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Mass Protests To Go Ahead Despite Mugabe's Threats - Tsvangirai

Zim Daily

            Saturday, December 17 2005 @ 03:16 AM GMT
            Contributed by: correspondent

            Zimbabwe's main opposition group yesterday maintained that it
will call for protests against President Robert Mugabe's "oppressive" rule
as the country grapples with its worst post-independence political and
economic crisis despite threats by Mugabe to quash any uprising against his
government. Speaking to a group of Zimbabweans in Kuala Lumpur Thursday,
Mugabe warned the MDC against attempting to unseat his government through
non-democratic means.

            "The president Comrade Robert Mugabe said the decision of the
anti-senate MDC faction led by Morgan Tsvangirai to engage in unlawful acts
to push a British agenda of a regime change in Zimbabwe will not be
entertained," State radio quoted Mugabe yesterday. "The Tsvangirai faction
has a propensity of violence as it has more brawn than brains." But
Tsvangirai told zimdaily that his party is going ahead with preparations for
mass protests which he said would set the stage for a showdown with Mugabe's
ruling ZANU PF party. ""He has not managed to destroy the spirit of the
people and, whatever he tries, there is no way you can destroy an idea whose
time has come.

            We will call for peaceful action carefully calculated to express
discontent and disgust with the state of affairs within our nation," the MDC
leader said. "We will soon call on all Zimbabweans to register their anger
against the oppressive system," he said. But Mugabe who is in Malaysia to
attend the Perdana Global Peace Forum, set up by former Malaysian Prime
Minister Mahathir Mohammed, said his government will not allow the MDC to
push for regime change. Calls for mass protests are likely to be met with
increased government sponsored violence. Currently, public meetings are
forbidden without police clearance under legislation Mugabe signed into law
just before he was re-elected in March 2002, in polls critics said he

            Western governments accuse Mugabe of quashing human rights and
fomenting violence against his political opponents, including the MDC. They
have also criticised his policy of seizing passports from his critics and
white-owned farms to distribute among landless blacks, saying it contributed
to a hunger crisis now threatening almost three million people. The southern
African country is grappling with soaring unemployment and an acute shortage
of hard currency, squeezing fuel and food imports.

            Last month baton-wielding riot police beat dozens of protesters
in central Harare during a protest called by the umbrella labour body the
Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions. "The security situation for all
Zimbabweans has deteriorated to an unacceptable level," Tsvangirai said.
"There is rampant misuse of police power to violate and criminalise with
impunity, the freedom of expression and the right to assemble." Mugabe
denies mismanaging the economy during his 25-year rule, and accuses enemies
abroad of sabotage over his land edistribution programme.

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Lawyer Files Urgent Chamber Application Seeking Release Of VoP

Zim Daily

            Saturday, December 17 2005 @ 03:15 AM GMT
            Contributed by: correspondent
            Three reporters of Voice of the People (VoP) - an independent
radio station that broadcasts to Zimbabwe via the Radio Netherlands
Madagascar relay - remain in jail a second day after a late afternoon raid
on their Harare offices by intelligence operatives from President Mugabe's
            The three journalists' lawyers Tafadzwa Mugabe and Otto Saki of
Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights filed an urgent chamber application in the
High Court today seeking their release. At the time of writing, the High
Court had not yet set a date or time for hearing the case.

            The three, Maria Nyanyiwa, Nyasha Bosha and Kundai Gwanda were
arrested on Friday afternoon and charged under the repressive Access to
Information and Protection of Privacy Act (Aippa) for working without
accreditation from the regulatory authority the Media and Information
Commission, lawyer Otto Saki told zimdaily. Police spokesperson Wayne
Bvudzijena said he was not aware of charges the journalists faced. But said:
"We have them and we are still talking," he said.

            Saki said he was battling to have the three released "as soon as
possible" although he said the case was expected to be heard in court on
Monday. Zimdaily heard that the CIO has mounted a massive manhunt for the
other three journalists who are "still at large." Intelligence sources vowed
to keep the three female journalists until the rest are in custody. The
latest development has send shivers after the station's production equipment
was seized by the security intelligence. Station Director John Masuku said
"only time will tell the next move as their lives are now at a precarious

            The notorious CIO raided the offices barely 48 hours after the
new Information minister ambassador Tichaona Jokonya had branded independent
journalists and media houses "weapons of mass destruction." Zimabwean
government has a record of harassing independent journalists, a move that
has caused the setting up of independent media houses outside the country.
The Media Institute of Southern Africa together with many civic groups have
condemned the government's 'heinous move' of trying to silence alternative
voices in the country. Zimdaily heard that family and friends were allowed
to take food to the three but they were not allowed to see them.

