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New Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe families qualify for UK amnesty

By Staff Reporter
Last updated: 12/17/2004 16:23:14 Last updated: 12/17/2004 05:26:17

*1) The initial claim for asylum must have been made before 2nd October 2000.

*2) The applicant had at least one dependant aged under 18 (other than a spouse) in the UK on 2 October 2000 or 24th October 2003.

*3) Asylum-seekers who are now part of a family, but who claimed asylum as a single person before 2nd October 2000, -

*(regardless of whether the claim is pending, or refused and regardless of the outcome of the appeal, won or lost).

If you fit the above criteria and are not subject to the exclusions listed below, you should apply for the 'Family Amnesty'


The concession will not apply to a family where the principal applicant or any of the dependants (using the definition of a dependant as above in "granting leave in line to dependants):

* have a criminal conviction,
* have had been subject of an anti-social behaviour order or sex offender order,
* have made (or attempted to make) an application for asylum in the UK in more than one identity,
* should have their asylum claim considered by another country (i.e. they are the subject of a possible third country removal, but see also section on third country cases below);
* present a risk to security;
* fall within the scope of Article 1F of the Refugee Convention; or
* whose presence in the UK is otherwise not conducive to the public good.

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Asylum seekers covered by the family 'amnesty' provided they fit the basic criteria, include:

Asylum-seekers who are now part of a family, but who claimed asylum as a single person before 2nd October 2000, - (regardless of whether the claim is pending, or refused and regardless of the outcome of the appeal, won or lost)

if they got married or formed a family unit before 24th October 2003 and there were children born before 24th October 2003,

Married people who applied for asylum before 2 October 2000 and have been given any form of limited leave to remain: Exceptional Leave to Remain, Humantiarian Protection or Discretionary Leave, and have a child born before October 24th October 2003 can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain.

Single people who applied for asylum before 2 October 2000 and have been given any form of limited leave to remain: Exceptional Leave to Remain, Humantiarian Protection or Discretionary Leave, and have married or formed a family unit and there were children born before 24th October 2003, can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain.


Parents who were living as a family unit at the 24th October 2003, but who are no longer living as a family unit, (due to divorce, separation, one partner forced to leave relationship because of domestic violence), will also qualify for the 'amnesty', as long as they continue to have contact with their children.


People who fit the categories 1 & 2 below may have a claim under the family 'amnesty': Applying for the right to remain under these categories will necessitate contacting the Home Office, which may carry some risk for those whose applications are rejected.

1) Families who had lost their claim and were facing removal from the UK, but who then lost contact with the Home Office (it doesn't matter whether this was because the Home Office had lost contact with the family or vice versa)

2) People who may qualify include:
Those who entered and remained in the UK without permission before 24th October 2003 with minor children in order to join a partner who was already in the UK and who had already applied for asylum before 2nd October 2000.

A prospective spouse who entered the UK with out permission, married an asylum applicant who was already in the UK and who had already applied for asylum before 2nd October 2000. and where children were born of the union before 24th October 2003


Please note:
Although the Home Office has excluded from the 'amnesty' those families where any of the family have a criminal conviction, there is ongoing discussion with the Home Office about allowing people with very 'minor' convictions to apply, and so families in that situation should consider applying.


If you think you qualify, submit an application though a reputable immigration solicitor/case worker and any applications should be sent by recorded/registered post.

For applications under this concession policy: You must write immediately to address below requesting a form for 'Family Exercise' and stating briefly why you think you qualify.

Home Office
PO Box 1541

One-off exercise to allow families who have been in the UK for three or more years to stay: Immigration & Nationality Directorate APU NOTICE 4/2003

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Zim Online

Fri 17 December 2004
  HARARE - Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor and President Robert Mugabe's
right hand-man, Gideon Gono, is building a 112-roomed mansion, with four
helipads in Harare's plush suburb of Borrowdale.

      Architects told ZimOnline that they expected the opulent structure,
whose interior furnishings are mostly imported, to cost more than US$5
million (about Z$25 billion) on completion. US$5 million is enough to build
and equip at least four primary schools in Zimbabwe.

      The house, whose construction began in 2001, when Gono was still head
of the partly government-owned Commercial Bank of Zimbabwe, is located at
Number 2, Luna Road on Sunlands Farm, which is part of Borrowdale Estate.

      Gono could not be reached for comment last night. The central bank
governor - who has led a government crackdown against corrupt company
executives and politicians who looted public funds to finance lavish
lifestyles - is however said to have denied having anything to do with the
Borrowdale mansion.

