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Dear All
It has been brought to our attention by a concerned reader that the following section of the e-mail that we forwarded yesterday is incorrect. Paragraph 5 read as follows:
"Henry’s farm was one of those invaded ............ He and his son were driving back to the homestead at dusk, the gate was shut and Henry got out to open the gate (he was an elderly 70 years old and used a cane). As soon as he did so 5 guns opened fire at close range and ............ The weapons used were a mixture of AK 47’s and the FN rifle used by the Rhodesian army 20 years ago and now on issue to the ZNA and the Police.
Our source indicates that an impeccable source confirms original reports that there was only one gunman, and that the only weapon used was an AK 47.
We apologise for having misinformed our readers. We pass on all e-mails (selected from trusted sources) in good faith, but we value our credibility. We are painfully aware of the damage that misinformation can have on morale in these difficult times. We will always correct any errors as soon as they are brought to our attention.
This should serve as a reminder to us all to be careful what we circulate!
MDC Support (Southern Region), Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
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Wednesday 20th December 2000 

CFU will be operating on skeleton staff from the 22nd December 2000 to the 1st January 2000 inclusive.  Reports for this period will be combined in reports issued on Wednesday 27th December 2000 and Wednesday 3rd January 2001.

- Farmers in the Chegutu and Kadoma Districts alone have offered 52 000 hectares for resettlement, subject to compensation.  A large proportion of this has been fast-tracked, but no compensation has been paid.  
- Anthrax update: The Veterinary Department has issued movement permits for cattle to move from the Mhondoro Anthrax area onto Nyadgori Farm in Norton.  A further 120 or so cattle have moved on to Leny Farm next to the Mhondoro Area and another 30 on to Katawa.  No controls have been put in place by Police, Local Authorities or the Veterinary Department regarding this illegal movement.  
- Wing Commander Mazambani, who has taken over Exwick Farm in Chegutu, issued a death threat to the owner.  The owners' parents in law were issued with another death threat, in the District Administrator's office, by war vet Makoni .  
- Iillegal occupiers on Glenmore in Inyathi surrounded the farm owner and two police details, who were trying to negotiate with them. They became aggressive and tried to disarm one policeman. The farmer and policemen managed to withdraw without injury.
- In West Nicholson, iIllegal occupiers have taken over the safari camp at Tshabezi and claim that they will be bringing in their clients immediately to hunt and the owner will show them how to do it.
- The owner of Dunluce Farm in Harare South was assaulted by invaders after he attempted to get visual evidence of illegal planting.  He was hit with a chain and then bitten on the finger.  
Mashonaland West South
General - In Chegutu and Kadoma Districts, farmers have offered 52 000 hectares for resettlement.  A large part of this has been fast tracked but nobody has yet been compensated for any improvements or land.  A number of property owners now have no way of earning a living.  There are other property owners who are prepared to sell properties should compensation be made available.
Norton - The Veterinary Department has issued movement permits for cattle to move from the Mhondoro Anthrax area onto Nyadgori Farm.  A further 120 or so cattle have moved on to Leny Farm next to the Mhondoro Area and another 30 on to Katawa.  No controls have been put in place by Police, Local Authorities or the Veterinary Department regarding this illegal movement.  
Chegutu - Wing Commander Mazambani who has taken over Exwick Farm issued a death threat to the owner.  The owners' parents in law were issued with another death threat by war veteran Makoni in the District Administrator's office.  War veteran Makoni has started planting outside the area that the owner fenced for him, even though there is plenty of room
within the fenced area.  On San Fernando there are still illegal occupiers.  The District Administrator has said that he is now going to fast-track the property, having removed most of the illegal occupiers after the owner "compensated" them.  
Kadoma - Agritex and police pegged Ebor Farm.  Ebor farm is right in the middle of the owners operation.  They have put pressure on him to offer an alternative farm if he doesn't wish this farm to be resettled.  The owner has already offered 70% of his landholding which is all resettled, but none of it paid for. 
Gweru East - Approximately 1 km of boundary fence has been stolen from Wildebeeste 49.
Somabhula - At Clearwater Kop over the weekend, 9 people came to ask for beer and informed the farmer they were going to plough the land and he was told to make sure he fenced off their ploughed area to stop the farmer's cattle from eating crops. The leader of the group was Philip Makusha under the charge of Bruce Matando from Shurugwi area. The incident was peaceful.

