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Sent: Sunday, April 23, 2000 10:58 PM
Subject: cfu update

Fourstreams Farm, Mvurwi, owned by Grant Robertson reported an invasion
by 500 people including war vets, on 22nd April.  Most of these have
moved off.  There is now a presence of approximately 60.  A road block
had been set up but this has now been dismantled.
Centenary - generally quiet - Arabira Farm, Muwonga Farm, Thosa-thla
Farm hostile people on them - but peaceful at the moment
Tsatsi - War vets want all farmers to sign over half their farms in
writing  - seem to be moving from farm to farm.
Mvurwi - Approximately 500 moved off Munera Farm and gone on to Four
Streams - peaceful at the moment.  At approximately 3.00 p.m. on Sunday
23rd April, Duncan Hamilton of Forrester Estates was involved in a very
volatile situation.  His girlfriend is held hostage inside while he is
being kept outside in the garden.  It appears damage has been done to
the house.  At this stage weapons have been seen, the police have been
called in and further support should be arriving shortly.
Victory Block/Horseshoe - Quiet.
Small holder in Helensvale/Borrowdale area received a life threat if
they don't vacant in a week.
Bindura - 50 war vets marched on the workers from Tara Farm to Azkara
Farm with the intention of having them beaten up the Azkara workers.
The tables were turned and Support Unit was called in. Everything now
Shamva - War vets attacked workers at Chapadzi Farm, 9 people were hurt.
Charges were laid and accepted at the local police station.
Glendale & Concession - Quiet.
Uvonga Farm, owned by Clive Stockil, reports that game guards followed
up on 5 poachers who were caught with impalas in the snare.  The game
guards arrested the poachers and then came across war vets, who have
confiscated the game guards' weapons and the game guards have still not
been seen.
Numbers of war vets on Humani and Masapasi Ranches are unknown at this
There has also been a build up of army vehicles and troop carriers seen
going down the Beitbridge Road.

Gutu  - Zanu(PF) Rally

Mr Barkley went to Kuti farm to see whether Arthur Purkiss can get wheat
planted. The war vets demanded a letter stating Purkiss would leave farm
by 15/5/2000, or they would trash the place. Chief Superintendent Barara
was meant to pick up provincial war vet Sipo.  He found Sipo in hospital
since Rex hab beaten him up in ZANU PF offices in Karoi yesterday . 
Mr Terblanche in Karoi was threatened.  Situation tense.

Tengwe  - Zanu(PF) Rally
Doma had a big withdrawal of war veterans on April 21. A presence was
left on some farms in Doma East and West.

Tchetchenini was invaded on 21 April by 22 elderly people from
Kazangarare. The group is waiting to be visited by a particular war vet.
Looking leaderless.

Highbury Estates - approximately 75 people arrived and formed ZANU (PF)
cells in tobacco, livestock and row cropping sections.


Virginia  - Quiet - farmers are returning to farms with families.  Only
two farmhouses ransacked so far, with minor theft reported. 

Enterprise -

l. Discussions with the War Vets PR Team delayed due to a ZANU PF rally
where farm invaders are preparing for the presentation by Minister

2.  Association members advised to support rally as they have supported
other rallies.

3.  Farm invasions continue with 5 new invasions since the new peaceful
initiative.  Farmers take exception to this.

4.  Harrassment of farmers and farm workers continue with ridiculous
demands being made, i.e. supply shoes, clothing, food.  Instructions are
still being given not to plant a winter crop.

Wedza  - Linton Farm Zanu PF Youth have been stirring up labour the
whole of last night and demanding food etc this morning. A car tried to
enter and was stoned by a group of youths near the main road trying to
stop it. Support Unit was called and everything is now under control.  A
farmer talk team has visited them.


The report yesterday on Kershelmar Farm was incorrect. 


Looting was reported in yesterdays report.  Two labourers were
assaulted.  A  tyre and two tubes were stolen from  a workshop and food
and beer taken from a fridge.  The war vets then left and subsequently
returned to Sanjo to advise Mr Hagger,  the farm-sitter,  that they
would return on Tuesday to discuss land allocation of Sanjo and Impala
Peter Fraser-McKensie died on Thursday evening after an illness.  His
memorial service will be held at the Anglican Cathedral on Wednesday
26th April, 2000 at 11.30am.

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