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Very Important JAG Statement




The JAG Trust notes with grave concern the statement released by the CFU
this week to the Government and People of Zimbabwe

The JAG TRUST is mindful of the following facts:

· That the few remaining commercial farmers still on the land
remain, even now, under intense and escalating pressure to vacate their

 * That 90% of the commercial farmland is now lying idle and derelict
    with only 10% productive in some small way.

 * That the National agricultural production levels this year will be at
    an all time record low in spite of an excellent summer rainfall

 * That the total breakdown of the Rule of Law still subsists in all the
    commercial farming areas with the situation worsening on a daily

 * That a total lack of respect for property rights exists and
    intensifies with regard to not only land and improvements thereon but
    also moveable farming assets, livestock, crops and personal household

 * That the so called "land program" as the FIRST MURAMBATSVINA, as
    with the SECOND, gives rise to massive human rights abuse issues if
    not crimes against humanity.

The JAG Trust reserves its position with regard to the CFU Statement
until more facts are to hand with regard to a purported change of policy
by the Government.  In the meantime the Trust will be in consultation
with farmers with regard to these issues

NB: for those who have not had access to the CFU statement, it is
included below.

Harare, 3 February 2006

The following statement is made by the Executive and Members of the
Commercial Farmers' Union of Zimbabwe (CFU) to the Government and People
of Zimbabwe

In the course of a nations historic development, especially when there is
a high disparity between `haves and have nots', it is understandable
that the Government of the day, in pursuit of narrowing that gap, would
legislate accordingly.

Unquestionably, a period of euphoria would follow, as would Government's
expectation that its actions would impact positively on the majority,
hopefully resulting in greater yields and profitability, thus enhancing
benefits to the lesser privileged.

Regrettably, correcting what was seen as a nations right to reverse
prevailing inequality, has created many challenges.

In such situations, the quality of Zimbabweans, black and white, is fully
tested.  We at the CFU believe that the greatest asset of a nation is the
quality of its people.

Whilst current conditions are indeed tough and testing, it is not the
time for recrimination or going back - it is the time to draw the line
and go forward, learning from the past.

The CFU is cognisant and sensitive to the fact that there is sufficient
evidence that both Government and those foreign agencies currently
represented in the country, want nothing more than to see Zimbabwe

Regionally, Zimbabwe is charged with food security and is a key player.
Our commitment in coming forward today is to help restore this country to
its rightful position on the sub-continent of Africa as a leader in

We seek an all inclusive and vibrant agricultural industry that is
sustainable.  To this end, urge the authorities to declare a moratorium
on land and current agriculture policies and, with the full protection of
the law, bring together all stakeholders and rebuild the entire industry
to return as the principal employer of labour and generator of food and

We have the energy and capacity to help bring Zimbabwe back, once again,
to being the `bread basket' of the sub-continent.  Lets do it!  A
return to productive agriculture, which will benefit our nation, will
attract, in every way, both at home and overseas, the support we need to
regenerate our economy and the status of Zimbabwe.

Douglas S. Taylor-Freeme


Commercial Farmers' Union

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"You will know them by their fruits"

Is Zimbabwe's CIO involved in the MDC split?
Sokwanele Report: 10 February 2006
The bitter infighting that has been going on within the Movement for
Democratic Change (MDC) since the fateful meeting on October 12 last year
has spawned any number of conspiracy theories. On the one side Gibson
Sibanda, vice president of the MDC and Professor Welshman Ncube,
secretary-general, stand accused of secretly conniving with South African
President Thabo Mbeki to undermine MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai, needless
to say to their own political and material advantage. On the other side
Morgan Tsvangirai has been accused of colluding with ZANU PF in a plot
executed by former army general Solomon Mujuru, whereby Tsvangirai betrayed
his party by pulling it out of the senate elections in exchange for certain
undisclosed "political rewards". Conspiracy theories abound; these are only
two of the many that circulate. As they move along the gossip chain they are
inevitably elaborated and the details become more picturesque. Sadly it
seems that all too many Zimbabweans feel bound to accept one or another of
the prevailing theories - depending on where their political sympathies
happen to lie - without beginning to engage their own critical faculties.
The view we put forward here is that both sides in the intense leadership
struggle are thereby playing right into the hands of the Central
Intelligence Organisation (CIO) which not only benefits from the resulting
division and confusion but actually planned it that way. And the meticulous
planning began many years ago.

Zimbabweans should never forget that for the past quarter century one of the
foremost functions of the CIO, which operates as the intelligence and
security arm of ZANU PF, has been to undermine and destroy any credible
opposition offering even the slightest threat to the party's hold on power.
Moreover they have always assumed the right - which the Mugabe-led
government has never challenged - to achieve this objective by whatever
means are deemed necessary, including unlawful and extreme violence.
Consider for example the chilling words of Emmerson Mnangagwa, then Minister
of State Security and responsible for the CIO in March 1983, a matter of
weeks after the deployment of the infamous 5 Brigade in Matabeleland North.
He told a rally at the Victoria Falls that the government was considering as
one option the burning down of "all villages infested with dissidents". The
dissidents were, in his words, "cockroaches" and 5 Brigade was the "DDT"
brought in to eradicate them. A few weeks later in a parody of the
Scriptures he said: "Blessed are they who will follow the path of the
Government laws, for their days on earth shall be increased. But woe to
those who will chose the path of collaboration with dissidents for we will
certainly shorten their stay on earth". Mnangagwa was speaking as the
Gukurahundi reign of terror was just getting under way - an act of genocide
that was to claim the lives of between 20,000 and 30,000 victims in
Matabeleland and the Midlands.

The ostensible aim of Gukurahundi was to deal with a dissident problem in
Matabeleland and for this purpose Mugabe assembled a massive force,
including the notorious 5 Brigade, thought to number between 2,500 and 3,500
combat troops. But the threat posed by dissident activity was far smaller
than the government contended. According to the 1997 report of the Catholic
Commission for Justice and Peace and Legal Resources Foundation, entitled
"Breaking the Silence: Building True Peace" at the peak of dissident
activity their numbers did not exceed 400. In short Mugabe was taking a
sledge hammer to crack a nut. The wider purpose of the exercise however,
which soon became apparent, was to eliminate ZAPU as a party with a
significant power base beyond the control of ZANU PF with the aim of
establishing a de facto one party state. Hence the deliberate blurring of
the distinction between the dissidents and "collaborators" - their supposed
ZAPU supporters - and the use of equal violence against both.

In the ensuing reign of terror the CIO worked hand-in-hand with 5 Brigade.
Mugabe's intelligence network played a major role for example in the
enforcement of the food embargo in Matabeleland South in 1984, in rounding
up thousands for interrogation at army camps such as Bhalagwe, and in the
associated acts of torture and brutality best chronicled in the report
"Breaking the Silence".

When considering the pivotal role of the CIO in keeping Mugabe in power for
over 25 years we do not need to resort to speculation or conspiracy theories
of our own. Rather can we rely on the facts which largely speak for

It is well known that during the liberation war Robert Mugabe and those
close to him forged strong links with a number of authoritarian regimes,
including China, North Korea and Romania. ZANLA cadres were sent to China
for military training. (At the same time the ZAPU leadership under Joshua
Nkomo was cultivating links with the Soviet Union, where for example Dumiso
Dabengwa received training under the KGB and the East German Stazi) The
significance of Mugabe's close relationship with the political leadership of
countries which were in effect under one-party, militaristic rule should
never be under-estimated. Not only was he exposed to the rhetoric of
communist ideology; he was also provided with a unique opportunity to study
closely how authoritarian regimes maintained their hold on power. He and
those who later rose to the top leadership of ZANU PF - and particularly
those who were to assume political control of the CIO - were able to
understudy the masters of state repression and learn from them some valuable
lessons on dealing with any popular opposition.

Evidence that Mugabe was a good student of authoritarian rule was provided
as early as 1977 when he used his dominance of the ZANU faction in
Mozambique to introduce a programme of "political re-education" for those
colleagues who were suspected of having any leanings towards unorthodox
ideologies or harbouring any personal ambitions which threatened the
established leadership. Those who were forced to undergo this form of
indoctrination included none other than Augustine Chihuri, now Mugabe's
trusted Commissioner of Police and the journalist Justin Nyoka who was later
to take on the role of his information chief. The experience was evidently
traumatic. None of those who underwent the re-education programme would ever
talk it about it subsequently. (In passing we note the similarity of purpose
between this programme and the re-education of the country's youth under the
youth militia programme some 25 years later).

It was significant also that within six months of independence Mugabe led a
delegation of ministers to North Korea. Accompanied by Joyce Mujuru and
education minister Mutumbuka, Mugabe returned to his old mentors to sign a
pact of friendship. At the same time (though Zimbabweans were only to learn
of it much later) he entered into an agreement for a team of North Korean
instructors to train a new military force which would be independent of the
normal command structures and answerable only to Mugabe - what was to become
the infamous 5 Brigade. The mandate of the new brigade was to quell internal
dissent, a euphemism for crushing any political opposition.

When General Halle Miriam Menghistu, who had imposed a brutal form of
dictatorship on Ethiopia and been directly responsible for starving many of
his citizens to death, needed a place of asylum to escape justice in his own
country Mugabe was quick to provide it. What is less well known is that he
arranged for Menghistu to become a consultant to the CIO. No doubt the
former dictator found the income useful and the CIO could benefit from his
wide experience in suppressing dissent.

A further and rather amusing anecdote illustrates how close Mugabe's ties
with former authoritarian regimes were. In December 1989 a People's Unity
Congress was held in Harare to consolidate what were for Mugabe the huge
gains made under the Unity Pact of 1987. Under this pact Joshua Nkomo and
the ZAPU leadership had finally submitted to ZANU PF dominance. In reality
it was an exercise in political ingestion in which the old ZAPU was
swallowed up by its numerically stronger former partner in the liberation
struggle. Mugabe was in buoyant mood - as he had good reason to be - at the
Unity Congress. In opening the event however he lamented the fact that his
"dear friend Nicolae Ceausescu" (the Romanian President) and his wife were
unable to be present. However, Mugabe went on, to make amends for this
unfortunate absence Zimbabwe was planning a full state visit for the couple
early the following year. Delegates at the Congress exchanged curious
glances as Mugabe continued, pouring lavish praise on the couple whom he
obviously held in high regard and considered close personal friends. It
seems that on this occasion Mugabe was for once behind the news, for at
precisely this time the world's media was focussed on the popular uprising
in Romania. The following morning it was announced that the Ceausescus had
fled the presidential palace in Bucharest and a few days later the fugitive
couple were apprehended by security forces and executed.

But what is paramount is that from the first the CIO was moulded and shaped
by those who had direct experience of the use of the instruments of State
intelligence to buttress one-party, authoritarian rule and to subvert any
popular opposition. This is not a national intelligence organisation; it is
ZANU PF instrument designed first and foremost to keep ZANU PF in power.

Another indisputable fact about the CIO is that vast sums of money have been
made available to the organisation without any requirement for
accountability to the people of Zimbabwe. Just consider the figures over the
last three years - a period be it noted when the country has been
experiencing unprecedented economic hardship, as a result of which the
government has been unable to feed its own people or to provide sufficient
resources for even such basic amenities as education and health.

In the year 2004 the CIO was allocated 62 billion dollars.

In 2005 the CIO allocation was increased five-fold to 334 billion dollars,
with a further 61 billion dollars supplementary allocation (including 50
billion dollars for the procurement of "equipment").

The 2006 budget estimates for "special services" provides the CIO with a
staggering figure in excess of one trillion dollars. 1,007,512,081,000
dollars to be precise, and we spell it out thus to give our readers some
appreciation of the huge sum involved. Nor should we overlook the
supplementary allocation of 116 billion dollars.

In other words the current allocation to Mugabe's intelligence services
amounts to something in excess of 3 billion dollars per day. And remember
the intelligence vote is not subject to audit. Not one single dollar of this
huge daily outpouring of money need be accounted for to the Zimbabwean
taxpayers who provide it. No body, not even the Chairperson of the
Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee has a clue how this money is spent.

Where does this leave us? It leaves us with a powerful "intelligence"
organisation that is totally the servant of the ruling ZANU PF party and
answerable to none other, which is ideologically committed to a one-party
state, and is provided with almost limitless resources to pursue this
objective. Should we wonder at the CIO's amazing ability to deliver whatever
its political masters' desire?

