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Continuous invasions occurr around the country, mainly Enterprise,
Chinhoyi, Bulawayo and some farms in Mashonaland Central. This is of
concern to farmers although fortunately these are generally of a
peaceful nature.

Mashonaland Central

1.Farm house burnt out at Mukore, on the evening of April 20th in Shamva area, belonging to Chris Kearns. Specifically targetted.

2.Many minor incidents. Most notable being that a work stoppage was reversed by a delegation of war veterans addressing invaders saying occupations must be peaceful and not intefere with production. Directive from Governor!

3.Mvurwi : one new invasion early last night. Munera Farm, farmer called Garnett Bonsor. Centenary, Horseshoe, Tsatsi, Mazowe quiet.

Five families evacuated Victory Block because there were sightings of two gangs of people carrying heavy duffel bags.

Harare West:
Quality Flowers were invaded by 200 people. So far peaceful butcould flare up because close to Harare.

compound beatings and intimidation generally. Intimidation on Don Cocker's Azikira Farm. Don was called out to shoot a snake, which he did with a shotgun. Later the Vets demanded to be able to look at the gun, which Don allowed. They have taken it to the police - will get back tomorrow.

Ashcroft Farm, farmer Thurlow: 20 labour beaten. Some houses trashed.
Minor intimidation on Richard Tate'sfarm.
Minto Farm, Colleen Hamner. Vets told her not to water wheat she's just planted.

4.Shamva: there had been some beatings in Wadzanai Township, not serious but a lot of them.

Ian Millar (owner) and Keith McGaw (manager) (Dawnill Farm) beaten up but back on the farm intact.
Nodetails. ZRP helped.
No change to Vet presence generally.

5.Glendale: Quiet.
Two or three farms with vets. The number on Avonduur Farm has slowly increased to 15 people.
Threats in compound but no beatings.
Ant Elliott (Van Abo) told not to plant.

6.Glendale/Concession: Nevill du Randt of Summerdale Farm reports a presence of about 15 people, some intimidation has resulted.

Peter McDonald of Mazowe, Makalanga Farm had quite a large visitation and was asked to sign over portion of his farm. It is understood that he did so.

Mashonaland East

Macheke/Virginia areas very quiet and farmers are beginning to move back on farm.
Meetings have been held with various groups of War Vets and the outcome appears to be positive and as a result farmers areencouraged to move back on farm.

Eastern half of the region is very quiet.

Chairman of the Mashonaland East War Veterans' Association is visiting various groups of War Vets and is defusing the situation.
He visited Ian Kay's farm and will be visiting farms in the Murehwa and Enterprise> areas to talk to War Vets.

Enterprise has had new invasions of approximately 4 or 5 properties that have occurred. The area is still tense.

Mashonaland West North

Area appears to be quiet at this stage. Negotiating teams to be set up> in various areas as soon as possible to only negotiate peace and not negotiate land. Poaching is on the increase piggy backing on War Vets.

Mashonaland West South



Large military deployment confirmed moving towards Ngundu Halt. There are 4 to 5 troop carriers, appears to be camping gear and people in the area are going to monitor the situation closely. A light blue Mazda pick-up visited two properties yesterday afternoon looking for weapons. The owner and/or driver of the vehicle goes under the name of "Ma Fruit" and he is an ex-school teacher from Mwaksine. The occupants of the vehicle are War Vets. One farm refused entry and the War Vets said they would return with reinforcements. Another vehicle with six occupants visited Maranatha Ranch to buy groceries from the farm store. The security guard advised them that the store was closed due to the holidays - they demanded to see the owner. An interview was not given and they threatened to return with reinforcements. The ZRP were contacted and attended the scene but there has been no incident.
Chiredzi: Two more farms have been invaded, Humani Ranch belonging to P. Whittal and Masapas Ranch, owned by Peter Henning. Numbers are unknown.

The rest of the area has been generally quiet.


1.Death threats on selected individuals.

2.Morning meeting 22 Apr 2000 with Hunzvi and local war vets at Tete River Lodge.
"Hit team" believed to be in attendance.

3.A lot of pedestrian movement, more so than usual weekend traffic.

4.Hunzvi rally in Hwange on Thursday 20 April. A farmer's name was mentioned and there were death threats made.

5.A Hunzvi rally will be held in Mutetsi tomorrow.

6.Four heavy duty vehicles were seen moving along the BulawayoAirport Road to the Inyati area.

7.Approximately 150 War Vets have invaded Kershelmar Farm in Nyamandhlovu today. The owner Mr Swindell is not present on the property and both farm managers have moved into Bulawayo.

8.War Vets set up a road block on the Victoria Falls Road yesterday which disrupted traffic. The road block has now been dismantled.

9.Minister Msika holding an inauguration rally in Bulawayo today.


1.Sanjo Ranch was looted by Vets and suspected involvement of Police on 21 April. Owner was away on leave.

Otherwise nothing in particular in the area.


Nothing to report.

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