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Children arrested during evictions

Zim Daily

            Saturday, December 17 2005 @ 05:02 AM GMT
            Contributed by: Reporter
            More than five children aged 13 and below were arrested in
Gwanda as the government stretches its much condemned illegal evictions. The
children together with other adult vendors were caught unaware by the
vicious police force that confiscated their wares.

            The vendors were later released from custody after a payment of
fine. The notorious evictions resumed early this week in Bulawayo leaving
millions of goods destroyed. It is the arrest and harassment of children
with brutality that appalled many people. The children are currently on
school holidays and are taking the opportunity to augment parents' income
ahead of an exorbitant school fees term in January.

            "This is cruelty at its best, how can innocent children be
victims of this dragnet, its totally uncalled for", said Gibbs Moyo, a
Bulawayo resident. The evictions are surprising after the government of
Zimbabwe made a fool out of the recent UN Envoy Jan Egeland who made various
offers to help the crisis in Zimbabwe. President Mugabe openly branded
Egeland 'a hypocrite and damn liar'.

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NRZ Suspends Intra-City Services

The Herald (Harare)

December 16, 2005
Posted to the web December 16, 2005

Kudakwashe Nyaguse

NATIONAL Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) has with effect from today, suspended
all intra-city passenger train services in Harare and Bulawayo until the end
of the year and allocated the locomotives to inter-city service in a bid to
improve long distance service during the festive season.

Resultantly, NRZ has unveiled a special passenger service, which will
bolster normal long distance train service for the entire festive season.

The move is set to be a relief for travellers who have had to brave high
costs of using long distance buses.

While easing long distance transport woes, the arrangement is likely to put
pressure on commuter bus services within the next week for those workers who
do not break off early for the festive season when they all turn to buses.

Besides, the train service was popular with commuters since it was cheaper
than buses. NRZ public relations manager Mr Fanuel Masikati said that
passenger trains offer an alternative and affordable mode of transport for
urban and rural travellers.

"The special passenger train services will commence on December 16 to
December 31, 2005, with additional coaches for the Mutare-Harare,
Harare-Bulawayo, Chiredzi-Bulawayo and Bulawayo-Victoria Falls passenger
trains," said Mr Masikati.

An additional train will run from the capital to Mutare on December 21 2005
conveying economy class passengers.

In the meantime, all commuter train services in Bulawayo and Harare will be
suspended during the festive season.

"We regret to advise that commuter train services in Bulawayo and Harare
will be suspended during the festive season starting from the 16th to the
27th of December 2005," he said.

Mr Masikati appealed to passengers to buy tickets before they board trains
in order to avoid paying a surcharge by buying the tickets on the train.

"The NRZ is appealing to all travellers to buy tickets at stations before
boarding the train in order to avoid a surcharge levied on tickets bought on
the train.

Of late, long distance travelling by bus has become very expensive with
buses charging between $320 000 and $800 000 while in trains, economy class
and the sleeper costs between $140 00 and $450 000, respectively.

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Zimbabwe think tank eyes on copyright issue

Xinhua 2005-12-17 13:45:49

      HARARE, Dec. 16 (Xinhuanet) -- Zimbabwe will have an arts and culture
task force to undertake a turnaround program for the sector which is facing
challenges, the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NACZ) said on Friday.

          The task force, which will serve as an arts and culture
think-tank, will see the opening of new avenues for collaborative efforts in
charting a way forward for the sector.

          It comes after experts noting the existence of many
challenges,including limited benefits from artistic creativity and piracy.

          "The need to come up with practical strategies to curb piracy and
copyright infringement of intellectual property is one of the issues that
the task force will focus on," said the NACZ.

          Another task of the task force will be to investigate how much the
arts are contributing to economic development, investment earnings and
foreign currency generating capacity.

          "The research should also show the chain of benefaction regarding
downstream industries," said NACZ.

