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Sent: Wednesday, April 26, 2000 3:44 AM
Subject: cfu update April25


CFU Vice-President Cloete and Deputy Director Amyot saw Minister John
Nkomo this morning and asked why farms are still being burnt when it was
agreed to de-escalate things.  He said that he didn't know and called on
Hunzvi to reply. CFU and Hunzvi have released a joint statement asking
the war veterans to stop aggression, work stoppages etc.  Hunzvi said
that some farmers are insighting aggression. All farmers are please to
restrain themselves while a settlement is being negotiated.
The CFU negotiating team is to meet with war vet leaders tomorrow (Wed
26 April) at 5:00 p.m.
The Government team has left for the UK and will meet with the British
delegation and donors.
A press report was released by the Acting Minister of Lands and
Agriculture, Honourable Joyce Mujuru, on the eve of the opening of the
tobacco floors. The important point for winter producers is as follows:
"In conclusion, allow me to take this opportunity to allow farmers to
continue their cropping programmes in particular the growing of winter
crops such as wheat and barley, which are normally planted at this time
of the year.  Zimbabwe consumes about 450 000 tonnes of wheat each year,
and in the last two years, farmers have been producing on average 320
000 tonnes necessitating imports of just over 100 000 tonnes of wheat
which is used for gristing purposes.  In light of the ongoing
consultations between Government, War Veterans Association and the
Commercial Farmers Union, a lasting solution to the land issue is being
worked out.  There should now be a peaceful co-existence on the farms so
as to enable farming operations to continue.  If winter wheat cropping
is disrupted, there could be repercussions on the availability of wheat
flour and bread from October onwards."
Criminal activity is increasing and is riding on the back of the farm
invasions. It involves store break-ins, poaching, and petty theft.

Mashonaland Central
Generally quiet.  Invaders have now moved off Forrester Estates, and
have stolen two vehicles from the Estate, so are now very mobile.  They
have visited two farms and are expected to visit another three in the
Mashonaland East
Macheke/Virginia - An aeroplane flying over the area has reported that
all looks fairly quiet.  On Arizona (Dave Stevens), there are no
invaders or labourers left on the property. 

Bromley/Ruwa - Chinika Farm (Rob Brown): farm operations are back to
Lonely Park (P Retzlaff) - the manager is back onfarm and milking is
underway.  One or two cattle have been slaughtered by the invaders, who
continue to eat the farm produce and drink the milk. 
Atlanta, Devonia - work is returning to normal due to a police
presence.  Five head of cattle were slaughtered on Atlanta and two farm
vehicles were used to distribute the meat for the celebrations to war
veterans around the area.
Wedza - Four new farms have been invaded and pegged.  There is continued
intimidation on the farm labourers in the compounds at night. 
South Down (Mark Saunders) - the labour was assaulted last night. 
On Chipesa (Iain Kay) 28 head of cattle were slaughtered this morning.
The meat was found in the invaders' huts, and when confronted by the
police, the invaders threatened to set alight the police vehicles.

Mashonaland South West
Chevy Chase Farm has been invaded by about 80 people chanting anti-MDC
slogans.  The labour have been intimidated into doing the same, with the
war veterans visiting the surrounding farms on a so-called
re-orientation programme. 
Mashonaland North West
Mhangura - J Brown, D Nicolle and N Hoy have all been threatened if they
begin preparations for the winter wheat crop.

Karoi - On Matthew Walsh's Fiddlers Green, invaders confiscated weapons
from the gun bearers. There was a slight altercation and Walsh was told
to leave the property. Later when Walsh and his mananger went to hand in
the weapons at the police station, there were no police present as they
were attending a scene between MDC and Zanu PF. The invaders then made
them go to the Zanu (PF) office, where they were detained and
intimidated. They left the weapons there.
Wingate Farm - the mechanic was ambushed, made to walk on fire and
severely assaulted.
Rocklands Farm (Gavin Roper) - Farmer is in Harare. The manager and
assistant manager have been chased off the farm.
There has been massive intimidation in the townships of Karoi and

Chinhoyi - there has been an escalation of threats on farmers and work
stoppages on farmers preparing for a winter crop. There were ten new
invasions in Chinhoyi today, with 5 - 10 people on each farm.

