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From SAPA, 18 February
Zimbabwe has detention without trial
Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has given himself powers of detention that allow his police to hold opponents of his regime in prison for up a month without legal process on charges of "subversion," the opposition Movement for Democratic Change said. The state-owned press reported at the weekend reported that sweeping presidential powers wielded by Mugabe banned judges or magistrates from giving bail to suspects, but only in cases of money-laundering, fraud and illegal foreign currency and gold trading. However, scrutiny of the decree after it became available yesterday revealed that the law also applied to a wide range of offences under the Public Order and Security Act (POSA), including "attempting to coerce" the government through boycotts, strikes, civil disobedience or "resistance to the law," said MDC secretary for legal affairs David Coltart. He accused Mugabe of making "a silent declaration of a state of emergency." The laws allow police to keep suspects in prison for a week without having to produce prima facie evidence. If the state is then able to produce evidence, the suspects can be held for another three weeks. "These regulations are nothing less than a Trojan horse which effectively usher in provisions that give the regime state of emergency powers without actually declaring a state of emergency," Coltart said. POSA was used last year to arrest most of the MDC's leadership. None have been brought to trial.
MDC secretary-general Welshman Ncube said Mugabe's decree was "a rehash" of 30 day detention laws used by South Africa's apartheid regime and the former white-minority Rhodesian government. Mugabe continued to use them after independence in 1980, during the massacres by his security forces of about 20,000 people in Matabeleland. Human rights studies in the two countries say tens of thousands of people were tortured, assaulted and murdered under detention laws. Mugabe himself spent 10 years in detention under former Rhodesian prime minister Ian Smith. The first victim of Mugabe's decree was ruling party central committee member and tycoon James Makamba, charged with dealing illegally in foreign currency, the latest in a string of arrests since January in what the state media describes as an "anti-corruption drive." However, the crackdown is seen by some as a mask for the removal of dissidents within the ruling party. "Corruption is endemic in Zanu PF" said Coltart, citing a sequence of bribery, fraud and embezzlement scandals since soon after independence, none of which have produced a single prosecution. "When we see similar members of Zanu PF arrested, including close relatives of Robert Mugabe, we will know they are serious about corruption," he said. Ncube said the recent arrests of party officials was to "make examples of them" on the pretence of dealing with corruption. "Most likely it is because of the dispute within the party over a successor to Mugabe. This decree is meant for opponents of Mugabe, whether they are inside or outside Zanu PF," he said.
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From VOA News, 17 February
Zimbabwe's Mugabe extends detention period amid protests
Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has extended for up to a month the detention period for a range of political and economic crimes. Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa says the presidential detention decree is aimed at helping police save time and frequent court appearances in connection with a growing number of economic crimes. Much less publicized in the state-controlled media is the fact that the decree affects the much feared Section 5 of Zimbabwe's Security laws, under which hundreds of mostly opposition supporters, officials and activists have been arrested on charges of subverting a constitutional government. Until now, Section 5 political detainees could apply for bail and be freed within 48 hours after arrest. Under the new decree, they can be jailed for up to a month, without being charged and without a bail hearing. Human rights lawyers and academics have condemned the presidential decree as an infringement of basic human rights. One of Zimbabwe's most outspoken human rights lawyers, Lovemore Madhuku, said the new law is unconstitutional because it was not adopted by parliament. Mr. Madhuku, who has been jailed frequently during the past three years, alleges he has been regularly beaten and tortured in police custody. He says the decree opens the door for abuse by police and opponents of the ruling Zanu PF party. Movement for Democratic Change member of parliament, and its secretary for justice, David Coltart, says the decree gives the Zimbabwe government powers equivalent to those in place during a state of emergency, without having to declare one. He said several opposition MDC members are currently in police custody in the second city Bulawayo, charged under Section 5. He said the new law will be used "preventatively or punitively, to detain those who promote peaceful and non-violent civil disobedience." "Given the Zimbabwe government's reputation for torturing its opponents in police custody," he said, the new decree will be used to physically abuse those perceived as enemies of the ruling Zanu PF more effectively, and to deny them timely medical treatment.
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From The Herald, 18 February
Court dismisses ANZ application
Herald Reporter
The High Court has dismissed an urgent chamber application filed by Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe seeking a declaratory order to have its journalists accredited by the Media and Information Commission (MIC). In dismissing the application, Justice Alphas Chitakunye said the matter should go through the normal channels that are used when making applications. "The court is not in a position to sit on this application as an urgent matter but should follow the normal channels," said Justice Chitakunye. The ANZ, publishers of The Daily News and its sister paper, The Daily News on Sunday, has been locked in a legal battle with the MIC since September last year. The newspaper group was ordered to stop publishing when it was found that the company was operating without a licence and its journalists were not accredited as required under the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act. It refused to register its publications with the MIC and challenged the Act in court arguing that the legislation was unconstitutional.
The newspapers only started publishing in mid-January this year when the High Court granted ANZ relief barring police from their premises until a hearing to determine whether they complied with the Act was heard by the Supreme Court. The matter is set to be heard today in the Supreme Court before Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku. Last month, the Chief Justice agreed with the MIC that the ANZ was operating without a licence, hence, technically, its papers were illegal publications. Journalists at The Daily News recently resolved not to work until they got accreditation from the MIC after the Supreme Court ruled that it was a criminal offence for journalists to practice without accreditation from the regulatory body. The MIC is the authority responsible for regulating and issuing of licences to mass media houses in the country. Mr Johannes Tomana of Muzangaza, Mandaza and Tomana law firm represented the MIC while Mr Mordecai Mahlangu of Gill, Godlonton and Gerrans represented ANZ.
From VOA, 17 February
Zimbabwe announces election details, no mention of reforms
Zimbabwe's justice minister has, for the first time, announced some details of the next parliamentary elections, which he says will take place early next year. Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa announced the timelines for various processes such as voter registration and the setting of constituency boundaries. He did not set the date for the elections, which must be held by June. Zimbabwe's elections are run by an electoral commission appointed by President Robert Mugabe, and there is no independent supervision of any aspect of the process. Mr. Chinamasa, in interviews with state-controlled media, made no mention of any electoral reforms. The opposition Movement for Democratic Change has frequently asked for reforms to the electoral process, in accordance with standards set by the Southern African Development Community, of which Zimbabwe is a member. The MDC challenged the results of the 2000 parliamentary elections and 2002 presidential election, and court cases for both polls are ongoing. It charges vote rigging and political violence, among other abuses, and claims neither election was free or fair.
The office of U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan said, in a written reply to questions from VOA, that it was asked by the ruling Zanu PF party for assistance with running the next parliamentary elections, but this request has since been withdrawn. A senior political scientist at the University of Zimbabwe, John Makumbe, says the ruling party would not allow any meaningful electoral reforms for the next parliamentary elections. He said it would be hopeless for any other party to take part in the elections unless there is a complete overhaul of the Electoral Act and the administration of the process. Mr. Makumbe said without major changes, the coming parliamentary elections will be, what he called, even more of a farce than the last ones were. Amid the charges of massive fraud, Zanu PF narrowly won the last parliamentary elections in June 2000, nine months after the formation of the MDC, the first large opposition party to emerge since independence in 1980.
Comment from The Mail & Guardian (SA), 13 February
A blow to media freedom
Reyhana Masters-Smith
It angers me when I listen to or read the belligerent and extremely blinkered statements made by South African government officials when questioned about Zimbabwe. It is unforgivable for a well-informed politician such as Minister of Foreign Affairs Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma to deal with extremely complex issues within the political landscape of Zimbabwe by dismissing them with a ludicrous statement such as "the British kith and kin factor is frustrating the political crisis in Zimbabwe". It is also tiresome when politicians on both sides of the border constantly accuse the privately owned media of being "puppets" of Western imperialist interests. These accusations are without any basis whatsoever, other than the fact that the stories carried by these media organisations are unpalatable to those in power. Statements like these are so contemptuous of us Zimbabweans, and it is a tired political gimmick that seeks to distract people from the very real issues on the ground.
The Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (Aippa) is all about control. It is about who gets a licence to publish and who doesn’t. It is about who gets accreditation to practise as a journalist and who doesn’t. It is about facing criminal charges if you practise as a journalist without being accredited. The judgement of the Supreme Court last week, declaring sections of Aippa constitutional, is undoubtedly a death blow to media freedom and the right of the public to access information through a medium of their choice. The heavily criticised section dealing with the publication of false information, and in terms of which many journalists have suffered unlawful arrest and detention, was nullified last year. It was judged to be unconstitutional by the Constitutional Bench of the Supreme Court in the matter of Lloyd Mudiwa and Geoffrey Nyarota versus the state. It has since been amended and the declaration by the Supreme Court in its latest judgement is purely academic.
From the onset Aippa has been nefariously controversial. Despite repeated calls to involve media players in the formulation of this critical piece of legislation, the drafting of the Bill remained shrouded in secrecy. There are strong suspicions that it was not even drafted in the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs as is normal practice. Aippa’s architects in the Information Ministry has convinced the world that this legislation is intended to uphold professional standards in the media and, as cited in the Act, "to provide members of the public with a right of access to records and information held by public bodies". It does not in any way seek to improve the standards of reporting. All this Act seeks to do is to deal with media deemed wayward by the government. But most importantly it curtails access to information, particularly that held by public bodies. President Thabo Mbeki, presumably acting on information he received, has publicly stated that Aippa was being amended to create a more conducive environment. Far from it.
The amendments actually intensify the repressive nature of this piece of legislation by tightening loopholes. Since its enactment on March 15 2002, 76 media practitioners have been charged under Aippa, although to date not one single matter has resulted in a conviction. The media practitioners harassed, intimidated and arrested under Aippa are exclusively from the private and independent media. All the events over the past three years point to one fact. Zanu PF is preparing itself for elections scheduled for next year and it is determined that there will be no alternative voices reporting on the abuse of power by the state and the use of violence by state institutions.
Reyhana Masters-Smith is chairperson of Misa-Zimbabwe. This article was written in her personal capacity
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Comment from The Star (SA), 18 February
Mugabe plunders on regardless
By Barney Mthombothi
Robert Mugabe has just about wrestled everybody to the ground. His critics have run out of gas. They're giving up out of sheer exhaustion. There's an air of unreality about Mugabe and Zimbabwe, just as there's something surreal about our government's Aids policy. People are hurting and dying and yet it's business as usual. Things don't make sense. People tell barefaced lies and get away with it. It makes you want to weep. Everything bar the kitchen sink has been thrown at Mugabe, and he's still standing. All logic or argument is simply like water off a duck's back. He's unmoved by either threats or tears. Maybe George Orwell had Mugabe's Zimbabwe, and not Stalin's Soviet Union, in mind when he wrote Animal Farm. Some animals are more equal than others, indeed. Mugabe is almost winning by default. For him winning is to be left alone to plunder and maim at will. People are simply giving up. It's no use arguing with someone who is deaf to cries of despair. But he is not standing alone. He's jeering at his critics from the comfortable embrace of our president. Thabo Mbeki may be doing a good job by his own reckoning as Mugabe's nanny, but that support wreaks havoc with his international standing. Mbeki was always going to have a bit of an uphill struggle putting his own stamp on the country, coming as he did after the charismatic Nelson Mandela. He had a marvellous start as president, though, exploiting South Africa's reputation for punching above its weight in international affairs. Part of that reputation which got even more powerful countries to take us seriously is as a result of our miraculous transition and a constitution that is firmly anchored on social justice. South Africa is a skunk that became a beacon in the world. That goodwill is now unfortunately being eroded by Mbeki's inexplicable stance on Zimbabwe.
Mbeki had an acquaintance with most Western leaders by the time he came to office. Tony Blair and the Labour Party have always been ideological soulmates of the ANC even in the dark days of apartheid. And four years ago, when George Bush was running for president against Al Gore, Mbeki made a point of flying to Texas to meet him. Bush has never forgotten that gesture, and it has paid off handsomely for Mbeki. So when Mbeki conceived his masterplan to tackle poverty in Africa, especially the South, he found a Western world willing to listen. For the first time the G8 Summit allowed themselves to be addressed by leaders from outside the club. But Zimbabwe has muddied the waters for Mbeki. First to be seen off were the British. Nkosazana Zuma was sent out to bite off Peter Hain's head for leading the charge against Mugabe. The Brits, frightened by charges of racism, backed off. Blair, after facilitating Mbeki's entry into the G8's inner sanctums, was hoping for a quid pro quo from Mbeki on Zimbabwe. Instead, he had Mugabe let loose on him at the Earth Summit in Johannesburg a year ago, lambasting him with a worldwide television audience watching. It was prime-time lynching. Blair, though, was to extract his revenge at the Commonwealth Summit in Abuja, where he effectively lobbied against Zimbabwe's re-admission - a stinging rebuke that had Mbeki roiling with anger.
Bush continued to lambaste Mugabe as someone who stole an election. But Bush's sharp tongue was soon to be blunted. On the lawns of the Union Buildings on his state visit, Bush recoiled at confronting Mbeki on Zimbabwe. On Zimbabwe, he said, he would take a lead from his host. Of course Bush did not buy the Mbeki line. He was simply being polite to a host. Besides, there were much bigger issues on the table than Zimbabwe. There isn't any oil across the Limpopo. So Zimbabwe is not Bush's problem. It is Mbeki's. Along with Aids, it will unfortunately define the Mbeki presidency. It is an albatross that will ruin what would otherwise have been an excellent tenure in office. Last year when it became obvious that Britain and the US were intent on invading Iraq, Mbeki met Blair to argue passionately that the war would lay waste to poor African economies. He was right, although that gloomy scenario thankfully did not eventuate. However, Mbeki refuses to entertain that economic argument when it comes to Zimbabwe. There's no doubt the shambles in Zimbabwe have had a debilitating effect on our economy, far more than we care to admit.
The whole Zimbabwe scenario - the arguments for and against Mugabe - has corrupted and poisoned our politics. Zimbabwe has become the political context for the entire region. We're tarred with the same brush. Mbeki's support for Mugabe has swayed the bulk of black opinion in this country in Mugabe's favour. It has been helped in large measure by the impression that the US and the UK are vociferous in their criticism of Mugabe simply because it is white farmers who are suffering. Add to that the argument as to whether Britain had kept its Lancaster House obligations, and you have an "Amen" chorus behind Mugabe. It may be white farmers who are making the headlines, but the majority of Mugabe's victims are black. They are at the mercy of unnecessary starvation, and that is if they survive Zanu PF thuggery. But we would be compelled to speak up even if the majority of those suffering were white. The ethos enshrined in our constitution speaks of democratic values, social justice and fundamental human rights where every citizen is equally protected by law. These are the values we stand for at home and should be reflected in our foreign policy. After all, foreign policy is nothing but an extension of your domestic policy. It is not about supporting your buddies. It is about protecting and advancing your country's interests.
Right now Mugabe is a complete anti-thesis of what this country should be standing for. Supporting Mugabe is tantamount to betraying the interests of this country. What is asked of Mbeki is not much. He is not asked to send troops across the Limpopo. What people want is for him to express his and this country's displeasure at what is happening in Zimbabwe. Mugabe does not appear grateful for the support. He has sought to sabotage every attempt Mbeki has made to appease international opinion. Last year Mbeki told the world Mugabe would scrap the new press restrictions. Instead Mugabe has seen to it that they are tightened and the Daily News is out of business - to the delight of our foreign minister. But Nkosazana Zuma - like Manto Tshabalala-Msimang on Aids - is merely doing as she is told, and in the process making an ass of herself. Those in the inside track say she's being groomed to succeed Mbeki. God help us. But in the end it's Zimbabweans themselves who will have to slay the monster in their midst. Their fate is in their own hands. Outsiders can only lend a hand. They cannot lead their revolution for them. Zimbabweans must overcome their fear - the most effective weapon in Mugabe's arsenal. It is a weapon used by repressive regimes with great effect down the ages.
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Zimbabwe has detention without trial: UDM