          The sector is currently governed by a number of legislation and
experts suggested a single all-encompassing law for easier implementation
and use.

          "All legislation dealing with the sector needs to be revisited and
harmonized," it said.

          An eight-member team to spearhead the exercise drawn from diverse
backgrounds has already been chosen and comprises renowned actor. Enditem

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22 Zimbabweans found hidden in back of truck


          December 17 2005 at 09:26AM

      The driver of an eight-ton truck transporting a full load of goods was
fined after 22 Zimbabweans were found hidden in the back of the vehicle
during a roadblock at the Vaal plaza tollgate near Vereeniging on Friday.

      The truck driver travelling from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg
apparently made the passengers pay R50 each, said Vaal Rand police
spokesperson Captain William Mcera.

      A two-year-old baby and two children aged six were among those in the
truck. The passengers were legally in the country.

      Mcera said the truck driver was fined R2 200.

      "The owner has been called to the scene, and alternative transport is
being arranged for the passengers."

      Gauteng and Free State police conducted the roadblock. - Sapa

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Nothing natural about Southern Africa food crisis, charges ActionAid

Source: ActionAid

Date: 16 Dec 2005

With six countries in Southern Africa facing a chronic food shortage,
ActionAid charges that whilst the final trigger for the hunger facing the
region has been lack of rain, the underlying causes are political and
economic. This has led to extreme poverty and a consequent failure to cope
with what has been a relatively "unexceptional" drought.

In Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Swaziland, Mozambique and Lesotho, the number
of people requiring humanitarian assistance is estimated at 12 million. Two
of the worst affected countries are Malawi and Zimbabwe with about 5 million
and 2.9 million people respectively classified as 'food insecure'.

ActionAid's Emergencies and Human Security Advisor for Southern Africa,
Zvidzai Maburutse said: "The problem of food insecurity in Southern Africa
is both transitory and chronic. It is attributable to extreme poverty, the
massive impact of HIV/Aids, infertile soils and the high cost of seeds and

Yet despite increasing analysis and recognition of the underlying factors
for hunger, a general perception persists that the current food crisis is
caused by 'a natural disaster' - drought.

"The prevailing situation is the result of a range of entangling crises.
Risk has been driven upwards by silent but intensifying conditions of
political, socio-economic and environmental vulnerability underpinned by the
HIV/Aids epidemic. Therefore, a modest external threat, such as an
unexceptional drought, results in widespread suffering," said Zvidzai

The current crisis dates back to January 2005 when lack of rain seriously
affected the region's agricultural production and became the final trigger
that provoked the emergency. In the worst affected areas people have been
living on a diet of bamboo seeds since June. Bamboo seeds offer very little
in the way of nutrition but for some, there is nothing else available. The
worst months are expected to be between January and March 2006, as
provisions are running out and there is no prospect of a good harvest next
year due to a lack of seeds and fertilisers.

ActionAid's Head of Emergencies, Roger Yates, wants governments to
acknowledge that the key to overcoming the food crisis lies in appropriate
and effective policies.

"Environmental shocks like drought bring collapse only to systems that are
already weak owing to policies which fail to protect the poor, government
level corruption, mismanagement and a total lack of accountability. There is
nothing natural about this latest disaster to hit Southern Africa. Regional
governments, the international community and donor agencies must provide
immediate and appropriate humanitarian assistance as well as implementing
long-term policies to tackle poverty and prevent future crises in the

One of the worst hit countries in the region is Malawi. It is no coincidence
that Malawi is also one of the poorest countries in the world. 42% of the
population exist on less than $1 a day, the average life expectancy is just
under 40 and 14% of the population are living with HIV. The situation in
Malawi is worsening daily, the price of maize is expected to increase
considerably, and ActionAid estimates that nearly half of Malawi's
population (5.0 million people) will be living with hunger by the end of
March 2006.

Currently ActionAid is contributing to the Malawian Government's response to
the hunger crisis through provision of winter cropping using the treadle
pump, peddle pump and drip kit irrigation technologies, a seed
multiplication programme, supplementary feeding to the most vulnerable
groups, including people living with HIV/Aids, a school feeding programme
and through ActionAid's ongoing advocacy for emergency preparedness and

For further information on ActionAid's response to the crisis, interviews,
case studies and pictures - contact or
telephone 020 7561 7633

Situation in Zimbabwe

Number of food insecure people is estimated at 2,9 million, this excludes at
least 700,000 affected by the recent operation Restore Order/ Murambatsvina

The government of Zimbabwe has refused to make an appeal calling for
humanitarian agencies to voluntarily assist the vulnerable people.