Rusape - On Clifton Farm, the invaders have moved their own cattle onto the farm and have demanded that the owner removes his cattle. 
Headlands - There have been reports of stocktheft and mutilation of cattle.
Old Mutare - Mabonda Farm, which is not listed, had a visit from Agritex and invaders. Coldstream has ongoing illegal cattle movement, with up to 100 on the farm.
Nyazura - On Hallebury, the invaders have planted maize all around the owner's dip tank. The police have said the cattle must be dipped and have promised to be present tomorrow when the owner attempts to dip.
Masvingo East and Central - The DA from Zaka arrived on Alstar Haven last week with approximately 40 people. Amongst these people were war vet Philip Mawarire. They told the owner they had come to allocate land. The owner showed his Administration Court papers invalidating the compulsory acquisition, but Philip Mawarire accused the farmer of producing fraudulent papers. He went on further to say he would only take orders from the Governor. The group then proceeded to the owner's safari camp where they demanded keys but none were given. A couple of hours later they moved off without having pegged any plots. 
Mwenezi - Fifteen heifers were snared on Maryvale Ranch, but 14 are reported to be in a satisfactory condition. Fires have been reported on Maryvale, Lumbergia, Moria and New Munesti ranches.

General - Car theft, hijackings at gunpoint, bank robberies and payroll thefts are all escalating at an alarming rate. 
Bulawayo City  - There was a shoot out after a second attempted carjacking of a farmer.  The farmer was shot in the hand and it is suspected that one of the carjackers was injured in the return fire.
Gwaai -  The DA has resettled 8 illegal occupiers on Chamankanuhave.
Inyathi - War vets and army personnel armed with AKs, in two army vehicles, attempted to intimidate the owner of Deeside by driving up and down the farm entrance and chanting. On Glenmore, illegal occupiers surrounded the farm owner and two police details, who were trying to negotiate with them. They became aggressive and tried to disarm one policeman. The farmer and
policemen managed to withdraw without injury.
Filabusi - The owner of Pioneer's Rest was given 24 hours to remove his cattle from the ranch as it now belonged to the illegal occupiers. Police have intervened and there is an uneasy stand-off. DDF tractors have also illegally ploughed some 24 ha.
West Nicholson - In an attempted vehicle theft, the manager of a construction company avoided a roadblock of two vehicles at dusk last week. In the ensuing high-speed chase with a dark BMW on his tail, he managed to shake them off after turning on to a dirt road and through a ditch into the bush. He spent the night in the vehicle in fear of them waiting for him on the main road. Illegal occupiers have taken over the safari camp at Tshabezi and claim that they will be bringing in their clients immediately to hunt and the owner will show them how to do it.
Nyamandhlovu -  Despite of police instructions under High Court orders to evict squatters, the police have only made half-hearted attempts and where illegal occupiers have been removed, many have returned.

The Ceres Trust

This is a non-political entity that aims to offer confidential counselling support to individuals affected by the current land invasions and intimidation.  The Trust aims to "de-stress" clients, in a neutral space  where confidentiality is guaranteed.
The venues are:
1.  Veronica Hywood:-  Greenhills, 12 Rolfe Avenue, Colne Valley, Harare.
     Tel: 04-885156/ 091 336 158.  
2. Sue Hair:-  17 Belfast Road, Emerald Hill, Harare.  
     Tel: 04-335837/091 313333.
Other counsellors assisting are:
1.  Brenda Laing - 04-882808/091 370 029.
2.  Ann Hair:- 04-495138
3.  Bee Smith:- 339605/023 822 396.
For more information please feel free to phone Veronica on the above number at any time.  A "burn out" situation is to be avoided, and the first step is to ask for help.  Very often just by talking to someone not involved your fears and uncertainties can be eased. 
Appeal by the Transport Operators' Association

The Transport Operators' Association members are concerned about the massive theft of fuel taking place from transport vehicles along the roads.  Apparently, transport drivers are stopping along the roadside and siphoning off and selling fuel to shady dealers and commuter operators and sundry corrupt people. They have appealed for help from farmers who may witness any of these deals.  
Paddy Leen and Dave Howe of Transport Operators' Association would be grateful for any reports.  They would like the following information: 
1    Road and nearest mileage peg
2    Vehicle details, company name and registration number
3    Day and time of event
Contact: Paddy or Dave 04-746536, 746537, 776311, 091 231118

Malcolm Vowles, Deputy Director (Admin & Projects) 04-309800-18
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