But let us return to the year 1999. This was the year in which the MDC came
into being. As an organisation which embraced the trade unions (and some
employers), civic organisations, churches, student groups and many others,
it amounted to the widest coalition of forces ever brought together to
challenge ZANU PF rule. For that reason alone, and because of its rapidly
increasing popularity across the country, it represented the gravest threat
ever posed to ZANU PF hegemony. Moreover if that threat was not perceived
immediately it was certainly underscored by the 2000 referendum results, in
which Mugabe's constitutional proposals were rejected by a significant
majority. With good cause the alarm bells started to ring in the corridors
of power.

Against this background of panic breaking out in the ZANU PF camp it is
surely not at all fanciful to assume that the Director General of the CIO
was given a mandate to destroy the MDC by any means possible. Indeed it
would be extremely naïve to think otherwise.

How would he set about doing this? Logically he had a number of options,
involving both overt and covert operations.

First he would use the government's (read ZANU PF party's) monopoly control
over the state media to demonise the new opposition. He would have unlimited
opportunities to characterise the MDC as "unpatriotic", their leaders as
beholden to either white commercial farmers or western interests, and their
activities as treasonous. There would be much scope here - and the grossly
distorted and tendentious "reports" in The Herald and The Chronicle bear
testimony to the reality of this policy. Meanwhile the possibility of any
balanced or objective reporting was reduced by subjecting the independent
media to constant harassment and intimidation. Among the overt measures
employed were the harsh new legislative controls on the media, and among the
covert measures the bombing of the Daily News printing press.

Then the Director General would surely use the vast arsenal of resources at
his disposal to intimidate opposition supporters with murder, rape, torture
and all manner of terror tactics. In fact this is exactly what the CIO did
in the run-up to both the parliamentary elections of 2000 and the
presidential election two years later. Of course the perpetrators of these
dastardly deeds would require guarantees of immunity from prosecution, but
this was easy enough to arrange with a regime that was sympathetic to any
violence or lawlessness employed to enhance their hold on power. One has
only to recall the name Joseph Mwale to be reminded just how much those
committed to the ZANU PF cause can get away with, given the active
connivance of the CIO. Mwale was the CIO operative accused of masterminding
the gruesome murder of two MDC activists during the run-up to the 2000
parliamentary poll. Talent Mabika, an MDC activist, and Tichaona Chiminya,
Morgan Tsvangirai's personal assistant, were burnt to death when the vehicle
they were travelling in was torched by Mwale and three of his accomplices at
Murambinda Growth Point in Buhera. Subsequently, with the free use of rape,
torture and other terror tactics, Mwale and a former ZRP officer,
Chogugudza, turned Chimanimani into a no-go area for opposition supporters,
human rights activists and journalists from the independent media. To this
day Mwale remains a free man despite a court order to have him arrested. The
CIO's response to the court order was to redeploy him to Mutoko, provide him
with a disguise and help him to drop out of view.

No doubt any competent CIO boss would also ensure that a number of
"sleepers" were infiltrated into the MDC, to take influential positions and
to lie dormant until such time as their spy masters chose to activate them.
Less dramatic than the murder of opposition activists this measure would be
no less effective in undermining the opposition. In the long term it would
actually achieve more. This tactic has been used by spy and intelligence the
world over and it is naïve to think that the CIO would have done any
different. The CIO would also seek to infiltrate a number of "moles" into
the MDC - moles who, with time, might rise to high office. A number of these
"moles" would have been trained in the 1980s and would have had years to
earn their "democratic" credentials thus over time "earning" the respect and
trust of unsuspecting opposition leaders. One needs to recall the activities
of the likes of Craig Williamson, the notorious apartheid era spy who wormed
his way into anti-apartheid organisations over many years through his
convincing "opposition" to the apartheid regime. The CIO Director would not
have been doing his job well if he has not infiltrated the MDC with similar
spies/"moles"/agent provocateurs. It is also important to remember that the
more radical the language used by opposition activists does not necessarily
mean that those people have not been infiltrated by the CIO. Indeed it is
sometimes those very people, as certainly was the case with Williamson, who
have the "freedom" to be more outspoken because they literally have free
licence from the CIO to give them the cover they need. It should also be
noted that a competent "intelligence" chief would make sure to infiltrate
both sides of any potential fault line in a political party and he would
also make sure that one operator/mole would not know who else in the
organisation was working as well for the CIO. This is not fanciful
speculation - if this as not at least been tried in the CIO then the
directors of the CIO are not worth their salt. Judging by the events of the
last few months not only have people been infiltrated in this manner but
they have also been successful.

If the infiltration of CIO operatives into the MDC was the first step
towards undermining the party from within, the next step would surely have
been to examine carefully the potential fault lines within the party.
Ethnic, race, class and intellectual differences come to mind immediately,
and we may be sure each was given close attention. The remarkable thing
about the formation of the MDC as a united party with a coherent policy was
the manner in which these differences were transcended. But for anyone
wishing to make mischief in the party the differences provided the obvious
starting point. The work of the CIO was to turn differences into divisions
by sowing the seeds of mistrust on both sides, and then fanning the flames
of conflict. Standing back today and viewing the wreckage of what was once a
vibrant and united party, now strewn across the political landscape, one has
to concede they have succeeded - and brilliantly. Any reasonable teacher
presented with such work would have to award his student an "A" for effort
and an "A" achievement.

Most of the time Zimbabweans live in not-so-blissful ignorance of the CIO
skulduggery that is going on around them, but then there come the occasional
moments when, as it were, the veil is lifted and we behold the shocking
truth. Such a moment came during the treason trial of Morgan Tsvangirai
when, thanks to the skills of Advocate George Bizos (himself well aware of
in the murky dealings of fascist/apartheid "intelligence" organisations) in
cross examination, it was revealed that the State's principal witness, a
world-renowned rogue by the name of Ben Menashe, had received 700,000 US
dollars from the State for his part in seeking to secure a conviction. The
evidence obtained from an evasive and difficult witness also suggested
strongly that he had been de-briefed by the CIO on the sting operation they
had to set up together.

Long before the treason trial was finally concluded (in December 2004) it
became evident that, despite the CIO's best efforts, the regime was not
going to produce the guilty verdict the CIO had planned for. Indeed the
State's evidence was so unconvincing that it became clear that even a
politically compromised judge would have the greatest difficulty in finding
any credible grounds for returning a guilty verdict. It is surely no
coincidence therefore that as the treason trial was drawing to a predictable
close two other events occurred, both of which were extremely detrimental to
the MDC. It was as if, denied the conviction of the MDC leader, the CIO
redoubled their efforts to damage the opposition party in other ways. (One
must also bear in mind that the long drawn-out treason trial had a draining
effect on the party anyway, forcing them to concentrate a huge amount of
time and resources on the trial rather than stepping up the pressure on the
Mugabe government. Whatever the outcome therefore, the prosecution of
Tsvangirai was by no means a wasted effort so far as the CIO were

The first, no doubt related, event was the increased pressure brought to
bear upon the Secretary-General of the party, Welshman Ncube. During the
last few months of the year 2004, and subsequently, the attack upon Ncube in
the State media became noticeably more virulent. The conspiracy theories
proliferated and there was even the preposterous suggestion that Ncube was
somehow complicit in the State's decision to prosecute Tsvangirai -
preposterous if for no other reason than that Ncube was himself initially
jointly charged with Tsvangirai. Again and again, the State media played on
the theme of a serious split emerging between Tsvangirai and Ncube. So
flimsy was the evidence yet so persistent the charge that one is almost
driven to the conclusion that there was a hand behind the State media almost
willing the split to occur.

Interestingly at precisely the same time opposition to Welshman Ncube from
elements within the MDC reached new heights of intensity. An official MDC
enquiry into disturbances at party headquarters in the latter part of 2004
provides some interesting insights into this phenomenon. The enquiry was set
up to deal with the issue of intra-party violence which had become a serious
problem, and more specifically the violent assault upon Peter Guhu, the
party's Director of Security at Harvest House in October 2004. Guhu had been
brutally assaulted by a group of young thugs who attempted to murder him by
throwing him down the stairwell from the sixth floor of party headquarters.
In fact the youths very nearly succeeded and would have done so had others
not heard the commotion and rushed to the scene. There had been many other
less brutal but nonetheless serious attacks and a sustained campaign of
harassment carried out by the same group of young thugs on other
professional employees of the party.

The youths it transpired had not been given any official appointment but had
attached themselves to the party as a kind of vigilante group. The evidence
given to the enquiry was that they were there to serve the interests of some
high ranking MDC officials whose protection they were under.

The most interesting fact to emerge from the enquiry was that there was a
strong faction within the party which was orchestrating a campaign against
Welshman Ncube on ethnic and tribal lines. To quote one of the commission's
findings: "there is a strong anti-Ndebele sentiment that has been
propagated, orchestrated and instilled into innocent party members' minds by
a senior party leader under the guise of sheer hatred for the Secretary
General at a personal level." One of the key witnesses who was well placed
to know the truth identified Isaac Matongo, the party chairman, as the
leader of this faction and Gandi Mudzingwa, the Director of Presidential
Affairs, as a member of it.

The evidence presented to the commission pointed strongly to a significant
link between what we may call the Matongo faction and the group of vigilante
youths, suggesting that the former effectively controlled the latter. On his
own evidence Nhamo Musekiwa, the head of VIP protection, security and
operations, was identified as the handler of the vigilantes.

The common thread linking all the victims of violence, including Peter Guhu,
was that they were perceived to be sympathetic to or supportive of Ncube
even though Guhu was himself a Manica. So here was an orchestrated campaign
being carried on within the MDC to isolate and undermine Ncube at exactly
the same time as the state media were directing their fire upon him and
playing up the rumours of a tribal and ethnic split in the party. It would
surely be foolish to think that the parallel events inside and outside the
party were unrelated. The hand of the CIO can be discerned in both.

Moreover there were other strong pointers to the successful penetration of
CIO operatives into the upper echelons of the MDC. Even before the serious
violence broke out in Harvest House in October 2004 Morgan Tsvangirai had
received a number of tip-offs from other intelligence sources, notably the
Germans, that he was surrounded by a number of "ZANU PF submarines" who were
"very close" to him. Gandi Mudzingwa was identified positively as a known
CIO operative.

Again in May 2005 there was an outbreak of serious violence within the MDC.
A week of sporadic attacks on individuals who worked closely with Welshman
Ncube culminated in a violent rampage through Harvest House by the same
vigilante group of youths. Again it was the same instigators of the violence
and the same plot - to isolate Ncube and undermine his authority within the
party, effectively therefore dividing the MDC. When the violence was at its
height Isaac Matongo stood outside Harvest House, quietly observing events.
He was in fact challenged to intervene and restore order by other observers
who thought it his clear duty as party chairman to do so. Matongo however
refused to intervene. Matongo escaped sanction in a subsequent enquiry in
which he ironically presided over himself. A confidential internal enquiry
report tabled at the MDC National Executive meeting in June found, inter
alia, that Gandi Mudzingwa was at least sympathetic to the youths
responsible for the violence.

By this time the evidence that Gandi Mudzingwa was linked to the violence in
both October 2004 and May 2005 was overwhelming, and the evidence of Isaac
Matongo's complicity in the various attempts to destroy the party from
within was no less compelling.

Whatever mischief the CIO was doing within the MDC, October 12 (2005) must
rank as one of the high water marks of their success in dividing the party.
On this fateful day, after reminding the national council that the MDC was a
democratic party, that there were strong arguments for and against
participation in the senate elections and appealing to all to respect the
result, Morgan Tsvangirai promptly rejected the outcome of the secret ballot
which went against his personal wishes. In the party's top management
committee Tsvangirai who wanted to boycott the senate elections had found
himself in a minority of one against five. The ballot went the same way. The
result was close but clear; 33 votes in favour of participation and 31
against, with two spoilt papers. Tsvangirai then walked out of the meeting
and without further consultation with his colleagues gave a press conference
in which he lied to the media about the outcome, claiming a "split vote"
(which there was not) and the use of his casting vote (which the
constitution did not give him) to secure a verdict against participation.
The rest, as they say, is history. The party, stunned by the leader's
dishonesty and dictatorial tendencies, found itself divided almost down the
middle between those who rallied to Tsvangirai's support notwithstanding his
delinquent behaviour and those who now opposed his leadership. Gibson
Sibanda and Welshman Ncube were in the second group and inevitably the
opposition coalesced around them. Although the issue that divided them was
not a tribal or ethnic one the resulting division could easily be
misinterpreted in this way. Not surprisingly that is precisely the way the
State media chose to interpret the split, and tragically there have been
those irresponsible leaders on both sides of the divide whose fiery rhetoric
has given further credence to the idea.