ActionAid Zimbabwe is currently targeting over 2,500 people with direct food
distribution, 16,200 households with inputs (maize, sorghum, millet,
cowpeas, cuttings of sweet potato stems and pumpkin seeds) and 5000
households with micro-irrigation equipment (Drip kits) in both rural and
urban areas.

Situation in Zambia

Nearly two million people are estimated to be food insecure.

Government of Zambia has appealed to the World Food Program (WFP) for
assistance to feed the vulnerable people. Seeds and fertilizers are
available in country but only 20% of the households have access to the
products because of the exorbitant prices.

Situation in Mozambique

Number of food insecure people is estimated at 550,000 The government of
Mozambique has appealed for assistance from the World Food Programme to feed
the food insecure people.

Situation in Lesotho and Swaziland

ActionAid is currently assessing the situation in Lesotho and Swaziland and
coordinating ActionAid's response.

ActionAid's stance on food aid

At times of crisis, food aid is necessary to save lives. However food aid
needs to be complemented by longer-term interventions that reduce people's
vulnerabilities otherwise these crises will continue to occur. Previous
responses to food crises in the region have been in the form of large-scale
imported food aid, addressing the immediate effects of the crisis. Food aid
programmes are costly and often involve 'dumping' large quantities of
inappropriate grains thus depressing regional markets, creating dependencies
and damaging food security systems.

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JAG Open Letters Forum No 403

Please send any material for publication in the Open Letter Forum to with "For Open Letter Forum" in the subject line.


Men who for truth and honor's sake Stand fast and suffer long. Brave men
who work while others sleep, Who dare while others fly... They build a
nation's pillars deep And lift them to the sky. -Ralph Waldo Emerson


Letter 1:

Dear JAG,

Zimbabwe actually has to 'IMPLODE' [not explode] before sanity can take
root and grow into any kind of Democracy in that precious beleaguered
country. The Ruling Party and Government are corrupt, as is the Judiciary,
the Police, the Defence Force, the dreaded CIO and every Public Official
paid by that corrupt Government. I should say "Mis-government", because
they totally lost the plot in 2000 when a viable and believable Opposition
emerged and the Fat Cats got scared - by this huge emerging opposition to
ZANU PF and the scurrilous "War Vets" who demanded to be "fed".

They were "fed" by Goverment Sanction and the Police turning a blind eye to
the savage attacks by these "so called war vets", many in their teens and
would not have born before the "so called Liberation Struggle or Terrorist
War" on peaceful farmers, their pets and live-stock. The dreaded Farm

Invasions and the equally dreaded Section 5's and 8's.

Do you think they actually care what damage they have done? With the UN and
Britain/EU/USA doling out food to the hungry mouths. They do not care at
all. Blame the rains/non rains, global warming, Ian Smith - whatever!!

The rest of the world actually has to stop feeding the hungry mouths. I
know that is hard for anyone with a heart. But if the world stopped feeding
the hungry in Zimbabwe and let the desperate speak for themselves. But what
would they say? 'I'm hungry, I do not care who puts food in my mouth or my
children, or gives us shelter and possibly educates my children, I will
vote for that person"

So where does that leave us? A problem magnified a million times over, or
maybe a Trillion or even an incalculable Zillion - BEST GET A NEW
CALCULATOR with lots of naughts.

Merl Kaegler


Letter 2:

Dear Family and Friends,

Zimbabwe's ruling Zanu PF party have been holding their annual congress
this week and watching some of the coverage on television made for
staggering viewing. By any standards Zimbabwe is a country in dire trouble.
Inflation, which began the year at 134% is again completely out of control
and presently at over 400%. Life expectancy continues to plummet and is now
just over 30 years. Unemployment is well over 70%, almost a quarter of our
population are eating food provided by international donors and the number
of people in need grows by the week. With these dreadful facts and figures
you would think that our ruling party would have more than enough to worry
and talk about at their annual congress. The posters adorning the walls of
the now well known enormous white tent were damning. The slogans were not
about the economy, early death, hunger or inflation. They were the same old
deflectory attacks, just as they have been since Zanu PF first realised
they had lost popular supp!
 ort when they were defeated in the constitutional referendum in 2000.

