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Residents ordered to make city beautiful for Mugabe

Zim Online

Thu 16 February 2006

      MUTARE - A state-appointed commission running Zimbabwe's fifth largest
city of Mutare has ordered property owners in the city to repaint and
renovate buildings because the city must look beautiful when it hosts
President Robert Mugabe's 82nd birthday celebrations next week.

      Although Mugabe's birthday is not a formal state occasion, it is
however celebrated nationwide by both the government and the veteran
President's ruling ZANU PF party.

      The 21st February Movement, named after Mugabe's date of birth - 21
February, 1924 - holds a public music and entertainment gala every year to
mark the President's birthday. And Mugabe's speech to the country's youths,
which is the highlight of the celebrations, is broadcast live to the nation
on state television.

      The birthday galas are rotated from province to province and this
year's gala will be held in the city of Mutare in the eastern province of

      In a notice published in local newspapers this week, town clerk,
Morgan Chawawa, ordered residents to spruce up their properties at their own
expense to ensure Mugabe - the only ruler Zimbabweans have ever known since
independence 25 years ago - will find the city in a pleasant state.

      Chawawa said: "Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 31 of the
operative, Mutare Town Planning Scheme number one that all owners of
buildings in a state of neglect in the city are required to either repaint
or renovate their buildings to improve external appearance of the buildings
at their own expenses.

      "The city of Mutare is expected to be in a pleasant state in
preparation for hosting the 21st February Movement event."

      The town clerk did not say what punishment will befall those who fail
to make the city of more than 500 000 beautiful ahead of Mugabe's visit.

      Both Chawawa and chairman of the commission running Mutare, Kenneth
Saruchera, could not be reached on Wednesday for further clarifications on
the matter.

      Saruchera's commission is running Mutare after the government fired
the elected but opposition-led council.

      Business leaders from Mutare who spoke to ZimOnline were however
unhappy that they will have to incur huge and unbudgeted costs renovating
their properties simply because Mugabe will be visiting the city for a few
hours and this after having been arm-twisted by the local ZANU PF leadership
to contribute a total Z$10 billion to cover the costs of hosting the
President's birthday.

      "They must just tell businesses to improve their premises not because
the city is hosting Mugabe's birthday celebrations but as normal practice to
have a good image of the city," said Garikayi Mawoko, a businessman based in

      ZANU PF provincial youth chairman Enock Porusingazi has in the past
few weeks sent circulars to business owners requesting them to donate cash
to fund Mugabe's birthday party.

      Business people have learnt to quietly comply with such requests as
failure to do so will result in one being labelled a supporter of the main
opposition Movement for Democratic Change party and therefore liable to
retribution by ZANU PF militias.

      Mugabe, who founded Zimbabwe from the ashes of the British colony of
Rhodesia in 1980, has maintained an iron grip on the nation since then.

      But his rule has come under increasing pressure in recent years as the
country grapples its worst ever economic and food crisis, critics blame on
repression and wrong policies by Mugabe. He denies the charges.

      Mugabe looks physically fit and foreign diplomats based in Harare who
have met him recently testify that his intellect and grip on facts remains
sharp. But doubts about the President's health have remained since he
collapsed in November 2000 at a public function in Malaysia. - ZimOnline

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Harare must rein in non-performing parastatals to halt inflation surge

Zim Online

Thu 16 February 2006

      HARARE - Zimbabwe's inflation rate, already one of the highest in the
world, could breach the 900 percent mark in the next three months unless
Harare urgently moves to bridle non-performing parastatals and adopts
tougher measures to boost foreign currency inflows, analysts have warned.

      The country's annualised rate of inflation rocketed to 613.2 in
January, up from the 585.5 percent recorded the previous month. This was
about nine percentage points shy of the all-time record of 622.8 percent
reached in January 2004.

      Warning that the actual rate of inflation may be even higher since the
official figures do not take into account prices on the black market - the
source of basic commodities for most consumers - economic experts said
Zimbabweans should expect more hardships in coming months as prices

      "The official rate of inflation is likely to surge above 900 percent
in two to three months' time as long as there is no firm foundation on which
to build (Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor Gideon) Gono's recovery
programme," said an analyst with a Harare-based stockbroking firm, who did
not want to be named for professional reasons.

      Gono has conceded that inflation would continue to rise until March
this year when it could hit 800 percent before relenting to end 2006 at
between 220 and 230 percent.

      The RBZ chief, tasked by President Robert Mugabe to curb inflation and
inspire revival of Zimbabwe's comatose economy, also projects the inflation
rate to decline further to double digit levels by mid-2007.

      The analysts, however, said the RBZ would have a difficult time
attaining its inflation target, particularly if it continued to resort to
the ineffective monetary targeting and high accommodation rates for
financial institutions.

      "Monetary targeting will be ineffective for as long as the RBZ
continues with its quasi-fiscal activities. In fact, hidden in these
quasi-fiscal activities are high budget over-runs whose financing is
continuously exerting inflationary pressures," financial services group,
Zimbabwe Financial Holdings (FINHOLD), said in a commentary.

      The central bank doled out about Z$6 trillion to farmers last year
under its Agricultural Sector Productivity Enhancement Facility (ASPEF),
funds that ended up being abused by the recipients.

      But the analysts said the RBZ was largely to blame for the rise in
prices of goods and services.

      "The quasi-fiscal activities of the RBZ have been largely responsible
for the growth in money supply and this has had the effect of nudging on
inflation," said the stockbroker.

      RBZ quasi-fiscal operations pushed money supply growth from 178
percent in January 2005 to 412 percent in November of the same year.

      The analysts said the effects of money supply growth have a lag, which
means that the impact of the monetary expansion experienced late last year
would only be felt from February.

      The fuel industry was also expected to exert more pressure on
inflation. Besides Zimbabwe's increased vulnerability due to rising
international oil prices, sustained upward pressure is seen coming from
increases in the price of the commodity on both the official market and the
black market.

      A litre of fuel now sells for between Z$170 000 and Z$180 000 at
filling stations, and between Z$200 000 and Z$260 000 on the street.

      Such increases, and expected price hikes for other goods and services,
would nudge inflation beyond the 900 percent mark by the end of March, the
analysts said.

      Economist James Jowah noted that confidence-building was the only
solution to the problem of rising inflation.

      "Confidence has been severely eroded over time due to lack of a clear
policy direction in the economy, especially in agriculture," he said. -

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Police probe governor over impounded 40 tonnes of fertilizer

Zim Online

Thu 16 February 2006

      MASVINGO - Masvingo provincial governor Willard Chiwewe is being
probed after the police impounded 40 tonnes of fertilizer believed to belong
to the governor and which police suspect was earmarked for sale on the
illegal  black-market.

      Chiwewe is the highest ranking government official in Masvingo and is
the official representative of President Robert Mugabe in the province.

      Authoritative sources told ZimOnline that police bust an illegal
fertilizer-trading racket when they raided a warehouse in Masvingo city's
heavy industrial area and discovered 800 standard 50 kg bags of Ammonium
Nitrate fertilizer worth about Z$4 billion.

      Ammonium Nitrate fertilizer, in high demand in the country during this
time of the year, is however in critical short supply but is readily
available on the black-market, though at more than double the official

      Masvingo police spokesman Charles Munhungei confirmed that one man had
been arrested while a local businessman and a politician were still being
probed by the police over the matter although he said he was not in a
position to confirm to ZimOnline whether the politician involved was

      He said: "I can confirm the arrest of one man while a businessman and
a local politician are under investigations following the discovery of 800
bags of fertilizer in the industrial area (but) I cannot confirm or deny
that the politician is our local Resident Minister

      Chiwewe's other official title is Resident Minister of Masvingo

      The governor refused to take questions on the matter saying: "Let the
police do their job because I can not comment on an issue in which I am
suspected of being an interested party."

      But our sources said senior police officers in the province were
developing cold feet on the matter and were leaning on their juniors to
abort the probe despite clear evidence linking Chiwewe to the fertilizer.

      "Our bosses are trying to block the whole case despite us having
evidence linking the governor to the case because we have receipts (from the
fertilizer supplier) which were issued in his name," said a junior
policeman, among officers who discovered the fertilizer.

      High profile ruling ZANU PF party and government politicians have used
their influential positions to access basic commodities including
agricultural inputs that are scarce in the country for resale to ordinary
citizens at exorbitant prices.

      Mugabe has on several occasions publicly spoken against his top
officials fuelling the black-market and even set up an Anti-Corruption
Ministry that was among other things expected to curb the illegal parallel
market. But little has changed on the ground. - ZimOnline

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Police arrest 21 Zimbabwe university students

Zim Online

Thu 16 February 2006

      BULAWAYO - Zimbabwe police yesterday arrested 21 students from the
country's National University of Science and Technology (NUST) who were
protesting against the government's decision to hike fees at all state

      NUST is owned by the government.

      The arrested students, who were part of a larger group that was
demonstrating at the university grounds, were still locked up at Bulawayo
Central police station by late last night. But a police spokesman, Andrew
Phiri, said the students might appear in court today to face charges of
malicious injury to property because they allegedly vandalised buildings
during their protests.

      The government this year more than doubled fees at its universities
saying the costs of maintaining the institutions had skyrocketed due to the
country's inflation.

      Meanwhile, the police in Harare were by last night still detaining the
192 women they arrested on Valentine's Day for protesting against the

      The women were arrested outside the Parliament building where they
were demonstrating against worsening economic hardships in the country.

      One of the lawyers representing the women, Otto Saki, said: "The women
are still in detention but the police are charging them under the
Miscellaneous Ofences Act which has an option of a fine." - ZimOnline

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Media rights group lashes out at Zimbabwe ambassador

Zim Online

Thu 16 February 2006

      JOHANNESBURG - The Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) on
Wednesday criticised Zimbabwe's ambassador to South Africa, Simon Khaya
Moyo, after he accused the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) of
unfairness in its coverage of Zimbabwe.

      MISA director in Zimbabwe, Rashweat Mukundu said Moyo's remarks
amounted to unwarranted interference in editorial matters insisting the
ambassador had no right to determine the kind of coverage the SABC should
accord  Zimbabwe.

      Mukundu said the remarks were also surprising because Zimbabwe was
receiving a lot of positive coverage on SABC.

      In a letter to the SABC, Moyo accused the public broadcaster of being
driven by a hidden agenda to portray Zimbabwe negatively.

      Earlier this month, Zimbabwe finance minister Herbert Murerwa kicked
out an SABC crew from a news conference in Harare where he was briefing the
media on the country's talks with the International Monetary Fund.

      Murerwa accused the SABC of being hostile to Zimbabwe. He however
later called the SABC team and briefed them  separately.

      The Zimbabwe government has often accused foreign media of seeking to
demonise President Robert Mugabe's administration over the seizure of
white-owned farms for redistribution to landless blacks six years ago and
other human rights issues.

      The Zimbabwe government has had an acrimonious relationship with both
local and foreign-owned media. Four newspapers including the country's
biggest daily, The Daily News, have been banned over the past three years
with  more than a hundred journalists arrested for flouting the country's
tough media laws. - ZimOnline

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Zimbabwe magistrate defers sentence on ZANU PF senator

Zim Online

Thu 16 February 2006

      KAROI - A Karoi town magistrate on Wednesday deferred sentence on a
ruling ZANU PF party senator who was last week convicted of inciting
political violence that claimed one man during last March's parliamentary

      The magistrate, Samuel Muyemeki, last week remanded the senator, Phone
Madiro in custody for sentencing after he was convicted of inciting
political violence against his rival.

      But yesterday, the magistrate deferred sentencing after Madiro's
lawyer, Chawaona Kanoti, made a fresh application for bail.

      Kanoti told the magistrate: "The accused is appealing to the
honourable court so that he can be granted bail pending sentence as he has
been in custody for five days."

      The magistrate deferred the sentencing to today saying he needed time
to reconsider the submission made by the defence.

      The court heard that in December 2004, Madiro, leading a group of 18
youths attacked supporters of his rival Cecilia Gwachiwa who was vying to
represent ZANU PF in last March's parliamentary election.

      Tichaona Manyembere, who belonged to a faction aligned to Gwachiwa,
was seriously injured during the attack by Madiro's supporters and died two
weeks later from the injuries.

      Zimbabwe's main opposition Movement for Democratic Change party has
long accused Mugabe's supporters of unleashing violence on political
opponents to stay in power. Mugabe denies the charge. - ZimOnline

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Zimbabwe women protesters freed - lawyer


          February 15 2006 at 04:48PM

      Harare - More than 180 women arrested during a protest march this week
in Zimbabwe's second city of Bulawayo were released on Wednesday but 250
others remained in custody in Harare, a lawyer said.

      The marchers from the Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) group were
demanding "roses and dignity" during the marches held in Bulawayo on Monday
and Harare on Tuesday.

      "Some 141 people including 14 children who were arrested... were
released on Wednesday in Bulawayo after being charged with engaging in a
march without police clearance and obstructing traffic," said lawyer Sarah

      "About 252 arrested in Harare on Tuesday are still in police cells. We
are still negotiating to secure their release," Chishiri of Zimbabwe's
Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) told AFP.

