organ and the SADC summit in Windhoek who called for an immediate resolution of all the outstanding issues within 30 days and an uninterrupted path towards free and fair elections. Most importantly, SADC called for a free and fair election where intimidation and violence play not part and where the result will be credible.

We unequivocally condemn the Zanu PF tactics of waylaying and mugging the expectations of the people of Zimbabwe by prioritising their own issues and concerns at the expense of a holistic approach to the sacred document to which we all appended our signatures.

We are ready to comply with the dictates of SADC. We have always been ready to abide by our own signature in the GPA. We are ready to implement the agreed positions and the agreed formula on the issue of governors. No amount of Zanu PF’s grandstanding and quacking will change our resolve to fully implement the GPA so that the inclusive government can begin to transact the business of the people by bringing real change in their lives.

 Real change is irreversible and the will of the people of Zimbabwe will triumph over mischief and unbridled political chicanery.

Together, united, winning, ready for real change.

 A new Zimbabwe, a new beginning.

MDC Information & Publicity Department
Harvest House
44 Nelson Mandela Ave
Tel: 00263 4 793 250

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Trumped up charges

The MDC Today
Friday, 20 August 2010

The MDC MP for Bikita South in Masvingo province, Hon. Jani Varandeni was yesterday detained for more than 10 hours at Masvingo Central police station on trumped-up charges of attacking over 60 Zanu PF supporters at a rally at Mashoko business in Bikita South. Hon. Varandeni was on his way to a Copac outreach meeting when he was arrested and detained for 10 hours.

However, he was released after the police failed to get further evidence to warrant his detention overnight. The trumped allegation against Hon. Varandeni is that he stormed a Zanu PF rally last week and started assaulting people with sticks.

In Kadoma, MDC Ward 4 councillor, Bothwell Pasipamire was yesterday released on free bail at the Kadoma magistrate’s court on yet another trumped-up charge of undermining the President.  He was arrested at his home last week and is facing charges of saying that; “Mr Mugabe is an old beast ready for slaughter,” at a ward meeting. The court ruled that the case would proceed by way of summons as the police were still investigating the issue.

The MDC acting Mashonaland Central provincial chairperson, Godfrey Chimombe was today acquitted by a Bindura magistrate on trumped-up charges of undermining the President. Chimombe was arrested in Mt Darwin in February this year after addressing a rally.  Police at the rally claimed that Chimombe had said that Mr Robert Mugabe was epileptic. However, the magistrate dismissed the claim as the State had failed to bring in witnesses to testify in court.  The magistrate said it was actually the State that was undermining the President by bringing falsehoods to the courts.

Yesterday, the acting Bindura mayor, Ivory Matanhire, Jonathan Kapasi, the MDC Mashonaland Central provincial secretary and eight MDC activists appeared in court on trumped-up charges of destroying the houses of two Zanu PF supporters in June 2008 in Chipadze suburb. They were remanded out of custody on free bail to 4 October. The complainants are; Betty Chikava, the Zanu PF MP for Mt Darwin East and Wellington Chitehwe, a Zanu PF supporter.

In Manicaland province, Copac meetings were yesterday abandoned after the 10 Copac teams in the province failed to secure fuel from the Central Equipment and Mechanical Department (CMED). Hundreds of people who wanted to participate in the meetings were left stranded after the teams failed to travel from Mutare to Chipinge.
MDC Information & Publicity Department
Harvest House
44 Nelson Mandela Ave
Tel: 00263 4 793 250

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News Analysis: SADC avoids upsetting Mugabe

by Edward Jones Friday 20 August 2010

HARARE - Regional leaders this week avoided confronting Zimbabwean President
Robert Mugabe to honour terms of a 2008 political agreement, and instead set
a deadline for its full implementation, which analysts said the veteran
leader would ignore in a bid to keep his MDC opponents from gaining ground
ahead of future elections.

The Southern African Development Community (SADC) adopted recommendations by
South African President Jacob Zuma, the Zimbabwean facilitator, for the
country's three political parties to resolve outstanding issues within a
month but did not say what would happen if the timeframe was missed.

Political analysts say the regional bloc has repeatedly failed to stand up
to Mugabe, a founding leader of SADC, and one of the two longest serving
leaders in the region.

The 30-day deadline puts pressure on Mugabe and his ZANU-PF party, who have
been refusing to swear-in Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) treasurer Roy
Bennett as deputy agriculture minister and senior officials to the
influential posts of provincial governors to come good on their part of the

But past time limits set by the SADC troika on defence and politics have not
been met, eroding any hope that the situation will be different this time.

"The challenge is the implementation of the SADC resolution," Eldred
Masunungure, a leading political commentator said. "There will obviously be
excuses for stalling and there are no prices for guessing which party will
do this."

Some political analysts said while Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's MDC
and ZANU-PF all seemed contend with the outcome of the summit, it was Mugabe's
party which had much to gain.

The summit reiterated in a communiqué its call for the West to lift "all
forms of sanctions" imposed on Mugabe and his associates, saying this was
negatively affecting Zimbabwe and the region.

Mugabe has successfully lobbied regional leaders to condemn Western
sanctions imposed on his associates and his family and effectively refuses
to cede any concessions to the MDC until the financial and travel embargo is

"In reality ZANU-PF may have won the day. You and I know that these
sanctions are not going and the 30 day deadline (set by Zuma) will come and
go without a resolution," John Makumbe, a University of Zimbabwe political
science lecturer said.

"The full summit of SADC has at last given a deadline this time but it doesn't
say what happens if it is not met," Makumbe said.

Tsvangirai's MDC emerged happy that the regional group had re-affirmed its
call for the bloc to come up with a road-map for free and fair elections to
wind down the fragile unity government that is credited with stabilizing
Zimbabwe's economy and reigning hyper-inflation.

ZANU-PF has talked up the need for elections next year but analysts say the

riddled party is only bluffing and is not ready for a vote at time it
remains divided over its candidate, Mugabe, who turns 87 years next year.

Mugabe lost the first round of elections to Tsvangirai in 2008 but regained
power after a brutal run-off campaign that forced Tsvangirai to quit the
race and political commentators say the octogenarian leader would lose again
in a relatively free and fair vote.

The election road-map includes adopting a new constitution, drawing up a
fresh voters' roll, an end to political violence and passing of new
electoral rules by Parliament.

Zuma said SADC should help Zimbabwe to craft the road-map and favourable
conditions to make sure outcome of the next election would not be contested.

"There is an asymmetrical political will, in that two of the political
parties exhibit the will to implement the political agreement while the
other will be reluctant to implement anything that it deems unfavourable and
not advancing its interests," Masunungure said.

"But on balance, the summit tried to heal polarised positions."

Analysts say next year is too early for elections in a country where the
voters' roll remains chaotic and inaccurate while an exercise to write a new
constitution that should ensure a free and fair vote has been delayed by
several months and even then continues to progress at a snail's pace. -


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