Sunday Times

Wednesday February 18, 2004 07:00 - (SA)

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has given himself powers of detention that allow his police to hold opponents of his regime in prison for up a month without legal process on charges of "subversion," the opposition Movement for Democratic Change said.
The state-owned press reported at the weekend reported that sweeping presidential powers wielded by Mugabe banned judges or magistrates from giving bail to suspects, but only in cases of money-laundering, fraud and illegal foreign currency and gold trading.
However, scrutiny of the decree after it became available yesterday revealed that the law also applied to a wide range of offences under the Public Order and Security Act (POSA), including "attempting to coerce" the government through boycotts, strikes, civil disobedience or "resistance to the law," said MDC secretary
for legal affairs David Coltart.
He accused Mugabe of making "a silent declaration of a state of emergency."
The laws allow police to keep suspects in prison for a week without having to produce prima facie evidence. If the state is then able to produce evidence, the suspects can be held for another three weeks.
"These regulations are nothing less than a Trojan horse which effectively usher in provisions that give the regime state of emergency powers without actually declaring a state of emergency," Coltart said.
POSA was used last year to arrest most of the MDC's leadership.

None have been brought to trial.
MDC secretary-general Welshman Ncube said Mugabe's decree was "a rehash" of 30 day detention laws used by South Africa's apartheid regime and the former white-minority Rhodesian government.

Mugabe continued to use them after independence in 1980, during the massacres by his security forces of about 20,000 people in Matabeleland.
Human rights studies in the two countries say tens of thousands of people were tortured, assaulted and murdered under detention laws.

Mugabe himself spent 10 years in detention under former Rhodesian prime minister Ian Smith.
The first victim of Mugabe's decree was ruling party central committee member and tycoon James Makamba, charged with dealing illegally in foreign currency, the latest in a string of arrests since January in what the state media describes as an "anti-corruption drive."
However, the crackdown is seen by some as a mask for the removal of dissidents within the ruling party.

"Corruption is endemic in ZANU(PF)" said Coltart, citing a sequence of bribery, fraud and embezzlement scandals since soon after independence, none of which have produced a single prosecution.
"When we see similar members of ZANU(PF) arrested, including close relatives of Robert Mugabe, we will know they are serious about corruption," he said.
Ncube said the recent arrests of party officials was to "make examples of them" on the pretence of dealing with corruption.

"Most likely it is because of the dispute within the party over a successor to Mugabe. This decree is meant for opponents of Mugabe, whether they are inside or outside ZANU(PF)," he said.

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A laughing matter

Wednesday February 18, 2004
The Guardian

David Aaronovitch says he will explain next week why, in spite of the absence of WMD, the invasion of Iraq was justified by the ousting of Saddam (Was I wrong about Iraq? G2, February 17). Will he also explain what we ought to do about China, North Korea, Zimbabwe, Cuba and many other countries?
Guill Gil
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Mugabe's 'stealth' state of emergency
By Peta Thornycroft in Harare
(Filed: 18/02/2004)

President Robert Mugabe has issued a decree so draconian that it amounts to a "state of emergency" by stealth, human rights lawyers and the opposition Movement for Democratic Change said yesterday.

New laws will extend periods of detention for those accused of both economic and political "crimes" from 48 hours to a month without bail.
Hundreds of opposition political activists have been tortured over the last four years during the 48-hour detention period.
Patrick Chinamasa, the justice minister, claimed the amendment to the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act was a tool to help police investigate those suspected of sabotaging the economy.
"It is outrageous," said David Coltart, MDC secretary for justice, who is also a human rights lawyer.
"These regulations are nothing less than a Trojan horse which usher in provisions that give the regime State of Emergency powers without declaring one."
He said Mr Mugabe understood that the region and South Africa would not tolerate a declaration of a state of emergency in Zimbabwe.
"Now under the guise of combating corruption, the regime has introduced 30-day detention which will undoubtedly be used to detain those who promote peaceful civil disobedience."
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Sadc cross-border traders to lobby governments on laws

By Farai Mabeza
CROSS-BORDER traders from the Southern Africa Development Community have pledged to take concrete steps in lobbying regional governments to put in place trade policies and harmonised laws regulating their operations.

Delegates from member countries made this pledge at a workshop on sustainable livelihoods and economic development through trade held in Harare last week.

The workshop was organised by Zimbabwe Environmental Regional Organisation (Zero) regional environment organisation and the Corn (Community Organisation Network) regional secretariat, in partnership with American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) and the Zimbabwe Cross-border Traders Association.

The purpose of the workshop was to conduct a dialogue session discussing issues around regional integration, informal trade and sustainable livelihoods.

Organisers hoped to raise awareness on regional issues which impact negatively on the ability of informal traders to sustain a living from trade and explore interventions to circumvent the problems, with an ultimate aim of providing an enabling trade environment for the sector.

The workshop provided a platform for exchange of experiences and intervention strategies amongst Sadc countries involved in informal trade.

Delegates were also presented with the opportunity to look at barriers to free trade and create a plan for long-term campaign, which will demand a more conducive trade environment for small traders in the region.

A list of common problems relating to cross-border trade and an identity of common issues and opportunities emerged during deliberations.

A menu to lobby for affected stakeholders was agreed upon, with multi-sectoral programme teams of action, whose efforts would be co-ordinated by Corn, to be formed in each country.

Speaking at the workshop, a representative from AFSC, Nachilala Nkombo, said that experience in Zambia had shown that lobbying at government level was more effective than lobbying through regional bodies.

"Pressure that can be exerted at national level by lobby groups has tended to be more effective than at regional level," she said.

The director of Zero, Dorothy Manuel, said the workshop was a success.

"There is going to be continuity. We are going in the right direction in terms of initiating dialogue between stakeholders. Networking in itself is a success," she said.

She said that her organisation’s role was to act as facilitators and she also applauded her organisation’s partnership with AFSC in the whole exercise.

Zero engaged AFSC representative Brenda Mofya around issues of development specifically informal trade as a positive form of poverty eradication.

Mr William Antonio Mulhovo, lobby and advocacy officer for Oram (Rural Association for Mutual Support) in Mozambique said he would urge cross-border traders back home to explore the parameters of setting up partnerships in the region.

The Herald
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Bank chiefs warned

Business Editor Victoria Ruzvidzo
THE governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, Dr Gideon Gono, on Monday read the riot act to all the country’s bank chairpersons and chief executives over what he termed as "wayward" behaviour by some of the institutions.

Key issues on the agenda included the continued participation on the parallel market by some banks, the remission of CD1 forms, the Troubled Banks Fund and the foreign currency auction system, among others.

In a no-holds-barred meeting held at Number 80 Samora Machel Avenue, the governor warned that banks caught on the parallel market, in contravention of the exchange control regulations, would be closed down without further warning and their chairpersons and chief executives would be held responsible for this.

Efforts to get comment from the governor proved fruitless, but his assistant confirmed that the meeting had taken place but could not disclose details.

However, it is understood that information reaching the central bank was that some banks were returning to the parallel market as they felt the clampdown conducted by the Reserve Bank at the beginning of the year had now died down.

Although names could not be mentioned at this stage, central bank officials have been unleashed to the market to fish out the culprits.

Last year, at least 15 banks were penalised for fuelling the parallel market. Most banks were caught in the act and were penalised depending on the gravity of their respective cases.

However, as a gesture of goodwill, Dr Gono lifted the penalties and refunds were made.

"In return, the governor expects discipline in the sector. Anyone caught after this gesture would have the previous penalty brought to record while serious and drastic measures will be taken," said a source close to Monday’s deliberations.

Some banks reported super-profits over the last few years mainly due to their participation on the once-lucrative parallel market and other speculative activities.

However, activity on the parallel market has been subdued since the launch of the foreign currency auction system in January as exporters and individuals now opt for the official system where rates have been attractive.

During Monday’s trading the United States dollar was fetching Z$3 973,43.