      A lawyer who was arrested together with the protesters in Harare was
released hours later, she said.

      Hundreds of women, some with children strapped to their backs, took
part in the Valentine's Day marches and were arrested and charged under
Zimbabwe's tough Public Order and Security Act (POSA) which prohibits
demonstrations and political gatherings without police clearance.

      "To coincide with Valentine's Day we were making a statement demanding
roses and the dignity they stand for and bread in the form of affordable
food for everyone," WOZA spokesperson Jenni Williams told AFP on Tuesday.

      Grocery stores across Zimbabwe have run out of the staple cornmeal as
the country continues to reel under chronic food shortages and near record
highs in inflation of 613 percent.

      At least four million of the country's population of 13 million will
require food aid until the next harvest in May, according to aid agencies.

      President Robert Mugabe's government blames the food deficit on
drought which affected parts of southern Africa while his critics say
shortages were caused by the the land reform programme which saw the seizure
of white-owned commercial farms. - Sapa-AFP

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Arbitrary arrest and detention


Arbitrary arrest and detention / Judicial proceedings - ZWE 002 / 0206 / OBS

The Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders, a joint
programme of the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) and the
World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT) requests your urgent intervention
in the following situation in Zimbabwe.

Brief description of the situation :

The Observatory has been informed by Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights
(ZLHR) about the arbitrary arrest of nearly 300 demonstrators, including
members of the NGO Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA), in Bulawayo and Harare.

According to the information received, on February 13, 2006, approximately
181 persons, mainly women, who were demonstrating under the banner of the
NGO Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA), along with 14 children, were arrested in
central Bulawayo, as they were dispersing from a peaceful protest against
human rights violations. Among those arrested were four WOZA leaders, Mrs.
Jennifer Williams[1], Mrs. Magodonga Mahlangu, Mrs. Emily Mpofu and Mrs.
Maria Moyo, who were finger-printed and ordered to make statements. The
detainees were charged with "organising an unlawful gathering" (Section 24
of the Public Order and Security Act). Their lawyers, who were prevented
from seeing them, were told that they could see them on February 15, 2006.

Those arrested were allegedly exposed to heavy rains as they were detained
in the open police courtyard at Bulawayo Central police station for several
hours, before being moved to cells at around 10:30 pm.

Moreover, on February 14, 2006, over twenty uniformed police, armed with
baton sticks, and some sporting full riot gear, arrested between 60 and 100
women from WOZA in Harare at lunchtime, as they gathered in the city centre
as part of a peaceful protest against social and economic inequalities faced
by women in Zimbabwe. The women were rounded up and callously loaded into
trucks marked "City of Harare Municipal Police" to be taken to the Law and
Order section at Harare Central police station. Mr. Tafadzwa Mugabe, a
lawyer from the Rapid Reaction Unit of ZLHR, was harassed, verbally abused
and finally arrested and bundled into the truck with his clients. Amongst
the detainees are a considerable number of elderly women, as well as at
least one young child of around four years of age.

These demonstrations are conducted every year in association with Valentine's

The Observatory expresses its deepest concern about these events, and urges
the Zimbabwean authorities to conform with article 12.2 of the Declaration
on Human Rights Defenders, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on
December 9, 1998, which states that "The State shall take all necessary
measures to ensure the protection by the competent authorities of everyone,
individually and in association with others, against any violence, threats,
retaliation, de facto or de jure adverse discrimination, pressure or any
other arbitrary action as a consequence of his or her legitimate exercise of
the rights referred to in the present Declaration".

More generally, the Observatory reiterates its concern about the situation
of human rights defenders in Zimbabwe, who face serious risks to their
security as well as infringements of their freedoms of expression and

Action requested :

Please write to the Zimbabwean authorities, urging them to :

i. Guarantee, in all circumstances, the physical and psychological integrity
of all persons detained, including Mrs. Jennifer Williams, Mrs. Magodonga
Mahlangu, Mrs. Emily Mpofu, Mrs. Maria Moyo, Mr. Tafadzwa Mugabe, all WOZA
members, as well as of all human rights defenders in Zimbabwe;

ii. Ensure that those arrested be immediately released and granted a fair
and impartial trial so that all charges against them be dropped, as they are

iii. Put an end to all acts of harassment against WOZA members and all human
rights defenders in Zimbabwe;

iv. Conform with the provisions of the Declaration on Human Rights
Defenders, in particular its article 1 which states that "Everyone has the
right, individually and in association with others, to promote and to strive
for the protection and realisation of human rights and fundamental freedoms
at the national and international levels", and article 12(2)

v. Ensure in all circumstances respect for human rights and fundamental
freedoms in accordance with international human rights standards and
international instruments ratified by Zimbabwe.

Addresses :

  President of Zimbabwe, Mr. Robert G. Mugabe, Office of the President,
Private Bag 7700, Causeway, Harare, Zimbabwe, Fax : +263 4 708 211

- Mr. Khembo Mohadi, Minister of Home Affairs, Ministry of Home Affairs,
11th Floor Mukwati Building, Private Bag 7703, Causeway, Harare, Zimbabwe,
Fax : +263 4 726 716

  Mr. Patrick Chinamasa, Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary
Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, Fax: + 263 4
77 29 99

  Mr. Augustine Chihuri, Police Commissioner, Police Headquarters, P.O. Box
8807, Causeway, Harare, Zimbabwe, Fax : +263 4 253 212 / 728 768 / 726 084

  Mr. Sobuza Gula Ndebele, Attorney-General, Office of the Attorney, PO Box
7714, Causeway, Harare, Zimbabwe, Fax: + 263 4 77 32 47

  Mrs. Chanetsa, Office of the Ombudsman Fax: + 263 4 70 41 19

  Ambassador Mr. Chitsaka Chipaziwa, Permanent Mission of Zimbabwe to the
United Nations in Geneva, Chemin William Barbey 27, 1292 Chambésy,
Switzerland, Fax: + 41 22 758 30 44, Email:

Please also write to the embassies of Zimbabwe in your respective country.


Geneva - Paris, February 14, 2006

Kindly inform us of any action undertaken quoting the code of this appeal in
your reply.

The Observatory, a FIDH and OMCT venture, is dedicated to the protection of
Human Rights Defenders and aims to offer them concrete support in their time
of need.

The Observatory was the winner of the 1998 Human Rights Prize of the French

To contact the Observatory, call the emergency line: Email: Tel and fax FIDH: 33 1 43 55 55 05 / 01 43 55 18 80
Tel and fax OMCT: + 41 (0) 22 809 49 39 / 41 22 809 49 29

[1] The Observatory recalls that Mrs. Jennifer Williams is nominated for the
2006 Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders (MEA), See Observatory
Press Release, February 13, 2006.

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South Africa speeds up Zimbabwe asylum cases as 1000 arrive daily


      By Violet Gonda
      15 February 2006

      The Zimbabwe Action Support Group in South Africa (ZASG) has expressed
concern over the number of Zimbabweans being refused asylum in neighbouring
South Africa. ZASG spokesman Rogers Mudarikwa said at least 1 000
Zimbabweans are risking their lives to get into the country daily. He claims
South African authorities believe these are mostly economic immigrants, and
have therefore started fast tracking asylum applications in order to force
the Zimbabweans to go back home.

      The process, which usually takes more than 6 months, is now reported
to be taking two weeks.

      Mudarikwa said the ZASG has had more than 200 appeals from people who
had their asylum cases rejected since October last year. He said this is
only in Pretoria and Johannesburg. There are many Zimbabweans in other areas
such as Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Bloemfontein.

      Human Rights lawyers, who are helping some of the immigrants, are said
to have appealed to the South Africa Legal Aid body for help.

      Zimbabweans are fleeing economic and political hardships in droves and
making the expensive and sometimes very dangerous journey to neighbouring

      It's estimated that there are at least two million Zimbabweans in
South Africa.

      SW Radio Africa Zimbabwe news

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Civic Society Organisations to host global diaspora conference

      By Tichaona Sibanda
      15 February 2006

      There are plans by the South African based Zimbabwe Diaspora Forum to
host the first ever global international conference for Zimbabweans living
outside the country.

      According to Daniel Molokela, a leading activist in Johannesburg, it
is anticipated that the historic event will be held in South Africa in April

      'We expect representatives from every corner of this globe to attend
the conference. A top political figure will be our guest at the conference.
We will also invite representatives of all political parties from Zimbabwe
as well as top civic and church leaders,' said Molokela from Johannesburg on

      The diaspora conference will seek to create a global platform that
will discuss both the short and long term roles of the millions of
Zimbabweans now living outside the country.

      Molokela said some of the major outcomes expected from the conference
include the setting up of a global forum and leadership for all Zimbabwean
institutions and organisations that are based in the diaspora.

      He added that the conference will also look at the adoption of a
visionary policy document that will help to define the role of the diaspora
in the political and socio-economic development of the country from both a
long term and short term perspective.

      SW Radio Africa Zimbabwe news

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Tsvangirai loses election appeal as opposition woes mount

[ This report does not necessarily reflect the views of the United Nations]

JOHANNESBURG, 15 Feb 2006 (IRIN) - Zimbabwe's opposition Movement for
Democratic Change (MDC), already wracked by internal division, is finding
itself more isolated in the region and at home.

The party's disputed leader Morgan Tsvangirai has lost yet another round in
his battle to overturn the results of the 2002 presidential election, which
President Robert Mugabe maintains he won fairly.

At the time of the 2002 poll the MDC was in its ascendancy, but when the
votes were finally tallied, Mugabe had scored 56.2 percent to Tsvangirai's
41.9, with his strongest showing predictably in the rural areas, a
traditional support base. Western and local election observers condemned the
ballot as neither free nor fair.

On Tuesday the Supreme Court dismissed an application by Tsvangirai that it
hear his appeal for nullification of the 2002 results. This followed a High
Court ruling in 2005 against Tsvangirai's bid to overturn the poll verdict,
for which the presiding judge gave no reasons until months after his ruling.

This effectively hamstrung Tsvangirai from filing an appeal, as appeals have
to be filed within 15 days of a judgement being handed down, his spokesman
William Bango told IRIN. A second part of Tsvangirai's challenge to the
election results was yet to be concluded, Bango added.

The court ruling was yet another blow for the beleaguered Tsvangirai,
currently fighting a leadership battle with a 'rebel' MDC faction, led by
vice-president Gibson Sibanda. The labour-backed MDC's bitter wrangle over
participation in last year's senate election split the party in two, with
each faction trying to expel or suspend its opponents.

They will hold two separate congresses this year, which analysts say is
likely to lead to a finalisation of the split. Meanwhile, smaller parties
have emerged, further confusing the opposition political landscape, say

Zimbabwe Electoral Support Network chairman Reginald Machaba-Hove told IRIN
that "the people of Zimbabwe deserve to have viable political parties,
including strong opposition parties, to help solve the dire problems in the
country, and not a plethora of smaller opposition parties".

"We don't think that that is providing real choice to the people of
Zimbabwe, it tends to weaken the opposition and confuse the electorate," he

Analyst Brian Raftopoulos noted that many of the new political parties were
formed by "ex [ruling party] ZANU-PF dissenters, people like [former
information minister] Jonathan Moyo, who have no place to go within the MDC
and still have links with the ruling party - many are an extension of

"They have little credibility, they are splinter groups that are likely to
remain marginal," he concluded.

The MDC, meanwhile, appears to have divided along geographical and ethnic
lines. "Although the reasons for the split were not fundamentally about
ethnic tensions, the reconfiguration of the factions definitely has an
ethnic dimension," Raftopoulos noted.

The split would "debilitate both factions of the MDC, as the strength of the
party was in its unity, at present neither faction has a strategy to
confront Mugabe and on their own they lack a national reach in terms of
support, as one is based mainly in Matabeleland [in the south] and the other
has support in other parts of the country".

To add to Tsvangirai's woes, the MDC appears to be increasingly isolated
within the region.

Recent comments by South African President Thabo Mbeki indicated that he had
grown increasingly weary of trying to resolve Zimbabwe's political crisis.
He told the South African Broadcast Corporation last week that in 2004 his
'quiet diplomacy' policy towards Zimbabwe had almost resulted in a deal
between ZANU-PF and the MDC on a new constitution.

"They were actually involved in negotiating a new constitution for Zimbabwe,
and they did and they completed it ... they gave me a copy initialled by
everybody, done. So we thought the next step then must be to say where do we
take this process. But then ... new problems arose among themselves. So we
watch the situation and to the extent that we can help in future, we will,"
Mbeki said.

"They asked us to assist, to mend relations among themselves. It didn't
work. We tried to intervene but I think the rupture had gone too far," he

To this, Tsvangirai's spokesman Bango replied that outside assistance was
secondary to internal Zimbabwean initiatives to end the crisis. "Whatever
African countries may try to do should be complimentary to efforts here at
home," he said.

