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Sent: Thursday, April 20, 2000 12:19 AM
Subject: CFU update

                                        INFORMATION ROOM
                                LAND INVASIONS UPDATE - 19 APRIL 2000
High Court Order
Justice Bartlett issued an order in the High Court today citing
Chenjerai Hunzvi on two counts of contempt of the Court Order, by
Consent, of
the 17th March 2000. He said at the heart of this matter are two
fundamental truths:
- There is a necessity for equitable land redistribution in Zimbabwe as
this was the matter motivating the liberation struggle
- Equitable land redistribution can only take place in the context of
the rule of law - it cannot take place in a state of anarchy.
He required Chenjerai Hunzvi to comply with the statement made under
Oath by him in his responding Affidavit, where he said, "I shall always
strive to assist the applicant in (CFU) to ensure peaceful vacation by
war veterans from the farms."
Justice Bartlett ordered Dr Hunzvi to fulfill this obligation by 5th May
2000 when the Court will convene again at 10:00 a.m. to consider the
matter, and whether Dr Hunzvi had complied with his above-quoted
promise. To this end, Dr Hunzvi is required to file an affidavit in the
Court on 3rd May, detailing steps he has taken to comply with his
The CFU is required to file an Affidavit by 4th May, expressing its
views as to whether Dr Hunzvi has done so.
At the Hearing at 10:00 a.m. on 5th May, sentence and penalty will be
considered as well as the matter of costs.
Vice-President Colin Cloete and Deputy Director Richard Amyot have been
to talk to farmers and visit the Bulawayo, and more particularly,
Nyamandhlovu area, to get first hand experience of the incident at
Compensation Farm.
President Henwood and Director David Hasluck are meeting with President
Mugabe at 16:45 today. Reports will follow later.
Although the following areas have been evacuated, we believe that this
is not necessary in most areas, and careful consideration of the
situation is necessary before a drastic decision is made:
Headlands, Wedza, Virginia/Macheke, Enterprise, Matabeleland and
Midlands. Please do this according to a plan.
The CFU have called an emergency Council meeting tomorrow morning.
Many people have expressed concern about President Mugabe's statement of
how white farmers are now enemies of the state.  Farmers and
their families are feeling very threatened and vulnerable and are asking
what the CFU is doing about the situation.
On Martin Olds' Compensation Farm, a hit squad comprising 13 vehicles
(an assortment of 404s, 504s, 323s) arrived from Bulawayo township
carrying 100-120 people. It is difficult to estimate how many weapons
were involved. Mr Olds contacted labour and CFU for assistance.  The
squad surrounded the house, firing at it and then set fire to it. It is
assumed that Mr Olds locked himself in the back bathroom, waiting for
to come, and eventually smoke and fire drew him outside, where he was
killed.  Support unit were called in and would have passed these
vehicles on the way in as well as at a road block. There was little
support from the police.
Nyamandlhovu farmers in the area are taking precautions and moving into
town. Other Matabeleland farmers who have been threatened or feel
they are targets are also moving off the farms (approximately 350).
Mashonaland East
On Dave Stobart's Atlanta Farm on Saturday night, invaders and labourers
were involved in a small battle which resulted in the squatters' camp
being completely overrun. The police settled the dispute and put police
details on the farm. They acted well.  In the morning the police
organised a negotiation between the squatters and the farmer.  The
result was that the farmer would pay compensation for the plastic
that had been damaged by the labourers by 2:00 p.m. the following day.
However about an hour later a squatter, Chinotimba, arrived from
Harare with large number of reinforcements (200-250), and burnt the
compound and burley barns with the full burley crop inside and half of
homestead.  Mr Stobart and his son were on the neighbouring farm.  The
situation is under control.  Police are on the ground but the squatters
are in the homestead fence.
In Wedza there are reports of invaders gathering in large numbers around
the area. The Igava road has been totally blocked off with trees etc.
Julian Herbert has called for an evacuation of the Lower Ruzawi Farms
and they have managed to get through the back road there.
In Mwenezi, a dozen head of cattle have been found dead with high levels
of poisoning.
In Chiredzi, where threats have been occuring on a member and a vehicle
arrived late last night at his gate, he has taken the cautious route and
moved off the property for now.
Mashonaland Central
We would like to correct some of the facts that were reported yesterday
about the incident involving Kevin Tinker.  He was abducted, but it
was for approximately 3 hours, and not the rumoured 12-14 hours.
Physically, he was not seriously assaulted.
In Shamva there was a wave of attacks of farm villages during the early
hours of Independence Day and for the rest of the day. Five farms were
intensely affected during the day and several other farms had minor
incidents.  The police response was poor.
A report of one incident, which is linked to a member being politically
active. The family has now moved out and are keeping a low profile.
Mashonaland West North
There have been some new invasions in Chinhoyi.  The foreman on Kialami
Farm was assaulted and has a broken foot.
Mashonaland West South
Two new invasions on Monday, but otherwise all quiet.
Even though there have been no incidents in this area, it has been
decided to evacuate the women and children from the farms.
Accommodation has been offered for Matabeleland farmers in Bulawayo:
Tel: Mrs Betsy Fulton 091 311723
Miss Melanie Fulton 023 894192
G van Pittius
Tel: 487651 / 091 364043
George Blackwell, Borrowdale
Tel: 303010 (bus) / 882681 (res)
Mrs Cameron, Avondale
Tel: 304390
David McKensie is offering a fully furnished two-bedroomed house
available for house-sitting for 3 months (6 May - 6 August) 
Tel: 882040
Helen White
Tel: 498308 / 091 219968