Dr Gono extended an invitation to the banks and other interested parties in the corporate world to visit the central bank on the trading days to watch the transactions for purposes of transparency.

The governor also warned that any bank caught on the wrong side of the law, in terms of foreign currency remittance by its respective exporting clients, would face the music.

He said it was the responsibility of the banks to ensure that their clients submitted the CD1 forms. The deadline for the remission of the outstanding US$174 million is February 22 and the central bank is prepared to descend on defaulters. Some of the companies on the default list have been forthcoming while others seemed unmoved by the deadline.

Furthermore, in a departure from the "business as usual policy", Dr Gono has instructed all banks to present their financial statements for approval to the central bank before releasing them to the market.

This comes in the wake of some banks, which have been releasing cosmetic figures giving the impression that they have been performing well when the situation on the ground dictates otherwise.

Dr has Gono defended the Troubled Banks Fund saying the fund had been put in place to avert disaster in the sector as per the functions of the central bank.

He dismissed criticism that the Fund had made life difficult for the institutions through the introduction of strict regulations on overnight accommodation.

"The governor said it was not the duty of the central bank to see banks collapsing except in extreme cases.

The assistant said the Fund had been introduced at a time of panic and such an intervention was an international best practice where a central bank would step in, in line with the Bagehot Principle, which talks about the duty of the central bank to support banks in times of panic.

The facility had a limited life-span and would expire at the end of next month.

So far banks, which include Trust, Century, Metropolitan and Barbican had benefited from the Fund.

Some sources said Dr Gono stressed that for any bank that failed to recover after March, ceasing operations would be an option.

"Dr Gono has stressed that he will not be pleased to see any institution collapse, but he will also not be scared if the collapse is a result of an institution’s misdemeanor," they said.

The governor is also understood to have issued a stern warning to banks which were rejecting cheques from certain banks saying such a move rested with the central bank.

A few weeks ago some banks and retail outlets were not accepting cheques from banks which were said to have been in trouble, a situation that inconvenienced businesses and individuals.

The financial sector has been in turmoil since the launch of the monetary policy that sought to whip the "bad boys" into line.

A number of financial institutions were facing a liquidity crisis and indications are that some may be forced to merge to stay afloat.

The market has become sensitive that even some financial counters on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange have been losing their glitter at an alarming rate in sharp contrast to their performance last year.

The governor is, this week, expected to address the Institute of Directors and will go to Bulawayo next month to meet business leaders in the city as part of his campaign to discuss the monetary policy and spell out his vision during his tenure of office.

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Last Update: Wednesday, February 18, 2004. 9:27 AM (AEDT)

Student hopes to renew visa in NZ

A Zimbabwean man who has been studying at the University of Tasmania is hoping he will be able to travel to New Zealand to re-apply for his student visa.

Munyaradzi Chirarmiro's student visa lapsed this month.

The Migration Review Tribunal ruled the 25-year-old must leave the country by midnight on Friday and then re-apply for a student visa.

Mr Chirarmiro says while he has applied for a visa to enter New Zealand, he has an airline ticket to Zimbabwe if that does not come through.

"I'm not really looking forward to it. Actually my parents have already sent letters telling me I should not be in Zimbabwe for the next few months because of the political situation, so I don't really want to go there," he said.

"But at this point in time it looks like I have no choice and have to be there."

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Rise in suicide cases alarming

By Munyoro Isaiah
There has been an alarming increase in the rate of suicides among teenagers and adults. In Zimbabwe, estimated statistics show that at least 2 600 committed suicide in 2002 and 3 600 in 2003. The trend continues to rise. Every year, about 28 000 people in the United States commit suicide and in Great Britain, a total of 4 292 suicides were recorded in the last year.

Most people who commit suicide do so for a number of personal reasons. The death of a close friend or relative may lead a person to commit suicide. Some children commit suicide if they feel that their parents don’t love them.

Mental illness has also often been linked with suicides. Some people believe that patients suffering from terminal illness should be allowed to die.

Society too, plays a part in some suicides. As society becomes more complicated, for example, loneliness, job pressures and failure to provide for the family, many are left with no option but to commit suicide.

Expert opinion reveals why people kill themselves. People kill themselves because they have lost all hope, says Dr M. Miller, executive Director of The Information Centre, San Diego. He claims that 95 percent of them don’t really want to die.

The typical suicidal person wants to be rescued. The person is seeking relief or escape from an intolerable situation in which he or she is experiencing more stress, pain, grief, anguish, alienation, anger, frustration, disappointment, guilt or illness than they can bear.

There is no single cause for suicide. Suicide is often seen as a permanent solution to what is often only a temporary problem. Because of tunnel vision, the suicidal person can no longer see any alternatives. Dr Miller further states, "suicide is usually the result of a gradual wearing away of the person’s ability to cope."

Mourning the loss of a suicide victim is often complicated and of longer duration than other losses. Counselling organisations report that suicide is the most difficult bereavement crisis for any family to face and resolve. Though guilt is normal after any type of death, it is more intense in cases of suicide.

The bereaved family often ask themselves questions: "Why didn’t I see the warning signs?", "Could I have prevented it?" These questions cry for answers. The questions haunt friends and relatives of suicide victims for a long time.

Suicide carries with it stigma and shame which becomes an embarrassment to loved ones of the victim. "Ingozi chete." It becomes worse if there ever existed any suicide victim in the family generation.

If ever there is any suspected person believed to have caused a bad spell they say, "mamhepo chete aya."

Family members can not quite understand why they have been rejected by the person committing suicide. Often, the efforts of trying to help are misunderstood.

A person considering suicide exhibits certain warning signs. The suicidal person often shows prolonged depression. Symptoms include sleeping and eating disturbances, lethargy, withdrawal and rebelliousness, tearfulness, sadness and discouragement, carelessness, inability to tolerate frustration, inability or unwillingness to communicate, difficulty in concentrating, inactivity and boredom.

The person’s verbal statements such as: "I’m going to end it all", "Life isn’t worth living", or "I can’t go any longer" can also be tell tell signs

Many people who have committed suicide will actually have let on to someone that they were thinking of doing it.

Another warning sign could be abrupt changes in behaviour and mood or work performance. These can include a sudden improvement in mood that may indicate the person has decided on suicide as a means to end his or her pain or solve his or her problems.

Giving away personal belongings such as cherished possessions, which is a means of divesting and making of final arrangements.

Dr Knenning, in her book, "Helping people through grief", summarises some advice on how to recognise and cope with suicidal victims:

l T ake any suicide threat seriously. Talk to the individual about it, reassuring him or her that you are listening.

l Be direct. Ask direct, personal questions such as, "has your problem been getting you down so much that you are thinking of harming yourself?" remember, most people do not want to die; they only want to end the pain.

l Reassure the individual that depression and suicidal tendencies can be treated.

l Be highly directive. Don’t ask people who are suicidal what they would like to do. Tell them that they must seek help. Be firm.

l Don’t take on the job of counselling a suicidal person. This is the task of a trained professional.

l Never promise to keep suicidal intentions secret. This is a secret you can’t keep. Tell a parent, a teacher, a school counsellor, a spouse or any one else who needs to know and who can take appropriate action.

l Engender hope, which is the light at the end of the tunnel.

l Parents be aware. Give careful attention to what your teenagers are eating, what time they go to bed, who their friends are, what influences their thinking, how things are going at school, and any kind of erratic behaviour.