A fact that has been all but forgotten in the turmoil that has resulted from
the 12 October meeting is that Isaac Matongo was one of the most fervent
supporters of participation in the Senate. It is no secret that he had lined
up a Harare seat for himself and that he openly organised for his mistress,
former MP Yvonne Masaiti, to have another. It is also no secret that he
openly opposed Morgan Tsvangirai in the Management Committee deliberations
which took place on the 12th October just prior to the vote. Tsvangirai was
outgunned 5 to 1 in that Committee.

The mudslinging from both sides since the 12th October 2005 has been hugely
damaging to the MDC. Some of the inflammatory insults traded have bordered
on the ridiculous and none more so than Isaac Matongo's accusation that
Welshman Ncube had been part of the conspiracy behind Morgan Tsvangirai's
treason trial. As we have seen this preposterous idea first surfaced in The
Herald several months before and here was Matongo, at a Tsvangirai Rally in
White City Stadium in Bulawayo on November 13, repeating this ZANU PF
propaganda piece. One is tempted to ask if he was not the author of the
original propaganda. The closeness of the level of cooperation between those
working to destroy the MDC from within (the moles) and those working from
outside, particularly in the State media, to achieve the same purpose, has
now become plain for all to see. During the heated exchanges between the two
factions for example The Herald proved only too willing to blazon forth a
report that Gibson Sibanda had called for the creation of a separate Ndebele
state. This was pure fiction. Sibanda had never said any such thing, but it
suited the State press to fan the flames of division in this way.

But to return to the national council of October 12, it has to be said that
Tsvangirai's bizarre behaviour on that day has left many formerly
enthusiastic supporters both inside the party and outside, completely
baffled. Why was he so totally committed to boycotting the election that he
would not countenance any other course of action? Why was he so dogmatic and
unyielding in his view that he was prepared to trample on the party's
constitution, lie to the media and even say to the national council "If the
party breaks, so be it" ? It was a new side of Morgan Tsvangirai that the
world saw on October 12 and many did not like it.

The unanswered and troubling question is why he did it - and why he has not
done anything since to make amends or seriously to seek to reconcile the two
opposing factions as one would expect of the leader of a national party
representing the hopes and aspirations of so many. His opponents within the
MDC say that he was once in favour of participation in the senate elections
and suggest that he changed his mind following a secret meeting with the
ZANU PF king-maker (former Army General) Solomon Mujuru. Though there may be
impressive circumstantial evidence to support such a claim it remains
unproven. But what adds to the dilemma of those who seek to stay with the
facts and take a balanced view of the whole, is the strange response of
Tsvangirai and his spokesperson William Bango when asked to comment on this
meeting. It was reliably reported in 2005 that Tsvangirai had told several
top aides that he met Mujuru in late August. He indicated then that he would
be briefing his "top six" or management committee on the meeting - though in
fact he never did so. (There were also unconfirmed reports of two meetings
between Tsvangirai and Mujuru, for which Tsvangirai was collected from his
home by the Director General of the CIO). The strange thing is that William
Bango denies vehemently that his boss ever met with Mujuru. Even when faced
with the blatant contradiction between his statement and Tsvangirai's
reported statements and having, as he says, referred back to his boss for
confirmation, Bango still insists that Tsvangirai never did meet with

Clearly someone is lying here and the intriguing question is why. Why should
it be so important to deny that Tsvangirai met Mujuru some few months before
either the MDC national council or the senate elections held at the end of
November? And, even more intriguing, why if a meeting (or meetings) did take
place did Tsvangirai attend them alone? The risks were obvious. It would
surely have been a matter of normal prudence for him to take one or two of
his senior colleagues with him to the meeting. Did Tsvangirai really learn
nothing from his bruising entanglement with Ben Menashe?

Moving on, it is instructive to note who is moving into high office in the
Tsvangirai faction of the party. Tsvangirai entrusted the re-structuring of
his slimmed down version of the MDC (which excludes the likes of Gibson
Sibanda, Welshman Ncube and Paul Themba Nyathi) to none other than Isaac
Matongo. Under his direction elections have been held at district and
provincial level.

At provincial level we see a number of discredited politicians taking
office. Morgan Femai is the new chairman of the Harare Province. Mr Femai's
main claim to fame (or rather notoriety) is the crucial part he took in
engineering the violent attacks upon the party's MPs from Matabeleland and
the Midlands in the year 2001 and again in 2005. He is said to be driven by
an almost fanatical hatred of those of his fellow citizens whose ethnic
roots lie in the western side of Zimbabwe.

The new chairman of Tsvangirai's Matabeleland South Province is Lovemore
Moyo. Moyo, it should be noted, had previously contested and failed to
secure election to a post in the parallel structures of the Sibanda/Ncube
faction of the party. As a Member of Parliament he has conspicuously failed
to impress. He is the son-in-law of prominent ZANU PF politician Sithembiso
Nyoni and appears to have benefited greatly in material terms from this
relationship. It is understood that he has recently acquired substantial
assets in both the city of Bulawayo and rural Matabeleland, and he has
failed to offer any other satisfactory explanation for the sudden
acquisition of this wealth.

The deputy chairman of Tsvangirai's Bulawayo province is one Matson Hlalo,
otherwise known as Matson Musikiwa. (He was born Musikiwa but recently
assumed the name Hlalo after his stepfather). His brother Temba Musikiwa is
a well known Kwe Kwe businessman who in turn is close to Emmerson Mnangagwa.
Hlalo was an active member of Mugabe's ZANU when the butchering of the
people of Matabeleland and the Midlands was under way in the early 1980s. He
has subsequently flip-flopped several times between ZANU PF and the MDC and
has the rare distinction of having been expelled from both parties at
different times. After a spell in the political wilderness last year Hlalo
hitched his colours to the Tsvangirai faction, and has been rewarded with an
influential post.

One could mention also Victor Mapungwana, newly elected organising secretary
of the Bulawayo Province of Tsvangirai's restructured party who was once
expelled from the party for treacherously betraying to the CIO his party
colleagues who were assisting in the mass action campaign of June 2003 - and
several others like him. But the point has been made that many of those
moving into provincial and district leadership positions lack all political
credibility. In one way or another they have been associated with violence,
factionalism, betrayal of colleagues or simple ineffectiveness. Many have
flip-flopped between ZANU PF and the MDC showing that their only true
allegiance is towards themselves and their own material advantage.

Isaac Matongo, the common thread in so many of the MDC's problems and
failures of the past, is conspicuous for his ineffectiveness in achieving
any of the goals the party has set him. Ironically it was none other than
Matongo who was appointed head of the Democratic Resistance Committee. This
committee was set up to prepare for mass action. Its biggest project in 2005
was the stay away held on June 8 last year to protest the infamous Operation
Murambatsvina. It was a popular cause and should have attracted massive
support, yet under Matongo it proved to be the most poorly organised mass
protest action to date. Another dismal failure for Matongo who was himself
nowhere to be seen when the crucial day arrived. The same happened in the
so-called "Final Push" in June 2003 when Matongo was nowhere to be seen when
the call for leaders to be out in the streets was made.

There is another very troubling fact. The only member of the MDC Management
Committee who has not been detained or obviously harassed by the regime
since the formation of the MDC in1999 is none other than Isaac Matongo.
Tsvangirai and Ncube both had to endure a treason trial and the detention
that went with that. Sibanda was detained after the "Final Push".
Chimanikire has been detained on several occasions. Dulini-Ncube lost his
eye during his 2001/2002 detention which included a long period of solitary
confinement. Virtually every other MDC leader of any significance has been
detained or harassed in some way, but never Matongo. For that matter nor has
Gandi Mudzingwa. The question must be asked: "why is this?" Do the CIO not
know that Matongo is head of the so called DRC? Surely they know that
Mudzingwa has known Tsvangirai's every move in the last 6 years. It is
inconceivable that they would be unaware of the roles they play or
uninterested in them.

Which prompts the obvious question why, against the advice and warnings of
so many, and against Matongo's own appalling track record, Morgan Tsvangirai
still appears to trust him implicitly - to the point of being content to
rest his own political fortunes on such a discredited ally ?

This past week's disastrous meeting in Livingstone (which culminated in
Morgan Tsvangirai's ignominious deportation from Zambia in the middle of the
night) once again involved Matongo. One asks the question why is it that
Tsvangirai has managed to hold meetings outside the country without any fuss
or bother in the past and yet the planning of this meeting appears to have
been communicated very well to the CIO. It certainly appears from the
outside that anything Matongo puts his hand to in the MDC results in chaos.
Is that incompetence on his part or does he have a different agenda and is
he working for a different master? The question must also be raised why
Morgan Tsvangirai continues to collaborate with a person who has so
obviously failed the party.

We end where we began - with two bitterly divided factions of the MDC. Each
needs the other yet at the moment they are divided into two warring camps.
Accusations are being traded back and forth on the basis that absolute right
resides on the one side of the divide and the other is somehow complicit
with ZANU PF. Yet we urge our readers to consider another possibility -
namely that, wittingly or unwittingly, both sides have played right into the
hands of the CIO. Consider that this is precisely the end result the CIO
planned all those years ago when the MDC was first formed, and which the CIO
has carefully choreographed through the intervening turbulent years, to be
brought to a dramatic denouement just as ZANU PF reaches its lowest ebb in
terms of popularity and would otherwise be on the ropes. Consider how
convenient the timing to a desperate ZANU PF. Consider how otherwise a
strong opposition would be in a position to press home its advantage and
demand real and radical change.

We do not seek to arbitrate between the two warring factions but we do wish
to sound a clear wake-up call to civic society. It is desperately important
that we all cease henceforth from making simplistic judgments between the
one MDC faction and the other. It is dismaying to see how otherwise sane and
rational people have leapt to accuse people in one or other camp without
taking the time to consider the hard evidence, or lack of evidence,
supporting such allegations. It is time we considered that our assumptions
may not be correct, or not wholly correct. It is time we considered that
perhaps the CIO is involved in both sides of this dispute and that neither
side commands absolute moral high ground. It is time to consider that
perhaps the very people we think are the "good guys" simply because they are
on the "right side" and saying the "right things" are anything but that. It
is time to question why it is that there are people on both sides who have
made absolutely certain that there will never be any chance of
reconciliation through their inflammatory statements directed against their
erstwhile comrades. It is time to consider that whilst some of these
statements may just be the outbursts of hot heads, made without any regard
for their consequences, other may be deliberately made to ensure that the
MDC remains divided. In doing so the makers of these statements, on both
sides of the divide, will have served their common master well.

It is also high time we ended the personality cult in Zimbabwean politics.
It is time we stopped blindly following (even popular and charismatic)
personalities who have already shown that they are seriously flawed as
leaders. Where there is confusion and uncertainty in the political realm, as
here, it falls to civic society to critique those who put themselves forward
for positions of leadership. The evidence is before us if only we will take
the trouble to sift and weigh it. Some of those who beckon for our support
have shown appallingly bad judgment. Others have shown they have no
substance but are ready to do a political flip-flop as necessary just to
retain their status and standard of living. Others again have clearly
demonstrated that they are hopelessly ineffective in opposition politics;
meaningful change will never come through them. And some are obviously there
to spy on and subvert the opposition; so long as they remain among us all
our efforts towards freedom and democracy will be doomed.

Jesus said (in the context of discerning between true and false prophets)
"You will know them by their fruits". Wise words indeed. And since we can
see the fruits let us - trade unions, churches, women's and student groups,
human rights activists and the whole of civic society - let us show true
discernment and wise judgment. Let us judge the principal actors in the
drama by their own records. Those on both sides of this division imperilling
the MDC and opposition politics in general who have condemned themselves by
their own actions and those who are under serious scrutiny must be excluded
from leadership - or opposition politics will not survive in any credible

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Bail conditions relaxed for Voice of the People executives

  Country/Topic: Zimbabwe
  Date: 10 February 2006
  Source: Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA)
  Person(s): David Masunda, Arnold Tsunga, Lawrence Chibwe, Nhlanhla
Ngwenya, Millie Phiri, Isabella Matambanadzo
  Type(s) of violation(s): legal action
  Urgency: Bulletin
(MISA/IFEX) - On 10 February 2006, a Harare magistrate relaxed the reporting
conditions against Voice of the People (VOP) radio board members when they
appeared in court for a remand hearing.