Raftopoulos, however, said Mbeki's comments indicated "a sense of growing
frustration that his quiet diplomacy policy has produced no fruits, the new
wait and see approach [adopted by South Africa] is a result of the failure
of his [quiet diplomacy] efforts".

Last week Tsvangirai and several MDC leaders were deported from Zambia when
they met in Livingstone, a tourist town on the border with Zimbabwe.

Raftopoulos said the deportation was "confirmation of the fact that since
the crisis began in 2000, the region has been behind Mugabe".

The travails of the MDC - the current leadership battle and split in the
party, coupled with the emergence of smaller opposition parties, a lack of
democratic space in Zimbabwe and eroding regional support for efforts to
find a solution to the country's political crisis - could see a changed
political landscape, Raftopoulos said.

"I think opposition politics is going into a hiatus now, it will be a very
dark and slow period in terms of opposition politics. I think civic
movements are also in the process of reorganising right now, they are very
much pushed on the defensive. On the whole, even though Mugabe has problems
internationally, at home the opposition presents him with few difficulties,"
Raftopoulos concluded.

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CPJ releases annual "Attacks on the Press" report

      By Forward Maisokwadzo

      SANDRA Nyaira, secretary of the Association of Zimbabwe Journalists in
UK and Channel 4 News International Editor Lindsey Hilsum, were keynote
speakers at the launch of the Committee to Protect Journalists' annual press
freedom survey attacks on the press on Tuesday at Frontline Club in London.

      Chaired by CPJ deputy director Joel Simon, the event, attended by
journalists and press freedom campaigners, marked the official launch of the
report, which also highlighted that "a regime of repressive laws and
regulations has kept a stranglehold on the independent press in Zimbabwe."

      CPJ publishes "Attacks on the Press" both on-line and in book form
each year. In the report, CPJ Africa program staff report that civil
conflict continued to threaten press freedom in Ivory Coast, Democratic
Republic of Congo (DRC), and Somalia, while a regime of repressive laws and
regulations has kept a stranglehold on the independent press in Zimbabwe.

      Ms Nyaira lambasted the Zimbabwe government's reluctance to repeal the
draconian pieces of legislation such as the Access to Information and
Protection of Privacy Act. She applauds CPJ for its effort in helping and
highlighting the need for the protection of journalists facing threats.
      "CPJ work deserves praise and support. As Zimbabwean journalists we
are humbled by your support," said Nyaira.

      According to the report the murder rate for journalists in sub-Saharan
Africa doubled in 2005; four were killed for their work in Somalia, Sierra
Leone and DRC, compared to two the previous year. The number of journalists
behind bars jumped sharply in 2005, spurred by Ethiopia, where over a dozen
editors and publishers have been jailed following anti-government protests
in November. In addition, journalists across the continent suffer daily
harassment, violent attack, and threats. These attacks continue despite the
apparent spread of democracy, with over a dozen elections held in 2005.

      In an analysis focusing on Zimbabwe and Burundi, CPJ's Africa Program
Coordinator Julia Crawford looks at the links between democracy and a free

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Board sets police on Ebrahim and Taibu

Cricinfo staff

February 15, 2006

Dion Ebrahim, Zimbabwe's former vice-captain, was arrested this morning for
using a ZC-sponsored car two weeks after the board decided not to offer him
a new contract. Ebrahim was held at Highlands Police Station in Harare for
several hours. Beatrice Mtetwa, his lawyer, told journalists that the arrest
was illegal as ZC had not paid Ebrahim his outstanding match fees.

"They had him arrested because he was using their car," Mtetwa said. "They
are still holding him. I wrote their lawyers telling them that we will not
release the car until he is paid his dues. They can only take the car with a
court order. This case has nothing to do with the police. This is a civil
case. It is an abuse of the police, and ZC have always done that."

A spokesman for the board told Cricinfo: "Ebrahim no longer has a contract
with ZC and so there are no grounds for him to continue using ZC property.
Because of the continued unlawful use of the ZC vehicle, ZC approached the
police to retrieve from a former employee what belongs to it."

It later emerged that Tatenda Taibu, the former captain who quit
international cricket, had also been contacted by the police. He told
Associated Press: "I am not handing over the car until I have been paid all
the money I am owed in several months' salary and Test match fees amounting
to a large sum of money." Ebrahim said on his release: "Like Tatenda said,
they are not getting the car until they pay me all the money I am due, which
is a lot."

Ebrahim and Taibu are among a number of players who are still owed around
$200,000 in backpay. ZC has repeatedly avoided settling, and even though
they were supposed to be paid in US dollars, the players claim that ZC has
only offered to settle in Zimbabwe dollars at a derisory exchange rate.

"The issue of Ebrahim's payment is separate from his continued use of the ZC
vehicle," the spokesman said. "However, for the record, Ebrahim collected
part of his payment from us and rejected the other cheque saying it was not
in the form he wanted, possibly foreign currency. As we have said before, we
are under advice to pay in local currency. Thus, the payment that Ebrahim
says is outstanding to him is only so because he has made it that."

Although the strike by leading players ended last week when almost all of
them signed new contracts, the issue of backpay remains unresolved. Critics
of the board claim that it has no money, and it is also reported that ZC has
approached the ICC and asked for an advance of the money it will receive
from the 2007 World Cup to help it meet its running costs.

© Cricinfo

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Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, ZCDT standoff

African News Dimension


      Wednesday, 15 February 2006, 10 hours, 43 minutes and 57 seconds ago.

      By George Nyathi

      Zimbabwe(A.N.D)THE Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority
(ZPWMA)and the Zimbabwe Conservation and Development Taskforce standoff has
turned personal after the authority banished the latter's chairman from any
of its parks in the wildlife rich Matabeleland North province.

      Johnnie Rodrigues, the chairman of the taskforce said that although
the authority wanted to accept the donation, it was not happy with him being
at the forefront of the delivery of the donation. Rodrigues has been
virtually turned enemy number one by the authority after a series of
statements it felt were in bad taste over the state of affairs at the giant
Hwange National Park.
      Last year alone, a total of 26 elephants died at the park due to
shortage of water, forcing the taskforce to send an S.O.S for assistance
from wildlife-friendly organisations.

      According to Rodrigues, the statements that he has made over the years
with regards to the administration of parks business have created animosity
between himself and the authority to an extent that the authority no longer
wants to entertain any organization intending to do business with it (the
parks authority).
      Rodrigues told andnetwork: "This is all about personalities and not
the real business at hand. This whole war has turned personal and they have
made sure that they barred me from entering the park. "They believe that
should I enter the park, I am bound to see a lot of things they have not
been doing well. They also fear that should I see those things, I am bound
to alert the international community and that will exert a lot of pressure
on them."

      Rodrigues said that he had every reason to believe that the parks
authority was concerned about the hand-over of the equipment by himself as
this was evidenced by recent developments with regards to the equipment.
      "As I said, they do not want me to be involved. Its specifically me.
We took part of that equipment there and the next thing is that we see some
of the cars being fixed using spare parts that we handed over to them. Their
vehicles in Robins Camp and Sinamatella have been sorted out using those
parts," Rodrigues added. He also disclosed that he had sought audience with
the Environment and Tourism Minister, Francis Nhema on the matter, saying
that he had expressed displeasure at the way the parks authority was
conducting its business.

      Nhema was not available for comment.


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Bodies decompose as mortuary breaks down

African News Dimension

      Wednesday, 15 February 2006, 12 hours, 48 minutes and 20 seconds ago.

      By Elias Wilson

      ABOUT 100 bodies are in an advanced state of decomposition at Gweru
Provincial Hospital mortuary as the hospital's cooling system has broken

      The situation has been worsened by overcrowding as the mortuary, which
currently has over 100 bodies, has a carrying capacity of 24.

      At a meeting with stakeholders on Tuesday, Midlands Governor Cde
Cephas Msipa described the situation as critical and called for an urgent
need to repair the facility. A contractor hired by the institution to repair
the mortuary allegedly failed to do the work, resulting in the cooling
system blowing hot air. "Our mortuary is overcrowded and the heat has
actually made the situation worse as bodies are being cooked. It is
unhealthy and unfair to people who work there," he said. "There is also a
general reluctance by some families to give their departed relatives a
decent burial, yet our culture dictates that the dead should receive a
decent burial."

      Midlands Provincial Medical Director, Dr Anderson Chimusoro, said some
of the bodies at the mortuary were "now bones only", "We arranged with the
contractor to come on a regular basis, but with the bodies in such a
decomposing state, it has become difficult for anyone to work there," he
said. "He is actually failing to repair the cooling system and the hot air
has caused some of the flesh on the bodies to peel off.

      The state of the mortuary has made it difficult for repairs to go on."
To address the situation the Government has since offered to give pauper's
burial to 90 bodies. Cde Msipa appealed to members of the public to collect
the bodies of their relatives on time to reduce congestion at the mortuary.
"Some bodies go for six months without being collected," he said.

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Government warns NGOs - again

African News Dimension

      Wednesday, 15 February 2006, 12 hours, 25 minutes and 22 seconds ago.

      By Oscar Nkala

      The government of Zimbabwe has once again warned non-governmental
organisations operating in the country to stick with the humanitarian relief
agenda and desist from intefering in the country's internal affairs.

      Addressing guests at a function in Bulawayo on Monday, Sithokozile
Mathuthu, the governor of Matabeleland North province said Zimbabwe welcomed
international NGOs but warned that they would not be allowed to interfere in
the country's internal affairs.

      "We do not fight NGOs, but it should be made clear that we will not
allow them to interefere in the internal affairs of the country," Mathuthu

      In the last three years, the government has banned the operations of
three NGOs in Matabeleland North after accusing them of colluding with the

      It has also banned political and human rights civic education
campaigns on allegations that NGOs were hiding behind such campaigns to turn
the people towards the opposition and against the government.

      The governor's remarks came as ruling party parliamentarians and
government controlled newspapers renewed calls for a bill to regulate the
NGO sector. Kumbirai Kangai, the deputy speaker of parliament was quoted in
the media as calling for mechanisms to monitor the NGOs.

      Last year, the ZANU PF dominated parliament approved a harsh draft NGO
Bill which was only frozen when President Robert Mugabe refused to sign into
law. NGOs have long complained of curtailment and harassment by the secret
state security agents and the police.

      A. N. D Africa

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Minister Murdered Our Son - Mutonhori Family

Zim Daily

            Wednesday, February 15 2006 @ 09:05 AM GMT
            Contributed by: correspondent

            The family of the murdered Strover Mutonhori, the alleged lover
of Home Affairs minister Kembo Mohadi's wife, have said they are eagerly
awaiting a cabinet reshuffle that could move the Home Affairs chief to
another portfolio to enable the opening of investigations into their
relative's murder.

            The family spoke as Mohadi was hauled before a Bulawayo High
Court yesterday facing charges of threatening former Zanu PF Matabeleland
South provincial chairman Lloyd Siyoka at gunpoint. Zimdaily heard that
progress on the high profile murder case has been thwarted since 2002 when
Mohadi was appointed Home Affairs minister. Mohadi was one of the suspects
in the 1999 murder of Mutonhori, alleged to have been having an
extra-marital affair with Mohadi's wife. Mohadi's wife and Mutonhori were
both employed by a non governmental organisation in Bulawayo when the
incident occurred.

            Mutonhori disappeared in mysterious circumstances from Omadu
Hotel in Maphisa, Kezi, where he was said to had been seen in the company of
Mohadi's wife. His remains were later found at a remote spot in Mzingwane
District, outside Bulawayo. Mohadi was interviewed by the police in
connection with the murder. A spokesman for the Mutonhori family, who
declined to be named for security reasons told Zimdaily yesterday that
police last contacted them in connection with the investigations into the
murder in 2002.

            They told the family they had interviewed Mohadi. "Ever since
his appointment to the Ministry of Home Affairs, the case just disappeared,"
said the family spokesperson. "We have reason to believe he murdered our
son. Now he is standing trial for threatening (Zanu PF Matabeleland South
chairman Lloyd) Siyoka at gunpoint. This man is a murderer. Jusice delayed
is justice denied," quipped the family spokesman.

            The spokesperson claimed some members of the family were
harassed by unidentified people shortly after Mutonhori's murder. Zimdaily
understands that following the appointment of Mohadi to the Home Affairs
portfolio, the matter was transferred from Matabeleland South to the Special
Investigating Branch at the Police General Headquarters (PGHQ) in Harare.
The officer investigating the case, Chief Superintendent C R Gora, yesterday
switched off his cellphone when contacted for comment on the progress of
investigations into the case.

            The police department falls under the Minister of Home Affairs,
which Mohadi is in charge of. Reached for comment Mohadi said yesterday: "I
do not understand what these people want from me. The Mutonhori family is
free to contact me or my lawyers, instead of communicating with me through
the Press." He denied that he had interfered with investigations into the
murder case. Mohadi was elevated from Deputy Minister of Local Government,
Public Works and National Housing to the post previously held by the ruling
Zanu PF party national chairman, John Nkomo in 2002 when President Mugabe
announced what he termed a "war cabinet."