"Mr Bush, how about New Orleans!"
"MDC beating about the Bush."
"Mr Blair, how about Brixton?"
"Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall and Blairs horses couldn't put the MDC
together again."

So while the party which has governed Zimbabwe for 25 years finds it
fitting to focus its energies on attacking the world, ordinary Zimbabweans
have been looking to more pressing issues.This week the United Nations
Emergency Relief Co-ordinator Jan Egeland concluded a five day visit to
Zimbabwe and saw first hand the dramatically deteriorating situation in the
country. His observations and comments were not about nursery rhymes or
Humpty Dumpty and will hopefully again cause the world to look to the
dreadful conditions of so many people in Zimbabwe.

Mr Egeland said : "The humanitarian situation in Zimbabwe is very serious.
The need for international aid is big and growing." He said that: "When
life expectancy goes from more than 60 years to just over 30 years in a
15-year span, it's not just a crisis, it's a meltdown." Mr Egeland said
that "The food security is now an exploding issue" in Zimbabwe and said
that the need for international aid was "big, and growing". He said the UN
was already feeding two million people in Zimbabwe and that this would
increase to 2.5 million by December and 3.3 million by January 2006.

In the course of his visit Mr Egeland offered Mr Mugabe tents from the UN
for the estimated 700 000 people whose homes were destroyed by the
bulldozers of the Zimbabwean government's Operation Murtambatsvina in mid
winter. The offer was declined. According to the Herald newspaper,
President Mugabe told the UN envoy that: "We are not a tent's people... We
believe in houses." Mr Egeland criticized the governments rejection of
tents saying: "If they are good enough for people in Europe and the United
States who have lost their houses, why are they not good enough for

The situation in Zimbabwe is neither nursery rhyme nor fairy story but the
grim picture of real people struggling endlessly from one day the next just
to survive

Until next week, love cathy. Copyright cathy buckle 10 December 2005. My books "African Tears" and "Beyond
Tears" are available from:

Letter 3:


Some people understand life better and they call some of these people
"retarded"...  At the Seattle Special Olympics, nine contestants, all
physically or mentally disabled, assembled at the starting line for the 100
yard dash.

At the gun they all started out, not exactly in a dash, but with a relish
to run the race to the finish and win.  All, that is, except one little boy
who stumbled on the asphalt, tumbled over a couple of times and began to
cry. The other eight heard the boy cry.  They slowed down and looked back.
Then they all turned around and went back every one of them.  One girl with
Down's Syndrome bent down and kissed him and said, "This will make it

Then all nine linked arms and walked together to the finish line. Everyone
in the stadium stood, and the cheering went on for several minutes. People
who were there are still telling the story.... Why?  Because deep down we
know this one thing: What matters in this life is more than winning for

What matters in this life is helping others win, even if it means slowing
down and changing our course.

(Author unknown)

All letters published on the open Letter Forum are the views and opinions
of the submitters, and do not represent the official viewpoint of Justice
for Agriculture.

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JAG Job Opportunities dated 15 December 2005

Please send any job opportunities for publication in this newsletter to:
JAG Job Opportunities;


Ad inserted 14/12/05


Couple to caretake house and assist with supervision of small horticultural
business. 18 km outside Harare with good security. Please phone 011 208568
or 335458


Ad inserted 14/12/05

Small business requires switched on / part time lady to take on all
computer work, plus wages for a labour force of 20 Could be mornings or

Please phone 011 208568 or 335458


Ad inserted 13/12/05

A family owned farm/factory Requires Operations Manager in a small sugar
plantation / Factory. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience in
growing sugar cane, harvest and haulage, as well as hands on experience in
factory operation of a vacuum pan system with small boiler and turbine.

Experience in workshop management / machinery repair and computer literacy
will be an added advantage. A degree in Agriculture or Engineering will
give additional advantage.

The right candidate should be energetic and willing to stay in rural Zambia
and be prepared to work with a large work force.