David Masunda, VOP chairman, his deputy Arnold Tsunga, and board members
Lawrence Chibwe, Nhlanhla Ngwenya, and Millie Phiri, all of whom are accused
of operating a radio station without a licence in terms of the Broadcasting
Services Act (BSA), are on Z$4 million (approx. US$40) bail each.

The bail conditions for the accused were relaxed after their lawyer,
Beatrice Mtetwa, successfully applied for a reconsideration of the bail
conditions. The VOP executives will no longer be required to report to the
police every Friday.

An application for refusal of further remand is expected to be made at the
next hearing on 28 February.

However, Isabella Matambanadzo, the sixth accused, is not subject to the
same remand conditions because she is currently residing in South Africa.
She will only appear in court when the trial commences on a date still to be

The VOP executives are accused of contravening Section 7 (1), as read with
paragraph 4 and 5 of the BSA Chapter 12:06, which deal with broadcasting and
signal carrier licenses.

It is alleged that the accused illegally established an office in Harare,
which they equipped with computers, and that they produced unauthorized
programmes which were transmitted through the Internet to Radio Netherlands.
The broadcasts were then beamed into Zimbabwe through a relay station in
Madagascar, without an operating licence.

VOP director John Masuku, who is appearing before the court separately, is
also on bail on charges of breaching the country's broadcasting laws. Masuku
was arrested after the police raided the VOP radio station's offices in
Harare on 15 December 2005, at which time the police also confiscated
computers, equipment and administration files.

Three VOP employees - Nyasha Bhosha, Maria Nyanyiwa and Kundai Mugwanda -
spent four nights in police custody following the raid. The three were
subsequently released without being charged.

These developments have taken place against the backdrop of the bombing of
the VOP offices on 29 August 2002 (see IFEX alerts of 30 and 29 August


For further information, contact Zoé Titus, Programme Specialist, Media
Freedom Monitoring, MISA, Private Bag 13386 Windhoek, Namibia, tel: +264 61
232 975, fax: +264 61 248 016, e-mail:, Internet:

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Mbeki's had it with Zim

From The Mail & Guardian (SA), 10 February

Godwin Gandu in Harare and Jean-Jacques Cornish in Pretoria

South Africa's patience with Zimbabwe is running thin. President Thabo Mbeki
is no longer prepared to grit his teeth and stare down his critics to defend
his "quiet diplomacy" approach to the troubles on his northern front. In an
interview with the SABC last Sunday, he as much as conceded that he had been
duped into believing that informal talks between the Zanu PF government and
the opposition Movement for Democratic Change would yield a political
breakthrough. This after the two parties had presented him with a draft
constitution "initialled by everybody" in 2004. The plan was abandoned after
"new problems arose between them", Mbeki said. He reflected an air of
weariness about the way Zimbabwe continues to dominate foreign affairs
debates within the ANC. A party insider said, "We're inclined now to leave
the Zimbabweans to sort things out for themselves before we can move along.
We continue to impress on both sides the need for them to find the solution,
that no-one else can do it for them," said the source, speaking on condition
of anonymity.

He said Eskom's cutting off of Harare's electricity supply and a recent
directive by the Department of Minerals and Energy to local oil contractors
to halt supplies "is certainly part of that pressure, but more by the law of
unintended consequences than hard design. We are saying that Eskom has to do
maintenance that will interrupt the flow of power to Zimbabwe, and we in
South Africa are ourselves experiencing fuel shortages. If this illustrates
the extent of their reliance on South Africa, then it is all good and well."
Reserve Bank Governor Tito Mboweni warned in off-the-cuff comments at a
seminar last year that "the wheels have come off there. I am saying this as
forcefully as I am because the developments in Zimbabwe are affecting us and
stressing us unnecessarily." The M&G perused the 108-page draft constitution
in Harare this week. It proposed the establishment of five commissions: on
elections, human rights and social justice, land, media and an
anti-corruption body. It mooted that a prime minister-led government and an
executive president be head of state. The creation of a Senate was also
contained in the document as well as provision for presidential and
parliamentary elections to run concurrently. The document Mbeki alluded to
in his interview also envisaged the setting up of a constitutional court in
Zimbabwe and set a two-term limit for the president.

But, on Tuesday, the feuding leaders of the MDC momentarily ditched their
differences to deny ever agreeing with Zanu PF on a draft or handing it to
Mbeki. "As a party we are not aware of what he is talking about. We are in
shock," MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai told ZimOnline. In a separate
interview, his party nemesis and MDC founding secretary general Welshman
Ncube said, "I can confirm that during the informal party dialogue meetings
between myself and [justice minister Patrick] Chinamasa, one of the things
we did was to draw up a draft constitution which we had hoped would form the
basis for the formulation of a political settlement of the disputed issues
in Zimbabwe. That document was never adopted by any of the groups as far as
I know. It therefore fell through," said Ncube, who would not be drawn on
the authenticity of the 108-page draft seen by the M&G. Presidential
spokesperson Murphy Morobe insisted that Mbeki stood by his statement. "The
president would never lie about an issue as important as this." Chinamasa is
quoted as saying that "the constitution is what resulted in the
reintroduction of the senate. Obviously, when two sides discuss, you cannot
agree on everything." This is not the first time the MDC has contradicted
Mbeki. In January 2004, Mbeki told then German chancellor Gerhard Schröder
that ZanuPF and the MDC had agreed to talks. The negotiations were delayed,
he explained, only by the long summer holiday in the southern hemisphere.
Within hours, Tsvangirai denied Mbeki's contention and the party has since
repeatedly denied that it was in dialogue with the ruling party.

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SA spy whose cover was blown now deskbound

From The Star (SA), 10 February

By Moshoeshoe Monare

The South African spy who found himself left out in the cold in Zimbabwe
will be confined to a desk job - after his cover was blown by the media.
Briefing the media yesterday, Intelligence Minister Ronnie Kasrils said
Aubrey Welken would not be kicked out of the intelligence service. "Just
because he was identified does not mean that he is kicked out of the service
or is no longer employable. Members of the service are involved in different
things, from training to management. He does not have to go out," he said.
Welken was arrested in Zimbabwe in 2004 for spying on President Robert
Mugabe's highest decision-making body in the ruling Zanu PF after he had
been lured into that country at the Victoria Falls border by its
intelligence agents. Kasrils quipped yesterday that "some people said he was
spying but I believe he went . for a little bit of a break". Welken has
taken leave after Kasrils managed to bring him back from Harare for
Christmas in a highly publicised diplomatic move. "The individual concerned
(and) his wife went on a holiday, given a rest that he needed, paid for by
his service," he said. Kasrils said Welken had also returned to Zimbabwe
this year as part of his release agreement to testify in the trial of those
he allegedly tried to recruit. Kasrils said he allowed Welken to be exposed
to media scrutiny in South Africa after his name was mentioned in the press.
He was also interviewed by Zimbabwean journalists before he was released
into South Africa's custody.

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Shock Fee Increases At UZ

The Herald (Harare)

February 11, 2006
Posted to the web February 10, 2006


TUITION fees at the University of Zimbabwe have gone up from between $6 and
$9 million per year to between $30 and $90 million with effect from

The university also increased residence fees to $4,5 million per semester.

UZ information and public relations director Mrs Taurwi Mabeza said the fee
increases were in line with the escalating costs of education in the

"We have increased the fees in line with the cost of education in the
country," she said.

Following the increase undergraduate Arts and Humanities students are now
required to pay $30 million per year up from $6 million.

Those studying Engineering and Natural Sciences will fork out $37 million
per year, up from $7,5 million and Medical and Veterinary Science students
will pay $45 million per year, up from $9 million.

Postgraduate students in the same field are required to fork out between $60
and $90 million per year up from around $1 million.

The university had initially demanded a down payment of at least $15 million
on registration from every postgraduate student and at least $7,5 million
for undergraduate students.

However, by midday yesterday the arrangement had been cancelled and students
were required to pay half the fees on registration with the other half to be
cleared before the end of March.

In a Press statement, the UZ said Government had approved the tuition and
residence fee increases. Mrs Mabeza said as a result of the fee increases,
the UZ has had to delay opening by two weeks. The 50-year-old institution
will now open on February 27. However, students, parents and guardians
described the increases as astronomical.

An Arts postgraduate student who declined to be named said the UZ should
have communicated the increases earlier to help them budget.

"The increase actually means education is going out of reach for many as the
fees are astronomical," said the student.

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Zimbabwe Grain Millers on Defensive; Profiteering Alleged


By Carole
      10 February 2006

Some grain millers in Zimbabwe have gone underground to escape police arrest
amid a government furor over the extreme shortage of bread and maize meal,
both staples.

Government claims that millers are hoarding maize and wheat grain, causing
the food shortages, have led some millers to shut their plants, worsening
the situation.

Managing director Takesure Mbano of the Mwendas Milling Company told
reporter Carole Gombakomba of VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe that he was
assaulted by the police on Thursday in connection with the accusations of

Police spokesman Wayne Bvudzijena said he had no information on the alleged
attack, and added that police are forbidden by law from assaulting citizens.

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Issues not normally unveiled in Zimbabwe politics


Andrew M Manyevere.

Zimbabwe, due to what she is suffering spiritually, emotionally and
materially, has obviously to go down to the dogs before making a turn
around, first out of its political misrule, and second rescuing the economic
corruption and decline from Zanu Pf cronies with a third element of putting
good governance in place. Imperatively the emotion of correction to previous
government eras evokes anger, vengeance and even victimization, if done
without forethought. Inevitably, because the process of government change
democratically is a very new but desired essential, it brings into question
the issue of successions in political leadership.

In Zimbabwe today Zanu Pf has a crisis at hand and President Robert Gabriel
Mugabe is a very unhappy person with a picture of a political end that is
extremely uncertain. The questionable way by which the current Vice
President of Zanu Pf, Joyce Mujuru, was brought into the run for
presidential leadership can be lightly described as hand picking. With all
Zanu Pf vice presidents having been chosen from fear of displacement than to
meet political futuristic plan of the party, Robert Mugabe has nicely and
unintentionally created a headache for himself and the country. Naturally
the Vice Presidents have passed away, and those who have taken over do not
have much to go and even with one who perchance is supposed to have many
years in life, the question is still that of legitimacy and suitability to
take Zimbabwe into the millennium. These realistic impossibilities in
politics are normally brushed aside, for political expedience, at the
expense of economic collapse and human rights abuse as well as disregarding
the rule of law.

Inadvertently Zanu Pf's failure to build political consensus, but instead
the preparation to the institutionalization of violence and secret bugging
of communication medium cannot be openly admitted without conceding to
admission of guilty in poor governance. Compounded by the fact that the
Morgan Tsvangirai leadership style of taking people based decisions, the
trauma the new turn in political game in the country brings cannot be easily
noticed, but accepted as a reality which has made Mugabe very uncomfortable.

With the tightening up of militia security in the country so is the
tightening up of the people's secret resolve to deal a blow to their enemy
at an appropriate hour when it comes. This unsettles the Zanu Pf government.
A sign of an unsettled regime is the expenditure of any government on un
revealed secret police work when the country is at peace except for its
inept ability to plan to provide goods and services necessary to constitute
good governance.

Because Zanu Pf government came into power through the support of a people
armed struggle, it gives that party nightmare to fail to understand cause of
certain of the MDC political behaviour. To the extent that the Central
Intelligence Organization (CIO) shepherds the MDC leadership and membership
everywhere, should in it signal to the world leadership that political
events in Zimbabwe are going beyond the Nazi surveillance, unless the world
charges rules midway and accept Nazism for application on poor African
states and its peoples.

Zimbabweans admittedly accept that Zanu pf as a leadership lives in the
past, and as such oblivious to read people's faces on the streets of each
city and country side, the misery of the army in their uniform and the
answering to insubordinate ways through joining to corruption adopted as a
rule by the police force. Africa has been fraught with military coups, and
the only reason why it will not occur in Zimbabwe is due to the entrenchment
of corruption as a tool of appeasement and reward among all those supportive
of Robert Mugabe and his party Zanu Pf.

We normally do not read of single persons trying to take a head of a country
by a gun alone except as it either suggests that the rest behind are in
hiding, or political insanity coming out of political realities of failure
unmatched.. When a corporal soldier tried to take Joyce Mujuru's life it
underlines a lot undercover in the direction of general unhappiness within
community of Zimbabweans.

