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CFU Update - 21 April 2000

Sent: Friday, April 21, 2000 11:31 PM
Subject: cfu update


                                      INFORMATION ROOM

                             FARM INVASIONS UPDATE - 21APRIL 2000


CFU Information Room will be open during working hours for the whole of
the Easter Weekend. If you telephone please let
the phone ring for some time. We have re-routed the Switchboard to the
Information Room and this results in a delay in
answering the telephone. We apologise for this but please bear with us

Air Traffic Control at Harare main advise that light aircraft have not
been refused permission to fly and have not been
effectively grounded. There were restrictions on air traffic earlier in
the morning due to adverse weather conditions impacting
primarily on Kariba and the Victoria Falls.

The funeral for the late Mr Martin Olds will be held tomorrow, 22nd
April, 2000, at 11.00am at the Presbyterian Church,

The CFU leadership continue to hold meetings in an attempt to resolve
the crisis situation.


All quiet

Mashonaland Central

200 war veterans armed with sticks and knobkerries seen marching
peacefully up Christon Bank/Mazoe Road.

Mashonaland East

Rudolphia Farm, Alan Windram (Enterprise), farm house and compound
looted and burnt. Domestic animals savagely beaten
and killed. Televised live by BBC/SABC.

Enterprise area tense and rife with rumour. There is presence of both
army and support unit on the ground.

A bit of movement of people in the Hwedza and Ruzawi area. Rest of the
province seems quiet.

A number of farmers met with Dr Hunzvi in Marondera late yesterday
afternoon to discuss the land issue

Mashonaland West North

All quiet

Mashonaland West South

All quiet


All quiet


Most members are in town, with their families. When they go out to the
farming districts they travel in groups.

4 trucks with armed personnel seen moving on airport road at 02:30Hrs.
Confirmed at Inyathi 14:00Hrs. Three or four more
death threats made to members.


Fairly quiet. Kwekwe situation somewhat tense and Rex (Jesus) in situ.

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