            Sources at the PGHQ told Zimdaily that the Mutonhori docket had
disappeared and that the evidence had been seriously tampered with. Mohadi
is a former member of Zipra, the armed wing of PF Zapu during the war, led
by Joshua Nkomo, the late former Vice-President.

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Tsvangirai Never Faked His Identity During Zambia Jaunt - Presidential Spokesman

Zim Daily

            Wednesday, February 15 2006 @ 09:04 AM GMT
            Contributed by: correspondent
            By Willian Bango
            Over the past six years and even beyond, Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai
has watched The Herald take a special interest in him as leader of the MDC.
That is understandable. Mr. Tsvangirai, as the President of the largest
political party in Zimbabwe today, is holding the ball; he carries a message
which resonates with millions of people at home and abroad.

            Commentators rarely lose sight of the ball or leave the field of
play to check on the player's family welfare or the performance of the
player's children at school while the game is on. As soon as a player drops
the ball, all public or spectator attention shifts to the next player in
possession of that ball. Should a commentator ignore the player's role and
fixes attention on the person, then the commentary ceases to be about the
game. It becomes something else.

            For this reason, Mr. Tsvangirai seeks to exercise his right of
reply to the commentary published in The Herald from one Caesar Zvayi on
Tuesday 7 February 2006, headlined: Tsvangirai cursed? This man is a
liability, even to himself, no serious group, faction, or whatever can
afford to have him and continue to claim legitimacy. The article bases
itself on a number of contested points: Where was Mr. Tsvangirai's father,
Chibwe, quoted as having uttered the said disparaging statements, and by
whom? Who was old Chibwe talking to? What has that to do with Mr. Tsvangirai
(54) and his political career as an individual? And, in particular, his
recent trip to Zambia?

            Zvayi states that Mr. Tsvangirai's wife, Susan, "sealed his fate
when she baked him a birthday cake in the mould of State House. Morgan ate
his cake and can't have it anymore." How does The Herald, a mass circulation
daily newspaper, expect Mr. Tsvangirai to exercise his right of reply on
statements like these? Should he pry into Zvayi's household to find an
appropriate counter in the shapes or moulds of cakes Zvayi enjoys from his
loved one? You allow St. Mary's MP, Job Sikhala to use The Herald to label
Mr. Tsvangirai a moron without giving your readers any evidence from
Sikhala. You further allow, Sikhala to state that Mr. Tsvangirai failed his
studies in Form Two, when a casual check at Silveira Mission in Bikita could
have easily dismissed that falsehood.

            You further claim, quoting Sikhala, that "the people of Zimbabwe
are now tired of being fronted by a moron." Sikhala is not the people of
Zimbabwe. And, more importantly, if Mr. Tsvangirai wants to defend himself
against this vitriol, to whom should he direct attention: Caesar Zvayi, the
person, The Herald, the newspaper, or Job Sikhala, the MP? Would you publish
Mr. Tsvangirai's side, in those circumstances? Zvayi claims to have reached
"several conclusions from Tsvangirai's deportation." In the first place, Mr.
Tsvangirai and others did not meet with anyone representing "subversive
organization known to have destabilized several African countries".

            Further, it is untrue that "Morgan had visited Zambian President
Levi Mwanawasa a few days earlier and held discussions him but did not tell
him that he would be proceeding to hold meetings with fiercest rival,
Anderson Mazoka." Mr. Tsvangirai last visited Zambia in 2004, in the company
of suspended MDC treasurer Fletcher Dulini-Ncube. His visit and discussions
with Zambian officials, including President Mwanawasa were widely
publicized. During his stay in Lusaka, he never met with Anderson Mazoka.
While in Livingstone last week, Mr. Tsvangirai never held a meeting with Mr.
Mazoka nor any of his officials.

            Mr. Tsvangirai and others were not "force-marched for 8km in the
dead of night to the Zimbabwean border." We drove to the border. Zvayi
states that "it is also quite revealing that Tsvangirai registered under a
false name at Zambezi Sun International Hotel." Again this is untrue. A day
after Mr. Tsvangirai arrived in Zambia, members of the secret service
visited him at the same hotel, took his passport and photocopied the entire
document. How was this possible if he had traveled into Zambia and
registered his stay at the hotel incognito?

            Your readers can never be misled by a sensational assertion that
Mr. Tsvangirai can manage to enter a public place, a country or a hotel
under a false physical identity and a false name. When he passed through
Zimbabwe immigration at Victoria Falls, officials and members of the public
were able to recognize him. Would it have been possible to fake his own
identity when his passport stated his name and details? Mind you, Mr.
Tsvangirai was in Zambia for two days before being deported on Thursday, six
hours before he was scheduled to leave that country.

            Mr. Tsvangirai seeks an explanation as to why The Herald lets
Zvayi get away with unsupported statements which he calls evidence to
portray Mr. Tsvangirai as a man who "does not believe his infamy has spread
far and wide.." Mr. Tsvangirai wants to know why The Herald allows Zvayi to
base his so-called analysis on erroneous facts and concludes that "the
greatest tragedy here is the fact that Tsvangirai continued to show that he
is an enemy of the people by conniving with organizations known to have
destabilized African governments, and which have been implicated in the
assassination of various African leaders in recent times.".

            Can statements like these be substantiated? Which African
leaders were assassinated in recent times? Who were the assassins? How is
Mr. Tsvangirai conniving with the said assassins? Which foreign organisation
did Mr. Tsvangirai meet in Livingstone? None. The meetings in Livingstone
were MDC meetings, to discuss MDC affairs with MDC officials. There is
nothing amiss or untoward about such meetings. We have them all the time, in
Zimbabwe and elsewhere. Right now, Mr. Tsvangirai concluded a series of
consultative meetings with our structures in Manicaland (Friday, Saturday
and Sunday). Yesterday, he was in Masvingo on a similar business before
proceeding to Gweru and the Midlands.

            The National Chairman, Mr. Isaac Matongo, party spokesman Hon.
Nelson Chamisa and our transport portfolio secretary, Thoko Khupe are
overseas for a series of consultative meetings with our structures and
members. Other senior officials are in Malawi, Mozambique and South Africa
on similar missions. Elsewhere in Zimbabwe, our executives at all levels are
in constant consultation on the state of the party and the state of the
struggle for democracy. There is nothing unusual about this kind of
political activity.

            Zvayi says Mr. Tsvangirai "showed a willingness to continue with
his puppetry even though it has brought him nothing but misery over the past
six years." This is an empty statement. Obviously, Zvayi is in a state of
denial. He refuses to see the widespread national misery all around him,
arising from misgovernance, corruption and the crisis of legitimacy in our
midst. Zvayi must read the latest monetary policy statement from Reserve
Bank governor Gideon Gono to understand the source and state of Zimbabwe's
economic collapse, grinding poverty and general national malaise. He does
not need to suck in Mr. Tsvangirai in a crisis whose roots, the majority can
clearly see for themselves.

            Zvayi concludes by firing a broadside at everybody in the MDC
for being led by Mr. Tsvangirai. That is an opinion I believe he is entitled
to peddle as a known activist for a particular party or cause. But he must
be reminded, even as he concludes his analysis, that it is unfair to drag
old Chibwe Tsvangirai into a debate that has nothing to do with him. Let us
avoid the temptation to satisfy garish curiosity.

            Mr. Tsvangirai believes the rights of individuals must be
respected, together with the right of the public to be fully informed about
events and the circumstances surrounding them. He is therefore challenging
The Herald to publish this letter to enable your readers to reach their own
conclusions, independently of Caesar Zvayi's politically contaminated
emotions and contested ideas.

            William Bango is MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai's spokesman

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Tertiary College fee hikes a blow to the right to education

MDC Press Statement
15 February 2006

The hike in fees at tertiary colleges is yet another blow to an already
battered education system that has failed to address the nation's needs.

Colleges increased their fees by over 100 percent this term against a
backdrop of low incomes and inadequate student payouts. The MDC believes the
right to education is a right for every child. What the state-owned tertiary
colleges are simply doing is to commercialize our children's basic right to
access quality education which should help enhance national development.

The MDC believes the right to tertiary education should not be a preserve of
relatives and children of tycoons and dealers---the nouveau riche---but
should be accessible to everyone regardless of their social standing. It
shows this government has a Rhodesian hangover, in which education was a
preserve of the elite. It makes a mockery of the liberation struggle if our
children have to suffer the ignominy of playing second fiddle to the rich
and powerful when it comes to accessing tertiary education.

But the government's creation of bottlenecks to make sure that the
economically challenged students do not access tertiary education does not
come as a surprise. The children of Cabinet ministers and senior government
and Zanu PF officials are in colleges in Europe, the Americas and other
continents around the world and these charlatans do not care a hoot if our
children fail are unable to go to our own local colleges and universities.

We also note with dismay that the new fee structure was only announced last
week and some students have been asked to pay the fees before month-end,
well before their pittance that serves as their payouts has been disbursed.
This is a recipe for disaster and is likely to spark student unrests, which
have been the hallmark of our colleges ever since this regime lost touch
with the students in the late 1980s. This regime's gripe with the students
is understandable. In 1988, the students rallied the nation in thwarting
this regime's desire to establish a one-party state in Zimbabwe.

The new fee structure is just one area characterizing the rot in the entire
education system. The rot manifests itself in the shortage of textbooks in
our schools and colleges, the low morale among our teachers and lecturers
over inadequate salaries and poor working conditions, as well as the chaos
and corruption at ZIMSEC. Our national universities and colleges have become
a collective source of national shame, again characterized by dilapidated
buildings and halls of residence, dysfunctional ablution and sewer systems,
poor libraries and low staff and student morale.

What this government is doing is against the spirit of global and
continental initiatives such as NEPAD, the Millennium Development Goals and
the United Nations Charter, which acknowledge the right to education as a
basic and fundamental right.

The MDC believes in academic freedom as well as quality education that is
affordable to our children regardless of their social background. We believe
that our children's basic rights such as education should never be
compromised for political expediency. We believe in people power to pressure
this regime to pave way for a new Zimbabwe and a new beginning.

Fidelis Mhashu, MP
Shadow minister for Education


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New Political Party Formed In Bulawayo

Zim Daily

            Wednesday, February 15 2006 @ 09:03 AM GMT
            Contributed by: correspondent
            A new political party has been formed in the second city of
Zimbabwe, Bulawayo. The Patriotic Union of Matabeleland, (PUMA) is expected
to formally announce its agenda early in March. At the moment, officials
remain tight-lipped over their political intentions citing security
concerns. The new political outfit, fronted by a group of civic leaders and
political activists from Matabeleland and Midlands provinces, is set to
represent the interests of the provinces which have remained largely
undeveloped. Ndebele speaking people are the majority of the inhabitants of
the region.

            President Robert Mugabe, a Zezuru heads a cabinet dominated by
ministers from his tribe, fuelling disgruntlement from politicians from
other tribes. Among a host of nagging problems in Matabeleland, water
remains critically short and plans by the Zanu PF government to undertake
the Zambezi Matabeleland Water project have not succeeded.

            Former Zimbabwe Teachers Association Leader (Zimta) leader,
Leonard Nkala, is reported to have set up a 45-member executive committee,
which will spearhead the launch of PUMA. Former Zanu-PF Bulawayo
spokesperson, Sikhumbuzo Ndiweni, who is the party's interim secretary
general, said they were also working on the establishment of external wings,
one focusing on Southern Africa, and another on the rest of the world. "We
are currently working on setting up our structures, but everything would be
complete on time for the official launch.

            Some of our members are drawn from the ruling party, as well as
both factions of the MDC. The interest from the diaspora is also very
overwhelming," said Ndiweni. A source in the party said PUMA's promoters
felt that they could capitalise on the fact that people in the area still
had fresh memories of an 80's crack military operation code named

            The operation conducted by the Zimbabwe's North Korean trained
Fifth Brigade, left an estimated 20 000 civilians dead as soldiers sniff out
a few dissidents who operated in the area. Up to now survivors of the
operation have not been compensated and this remains a major source of
disgruntlement. Zimbabwe's main opposition party, the Movement for
Democratic Change (MDC) draws the bulwark of its support from this region.
Officials of PUMA have in the past few weeks held meetings with students at
universities and teachers colleges. The new party joins the fray at a a time
when MDC is threatened with a split.

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Crisis-Torn Air Zimbabwe's Problems Mount

Zim Daily

            Wednesday, February 15 2006 @ 09:03 AM GMT
            Contributed by: correspondent
            The crisis torn airliner Air Zimbabwe, which last week cancelled
its Friday flight to London due to an acute shortage of fuel, has cobbled up
a contingency plan to buy Jet A1 direct from the corruption-ridden National
Oil Company of Zimbabwe (NOCZIM) in a last ditch effort to save its fleet
from grinding to halt due to perennial fuel and technical problems.