One of the most effective ways of preventing suicide appears to be limiting the availability of the means most often used to kill oneself. These means include handguns, prescriptions of lethal medicines and use of poisonous insecticides and pesticides.

l If suicide has already happened to a loved one or a friend and you are not comfortable relating the circumstances about your loved one’s death, don’t. You don’t need to share all the details with those not close to you.

l Don’t try to deny or hide the anger you feel. Find someone with whom you can talk about this anger. Ultimately, anger needs to be healed through a willingness to forgive your loved one or friend for taking his or her life. Forgive yourself for things you may have done while the loved one was alive.

l Try not to judge or criticise yourself too harshly for your behaviour toward the person while he or she was alive. Most people feel guilty no matter how their loved ones died.

l Communicate with children in the family. Let them know that the suicide victim was very unhappy — but don’t give the impression that death is the answer to being sad. Let them know that taking one’s life is a bad decision. Assure the children that you will be with them for a long time. Allow them to express their feelings. Children need reassurances by touch and word that they or their behaviour are not the reason for the suicide.

l Trust God to give you the strength to cope. Keep talking to Him. Suggested Bible readings that may help you include Psalm 119: 169-176; Psalm 130; Psalm 139: 1-12; Hebrews 4: 14-16.

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the Herald

Distortions in economy must go

All planned distortions in the economy are calculated to benefit someone, usually the master minders or those that will benefit, but all are undesirable and often, any short-term gains are soon wiped out by the long-term damage to economic fundamentals.

One such distortion that had been of immense benefit to importers in the last few months was the calculation of duty on a valuation that assumed a US dollar was worth $824.

It is vital that duty is charged on a real valuation, and the auction rate is the obvious figure to use to achieve this valuation. Importers complain of the change, but they were not pricing their goods in Zimbabwe dollars using the $824 rate.

Until a few weeks ago, they were using the iniquitous blackmarket rate and now, far more sensibly and quite correctly, most are using the auction rate.

The effects of the change are very modest for most goods. Imported vehicles and a few luxuries will rise dramatically in price, but most imported goods will remain significantly cheaper than they were in December last year when importers were converting at the blackmarket rate.

The lower duties were placed only to provide revenue for the State, in much the same way that VAT does. No one was trying to price the products out of reach of the ordinary person, only to spread the tax burden to consumers as well as income earners.

The higher duties were put in place, quite openly, to make conspicuous consumption more expensive and less desirable and to give local industries a modest degree of protection.

They, after all, hire local people, pay company tax and provide markets for Zimbabwean raw materials. It would be wrong to protect the useless, but the duties did give the local manufacturer a small advantage.

There are areas where duties might be too high. Instead of using different exchange rates and introducing more distortions, the right approach is to change the rate of duty.

The Government did this with fuel, cutting duty rates by three quarters so that the actual number of dollars paid in duty on a litre remained about the same. This was clear, transparent and introduces no distortions.

Elected governments have to take into account public opinion and it was obvious that 40 percent duty on petrol was punitive, not revenue raising. The high figure was introduced at a time when petrol was subsidised and the exchange rate used in the valuation bore no relationship to real value.

A duty of 10 percent on a vital commodity is about right. It raises income for the State without punishing the consumer of basic necessities.

The monetary reforms being implemented so far have all had the effect of removing distortions in the economy as well as reducing the appaling rates of inflation we still suffer. They are what economists have been preaching for some time and we feel that opposition attacks are simply sour grapes over the fact the Government is doing the reforming rather than an opposition party.

The higher revenue from duty should go a considerable distance in helping the Government balance its current account, a vital requirement if underlying inflation is to be tamed and eliminated. Yet this vast increase in revenue comes at little cost for most consumers, simply placing them in the same position they were in early last year.

The hysteria over the new system possibly arose over some bad arithmetic, with people assuming prices would rocket. Duty levels on necessities are so low that the effect is minimal on most imports. The landed costs of such imports should rise by less than 15 percent.

We hope that the reforms will continue to see the distortions in the economy disappear and that they will soon start addressing the underlying high inflation so that we see this go too.

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Sent: Tuesday, February 17, 2004 10:12 PM
Subject: Retired artisan reqd in Bulawayo

Employment offered in Bulawayo

Retired artisan to run a metalwork and carpentry workshop for disabled
Basic salary and commission on sales
Contact -
Malcolm Ross
e mail -
Tele 011 61 51 22


CLASSIFIEDS - TUESDAY 17th  February 2004

Please note that the classifieds will go out every Tuesday.  Payment is
required upfront and all adverts to be in by 1300 hrs every MONDAY.  This
ensures efficient distribution of the Classifieds.


Find out with Brian Costello Australian author, teacher and investor who
will be in Zimbabwe in March at the invitation of the Business Link.  Mr.
Costello will present two public 2-day courses on Strategies for Financial
The practical strategies will show that:

·             Someone starting with nothing can achieve something of
expanding value.
·             Someone starting with something can experience improved

·        Topics include:
·             Share Market Investment
·             Real Estate Investment
·             Fixed Interest & Bond Investments
·             Loans and Tax Strategies
Of particular interest is Mr Costello's discourse on the Economic Clock a
concept that had its origins in the London School Of Economics early last
century and is based on almost 200 years of data.  The 'clock' identifies
the stock market and real estate cycles which underpin investment
strategies.  For further details contact Stan Parsons on or 04-495 532 or Lorna Pearson on or 04 498 915.
 1327/Credit [17/2, 24/2, 9/3]


Simplex - 3 bedroom / 2 bathrooms. No stairs.
Avondale area.
Phone 775473
1314/NP [17/2]
Shoppers Harare, Beautiful fully equipped and serviced
garden apartment near Avondale shops, available on
a day to day basis.
Contact John Dennis on 252984 or 091 337 773
1311/NP [17/2]
Houses, flats, townhouses, plots, smallholdings, farms,
Commercial & industrial properties - selling or buying -
Contact Darryl on 011 610 222  or  796670
or check out our prolific website
1157/AN46 [6/1 - 27/1] AN81 [3/2  - 23/3]
Two purchasers looking for secure 2 or 3 bedroomed townhouse, cluster home,
garden flat, flat in good area.
Phone 309819 MRS.JONES
023 410 555
1270/NC [10/2 - .]
Phone Higher Dimensions for Property , Sales
and Rentals.
Daryl  091 251 752
Linda  011 400 440
Lyn     091 261 824
1259/AN68 [3/2, 10/2] then [17/2 - 23/3]
"We are for you!!!"
Ph:  741655/ 741676/ 741258/ 741327/ 741639
Exceptionally pretty, bright & immaculate, spacious sunken lounge,,
kitchen, 3 bedrooms & study.  Plus pool, garage, dbl. quarters, walled with
elec. gate on ½ acre.
CHISIPITE - PG 495 mill
Gaynor Rd.  This is stunning & does not need a cent spent on it.  Comprises
lounge,, 2nd lounge or study, 4 beds (m.e.s.) & Jacuzzi on verandah.
On beaut garden of 1 acre, also offers outside laundry, sauna & storeroom,
garage.  Walled front & back with elec. Gate.
Ph:  Vanessa Vos 091-333-548
GREENDALE  PG  USD 80 000 equiv
Older 3 bedroom home on 2 acres.  Property includes:  prolific borehole, 2 x
2 bedroomed cottages.
Ph: Nadia Marabini - 023 819 259
3 acres beautiful park-like gardens, borehole, 4 beds, 2 bths.
GLEN  LORNE - PG$575 mill
Elevated property, 1 acre, Thatched, cottage style home, 4 beds, 3 baths
(m.e.s.) 2 lounges, pool, walled and gated.
AVONDALE RIDGE - PG USD 165 000 equiv
Prime position, dbl storey hse with cottage overlooking elevated garden,
superb entert. area with pool.
Ph: Adrienne Hayden - 091 269 917
CHISIPITE - $360 mill
On stunning two acre garden with Msasa trees, a 4 bed home in need of some
att. Plus pool workshop, dbl domestic, walled with elec gate.
Ph: Ally Henning : 011-207 234