The governor of the reserve bank, Mr Gideon Gono, made a clarion call on
people to take up their role in returning the country back to civilization
except for the fact that he could not be more explicit than he did without
facing the hatchet of a man who cuts unpardonably on political threat
irrespectively, Robert Gabriel Mugabe. He pleaded that the army General
Chiwenga admits the irreversible action which the country could face if
people decide on striking for food shortages in the country, because in
party he would not command the soldiers to shoot hungry people crying for a
right to food. Ironically there is hunger freezing all Zimbabweans, except
for the corrupt who make more money out of a poverty situation, with open
blessings from the government of Robert Mugabe and his Zanu Pf.

The effort to neutralize people and take off their minds from real issues of
hunger and oppression, by diverting it on secrets of MDC meeting on the
Zambian soil deserves world condemnation, and indeed undiluted protests from
all in the Diaspora, firstly to the Zambian president and secondly to the
UN, in order that they tie down their running dog Zanu Pf.

The formation of many political parties, timely geared to benefit from the
soon presidential elections speculated for either 2008 or 2010, not only
does it manifests the heartlessness based on greediness for personal wealth
by all who register them; but should help us grow to sideline meaningless
political culture of air fighting to defeat object of freedom by persuading
longevity of poverty for one more little time, while those evil and
malicious acquire fame and wealth from it.

The sad but true nostalgic fever among some of African descent dwelling in
the citadels of world fame and wealth, to allocate respect to some
individuals for African reconnaissance and liberation, and among such being
the person of Robert Mugabe, does not help students of good governance
against tyranny and its power of muckraking the world. What remains
unchanged about virtues on leadership for the people is that it reduces
while the people choice increases, this is typically opposite of what has,
is and shall continue to happen in Zimbabwe for as long as world leaders
turn a blind eye on evil of abuse of governance machinery and people by
those in power of control through cheating.

Repeated appeals on African leaders cannot be ignored as coming from every
African exile, but never from within the African within Africa, has it that
poor governance appears a cancer with no doctor now that either the west
connives with or applies lip service criticisms. A need for a system that
gives redeeming grace on poor people in the world is necessary. In Zimbabwe
since 2000 the country has experienced strong derive for democratic rule
quest, without a substantial answer for assistance from the African Union or
the United Nations.

The two visits by the UN in the country resulting in a vote of no confidence
in the May 2005 Operation Murambasvina (Clean Dirty) and that on affirming
the lack of solution from Zanu pf government on the destruction of people
lives, hopes and homes at the end of 2005, are enough indicators that Zanu
Pf government is a failing government who cannot however accept change
constitutionally except they are removed by a vote of the world body, UN.

The effort by Zanu Pf to pass a legislation which will stop people from
travel by withdrawing traveling documents shows the callous inhumanity Zanu
Pf craves on psychologically torturing the common people into docility,
under the world's watch and without remorse.

Day to day of life in Zimbabwe is pain and torture to imagine that better
things could be done and that our country would be on top of many other
developing countries, if not only it was not for Zanu Pf and its leadership,
who have unilaterally assigned themselves the honors of running down the
country and kill people in order to silence opposition. There is more than
what meets the eye in the politics of Zimbabwe.

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Poor infrastructure affects waste management in Zimbabwe: official


      February 10, 2006

(Comtex Environment Via Thomson Dialog NewsEdge)HARARE, Feb 10, 2006 (Xinhua
via COMTEX) -- Zimbabwe's deteriorating
infrastructure has resulted in poor waste management which has
seen accumulation of waste and outbreaks of diseases, the Ministry
of Local Government, Public Works and Urban Development said on

Speaking at a Waste Management Workshop, an official from the
ministry, John Chikuruwa, said the breakdowns had resulted in
water supply and sewage reticulation problems.

"The disappearance of donor assistance five years ago has been
greatly felt and has been quite difficult to fill as a number of
projects were left uncompleted," he said.

He said lack of foreign currency and equipment, coupled with
lack of technical assistance, had also compounded the waste
management problems.

Meanwhile Chikuruwa called for the fostering of partnerships
with the community, adding the government was in the process of
creating an enabling environment through decentralizing the whole
waste management system to bring decision making closer to the

A representative from the Commission running the affairs of
Harare said the organization lacked trucks to collect and dispose
of refuse timely.

"We need about 60 trucks to collect refuse but we have only 13
functional, this obviously would result in heaps of garbage and
this derails good waste management practices," he said.

An official from Environment Africa, Douglas Kativu, said
quality service provision and resource mobilization coupled with
enforcement of stiffer legislation were key to dealing with waste
in the wake of such diseases as cholera, dysentery, typhoid and
other disease caused by poor hygiene.

"Development of national standards guidelines, stakeholder
participation partnership, recycling and material recovery are
some of the ways forward," he said.

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JAG Job Opportunities Communique

JOB OPPORTUNITIES: Updated February 10, 2006

Please send any job opportunities for publication in this newsletter to:
JAG Job Opportunities;

Ad inserted 19 January 2006
Bookkeeper Wanted.
Mornings only bookkeeper to Trial Balance.  Knowledge of VAT and Wages
would be an advantage.  Garage and kiosk environment.  Suit older
person.  Female office environment.  Must be computer literate.  Please
contact Louise on 309447/8 or email
Ad inserted 18 January 2006
Looking for a manager, between the ages of 18 - 24 years. Preferably just
left school.  To grow flowers, potatoes and a cattle herd.  Situated in
Please contact me by e-mail at
Ad inserted 18 January 2006
CELL: 011211336 OR 091273639 OR BULAWAYO 230615
Ad inserted 12 January 2006
Wanted - Lady with accounting background, computer literate with Excel
and Word.
Pleasant office environment in Willowvale

Negotiable package and fuel allowance.
Please reply to 091-208566 or 011-207084 or email
Ad inserted 11 January 2006
Looking for a brilliant child minder to help with our 2-year-old
daughter.  If anyone is leaving and needs to place their child minder
please get hold of us.  Accommodation offered.
Brenda Pattenden

Ad inserted 11 January 2006

Duties Include - assisting with computer input, keeping CD1's up-to-date,
assisting with banking, general office duties - a varied job.

Type Of Person - friendly, out-going, able to work with the minimum of
supervision, loyal, confidential.

Please could CVs be emailed to the Export Manager at
Ad inserted 11 January 2006
Wanted Senior Bookkeeper

The Company: Well-established, small and dynamic, growing, multi-faceted
organisation based in the Northern Suburbs of Harare.

The Role: All accounting data capture.  Production of monthly trial
balance sheets and management accounts.  Cash management, statutory
returns, VAT administration and other day-to-day office duties.

The Person: Experienced bookkeeper who is self motivated, responsible and
reliable.  Willing to grow with the Company they must be ready to tackle
new and varied tasks as they arise delivering work accurately, on time
and in full.  Own transport essential.  Knowledge of Pastel an advantage.

The Rewards: Negotiable salary for the right person.
Part of a small but busy and motivated team.

Please contact Tanera Bouchet on 04 494540 or
Ad inserted 11 January 2006
  WANTED - Office Assistant
The Company - well-established, small, dynamic, fresh flower marketing
agent based at the Harare International Airport.
The Role - To assist in a very busy office with computer data capture,
day-to-day office duties - a varied job.
The Person - loyal, honest, reliable, must be able to work with a minimum
of supervision.  Own transport essential - company will assist with
fuel.  To start asap.
The Rewards - right salary offered to the right person.
Please send CVs to:
Ad inserted 11 January 2006
Bookkeeper required for small but busy business based in the Avenues.
Applicant should be qualified up to trial balance, debt collecting, petty
cash, etc some admin work and also have hands-on involvement.  Varied
position in relaxed office with good salary offered to the right person.
To start immediately.  Phone Lorraine Thomas on 733113/5, 792365 or
707245 or cell 091 263172.
Ad inserted 11 January 2006
Full Day Bookkeeper required to work in Msasa.
Competitive package on offer.

Please contact Marina or Dale on 446520, 091 261 629, 011 206 794.
Ad inserted 18 January 2006
  Position Title: Permaculture Program Manager

Field Site: Upper Nile, S Sudan
Essential Job duties/Scope of Work (provide at least 6-7 bullet points):
§ Plan, coordinate and implement the permaculture / livestock
programme in Upper Nile

§ Provide specialist input and oversight for best practice in
appropriate agricultural activities within food security/livelihood
related projects

§ aa communities with sound technical basis, education, and
promotion sustainable crop cultivation

§ Introduce and mobilise community permaculture gardens in
targeted communities

§ Coordinate and monitor project implementation and ensure
timely reporting of activities

§ Provide and facilitate technical direction, education and
training to staff, community health workers and community members

§ Monitor and manage Community Animal Health Workers and
agricultural outreach officers

§ Survey and study the existing situation of livestock food
(fodder) and propose practical methods of adjusting the food regiment

§ Coordinate veterinary activities with VSF B and partners

§ In collaboration with VFS B, study and appraise the existing
condition of animal husbandry and identify its constraints and potentials
for development.

§ Develop demonstrable program linkages between animal and
human health and nutrition levels

§ Identify and monitor disease outbreaks among livestock and
ensure effective strategies for disease control are in place

§ Document lessons learned across the various project
activities and recommend future strategies and interventions

§ Maintain and develop relationships with project partners and
key stakeholders in project implementation

§ Represent IMC at official forums when necessary, including
attending workshops, meetings, seminars, conferences, etc.

§ Evaluate the working capacity of the local counterparts from
a technical, planning and management point of view and propose practical
methods for enhancing this capacity.

§ Write and compile reports - both narrative and technical
Personal Qualifications (special training/experience required, provide
6-8 requirements):

· Bachelors degree or equivalent

· Minimum 5-7 years experience in designing and implementing
agriculture programmes

· Experience in community mobilization and participatory
methodologies strongly preferred

· Knowledge of and experience in permaculture design and

· Experience with livestock / veterinary programmes

· Experience in livestock management / animal husbandry including
teaching and research.  Abilities in survey, study and analysis of the
livestock situation.

· Previous NGO experience

· Ability to undertake physical work in a challenging and harsh

· Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing in

· Able to work effectively independently and as a team member

· Experience facilitating agricultural workshops / trainings

· Experience in the region - ideally in Sudan itself

Other comments:

Able to function effectively in remote, harsh environments with very
limited communications
Contact: Candice von Memerty, candice@fauvelife
Ad inserted 18 January 2006
Manager - Hazeldean Pty Ltd

A position is available for a hands-on manager, with a strong interest in
animal breeding using measured performance, to take on a close working
relationship with the managing director in the running of Hazeldean & its
sheep & cattle seed stock enterprises. The position is at company
headquarters, Hazeldean, located 15 minutes south of Cooma in

The successful applicant will be required to contribute ideas and form
strategies for the future growth of the property & business. Planning &
budgeting are essential skills however a desire for hands on involvement
is equally important.

The position would suit a team player and one capable and willing to take
on more responsibility in the future.  We are happy to consider
employment of a suitably qualified or experienced Zimbabwean.

Applications to:
Jim Litchfield
Cooma NSW 2630

 MOBILE: +61 414 363 006 (international)

                     0414 363 006 (within Australia)
Ad inserted 9 February 2006
Retired, energetic, fun loving Book Keeper, living in Greendale,
Borrowdale, Chisipite areas in March, for a small Nursery School : basic
administration, reception, books and general helping out.
Please call Debi or Shelley between 8am and 12pm

Ad inserted 9 February 2006
A mature, responsible person who is experienced with and passionate about
horses required by one of Zimbabwe's leading safari operators.  This
challenging position offers an extremely exciting lifestyle, full board
and lodging and a very competitive salary.  The right person should also
be able to get on as well with people as with horses.  Please send CV to
Ad inserted 9 February 2006
A vacancy exists for a farm manager on a mixed farm in Tanzania.

Our core business is vegetables for export however various other crops
and livestock operations are undertaken.

The right candidate should have at least 5 years farming experience in
East/Southern Africa, preferably with horticultural experience.

Responsibilities would include daily farm management, record keeping to
Eurepgap specifications, farm security and community liaison.

The candidate should be either single or accompanied without children.

To start immediately.

Package: $1500 per month, medical aid and usual benefits of farm
management positions. Work permit to be provided by the employer.