            Hardly a day after cancelling its London flight, the airliner
was forced to ground its Lusaka-bound MA60 aircraft, donated from China
recently, after it developed a technical fault. Air Zimbabwe's fortunes have
been flagging in recent years because of critical shortages of fuel and
spares and allegations of maladministration including plying non-profitable
routes. The airline has lost nearly $980 billion to the Dubai and China
route since they were introduced early last year.

            Early this year the airline flew one passenger from Harare to
Dubai on a plane that carries 200 passengers. In July last year, it
cancelled some of its domestic and international flights because of fuel
shortages and lack of spares for its Boeing planes. Zimbabwe has been
experiencing fuel shortages in the last six years blamed on shortages of
hard currency. Air Zimbabwe officials said spares for some of its planes had
been phased out by the manufacturer, Boeing.

            Following the imposition of targeted sanctions and isolation by
western countries over the political crisis in the country, Zimbabwe has
adopted the "Look East" policy, fostering close relations with Asian
countries, particularly China, Malaysia and Singapore. In April, Air
Zimbabwe took delivery of five MA60 passenger planes from China's
state-owned AVIC aircraft manufacturer.

            Zimbabwe's national carrier last year grounded its entire fleet
and suspended the airline's boss after running out of fuel. All flights were
cancelled until further notice owing to the shortage of Jet A1 fuel,
inconveniencing hundreds of passengers. Air Zimbabwe board then suspended
chief executive Tendai Mahachi and company secretary Tendai Mujuru "pending
investigations into serious disruptions of the national airliner's
operations and services," Stranded and frustrated passengers were milling
around the Harare International Airport departure lounges after Air Zimbabwe
cancelled all its. Among those affected were passengers travelling to
Johannesburg, Kampala, Singapore, Malawi, Zambia and the tourist resort of
Victoria Falls.

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MPs get peanuts

Daily Mirror, Zimbabwe

Takunda Maodza
issue date :2006-Feb-15

HOUSE of Assembly Representatives are getting peanuts in salaries and
allowances that are far below the poverty datum line, with each lawmakers'
gross salary pegged at about $12 million.
The MPs rank among the worst remunerated in the southern African region and
other parts of the continent.
A random research by The Daily Mirror indicated that MPs in Tanzania and
Kenya, for example, were getting US$1 000 and US$5 000 a month while a
junior legislator in South Africa earned R370 000 per annum last
year-equating to a monthly salary of slightly above R30 800.
MPs in Nigeria were earning as much as US$2 000, five years ago.
A number of legislators in Zimbabwe are unemployed and solely depend on the
low salaries for survival.
The poverty datum line for January was put at $21,8 million for a family of
six, according to the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ), and is expected to
increase by month-end because of the ever-rising inflation.
The annual rate of inflation crept from 585,2 percent in December to 613,2
last month.
A payslip for one lawmaker shows a gross salary of $14 249 544.00, minus
allowances, and a net salary slightly above $12 million, which translates to
around US$120 a month only.
Like civil servants, the lawmakers' pay slips have also been inscribed with
the words: "Live within your means: Shun Corruption."
In an interview with The Daily Mirror yesterday, one legislator said
lawmakers were now being forced to use their own resources to tour
constituencies and do other "pressing" duties.
He insisted that what they were getting were salaries rather than
"People think that we earn a lot of money when in fact we are reeling in
poverty like anyone else as our salaries fall far below the poverty datum
"We are using our own resources in touring our constituencies and our
salaries are not even enough to buy monthly groceries," said the lawmaker.
The legislator said they always incur additional expenses especially when
some people in their constituencies suffer tragedies like death or fail to
raise school fees.
"They come to our houses asking for help. They ask for assistance because
they believe we earn a lot of money by virtue of being members of the
 House," added the lawmakers.
 As a result, they have to find means of raising the money to assist their
Another legislator likened being in the House of Assembly to doing community
"With the current salary, nothing balances up. We are just doing community
service. In fact, the majority of legislators are using their own resources
in touring their constituencies and doing other duties," the lawmaker said.
The legislator joked: "Maybe it is because lawmakers do not have a workers'
committee; otherwise it's a voluntary exercise."
Yesterday, the Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly, Kumbirai Kangai said
the issue was being looked into and urged members of the House to carry on
with their duties as usual.
Kangai said: "They should come to the House. There is no one who gets what
he or she needs; they are at least getting something. Theirs are not
salaries but allowances and we know that they cannot cover everything. We
also know that in other countries the allowances are much higher and the
issue is being looked into."
Kangai justified the "allowances" the lawmakers were getting, saying the
legislators were not full time employees of the House of Assembly.
"Being a parliamentarian (House of Assembly Representative) is not a full
time job and they (lawmakers) must have other jobs besides being
legislators," added Kangai.
The veteran politician said legislators were getting allowances not salaries
because "parliamentarian work" was a part time with the House normally
sitting at 2.15 pm and adjourning between 5pm -7pm. "The rest of the time
they would be free," he said.
"They are only employed from 2.15pm to between 5pm and 7pm," he said.
Kangai also stressed that people should not be legislators simply because of
the financial aspect of it but because of the willingness to represent those
who voted them into the House.
He said lawmakers living out of Harare were getting benefits in the form of
hotel allowances amounting to $6 million per day each and were "well catered
"Those living in Harare and within a 40 km radius are not given the
allowanaces," Kangai said.

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Curtains for the house that Solomon built expose Sekesai

Daily Mirror, Zimbabwe

The Daily Mirror Reporter
issue date :2006-Feb-15

"THE mansion was built for the mayor," Sekesai Makwavarara, the chairperson
of the government-appointed commission administering the Harare City Council
was recently quoted saying.
She was very right - because the Gunhill mansion which sits on acres of land
in one of Harare's leafy suburbs is the official home of the executive mayor
of the country's capital.
It is not disputable that the stately home is the mayor's. Neither is it
disputable that mayors in Zimbabwe get into the coveted offices through the
But judging by her recent press remarks, what is disputable about the
chairperson's credentials is that rather than steady the rocky Town House,
Makwavarara is fast becoming an expert at stirring controversy.
Maybe this is so because she is filling in for a mayor through an
appointment. Apologies to madame chairlady!
Makwavarara's true colours are beginning to show. Many thought she was a
chameleon when she dumped the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) on whose
ticket she was elected as a councillor and deputy mayor to rejoin Zanu PF.
Yet, events on the ground seem to suggest otherwise. They depict Makwavarara
being more concerned about her lifestyle rather than the welfare of the city
she is meant to represent.
Perceived in political circles as a turncoat, she has shown her recklessness
in public office by not hiding her desire for material goodies.
Her demands for about $35 billion to furnish the Gunhill mansion in which
she has a mandate to stay, increasingly shows the visions or lack of it, of
somebody whose priorities are not in order.
For goodness sake, chairperson of the Harare Commission, the capital is
running down and all you can think about are curtains furnishing the mayoral
Now that the government has intervened and stopped Makwavarara in her tracks
by declaring that the material needs of the capital's interim leader are not
a priority for now, we hope she now sees the light.
Musavaya Reza, the senior government official did well to clip her wings.
Reza works for the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and Urban
The inquisitive have noted that Makwavarara's good fortune has become too
much of a mere coincidence. They believe that the woman is either a shrewd
and cunning plotter or that she has a strong political backing, or at least
she thinks so.
Makwavarara took many by surprise when she boldly declared she would be
moving from the guesthouse into the mayoral mansion, which has evaded men of
sterner stuff - like the late national hero Solomon Tawengwa.
History has shown that living in the mansion comes at a price. Tawengwa was
found on the wrong side of the law before he could enjoy one night's sleep
in the seemingly haunted villa.
MDC's Elias Mudzuri, the former executive mayor, never enjoyed its comfort
for long either, after Local Government Minister Ignatius Chombo fired him
on charges of poor service delivery.
"I am moving into the mansion with or without the curtains and furniture.
The mansion was built for the mayor. (Nomutsa) Chideya has failed to buy the
curtains and furniture, so I am moving in," Makwavarara declared recently.
She even went further by boasting that she would use her own money to buy
the property she required if council did not have money.
By demanding in excess of $35 billion just for her luxury, Makwavarara
actually broke one of the cardinal rules of the Urban Councils Act which
stipulates that local authorities can only buy goods and services not
exceeding $300 million without going to tender.
Reports say, $10 billion was needed for the purchase of curtains, $8 billion
for furniture, the net sum would amount to $35 billion as it was to be
borrowed from other departments at an interest rate of 70 percent per annum
over five years.
A soothsayer would surely not earn his stripes by foretelling why
Makwavarara has laid strong emphasis on curtains. What does she want to hide
in a public house? This has heightened speculation that she might have a lot
of fish to fry in the house that Solomon built.
Worsening matters are that Makwavarara says she is not bothered who provides
the curtains and furniture as long as it done immediately.
To that, the former MDC councillor reportedly quipped: "Everybody was
invited. I do not care whether it is my sister or my friend. All I want is
to see the house furnished."
However, Reza said council had to go through tender procedures to buy the
The squabbling over Makwavarara's furniture comes hard on the heels of power
struggles between town clerk Nomutsa Chideya and strategist Chester Mhende.
Both incidents have occurred against the background of poor service delivery
by the city authority, which has dogged the capital for endless times.
Residents have been hard done by the local authorities' failure to collect
refuse and to repair roads and street lights among other issues.
The hullabaloo at Town House is unprecedented and makes the cases of
suspended mayor Misheck Kagurabadza and Misheck Shoko of Mutare and
Chitungwiza respectively, a drop in the ocean in comparison with the
goings-on at the Harare municipality.
The two Mishecks, at least were known to be working towards meeting set
deadlines, which they allegedly failed to meet.
Makwavarara has never had an ultimatum issued on her despite the glaring
shortcomings of her regime.
Instead of thanking the heavens for that she has the temerity to demand
benefits, which by any standards, is pushing her luck too far.
Makwavarara's behaviour puts paid to fears that she is at Town House for the
Last year, she embarked on a controversial trip to Russia, which blew
billions of dollars when Harare was struggling to meet some of the basic
requirements of a capital city.  Something has to be done about this
extravagant behaviour before things go out of

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NRZ promises reliable service to commuters

Daily Mirror, Zimbabwe

The Daily Mirror Reporter
issue date :2006-Feb-15

THE National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) has assured passengers of cheap and
reliable transport in the face of incessant hikes in commuter fares.
NRZ spokesperson, Fanuel Masikati, said the parastatal had recently
increased the sitting capacities of wagons to ensure that passengers
commuted safely to and from work.
"We remain dedicated and committed to transporting workers and other members
of the public to and from work in all areas where there are commuter trains.
Recently, we increased the carrying capacities of our trains from 100 to
150. We want to assure the public that commuter trains will always be
 there," Masikati said.
The NRZ also increased the number of trips last year for its commuter trains
from a single trip to two-in the morning and evening.
The availability of the urban commuter trains in Bulawayo and Harare, where
there are two locomotives for commuters whose residential areas are close to
the railway network, has seen hundreds of people thronging the stations to
avoid expensive road trips.
Masikati said the national railway transporter would also work on improving
the lighting within the train wagons.
Rail remains the cheapest mode of transport for commuters, with trains
charging a quarter of the fares charged by commuter omnibus operators.
A trip by an urban commuter trip is $10 000 while by road it is on average
$40 000.
Commuters in some areas, however, feel hard done by the unavailability of
the same service, as there are no rail networks in their areas.
Plans to establish a railway line between Harare and Chitungwiza have to
date not borne fruit for years because of what authorities say are
logistical problems.

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'City fires chief strategist Mhende'

Daily Mirror, Zimbabwe

The Daily Mirror Reporter
issue date :2006-Feb-15

AS the squabbles at the troubled Harare City Council deepened yesterday,
impeccable sources told this newspaper last night that the municipal's chief
strategist Chester Mhende has been fired.

The sources said Mhende was sacked following a full council meeting on
Monday night for alleged insubordination and making unsanctioned public
statements to the media.
"He has been sent home as we speak on charges ranging from insubordination,
no respect for authority and disrupting the day to day running of the
municipality," the sources said.
Mhende, who was last year appointed by local government minister Ignatius
Chombo to assist turn around the city's fortunes, is said to have become the
law unto himself.
The high-ranking official stressed the decision to fire Mhende had nothing
to do with Chombo as it was a council decision.
Efforts to get comment from Mhende were fruitless last night.
However, Chombo last night said he is unaware of that decision.
"I have not yet heard anything to that effect. Contact me tomorrow," Chombo
Pressed whether it was possible for him not to know about this latest
development when he was the one who appointed Mhende, the minister answered:
"I would not know whether it's true or false, but I will be certainly well
informed tomorrow."
Soon after his appointment, Mhende declined to hand in his CV and he has
been at loggerheads with Town Clerk Nomutsa Chideya over operations at the
He even attempted to cause an investigation into Chideya's conduct-a move
that so irked the Town Clerk that he in turn threatened to fire any council
employee who dared listen to Mhende.
Chideya has also had his share of controversy locking horns with former
council spokesperson Leslie Gwindi over the latter's alleged refusal
to relocate to his new office following his
appointment as director for waste management.
Gwindi has since been suspended pending a hearing into his case. Chideya
then turned his guns against chairperson of the commission running Harare,
Sekesai Makwavarara over her demand to have the mayoral mansion furnished
for a whooping $35 billion.