A attractive salary and profit sharing scheme awaits the right candidate.

Reply to : or P.O. Box 50566, Lusaka, Zambia


Ad inserted 09/12/05


Divisional Managers for Bulawayo and Harare Divisions for a Fencing


A minimum of 10 years experience in contract, of which at least 5 must be
in a senior position.

Successful candidates must be familiar with budgeting, stock control,
contract management, tender processing, production planning and sales.
This is a hands on position requiring man management skills as well as
other managerial attributes.

Experience in the field of electrical installations would be an added

By negotiation.

If you have the prerequisites for the position on offer, please send your
CV for attention Kathy

E-mail address:
Mobile number: 011 602 144


Ad inserted 08/12/05

African Impact Volunteer Programmes, seeking highly organised and efficient
administrator/placement co-coordinator. We are involved in projects
Africa involving international volunteers who assist with various
conservation and community development initiatives. Job entails responding
to queries and coordinating placements.

Full-time position, to be based in Harare with option of travelling to
different projects. Very competitive salary.


Ad inserted 07/12/05


A ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL (STD 1-7) in Ghanzi with a study group (25+
students) for Cambridge secondary education.  105 children but potential
for growth is urgently looking for a QUALIFIED TEACHER/HEADMASTER



fax: 00267 6596416
phone: 00267-72194170 S. Peacock


Ad inserted 21 November 2005

WANTED: Retired/semi-retired couple with an interest in cattle and
emphasis on recording / supervising a Dairy 70km from Harare. Very secure
homestead. Remuneration, etc to be discussed on application. Required to
start asap, but by year-end, at latest.

For more information, please phone 011 419 020


Ad inserted 18 November 2005

Teaching opportunity at Once Upon a Time Nursery School.

Once Upon a Time Nursery School is looking for a lovely, fun-loving, but
gentle, qualified Infants or Junior School teacher for January 2006. We
would also be interested if you are Nursery School qualified and
experienced. The teacher we are replacing is emigrating.

We are all ex-teachers and we work well together. It is a happy school,
well equipped and we have a good infrastructure. We provide a well
organised working environment and good conditions of service. We match the
pay package to that of teachers at Infant and Junior School level at any of
the private schools.

The school has four classes with an assistant in each class. We are trying
to find the right lady, who is dedicated and enthusiastic in her approach.
This is an ideal job if you have small children, or if you are looking for
total job satisfaction.

Please phone: School 776470 (ans/fax)
                       or Rosy 091216730
                       or Andy 091315455
                       or email


Ad inserted 17/11/05

Zambian/ex-Zimbabwean farmer on a fully operational farm looking for a
potential partner.  Situated only 16 kms from central Lusaka, currently
growing paprika, seed-maize and vegetables.  Contact details: P O Box
CA115, Lusaka, email: Landline 214198.


Ad inserted 14 November 2005

WANTED : preferred retired person, with knowledge of cattle feeding and
farm management to live on farm in Ruwa. Remuneration to be discussed on

Patrick Cochran
Mobile + 263 91 274327
Tel/Fax + 263 4 495 433
email :


Ad inserted 17 November 2005

Position available for a supervisor on an open cast mine in the Midlands.
Mining experience not necessary but the applicant must be mechanically
minded.  Would suit a single younger man.  Please contact the GM at Kinsey
& Co.  Telephone 04 305503 for further information.


Ad inserted 14 November 2005


This position would suit a self-driven, committed, elderly or retired
gentleman with a good knowledge of vehicle maintenance (especially Land
Cruisers) and man management.  It would assist if the incumbent has
experience in overseeing other maintenance such as refrigeration repairs,
plumbing and building, but this is not essential.  Clock watchers need not
apply.  This is a very pleasant and happy environment and we would like to
keep it that way, so a good sense of humour would be great.  Salary is
negotiable to the right person and good perks are offered.  This position
is available immediately.  Interested persons please contact Mrs T Leaman
on (016) 596 or send CVs by fax to (016) 256 or email them to


Ad inserted 14 November 2005


This position requires an alert and conscientious person with good
experience in both Pastel and Belina Payroll, and with a pleasant nature,
preferably also a good sense of humour.  The position is available
immediately, but sooner would be better.  Salary and perks are negotiable
with the right person.  Interested and capable persons please contact Mrs T
Leaman on (016) 596 or send CV by fax to (016) 256 or email them to