2 bedroomed duplex garden flat in upper avenues possibly for business.
Ph:  Ally Henning - 011-207-234
Avenues Townhouse -PG 350 mill
Elegant 2 bed, 2 bath well maintained duplex .L/up garage
Ph:  Nadia 023-819-259
1326/NP [17/2]
Ballantyne Park near St Johns School
Lovely home set in treed garden.
4 double bedrooms, 3 1/2  bathrooms. TV Room,
study, sewing room, large covered verandah, pool,
double garage , electric gate and satellite dish.
Partially furnished. Domestic staff.
Fair rental to the right family.
Telephone 883381.
1309/NP [17/2]
THE CHASE - Mount Pleasant.  4 b/r  home in lovely garden - cycads,
flamboyants, pool !  Perfect location and beautifully maintained.
Georgina/Trish 490685
STEPPES ROAD - Chisipite.  This is gorgeous!  An "oldie" that has been
beautifully extended and renovated- lots of character.   Stunning garden
(1.5 acre subdivided), pool, electric fence.   3 Bedrooms, lots of "living"
space, BEAUTIFUL kitchen !  Discerning buyers should view this!
Georgina/Trish 490685
UMWINSIDALE - 25 acres with A "Dream" Lodge set into kopje - thatched, on 3
levels, beautiful timber work interior.    Views to the north over paddocks
and trees.  Pool, stables, workshops, arenas.  PLUS - 3 bedroom home within
own fenced area.   Georgina/Trish 490685
1315/NP [17/2]
3 / 4 bedroomed house required 1st April 2004.
In Avondale, Emerald Hill, Alex Park, Gunhill, Mt Pleasant areas.
Phone Noeline Hall cell: 091 604 402.
1304/AO56 [17/2, 24/2]
MERCER'S PROPERTY BROKERS: For houses, flats, stands or development
opportunities.  If you are wanting to BUY or SELL,  we would like to assist
you.   Please visit our website  or contact one of our
sales Team:-

Dawn Brown 011 209609
Kathy High 011 404328
Janet Patrikios 091 345057
Liz Rogers  011 604024
Phil & Marcia Light 011 220943
1323/NP [17/2]
( for out right sale only)
800 h  Developed Commercial Farm available 35mins drive from Lusaka.
Minimum water capacity for 240h under centre pivot.
Suitable for cereal rotation / tobacco / citrus / export vegetables and
( One hour drive to Lusaka International Airport with Tar road from farm
shed to apron ).
Depending on equipment required by purchaser minimum purchase price US$ 1
For further information please email (including your name and contact
telephone numbers) to:
all correspondence will be strictly confidential
1200/NP [20/1-9/3]
KARIBA: house for occasional letting.
Consists of 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms.
Fully furnished and equipped, swimming pool and double lock-up garage,
walled and serviced.
House is located in Baobab Ridge.
Tel Ben Kaschula on Harare 498121 or at CFU 309800.
12/BK []

We offer a personal and efficient service for all your computer
requirements, including: -
* upgrades
* hardware and software sales
* maintenance contracts
* trouble shooting
* repairs
Please call Gus McTiernan at RD Computers on 091 347 961 or email for further details.
16/GM []


Printing Business, highly profitable, Good Machinery, including building.
Phone: 011 603 879
1318/NP [17/2]


PC15 and Masonry
PKM Tools & Hardware ( Pvt Ltd )
Tel:  263 4 665009 / 665022
Fax: 263 4 661516 / 665009
Unit 2, 76 Lytton Road
HURRY!!! While stocks last
1210/AO26 [27/1 - 17/2]
1998 Volvo S 40  1,9 Turbo Diesel.
Pacific Blue with light grey interior.
34 000 kms. As New.
Please phone 011 614 411 or 883049.

1994 Nissan Sunny Station Wagon.
175 000 kms .In very good condition.
Please phone 011 614 411v or 883049
1284/AO42 [10/2, 17/2]
Suppliers of imported & local tyres at very competitive prices.
sedan, hi-performance, 4 x 4 , pick-up, light & heavy truck plus
agricultural tyres.
Phone Devlin Smythe on 091 241 575.
1301/AN80 [10/2 - 2/3]
Sugar Bean Seeds - professionally grown. Virus
& Disease free.
Price - $ 5 000 / kg.
Contact Rob Fisher on 04 860149
Or mobile 011 411 781.
1310/AN88 [17/2, 24/2]
Custom roof carrier, long range tank, selection of spares.
1989 , 280 000 km , clean and in good running order.
33 million o.n.c.o.
Call Winkfield on 04 300632
1305/AO58 [17/2]
Contact 091 922 302 or email
*stocks are limited

DREAM BABY pack of 70
Breathable cover, double leg cuffs                 SMALL           ZW$ 109
wetness indicator                                          MEDIUM        ZW$
113 400
waist band -   Absorbs 750ml water              LARGE           ZW$ 117 600
ZW$ 121 800
1317/NP [17/2 - 9/3]
8 Ton Truck for Sale
2003 Aeolus 8 ton truck with bulk sides and
sleeper cab, 22,000km's
Phone 011 416 592
1274/NP [10/2, 17/2 , 24/2]
(1) Nokia 3310 New $500,000 (2) Alcatel Pocket, with car hands free
kit and charger, computer connections and software for email $500,000 Tel
011412912  or 04 481283
1329/NP [17/2]
Ladies 5 speed mountain bike, as good as new $ 350 000
Imported babies fun play ring $ 300 000
Single green shade port $ 1.2 million
Detachable especially designed wall units in darkish wood,
lots of cupboards $ 3.5 million
Small antique captain's chair $ 250 000
Solid pine bunk beds with new mattresses $ 600 000
All goods in excellent condition phone 011 602 144.
1306/AO59 [17/2]
2 x Relmo 115 Kw/150 hp electric motors fitted with four-belt pulleys.
Contact Dave Hasluck on 011 430 011 or
Best offer secures.
1313/NP [17/2]
FOR SALE Mazda B2200 double cab (with canopy)
1997 model, 135000kms, good condition (incl. new tyres;
serviced from purchase to date by Mike Harris Motors),
SINGLE OWNER (mature lady) - $50 million.
Contact details: (04) 776446  or (011) 608569 or
1276/NPAO54[10/2, 17/2, 24/2]
Coldroom, (2.5x2.5x3.5), Condensing Unit Compressor,
 Copeland Hermatic (USA).
Snooker table, full-size, with extras.
Phone: 860935 / 091 235 189
1318/NP [17/2]
+- 4000 agriplast microjets ..20lit/ stands and feeder pipes.
Submersible Pump  S.A. Import..
Six stage submersible Jacuzzi pump for drip or microjets, capable of 12 ha
Complete with floating frame;filtration unit;delivery pipes and all
Contact 011 607 104 ..011 210 028.. or  or
1321/NP [17/2, 24/2]
Houseboat 10m long.
1,2 m pontoons.
No motor or steering.
In knockdown form - easily reassembled.
Ideal for kapenta fishing.
Offers and details phone Craig on 091 367 490
1252/AO38 [3/2, 10/2, 17/2]
Ford Bantam 1997 160i
$ 30 million or onco.
Phone 332373 or
1287/AO44 [17/2]
$ 800 000 per 20 kg pack
Bulk discount
10 - 24 packs  $ 750 000
25 - 49 packs  $ 700 000
50+       packs  $ 650 000
Direct import from RSA.
Hurry while stocks last.
Contact Basil Green
Mobile: 091 296 158
1219/AO33 [27/1-17/2]
Nissan Hardbody 2.7 Diesel Pickup. Brand New. 65 Mill Inc.
Isuzu 3 Litre Turbo Diesel Double Cab. Full House.2003. 6,000 kms.
Phone Mitch Green; 011211911 between 8 am and 1 pm.
1278/NP [10/2, 17/2]
Lounge suite. 2 x 2 seater settees and 2 armchairs,
mushroom coloured Dralon. $ 500 000.
WRS CD 368 Music System. CD  and double tape facility.
2 speakers and bass speaker. Remote control. $ 500 000
Office desk, pine. 119cms x 77 cms. 3 drawers. $ 250 000
NV-G12 National Video. In excellent condition. $ 500 000
Chest type Deep Freeze. 1 yr old. Approx 6 cu ft. $ 400 00
Phone 861499 after 4pm. Mrs van Heerden.
1296/NC [10/2 , 17/2 ---]
Mercedes-Benz 240D 123 Series
Fantastic runner. Good overall condition.
$ 16 million.
Contact Tel 883016 or 011 606 980
1297/NC [10/2 - 2/3]
Tractor For Sale.
FIAT 55-56, 1997 model, 5300 Hrs, Immaculate condition,
$38 million
Contact 011 401 414 / 011 412 624.
1275/AN78 [10/2, 17/2]
1995 Mazda Magnum double cab 4x4, navy blue, anti hi-jack, radio
Offers around $40 mil Incl S/Tax
1997 Honda Civic - alarm, newly imported 80 000 kms.  Offers around $40 mil
Incl S/Tax.
1996 Mazda Astina CD Shuttle. Full House  $ 40 million.
Call:  011 408 704.
1250/NC [3/2 - .]
40 FT CONTAINERS     R 14 500
20 FT CONTAINERS     R  9 500
Truck / Crane Transport Available
To Re-Locate
Contact : Shayne 011 202 053 or
Regis (bak storage) on 04 620070 - 8 or 011 405 572
After hours 04 211063 (Regis)
970/AM 26 [28/10 - 18/11]  1082/ AO4[25/11-14/3]
If governments and employers cannot be trusted to provide for old age who
Over the past year or so, in Britain and America, there has been growing
alarm about the state of companies' pension funds. American companies'
pension funds now have a combined deficit of about $400 billion. (The
Economist 25 September 2003).
Is Zimabwe any different?
Will you retire comfortably or die broke?
There is a choice between retiring comfortably or dying broke. Find out how
with Brian Costello, Australian author, teacher and investor who will be in
Zimbabwe in March at the invitation of the Business Link.  Mr. Costello will
present two public 2-day courses on Strategies for Financial Advancement.
For further details contact Stan Parsons on or
04-495 532 or Lorna Pearson on or 04-498 915
 1327/Credit [17/2, 2/3, 9/3]