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Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 11th February 2006

The space between the four maple trees outside Zimbabwe House has become too
small.  We are now regularly spilling outside our bannered enclosure into
the rest of the small piazza in front of the Embassy.  It makes our presence
even more of a challenge to people from Charing Cross station passing by on
their way to the attractions of Covent Garden.  To some, no doubt, we were a
small sideshow to a big demonstration in nearby Trafalgar Square attended by
thousands of Muslims protesting in dignified manner about what they see as
"Islamaphobia" - the rejection of the group as a whole because of certain
elements.  Zimbabweans - rejected by so many - will feel the pain.  But we
are here every week, not just occasionally, determined to stay until there
are free and fair elections so we can rebuild our country democratically.

And on a bright winter's day our pin-up was Tinotenda Vigil Muzuwa who was
celebrating her 2nd birthday with a pink cake and 70 "relatives".  She has
been coming to the Vigil since before she was born.  She had other small
ones to share the occasion, among them was baby Tatenda who, by the end of
the Vigil, was out for the count in his buggy.

We were glad to welcome Patricia, the daughter of Jairos Jiri, who did so
much for the disabled in Zimbabwe.  The fact that we are becoming a fixture
was driven home at the end of a typically boisterous day when one of the
notoriously strict parking attendants let us off a parking ticket in
recognition of what we are doing.

Next week the Vigil is to be preceded by a demonstration at Zimbabwe House
from noon to 2 pm in support of Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) who stage an
annual protest to mark Valentine's Day.  Their theme this year is inspired
by the "Bread and Roses" strike led and won by American women workers in
1912.  For WOZA in 2006, bread symbolizes their need for affordable food and
roses signify the need to be dignified and the call for social justice.
Please come and support them.

FOR THE RECORD: 69 signed the register today.

Vigil co-ordinator

The Vigil, outside the Zimbabwe Embassy, 429 Strand, London, takes place
every Saturday from 14.00 to 18.00 to protest against gross violations of
human rights by the current regime in Zimbabwe. The Vigil which started in
October 2002 will continue until internationally-monitored, free and fair
elections are held in Zimbabwe.

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JAG Classifieds - February 7, 2006