Ad inserted 07/12/05

Caretaker required to manage 22 Lodges at Wild Heritage, Charara, Kariba.
Preferably married couple.  Free house, electricity and water together with
a good package offered.  Please contact Mr Ian Ross on 011-606381 or Harare
499294 or 499049 or e-mail


Ad inserted 07/12/05

Looking for full time maid, preferably over the age of 40, as soon as
possible.  Must be honest and reliable. Duties will include some washing,
ironing and general cleaning duties.  Accommodation available for single

Contact 011 600 769


Employment Sought


Ad inserted 14/12/05

I am available for temporary work on an "as and when needed" basis.
Starting 18 December 05 to January 15 06

Administration/typing/secretarial/general office work.

Contact: Naomi - 011618595


Ad inserted 07/12/05

Position sought by top-flight lady of 42 - Varied experience locally and
overseas. Either part or full time employment. Personal Assistant,
administration, marketing, advertising and travel consulting experience.
Very computer literate. C.V. available on request.  Immediate
availability.  Contact Miss Adrienne Broadway on 011 203 668.


Ad inserted 14 November 2005

Young man looking for employment (Mr. Daniel VanWyk). A position in the
clothing industry, managerial or sort. I've had experience in several
different fields. I'm a hard worker and would be able to adjust easily to
any working environment or situation. Very reliable, responsible and

Please contact Miss Carmen VanWyk on 091 615656 or 575431 - 3.


Ad inserted 16/11/05

If you can't afford to pay full-time staff with all the usual benefits
(holidays, medical aid, leave pay, etc), I am available for temporary work
on an "as and when needed" basis.

Administration/typing/secretarial/general office work.
Either from my home, or at your office.

Contact: Sally - 490871, or email:

For the latest listings of accommodation available for farmers, contact (updated 15 December 2005)

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JAG Christmas Communique

December 16, 2005

A very successful Loss Claim Document (LCD) facilitators training course
was held over two days last week by Wynand Hart on behalf of JAG.  There
will be another two courses a month commencing January 2006, the first to
be held on the 9 and 10 January 2006.  Please may we have, as soon as
possible, entries for those of you who wish to take this worthwhile course.
An updated LCD format on CD is now available to help in the setting out and
compiling an LCD.

It cannot be too heavily stressed that doing the LCD is the only way to go
in order to claim compensation.  It will be an internationally recognised
legal document.  The other farming representative bodies i.e. VC, AA, FIT,
Compensation Consortium, SACFA and even the CFU agree that a comprehensive
document of this nature will be vital in the final claim to compensation.

The JAG Trust has recently sent out a comprehensive survey form and the
return response has been overwhelming.  If you haven't completed yours
please do so urgently as we need this information to add in to our existing

The Chairman and Vice Chairman will be in Perth WA in February 2006 and
would very much like to address a meeting of exiled Zimbabwean commercial
farmers on this subject.  We would be very grateful if someone in WA could
arrange this meeting.  We will supply contact phone numbers to phone in a
later newsletter.

We would like to remind members that if you haven't paid your subs for 2005
that these are now overdue.  The sum of $1,200,000 subscription is payable
to JAGMA, the separately constituted Members Association. We very much need
these subs in order to run the office.

We are now back to a full office staff compliment and things are moving
ahead and running very smoothly.  The office is more than anything, a
community support centre for farmers.  All farmers should feel free to drop
in, read the papers, have a cup of coffee and get updated.

The JAG office will be closed for the Christmas break from Monday 19
December 2005, opening again on Tuesday 3 January 2006.

In case of emergencies over the festive season the JAG team are available
on the following numbers:

011 603296
011 205374
091 317763

The Chairman, The Board of Trustees and the JAG Team wish you all a merry
Christmas and a happy and peaceful New Year.

JAG Lost Claim Facilitator Course

Due to the overwhelming success of our last LCD course, potential
applicants for the above may apply for the next training course on the 9th
and 10th of January 2006.

Applicants from Bulawayo and Mutare are particularly welcome. The two day
course is free of charge. Applicants must bring sandwiches, note book,
paper and a CD disk with them.

Eric Harrison
LCD Co-coordinator

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