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Statement by the CFU President Tim Henwood - Wednesday 26th April 2000

The CFU Negotiating Team to meet with the War Veterans Association will be:-


Nick Swanepoel - Past CFU President; tobacco, cattle and mixed crops farmer

John Heyns - CFU Councillor and Chairman of Cattle Producers' Association; tobacco and cattle producer

Pieter Henderson - Past President of Commercial Cotton Growers' Association; tobacco and livestock farmer


The CFU Negotiation Team is committed and mandated to negotiate with the War Veterans Association Team in good faith until the existing conflict is resolved including the way forward on the second Phase Land Reform Programme agreed at the September 1998 Donors Conference.  The CFU is delighted that Father Fidelis Mukonori of Silveira House has agreed to Chair and mediate the Meeting.


Note from CFU Director David Hasluck on Farmers' Insurance Policies


Farmers are advised that they should check all their insurance policies to see if there are exclusion clauses in respect of -

1.    riots;
2.    civil unrest.

There is not a state of war in in Zimbabwe neither is there a state of emergency.

Cover under clauses 1 and 2 above is particularly important for crops in the shed, vehicles, tractors, equipment etc.




Mashonaland Central

In Victory Block, large numbers of cattle have been driven on farms, and threats were made on two farmers and their labour.


In Shamva, land prep is going ahead in spite of attempts to stop it.



Mashonaland West North

Charara Estates (Mr Dunstan) in Kariba yesterday experienced severe intimidation of labour, as well as the severe assault of labour.  One man was killed, and eight other labourers are in hospital in critical condition.  The resident war veteran leader is Jesus.


Much poaching is taking place in the region.


Land prep for wheat continues to be delayed.


Mashonaland West South

Quiet, with one new invasion.



There has been a new invasion in Chipinge, some pegging going on in the Vumba Area, and in Chimanimani the ZRP are meeting today with war veterans today concerning a Tea Nursery which was burnt down last week.


One invader on Ferndale Farm (R Palmer) was dressed in full army uniform and claims to be from the Fifth Battalion.


There have also been a few threats and a definite increase in activity in Headlands which is being closely monitored.



Samunga Lodge (across from the Bubi) has been invaded. The caretaker and the caretaker's wife are trapped inside. The area Executive went to difuse the situation and Propol have been informed. 


In Esigodini, two guards shot a poacher. The invaders then went and assaulted the guards. The situation has now been difused.



A farmer and his tractor driver were threatened and instructed not to do any land prep. for wheat.


Political activity includes Chiredzi a man in Chiredzi claiming to be an MDC representative. He is requesting monetary donations. The MDC offices know nothing about this man, therefore he could be an individual either chancing his own arm or setting up a plan to lure the farmers into something.


In the Gutu/Chatsworth area, we have had more reports of invaders going to farms dressed in MDC t-shirts and posing as MDC supporters to gain access to the farms.


There were two new invasions in Chiredzi

Mashonaland East

Invaders surrounded the house on Amalinda farm, but there has been no violence. Nine work stoppages have occurred on tobacco farms where farmers are trying to grade.

The region is otherwise quiet.


Fairly quiet. CFU have been invited to a meeting at 7:30 p.m. tonight with Minister Mnangagwa and the Governor July Moyo.


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