      But government Deeds and Registry office records shown to ZimOnline
indicate that the farm on which the imposing castle-like house stands is
registered in Gono's name under deeds registration number 6225/00.

      And sources said Gono had also been seen at the site on several
occasions checking on progress. The house is likely to be finished sometime
early next year, sources said.

      "Mr Gono supervises the construction himself," said one source who did
not want to be named.

      According to sources on the site, Gono, who is also Mugabe's personal
financial adviser, had demanded the faces of his wife, children and himself
be carved onto the house's stone castle tower.

      And among some of the features of the beautiful mansion are an art
gallery, billiard room, library, a 60-guest dining room, servants' quarters,
and plasma televisions in virtually every room. The grounds boast a
magnificent swimming pool, with three islands and a gazebo.

      The house, believed to be the biggest in Harare, has a Victorian
shingle style. Sources said the interior is expansive, but contains many
classical elements.

      "The original quarter-sawn golden oak woodwork is magnificent," said a
source. He added: "The home is furnished with museum quality oil paintings,
furniture, and family heirlooms."

      Under the Gono-led anti-corruption drive, several top ruling ZANU PF
party officials have been arrested mostly for siphoning foreign currency out
of the country.

      But South African lawyers acting for Finance Minister Christopher
Kuruneri, arrested for illegally externalising foreign currency to buy
properties here, told a Cape Town court that Gono helped Kuruneri get the
hard cash he is accused of siphoning out of Zimbabwe. - ZimOnline
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Sent: Thursday, December 16, 2004 6:18 PM
Subject: European Parliament Resolution on Zimbabwe

Dear Friends,
Please find attached a copy of a resolution I initiated on Zimbabwe that was adopted unanimously by the Parliament today.  Among other things, the resolution highlights Roy Bennett's plight.
Best wishes, yours ever, Geoffrey van Orden






16 December 2004                                                                                       





pursuant to Rule 115 of the Rules of Procedure, tabled by

– Geoffrey Van Orden, Nirj Deva, Bernd Posselt; and José Ribeiro E Castro on behalf of the EPP-ED Group

– Pasqualina Napoletano and Glenys Kinnock on behalf of the PES                              Group

                        – Fiona Hall and Johan Van Hecke on behalf of the ALDE Group


Frithjof Schmidt, Marie Hélène Aubert, Marie Anne Isler Béguin on

   behalf of the Green/Efa Group


– Jonas Sjöstedt, André Brie, Gaby Zimmer on behalf of the

   GUE/NGL Group



European Parliament resolution on Zimbabwe

The European Parliament,

– having regard to its previous resolutions on the situation in Zimbabwe, most recently of 15 January 2004,


– having regard to Rule 115 of the Rules of Procedure,


A. whereas 75% of the Zimbabwean population, some 9 million people, is now living below the poverty line and the World Food Programme is only able to provide food aid to 1.6 million people in December due to interference from the Mugabe regime,


B. whereas the Mugabe regime is intensifying its political oppression under the Public Order and Security Act and other such measures and through additional repressive legislation, such as the Non-Governmental Organizations Act, which infringes fundamental human rights, such as freedom of association,


C. whereas a case of particular and urgent concern is that of opposition MP Roy Bennett who, in the five years since his election, has been the subject of a vicious campaign of persecution by the Mugabe regime; whereas Roy Bennett MP was sentenced to twelve months imprisonment with hard labour on 28 October on spurious charges and is now being held in appalling conditions in Mutoko,


D. whereas a general election is scheduled to take place in Zimbabwe in March 2005, but whereas the regime's Elections Commission Bill and Zimbabwe Electoral Bill fall short of the required SADC standards for free and fair elections,


E. whereas the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) is reluctant to confirm participation in the March 2005 elections until the basic conditions for free and fair elections have been guaranteed,


F. whereas MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai, who has been subject to constant intimidation by the Zimbabwean authorities, was again subject to harassment on his recent return to Zimbabwe from visits to the European Parliament and European and African Capitals,


G. whereas deep splits have recently emerged in Zimbabwe's ruling party, the Zanu-PF,


1. Insists that all political interference in the distribution of international food aid is halted without delay to prevent the Zanu-PF government from using food as a political weapon;


2. Insists that repressive legislation such as the Public Order and Security Act is repealed and that the forthcoming elections in Zimbabwe are held in accordance with the SADC principles and guidelines governing democratic elections, including those agreed in Mauritius on 17 August 2004, with unimpeded access for international observers and an end to intimidation of opposition supporters;