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Sent: Wednesday, April 19, 2000 10:30 PM
Subject: CFU update

DATE Wed, 19 April 12:42:13 +0200

                                     INFORMATION ROOM
                                  ACCOMMODATION OFFERS
We have had an overwhelming number of offers from people to accommodate
farmers and their families, which I have listed below:
Mrs Fulks
Tel: 223330

Van Renen, Chisipite (Enterprise area)
Tel: 496040
Mrs van Renen works from home, so a good place for children to stay
Mrs Wilde, Glen Lorne
Tel 499156 / 011 - 402735,
Two bedroomed fully furnished cottage for any farmers and their families
who need a place to stay.  Mrs Wilde offers her support in any way
and has an e-mail facility at the main house for those who wish to use
Mrs Feltham, Helena Road, Marlborough
Mrs D J Cremer, accommodation for farmers from Marondera area
Tel: 741096
Olaf and Lola Smyth
Fully furnished house and also two bedroomed cottage on another property
Tel: 885860
Lorraine Castedo, well known Harare estate agent has offered the
following for the farmers :-
300 Acres in Ruwa (for safe storage of farm equipment) - also
accommodation 6 people
100 Acres in Ruwa (ditto)
1 Acre Highlands (ditto)
1 Acres Glen Lorne (ditto)
Bishopslea school - Plenty of accommodation, and plenty of vehicle
parking space.
Lorraine can be contacted on the following numbers / addresses :-
Tel   : 747142 (HOME / WORK)
Fax   : 747439
Cell : 011 206261
Email :
TEL 576328 / 573035 HARARE
NORMAN CELL 011 603 776
CHARMAYNE CELL 091 337 362.
May we offer our condolences to Mrs Stephens and her family on the very
tragic loss of her husband. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Our thoughts and prayers are with the other families
Norman and Charmayne Minter
Marylin & Alex Liggett have 3 beds, Borrowdale
Tel : 860907
Darryl and Tracey Hunt, Marlborough
Tel : 091 222356
Stuart and Tracey Chapman, Christon Bank
Tel : 011 405614
       011 411139
Judy Stubbs, Avondale West
Tel:  (04) 335929
Inns of Zimbabwe Farmer's Special
In appreciation for your support and in recognition of your valued
contribution to our country, Inns of Zimbabwe extends a
20% discount to all our farmers, on presentation of your farmer's
licence, valid until 31 May 2000.

We hope you will be able to take the opportunity to have a welcome break
with our Inns and let us spoil you!

Yours in farming,

Gordon Addams
Chairman - Inns of Zimbabwe

Inn on the Vumba
Tel : (263) 20 60722/67449
Fax : (263) 20 60722
Cell : 011 215127
E-mail : C/O

Inn on Rupurara
Tel : (263) 29 3021/4
Fax : (263) 29 3025
e-mail :

Pine Tree Inn
Tel : (263) 29 2388/3133
Fax : (263) 29 2388
e-mail :

Inn on Great Zimbabwe
Tel : (263) 39 64879/65083
Fax : (263) 39 64879
Cell : 011 410633
e-mail : C/O

Kiledo Lodge
Tel : (263) 27 2673/2944
Fax : (263) 27 2673
Cell : 011 230520

Mukwazi Safaris
Tel : (263) 27 2673
Fax : (263) 27 2673
Cell : 011 230520

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