Software ( CD Rom ) for Genius Scanner.
Please phone NADF office on 309800 / 309861.
1308/ NC [17/2]
COMPRESSOR - 450-500 CFM, either VEIN or SCREW TYPE, in good working order.
Please contact John or Paul on 062~2290/3
1319/NP [17/2]
Boiler for heating a pool at Springvale House School.
Telephone 079 22374  or 011 602 229
Or 091 262 564 EXT 22
1298/NC [10/2 -2/3]


Mozaic travel offers the best of Mozambique.
Maputo through to Pemba including the magnificent  Islands
of the Bazaruto Archipelago.  With a variety of  accommodation
options and activities to suite all budgets there is something for everyone.
Contact Mozaic on Harare 300981/309296 or
1271/AN89 [10/2 - 2/3]
superb , fully furnished and serviced, self catering executive , 1, 2 and 3
bedroom apartments, less than 1 min drive to sandton city\ square. best
value for executives(bus), family holidays and stopovers, and shopping
choice of 3 totally secure , upmarket, complexes(close to the ferrari
showroom, grayston drive)
full dstv, dvd,phone,room service, internet access etc...
covered parking
finished and furnished to the highest levels
R700 per night per unit, sleeps 4(2 bed unit)
Can be paid in local currency
call for price on 1 and 3 room units.

upmarket bachelor apartment situated right in the middle of the no 1 address
in africa, clifton beach.
fully furnished, self catering,and serviced.
sleeps 4(ideal for couple with kids)
30 secs walk from 1st beach , clifton.)
sea views
best sunsets on earth
R600 per night dec\jan
R400 per night rest of year
Can be paid in local currency
we also offer you the invaluable service of booking internal flights, car
hire and any other service you may require within south africa.
dont waste money ~ try us first , then compare!
TELFAX: (04)707623
CELL : 091270301\0
CELL : 091397891
CELL : 091341368
CELL : 011608145
1328/cheque [17/2]
HARMONY - sleeps 12, 4 double cabins, 2 shower/toilets, hot water, 3 crew,
reasonable rates.
Contact Tara on 885585/6 or for more details.
1322/NP [17/2 - 6/4]
BIG FIVE SAFARIS have reduced their winter rates for 2004 ( Chewore, Zambezi
River )
US$ 100   p/p/p/day ( Mon - Thur ) save US$ 50 p/p/p/day
US$ 150   p/p/p/day ( Fri - Sun & public holidays ) save US$ 50 p/p/p/day
Contact : Shannon or Jenny  759219 / 759220 / 091922302 / 091499499
1281/NP [10/2-2/3]
US$ 2000 p/day for the boat save US$ 500 p/day
8 pax / all inclusive BUT excludes air charter / fresh meat & veg

Contact : Shannon or Jenny  759219 / 759220 / 091922302 / 091499499
1281/NP [10/2-2/3]
Fantastic Mozambique holidays.
Self-catering & brilliant camping.
World renowned diving reefs and deep sea fishing.
Full bar and restaurant.
Contact Anna-Marie on 011 416 668 or 073 2341
Or email
1188/AO21 [20/1-17/2]
We're a personalised & experienced travel agent/tour operator that offers
the widest choice of both local & international holiday accommodation
options to suit your needs - from self-catering to luxury, as well as air
tickets, activities & houseboats in-between.
In fact over 100 lodges, hotels & guesthouses in Zimbabwe & in the rest
of Southern & Central Africa.
We're conveniently located at 11 Princess Drive, just 200m off the
roundabout at Newlands.
Come in to discuss your local travel plans or else contact either:
Nikki - or Emma -
and for any over border requirements contact
Julie -
Telephone: 252710-3
1221/NP [27/1-24/2]



Experienced in pastel. Good position.
Fulltime and experienced Trial Balance to Balance sheet, or
other packages. Excellent Salaries and Perks.
School leaver - Pitman's Certificate. ICDL. O Levels.
Will train. Professional Organisation.
Up to Trial Balance. Salaries and wages. General Admin.
Pastel V6. Very confidential position.
Some PA. Computer Lit. Access an Advantage.
Two years experienced. Visual Basics. S.Q.L.
Microsoft Development programmers.
Advertising, Budgeting, Creative aspects of DTP.
Organise events and promotions. IT background.
Experienced. Very computer Lit.
Good packages on offer.
Would suit college leaver or
1 - 2 years experience. Salary $ 1.2 million
Interesting, varied position.
Very negotiable Salary.
Must know all aspects for this position.
Belina pay roll / or similar. $ 1.5 million and Perks.
Land Rover experience an advantage. Very good
remuneration and vehicle.
All aspects of transport. Strong personality.
Negotiable Salary plus vehicle.
To assist with project three to four months contract, must
be computer lit, could work from home, would even
suit a retired person.
TEMP. SECRETARIES - To do lots of figure typing /
schedules. Ms Word and Excel.
Phone Trish Nolan-Neylan 482069 / 011 417 346 or
Isobel Renshaw 482068 / 091 237 295
1312/NP [17/2]
An old age home in Harare with 20 residents is seeking the services of an
administrator to undertake general bookkeeping duties and administration of
the home. The position will suit an active retired person as in return for
the services rendered a cottage is offered together with a small monthly
remuneration. Applications are invited from single or married persons.
 Applications are also invited for the position of matron. Applicants should
have good supervisory skills, experience in catering and the ability to
relate to senior citizens. The position offers a one bedroom flat, meals and
a small monthly remuneration. It will be an advantage if the applicant owns
their own motor vehicle for which an allowance will be paid for travel
undertaken for the home.
Please forward applications for both positions giving full personal details
and experince to
1316/NC [17/2, 24/2]
Maintenance Manager
Required for a mixed farming enterprise in Bromley ( only 55 km from
Harare ).
Main area of responsibility:
is the Workshop ( including a machine shop ) and the close supervision of
all workshop / maintenance / stores personnel and drivers.
Fleet Maintenance includes:
LGVs, HGVs, tractors and all farm equipment.
General Estate Maintenance includes:
boreholes, pumps, motors and refrigeration equipment.
Remuneration Package to include:
Highly competitive salary dependant on experience and skills; Company
On farm accommodation and perks.
Please reply with CV & References to:
The General Manager
P.O.Box 269
Or email to
1324/AN91 [17/2 - 2/3]
Experienced farm Cook /chef & Attendant for safari camp in lowveld
must have traceable references & have more than 5 years
experience. Contact
011 413874
1273/AO48 [10/2, 17/2]
Immediate vacancies - WANTED - URGENT - URGENT
Mount Pleasant Business Park - PA to Managing and Technical Directors.
A very busy position for an energetic individual.