There have been three new invasions in the area, otherwise quiet.
There have been two new invasions in Inyati.  There was a confrontation
involving 20 war veterans (a group of resident and a group of foreign
veterans).  The foreign veteran leader was beaten up and the incident
reported to the Inyati Police who did not react. 
At 8 pm last night there was a report in the Shangani Greystone area of
an abduction from Penticon Farm but the situation has been defused.
There are a lot more invaders in the Matopos area.  Area chairmen have
been advised to inform
everyone not to go back to the farms.
Generally quiet but new invasions still occurring.  The invaders are
making demands.
Very quiet. Naude Burger of Eduan Estates have invaders in his home but
apparently the domestics chased them away.  JJ Burger has received a
death threat.
45 farmers attended a meeting today, at which it was decided to maintain
the status quo at orange alert.

Johannesburg, April 22 - The Sunday Times reported that Zimbabwean
president Robert Mugabe had made behind the scene concessions to South
African president Thabo Mbeki to end the illegal occupation of
white-owned farms and to hold free and fair elections.

South African opposition parties reacted with outrage on Saturday after
it was reported that Mozambican president Joaquim Chissano, Bamibian
president Sam Nujoyma and Mbeki came out in support to Mugabe at a press
conference at Victoria Falls summit referring to him as a "champion of
the rule of law."
According to the Sunday Times, the statements were aimed at publicly
committing Mugabe to sticking to the agreement.
Mbeki lobbied leaders of the US, Europe, Britain and southern Africa to
back a dramatic rescue plan for the strife torn country, which he
presented to Mugabe at the summit on Friday.
In a private meting with Mbeki, Mugabe agreed to order war veterans to
end their occupation of farms, hold free and fair elections and tone
down his inflammatory rhetoric.
In return, Britain has agreed to fund Mugabe's land reform programme,
hundreds of millions of rands in loan finance for Zimbabwe through the
International Monetary Fund are to be unlocked and South Africa will
lobby international finance organisations and local businesses on its
neighbours's behalf.
The deal followed a week of intense behind-the-scenes diplomacy in which
Mbeki spoke by telephone to US president Bill Clinton, British prime
minister Tony Blair and European Union leader Romano Prodi to get their
undertaking to support land reform in Zimbabwe.
The evacuation of the 10000 illegal squatters on farms in Zimbabwe is
expected to begin this week.
A delegation of Zimbabwean ministers will fly to London this week to
finalise details of the deal, which will see funds pledged by Britain
and others in 1988 released to the country.
Friday's deal followed a blooky week in which two farmers and two
opposition supporters were killed. (Sapa-Sunday Times)

We have a small Safari Lodge - Biri River Safaris - and would like to
make the offer to farmers for free self catering accommodation if they
would like some time away -no phones, no radios! I can be contacted at
the address below.

Heidi Campbell
Biri River Safari Lodge
Mike Campbell (Pvt) Ltd
P O Box 351, Chegutu, Zimbabwe
- - -

Mr Mark van Rensburg of Kenmark Builders, Bluff Hill and Rupurara Farm,
Juliasdale, has very kindly offered 1 400 square metres of ware house
space at Bluff Hill Park. The warehouse is vacant at the moment and Mr
van Rensburg has very kindly offered this facility to farmers who have
had to vacate their farms and who may wish to store personal effects,
valuables, equipment, vehicles, etc. There are mens and ladies toilet
facilities as well as some showers. Contact details are:

Mr Mark van Rensburg: 305189 (Direct office line) or 740976 (Home and
- - -

We have had the offer of warehouse storage facilities (very large with
no charge) for distressed farmers who wish to store prized possessions
safely, even large items such as cars. Mr Jim Bass, Bass Transport, has
made this offer. Contact David Bass on 011-600893, or Lisa Bass on
614023/24 (O).

- - -

Dr Marett, GP, is offering her services to farmers staying in Harare who
do not have a doctor in the city.

10 van Pragh Avenue (cnr Blakiston Road)
Milton Park
Tel: 720769

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