Company details to be found at
Please send CV to:
Nursery School or Infant Teacher
Ad inserted 9 February 2006
Experienced Nursery School or infant teacher wanted for 2nd Term,
Avondale area. English must be first language. Very good working
environment, mornings only, school terms only. Good package for right
person - mail
Ad inserted 11 January 2006
I am a man aged 26 years and I wish to apply for any suitable vacancy.  I
am a holder of BSC Honours Degree Economics with an upper second class.
 Please contact me on the following email address for curriculum vitae:
Ad inserted 18 January 2006
We are a couple from Edinburgh (Scotland) though I was actually born in
Zimbabwe. We are on an advanced stage of relocating to Southern Africa
(Zambia and Zimbabwe, but preferably Zambia around the Victoria Falls

We are both mid career professionals with extensive
professional experience in management research and
project management (I am an Ecologist with an MSc in
human ecology, my wife is also an MSc in social policy
with a very broad range of professional experience in
senior level). We are thinking of investing in a business (Eco-tourism
etc) in the long term. We are currently looking for a placement
(work/voluntary) for us to do while we are deciding our future plan. We
will be in Victoria Falls on 30-01-06. An body with information or
something for us should email us on or phone
00441316616925.  We are happy to forward our CVs if required.

"Most people pursue pleasure with such breathless haste they often hurry
past it"

Soren C Kiekegaard
Ad inserted 18 January 2006
I am a woman aged thirty-five years with sixteen years experience in
bookkeeping, accounts and administration. I am a holder of ZAAT diploma
in accountancy and doing my final year in Bachelor of Commerce, majoring
in banking and finance, as well as various other courses in accounts and
administration and very conversant with computer and payroll packages.
I can be contacted on 091 405 281/091 400 031 or
For the latest listings of accommodation available for farmers, contact (updated 10 February 2006)

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JAG Classifieds Communique

February 10, 2006


As a JAG member or JAG Associate member, please send any classified
adverts for publication in this newsletter to:

JAG Classifieds:;

1.  For Sale Items
2.  Wanted Items

3.  Accommodation
4.  Recreation

5.  Specialist Services

6.  Pets Corner



1.1 Business For Sale (Ad inserted 12/01/06)

Well established, operating auto-electrical business for sale in City
centre.  Large client base.  Turn over +-400 million/month.  Asking price
5 billion.  Walk in Walk out.

Enquiries to: 011 414 050--, 04 790266 (Work), 04 860054 (Home)


1.2 For Sale (Ad inserted 04/01/06-)

Dorper Sheep Flock

144 head including 3 stud rams

Feeding Troughs


Medicines on hand
Call 011 403 558 / 091 218 822 / 062 2473


1.3 For Sale (Ad inserted 04/01/06)
Phone your orders to--Anne--011212424 or 332851.


Small woven bags--$400,000 each.

Large crocheted bags.--$1,000,000 each.

Large woven bags.--$800,000 each.

Table Runners.--$600,000.

Set of 4 Fringed Table mats + serviettes--$1,800,000.

Fringed mats only(4)---$1,200,000.

Set of 6 Fringed mats+ serviettes--$2,7000,000.

Set of 4 Bordered table mats+ serviettes---$2,180,000.

Bordered mats only(4)--$1,580,000.

Set of 6 Bordered mats + serviettes--$3,280,000.

2m Throws--$2,220,000.each.

Tea cosy(L)--$345,000.

Tea cosy(m)--$340,000

Tea cosy(s)--$335,000.

Crocheted oven gloves(pair)--$800,000.

Cotton(lined)oven gloves(pair)--$460,000.


Decorated cushion covers--$800,000.

Plain cushion covers---$560,000.

Round crocheted cushions--$730,000.
Scarves--$800,000. each.

Hats(Beanies)--$450,000 each.
X Large plain cotton rug--$4,555,000.(Approx-230x130cms.)

Large plain cotton rug--$1,785,000.(Approx-143x75cms.)

Med. plain cotton rug---$1,155,000.(Approx-120x60cms.)

Small plain cotton rug.---$735,000.(Approx-105x52cms.)

Cotton Rag Rug--$735,000.(Approx-105x52cms)

Small patterned mohair rug--$1,185,000

Med. plain mohair rug--$1,380,000.

Med.patterned mohair rug.--$1,725,000.

X Large plain mohair rug.--$5,455,000.

Hall Runner--$2,600,000. (Approx-200x75cms)
Wholesale prices available for orders(over 6 of an article) or large

Please note that as all items are individually hand crafted, exact sizes
cannot be guaranteed.

All items are subject to availability.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

1.4 Motorbikes for Sale (Ad inserted 16/01/06)

BEAT THE FUEL CRISIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(Averages 50KM/LT)

PHONE: 790266/ 011 414050
1.5 Items For Sale (Ad inserted 04/01/06)

IMBUIA COFFEE TABLE - $8,000,000.00


IMBUIA HALF MOON TABLE - $8,000,000.00

2 X SMALL COFFEE SIDE TABLES - $5,000,000.00




WRITING BUREAU - $12,000,000.00

KIAAT CHEST DRAWERS - $10,000,000.00

TV CABINET (KIAAT) - $8,000,000.00


007 METAL CUPBOARD - $5,000,000.00



VACUUM CLEANER (HOOVER) - $1,500,000.00

TEA TROLLEY - $750,000.00

BOOK SHELF IMBUIA - $750,000.00



 2 X BRAND NEW KIRSH RAILS - $1,000,000.00

BATHROOM CABINET - $1,000,000.00
Please contact Irene on 497556 or Cell 091 431 873
1.6 Plants for Sale (Ad inserted 01/01/06)
                                FERNATIC NURSERY

Now that the weather has warmed up and the rains are now here, it's time
to garden again! For a variety of FERNS, PINK ARUMS & various other
plants visit FERNATIC Nursery on Crowhill Road. (1,8km past the Brooke on
the left just after Hoggerty Hill Drive.)

8-12noon, 3-6pm. Closed Sundays
1.7 For Sale (Ad inserted 09/01/06)

1X'Quest' calibrated citrus Applicator

Contact 335499 or 011 603296

1.8 Chemicals for Sale (Ad inserted 10/01/06)

Benlate - Fungicide 2 x 1 kg

Lennate - Pesticide 4 x 1kg & 4 x 100g

Sequential Two - Fertilizer 1 x 10ltrs

Dual 960 EC Magnum 3 x 5ltrs

Ronstar - Herbicide 2 x 5ltrs

Agil 100EC - Herbicide 1 x 5ltrs & 1 x 4ltrs

Command 4EC - Herbicide 1 x 5ltrs

Bion (Tobacco Leaf Spot) 8 x 60gms

Bravo 500 SE 1 x 5ltrs
Please phone 499790 or 091308903 if you are interested in any or all of
the above.


1.9 Car For Sale (Ad inserted 09/01/06)

Mitsubishi RVR Sports Gear 2000,1995 Petrol. Neat, dark green in colour,
lady driven with 110,000 kms. $650 million.  Call Kathy 011 602 144


1.10 Seedlings for Sale (Ad inserted 11/01/06)

JATROPHA (Diesel Plant) seedlings for sale (ready for planting).

Phone: 011 420 777


1.11 Pump for Sale (Ad inserted 17/01/06)

Jacuzzi large capacity, heavy duty, brand new, borehole irrigation pump
with Franklin 1.5 Kw motor and control box.  $120,000,000.00 neg.

Phone Mark or Pat 883236 or 011-204-642
1.12 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 17/01/06)
Toyota Landcruiser VX 4.2 Diesel, Manual, 1996, two owners, excellent
condition 209 000 km, $26,000.00
Landrover V8i ES Petrol, Full house leather/electric seats etc, 1996, 64
000 km, mint condition $22,000.00
Generator - Brand new TEK - SA assembled 5.5 KVA Diesel, Electric Start
Pressure Geyser 150Litre - Brand new in the box Z$ 90 Million.
 Please email or phone 011 221623
1.13 Dishwasher for Sale (Ad inserted 17/01/06)
Bosch Dishwasher, hardly used.  $85,000,000.00.

Phone: 490880 Cell 011 405218
1.14 Various Items for Sale (Ad inserted 17/01/06)
Whiskey collection consisting of 102 bottles (all different), intact -
$350 million

1 swimming pool filter (without motor) - $20 million

1 5-track CD player (excellent condition) - $10 million

1 DVD player together with sound system - $10 million

1 food processor with all attachments - $5 million

1 coffee maker - $1.5 million

1 1000 litre Coleman cooler box and one smaller - $6 million

1 wooden and black leather bar together with four backed chairs - $20

1 set garden table and four chairs - $4 million

1 set wooden garden table (round/collapsible) and three chairs - $6
All above prices negotiable.
Please contact:
1.15 Car/Yacht For Sale (Ad inserted 17/01/06)
Datsun Bluebird 1982 in immaculate condition only 80,000 kms

Sharp Yacht on trailer with complete suit of sails

Please phone 011 719 302
1.16 Container Space Available (Ad inserted 17/01/06)

Selling space on a container, which is bound for Brisbane.  Packing end
of January 2006.  Please contact Mr R Hinde 091 274 615 or 011 418 046


1.17 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 18/01/06)

COMPUTER - ($50 Million)

Intel P4, 3 GHz

40GB Hard Drive

512MB Ram



CD Writer

15" Monitor

Optical Mouse


FULL HOUSE DISCO - ($200 Million)

Technics Amplifier

DA Amplifier

Technics Graphic


Sound to light converter 3000W

Smoke Machine

Strobe Light

Disco lights

UV light and disco stand

2 x 15" 450 W wit 10" and tweeter inbox

2 x 15" Subs inbox

2 x CD Diskman


As new, still boxed and has original cotton with manual.

Immaculate condition.
For any Enquiries on the above please contact:

Mrs. Taryn Knight on 091243374 or after hours 304426
1.18 Vegetables for Sale (Ad inserted 18/01/06)
Haddow House is now selling fresh farm veggies.  Please visit the Farm
House at Haddow House, 10 East Road, Belgravia.

1.19 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 19/01/06)

House alarm, single zone wireless/cordless system, PIR sensors - $70m.

2.5kVa petrol generator - $50m.

Vacuum packer - $3m.

Clothes steamer - $1m.

Travel iron - $1m.

New cordless kettle - $4m.

Ice cream maker, Philips - $10m.

Slow cooker, tedelex - $10m.

Juice extractor, black & decker - $15m.

Electric can opener - $2m.

Coffee maker, Braun - $15m.

15 fin oil heater - $15m.

Hoover upright vacuum cleaner - $15m.

Delonghi wet & dry carpet shampooer/vacuum cleaner - $20m.

40cm desk fan - $2m.

Slide projector - $5m.

Extension reel with flex - $5m.

Camping stretchers (2) - $3m each.

Kitchen scale - $2m.

Floor scale - $3m.

Safe - $30m.

Garden fertiliser spreader - $10m.

Garden spray - $3m.

Golf clubs, ladies, c/w bag & caddy cart, complete - $20m

Golf clubs, men's, c/w bag & caddy cart, complete - $25m.

Tumble dryer, old but works - $5m

Peugeot 405 sedan car, '99 model, <60000km - $450m.

Steel shelving (qty = 75), assorted sizes, $725k each or $500k each if
take the lot.

Further details contact Marc on 304791 or 011 604419; 011 610073.

1.20 Chemicals & Fertilisers (Ad inserted 7/2/06)
Chemicals and Fertilisers for Sale:-
120 X 60G BION 50WG
All the above chemicals are still sealed .  For further details please
phone the following numbers:-
Harare 497735 Cell - 011-603-889 Fax/Phone - 481419
E-mail -
1.21 Cooking Oil (Bulk) for sale (Ad inserted 7/2/06)
"Cooking oil, bulk, attn restaurants, takeaways, etc, phone 495897"
1.22 For Sale (Ad inserted 7/2/06)
Potato Seedlings now available - large or small quantities.

also we still have full range of submersible pumps, well pumps - full
range of pumps for all garden needs. Generators, knapsack sprays,
irrigation systems for garden and larger . Lawnmowers, Very competitive

Please phone Carrie 091 206 558 for details and prices.

1.23 Cattle Farm/Ranch For Sale

        (Ad inserted 7/2/06)

Cattle farm business in Ghanzi District, Northwest of Botswana for sale.
Comprises of a well developed free hold farm measuring 16000. hectares,
with large house ( 5 bedrooms, en-suite bathroom, bathroom & separate
toilet, large lounge with an attached larpa. Separate dining room and
kitchen with old fashioned coal stove.) The farm has 3 very strong
boreholes with five watering points and is divided into 13 camps. All
farming equipment, lighting plants, gensets and inverter equipment

walk in - walkout deal
We even are prepared to sell everything as a package.