3. Demands the immediate release of Roy Bennett MP and the cessation of all violence and intimidation towards his family and employees;


4. Calls upon Zimbabwe's neighbours and in particular President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa, who recently addressed the European Parliament, to engage on behalf of the people of Zimbabwe to bring about change for the better and ensure that the Zimbabwean Government fully cooperates with SADC and the wider international community to guarantee free and fair elections and a robust and timely international monitoring presence;


5. Welcomes the steps taken by the African Union Commission on Human and People's Rights to report on abuses in Zimbabwe, and stresses that AU must continue to monitor and also act in regard to the human rights, civil rights and political situation in Zimbabwe and to keep up this process of peer review throughout Africa;


6. Reiterates its demand to the Council and Commission that loopholes in the EU's targeted sanctions against the Mugabe regime be closed, and that the sanctions be rigorously enforced; also requests that Council and the Commission provide maximum support for international efforts to ensure free and fair elections in Zimbabwe in particular technical support to local, regional & international observer missions;


7. Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Commission, the Council, the Governments of the Member States, the Government and Parliament of Zimbabwe, the Government and Parliament of South Africa, the UN Secretary-General, the Presidents of the Commission and Council of the African Union and the Secretary-General of SADC.

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Zim Online

Top ZANU PF politician arrested
Fri 17 December 2004
  HARARE - Ruling ZANU PF chairman for Mashonaland West province and top
businessman, Philip Chiyangwa was arrested by the police on Wednesday night
for allegedly externalising foreign currency.

      Chiyangwa, who last night was still in police custody was also being
quizzed on corruption by officers from  the police's Criminal Investigation
Department and the secret service Central Intelligence Organisation.

      ZimOnline was unable to establish the amount of foreign currency
Chiyangwa, a self-styled champion of black economic empowerment, is alleged
to have siphoned out of the country or other details concerning corrupt
activities police accuse him of.

      Police spokesman Oliver Mandipaka could not be reached for comment as
he was said to be on his way to Bulawayo on duty.

      Chiyangwa, who is also the Member of Parliament for Chinhoyi
constituency, earlier this year spent 10 days in jail after he was arrested
for contempt of court and obstructing the course of justice.

      He was eventually cleared of the charges by the courts. Several top
ZANU PF officials and other private business executives have been arrested
or jailed since the beginning of the year in a government anti-corruption
drive. - ZimOnline
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Zim Online

Embattled NGOs discuss shutdown plans
Fri 17 December 2004
  HARARE - Human rights and pro-democracy groups in Zimbabwe met in Harare
this week to discuss packages for workers, disposal of furniture and other
property as they face closure after Parliament banned foreign funding for
the groups.

      The draft Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) Bill passed by
Parliament last week is now awaiting President Robert Mugabe's signature to
effectively become law.

      Zimbabwe National Association of NGOs executive director Jonah Mudehwe
said: "All affected NGOs have had one or two meetings to deliberate on their
fate as employees of their respective organisations."

      NGOs in the country employ about 10 000 people. Of the nearly 3 000
civic groups registered in Zimbabwe, about 40 percent dealt with human
rights or governance-related issues and could face closure if they are
prevented from accessing funds from foreign donors, according to Mudehwe.

      The new NGO law explicitly bars groups focusing on human rights and
governance issues from receiving foreign funds but also appears to generally
prohibit NGOs from being sponsored by outsiders, Mudehwe said.

      As a result, uncertainty had gripped the NGO community with foreign
donors unsure whether to continue giving support even to groups that only
dealt in humanitarian aid, the civic leader said.

      "What the NGO Bill has managed to do is to create a high level of
uncertainty. International partners and investors will not be investing in
the country because of the risk posed by the NGO Bill," Mudehwe said.

      Apart from banning civic bodies from receiving foreign sponsorship for
human rights and governance-related work, the NGO legislation also proposes
the establishment by the government of an NGO Council to monitor civic
bodies and de-register those not abiding with regulations under the new
law. - ZimOnline
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Zim Online

ZANU PF supporters at each other's throats in Magunje
Fri 17 December 2004
  MAGUNJE - Armed police had to be called in to break up violent clashes
earlier this week between rival factions of the ruling ZANU PF party at
Magunje rural business centre here, about 240 kilometres west of Harare.