Mukuvizi Complex Msasa - High powered Bookkeeper. Knowledge of
Pastel a must. Vehicle on offer for the right person and an excellent
Call Kathy
Telephone 303377 0r 011 602 144
1306/AO59 [17/2]
An elite furniture manufacturing company based in Msasa, seeks to fill two
new positions in SALES, as it ventures into new markets this year:
This part-retail environment would suit a young and dynamic, self motivated
And administratively conscientious person, with artistic flair, computer
Passion for Sales and Customer care. The position is well backed-up by
"easy to process" ordering systems, leaving room for expression in selling
and setting up additional artistic goods on consignment.
Office hours 8.00 to 4.30 pm.
Very attractive, fully commission-based salary.

This position would suit a highly motivated self-starter, with very good
Ability, choosing to work in their own hours, and by their own means. Again,
very attractive, commission-based salary, with open-ended opportunity for
remuneration - selling customised kitchens and up-market handcrafted wooded
furniture, both locally and internationally.
For appointment consideration please reply with preferred sales position,
CV attachment to:
1325/AN91 [17/2]
For our tapes and foams and spares department ( Motor Industry).
We require a dynamo to run these departments, who is computer
literate and enjoys people.
A great package for the right person.
Contact Ian Harris
Tel: 614162/7
Cell: 091 232 177
1292/AN76 [10/2 - 24/2]
Cook Required.
Top quality cook required.
Preferably from farming back ground.
Must have traceable references and minimum of 7 years experience.
Contact Andre 091 239 003
1237/NP [27/1 -17/2]


20% discount offered to farmers
and ex-farmers, on all auto electrical work.
Contact: J. Saul - 790266, 753336
              ADEC, 16 Harare Street, Cnr Rudd/Harare St
1267/NP [10/2 - 2/3]
Are you a company or candidate looking for Executive/Senior Management
position/s, primarily in the Agricultural, Horticultural or Floricultural
sectors??  We have a range of opportunities both locally and regionally and
offer a unique and personalised service to either party.
Cymbal Consulting (Pvt) Ltd.  Please contact either:
Collette Mills   tel/fax:  +263-4-496585;  +263 11 207008
Julie Farr   tel/fax:  +263-4-850072;  +263 11 605083
1320/NP [17/2 - ?}
For eradication of household and garden pests;
Ants, bedbugs, cockroaches, crickets, flies,
Fleas and termites.
Contact G Hook on 091 347 759
1186/AN54 [20/1 - 10/3]
Specialists in cleaning of carpets, sofas, windows, walls - domestic,
and industrial .
We have a reliable staff which will bring service to your door.

Phone: 306996
Telefax: 306443
Cell: 091 384 688
1264 /AO45 [10/2 - 2/3]  see 1116
Tired of erratic, unreliable water supplies or low water pressure?
Invest in a reliable, filtered, backup system.
We supply, install and maintain back-up water systems to all areas in and
around Harare.

For more information please contact us on:-
011 806 525 or E-mail:
1302 /NP [10/2 - 2/3]
T M Lambert (Private) Limited
Agent for Mono Pumps Zimbabwe

Ex Farmer now doing Boreholes
Capacity Test, Installations, Repair Maintenance on All Borehole Pumps
P O Box GT 629
Graniteside Harare
Telephone - 04-494-796
Cell phone - 091 288 448, 011 726 062, 011 219 424
Fax - 04-572-705
Email -
1285/AO43 [10/2 - 24/2]
Sales on Pre-owned vehicles
Avondale Plaza Flea Market
Bath Road
P O Box A498
Avondale Harare
011 863 456 / 091 917 845
On sale now:
BMW's 325i, 318is, 320i box shape
Madza T/Cab 4x4 DX 1998
Mazda T/Cab SDX 1996
Nissan T/Cab V6 3.0L 1999
Nissan 2.7 Hardbody 1997

We also offer a wide range of Japanese Imports i.e. Toyotas, Nissans and
many more, as well as change of ownership, AA Reports, 24 hour security
we've got it all. Call us Now!!
1277/NP [10/2 - 2/3]
Study in the UK
Stephanie Berry - Consulting in Zimbabwe 5-27 February
Advice and Information on:
Study choices for the UK
Cost of tuition fees and living expenses
Completing application forms
Maximising chances of acceptance
Advice on applying for student visas
For further details contact: 04 862 197 or 023 417 173 (Jenny Jooste)
                                       04 303 414/5 (Corinne). Email:

 1256/NC [3/2, 10/2, 17/2, 24/2]
For New Pick-ups and Double-cabs and
good Pre-owned Vehicles of All Types,
Phone Mitch Green on 011 211 911
Between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m.
1246/AN83 [3/2 - 23/3]
A wide range of plumbing hardware for sale at unbelievable prices.
Geysers / copper piping / fittings etc
Contact : 091 908 800
1282/NP [10/2 - 30/3]
EXECUTIVE IT / New Test and Training centre situated in Avondale
The International Computer Driving Licence
Other software courses
Farming and Management Courses
These can also be done in your home environment should you be unable to make
a trip to the Centre!
Any Email connections done at your home as well !
Please call me Annette Yeatman - 302890 or 302893  or 011 211 338
or email
1228/AN74 [27/1, -17/2] NP [24/2 -13/4]
Ex-Zim Australian Migration Agent
Based in Toowoomba, Queensland.
Geoff Higgs
Registration No: 0319 488
Telephone: (617) 4698 7422/ 4696 8810
Fax: (617) 4698 7433
1174/AO18 [13/1-3/3] AN87 [9/3 - 21/12]
If you travel outside Zimbabwe in your motor vehicles you
need insurance that covers you from Cape to Cairo.
To find out how to insure your motor vehicles with Lloyds in
London email us at and we will send
you a proposal form and details on how it will benefit you.
1202/AN65 [20/1 - 24/2]
Ill-health or injury in an environment which cannot provide adequate medical
facilities or professionally trained medical staff, coupled with
insufficient supplies of essential drugs and medicines can leave you and
your family in a life threatening situation.

We are a professional, experienced organization, able to assist and advise
on any financial issue as well as suitable medical options for your specific

·        Prosperity Health (SA)
·        BUPA International (UK)
·        Global Health (UK)
·        Zurich Life Insurance (UK) - (external life
insurance/pensions/critical illness cover) - Exclusive cover for farmers.

Should you require further information please phone us, or e.mail the names,
ages and family relationships of potential members and we will provide a
free quote for a suitable scheme.  Please include your daytime contact phone

Contact:          Chantel Mincke on 335252 or 303044, 307358 or E-mail
1029/AM42 [11/11 - 2/12]  see 1143/AN37 [16/12, -20/1] AN57 [27/1-17/2]


 is looking for quality fine art and sculpture to auction on a commission
basis to raise for the Gallery. For more information, call
Sharon Dutton on 621596/7 or 091 602 638 or email before Friday 20th February.
The auction will take place on Wednesday 25th February at the National
Gallery at 5:30pm.
1272/AN72 [10/2, 17/2]
For Your Information....
CFU Classifieds via email - plain text format every Tuesday
Costs: -
Up to 30 words                      $4000/wk
31 - 50 words                        $5300/wk
51 - 75 words                         $8000/wk
76 - 100 words                       $10600/wk
101 - 150 words                   $16000/wk
151 - 200 words                   $21200/wk
201 - 250 words                   $24000/wk
251 - 300 words MAX         $32000/wk

Please send advert to by MONDAY 1.00 pm and send PROMPT
payment with a copy of your advert to CFU, Agricultural Information Services
Department, Box WGT 390, Westgate, Harare.

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