As a JAG member or JAG Associate member, please send any classified adverts
for publication in this newsletter to:
JAG Classifieds:
1.  For Sale Items
2.  Wanted Items
3.  Accommodation
4.  Recreation
5.  Specialist Services
6.  Pets Corner
  Business For Sale (Ad inserted 12/01/06)
Well established, operating auto-electrical business for sale in City
Large client base.  Turn over +-400 million/month.  Asking price 5 billion.
Walk in Walk out.
Enquiries to: 011 414 050, 04 790266 (Work), 04 860054 (Home)
 For Sale (Ad inserted 04/01/06
Dorper Sheep Flock
144 head including 3 stud rams
Feeding Troughs
Medicines on hand
Call 011 403 558 / 091 218 822 / 062 2473
1.3 For Sale (Ad inserted 04/01/06)
Phone your orders to--Anne--011212424 or 332851.
Small woven bags--$400,000 each.
Large crocheted bags.--$1,000,000 each.
Large woven bags.--$800,000 each.
Table Runners.--$600,000.
Set of 4 Fringed Table mats + serviettes--$1,800,000.
Fringed mats only(4)---$1,200,000.
Set of 6 Fringed mats+ serviettes--$2,7000,000.
Set of 4 Bordered table mats+ serviettes---$2,180,000.
Bordered mats only(4)--$1,580,000.
Set of 6 Bordered mats + serviettes--$3,280,000.
2m Throws--$2,220,000.each.
Tea cosy(L)--$345,000.
Tea cosy(m)--$340,000
Tea cosy(s)--$335,000.
Crocheted oven gloves(pair)--$800,000.
Cotton(lined)oven gloves(pair)--$460,000.
Decorated cushion covers--$800,000.
Plain cushion covers---$560,000.
Round crocheted cushions--$730,000.
Scarves--$800,000. each.
Hats(Beanies)--$450,000 each.
X Large plain cotton rug--$4,555,000.(Approx-230x130cms.)
Large plain cotton
Med. plain cotton
Small plain cotton
Cotton Rag Rug--$735,000.(Approx-105x52cms)
Small patterned mohair rug--$1,185,000
Med. plain mohair rug--$1,380,000.
Med.patterned mohair rug.--$1,725,000.
X Large plain mohair rug.--$5,455,000.
Hall Runner--$2,600,000. (Approx-200x75cms)
Wholesale prices available for orders(over 6 of an article)
or large purchases.
Please note that as all items are individually hand crafted, exact sizes
cannot be guaranteed.
All items are subject to availability.
Prices are subject to change without notice.
1.4 Motorbikes for Sale (Ad inserted 16/01/06)
BEAT THE FUEL CRISIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Averages 50KM/LT)
PHONE: 790266/ 011 414050
1.5 Items For Sale (Ad inserted 04/01/06)
IMBUIA COFFEE TABLE - $8,000,000.00
IMBUIA HALF MOON TABLE - $8,000,000.00
2 X SMALL COFFEE SIDE TABLES - $5,000,000.00
WRITING BUREAU - $12,000,000.00
KIAAT CHEST DRAWERS - $10,000,000.00
TV CABINET (KIAAT) - $8,000,000.00
007 METAL CUPBOARD - $5,000,000.00
VACUUM CLEANER (HOOVER) - $1,500,000.00
TEA TROLLEY - $750,000.00
BOOK SHELF IMBUIA - $750,000.00
 2 X BRAND NEW KIRSH RAILS - $1,000,000.00
BATHROOM CABINET - $1,000,000.00
Please contact Irene on 497556 or Cell 091 431 873
1.6 Plants for Sale (Ad inserted 01/01/06)
Now that the weather has warmed up and the rains are
now here, it's time to garden again! For a variety of FERNS, PINK ARUMS &
various other plants visit FERNATIC Nursery on Crowhill Road. (1,8km past
the Brooke on the left just
after Hoggerty Hill Drive.)
8-12noon, 3-6pm. Closed Sundays
1.7 For Sale (Ad inserted 09/01/06)
1X'Quest' calibrated citrus Applicator
Contact 335499 or 011 603296
1.8 Chemicals for Sale (Ad inserted 10/01/06)
 Fungicide 2
1 kg
 Pesticide 4 x 1kg
 & 4 x
Sequential Two
 Fertilizer 1 x 10ltrs
960 EC Magnum 3 x
Herbicide 2
Agil 100EC
 Herbicide 1
x 5ltrs
 & 1 x 4ltrs
 Herbicide 1 x 5ltrs
 (Tobacco Leaf Spot) 8
500 SE 1
Please phone
499790 or 091308903 if you are interested in any or all of the above.
1.9 Car For Sale (Ad inserted 09/01/06)
Mitsubishi RVR Sports Gear 2000,1995 Petrol. Neat, dark green in colour,
lady driven with 110,000 kms. $650 million.  Call Kathy 011 602 144
1.10 Seedlings for Sale (Ad inserted 11/01/06)
JATROPHA (Diesel Plant) seedlings for sale (ready for planting).
Phone: 011 420 777
1.11 Pump for Sale (Ad inserted 17/01/06)
Jacuzzi large capacity, heavy duty,
brand new, borehole irrigation pump with Franklin 1.5 Kw motor and
control box.  $120,000,000.00 neg.
Phone Mark or Pat 883236 or 011-204-642
1.12 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 17/01/06)
Toyota Landcruiser VX 4.2 Diesel, Manual, 1996, two owners, excellent
condition 209 000 km, $26,000.00
Landrover V8i ES Petrol, Full house leather/electric seats etc, 1996,
64 000 km, mint condition $22,000.00
 Brand new TEK
 SA assembled 5.5 KVA Diesel, Electric Start $2000.00
Pressure Geyser 150Litre
 Brand new in the box Z$ 90 Million.
Please email
 or phone 011 221623
1.13 Dishwasher for Sale (Ad inserted 17/01/06)
Bosch Dishwasher, hardly used.
Phone: 490880 Cell 011 405218
1.14 Various Items for Sale (Ad inserted 17/01/06)
Whiskey collection consisting of 102 bottles (all different), intact -
$350 million
swimming pool filter (without motor)
$20 million
5-track CD player (excellent condition)
- $10 million
DVD player together with sound system
- $10 million
food processor with all attachments
- $5 million
coffee maker
- $1.5 million
1 1000 litre Coleman cooler box and one smaller - $6 million
wooden and black leather bar together with four backed chairs
 $20 million
set garden table and four chairs
- $4 million
set wooden garden table (round/collapsible) and three chairs
 $6 million
All above prices negotiable.
Please contact:
1.15 Car/Yacht For Sale (Ad inserted 17/01/06)
Datsun Bluebird 1982 in immaculate condition only 80,000 kms
Sharp Yacht on trailer with complete suit of sails
Please phone 011 719 302
1.16 Container Space Available (Ad inserted 17/01/06)
Selling space on a container, which is bound for Brisbane.  Packing end
of January 2006.  Please contact Mr R Hinde
091 274 615 or
011 418 046
1.17 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 18/01/06)
COMPUTER - ($50 Million)
Intel P4, 3 GHz
40GB Hard Drive
512MB Ram
CD Writer
Optical Mouse
FULL HOUSE DISCO - ($200 Million)
Technics Amplifier
DA Amplifier
Technics Graphic
Sound to light converter 3000W
Smoke Machine
Strobe Light
Disco lights
UV light and disco stand
2 x 15
 450 W wit 10
 and tweeter inbox
2 x 15
 Subs inbox
2 x CD Diskman
As new, still boxed and has original cotton with manual.
Immaculate condition.
For any Enquiries on the above please contact:
Mrs. Taryn Knight on 091243374 or after hours 304426
1.18 Vegetables for Sale (Ad inserted 18/01/06)
Haddow House is now selling fresh farm veggies.
 Please visit the Farm House at Haddow House, 10 East Road, Belgravia.
1.19 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 19/01/06)
House alarm, single zone wireless/cordless system, PIR sensors - $70m.
2.5kVa petrol generator - $50m.
Vacuum packer - $3m.
Clothes steamer - $1m.
Travel iron - $1m.
New cordless kettle - $4m.
Ice cream maker, Philips - $10m.
Slow cooker, tedelex - $10m.
Juice extractor, black & decker - $15m.
Electric can opener - $2m.
Coffee maker, Braun - $15m.
15 fin oil heater - $15m.
Hoover upright vacuum cleaner - $15m.
Delonghi wet & dry carpet shampooer/vacuum cleaner - $20m.
40cm desk fan - $2m.
Slide projector - $5m.
Extension reel with flex - $5m.
Camping stretchers (2) - $3m each.
Kitchen scale - $2m.
Floor scale - $3m.
Safe - $30m.
Garden fertiliser spreader - $10m.
Garden spray - $3m.
Golf clubs, ladies, c/w bag & caddy cart, complete - $20m
Golf clubs, men's, c/w bag & caddy cart, complete - $25m.
Tumble dryer, old but works - $5m
Peugeot 405 sedan car, '99 model, <60000km - $450m.
Steel shelving (qty = 75), assorted sizes, $725k each or $500k each if
take the lot.
Further details contact Marc on 304791 or 011 604419; 011 610073.
1.20 Chemicals & Fertilisers (Ad inserted 7/2/06)
Chemicals and Fertilisers for Sale:-
 60G BION 50WG
All the above chemicals are still sealed .
 For further details please phone the following numbers:-
Harare 497735 Cell - 011-603-889
 Fax/Phone - 481419
E-mail -
1.21 Cooking Oil (Bulk) for sale (Ad inserted 7/2/06)
"Cooking oil, bulk, attn restaurants, takeaways, etc, phone 495897"
1.22 For Sale (Ad inserted 7/2/06)
Potato Seedlings now available - large or small quantities.
also we still have full range of submersible pumps, well pumps - full range
of pumps for all garden needs. Generators, knapsack sprays, irrigation
systems for gardens and larger. Lawnmowers.
Very competitive prices.
1.23 Cattle Farm/Ranch For Sale
(Ad inserted 7/2/06)
Cattle farm business in Ghanzi District, Northwest of Botswana for
sale. Comprises of a well developed free hold farm measuring 16000.
with large house ( 5 bedrooms, en-suite bathroom,
 bathroom & separate toilet, large lounge with an attached larpa. Separate
 dining room and kitchen with old fashioned coal stove.) The farm has 3 very
 strong boreholes with five watering points and is divided into 13 camps.
 farming equipment, lighting plants, gensets and inverter equipment
walk in - walkout deal
We even are prepared to sell everything as a package.
The farm,
 cattle, the house with all furniture (cupboards, beds, TV's, tables,
the works), all our vehicles (merc truck, double cab, cruiser, grader)
our bank account and company.
Cattle producer prices just been increased
 by 40% for the first time in 10 years.
 Owner retiring.
Nearest cash offer will secure.
If you are interested please contact The Advertiser Farm--email:
1.24 Generators for Sale (Ad inserted 7/6/06)
Beat the ZESA power cuts by powering up your house and bore holes with
one of the following KIPOR Generators which we have on hand.
KDE5000E Single Phase 4.2 KVA Diesel, open
 frame type.  US$1 100
KDE5000T Single Phase 4.2 KVA Diesel, Sound proof type US$1 260
Three Phase 5 KVA Diesel, sound proof type US$1 320
KDE6500T3 Three Phase 5.5 KVA Diesel, sound proof type US$1 380
KDE12STA3 Three Phase 9.5 KVA Diesel, Super silent type US$4 450
KDE16STA3 Three Phase 13.5 KVA Diesel, Super silent type US$6 580
For all enquiries contact the following :-
Graham 011 617 999
Rusty 091 278 460
Office 884022
Fax 850195
E mail
1.25 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 7/2/06)
For Sale
Teak pick nick bench and table 40mil
Big front door with frame 24mil
Chest of drawers 18mil
Large dining room suite with side table 35mil
Double bed plus headboard mattress and bench 18mil
Queen size bed solid pine lime washed with bench 18mil
Queen size therapeutic mattress 25mil
Biggie best lounge suite (1x3seater, 2x 1seater) 30mil
Oregon pine Morris chairs (1x2seater, 2x1seater) 45mil
Oregon pine coffee table 25mil
Oregon pine side table x4 20mil
Old computers and monitors offers
Pram offers
Play station 1 offers
Kitchen table with 4 chairs plus shelve 15mil
Old Golf club set offers
Teak lounge table plus 4 side tables 25mil
Teak CD corner stand 5mil
2-pine lime washed single beds 6.5mil
6-side tables lime washed 600.000
2 large cupboards blue brand new 60mil
Oak kitchen cupboard doors with hinges and handles 40mil
Full bedroom suite
 pine lime washed including:
Corner TV cupboard 15 mil
Two side tables 6mil each
Large chest of drawers 18
Large desk with chair 20mil
Large speakers with amplifier
Peugeot 405 very good condition available only in mid march (54.000km)
1998 VW Golf
Lots of piping (black pvc) was used for solar heated pool
Cd player works fine for radio or connecting to TV
cds don
t work
1 side table lamp
 children 1.5mil
1 side table lamp 1.5mil
2 wrought iron wine racks 2, 3mil
There are lots of other little pieces for sale as well
Please contact Christina on 011 606 074 if you are interested in any of
the above
1.26 Items for Sale (Ad inserted 07/02/06)
 Originally imported from UK, music and comedy videos, music biography
 books and CD's, a small P.A. system, musical instruments, some
lighting equipment, smoke machine, a black 10m backdrop & materials,
a music recording studio for sale. If you're interested please email me
 and I'll send
you the catalogues with prices.
 Full household for sale, numerous various items, accessories and
 furniture. Please email me at
 for complete catalogues and prices.
 Wanted (Ad inserted 07/02/06)
 Heavy Duty Tumble Drier in good working order.
 Please call 091 237 772 or 04 495862
 Wanted (Ad inserted 04/01/06)
Looking for a humidifier (second hand or new) for steaming child's bedroom.
Please contact Carol on 091 264160 or
2.3 Wanted (Ad inserted 07/01/06)
Old guitars wanted for cash, any condition, call Gordon 023894597
2.4 Wanted (Ad inserted 07/01/06)
Non-running/accident damaged, cars, trucks, tractors, wanted urgently for
breaking, please call Mr Wallis 023894597.
2.5 Wanted (Ad inserted 09/01/06)
Adult and child's life jackets.
 Oars for canoes and rowing boat. Fishing rods, reels and tackle.
or John Tayler 091 631 556.
2.6 Goats Wanted (Ad inserted 09/01/06)
 Many, young ready for breeding
female goats for breeding programme, will collect.
2.7 Wanted (Ad inserted 09/01/06)
A farm close to Harare to
rent. Call Patience on 091 312 560 or Kurai on 091 212 304
2.9 Books Wanted (Ad inserted 12/01/06)
 PLEASE PHONE 055 20213 OR 011 407747
2.12 Handset Wanted (Ad inserted 17/01/06)
JAG now has a new phone line in the office and we are looking for a handset
phone to borrow in order to relieve congestion on the existing line.
2.13 Vegetables Wanted (Ad inserted 17/01/06)
Looking for wholesale suppliers of, if you can supply yourself or know of
where I can find:
Gem squash
Please email
 or phone Kirsty on 011 212493.
2.14 Lift Wanted (Ad inserted 18/01/06)
I am looking for a lift for my son, to Grahamstown, Rhodes University,
he is willing to share expenses and driving, sometime between the 2nd and
the 5th February, 2006.
 Please contact
Colin Cloete on
011 715 46 or
Lynn Cloete on
 086 22332
or 23768
3.1 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 6/2/06)
 Urgently wanted - a house in the Harare area
starting 1st Feb 2006.
 Must have a secure garden
for dogs.
 Please call 091 365 515 or 091 363 970.
3.2 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 6/2/06)
Looking for House to rent from 1st April.  Northern Suburbs.  4 bedrooms.
Long lease essential.
3.3 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 6/02/06)
Young couple with 2
young children desperately looking for a 3+ bed roomed house, flat
cottage in Borrowdale, Mount Pleasant, Vainona, Gunhill, areas, with
reasonable rent.
Will be happy to make improvements and will take good care of home in
place of high rent.
Please call Ben on 091 335060 or Hayley on 011 219864 or
Home 04 884208
3.4 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 10/01/06)
We are desperately looking for a house to rent immediately.
 Situated on the western suburbs of Harare i.e. not Borrowdale, Greendale,
 Good security is a must, 4 bedrooms borehole and pool if possible.
 Please if you hear of anything contact us as soon as possible.
Dave & Jan Stewart
091606242 Dave
011606242 Jan
304210 Flat
3.5 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 12/01/06)
Single young girl with 1 dog & cat urgently looking for small 2/3 bedroomed
house or flat or cottage with extremely good security in Greendale/
Chisipite/ Highlands areas.
 Must be unfurnished.
 Looking to move end February beginning of March.
Please respond to
3.6 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 16/01/06)
Looking for accommodation in Glen Lorne area for my maid who is middle
aged and on her own.
 Must include ablutions.
 Willing to pay reasonable rent, but we have no domestics quarters on
 property we are renting.
 Please contact Carol on 091 264160 or e-mail
3.7 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 16/01/06)
3.8 Accommodation Wanted (Ad inserted 17/01/06)
Young married couple with two kids looking for a 2-bedroomed house.
 Must have servants
 quarters and be in Harare.
Please phone Paul 091 315 767 or Roxy 011 611 288
3.9 House Wanted to Buy (Ad inserted 19/01/06)
We are looking for a house to buy, preferably in or around the Ballantyne
area towards Borrowdale or in Borrowdale Brook. (Something near St Johns!!)
Please let us know if you know of
a house available.
Contact: Shayne Hay
Tel: (263 4) 720138/9
Fax: (263 4) 706921
cell: (263) 11 201 677
3.10 Accommodation Offered (Ad inserted 11/01/06)
2-bedroomed garden flat in Greendale, walking distance from shops, carport,
phone Mr Wallis 023894597
3.11 Accommodation Offered (Ad inserted 17/01/06)
To Rent -Beautiful House Fully Furnished
12 Room House 2 minutes from St. Johns and Shopping Centres
Double Alarm System in House
Carpets, Shades, Blinds
4 Bedrooms
Kitchen: Dishes, Pots and Pans, Cutlery and Utensils
Stove/ Microwave/ Large Fridge
Scullery: Wash-up Sinks/ Deep Freeze/ Large Top Load Washer and Dryer
Furnished formal lounge
Dining Room: Oak table, chairs, pottery, glassware and silverware
TV Room: DSTV decoder
Large entertainment veranda
Swimming pool
Developed garden & rockery on 2 acres with dam
Secure wall and auto-gate outside lights
Under Voltage over voltage Protection Unit
 Month Lease from 4 MARCH to JUNE 21 2006
For Pre-paid rent, discount
RENT $55,000,000-00
Realtors and Estate Agents Finders Commission
Contact Mark or Pat Cell 011-204-642 or Tel. 862282
3.12 Accommodation Offered (Ad inserted 17/01/06)
Single-roomed (10mx 3m) cosy
thatched cottage, suitable for up to 2, ensuite kitchen and bathroom,
partially furnished, in delightful Glen Lorne Msasa woodland
surrounds. Excellent
security, with 3 other residences, each with their own privacy, on the 5
acre stand making a
comfortable and friendly community as back up.
Rent based on US$ 80 pm, converted at blended inter bank rate, currently
at Z$70,000, i.e. Z$ 5.6m pm, all in.
Contact Janet on 499060 or 011 614 197
3.13 Accommodation Offered (Ad inserted 18/01/06)
Secure granny flat for rent in Chisipite with separate entrance.
Accommodation consists of one large room, full size kitchen and bathroom.
Z$6 million plus deposit and utilities.
Phone Mike Lukas o4/490138 or 011400855
3.14 Accommodation Offered (Ad inserted 19/01/06)
House to rent in Northwood
4 Bedroom House
Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi
Electric Fence and gate
Inside alarm, all connected to Gauntlet
Available 01/03/06
Call 011 205 183
3.15 Accommodation Offered (Ad inserted 7/2/06)
Spacious furnished accommodation offered to fit elderly person in
 Share expenses.
 For further information, please phone Renting Department on telephone
 number 885623 (am) or 885571 (pm).
3.16 Accommodation Offered (Ad inserted 7/2/06)
""We have a delightfull single roomed thatched cottage , and separate
flatlet ,
each with lovely
views onto the garden and surrounding msasa woodlands.
Suitable for singles , or a tidy couple, available immediate , on a 5 acre
stand with 3 other
residences, providing a friendly small community which is good for security,
but maintains
individual privacy.
Contact Janet on 499060 or 011 614 197"
3.17 Looking for House to Sit (Ad inserted 7/02/06)
Mature couple looking to housesit for any length of time. Loves animals
available immediately. Please call Lauren or Jason on 091237648 or
3.18 Looking for House to Sit (Ad inserted 11/01/06)
Honest, reliable, mature lady looking to housesit as from 01 February 2006.
Avondale area preferred.  Please phone Jenny 011 423 614 or 331087.
4.1 Harare International Festival of the Arts (Ad inserted 7/2/06)
The Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA) is one of Zimbabwe's
premier artistic events.  It gives Zimbabweans the change to meet and
interface with top local artists, as well as regional and international
artists and performers.
The Festival's appeal is for all ages and interests and during HIFA,
Zimbabweans come together in a truly carnival atmosphere to
experience the sheer joy that is art in whatever form - art as healer,
art as educator, art as up lifter of the spirit.
HIFA 2006 is scheduled for 25th to 30th April 2006. All the major
international festivals offer a "Friends of Festival" scheme and ours is
known as HifAmigos.
 HifAmigos are a highly valued and regarded
component of the Festival.
 HIFA offers a series of comprehensive benefits in several categories
 of HifAmigos to cater for all interests and needs and subscriptions
 are reasonable.
HIFA has been described as "second to Edinburgh" and "among the top ten
festivals of the world!"
 HIFA 2006 now invites you to become a HifAmigo or to renew your HifAmigo
 If you do so by 24th February 2006, you will be listed in the Official
 HIFA 2006 Programme and invited to what is becoming the hottest even
 on the Zimbabwean social calendar - the HIFA Opening Party. Our launch
 events are legendary.
 Join early & be there!
2006 HifAmigos will enjoy 20% discounts on all shows and workshops.
Procedure for becoming a hifAmigo
Contact the hifAmigo Manager for an application form -
Angie Thomas - contactable via HIFA as below.
 Harare International Festival of the Arts
 Box A42, Avondale, Harare, Zimbabwe
 Phone & Fax:
 +263 (4) 300 119
4.2 HOLIDAYS (Ad inserted 04/01/06)
Savuli Safari, self-catering chalets in the heart of the Save Valley
Conservancy. Game watching, fishing, horse riding, canoeing, walking trails
and 4x4 hire.
 Camp fully kitted
including cook and fridges.  Just bring your food,
drinks and
relax. $900,000 pppn, 1/2
Booking at Off2Africa,
or 091-943195 email:
Or direct 091 631 556 or
John Tayler
Singisi Farm
Pvt. Bag 7011
4.3 Ad inserted 01/01/06
With the weather
now nice and hot, it is time to go
up to
Kariba! Book for this ideal family holiday now, especially if you like to
catch a fish!
 for more info today!
4.4 (Ad inserted 7/2/06)
Celebrate a romantic valentines day at Haddow House.
 We will be open in the evening where we will be serving a three course
 meal for $1.5million per person
exclusive of drinks.
 Please feel free to bring your own wine. (no corkage charged).
 For bookings please contact Haddow House on 733405, 724408, 011 403316
 or 011 206205.
Haven Rise
57 Argyle Road
tell/fax: (H) 04-335181
tell: (O) 04-733405
Cell: 091-320192
4.5 Fun Fund Raiser (Ad inserted 7/2/06)
Tickets for this very worthwhile fund raising event advertised below are
available from the college or the Jag office, 17 Philips Ave, Belgravia.
Come along to a great fun day of entertainment.
St George's Boat Club
Fund Raising Lunch
Venue: Sable Motor Club (behind Haddon Motors)
Date: Saturday 18 February
 12 noon onwards
Live Music with Bucks and Johnny M!
$ 400 000 per head
Cash Bar / Secure Parking
(Ticket serves as a lunch voucher)
Auto Electrics (Ad inserted 12/01/06)
For all your auto electrical work call in at 16 Harare Street or phone 04
790266 or 011 414 050
Ad inserted 04/01/06
067 23040 OR 091 743 965 OR 091 386 665 or
5.3 (Ad inserted 16/01/06)
Do you dread the thought of holding your child's party?
Do you have nowhere to hold a party?
Do you have no time to plan and hold a party?
Your problems have ended!
Penny and Shelley will organize everything for your child's party.
Theme parties could include:
Transport, Space, Animals, Noah's Arc, Barbie, Spider Man, Barney,
Insects, Winnie the Pooh, Toy Box, The Sky, etc.
We can have it in a garden, at Safety Sam, etc, provide ponies, jumping
castles, slippery slides, games, individual eats, group eats, painting or
craft parties where your children can all create something to take home.