The farm, cattle, the house with all furniture (cupboards, beds, TV's,
tables, chairs, fridges, the works), all our vehicles (merc truck, double
cab, cruiser, grader) our bank account and company.

Cattle producer prices just been increased by 40% for the first time in
10 years.  Owner retiring.

Nearest cash offer will secure.

If you are interested please contact The Advertiser Farm--email:
1.24 Generators for Sale (Ad inserted 7/6/06)
Beat the ZESA power cuts by powering up your house and bore holes with
one of the following KIPOR Generators which we have on hand.
KDE5000E Single Phase 4.2 KVA Diesel, open - frame
type.  US$1 100
KDE5000T Single Phase 4.2 KVA Diesel, Sound proof type
            US$1 260
KDE6000T3 Three Phase 5 KVA Diesel, sound proof
type US$1 320
KDE6500T3 Three Phase 5.5 KVA Diesel, sound proof type
            US$1 380
KDE12STA3 Three Phase 9.5 KVA Diesel, Super silent
type US$4 450
KDE16STA3 Three Phase 13.5 KVA Diesel, Super silent type
            US$6 580
For all enquiries contact the following :-
Graham 011 617 999

 Rusty 091 278 460

Office 884022

Fax 850195

E mail
1.25 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 7/2/06)
Teak pick nick bench and table 40mil

Big front door with frame

Chest of drawers

 Large dining room suite with side table 35mil

Double bed plus headboard mattress and bench 18mil

Queen size bed solid pine lime washed with bench 18mil

Queen size therapeutic mattress 25mil

Biggie best lounge suite (1x3seater, 2x 1seater) 30mil

Oregon pine Morris chairs (1x2seater, 2x1seater) 45mil

Oregon pine coffee table 25mil

Oregon pine side table x4 20mil

 Old computers and monitors offers



Play station 1

Kitchen table with 4 chairs plus shelve 15mil

 Old Golf club set

Teak lounge table plus 4 side tables 25mil

Teak CD corner stand 5mil

2-pine lime washed single beds 6.5mil

 6-side tables lime washed 600.000

2 large cupboards blue brand new 60mil

Oak kitchen cupboard doors with hinges and handles 40mil

Full bedroom suite - pine lime washed including:

                        Corner TV cupboard 15 mil

            Two side tables 6mil each

                        Large chest of drawers 18

Large desk with chair 20mil
Large speakers with amplifier

 Peugeot 405 very good condition available only in mid march (54.000km)

1998 VW Golf

Lots of piping (black pvc) was used for solar heated pool


Cd player works fine for radio or connecting to TV*cds don't work

  1 side table lamp - children 1.5mil

1 side table lamp 1.5mil

  2 wrought iron wine racks 2, 3mil
There are lots of other little pieces for sale as well
Please contact Christina on 011 606 074 if you are interested in any of
the above

1.26 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 07/02/06)
1.  Originally imported from UK, music and comedy videos, music
biography books and CD's, a small P.A. system, musical instruments,
some lighting equipment, smoke machine, a black 10m backdrop &
materials, a music recording studio for sale. If you're interested please
email me at and I'll send you the catalogues with

2.  Full household for sale, numerous various items, accessories and
furniture. Please email me at for complete catalogues
and prices.
1.27 Dog Meal for Sale (Ad inserted 07/02/06)
"Dog meal,$800000 per 20 kg pack,free delivery Harare for orders over 10
packs, call Mr Wallis 023894597 or email "
1.28 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 07/02/06)
SEED DESIGNS (based in Chiredzi)
Beautiful exclusive, hand embroidered ethnic style cotton items for sale
Q/size duvet covers $8,500 000

Throwovers $3,900 000

Oven gloves $750 000

Binocular bags $580 000

Shoulder bags $900 000

Webbing handbags $1,200 000

Evening bags $550 000

Cushion covers $800 000

6 table mat set with serviettes $2,800 000

Wallets $600 000

Spectacle cases $300 000
And lots more!! For further queries, please phone Michelle Ross (Harare
Representative) on 091 202 138 or alternatively 883606.
Baby tender with fold out changing mat and bath $25 000 000

Mother care pram (navy blue) $15 000 000

Baby camp cot (fold up complete with bag) $25 000 000

Baby bath ring with suctions $500 000
For further enquiries, please contact Michelle Ross on

091 202 138 or alternatively 883606.
1.29 For Sale
2 doors GEC frig, recently overhauled, 1,50cm high, 60 and 70cms deep and
wide.  $25 million
Incomplete English Rockwood dinner service, white with maroon edging,
consisting of:

5 large dinner plates, 8 small dinner plates, 3 side plates.

6 large bowls, 3 small bowls.

2 large oval serving dishes, I entrée dish with lid

1 gravy jug with plate

4 million ono
Pair roller blades in good condition, size 6.  $2 million
9 Illustrated children's encyclopaedias edited by Arthur Mee - $3
Lots of lovely children's books, bedtime stories etc
Childs cricket bat, ball and stumps, brand new still in plastic.  3
Two gum plantations, also about 70 pines - please come and cut them
yourself, I live in Bromley, 55 kms from Harare.  Please find out prices,
as I have no landline, and limited cell network.
Telephone Jennifer at 011 423 614, or leave message at office tel 336945
or 333952 and I will return your call
2.1 Wanted (Ad inserted 07/02/06)

Is there anyone out there, wanting to sell the following:

Round dining room suite with 4 chairs, preferably with a glass top.
Alternatively, a cane suite would be equally suitable.
Glass top, not essential.  Plain oval cream coloured rug or cream with
shade pattern.
Please call Kathy 011 602 144
2.2 Wanted (Ad inserted 07/02/06)

WANTED: Heavy Duty Tumble Drier in good working order.  Please call
091 237 772 or 04 495862


2.3 Wanted (Ad inserted 07/01/06)
Old guitars wanted for cash, any condition, call Gordon 023894597
2.4 Wanted (Ad inserted 07/01/06)
Non-running/accident damaged, cars, trucks, tractors, wanted urgently for
breaking, please call Mr Wallis 023894597.
2.5 Wanted (Ad inserted 09/01/06)
Adult and child's life jackets.  Oars for canoes and rowing boat. Fishing
rods, reels and tackle.
Contact: or John Tayler 091 631 556.

2.6 Goats Wanted (Ad inserted 09/01/06)
WANTED: Many, young ready for breeding female goats for breeding
programme, will collect.

2.7 Wanted (Ad inserted 09/01/06)
A farm close to Harare to rent. Call Patience on 091 312 560 or Kurai on
091 212 304
2.8 Books Wanted (Ad inserted 12/01/06)
011 407747
                   2.9 Handset Wanted (Ad inserted 17/01/06)
JAG now has a new phone line in the office and we are looking for a
handset phone to borrow in order to relieve congestion on the existing

2.10 Vegetables Wanted (Ad inserted 17/01/06)
Looking for wholesale suppliers of, if you can supply yourself or know of
where I can find:




Gem squash

Please email or phone Kirsty on 011 212493.
2.11 Items Wanted (Ad inserted 07/02/06)
Is there anyone out there wanting, to sell the following:

Round dining room suite with 4 chairs, preferably with a glass top.
Alternatively, a cane suite would be equally suitable.
Glass top not essential.  Plain oval cream coloured rug or cream with
shade pattern.
Please call Kathy 011 602 144
2.12 Wanted (Ad inserted 07/02/06)
Second hand in good condition;

Motorola GP300 handheld radios.

Motorola GM300/350 vehicle mounted radios.

Motorola or Kenwood repeater.

We are a environmental NGO looking for radios to help with anti-poaching
in the Vic Falls area.

If you have old farm radios not in use any more we could really use them

Please email; or call 011 213 529



3.1 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 6/2/06)
WANTED TO RENT: Urgently wanted - a house in the Harare area starting
1st Feb 2006.  Must have a secure garden for dogs.  Please call 091 365
515 or 091 363 970.
3.2 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 6/2/06)
Looking for House to rent from 1st April.  Northern Suburbs.  4
bedrooms.  Long lease essential.
3.3 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 6/02/06)
Young couple with 2 young children desperately looking for a 3+ bed
roomed house, flat or cottage in Borrowdale, Mount Pleasant, Vainona,
Gunhill, areas, with reasonable rent.
Will be happy to make improvements and will take good care of home in
place of high rent.
Please call Ben on 091 335060 or Hayley on 011 219864 or

Home 04 884208
3.4 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 10/01/06)
We are desperately looking for a house to rent immediately.  Situated on
the western suburbs of Harare i.e. not Borrowdale, Greendale, Chisipite.
Good security is a must, 4 bedrooms borehole and pool if possible.
Please if you hear of anything contact us as soon as possible.
Dave & Jan Stewart
091606242 Dave

011606242 Jan

304210 Flat
3.5 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 12/01/06)
Single young girl with 1 dog & cat urgently looking for small 2/3
bedroomed house or flat or cottage with extremely good security in
Greendale/ Chisipite/ Highlands areas.  Must be unfurnished.  Looking to
move end February beginning of March.

Please respond to


3.6 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 16/01/06)
Looking for accommodation in Glen Lorne area for my maid who is middle
aged and on her own.  Must include ablutions.  Willing to pay reasonable
rent, but we have no domestics quarters on property we are renting.
Please contact Carol on 091 264160 or e-mail
3.7 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 16/01/06)

3.8 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 17/01/06)

Young married couple with two kids looking for a 2-bedroomed house.  Must
have servants' quarters and be in Harare.
Please phone Paul 091 315 767 or Roxy 011 611 288
3.9 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 07/02/06)
Responsible, professional single lady with ten year old son seeks
accommodation in northern suburbs.  Must have staff accommodation for one
maid and garden for Jack Russell puppy.  Contact Sue on 011-204193."

Please let me know how much this will cost and how I make payment.  Many
Penny Gibbons
email address

3.10 House Wanted to Buy (Ad inserted 19/01/06)
We are looking for a house to buy, preferably in or around the Ballantyne
area towards Borrowdale or in Borrowdale Brook. (Something near St
Please let us know if you know of a house available.
Contact: Shayne Hay

Tel: (263 4) 720138/9
Fax: (263 4) 706921
cell: (263) 11 201 677
3.11 Accommodation Offered (Ad inserted 11/01/06)-
2-bedroomed garden flat in Greendale, walking distance from shops,
carport, phone Mr Wallis 023894597
3.12 Accommodation Offered (Ad inserted 17/01/06)


To Rent -Beautiful House Fully Furnished

12 Room House 2 minutes from St. Johns and Shopping Centres

Double Alarm System in House

Carpets, Shades, Blinds

4 Bedrooms

2 ½ toilets

Kitchen: Dishes, Pots and Pans, Cutlery and Utensils

Stove/ Microwave/ Large Fridge

Scullery: Wash-up Sinks/ Deep Freeze/ Large Top Load Washer and Dryer

Furnished formal lounge

Dining Room: Oak table, chairs, pottery, glassware and silverware

TV Room: DSTV decoder


Large entertainment veranda

Swimming pool

Developed garden & rockery on 2 acres with dam

Secure wall and auto-gate outside lights

Under Voltage over voltage Protection Unit
3 ½ Month Lease from 4 MARCH to JUNE 21 2006

For Pre-paid rent, discount

RENT $55,000,000-00

Realtors and Estate Agents Finders Commission

Contact Mark or Pat Cell 011-204-642 or Tel. 862282



3.13 Accommodation Offered (Ad inserted 17/01/06)


Single-roomed (10mx 3m) cosy thatched cottage, suitable for up to 2,
ensuite kitchen and bathroom, partially furnished, in delightful Glen
Lorne Msasa woodland surrounds. Excellent
security, with 3 other residences, each with their own privacy, on the 5
acre stand making a
comfortable and friendly community as back up.

Rent based on US$ 80 pm, converted at blended inter bank rate, currently
at Z$70,000, i.e. Z$ 5.6m pm, all in.