      Police chief superintended Ernest Masuku, in charge of Hurungwe police
station that covers the area, confirmed to ZimOnline that his officers had
arrested 22 ZANU PF supporters over the clashes last Sunday. The ruling
party supporters will be charged with causing public violence, according to

      The clashes began after ZANU PF Member of Parliament for the area
Phone Madiro, allegedly went around the business centre with a gang of
youths demanding that supporters of Cecilia Gwachiwa, who is also a member
of the ruling party, switch over to his faction.

      Gwachiwa is challenging Madiro to represent ZANU PF in next year's
parliamentary election.

      Madiro's youths allegedly attacked with logs and iron bars Gwachiwa's
supporters who refused to switch over to their camp, igniting the clashes as
their rivals ganged up to retaliate.

      Magunje and the surrounding Hurungwe rural district is a no-go area
for the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change with militant ZANU PF
supporters hunting down and torturing suspected supporters of the opposition
party. - ZimOnline
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Zim Online

South Africa's ruling alliance finally agrees to discuss Zimbabwe
Fri 17 December 2004
  JOHANNESBURG - South Africa's ruling tripartite alliance, rocked by
divisions over Zimbabwe, has finally agreed to debate the political crisis
in its troubled northern neighbour.

      After bickering publicly for months, the African National Congress
(ANC), the South African Communist Party (SACP) and the Congress of South
African Trade Union (COSATU) will now discuss Zimbabwe's crisis as an
alliance, SACP spokesman Mazibuko Jara told the Press this week.

      "We have started a political process. All the position papers and
documents of the various organisations will be discussed in our structures,"
Jara told journalists in Johannesburg.

      COSATU and the SACP have openly criticised ANC and state President
Thabo Mbeki's policy of quiet diplomacy on Zimbabwe in the last few months,
arguing for a more robust approach in tackling the four year political
crisis in Zimbabwe.

      Fissures widened over Zimbabwe after Harare deported a COSATU team
that had visited the country to assess the situation in the country.

      Mbeki and the ANC chided COSATU for sending the fact-finding mission
to Zimbabwe when Harare had indicated it was not welcome. But the SACP
backed COSATU saying there was need for stronger action on Zimbabwe.

      COSATU has also threatened to blockade Zimbabwe's lifeline Beitbridge
border post with South Africa to protest against continuing political
violence and human rights abuses in that country. - ZimOnline
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Zim Online

100 MDC protesters demand MP's release
Fri 17 December 2004
  HARARE - About 100 supporters of Zimbabwe's main opposition Movement for
Democratic Change (MDC) party protested in Harare yesterday demanding the
release of parliamentarian, Roy Bennet, from jail.

      The protesters, who appeared to have caught the police by surprise
marched along Harare's Nelson Mandela Avenue and along the capital's First
Street mall before armed police broke up the marches.

      Some of the protesters interviewed by ZimOnline vowed to continue the
"Free Bennet Campaign" marches until the government released him from jail.

      "We are not intimidated but we will continue to hold these
demonstrations in solidarity with our jailed MP (Member of Parliament)" one
of the protesters, Mark Dzengera, said.

      The demonstrators sang anti-government songs and distributed pamphlets
written, "We want our MP back," "Free Zimbabwe! We want our freedom back."

      Bennet, who is the MDC MP for Chimanimani constituency was last month
jailed for 12 months after ruling ZANU PF parliamentarians used their
majority in Parliament to vote for the imprisonment of the legislator as
punishment for shoving Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa during debate
earlier this year. - ZimOnline

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Zim Online

Zimbabwe Cricket clinches three-year sponsorship deal
Fri 17 December 2004
  HARARE - Zimbabwe Cricket has clinched a three-year renewable deal with a
Pakistani sporting goods company, with the new sponsor expressing hopes that
Zimbabwe will be a world-beater in three years.

      Ihsan Sports comes in barely a fortnight after two major sponsors
deserted Zimbabwe Cricket in what critics said was a clear indication yet
that the corporate world was fed up with the chaos at the union.

      "Zimbabwe will be one of the best sides in three or so years, which is
why Ihsan decided to sponsor them. The talent is there in this country and
the guys are working very hard to develop to the top," Ihsan director Majit
Khan told the media after the signing ceremony in Harare yesterday.

      The Pakistani company will supply practice and match kits for all of
Zimbabwe's national teams from Under-11 upwards for "no cent". Ihsan hopes
to benefit from television mileage as its logo will be emblazoned on all the
Zimbabwe shirts.