Call Shelley now on 091 264361 or 490684
Or Penny on 091 237434 or 336955
5.4 (Ad inserted 6/02/06) Care Management Services.  Formerly called
"Substitute Daughter."
Care Management Services. Formerly called Substitute Daughter.
Have you left Zim? Are worried about a remaining relative? For a modest fee
our service will monitor the well being - physical, mental and emotional -
of those who might be in need. The service is run by qualified,
experienced, registered nurses of "the old school". We ensure that health
needs are being met and that if your relative needs any other sort of care
- nursing, financial services, transport, domestic aid, medical visits
etc., we will arrange for these needs to be met. We visit regularly and
keep you informed with reliable, accurate reports of all developments.
24 hour call available.
The service has been working successfully, without interruption since Sept.
Want to know more? e-mail:
Ph.: 00-263-4- 302518 (after hours) or 00-263-91-603621.
References will be supplied on request.
Margaret Low. SRN. SCM.
5.5 (Ad inserted 11/12/05)
Harare SPCA Charity Shop
The Charity Shop is still operative, but needs stock urgently. As I live
just off Ridgeway North I am in a position to be able to collect to take
delivery of goods, which can include virtually anything and everything.
Harare SPCA is under new management and as a result it has undergone a
considerable change for the better, and we feel that our service to animal
welfare is now worthy of the aims of the SPCA.
We would be grateful for any donations of any kind to help us keep going.
Funding is an eternal problem, as sadly we are all too aware.
Vicki Campbell (Treasurer)
Phone: 851115 Cell 091 256554
5.6 (Ad inserted 16/01/06)
ZEB Water Back-up Systems
Tired of erratic, unreliable water supplies or low water pressure? Invest
in a reliable water back-up system.
We supply, install and maintain water back-up systems to all areas in
and around Harare.
tank if you have been off municipal for some time!
For more information please contact us on 011-424712 or 011-806525 e-mail
5.7 Ad inserted 16/01/06
Oxford IT
A leading IT professional recruitment firm, with specialized staff, are
ready to meet your recruitment needs.
 Give us a call today to secure top calibre personnel for all your IT
Don't Hesitate - IniTiate!
Call: Monique Fachet or Melissa Ricardo on 309274 (Direct) or via
on 309800 - 17 (Ext 270 or 272)
Oxford IT
Agriculture House
South East Wing
Cnr Adylinn Road/Marlborough Drive
5.8 (Ad inserted 16/01/06)
CONTACT: 882511, 091 261741 or 011 420003
5.9 (Ad inserted 16/01/06)
Please remember we have reliable
services available in Harare North at a very competitive rate.
*Plumber - toilets, basins, blocked drains - Gauti c/o MP on 304492
*Electric Gates, Intercoms, House Alarms, Surveillance Cameras etc Creative
Decor 091 408 320
*Swimming Pools and
Pumps - all repairs and installations - Creative Decor 091 408 320
5.10 (Ad inserted 16/01/06)
Focused Video Productions specialize in weddings & special events video
production. We use digital equipment to capture your special moments in the
highest quality.
Call Greer on 744075 / 091 53 047
5.11 Nursery School Vacancies (Ad inserted 04/01/06)
Little Blessings Nursery School
There are a few vacancies available at a small, up-market, Christian
preschool in The Grange area of Chisipite.  Owner: 15 years teaching
experience and is a trained nurse.  Viewing welcome. Please telephone for
appointment 499108 or 091 345 079.
5.12 Nursery School Vacancies (Ad inserted 6/01/06)
Rugrats Nursery School, conveniently located in a lovely safe and secure
setting in Mount Pleasant, still has a few places available for 3, 4 and
5 years olds for 2006.
In addition to the usual painting, colouring, drawing and making of
exciting crafts, Rugrats also offers additional activities such as gym,
tennis, ballet, music, computers and baking.
 Numbers in classes are kept to a minimum which means that your child will
 benefit from individual
attention.  We cannot stress enough how important the welfare of your child
is to us, and how blessed we are to be given an opportunity to lay a secure
foundation for their future.  If you would like to know more about us,
or to be a part of Rugrats Nursery School, please contact Karyn on 091
261 641 or by email -
(Ad inserted 18/01/06)
Haven Rise Bed and Breakfast is situated in Avondale and is a wonderful
tranquil place to stay.
 For further information please contact us at
 or visit our website
(Ad inserted 19/01/06)
Also an upmarket BED & BREAKFAST
suitable for Embassy guests.
Chelmsford Rd. Avondale.
Phone: 091 228563
5.15 (Ad inserted 7/2/06)
"Chemical analysis,tap/borehole water.Phone 023894597"
5.16 (Ad inserted 7/2/060
091 402 599
5.17 (Ad inserted 7/2/06)
The Zimbabwe National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
requests that all cases of cruelty or abuse of animals, both domestic and
livestock, are reported to them.
Recently there has been an increase of deliberate cruelty to livestock,
but unfortunately many of these incidents are not reported to ZNSCPA and we
only get to hear about them through a third party long after the abuse has
taken place.
Cruelty to animals, including wild life in captivity, is a punishable
offence in Zimbabwe and we are pleased to report that the Police and the
Courts are dealing swiftly and decisively with these cases when we present
our dockets to them.
Whilst ZNSPCA remains totally non-political, we continue to respond
quickly and professionally to requests for help on farms where the welfare
animals is being compromised in any way.
ZNSPCA HQ: 497885/497574
156 Enterprise Rd Chisipite
Inspectors Cell:Glynis:
 091 367 260
 Simon: 011 630 430
 Jimmy: 011 528 449
 Justine: 023 306 456
011 867 099
6.1 Pets
 Wanted (Ad inserted 6/2/2006)
I am look for a Jack Russell & a Labrador or other large dog to go to a
very good home.
 Neither has to be puppies, but would be preferred in order to
avoid conflict.
Please contact Michelle on 091402559.
6.2 Pet
 Wanted (Ad inserted 09/01/06)
Am looking for a Golden Labrador female puppy, will go to a very good home.
Please contact Bridget 011 408044
6.3 Puppies For Sale (Ad inserted 09/01/06)
Adorable Labrador puppies.
 Superb family pets - both the parents are excellent with our children.
A small litter of three:
A chocolate dog
A black dog
A black bitch
Eight weeks old today.
Mum a champion with papers and Dad a purebred Labrador but
no papers.
tel (04) 496297
(home - evenings)
 (04) 480997 or 481735
(office hours
Home Wanted (Ad inserted 10/01/06)
'MANA' smashing white English Bull Terrier bitch with brindle patch,
found half dead of starvation on Country Club Golf Course now back to
normal and looking great needs a new home. What a character!  And Toy Pom
bitch called Cindy looking for home. For more information tel. Michelle
on 884294 or e-mail
Hamsters For Sale (Ad inserted 17/01/06)
Homes sought for adorable, well-behaved Russian hamsters looking for good
homes - Free delivery in Harare area.
 Phone Katie on 091 252 847 or email:
Homes Wanted (Ad inserted 18/01/06)
 Please call me on 860277 or 091260827.
+263 (011) 205 374 If you are in trouble or need advice,
please don't hesitate to contact us - we're here to help!
+263 (04) 799 410 Office Lines

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Mugabe foresees top security when retired

Misanet / The Standard, 14 February - Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe,
who turns 82 this month, remains determined to shield himself from commoners
who catapulted him to power even when retirement beckons. Critics say this
shows increasing paranoia by a leader who behaves in sharp contrast with
other veterans of Africa's liberation movements who assumed ordinary citizen
statusA once they left office.

When he left office, Tanzania's founding President, the late Julius Mwalimu
Nyerere moved back to his childhood home village of Butiama in western
Tanzania, while former South Africa President Nelson Mandela retreated to
Qunu, his home village when he left office, more than half a decade ago. He
also has a private residence in Johannesburg's suburb of Houghton Park,
which is not ring-fenced by any security zoning.

As he was about to leave his position to the then deputy President Thabo
Mbeki, a humble Mandela said: "I will count myself as amongst the aged of
our society; as one of the rural population; as one concerned for the
children and youth of our country; and as a citizen of the world, committed,
as long as I have the strength, to work for a better life for all people
everywhere. The long walk continues."

It is unlikely this will be the case with Mugabe, who has ruled Zimbabwe for
more than 25 years. Three weeks before he reaches 82, Mugabe is still
keeping people guessing about his retirement plans and whether these will
define his legacy and future as one of a growing core group of the
continent's elder statesmen.

Mugabe's SADC counterparts in Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South
Africa, Tanzania and Zambia, have made the transition from being heads of
state to senior private citizens of their respective countries. His
government has already given indications that when Mugabe does finally leave
office, he won't stay among his much-loved povo - the common people.

Mugabe's lavish rural home in Zvimba could be a perfect retirement residence
but the opulent mansion in Borrowdale Brooke, built at an estimated cost of
over 5 million pounds is most likely to provide sanctuary to a man who
should be retiring to tranquil surroundings to reflect on his legacy of the
immense contribution he made to the liberation of this country, Namibia and
the advent of democracy in South Africa, as well as be on hand to offer
advice to his successor.

And the Zimbabwean government seems determined not to take any chances about
his security after he leaves office. It has already put in place measures to
acquire homes adjacent to the mansion in a manner that has rattled property
owners around the oriental mansion.

More than a dozen property owners have been served with notices to move out
of the area, which was designated a security zone last year. The notices
will pave way for the government to acquire the prime properties. There are
fears Zimbabwe's "aristocratic village/cantonment" may emerge in Borrowdale,
with top security and government officials taking up the acquired

Although many Zimbabweans had not anticipated this would happen, it appears
Mugabe had planned the move in advance. In April last, the Harare Ministry
of Home Affairs issued the order in terms of Section 5 of the Protected
Places and Areas Act, published in the government gazette.

The order, which did not attract the attention of many, designated the area
protected. At the time, residents felt that apart from the occasional
roadblocks, they could only be inconvenienced if Borrowdale Brooke Road was
closed to motorists during the night as is the case with roads near the
State House and Dzibahwe - Mugabe's official residence.

Little did they know that they would become undesirable elements once the
heavily guarded mansion was completed. One of several residents, who called
'The Standard' last week, said: "It came as a shock. We thought he (Mugabe)
would just come and live in that big house without antagonising us. We now
know we are not wanted here even though we were the first to settle here."

Lawyers 'The Standard' spoke to, said the notices are "improper and
illegal". They said if it was a security issue the notices should have come
from the Ministry of Home Affairs and not that of Local Government.

The Minister of Local Government, Ignatious Chombo, was said to be in
meetings when 'The Standard' approached his office for comment. The Acting
Permanent Secretary for the Ministry told 'The Standard' that he had not
seen the objections from property owners near the retirement villa and
referred questions to the minister.

The issue has struck fear in the hearts of many with a senior official from
the property sector telling 'The Standard': "That is a very sensitive issue.
To be honest with you, that is something I don't want to be involved in ..."

But critics last week said they were not shocked by the move. "Mugabe
committed a lot of crimes against many people, political opponents, farmers
and others. He is being haunted by his past crimes and so it is not
surprising that he is determined to stay away from these people," said
Nelson Chamisa, spokesperson of the opposition MDC anti-Senate faction.
"When you abuse power, you will never feel secure."

By Walter Marwizi and Davison Maruziva

© The Standard / afrol News

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