Contact Janet on 499060 or 011 614 197

3.14 Accommodation Offered (Ad inserted 18/01/06)
Secure granny flat for rent in Chisipite with separate entrance.
Accommodation consists of one large room, full size kitchen and
bathroom.  Z$6 million plus deposit and utilities.
Phone Mike Lukas o4/490138 or 011400855
3.15 Accommodation Offered (Ad inserted 19/01/06)

House to rent in Northwood
4 Bedroom House
Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi
Electric Fence and gate
Inside alarm, all connected to Gauntlet

Available 01/03/06
Call 011 205 183
3.16 Accommodation Offered (Ad inserted 7/2/06)
Spacious furnished accommodation offered to fit elderly person in
Borrowdale.  Share expenses.  For further information, please phone
Renting Department on telephone number 885623 (am) or 885571 (pm).
3.17 Accommodation Offered (Ad inserted 7/2/06)
""We have a delightfull single roomed thatched cottage , and separate
flatlet ,
each with lovely
views onto the garden and surrounding msasa woodlands.
Suitable for singles , or a tidy couple, available immediate , on a 5
stand with 3 other
residences, providing a friendly small community which is good for
but maintains
individual privacy.

Contact Janet on 499060 or 011 614 197"

3.18 Looking for House to Sit (Ad inserted 7/02/06)
Mature couple looking to housesit for any length of time. Loves animals
available immediately. Please call Lauren or Jason on 091237648 or
3.19 Looking for House to Sit (Ad inserted 11/01/06)
Honest, reliable, mature lady looking to housesit as from 01 February
2006.  Avondale area preferred.  Please phone Jenny 011 423 614 or
4.1 Harare International Festival of the Arts (Ad inserted
The Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA) is one of
Zimbabwe's premier artistic events.  It gives Zimbabweans the change to
meet and interface with top local artists, as well as regional and
international artists and performers. The Festival's appeal is for all
ages and interests and during HIFA, Zimbabweans come together in a truly
carnival atmosphere to
experience the sheer joy that is art in whatever form - art as healer,
art as educator, art as up lifter of the spirit.

HIFA 2006 is scheduled for 25th to 30th April 2006. All the major
international festivals offer a "Friends of Festival" scheme and ours is
known as HifAmigos.  HifAmigos are a highly valued and regarded
component of the Festival.  HIFA offers a series of comprehensive
benefits in several categories of HifAmigos to cater for all interests
and needs and subscriptions are reasonable.

HIFA has been described as "second to Edinburgh" and "among the top ten
festivals of the world!"  HIFA 2006 now invites you to become a HifAmigo
or to renew your HifAmigo membership.  If you do so by 24th February
2006, you will be listed in the Official HIFA 2006 Programme and invited
to what is becoming the hottest even on the Zimbabwean social calendar -
the HIFA Opening Party. Our launch events are legendary.  Join early &
be there!

2006 HifAmigos will enjoy 20% discounts on all shows and workshops.
Procedure for becoming a hifAmigo
Contact the hifAmigo Manager for an application form -
Angie Thomas - contactable via HIFA as below.

 Harare International Festival of the Arts
 Box A42, Avondale, Harare, Zimbabwe
 Phone & Fax: +263 (4) 300 119
4.2 HOLIDAYS (Ad inserted 04/01/06)

Savuli Safari, self-catering chalets in the heart of the Save Valley
Conservancy. Game watching, fishing, horse riding, canoeing, walking
trails and 4x4 hire.  Camp fully kitted including cook and fridges.  Just
bring your food, drinks and relax.  $900,000 pppn, 1/2 U/12.

Booking at Off2Africa,- phone 498480, or 091-943195 email:

Or direct 091 631 556 or

John Tayler
Singisi Farm
Pvt. Bag 7011


4.3 Ad inserted 01/01/06


With the weather now nice and hot, it is time to go up to Kariba! Book
for this ideal family holiday now, especially if you like to catch a

Contact for more info today!

4.4 (Ad inserted 7/2/06)

Celebrate a romantic valentines day at Haddow House.  We will be open in
the evening where we will be serving a three course meal for $1.5million
per person exclusive of drinks.  Please feel free to bring your own wine.
(no corkage charged).  For bookings please contact Haddow House on
733405, 724408, 011 403316 or 011 206205.

Haven Rise
57 Argyle Road
tell/fax: (H) 04-335181
tell: (O) 04-733405
Cell: 091-320192


4.5 Fun Fund Raiser (Ad inserted 7/2/06)

Tickets for this very worthwhile fund raising event advertised below are
available from the college or the Jag office, 17 Philips Ave, Belgravia.

Come along to a great fun day of entertainment.

St George's Boat Club

  Fund Raising Lunch

Venue: Sable Motor Club (behind Haddon Motors)

Date: Saturday 18 February - 12 noon onwards

Live Music with Bucks and Johnny M!

$ 400 000 per head

Cash Bar / Secure Parking

(Ticket serves as a lunch voucher)

5.1 Auto Electrics (Ad inserted 12/01/06)
For all your auto electrical work call in at 16 Harare Street or phone 04
790266 or 011 414 050
5.2 Ad inserted 04/01/06
091 386 665 or
5.3 (Ad inserted 16/01/06)
Do you dread the thought of holding your child's party?

Do you have nowhere to hold a party?

Do you have no time to plan and hold a party?
      Your problems have ended!
Penny and Shelley will organize everything for your child's party.
Theme parties could include:

Transport, Space, Animals, Noah's Arc, Barbie, Spider Man, Barney,
Insects, Winnie the Pooh, Toy Box, The Sky, etc.
We can have it in a garden, at Safety Sam, etc, provide ponies, jumping
castles, slippery slides, games, individual eats, group eats, painting or
craft parties where your children can all create something to take home.
Call Shelley now on 091 264361 or 490684

Or Penny on 091 237434 or 336955

5.4 (Ad inserted 6/02/06) Care Management Services.  Formerly called
"Substitute Daughter."

Care Management Services. Formerly called Substitute Daughter.
Have you left Zim? Are worried about a remaining relative? For a modest
fee our
service will monitor the well being - physical, mental and emotional -
of those
who might be in need. The service is run by qualified, experienced,
nurses of "the old school". We ensure that health needs are being met
and that
if your relative needs any other sort of care - nursing, financial
transport, domestic aid, medical visits etc., we will arrange for these
to be met. We visit regularly and keep you informed with reliable,
reports of all developments.
24 hour call available.
The service has been working successfully, without interruption since
Want to know more? e-mail:
Ph.: 00-263-4- 302518 (after hours) or 00-263-91-603621.
References will be supplied on request.
Margaret Low. SRN. SCM.
5.5 (Ad inserted 11/12/05)
Harare SPCA Charity Shop
The Charity Shop is still operative, but needs stock urgently.  As I live
just off Ridgeway North I am in a position to be able to collect to take
delivery of goods, which can include virtually anything and everything.
Harare SPCA is under new management and as a result it has undergone a
considerable change for the better, and we feel that our service to
animal welfare is now worthy of the aims of the SPCA.
We would be grateful for any donations of any kind to help us keep
going.  Funding is an eternal problem, as sadly we are all too aware.
Vicki Campbell (Treasurer)

Phone: 851115 Cell 091 256554
5.6 (Ad inserted 16/01/06)
ZEB Water Back-up Systems

Tired of erratic, unreliable water supplies or low water pressure? Invest
in a reliable water back-up system.  We supply, install and maintain
water back-up systems to all areas in and around Harare.

tank if you have been off municipal for some time!

For more information please contact us on 011-424712 or 011-806525 e-mail

5.7 Ad inserted 16/01/06

Oxford IT

A leading IT professional recruitment firm, with specialized staff, are
ready to meet your recruitment needs.  Give us a call today to secure top
calibre personnel for all your IT requirements.

Don't Hesitate - IniTiate!

Call: Monique Fachet or Melissa Ricardo on 309274 (Direct) or via
Switchboard on 309800 - 17 (Ext 270 or 272)

Oxford IT
Agriculture House
South East Wing
Cnr Adylinn Road/Marlborough Drive


5.8 (Ad inserted 16/01/06)

CONTACT: 882511, 091 261741 or 011 420003

5.9 (Ad inserted 16/01/06)

Please remember we have reliable services available in Harare North at a
very competitive rate.
*Plumber - toilets, basins, blocked drains - Gauti c/o MP on 304492

*Electric Gates, Intercoms, House Alarms, Surveillance Cameras etc
Creative Decor 091 408 320

*Swimming Pools and Pumps - all repairs and installations - Creative
Decor 091 408 320

5.10 (Ad inserted 16/01/06)


Focused Video Productions specialize in weddings & special events video
production. We use digital equipment to capture your special moments in
highest quality.

Call Greer on 744075 / 091 53 047


5.11 Nursery School Vacancies (Ad inserted 04/01/06)

Little Blessings Nursery School

There are a few vacancies available at a small, up-market, Christian
preschool in The Grange area of Chisipite.  Owner: 15 years teaching
experience and is a trained nurse.  Viewing welcome. Please telephone for
appointment 499108 or 091 345 079.


5.12 Nursery School Vacancies (Ad inserted 6/01/06)

Rugrats Nursery School, conveniently located in a lovely safe and secure
setting in Mount Pleasant, still has a few places available for 3, 4 and
5 years olds for 2006.

In addition to the usual painting, colouring, drawing and making of
exciting crafts, Rugrats also offers additional activities such as gym,
tennis, ballet, music, computers and baking.  Numbers in classes are kept
to a minimum which means that your child will benefit from individual
attention.  We cannot stress enough how important the welfare of your
child is to us, and how blessed we are to be given an opportunity to lay
a secure foundation for their future.  If you would like to know more
about us, or to be a part of Rugrats Nursery School, please contact Karyn
on 091 261 641 or by email -


5.13 (Ad inserted 18/01/06)

Haven Rise Bed and Breakfast is situated in Avondale and is a wonderful
tranquil place to stay.  For further information please contact us at or visit our website
5.14 (Ad inserted 19/01/06)

Also an upmarket BED & BREAKFAST suitable for Embassy guests.
6 Chelmsford Rd. Avondale.

Phone: 091 228563
5.15 (Ad inserted 7/2/06)
"Chemical analysis,tap/borehole water.Phone 023894597"
5.16 (Ad inserted 7/2/060




091 402 599


5.17 (Ad inserted 7/2/06)
The Zimbabwe National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
requests that all cases of cruelty or abuse of animals, both domestic and
 livestock, are reported to them.

 Recently there has been an increase of deliberate cruelty to livestock,
 but unfortunately many of these incidents are not reported to ZNSCPA and
 only get to hear about them through a third party long after the abuse
 taken place.

 Cruelty to animals, including wild life in captivity, is a punishable
offence in Zimbabwe and we are pleased to report that the Police and the
Courts are dealing swiftly and decisively with these cases when we present
our dockets to them.

 Whilst ZNSPCA remains totally non-political, we continue to respond
quickly and professionally to requests for help on farms where the welfare
of animals is being compromised in any way.

 ZNSPCA HQ: 497885/497574

156 Enterprise Rd Chisipite
Inspectors Cell:Glynis: 091 367 260

                             Simon: 011 630 430

                             Jimmy: 011 528 449

                             Justine: 023 306 456

                             John: 011 867 099



6.1 Pets - Wanted (Ad inserted 7/2/2006)

I am look for a Jack Russell & a Labrador or other large dog to go to a
very good home.  Neither has to be puppies, but would be preferred in
order to
avoid conflict.

Please contact Michelle on 091402559.


6.2 Pet - Wanted (Ad inserted 09/01/06)

Am looking for a Golden Labrador female puppy, will go to a very good
home.  Please contact Bridget 011 408044


6.3 Home Wanted (Ad inserted 10/01/06)

Toy Pom bitch called Cindy looking for home. For more information tel.
Michelle on 884294 or e-mail
6.4 Hamsters For Sale (Ad inserted 17/01/06)
Homes sought for adorable, well-behaved Russian hamsters looking for good
homes - Free delivery in Harare area.  Phone Katie on 091 252 847 or
6.5 Homes Wanted (Ad inserted 18/01/06)
860277 or 091260827.


6.6 Homes Wanted (Ad inserted 07/02/06)
Geese needing good home

25 geese both male & female looking for good, safe homes with water to
swim in. Unfortunately, their current "water world" is haunted by a
river otter who is terrorising them and slowly killing them all.  Don't
all need to go together - you can take any number you wish, as long as
you promise them a safe home and not the pot!

Please phone either 011 205 190 Deena or 091 307 450 Linda
-JAG Hotlines:
+263 (011) 205 374 If you are in trouble or need advice,
 please don't hesitate to contact us - we're here to help!
+263 (04) 799 410 Office Lines

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