      The beleaguered union was relieved to ink the sponsorship agreement
with Ihsan Sports at a time Zimbabwe Cricket is not sure whether major
sponsor Old Mutual will renew a deal that runs out in February.

      Traditional sponsors Nissan and Bata pulled out of their deals with
Zimbabwe Cricket, citing a harsh economic environment although some
observers believe the sponsors were not amused by the national team's
performance since a revolt by 15 white players.

      "Bata said it would not have made sense for them to continue
sponsoring sport when they were retrenching their employees. Things are hard
for them at the moment and we parted amicably," Zimbabwe Cricket marketing
executive Andrew Muzamhindo said at the media briefing.

      Muzamhindo also told journalists that the union had clinched a US$1
million deal with Taj TV, a Dubai-based broadcaster that takes over from
Nissan as sponsor of Zimbabwe's one-day internationals.

      "I can confirm we have signed a deal with Taj TV and we hope more
sponsors will come. We are also optimistic that something will come out of
our negotiations with Old Mutual," Muzamhindo said. - ZimOnline

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New Zimbabwe

Moyo's hand feared as Chronicle journalists sent on leave

By Staff Reporter
Last updated: 12/17/2004 07:26:39
SEVERAL senior journalists from the state-run Chronicle newspaper have been
sent on forced leave in an apparent purge following the "Tsholotsho
Declaration" storm, New can reveal.

The surprise move comes despite recent assurances by management that no-one
would go on leave before the parliamentary elections scheduled for March.

The official line is that the journalists are being sent on leave because
they have accumulated a lot of leave days, but there was marked concern
among some employees who spoke to New

"We are being told it's just leave, but there is a lot of concern among the
guys here. No-one knows what exactly is going on," a journalist who
requested anonymity said.

The Chronicle's editor Stephen Ndlovu was recently reprimanded by government
spokesman George Charamba over the paper's unquestioning support for
Informatioon Minister Jonathan Moyo who got a serious ticking-off from
President Robert Mugabe and senior colleagues in the ruling Zanu PF.

Moyo is alleged to have attempted to stage a coup at a meeting in Tsholotsho
by defying a directive to nominate a woman for the vice president's post
alongside six Zanu PF provincial chairman who have all been suspended.
Another accusation is that Moyo instructed editors of state newspapers,
which he controls, not to write stories about Joyce Mujuru, Mugabe's
favoured candidate.

The urgency in sending the employees on leave has alarmed many. Hardest hit
is the Trends magazine, part of Zimpapers Bulawayo, whose editor Edwin Dube
and deputy editor Limukani Ncube have both been sent on leave. Also going on
the forced leave is the Chronicle's assistant news editor Tumeliso
Makhurane, the assistant editor Paul Mambo and Sports editor Lovemore Dube.
Even the editor of the vernacular newspaper Umthunywa, Bhekinkosi Ncube, has
been asked to rest.

"The morale has hit rock bottom here because no-one knows what is going on,"
said one journalist. "Coming just after the Tsholotsho crisis, people think
this may be a way of getting rid of us."

Mambo was the acting Chronicle editor when an irate President Robert Mugabe
flew into Bulawayo to rectify things following the so called "Tsholotsho
Declaration". According to sensational new claims, it was at this point that
Moyo panicked and sent an SMS to Mambo asking him to lift the publicity
black-out on Mujuru. A journalist who saw the message says it read: "pliz
write something on (Joyce) Mujuru maybe it will help my situation."

Moyo was hauled before a Zanu PF disciplinary committee and got a "strong
reprimand" from President Mugabe before being dropped from the central
committee. At that disciplinary hearing, Moyo had prepared a document to
defend himself, whose contents later surfaced on the pages of the Chronicle
as he launched his own defence. Ndlovu who had returned from Portugal
carried a three page special on Moyo as he sought to rebut allegation after
allegation over the "Tsholotsho Declaration".

Inside sources say Moyo was still unhappy that some of his arguments were
heavily edited, and as it turned out, by Mambo. This included his contention
that a boy named Isaac who recently came out to claim Moyo was his father
was a creation of the Central Intelligence Organisation at the behest of his
enemies who wanted to discredit him.

"There are two things," said one journalist. "It's either we are being
paranoid and making a melee out of nothing, or there is a major purge going
on to replace senior journalists with Moyo's foot soldiers."

The only senior people who are remaining are Mkhululi Sibanda and Isaac
Waniwa, both thought to be close confidantes of the editor, and by
extension, Moyo.

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